Idol's Alex Preston on Flipping Police, No Doubt & Rihanna Tracks, Getting His Feelings Hurt by the Judges

With his radical rearrangements of “Stay,” “Every Breath You Take” and “Always on My Mind” (just to name a few), Alex Preston will go down in the American Idol history books as Season 13’s resident “artist.” The funny thing is, however, that the eventual third-place finisher says he fully expected to get eliminated during Hollywood Week.

That confession and more crop up during Alex’s TVLine Google Hangout. Also on the docket: why the judges’ comments about his understated performance style began to hurt his feelings; whether he was worried about covering “Volcano” and “Falling Slowly” despite Phillip Phillips and Kris Allen’s respective successes with ’em; and what goofy dance track he almost performed during Rush Week.

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Press PLAY for the full half-hour chat, then hit the comments with your thoughts about Alex’s Idol run. And stay tuned this week for additional video interviews with Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kaba says:

    I’ve enjoyed his and Jess’s interviews the most. They clearly have their act together and have a clear(er) path of what they wish to do in the future in comparison to everyone else. A significant lack of possibilities of things they can do; strictly “this is what I’ve been doing, this is what I’ll continue to do, and this is where I want to go next with what I’m doing” .
    Which isn’t to say I disliked the other interviews….that I bothered to give the time of day. It’s just that I don’t really care for hearing about a bunch of ‘hope so’s when they’ve had so much time to give this at least some thought. Aside from Malaya, I suppose, but that’s because I don’t advocate someone sacrifice a proper primary education for the sake of attempting a go at a music career. The rest are out of high school pretty much.
    Can’t wait to see what Alex has in store and I’ll be looking on youtube for his tour performances to see how he engages the audience now that he isn’t competing.

  2. Thanks, Michael. Love Alex. So glad you found out the name of the original he chose. I believe he played “Love Letters” at his old high school, but I think that is the only public performance. I hope I get to hear it soon on a record. It sounds like he hasn’t been signed if he is going to be writing with Jason after the tour (because I doubt another recording company would allow that). I thought Jason was leaving for his own tour in August/Sept. though.

    I especially loved hearing about his process for approaching a song.

  3. syb says:

    Certainly not the most comfortable charismatic talker, but nevertheless, even with the introverted nature, and the awkwardness and discomfort, you can tell the guy has a very clear vision for the music he wants to make, and the passion, instincts and innate understanding of it. He’s a little savant like to me. I really hope he’s able to parlay this into a solid recording career, because I enjoyed just about everything he did on the show, and was really thrilled by a few. In addition what I’ve heard of his originals floating around ITunes and the internet, they’re interesting and beautiful. Xing my fingers for Alex to make it.

    • Steph says:

      Not the most comfortable charismatic talker? That’s putting it mildly. He’s as socially awkward and painful to watch here as he was onstage despite being talented. Truly the Mark Zuckerberg of Idol this year.

      • zoe says:

        Really? I don’t think he was socially awkward at all! I think he was down to earth…he answered all the questions and elaborated upon them…he was friendly…truly, I think he gave a fine interview. The only thing I notice here and on the show is that he touches his face too much. Must be nerves. But I liked him…think he came off well.

        • In every sentence he uses the word (like) 3 or 4 times in each sentence.

          • HTGR says:

            Maybe a bit awkward (actually most people off the street tend to be more awkward than you’d think when first doing interviews) but it’s nothing to do with “likes” to say the least.

        • Mercedes S. says:

          Agree with zoe. Alex was mature in his answers, polite even. The original song change probably took place because Caleb and GenaJenaGina weren’t as good as Jessica and Alex and the judges (or producers) clearly did want the finale they got. Didn’t realize Alex’s drum song was sabotaged as well.

  4. Kristi says:

    He is such a SMART contestant. I’m very impressed. Not too many of these kids can talk about music the way he does.

  5. Teeny Bikini says:

    The guy is just impressive. Everything he says about who he is as a musician is smart. I really appreciated him on the show. I am sure we will be hearing from him. Sounds like he made the most of his experience and made sure she soaked up as much knowledge as possible. Well done.

  6. Jill Moy says:

    My opinion, he destroyed all the arrangements, he was the homeliest singer ever and had an average voice at best! He moved his lower body like he needed to pee and looked like URKEL in those short pants! No bashing please…my opinion! I just didn’t understand the attraction! Same with others in the top 30, and of course the horrible top 10….some were pitiful!

    • marie says:

      You are so tiresome. “No bashing,” you request? Well, if you dish it out you should be willing to take it.
      Even with your bizarre and faintly sickening obsession with Alex’s bathroom needs, I have to say you’re one of the less entertaining trolls to stink up this board over the years.

      • Leigh says:

        “Jill” is pretty much the only troll who has stunk up the boards over the years. He simply changes his user name every time tvline tries to block him out.

        • Jill Moy says:

          LEIGH, First of all, I only commented this season! Second of all MOMMIE DEAREST, I am sorry I don’t agree with you and others about homely Alex! I can judge talent and I FEEL, ALEX STINKS! Even HE expected to be gone after Hollywood week! I don’t share your views! I have explained all season how I am a great judge of taken! I have proof by many, many people! If you knew who I was, you wouldn’t be complaining about me like you do! I hate it when someone says I have different names, etc. I am a beautiful, fantastic singer, musician songwriter! If you don’t believe it, too bad! I was going to reveal who I am but was advised not to. I actually laughed at some of THE DESTROYER”S performances this year! What’s too like about him? He will never be a big artist….NEVER! SO PLEASE MOMMIE DEAREST, NO WIRE HANGERS! Grow up! It’s how I feel If you don’t like it, move on! Again, I have no other names and this was my first year ever commenting. You have a huge imagination if you think otherwise.

          • Brandy says:

            “Even he expected to be gone after hollywood season”
            Do you have the slightest clue how many GREAT contestants have said that about their own run. “I never expected to get this far, I never saw myself winning” the list goes on and on.
            I am a flawless singer with looks that would leave Kim Kardashian and many other A list female celebrities crying in their dressing room because they can never be me.
            I say you have absolutely poor taste in music, no ear for talent, certainly zero ability to assess talent so you ought to just understand that in the face of professionals like me…and everyone else in this comment section (as a professional, I can easily recognize other fellow professionals. You, are not.) you are bottom tier talent and beauty.

            So please cease and desist, or continue. It gives me a reason to laugh viciously as you go around parading how beautiful and talented you believe you are.
            These things are amusing to true talents and beauts like me.

