CBS Pulls Cancelled Friends and Bad Teacher From Schedule

Friends With Better Lives

More bad news for cancelled comedies Friends With Better Lives and Bad Teacher: CBS won’t be airing their remaining episodes this summer.

Both sitcoms were victims of the network’s pre-Upfronts cancellation spree, which also included The Crazy Ones, Intelligence and Hostages.

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With the cut comedies out of the mix, CBS will air Mom repeats Mondays at 8:30/7:30c — aka its new time slot starting this fall — while the Eye’s Thursday rerun lineup will now play as follows: The Big Bang Theory, Mom, Two and a Half Men and The Millers.

FWBL has four unaired episodes remaining, while Bad Teacher still has eight left in the can.

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  1. Holly says:

    That show was funny. it took a couple episodes to grow on me….but I was looking forward to seeing more. As far as Mom reruns….I won’t be watching. Just more dumbing down of America

  2. Phillip Scott Galbraith says:

    Way to go CBS….FWBL is a pretty good show. … should have tried putting it on another night before canceling it. ..and now pull it from the schedule? ??? I can only hope that some pencil pusher lOses his/her job over this.

  3. Shannon says:

    I really liked Bad Teacher.. :(

  4. Shannon says:

    I really liked Bad Teacher. .

  5. Ally Kitane says:

    Friends with Better Lives quickly became one of my favorite shows and I’m beyond pissed it’s been canceled! I’m so done with CBS, this show was one of the funner sitcoms in a long time and a good follow up comedy after losing How I Met Your Mother :(

  6. Sutton says:

    They can’t do this. It shouldn’t be legal! I want to see the rest of Bad Teacher, even if it’s only available online or whatever. They should make it all available soon rather than six months from now. I hope they don’t do a Playboy Bunny and make it all unavailable. Like we’d rather watch reruns than this? No way. We like this.

  7. FWBL should not be cancelled…its a mindless funny show….laughter is always good…Bad Teacher deserved to be cancelled…

  8. Jennifer Southwood says:

    That sucks! I liked both shows. CBS NEVER GIVES SUMMER SHOWS A REAL CHANCE!

  9. Kimberly says:

    FWBL was a really funny show, and it is rare to find something that both my husband & I find funny. I hope a cable channel picks it up, as I would love to see more!

  10. Susan Mitchell says:

    FWBL was one of my favorite comedies airing. What a poor decision.

  11. Lisa says:

    This makes me so angry. I love FWBL its the first comedy that I can relate to. It seems anymore they don’t give shows a chance to shine instead they yank them before most people even have a chance to watch an episode. I am very disgusted with CBS I have no desire to watch any of their new shows since they cancel them all. :(

  12. vjo5 says:

    FWBL was a great comedy. The cast has good chemistry and the mixture of married, divorced, single, and engaged friends made the episodes unpredictable funny. So sad to see it go.

  13. Tamala Byrd says:

    what the hell, friends with better lives was the best show besides big bang theory, you need to rethink what you are doing

  14. Brett Goodell says:

    We liked FWBL and Intelligence. We would rather see those than repeats of Mom (which we don’t watch anyway).

  15. I loved both Friends with better lives and Bad teacher……I will miss them both….They were light, fun and entertaining…Just what I wanted :(

  16. Bella Griff says:

    This sucks husband and I love FWBL, is funny, entertaining. Hate bad teacher so ok for this one to go, why don’t they cancel old shows like two and a half man is so stale and just can’t stand john crier anymore so sick of this show being about this idiot, so keep FWBL much better than other crap on TV these days, get rid of all the reality crap show please….

  17. LAURA says:


  18. Russ says:

    Bring Back Intelligence, it was a great show, Had good characters and a good plot, as opposed to these stupid reality shows

  19. KIM says:


  20. Stephen says:

    Friends With Better Lives was a very good sitcom, but CBS did not give it a chance. Zoe Lister-Jones plays one of the funniest characters I have seen on TV in a while. It’s a shame that networks can’t give shows (especially sitcoms) a chance.

    I am sure CBS must be also missing Rules of Engagement which was a good mid-season replacement show.

    Sitcoms are dead now. Soon it will just all be reality tv.

  21. Ashley says:

    Mom started out okay but moved -rapidly- to something less exciting to watch. FWBL has become a favorite. It has a great line of characters and plots. Sucks they cancelled due to relying on mediocare rates of reruns. You cannot reintroduce a show once you have let your viewers down. Bad move… Hope another network picks the show up and runs with it!

  22. WD Snyder says:

    The worst thing about Friends With Better LIves was the name of the show. CBS has a very long history of pulling the plug a show too soon. They almost did in I Love Lucy.I don’t count in their prized demographics, so my voice won’t be heard. ..

  23. sam magee says:

    THe people who allowed these shows should be fired. They were terrible.

  24. Jay Parker says:

    We liked friends with better lives! If they need to cancel something take the pay of the morons making these decisions !

  25. Rob M says:

    Come on!!! FWBL is so funny and the cast is great.
    DONT DO IT, let us have the rest of the shows, or better yet, change your mind and keep it on.

  26. db4108 says:

    Mons is still on? Anyone actually seen that show?

  27. Janet says:

    FWBL canceled, really?? This show is hilarious.

