The Voice Season 6 Finale Recap: Did the Right Artist Win? Plus: Top 5 Moments! [Updated]

the-voice-season-6-finale-recap-who-won-josh-christina-jakeThe human brain only has so much room. If, for example, I’m going to fondly remember Tess Boyer’s performance of “Human” on Season 6 of The Voice, then something from high-school trigonometry’s got to go. The personal storage space used for the lyrics to Shakira’s “Empire” (half of which, admittedly, are “and I’m like…”), meanwhile, means that it’ll probably take a text from my mom to remember my wedding anniversary this year. (#IAmTheWorst)

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What I’m really trying to say, though, is that while modern science has yet to measure the effect of reality-competition obsession on our species*, I’ve got a pretty good inkling that it can cause CTRL+ALT+DEL-type situations. (*I’m making a huge assumption here that extraterrestrials have yet to discover

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I mean, last night, after watching The Voice‘s Top 3 performance episode, I was convinced Josh Kaufman would (and should) inherit Tessanne Chin’s crown and sash. Fifteen minutes later, I’d convinced myself that Christina Grimmie’s Twitter army would prove unstoppable. By early morning, though, with the knowledge that all three of Jake Worthington’s Monday-night performances had cracked the Top 10 on the iTunes charts, I began to fret that perhaps I’d underestimated the humble country crooner.

(Side note: Thankfully, Carson Daly kicked off the show by noting that iTunes downloads were removed from the voting totals for the finale — due to an iTunes glitch on Monday night that made it difficult for fans to find and download Josh Kaufman’s “Set Fire to the Rain.” #FairnessPrevails)

My prognostication navigation clearly broken, I sat down for tonight’s Season 6 finale with a knot of worry in my gut, and a spirit of musical celebration in my heart. Heck, is there any reality show that would dare to pack so much good music into a 120-minute space?

In the spirit of stalling on the results for another moment, let’s hat-tip the five most memorable moments:

OneRepublic’s “Love Runs Out” | Yes, Josh Kaufman absolutely nailed this ditty last week, but Ryan Tedder & Co. — along with two backup singers who really need to audition for Season 7, plus a group of ferocious, tambourine-wielding dancers — convinced me I was listening to 2014’s Song of Summer. (And I’m not usually that big a OneRepublic fan!)

Ed Sheeran & Christina Grimmie: “All of the Stars” | Contained by a song with a delicate, acoustic structure, Christina’s delicate upper register was put to perfect use, while the English superstar (who also rocked it solo on “Sing”) proved a generous, harmonious partner.

Josh Kaufman (with Sisaundra Lewis, Stevie Jo and T.J. Wilkins): Nico and Vinz’s “Am I Wrong” | I could’ve lived without the gyrating dancers, but this super current song choice was exactly the kind of song Sisaundra, Stevie Jo and T.J.’s coaches should’ve been assigning ’em all season. (Oh, what could’ve been.) There wasn’t a weak vocal link in the group, but Sisaundra’s diva strut and holleration pleased me most of all.

Tess Boyer | Team Shakira’s eliminated-too-soon diva carried the hit-or-miss female-contestant quintet on “Umbrella” and matched her pal Christina Grimmie on the latter’s “Bring-Back” rendition of Lorde’s “Team.” Could she wind up being the Jennifer Hudson of The Voice? Time — and access to stellar songwriters and producers — will tell.

Jake Worthington promptly promising his new Kia (each member of the Top 3 scored one) to his grandmother — the woman who’d kindly paid for the teenage finalist’s first vehicle.

With that, let’s get to what really matters…voting results!

Third Place
Christina Grimmie #IDidNotSeeThatComing (The good news for Christina, though, was Adam Levine saying at the top of the show that win or lose, he planned to sign her to his label. Gotta love how The Voice manages to kill the suspense — even in its season finale.)

Second Place
Jake Worthington

Josh Kaufman


Whoa. Maybe my power of prediction isn’t as damaged as I thought. As the confetti fell and the credits rolled, Josh declared himself overwhelmed, surprised, happy and relieved. Would’ve been nice if they’d let him sing one more time, though, no?