          • Matrix says:

            Beautiful, fantastic singer and song writer? Sorry, I don’t believe you. You will have to prove it to convince me.

          • Lisa @catcharmer1 says:

            Out of the mouths of the (so called) beautiful people comes some of the most UGLY comments. It’s a good thing that not everyone looks at things the way you do, because there are a multitude of incredible musicians, both past and present, that would be out of a job using your criteria that one must the most beautiful in order to have a successful career in music.

            Quite frankly, I don’t care who you are. Reveal it or don’t reveal it. I don’t tailor my comments because someone is rich, beautiful or famous. But perhaps you’re too busy falling all over yourself, spouting how wonderful you are because you see yourself as “beautiful, fantastic singer, musician, songwriter”. You’re right there giving yourself all the credit in the world, yet very quick to stomp on someone else because they apparently don’t measure up to you #sarcasm.

            Yes, you’re free to write you’re opinion, and we are free to do the same. Apparently, who you “really are” is supposed to make us feel like we’re so small in comparison, but WE are the listening public, and despite who you are or who you THINK you are, our opinion matters JUST as much!!!!! Frankly, you come off sounding jealous.

          • Lisa @catcharmer1 says:

            One last thing, despite how great of a judge you THINK you are, you came on this board to bash Alex and then make the comment “No bashing please”. I’m a believer in fair treatment for all. Yes, you stated your opinion, but I’m sorry, we’re not hanging on your every word. Despite the weight you believe your opinion SHOULD hold, it’s not the final, gavel slamming opinion. Your opinion counts, but so does everyone else’s, but according to you, we should take what you say as music law. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

          • asniech says:

            “Let me put it this way: Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?” “Yes” “Morons” – Princess Bride (that’s what this conversation reminds me of)

          • Jill Hey! Its becca I just cant hear some of this, the sound is really bad on this video

          • Helen Gordon says:

            Sorry, but if someone is not your “cup of tea” as an entertainer, don’t watch, listen to them, or support them, PERIOD!!!!! No nee to bash them! Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but for the feelings of others, keep them to yourself if they are negative! You wouldn’t like it if someone bashed your looks or talent. There are plenty of entertainers out there that I don’t care for a variety of reasons, looks, stage presence, etc. I just don’t support them in any way, I don’t put them down though!!! It takes a lot of balls to get on national T.V. and sing! Keep your nasty comment to yourself, no one gives a s-it!!!!!

      • Jill Moy says:


        Oh I can take it…I was only kidding. It’s an open forum and cry babies like you love to complain! I feel Alex is a farce and I feel the way I feel about him! So glad he didn’t win! I can only imagine the faces he would have made had he won! It would have made for good comedy, however! We’ll see if BORING Alex will ever do a thing. Probably nothing at all…YOU’LL ALL SEE! He doesn’t even connect with a crowd! I could connect when I was 8 years old! His eyes are closed most of the time! That is real appealing, don’t you think? He has a below average voice as well. You can feel however you want. I don’t hold that against you…IT’S YOUR OPINION! IT’S A FREE COUNTRY! GEEZ.

        • Jill Moy says:


          Ok, I thought about it and yes, you are right about others saying they expected to be gone earlier than they left! Ok, I’m woman enough to admit it. But, I never lie about myself, end of that story! I have a few important associates with me now and they just asked me why I’m even posting, a person of my stature? My answer, because I am a regular person…success has never got to my head! So, I guess you won’t believe me but it will have to be left at that! Just wanted to admit that you were right about Alex and Hollywood week! I will say though if a person knows they are good enough to make it, why think like that?

          • Jill Moy says:

            And Brandy, that’s a joke, I’m low tier Talent And Beauty! That’s such a ridiculous statement that deserves no remarks! I was just told, IF SHE ONLY KNEW! We are having a good laugh at your expense! Is your field stand up comedy? AGT just started….I’ll be looking for you to win!

          • Brandy says:

            I watch Reality Check with my producer and manager, we have a hell of a laugh over such a simpleton like you.
            Keep talking about your nonexistent people, it’s cute.
            Remember your place…as a low tier talent and beauty. ;)

          • Lisa @catcharmer1 says:

            It’s really great that a successful person still sees themselves as a regular person. On the other hand, if that is how you see yourself, then you shouldn’t be throwing around your stature in such a way that ends up saying we’re all idiots for not viewing your words as fact on an opinion based board.

        • I have to agree with Jill on this. Alex is very boring. If you watched Phil Phillips and his Raging Fire performance, it was electric! Alex is kind of a WGWG like Phil, but just doesnt have the charisma, electricity, and the” IT” thing that Phil does. Even Alex and Sierra had the “it” thing. You can still be a soft pop or Inde artist, but yet have the excitement to back it up.

          • RYAN says:

            OMG this Jill person is such a weirdo.

          • Lisa @catcharmer1 says:

            Yes, but at least you gave a respectable comment. It’s not a question of agreeing or disagreeing about the music or stage presence, it’s personal attacks about how he looks and elevating yourself that I don’t like. You didn’t do that. I respect what you said.

          • MichelleD says:

            Yes, calebswackofan! I agree with you. It’s not that I didn’t care for Alex altogether, there were performances of his that absolutely blew me away, one being his own song, Fairy Tales. However, I was not a fan of a lot of his arrangements and the slow melodic consistently the same song choices really did me in. Half the time I was so bored. I was rooting for him, though. I did feel and still do feel that he has a gift and that this boy has loads of talent. I kept yelling at the TV screen for him to step it up! No joke! But performance after performance it was always the same thing. No passion in his performances. It drove me mad. I couldn’t imagine going to a concert like that. He just couldn’t get to that place and I don’t know if he’s ever going to. Phillip Phillips would be a good example of how to perform. He’s a singer/songwriter and he is on fire when he performs, he pulls us in and we find ourselves toe tapping and swaying to the music. Alex has a long road to get to the place. I suggest he takes some acting classes. This may sound silly, but it might bring him out of his shell and help him connect to his songs as a performer.

