Fall TV Preview

New Jane the Virgin Trailer Illuminates the CW Series' Central Concept(ion)

Ever since The CW announced it ordered a dramedy about a virginal young woman who’s accidentally impregnated at her doctor’s office, the question has stood: How the heck does something like that happen?!

A new, extended trailer for Jane the Virgin offers an answer — however unlikely — and lots more footage from the forthcoming adaptation of the Venezuelan telenovela.

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In case you’re still catching up on your fall series orders, here’s Jane‘s official logline: A series of surprising and unforeseen events causes a hard-working, religious young Latina woman to be accidentally artificially inseminated.

The cast includes Gina Rodriguez (The Bold and the Beautiful) as the titular mom-to-be, Yael Grobglas (Reign), Andrea Navedo (One Life to Live) and Justin Baldoni (Single Ladies).

Press PLAY on the video, then hit the comments with your thoughts.


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  1. Kate says:

    Wow, I had no intention of tuning in for this series. However, after watching the trailer I may check it out. Won’t stick around if it gets too soap-opera-ish, but still, may tune in.

  2. Big Mike says:

    When i heard about this series I was thinking this: It may work as a spanish tele nova its just doesn’t work as an american version.

    • Jana says:

      That was my thoughts as well. Plus in the original the lead was a niave young teen living in a poor area. Jane is a 20 something woman in Miami that should know the difference between a pap smear and getting inseminated.

  3. Winston says:

    I’ve seen the entire pilot. I was skeptical at first but I’m going to be a regular watching. While it wasn’t the best thing I’ve seen it was incredibly entertaining.

  4. The premise is nonsensical, and the show will most likely be so bad that I’ll stop after three episodes, but I’m going to try it out because the lead actress seems to be giving it her all and it’s generally nice you know, to see the CW doing something different in their line up and to see a woman of colour leading one of their shows.

  5. AT says:

    I think it actually looks cute.

  6. Josh says:

    This is such a gross, disgusting, sexist and backwards premise. There is also something very…I don’t know…rapey about it. A woman is impregnated and is guilted into keeping the baby.

    • ... says:

      How about you try, I don’t know, actually watching the pilot before making accusations like that?

      • Josh says:

        The promos seem to indicate the guilt and how is me stating how disgusting the plot of a girl getting accidentally pregnant making an accusation. That’s the whole point of the plot. Even if she wasn’t guilted into it and it was a relgious choice or if it “just felt right”, it would still be disgusting to me. This isn’t even like surrogacy where she’d at least just be pregnant with someone else’s baby and carrying it to term for them. This is her actually giving birth to her own child with a man she never met, and becoming a mother because someone else impregnated her as if she was some sort of horse.

        It just grosses me out, no matter which reason she decides to keep it, but the fact it looks like she gets guilted into it because “she was almost aborted” or “because her religious grandma tells her too” or “because it’s the man’s last chance to have a child”…All of it grosses me out. There is something so utterly backwards about it.

        • Ally Oop says:

          Josh, are you a woman? Have you ever had a child? Maybe some women would feel that way but it doesn’t look as if Jane is, so why are you so offended by it?

          • johnhelvete says:

            I agree with Allyoop. I strongly believe that a woman has the right to decide to have a baby or not, it is her choice, my only choice as a man is to wear a condom or to not have sex.

    • dru says:

      the lead actress looks good, but hell no! the premise is so disgusting

    • Ally Oop says:

      I don’t see how its any of those things. As a woman, if something like that happened to me, yes I would probably be horrified, but as the initial shock would wear off, I would keep the baby and love it. Rape is a whole other extraordinarily awful occurrence that should not even be considered similar to this kind of event.

      • genia says:


      • Hannah says:

        Being impregnated without consent doesn’t sound rapey to you? It’s fine if you would keep it but a lot of women would feel insanely violated. I’ll be checking out the show and I’m not offended by her obviously keeping it but I think if someone feels uncomfortable with this premise, that’s nothing to argue with them about.

      • Alex says:

        You need to look up the definition of rape, because that is exactly what this show is about. Not all rape is “force a person down and stuff XX inside.” I’m sorry you don’t already know this.

      • Mckenzie says:

        I cant imagine how you could possibly find this not disgusting as a woman i would be completely appalled by this if it happened to me and i, say what you will, would probably not keep it as there is no telling what that baby would be like and i would most likely sue that doctor for everything they had

    • TL says:

      Let’s wait until we actually WATCH the show before we make gross judgements, eh?

  7. GhostWolf says:

    How this went forward as a series is beyond me. One of the early cancellations. Feel bad for The Originals being paired with this thing.

  8. kavyn says:

    If they keep it up with the humour I could see myself sticking with it. The “immaculada” line had me laughing pretty hard lol.

  9. getoverit says:

    This show looks absolutely terrible. Here’s hoping it’s one of the first casualties of the Fall season.