  28. Cece says:

    Don’t cancel friends with better live I love that show I come home for work and can’t wait to see it come on now

  29. Kelly says:

    I liked FWBL! It was a good new show for a change…wrong move CBS!

  30. marie says:

    i want FWBL uncanceled, there is 4 unaired episodes, id say finish with the 4 un aired episodes and leave it at that. that sitcom i compared to with shows such as friends and big bang and HIMYM. it was a great sitcom. lets start a campain to restart the show. i want some other network to pick it up.

  31. J says:

    Crazy Ones was a high quality show with the perfect cast, really upset about that cancellation. As for FWBL, I have been watching every week and it has it’s moments but I felt it was a bit to dirty for its time slot. I mean the hamburger scene? Proof that Brooklyn Decker will only be seen and cast as a hot model. No one is saying anything about Bad Teacher! It was funny and Ari Gaynor sold it! Her interaction with the kids on the show was great, very sad we won’t get to see the end. Reruns suck. I mean…if your not already watching BBT, are you going to start now?

  32. Stacie M. says:

    You suck CBS for cancelling FWBL to begin with now you won’t show the final four episodes. Like I said CBS sucks!!!!!!!! FWBL is one of the funniest sitcoms I have seen in years.

  33. Matt says:

    Mistake on FWBL. That show was just getting some legs

  34. Stephanie says:

    LOVED FWBL!!!! Hopefully another network will pick it up!

  35. amanda allen says:

    My husband and I loved FWBL! It makes me mad that we have a million CSI’s and the good programs don’t get their time. Bring it back CBS!!! Two and a Half Men has jumped the shark anyway:(

  36. Jen Jones says:

    FWBL was awful need the go along with Two Broke Girls. The Crazyone’s was pretty good. Thank goodness Two and Half men is scheduled is coming to and end it lost its fizz.

  37. These were really bad shows, especially Bad Teacher – someone wasted a lot of money producing them.

  38. Mark M says:

    Sometimes I wonder how the minds of some network executives work. Too many times just because a show isn’t a “mega-hit” right out of the starting gate they do a moronic, knee-jerk reaction and can a show barely after one season! It’s incredibly idiotic! Shows like (1) “Moonlight”, with Alex O’ Loughlin as the vampire private eye. (2) “Boomtown”, which had a GREAT premise. (3) “Birds Of Prey” which they never even gave a chance to see if it would really gain an audience. Network Exec’s really have their heads firmly up their respective rectums MOST of the time!

  39. Kent&Tammy says:

    We really like FWBL, we looked forward to it and now they cancel it….. Really hoping another net work will pick it up!!!! A great cast !!

  40. Annette says:

    why CBS? Friends with better lives is a GREAT show.

  41. Teresa says:

    FWBL IS a good show.. CBS is not making me happy with all the cancellations!! FWBL should be given a chance to finish its 4 episodes AND a shot for next season.. Some of the ones I have read about for the new fall line-up are going to make me switch networks for most nights!!!

  42. Maxsmom says:

    networks should pay attention to the world around them, every show has fans who become involved and feel cheated when the shows are cancelled but nowadays the blow can be softened by releasing the shows to On Demand and .com platforms which is where many of us watch our shows every day

    FWBL didn’t seem to know that it was Rules of Engagement and Bad Teacher kept trying to make an unlikable character likable. I almost liked Bad Teacher which had a very good cast but the moral lesson of the week removed any and all edges and made it a show that could have aired 50 years ago.

    • citizen48 says:

      What Are You Trying To Say? “Removed Any And All Edges”??? What Does That Mean Anyway??? What Does Anything You Said Mean? Stop Acting Like You Are Some Obtuse Ultra Intelligent Critic. It Just Sounds Ignorant!

  43. Jim Howe says:

    Friends with Better Lives is one of the best comedies of 2014. Let’s get rid of the crime and violence shows before this. It is one of the few good half hour comedies that aired this year.Just another reason to watch other network shows and leave CBS off our schedule.Then when you cancel the funniest show Crazy One’s you know there is bad management there. Sorry CBS you have loss me as a fan!

  44. Julie says:

    Last weeks ratings for FWBL were better than 2 Broke Girls, Mike and Molly and Mom and still CBS cancelled it disappointing many viewers. Whoever decided to cancel it so soon should be fired. It would have been one of their highest rated shows if given a chance.

  45. The funny thing about the ratings is that your show will get cancelled if only one or two MILLION people watched it. Sure, that’s small in comparison to the total US population, but if two million people liked me, I’d feel just fine about that.

  46. Jim says:

    FWBL was a great show please bring it back…..

  47. Sandy says:

    FWBL was actually really good. :(

  48. Carol Gordon says:

    I hope they reconsider keeping FWBL on the air. I’m 65 years old and need to get a good laugh in once in awhile. Of all the shows that were cancelled this one was the only one that should have stayed. Please reconsider.

  49. Rachel says:

    How can CBS cancel FWBL it’s a funny show ! and keep Broke girls ? that show should be canceled it was funny the first season but now it’s one Dumb joke after another …. Keep FWBL

  50. Tracey Johnson says:

    That show has so much potential each episode got funnier and funnier I hope they change their minds or it finds another station and it I’d way funnier than two broke girls.