            Even this interview is so boring. I wanted Caleb’s to go on. He’s so natural and just chill and talks as a friend type. Alex is so socially awkward. My mother kept asking me if I’m sure he’s not Autistic or something? I kept assuring her he’s not. She’s not buying it. Someone above said Savant. On Kelly and Micheal they mentioned that he’s like a Savant. Yes, that would be him. Highly talented with this amazing gift, yet awkward in how to express it. He says he’s painfully shy, well when singing one has to come out of the shyness. I wish him all the best and will be seeing the Idol Live Tour in Windsor on June 27th and I am so looking forward to it. Hopefully Alex will have stepped out of his shell a bit more by then. :)

          • MICHELLE D So glad to hear you are also a Caleb fan! I think your idea about Alex taking acting classes is smart. It would bring him out of his shell! Caleb took drama and that is probably why he is so comfortable! I love Calebs personality! Ricky Minor even said in an interview that Caleb is ALL ABOUT HAVING A GOOD TIME! He said he loved performing with Caleb! I find him very down to earth and seems very caring! He definitely is one of more “over the top” and” more outspoken” winners of American Idol!

          • MichelleD says:

            Thank you! You probably have seen me all over his fb, American Idol, Instagram. Michelle Davison, does that ring a bell to you? Too funny! I’m going to the Idol Concert on June 27th and it is my dream to meet him and tell him, “Do you realize that I’m your advocate!” Haha! There are a few of us out there that are just putting this people in their places. I really would love it to end. :)

          • Me too! Im going to my first Idol concert ever. Ours is August 21, I believe and I already have tickets! Me and you are his darn advocates and we are out here “fighting the good fight”. Did you say your mom thought Alex was autistic! Im not sure! But I do Know James Durbin had “high functioning autism” and he was hyper and outgoing! So it may be some type of “Social Anxiety Disorder” or something like that. Tons of people are not good with the public!

      • Kat Marie says:

        well said Marle,,,

    • Temperance says:

      Wow! Absolutely zero grip on reality… smells like troll.

      • Jill Moy says:


        You tell your people they can laugh along with you all they want! We are 10 times bigger than you three and you provide us with plenty of laughs tonight! This is nonsense! I won’t be answering you again. You don’t know what you are talking about!

        • Jill Moy says:

          You can’t be much if you think Alex is a talent! Non existent is cute….right back at you! Gimme a break! Oh this is a waste of time! I’m too busy for such nonsense! I’m not interested in exposing myself but if I would, I would love to wager who is talented and who isn’t! God I’d really love to but can’t! Oh well Brandy, someday it’ll happen and you’ll eat plenty of crow!

          • Brandy says:

            I see no interest in revealing who I am. And certainly not to you, you’re not worth the time or effort.
            Return to your cave.

          • Temperance says:

            It’s bizarre of you to be replying to someone else when, in fact, replying to me in my thread. Again, you’re a troll.

          • JILL ITS BECCA, What the he*** is goin on here? Im just now reading all of these comments! People are so FIERCE when defending Alex. Ok I get it. But are these the same people who have been bashing Caleb all season? They can have their opinions about him? But you arent allowed to have your opinion about Alex? That seems extremely lop-sided. I have had to sit here and defend my favorite CALEB, over and over , and terrible things have been written about him. But I guess thats ok. But GOD FORBID IF WE SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT SOMEONE ELSES FAVORITE! Remember people, if you dish it out, then you better be able to take it! Jill, You better arm yourself with something better than a WIRE HANGER! LOL OR COMET CLEANSER!LOL

        • Temperance says:

          Brandy? Whackadoo…

        • Hey Jill, Its Becca again! I was just over on “the caleb interview site” and I had to leave to calm down. People still hating on him. I told some lady named GRANDMA JANE she was a bully! And another witch was bashing him I told her to go watch some Barry Manilow and dont watch Calebs video then! OOOOOHHHHHH MAAANNNDDDDYYYY, YOU CAME AND YOU GAAAAAVVEE WITHOUT TAAAAKKKIIINNNNG, LOL LOL LOL hahaha. Im going to have a bi*** fit if I dont get out of here for a few hours! And then when the witch gets done with barry manilow then she can go watch MINNIE RIPPERTON LLLOOOVVVIINNN EEEYYYYOOOUUU IS EEAASSYY CCAAUUSSE YOUR BEAAUUTIFFFUUULLLLL DOOTIN DO DOD ODODO oooooooooOOOOOOOAAAAAOOOH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

          • MichelleD says:

            I saw that. I know! I feel that I am Caleb’s advocate and defense person! I am all over his facebook, instagram, twitter (not so much on twitter), but every where else coming to his defense. I can’t take it. I had to actually unfollow him on instagram because I was just livid that the nasty comments this poor guy is getting. It was too much and I got really upset about it. Then they came after me and were posting nasty comments on my instagram. It is ridiculous. Yes, they are either Jena lovers or Alex lovers. I don’t know why these people have to be so mean? If they don’t like Caleb, they don’t like Caleb, it’s okay, not everyone resonates will rock, but at least they can just leave him alone then. it unnerved me.

            Look Alex has an interesting performance style, but I certainly am not going to say nasty things about it. He’s a person and someone’s son and brother and you just don’t talk that way about other people’s kids. I’m a mother and I would be going nuts if I heard people talking nasty about my daughter. To me, there’s a code. You don’t make fun of another person’s child. Period. If we want to get religious about it (which I’m not a religious person), but if one believes in God, then you all are making fun of one of His children and that’s sinful in my book.

            I have told one woman on Caleb’s fb page to go watch some Lawrence Welk while blowing bubbles! I’m sick of it. I just don’t understand it.

            Alex is an interesting person and a kind person, he just needs some work to get to the place that will make the majority believe in him, not just a few. I hope that he can succeed in doing just that. In fact, I would love nothing more than to see Caleb (my fave), Jena (my second fave), and Alex do exceptionally well!

    • Kim Moores says:

      You sure are a master of whiny, vindictive, shallow criticism. Remember you’re sitting in front of a computer screen while Alex is in talks with Jason Mraz.

    • Mary says:

      Jill you are entitled to your opinion but maybe if it was an intelligent remark instead of a personal attack on someone you don’t know people would take you seriously. Alex wasn’t my favorite but I do give him credit for being original. I just don’t understand why you wasted your time watching when clearly you didn’t seem to enjoy any of them. Sad really that you couldn’t find a more productive way to spend your time.

    • Sandy says:

      Because I thought he was great, the only thing I can say his style is not your’s and that is ok, but treat others as you would like to be treated, no bashing please!!! His talent makes him VERY attactive, his style of dress is like many his age and would you rather he grab his crotch or twirking???

      • Actually yes I would like to see the crotch grabbing and twirking by Alex! WHAT A RIOT! Him and Caleb both! I would laugh so hard, because neither of them is the type to do that! LOL COULD YOU IMAGINE??? LOL

    • carol says:

      Totally agree 100% — right down to the walking in place like he needed to go.