  10. Thought the concept seemed pretty stupid but the video looks promising

  11. stephanie says:

    I’m very excited about this show! I saw the telenovela when I was a kid and I was worried that the cw would completely massacre it, however, I’m pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it looks! although, wasn’t Jaime Camil supposed to be starring in it? I didn’t see him in the trailer??

  12. Larry says:

    I wasn’t expecting to be interested in this show. But after seeing the promo -I’m going to check it out. It looks to be a light-hearted show and odd as it sounds -very family oriented. It definitely looks to be different than anything on television. And that alone is refreshing. I’m so tired and bored with most of broadcast television with it’s reality shows and procedurals. This looks Ugly Betty fun.

    • Ally Oop says:

      Exactly my sentiments. It’s different than anything else on tv. I enjoy movies that are romantic comedies but the genre isn’t common to television. I can’t think of too many one-hour romantic comedies that have aired on tv. Hart of DIxie and Men In Trees are the only ones that come to my mind and I liked both of them a lot. I’d love to see more 1-hour romantic dramedies on tv.

      • Mr. Sunshine says:

        All Oop, I agree. There is such a dearth of any type of romantic comedy or light hearted fair on TV now. Initially, I wasn’t too enthused with the premise of this show; this preview has won me over though. :-)

  13. analog says:

    Of course the wife is going to be the villain.

  14. Sade Ford says:

    I was skeptical as well but the trailer looks promising. However I think a tv movie would have been more appropriate. How are they going to sustain this storyline past one season?

    • Winston says:

      The trailer doesn’t do the pilot justice. There are SEVERAL things set into motion.

    • James says:

      The original telenovela lasted 300 episodes where the storyline became more than just the circumstances that made Juana (where “Jane” was based) pregnant by accident. She was a witness to a murder connected to her baby daddy’s evil father-in law.

      if it intends to follow the structure of Juana la Virgen, we could see some corporate intrigue, conspiracies and murder plots thrown into the mix, the typical soap stuff. :)

  15. Diz says:

    Stupid. Just stupid.

  16. Liz says:

    I do hope they talk about how this is an act of sexual violence. Cause it is. And then of course they aren’t going to talk about her options (adoption, abortion, keeping it) she’s going to just keep it because that’s the only story American tv feels comfortable telling.

    • Ally Oop says:

      How is it an act of sexual violence? I’m not religious myself but I do view abortion as wrong. Many woman would not morally or ethically be able to have an abortion if the same situation happened to them. Some women would and I guess that’s their choice. So I’m having trouble with you when you are saying an accidental implantation is an act of sexual violence. Much to strong of language.

    • genia says:

      Act of sexual violence? how did you deduce that in that 4min trailer. Gosh. You people should go for a bit of a walk every once in a while. Breathe!

    • Winston says:

      They cover every single one of her options in the pilot.

  17. Ally Oop says:

    This show will probably be a guilty pleasure for me. I rewatched all the new show trailers last night and this still stands as my 3rd favourite new show after Secrets & Lies and Constantine.

  18. GeoDiva says:

    Based on this trailer, I’ll check it out. It seems Ugly Betty fun.

  19. Elyse says:

    I’ll definitely check this show out. Who cares if it’s not plausible? I think it looks fun!

  20. HBH says:

    they had an indian soap opera with the same concept, so to me it feels kind of unoriginal. I don’t think i’ll be watching

  21. genia says:

    looks so cute… I´m a sucker for dramedy! a natural fault embedded in my genes… Will definitely wait for it.

  22. Tran says:

    I’ll pass on Jane the Virgin. One of the worst new shows of the season in my opinion. :-(

  23. Bec says:

    I think this is utterly disgusting and insensitive to millions of women and men suffering through infertility. AI or IUI is not that easy – first of all the person would have to be in her ovulation window. Just stupid. And any Doc who would’ve done this would indeed be charged with assault.

  24. Alex says:

    The show centers around the violation of a woman’s body. Shame on those who think that is cute, funny, or in any way a matter for light entertainment. Yes, it’s “just” a TV show, but it’s also a disgusting concept.

  25. angel says:

    Anyone who’s ever been inseminated at a doctor’s office (had an IUI) would know there is no possible way for this to happen accidentally. Not with the series of information checks and forms you sign as the nurse and doctor verify the sample they are about to insert. And that is done as you are on the table in the office, moments before the IUI is performed. And that’s not even taking into account the very short ovulation window.

  26. jj says:

    Couldn’t even finish watching the trailer. Stupid, not funny. No thanks.

  27. Patrick Maloney says:

    I would not be half as interested I am about this show than I am now that I have seen this trailer!

  28. Teresa says:

    I personally think this should NOT be a show. The women that are viewers will be scared to go to the doctor then because they will think they will accidentally impregnated. They will stop getting check ups. I highly suggest to cancel the show. By the way, I do not think this is possible… Since the doctor will be sued and there are MANY legal issues to this story aka negligence, etc.

  29. ami welch says:

    Unable to watch trailer it is marked private

  30. Dean says:

    What a lame show premise…… really … a couple shows that got canned for this crap, ripped from the tardy hispanic soap opera line up?