Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Poster: Which Girl Is Falling to Pieces?

Pretty Little Liars‘ cracks are starting to show in Season 5.

ABC Family just released the official poster for the new season of its flagship drama, returning June 10 at 8/7c, and it hints at a foreboding future for one of the liars — of which there now five, following Alison’s long-awaited return to Rosewood.

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Executive producer Marlene King previously revealed that “an unexpected PLL will spiral with her boyfriend,” so could this cracked mask be more proof of that? (Update: It’s clearly Ali’s mask, but let’s just have some fun with this.)

Check out the new Season 5 poster below, then drop a comment: Which liar are you most worried about this summer?

Pretty Little Liars Season 5

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  1. Plllover says:


    I love Pretty Little Liars <3

  2. Carly says:

    Well that’s obviously Allison’s mask that’s cracked…

  3. Nate says:

    Don’t really care at this point. This show had been pointless for the last 3 seasons

  4. abz says:

    I usually don’t really like when people say a show should end because there might be others that still like it, but there are some shows where you just can’t. This really should be the final season. They don’t know what they’re doing. They make things up as they go along and try to act smart by creating this master web of plot points that season after season that even myself I can barely remember the questions I’ve had that were unanswered or answered poorly. They use too many fake-outs and have too many missed opportunities to keep things interesting. Plus, the girls have been in their final year of high school for what two seasons now; how are they going to keep them there for a third?

    • Sara says:

      Actually, quite the contrary. They know exactly who A is going to be in the end. Which is why they’ve been able to point the finger at everyone else and make it plausible. They know exactly how it ends and planted enough seeds of doubt to make you wonder about everybody. I agree it should end soon just because once they graduate, you know, it kind of changes everything. But they do actually know what they’re doing!

      • abz says:

        I’ve read several interviews with them and not once has it really come across (to me at least) that they know how it will end and even if I’m wrong and they do have long-term plans (which I truly doubt they’ve always had), they don’t inspire confidence in the way they write the show that they do know what they’re doing.
        Planting seeds of doubt is one thing. it can be fun at first trying to figure things out, but I think the point of where it was fun ended a really long time ago, after they started to come up with random stuff, endless questions and new seeds of doubt every few episodes just so that they could prolong the show and drag things out.
        Anyway, I’m going to tune in to see if Ali joining the group may bring some life back to the show, but I don’t know if I’ll last through, if they continue to play these tired games and fakeouts just so they can drag things out over 24 episodes.

        • anonomousaurus says:

          Marlene King made an announcement after the season 4 finale that she has an endgame planned but would like to keep it going. She said if they were going to end it she needed a 12 episode notice so she can end it the way she plans but I hope season 5 is its last as well. Or atleast we learn who A is in Season 5 and Season 6 is an all out battle between the liars and A. No more of the guessing bulls***

          • abz says:

            I so agree. They don’t deserve another renewal if they pull another fake-out like they did this past finale by having the masked A get away again. Either it’s fully revealed this season and if they want a final season, use it to deal with the fallout or taking A down or something OR they should just cancel it at the end of this season. I don’t why writers/showrunners think it’s entertaining giving the viewer fakeouts and misleads and dragging things out. It’s not!.

          • Payton says:

            I agree with the last part! I warmth to know who A is like right now but it sucks that pll is only on Tuesdays! A WHOLE week. I can’t wait that Long. I have teen wolf on Mondays and awkward on Tuesdays but I’m obsessed with pll. No kidding”! But yea I would like there to be an all out battle between the liars and A. And I need to know about maya. No way can they just not put her in there. I’m getting a little suspicious. And I want spoby to get married!!! And they should just make a half hour tv show bout’ after high school and what the liars do and all that after high school.

          • cossondra says:

            yea season 5 ep 1 lucas will be coming back but season 5 will reveal who A is and who buried allisons mom …caleb will be back ep 5 and this show got renewed for season 6 and 7 already so its going to be way more involved and also there is a couple who is going to be going down together dk what that is about but they cant save each other ………apparently the drama dont stop after they find out who A is ……….