    • pennyankee35 says:

      Must agree with your take on him. He most likely will be one more, of the many, from AI that will just fade away. Can’t see him making much of an impact in the music world because he’s just not an entertainer.

      • He says” like” way to much ,almost every other word is “like”. just had to point it out since Caleb does to many A and B’s.

        • “Like, I re-arranged the song but like I wasnt sure if like it would get good feedback from the judges.” Thats how he talked the whole time. HIm and Caleb must have had interesting conversations.

          • Bunches of people jumped on Caleb for the A and B thing during his interview. But no one noticed Alex using” like”every other word? Yah it was repetitive A and B’s with Caleb and repetitive “Likes” with Alex, but even more so with Alex! That is mainly a “Junior High” or “Valley girl ” type of talking.

          • HTGR says:

            Having “likes” tossed in all over has been common since the 80s. It was never a “junior high thing” and it hasn’t been just a “valley girls” thing for more than 30 years.

    • He says” LIKE” every other word.

    • He says the word “like” every other word!

      • OMG sorry I thought 2 of my posts disappeared into the abyss even refreshed the page and they still werent there! So I rewrote that comment. Now all 3 appear and so I have duplicate comments. Didnt mean for it too come up so many times.

        • Honestly my computer is haunted! or something. I couldnt find any of my post, so rewrote most of them and the ghost of tv line slammed all the lost posts together so sorry!

    • Why does he say “like” 3 or 4 times in each sentence?

      • HTGR says:

        Why not? Lots of people do. Maybe not from down in NC where you are, but it’s certainly been commonplace elsewhere for only like the last 30 years.

        • HTGR hi its becca, im not from North Carolina. Here in Oregon its mostly junior high and high school kids that say “likes”. Its not proper english Lol

        • Well Im older than you think! LOL I was around in the 80’s and I believe maybe things are different from state to state, maybe! In the 80’s here it was WORD and DOPE LOL HAHAHA. Thats what everyone said.

          • HTGR says:

            Wow, “word” was in use in the 80s out there?? AFAIK, word was like more of a mid to late 90s to early 00s thing in most of the rest of the country, in the Northeast at least (and on TV too). That was like so totally NOT an 80s thing elsewhere. Hmm so no “like” and Valley Girl talk there even in the 80s too much?? I guess maybe being close to Seattle, the PNW grunge movement hit you so early on that maybe 80s stuff never got deeply rooted in up there the way it did in much of the rest of the country? I think certain parts of the Northeast became more Valley than even the Valley hah, in the mid to late 80s and it kinda got rooted in pretty strongly and lots of it has never left to this day.

        • Im in Portland, Oregon. The Great Northwest! I dont know why you thought i was from North Carolina?

          • HTGR Although i love my neighboring state even better! Washington had the grunge era with some great music coming out of Seattle, and now have legalized w**d, they also have the seahawks! Well Im only 15 minutes from Washington! Are you from California? Im just guessing!

          • HTGR says:

            No, from the Northeast, but I’ve been in CA a lot. Also, my part of the Northeast was kinda like CA in a way, certainly took on the CA influence heavily (although sadly the PNW grunge influence eventually did take over to some degree, as it eventually did across the nation, but I guess the CA got so set in here that not all of it ever really went away, maybe, as you say, being so near Seattle and the heart of the grunge movement, the 80s got pushed out so early from that part of the nation that it never stuck around the way it did elsewhere as much, I mean you’ve must’ve already been getting hit with heavy grunge influence out there already by ’88 or ’89 right? when it was still like totally full on peak 80s suburban pop and valley girl/surfer style elsewhere). Ah man NEVER mention the Seahawks again. EVER. That’s a more forbidden word than even JLO, Randy and Nigel hah. (I will give you that it is pretty scenic out there in Portland and Seattle though! Super nice.)

          • HTGR Hi its Becca! Yes So we are 3 hours from Seattle! We have a bar here in Portland called The Satyricon! Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains,Soungarden, and Screaming Trees all played there in late “80s”. The Satyricon was very dark with cement floors, tons of people with dreads and tatoos worked there and it was a place known for the best Gyros in town, and also known for a (heroin addict hangout). It was very underground at the time, and MAINSTREAM people did NOT go there! I love rock music though so me and my friends went. First time I saw body surfing, moshing, and stage diving! LOL The HAIR metal bands just did not have crowds that did that! So Yes those were great memories and living in the Northwest right in the middle of the grunge era! The flannel shirt style that came with it was hilarious, because Oregon and Washington are full of loggers LOL They stole the style from the loggers! I will not mention the Seahawks! HAHAHAHAHA So Ya I think we actually had the grunge scene for at least a couple of years before everywhere else did! For some reason I dont remember Smashing pumpkins playing at Satyricon though! I think they may have come later, although I know “through the grapevine” that Courtney Love was cheating on Kurt Cobaine with Billy Corgan, lead singer for Smashing Pumpkins! He found out not too long before his “so called suicide”.

          • HTGR says:

            The funny thing though is Alex seems so Portland/Seattle to me, you should love him the most hah.

          • Well they definitely have those little coffee house performances all over Seattle! They love their coffee and always have this “beatnik” type of performers! Alex does seem like he would fit right into that type of music scene! What I meant by Beatnik, is kind of drifter type, goatee, but very talented artsy, fartsy, coffee drinking great performers!

          • HTGR Its becca! I think this father/daughter duet is going to be on Rising Star, (the new show). Watch their performance! just type in “say something” by Aaron and Liv.Its a black and white video! His daughter is 15! They sing it together and its BEAUTIFUL!. I think they are going to be on” Rising Star” because I went to Rising Star facebook page and found these two.

          • HTGR Its Becca, oh one more thing! Where was that beautiful talented 15 year old (that is in the video singing with her dad), where was SHE during idol auditions? She shows great confidence and emotion when she sings! She shows more emotion during that song then most of the contestants that were on idol this year. She is also quite beautiful!

          • HTGR says:

            Sorry I must’ve mixed your location up with someone else here. I know a couple here are from NC.

    • Hey Jill, in this interview they are talking about Casey Abrahms and Haley Rieinhart and how great they are! I agree! But I wonder if Michael knows his favorite (haley) and casey were at the finale in support of Caleb! Michael doesnt like Caleb.LOL I watched Haleys interview at the finale show! She said her and Casey met him on one of the other seasons and they have been great friends and they have been hanging out with him, even throughout this season when he has time! They were not there in support of alex! I can totally see Caleb and Casey tearing up the town. They are both hyper and loud! And Haley also seems hyper and crazy as well! She said her and casey definitely like the hard rock Caleb presented!

