Welcome to the New TVLine!

TVLine_LogoFIN_2014-01-03Do not adjust your Web browser. Yes, TVLine had a little work done over Memorial Day weekend, but we promise you won’t be seeing us in a reboot of The Swan anytime soon.

In fact, while we’re debuting a new logo, fonts, graphics and staff caricatures after nearly three-and-a-half years on the job, our functionality hasn’t changed a bit — and our committment to bringing you shocking spoilers, exclusive scoops, in-depth interviews and discussion-provoking recaps remains as rock-solid and unchanging as Mount Rushmore.

The biggest changes you’ll notice on the new and improved TVLine involve the layout and display of our galleries and videos — but we think you’ll enjoy the more user-friendly (and prettier) interface once you get used to it.

Meanwhile, though, we’re genuinely interested in hearing how you feel about our updated look and functionality. So please do hit the comments below and give us your positive and negative feedback about the new TVLine. Without your readership and loyalty (not to mention your exquisite elegance and good taste), we’d be nothing!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. I loved it. It’s more light and I love the “our team” part :) nice job you guys!!! :)

  2. kwapple says:

    Only thing that’s bothering me with the new site is that I can’t see sideshows while on my phone

  3. Ames says:

    Everything kinda blends together to much…there is too much white background. Also the photo galleries are not working…

    • Alichat says:

      Agreed. So much white, it’s giving me retina burn. I don’t find it prettier……it’s bland and boring.

      • kath says:

        Yes, way too much white, not enough highlighting of the different side items, and the links in the middle of a story aren’t distinct enough. Didn’t they used to be a different color, or something else that made it easier to distinguish them from the story itself.

        It’s too much like a tabloid now, and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

  4. Justin says:

    Love the new look! Makes the site a lot easier to navigate too :)

  5. Pedro says:

    While I’m sure it’s (hopefully) a matter of time until I get used to it, the new font on the articles is kinda bugging me. And the white background on the comments section too. Other than that, it seems fine :)

    • Pedro says:

      Also, I think there should be an option to sort the comments from oldest to newest (as they used to be displayed in the previous layout. Good job anyway!

  6. Amy says:

    It will take a bit to get used to, but I really like it! It’s definitely prettier and fresher. (Also loving the new avatars.)
    The only thing I’m not too fond of that I can think of is the fact that galleries are in a different page than the original post… but that’s just getting used to opening them in a new tab, I’m sure. I like them a lot more now.

  7. ggny says:

    The White Background is kind of annoying

  8. Janneke says:

    Looks great, love the font!

    I would say that the background is too white, I love the yellow and blue though!

  9. Anne says:

    Um, ugh. :-/

  10. wrstlgirl says:

    Very nice, slick modern look. Great job!!

  11. Mackenzie says:

    Is the “Spoiler Alert” video series dead? Will we ever see it again? I miss it!

  12. Jc says:

    Not digging this new site. The blue tones of the previous version were much nicer and easier on the eyes. All the white is headache-inducing.

  13. Bruce_F says:

    I like everything about the redesign except the white background and that you’re still using this particular commenting system. Please switch to Disqus or something else more conversation-friendly. Even Livefyre would be better.

  14. E. says:

    Love the site. But I have to say this new font is not easy on the eyes at all! It makes me want to skim articles rather than actually reading them, and it seems more appropriate for a headline than for the text of an article.

  15. I love it, I think the white background looks clean.

  16. James says:

    Why won’t you guys integrate disqus? Much easier to comment using it.

  17. zippydoodle says:

    Gotta say, not a big fan of the change. I haven’t interacted with the new galleries yet, but I find the don’t hard to read on my phone and I prefer the old logo.

  18. sara says:

    Everything looks ok except the font.

  19. Patty Stamps says:

    I can’t view the photos on slideshow either, and I’m on a PC. I just saw you added something new to the top instead of “The new TVLINE” so looks like you all actively working on things. I bet this will be better than the old TVLine on my phone, but will take time to get used to.

  20. James says:

    Plus all the white is really hard on the eyes.

  21. cuius says:

    Classic Hutber’s Law (Google it)

  22. neaorlean says:

    Hard to read, horrible background (white background, seriously, it can’t be worse for the eyes), horrible font, really hard to read long comments. I like the newest comments being first in the comment section, that means they might get noticed too. The rest is awful. Always go with dark background, and not black on white letters, it’s seriously hurting my eyes. I don’t know why everybody decided to force a new layout down our throats, and just wait till we get used to it. Not cool. I still love this place, but it’s hurting my eyes.