        • cossondra says:

          looks like they will be dragging it out them cuz season 5 is on now and they just renewed for season 6 and 7… started off strong and interesting and kinda faded again but got interesting again …..but i do agree with it being too dragged out ….i sure will watch season 5 ep 1 later on today to find out who a is and i hope this new season is awsome ….they are pulling all the strings in this one ….lucas will be coming back and so will caleb …….one couple on there is going to get dragged down together …dont know who it will be though ……

    • Diz says:

      They’ve never known what they’re doing. They make stuff up & see what sticks. This show is beyond ridiculous. If you only watched the first episode & then this coming premier you really haven’t missed much. I’ve watched every episode, but it needs to end.

    • Lisa C. says:

      >>Plus, the girls have been in their final year of high school for what two seasons now; how are they going to keep them there for a third?<<

      I know; I'm feelin' the same way. The actresses are getting too "old" to keep convincingly portraying high school girls. Even Sasha P. (Alison), the youngest of the quintet, is 18 in real life. The others are in their 20s. For the love of Pete, let them at least graduate from high school!

  5. Elyse says:

    But WHY is Allison’s mask cracking?! i hope bringing Ali back from the dead will bring life back into the show!

  6. Cookiemonster says:

    I am eager to see who is but isn’t really A this season. That will be a fresh departure from the previous few seasons.

    • Geo says:

      Also, I hope one of their love interests seems good but turns out to be evil, and also one of their love interests who seems evil turns out to be good. That would be really surprising too.

  7. Sara says:

    Is she falling apart, or is she being put back together? ;) That’s why this poster is actually pretty brilliant – because it’s hard to discern which one it is. She was pretty broken when she left… is she even more broken now or does she finally get to piece life back together? So exciting!

  8. Dakota says:


  9. Aline says:

    Pretty Little LiarzzZzzZzzZZZzz…

  10. raven kk says:

    Obviously it’s Alison look closely at the faces top left is Emily in the middle at the top is Alison top left is Spencer bottom right is aria bottom left is Hannah

  11. J says:

    PLL needs somewhat of a reboot at this point. You can only tease viewers for so long without giving them any answers about who is truely A. I gave up after this past Halloween episode but might have to check it out again.

  12. EJ386 says:

    The show was great, but I agree there needs to be an ending. I’ve lost interest. I no longer want to know who A is, but if they can write a probable ending to the mess they made…

  13. Mitchell says:

    This show doesn’t hold my interest anymore, i am not even sure that i’ll be tuning in this season.

  14. Nicole says:

    So if Ali is the one who spirals, as the poster suggests, who is her boyfriend?

  15. kayleigh says:

    is allisons mask not just cracked because she got smacked by a rock?

  16. mamamia says:

    Of course Spencer, I don’t think the others thought it through to see which mask looks like who. Good job!

  17. Victoria says:

    Alison obviously

  18. Destiny says:

    I think Aria is in trouble. Ezra tells her something when he is laying in the hospital bed maybe it is to worn her who -A is. At the same time it could also be Hannah because of Caleb coming back while she has a thing with another guy….

  19. brianna williams says:

    I’m worried about Aria. Bc of what happened to Ezra like I cannot wait anymore..

  20. cardiology says:

    Its kind of obvious its Alison and if you didn’t get it at first look very closely and you can see the liars faces

  21. brianna says:

    I hope the girls don’t befriend Alison after how mean she was to all of them.

  22. Alison says:

    obviously Alison

  23. Sabrina Gould says:

    Obviously its Alison… I know all of their faces by now

  24. loomerofthepll says:

    Alison of course!

  25. Abby says:

    I’m hearing all these rumors about Paige. Does she really kill herself?

  26. Danielle says:

    Well caleb will return in season 5 and he’ll finally meet the girl everybody has been talking about (Alison) so there might be something between them.

  27. Rachel Wang says:

    Alison for sure. The masks look exactly like their faces. PLL is my fave!!!

  28. Tori says:

    It’s ally. Look at the faces: upper left is Emily, upper right is spencer, bottom right is obviously aria, bottom left is Hannah, and the shattered mask is ally. Although acknowledging the info above it could be spencer because of her reunion with Toby. But most likely ally since it is her first presence in in a season. It also may be a detail we are looking to closely at. Sometimes the obvious is the last thought of.