    • Rich C says:

      You are so dead on man.

    • Bill Donavan says:


  7. Davey says:

    Alex remains my favorite contestant on the show. I hope he can make an album because I will buy it. He plays and likes music that I want to listen to.

  8. jane says:

    Whatever you do, don’t turn on the subtitles unless you need a good laugh!!

  9. Temperance says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that Alex and Jena are going to be successful and sell plenty of records (Caleb… thud). Both actually perform and have shown that they both are current and highly capable, and Jena won a HUGE following here in her home state and Detroit (the home of EFM). There really is no doubt that I’d buy Alex’s album.

    • Temperance (JENA….THUD.) UUUMMMMM! CALEB WON! And he will do great and he did more PERFORMING than anyone on the show! I guess Jena’s HUGE FOLLOWING in her home state and Detroit DIDNT VOTE all that much huh? If you got your name off the Tarot cards, (the temperance card) you obviously dont know what it means and you are lacking in that department!

    • I see in most of your posts you can call out all trolls. Very insightfull! Makes me wonder if you are one! Obviously if you dont agree with what someone has to say, then they are a troll! But yet YOU can say all of the mean and sh****ty things that you want! Who crowned you HOST of the tv line site?

    • MichelleD says:

      I happen to be from the Detroit Metro area and voted for Caleb, lol! So, some Michiganders were not voting for Jena. Just so you know. Although I think it’s awesome that she’s here, I feel her music is the same old same old and am looking a shake up of some good heavy rock and roll. As you know, being from Michigan, we have some awesome rockers from this state! Detroit Rock City!

      • Yah Someone thought I was from North Carolina just because i am a Caleb fan! Im not. Im from Portland Oregon! I also love rock music. And my favorite grunge music city is only 3 hours away! Seattle Washington, also a great music place for hard rock!

  10. HTGR says:

    Wish him the best. He sounded great in the final with Mraz and doing his own stuff on his sing out..
    (not totally crazy about some of his re-arrangements, such as EBYT, then again they barely have time to do a proper re-arrangement during Idol; maybe needs to watch making his phrasing a bit too choppy at times, although I heard less of that in the last few performances so perhaps not an issue).

  11. christopher bee says:

    It appears to me, that Alex is just a natural down to earth musician who tries to get a grip of a lasting music career. Although his music choices are not always my cup of tee, i will be happy if he could lay out a plan to be successfull and have a good life.

    To Jill and Brandy:
    Get a room, i want to see a catfight/Sing off on the Tube.

  12. Kim R says:

    Such a talented kid! Out of this entire season, he would be the only one I would want a CD of. A great voice and so much knowledge of music. It certainly shows with the creative choices he makes. :)

    • Kim R says:

      I just finished the end of the interview and I could see in Mr. Slezak’s eyeballs when Alex was talking about getting the advice to raise up the mike a bit, he was fighting not to bring up Randy. :D And then asking the question about the guest mentors vs. the in-house mentor. You practiced good restraint, Mr. Slezak. Well done you. ;)

  13. GERRI-LEE says:


    • Karen says:

      I agree with you about CJ and when the judges used their one and only save this year on SAM !!!!! WTF !!!!!! What a waste !!!!!! He couldn’t sing to save his life !!!!!! What was the purpose of saving Sam? So the young girls could scream for another few weeks? Geez !!!!! CJ was horrid !!!!!! I disagree with you on Alex tho !!!!! He was my favorite~~but I will say Caleb was excellent and Jena was good too !!!!!

  14. I wish you guys would just publish these interviews in writing. Who has time to sit and watch something for 30 minutes?

  15. Jill Moy says:



    • Jessamine says:

      Jill, I suggest you reflect on the words of the late Dr. Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    • Lisa @catcharmer1 says:

      Honestly, I’d rather NOT know “who you are” because who you are, is irrelevant really. While I respect your opinion about Alex’s music, I also respect the opinions of everyone on this board. The problem I have is with your argument. It appears to be…If you knew who I am, then you’d realize I’m right. Your argument should not be dependent on your stature, background, etc. Your argument should be presented convincingly and be able to stand on it’s own.

      I agree, you shouldn’t have to reveal who you are in order to have your opinion be believed to be correct. I respect that you think Alex’s voice is “average at best”. I disagree with it, I think his voice has some interesting qualities that I happen to enjoy listening to. As for him being “homely”, try to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not to mention, being homely or not being homely has nothing to do with his ability to sing.

      While I respect your opinion that you don’t like the way Alex looks nor his movements, I just happen to think there are better ways to express it than to use the argument that you are a “beautiful, fantastic singer, musician songwriter” and how you “are a great judge”. I don’t place value on people nor refuse to value people based on how beautiful they are. I base it on their merit. I personally think that Alex has merit as a musician. He doesn’t have the most powerful voice I’ve ever heard, but I can name a multitude of musicians I love and those that are hugely successful that also don’t have the most powerful voices. I have heard many times from people that Taylor Swift is “not the best singer” but her writing is amazing”. She is hugely successful because millions upon millions find her voice appealing regardless of what so called experts say. We all judge by what we hear. What appeals to my ear may be vastly different than what appeals to your ear, and the same thing is true with what appeals to the eye and heart.

      As I said, I fully respect your opinion, the same as I do everyone else that posts on here. I may not agree, but I don’t have to agree. I realize that you have made it clear that you are most likely a celebrity. As I said, I’d rather not know who you are, because what I have seen in your comments does come across as bashing, so it’s better that I don’t know. Respect is not something you can demand. If you want people to respect your opinions, present them in a way that will earn respect. Pointing to yourself as being wonderful, is not a way to earn respect. Instead it just leads the people reading to think it’s just “another celebrity that thinks they’re all that”.

      • HTGR says:

        ” I realize that you have made it clear that you are ***most likely a celebrity***.”

        • Lisa @catcharmer1 says:

          Please tell me that comment was not directed at me. I most definitely am NOT.

          • HTGR says:

            I’m just ROTFL at the thought that Jill is who she claims to be (a hotter than hot young thing with a stellar voice and multiple awards). (I think she might be in her 50s actually, going by how she once talked about a certain movie and award ceremony for ages ago as if she had followed it back when it actually happened.) I especially love all the times she always posts back to back, the biggest brag ever, followed by a post about how she is humble unlike most stars, come on if that ain’t trolling, trolling, trolling….

