Soap Vet Gina Tognoni Takes Michelle Stafford's Place at The Young and the Restless

7th Annual ABC & SOAPnet Salute Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Benefit Closing CelebrationOne popular daytime actress leaves a soap, another fills her role. So are the days of our — wait, wrong show.

Daytime Emmy winner Gina Tognoni has joined the cast of CBS’ The Young and the Restless in the plum role of Phyllis, TV Guide Magazine reports.

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Michelle Stafford played the character, on and off, from 1994 to 2013. While Y&R‘s comatose Phyllis has been hospitalized off-screen for a year, Stafford recently made her debut as General Hospital‘s Nina.

Tognoni is known for playing One Life to Live‘s Kelly and Guiding Light‘s Dinah. She’s also had roles on The SopranosLaw and Order: SVU and Fastlane.

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  1. mmsolis1106 says:

    I won’t be watching…

  2. patricia says:


  3. N.L. Denney says:

    MS is gone, get over it! Sick of Colin and Jill acting like 2 teenagers in heat. Get rid of Sharon and Nick they have no chemistry. Either make Jack good or bad, he’s not good playing both.

  4. Drea321 says:

    Definitely don’t see her as Phyllis! But good luck though.

  5. sheri says:

    No Y&R need to rehire the old Phyllis! Nobody can replace that red head! Sorry! Too many changes at Y&R for me to continue to watch!

  6. WANDA BOYD says:


  7. Whatever the Young and the Restless is going to do about replacing Phylis, they should just do, and get the damn show on the road. I am getting bored with the way things are going now. So many of these new guys need to get pink slips. Just bring back Micheal/Adam and make my day. Why not replace Chloe, she has a good story line.

  8. vanessa says:

    OMG!:) When will Gina Tognoni Start?! She is going to be great as Phyllis!! Looking forward to it! Way to go Y&R perfect pick!!

  9. Conception says:

    That is so cool

  10. Mrs.P. says:

    The new Billy is to young looking and we need the old Phyllis back she adds a spark to the show.She need to put Sharon in her place once and for all.

  11. After losing Phyllis, Billy, Adam, I don’t think y&r will get 14 nominations next year. I’m getting so fed up with losing great characters.

  12. Seera says:

    Y&R Sucks anymore… I’m about done watching…. What a joke…

  13. I do not think anyone can fill Michelle’s place as Phyllis. I am however so tired of Summer still not knowing the truth. When is the truth coming out. Its been way too long.

  14. I do not think anyone can fill Michelle’s place as Phyllis. I am however so tired of Summer still not knowing the truth. When is the truth coming out. Its been way too long. I read Michelle was coming back so what is going on for heaven’s sake. NOBODY CAN DO PHYLLIS LIKE MICHELLE. I WANT THIS OVER.

  15. margaret says:

    Sorry to hear Michelle Stafford will not return to Y & R …. she was a great asset to the show.

  16. Denwa says:

    So happy to hear that Gina Tognoni will be playing Phyllis on Y&R. Loved her as Dinah on Guiding Light.

  17. Rick carter says:

    I think only Michelle Stafford can play the roLe of Phyllis Newman…

  18. She won’t be able to take the place of the original Phyllis…big shoes to fill she won’t last long.

  19. Reagan says:

    I miss Michelle stafford .. she is a person you want to love to hate but can’t .. I really enjoyed her as Phyllis .. please come back to y and r it’s not the same

  20. the character should have stayed in a coma

  21. pam says:

    I will see about the new Phylis. So far not caring to much for her. I guess you can never replace Michelle Stafford. And I do not like the new Billy. Kelly is great.

  22. sassy says:

    I ove the old Phyllis the new one is just the one for the part

  23. candi says:

    Let’s be clear-no one is taking Michelle Stafford’s place. The new Phyllis is continuing the role. Emmy award or not this lady could never be Phyllis like Michelle.

  24. Paula James says:

    I love the new Phyllis. She is a fantastic actress. Her hair could have more red in it. I know
    Halloween is going to be a day of horror for Sharon & Nick. Next week the new Adam is
    returning and I cannot wait. It is too close for Sharon’s secret and Adam returning. They could
    have spaced it out better. I saw a picture of the new Adam and he resembles Adam. Let’s
    hope he has the acting skills Adam had. I liked the Billy before this one better. Can’t wait
    for the next two weeks. Adam will return 11/5 according to my TV Guide. Buy it and see his
    picture on page 65.

  25. Liz says:

    I don’t know whether it’s the writers or the actress… but the character of Phyllis is now cranky and unpleasant, and even seems to have an evil undertone. She was nice to Faith but then plots to destroy her mother. Is anyone on the show glad to have her back? I almost wish they’d put her back in the coma.

  26. Elizabeth A Gruner says:

    The whole Summer Newman story is just stupid let’s see Nick tampered with test results to make sure everyone thought she was Nicks . Than Sharon does the same thing only to make sure everyone thinks Summer is Jacks. But Sharon is a big bad person . Nick and everyone else needs to remember that Nick us just as guilty how can he say anything bad about Sharon or to Sharon These r the kind of things that make me pissed off. Do they really forget or do they thank we do? I don’t thank so…. They r hanging there self in the ratings every good actor leaving there seems to be joining GH

  27. ella says:

    GINA TOGNONI cannot replace Phyllis . She is so melodramatic and too many man/woman expressions. She acts as if she was in a Soprano episode. Bara bing. Com si, com sa, and all that. Her hand , facial and body expressions are not lady like. She’s too much of a tomboy even with the red dresses that she wears.

  28. I’ll also want Nick and Sharon to come back to each other. They both have cheated on the other, but they belong together. I don’t like Phyllis. She never has paid for her sins. Nick is just as judge mental as his father. Sharon was sick with the last terrible thing she did. He needs to forgive her.

  29. Tina Gole says:

    I dont like the new Phylis at all. Noteven close to Michelle Dtafford’s acting ability, plus she isn’t even pretty.

  30. Wyldflower says:

    Gina Tognoni is a horrible replacement for Michelle. Gina Tognoni style of dress is equally bad. Who is writing the storylines for the Winters. The storyline is repeated every 5 years. Please get some new ideas.

  31. Sheree chapman says:

    Gina foes not play Phyllis well at all. Her hair is a mess. It is a blah!! No style. No one will ever replace Michelle especially Gina. I really hope Michelle changes her
    Mind and comes back. The new Billy looks like a wuss. What happened to the other Chris that was a bad ass, strong, sweet and funny. Sorry I vote Gina and new Chris’s off if that is possible!!!

  32. Teresa says:

    The new story line of jack and phillis reminds me of that Sheila . Jack should be with Kelly. Phillis should hook up with her sisters ex and Jill gotta get rid of her hubby who is blackmailing and coming everyone he meets! Nick and Sharon well I love that couple they are soo good looking together and the chemistry wow. Neil needs his sight back and hook up with Ashley. I love this show.

  33. says:

    I can’t stand Phyllis or her spoiled brat summer

  34. Caryn Daye says:

    Please get rid of that Gina, what an OVERACTOR and a bad one at that…..then my friends and I shall return to Y&R