  23. not loving it! too much white

  24. Drew says:

    I would recommend utilizing more borders on the sidebar links. One of the things that I loved about the old layout was that the widgets and links were easily differentiated from the rest of the site, but now the links being in white versus the almost imperceptible light grey isn’t as pretty.

  25. Alex says:

    I hate to say it, but the other version of the site was WAY more professional. This is simplified to the point of looking like someone’s personal blog.

    • Anne says:

      That’s my issue. It looks like a first try at a website. The other site was more professional.

    • neaorlean says:

      Looks like “Welcome to the Internet, the year is 2001 and personal computers are a part of every modern household, now smaller and faster than ever! The World Wide Web gives you the chance to communicate with people from all over the world, join message boards and even chat on IRC. Make sure to download mIRC and ICQ and enjoy your amazing experience with the new and better Windows Millenium!”.

  26. John NYC says:

    I like the new font. Overall the layout is an upgrade. IMHO.

  27. Blue Lagoon says:

    Love the new logo and how clean the site is, and the font choice is a good one. Two user experiences gripes though – the links should be a different color (at least a slightly lighter gray!) and the sub comments should have some kind of identifier other than slight indentation. Everything is just a bit flat but a few more tweaks could help a lot. Definitely a step in the right direction!

  28. Luc says:

    I actually do like it!
    But I can understand if people don’t, because it does feel a little bit ‘cold’
    Maybe a little less white?

  29. tjj50 says:

    I’m liking it so far. Cleaner, bolder. There is a lot of white though, and that can tend to get hard on the eyes after a bit. Like the new logo!

  30. Kristi says:

    It’s definitely prettier, but I’m not sure how I feel about the font. Also, it’s a lot of white.

  31. RowdyBug says:

    On mobile the only thing I miss is the streamlined no photos headlines that I could browse quickly! But I’ll get over it!

  32. alex says:

    logo looks cleaner, hope that the pages load better now, which they seem to, can see a lot of effort has gone into make it better for us, appreciated

  33. sladewilson says:

    Somebody got a new suit!!! Look at y’all, all fancy… :-)

  34. nfc says:

    Will there be a mobile version with this design soon?

  35. SHUFF says:

    HATE IT. The font sucks. For one, the bold lower case i looks like at l. STUPID.

  36. Molly says:

    the old one was easy to use & looked more professional – this is a little bit like someone’s blog

  37. Sara says:

    Not a fan (yet, at least) – I personally shy away from websites that have too much white on them. I oddly find it doesn’t look as professional, but everybody’s different. I also despise change so……

  38. It looks like any other blog, all white etc. Too much white to be fair ; like most new designs on blog websites where white has become the trend. Apart from that, it looks good.

  39. Antoine says:

    SO….MUCH…WHITE SPACE…Love the “Our Team” avatars though :)

  40. Rosie says:

    I like the energy of the new design. However, using Firefox, none of the picture galleries appears. The text appears, as do the thumbnail pictures, but the large pictures don’t. The galleries do appear using Chrome. I noticed that other people were commenting on the lack of pictures as well, so I hope there is a plan to address this. Thanks!

  41. Juliana says:

    I have supported this website and have recommended it to anybody who will listen. Now I fear changes but I do say I like your new article look but I was wondering if there will no longer be a separate box on the side for what’s airing that particular night? You guys usually know which shows should be mentioned and showed on it. Good luck with the makeover relaunch!

  42. David says:

    Love the new look (especially the font for some reason)!

  43. Meg says:

    I also agree about the white background. It would give me a headache after one article, and I love to peruse them all. Also, I couldn’t view some of the gallery photos.

  44. Becky says:

    Don’t like it at all!
    It does not work on mobile, and the white background is a sore to the eye. Def. miss the older site. This site looks too childish, if that makes sense. Although this site looks less mundane and more happy and chipper, it doesn’t bring a professional feel to it. The white background with the black text makes reading this site VERY difficult.

  45. Carrie says:

    I like the new design, but I am using Google Chrome on a MacBook Pro and can’t get the search function to work. I type something in, but it doesn’t show any results. Just wanted to let you know. Love your site, though, and I hope the redesign works out! :)

  46. .... says:

    AV Club Part 2

  47. heba0630 says:

    I love it!!! it is prettier. and i like the all white background. easier on the eyes.

  48. Tom says:

    I don’t like that I can’t open links in new tabs, like I used to when I wanted to read several stories

  49. Evan says:

    Not a fan, liked the old setup!