        • You mean the movie MOMMIE DEAREST? lol

      • MichelleD says:

        Wouldn’t it be funny if “Jill” is Taylor Swift? The person must be rather young by the way they kept talking about themselves as being beautiful, talented, famous, all of that good stuff. Like you pointed out, as if that should make her opinion relevant. It doesn’t matter how talented or famous a person is to make an opinion relevant, it’s in how it’s stated. There was nothing intelligent in the critique of Alex by Jill. It was just trashing his style, his look, everything. A person that is mature and worked their tail off would at least respect that he’s going for his dreams. Someone that didn’t have that kind of hard work and had their career pretty much handed to them, would be more callous and unappreciative for going for their dreams. It’s someone like Taylor Swift that’s Jill. Maybe it’s Ke$ha! Haha! Just joking, then again, maybe not. If’s Ke$ha, well….We won’t go there.

        Taylor Swift does not sing well at all. She is one dimensional and cannot belt out terrific tunes. She just sings pop/country songs and that’s pretty much it. Her lyrics are decent and catching. Maybe it’s Miley Cyrus! Lmao! She can sing though, I will give her that! If it is even someone famous. Too funny!

        I like parts of Alex and dislike other parts of Alex. He’s a hit or misser for me. I would love to see him succeed in living his dreams. I know it’s not easy.

        As far as making fun of people’s looks. Well, I think that is pathetic, shallow, and immature. Caleb may not be GQ handsome, but he sure has a quality about him that resonates with me. I find him to be quite attractive. But, then again, I was never into the perfect looking GQ types. I like rugged and real looking men.

        • HTGR says:

          I think hot, young, star Jill is a 55-58 year old poser. Perhaps owns more than one cat. A pseudo troll, believing in her main points but trolling up all the rest.

    • Jeb says:


      The greatest artists don’t have to talk about how beautiful and talented they are. They don’t need to. Typically, those who DO talk about those things feel like they have to prove something, because their artistry fails to show it. True successful artists don’t bash others in their field. They are supportive. Humility is a good thing. Also, you say you have such a busy schedule, and yet, you obviously have time to read all these postings and post numerous comments yourself. Get a life. Do your work and try not to feel the need to explain to people that you are beautiful and talented. (This is from a professional musician with a Ph.D.)

  16. Jessamine says:

    Alex was my favorite contestant this year, and among my top 5 for all 12 seasons that I’ve seen. I enjoyed the interview and wish him the best.

  17. Jill Moy says:

    One other thought: What good would it be to lie about myself? If it wasn’t true, how would I gain? That’s a stupid thing to do. It’s like cheating in school….if you get an A, what good is it; you didn’t learn anything????? True??????

    I should have never said a thing about myself…period! My mistake as I’m not at liberty to reveal who I am! It was stupid for me to open that can of worms! Sorry for that!

    I just expressed my views on this horrible season of A I! Didn’t realize there were people so sensitive. I have always spoke my mind and if people don’t like it, oh well….THAT’S ME! So if I offended anyone, I’m sorry!

    I never commented ever on any site until this year! It becomes a little addicting! I thought my opinions would be honored but I have to realize the fact that nobody in this sight knows who I am! I guess I got caught up commenting and put in the back of my mind, instead of at the forefront that you all don’t know who I am! Sorry! JILL!

    • A true star says:

      JIll, we are almost ALL beautiful, talented celebrities posting on this site so it doesn’t really get you any points here. I’m sure you do a great job on your housewives reality show, but some of us are movie stars and rock stars so please learn to respect our superior status and opinions. Thank you.

      • A TRUE STAR Well I am a nobody here! A woman with 2 sharpei dogs and no family. Nice to hear that you are all stars and celebrities! Jill is stating her opinion of a singer and I have had to deal with MANY, MANY, MANY people and their hatred of Caleb. Jill is one person stating her opinion, I have seen TONS of awful opinions about Caleb, over and over. You people have no right to sit here and call her a TROLL. If that is the case, than I dealt with hundreds of trolls throughout the duration of this season of AI. HILARIOUS. And it takes a lot of nerve to hate on Jill cause she does not agree with you. I felt like I was in some kind of warfare over Caleb for 6 weeks. It made me absolutely sick! And this is the first time I have ever went on a comment sight (just this season). Im not impressed. But you know what? after all that crap? CALEB WON! And millions of people in America agreed with me! Everyone has a right to their opinion, so does Jill!

        • Lisa @catcharmer1 says:

          Hey Becca. My issue with Jill’s comments have nothing to do with her dislike of Alex. I get it, she doesn’t like him. While I admit, I am not fond of Caleb, it has usually been regarding his stage presence or attitude that he’s portrayed. I really can’t fault his voice, lol, although I do hope for the best for him. I can jump on board with stating opinions, but don’t say “no bashers please” when you’re bashing someone else. That’s issue number 1. It’s a hypocritical statement. Basically saying, don’t bash me for bashing him. Then followed by the statement that she’s basically a beautiful, talented singer/songwriter, so we should all bow to her opinion. That’s issue number 2.

          I can fully respect other people’s opinions, but when I’ve been told that someone else’s “stature” is more important than other opinions (and not necessarily my own opinion really), then yeah, I get a little hot under the collar. She seems to get angry that we like Alex, because we don’t see things her way and throws comments that say she thinks she’s above us all. That is what I’ve dealt with in my comments here. Regardless of who I like better, and frankly I like all their voices (yes, even Caleb’s), I don’t think talking down to people on the comment board is appropriate. A convincing argument is NOT “I’m a celebrity and you’re not, and I’m beautiful”. Those are my only issues. It’s not going to change my life if people don’t like Alex, nor any of the others.

        • MichelleD says:

          Calebswackofan, I felt I was in a warfare as well. It’s been an intense few weeks. Not even sure if he realizes how we have his back and have fought the “R” word battle, the arrogance battle, the screamer battle, the going nowhere battle, all of the battles. I fought them all. I actually got seriously upset over it. It began to consume me because I was so into protecting him. I don’t like to see people be so hateful to anyone. Jill, if I knew who you are, I’m sure I have had your back at some point as an artist.

          I agree, I’m not a singer or an actor (Although I did take Theater in college), but I am writing a book and it’s going to be a pretty intense book. I am finally getting it together and doing it. I studied writing for years in college, so I hope I know what I’m doing, haha! Anyway, the deal is, is that I also have a talent that I want to share with the world, albeit a different form of talent, but it’s something I want to do. I get that I’m going to have loads of rejection, loads of haters, and I’m bracing myself for it. Coming from an artistic point of view, I can’t imagine (if my book becomes successful) going onto a review of a different author and writing about their work anonymously, and saying how horrible it is, but I should know because I have a best seller out there and I rock in the literary world! So I know what I’m talking about, but I can’t say who I am. I just don’t understand what’s the point of doing it?

          I think “Jill” needs to understand that the way she came off on here is quite pompous. I understand that she is claiming to be new to this world (I highly doubt that) since if she is as famous as she is, she’d be reading her reviews from all of us, and possibly piping in. I know I would. Candice Glover surely has done that, without hiding behind a fake name. Perhaps she’s not as famous as this person, so it doesn’t matter.

          I know that you are happy that a person is on here going against Alex and it’s refreshing to see since we’ve been advocating for Caleb, but I think Jill’s approach, although honest, is a bit immature. I think she could have given a much better critique of Alex, and if she is as famous as she ‘claims’ to be, then why not offer up some help? Explain where he needs to improve, maybe he’d listen to her?

          • MICHELLE D I know what you mean. This season was my first time on any comment page! I never cared enough about anything to go comment about it! When I first came on this site, I was very respectful and nice and then the hate got to me so bad, that I felt myself becoming one of them! Im not against Alex though! I think you got the wrong idea. He is just not my type of musician! Not so much his music, but he needs to DIG DEEP and pull out some personality and maybe spunk on his performances. Like I said, I loved Phil Phillips! But Phil has that THING! That is what is missing in Alex! I think your idea about acting classes is great. That might pull him out of his shell! He might just be kind of an introvert person! Jess had almost the same problem! I guess “singer songwiters” dont really have to be outgoing EXCEPT if they are going to do a concert!

      • LOL LOL LOL Movie stars and rock stars? Dont make me laugh.

        • A true star says:

          A sense of humor could lighten your load, calebswackofan. As for Caleb’s “millions” of fans, you might want to spend more time getting them to buy his song rather than fighting all those “haters” I see you engaging everywhere. He only sold 10,000 copies. Lowest coronation single sales EVER. Good luck with the good fight.

          • OMG Every coronation song sucks. And Caleb doesnt even like that song! So your VERY wrong! Still milions of people voted him the winner! The coronation song has little to do with it! No one likes that song, not even him. Dont tell me to get fans to buy his song. You are not my boss! And you are not a TRUE STAR! Gimmie a break!

          • MichelleD says:

            I bought the song and I enjoy it, although I do realize it’s not Caleb’s deal. As he has explained, he doesn’t hate it (of course he’s not going to be fully truthful there), it was thrown at him, ;put together in just two days. How can any song be good in a two day ;production? Not many, that I can argue. Phillip Phillips, Home was one that did exceptionally well. That was an anomaly. Generally speaking most of the coronation songs aren’t that great. In fact, I have only purchased a few of them and Caleb’s happens to be one. The true test will be his CD. Once that is released, then it will be the tell tale sign of how it’s going to work for him. It depends on if he got the kind of music he wanted on the CD. How well Interscope worked with him in forming a band, getting the exact sound he’s looking for. Caleb is no dummy and knows exactly the kind of sound he’s looking for. I have a feeling it’s going to be quite hard and not light hearted rock ‘n roll. He’ says he doesn’t want it on the pop channels. So it will be played on rock channels. I wish him all the best and want to see him truly succeed.

      • HTGR says:

        Haha, good post. ;)

    • Annie says:

      Jill, I don’t want to know who you are because if you are someone I like, I wouldn’t feel good about you anymore. Artists respect other artists, but “fame seekers” have to put others down to raise themselves up. I respect Alex’s artistry and so do many, many others!!!!

  18. Saundra says:

    Alex Preston was my favorite idol this year! I can’t wait for his first CD and I just know he’s going to be a long lived artist because he is so talented and unique. He makes you feel so much in his music. Keep it up Alex, you have what it takes to be every bit as successful as James Taylor, Jason Mraz, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and many many other American singer songwriters. Love you, love your music!

  19. Annette says:

    If Alex Preston had the star look and presence, he would have won. He really was the best singer.

  20. Rob says:

    Yes, AI’s worst season but not because of this seasons judges. It’s tired! The quantity of commercials is painful. No more for me. This season’s winner is the worst image of all of them. Cocky, arrogant and self centered.

    • ROB Jena mentioned in her video that Caleb was her best friend! Alex has been his roomie since the beginning of the competition, and other best friend. I dont think Alex and Jena would hang out with such a terrible person that you are saying Caleb is! ‘Birds of a feather flock together” mostly. I just dont see Jena or Alex hanging out with someone that horrible and go to proms, and also to Kings of Leon concerts(alex and caleb). What you are saying doesnt fit the picture! Unless they are all cocky, arrogant and self-centered which I dont think they are!

  21. LeahKittyS says:

    Thanks for the interview! Alex seems very composed and level-headed. I can’t wait to hear what he does next. Somebody please give this guy a good record deal!

  22. Karen Brown says:

    To be perfectly honest, Alex Preston was my absolute favorite on American Idol this season. He was so different from everyone else & I just loved his song choices & the way he changed them & sang them. I was extremely disappointed that he ended up in third place. My heart sank when I watched the show…….I love his rolled up jeans, the way he lifted his leg when he sang, just everything about the way he sang & presented himself on Idol…..just loved ALEX and still do !!!!!!!!!

  23. Gabrielle says:

    None of the top 3 will do anything great. I’m glad that Caleb won, but is he an amazing singer? No. He sounds like an old-school rocker, his voice is undistinguishable from others. Same goes to Alex- no one is gonna recognize him on the radio, unless his name is announced. As for Jena, she has distinctive flavor in her voice, but it’s annoying as hell, so… Let’s see who’ll be right in the long run.

  24. Karen says:

    Right on~~AMEN Lisa !!!!!

  25. kelli says:

    Sounds like Brandy is a joke!!!!!

  26. Karen says:

    All I’m hearing here is alot of fighting going on back and forth!!!!!!! I really don’t care about reading all of that crap~~I thought we were here to talk about Alex’s interview and all of a sudden everyone is fighting amongst each other. Can’t we all just get along? We’re all adults, are we not !!!!!!!! Come on people !!!!!!! Take a chill pill and let’s be nice to one another !!!!!!! Too much of this crappola in the world everyday, we sure as heck don’t need that here !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a pleasant weekend happy people !!!!!! I know I will !!!!!………:)

  27. kelli says:

    Caleb and Jessica was the best talent on the show. Alex was great also.

  28. JEFF BLUME SR says:

    They need to bring Simon and the old crew back on to re-vitalize this show. I switch to ‘BIG BANG’ rather than suffer thru Idol. Voice is ten times the show than Idol. In my view they did not attract quality performers.

  29. Alex… I had a feeling you would not win, but NOT because you aren’t an artist of music and songwriting. YOU ARE amazing. I will buy your music the moment it is released. My iPod has all your music from Idol as well as iTunes. I listen to them with the best of the best artists. TY for your artistry

  30. My favorite IDOL contestant in a long time. Very talented young man and i love his quirkyness.

  31. Cindy Tulow says:

    Ok Alex and the Voices’ Xenia would be a perfect duet!

  32. Glenda says:

    I wanted Alex to win because he is truly an artist. I kept rerunning his songs every week. He truly has a beautiful mind to be able to sing and arrange so well. I love his voice and the soul he showed during his performances.

  33. Jackie says:

    Alex is probably the most talented of the top 5. I believe him and Sam will have successful careers. Jesse is more of a club/bar type singer but very good, I think choice of music was her demise. All in all, Alex should have won. He is a wonder of talent and skill. He will and should be very successful. Bound to be on tour with the top 10 and a record contract WILL be right around the corner.

  34. penny says:

    I agree along with other people i Iknow. It wasnt the singers, it was Harry Conick, he was AWFUL. His comments to contestants was awful. He never stood up(maybe once) He’d try t b funny and just looked stupid. If he’s back next year I will not b watching. And I’m not alone.

    • CAM says:

      Bye then, Penny. We will miss you. Harry knows more about music than Jen and Keith together. He explained why he did not stand up= he felt it was not really fair to other contestants. He tried to listen objectively rather than the fake way Jen (and sometimes Keith) would behave in order to get more attention.

  35. Leslie says:

    What a true artist. Something differant from the usual fluff. We always looked forward to see what he would do with a song & it was always original. Everyone I talked agreed that the final two were decided on early. Idols loss! Alex, You are one of a kind and I would would love to see an hour and a half of your artistry! Stay original!

  36. Rebecca says:

    I Love Alex. He has his own personal style which is exactly why Philip Philips won.

  37. Don’t listen to idols judges. Most of the contestants are better singers than the judges.

  38. In my opinion, Alex is the contestant who will be the most successful recording artist. He composes much of his music which is original and exceptionally unique and popular with the younger audience. CHEERS for ALEX!

  39. Paul Hess says:

    I can see where Alex is coming from, as far as the judges are concerned. All they wanted and the criticism they gave represented today’s style of outlandish and over the top performances by so called stars who think they can sing, little lone perform. If it weren’t for the extravagant sets, lighting and sound enhancement, most of these people would be nothing. Don’t get me wrong, some do have talent, but most have images hyped up by all the “extras” that make them look and sound good.
    Alex is an individual, with a style that doesn’t fit in with all that “Hollywood fluff”. He’s a real artist who doesn’t need the flashing lights, dancing girls and all that extra sound. Because “his” style doesn’t fall in line with what the judges think his “style” should be, every week he’s wrongly criticized for not showing enough pizazz! If the judges were as individualistic as Alex, they should be able to recognize his talent and his “own” showmanship, and just “shut up”, listen and let him sing.
    Caleb has a great voice, but he sounds just like every Steve Perry that’s out there. And there’s plenty, so how much “individual” style does he have? Probably not a lot.
    How many can you identify right now that sounds like Alex? Maybe a Dave Mathews, a John Mayer, even a Bob Dylan in the past, but they’re just aren’t that many. I hope maybe at least one of the judges is listening to this “constructive criticism”. But of course, what other kind is there?

  40. susan says:

    I think this was the worst american idol ever

  41. Melitte says:


  42. Kathy says:

    I’m NOT and WASN’T a Fan of Alex . Sorry to say this BUT , the Truth is the Truth . He DOESN’T look like a Star at All ,. He Reminds me to much of Lye Lovett . In the Music Business , you have to have to Whole Package . MOVES , TALENT ( he has some ) PERSONALITY , LOOKS ( VERY IMPORTANT which he Lacks ) Got to be able to WORK THE CROWD , BE ENERGETIC ( working the Crowd ) He does has a Future ahead of him :) But he Won’t NEVER be the HEADLINER of a BIG Concert .

  43. Kathy says:

    I think Idol just wrapped it’s best season ever!!!!! Love the contestants and the Judges. It was real competition this year. Loved it!

  44. S. says:

    Such subtle, perfect Randy shade at the end there. Loved that. ;)

  45. We absolutely love Alex Preston & his talents. No matter what happened on Idol, Alex will get a record deal & he will go far & be enjoyed by many for many years. God Speed Alex. Stay Real! Love you. Patty (A Big Fan) & friends

  46. Penny says:

    Alex was my favorite and I believe he will do great in the future! And really to all the “famous” people posting here — pretty is as pretty does.

  47. Rich C says:

    The guy was a joke from the beginning. Bucky beaver face and boring style of singing in the same melody and the stupid no sock thing just to mention a couple. He will never make it in the music industry and I and many have no desire to ever see or hear about him again. Mediocre is a compliment to this super poring dude.

    • I could not have said it better! Your exactly right!

      • Penny says:

        You act all butt hurt when anybody says anything about Caleb but love to agree with nasty comments about the other contestants.

        • Oh and you are just an angel and never say a bad thing! Talking about Harry Connick and the nasty comments you agreed with! Dont go tooting your own horn! Everyone does the same thing on this blog! Its all okay for you to say crap but never anyone else. Get real!

    • Penny says:

      Since he came in 3rd there must be a lot of people that do desire to see and hear him again myself included.

  48. gail says:

    Alex was one of the most talented and unique Super Stars to ever appear on American Idol. He needs a record contract. I will definitely buy his music…..awesome talent!!!

  49. Good interview, I could tell he was nervous and kind of insecure. But he is talented and I’m sure most of the top 10 will do something in the music industry. I think its a little UN becoming of the interviewer to try and get in a snide remark about Caleb and the Doctor., Caleb didn’t ask for the Doctor to come on stage, and the only reason he did is because Caleb couldn’t even talk the night before so they weren’t sure if he could sing.And I’m sure they wanted to explain it to us in case his voice went out again.( I did not see the big deal) But I hope all of the top 10 make it big. they all deserve it.and I wish them all good luck.

  50. Emma says:

    My favorite part of the interview was Alex and Michael fanboying over Casey and Haley. :D
    Season 10 was soooo good, it’s been downhill ever since unfortunately.