Your turn. How did you feel about the Season 6 finale? Take our polls below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

The Voice: 30 Best Performances of All Time

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  1. Name That Tune says:

    It’s a good night.
    Meryl and Maks win DWTS
    Josh wins The Voice
    And I will be happy with either Caleb or Jena winning American Idol

    • MC says:

      Very satisfying night in the world of music talent shows. I thought Christina’s army of fans might triumph and I was genuinely shocked (and very happy) to see that voters got it right imho. I predicted last week that it would be a great AI finale and I was very happy with it. I didn’t like most of the top 13, but Caleb and Jena are alright in my book.

      • Emma says:

        What kind of tomfoolery was afoot that the 4th & 5th place contestants, Kat & Kristin did not perform??? Or did I just miss it? Loved hearing Sisaundra and Tess again, still think they should have gone farther.

    • HTGR says:

      (not that I’ve ever watched DWTS, but I do know of Davis from the sports world and I mean if you get the gold in skating, how could you possibly not deserve to win DWTS)
      And as you say I really don’t know who between Jena or Caleb at this point.

    • JT says:

      America got it right. Josh will get the chance he deserves. Just glad that the shrieker from Jersey didn’t win. Can we just get back to singing the songs and drop the diva pretensions already? All these trills and runs are giving me a headache.

      • Cynx says:

        I’m glad Josh won, too, but I thought Christina’s duet with Ed Sheeran was fantastic. I wish we could have seen that side of her all season long.

        • The Beach says:

          That’s exactly what I thought while they were doing that beautiful performance. Where was this quietly understated, exquisite Christina all season?

      • Diane DeBartol says:

        WOW…you just gave me a headache. What a horrible thing to say about such an amazing artist. I have been a played music my whole life and have a great musical ear…Grimmie was flawless and her voice is angelic

    • You expect me to believe that 2.6 million YouTube Grimmie fans were asleep, along with her over 200 million plus career Internet audience since 2009? Or the fact that on The Voice site last night Grimmie was leading in views by 10s of thousands ahead of Jake and Josh across all categories, but she came in 3rd? And all of a sudden Shakira just quits never to return on the final day, while Adam offers a contract to Grimmie, that is mentioned twice during the show? If you believe all this, then throw away your Sherlock Holmes cap, because such coincidences belong on SNL not The Voice.

      • Barbara says:

        I agree with your questions,

      • Wild child says:

        It’s happened before. Remember Tate Stevens from season 2 of The X Factor? Well, most people don’t so don’t? His YouTube videos barely registered any hits while his opponents Fifth Harmony and Carly Sonnenclar received millions of views. Like Tate, Josh has a much older fanbase who don’t necessarily tweet and watch YouTube vids but they sure as heck call in. I also believe that there was an anti Cristina sentiment brewing as well because too many people felt that she had it in the bag even though she’s fumbled a lot this season. I can imagine that once singers like Sisaundra and Delvin and Kat were eliminated much of their fans defected to Josh, and considering that Cristina was nearly sent home last week while Josh was never in the bottom I’m not sure that your implications make much sense.

        • Cip says:

          Wild Child- Thank you for your perfect response to Snowden the 2nd’s conspiracy theory nonsense.

        • Eric D says:

          If internet buzz was an accurate indicator Snakes On a Plane would have been a huge hit. Like Wild Child mentioned, most of The Voice audience probably don’t use You Tube.

      • adreyesatl says:

        I took my nieces to see Selena Gomez when Grimmie opened for her a little while back. After the show, both my nieces started following Grimmie on YouTube and twitter, but lost interest since. While I was downloading Josh’s performances on iTunes, I asked my nieces if they were going to vote for Grimmie. They both kind of shrugged and went about their business.

        My point is just because you have so many followers doesn’t necessarily mean they’re really supportive. I mean look what happened to so many Idol winners that got dropped from their labels due to horrible sales.

        • Sierra1707 says:

          Scientists should study the attention span of the average Twitter follower and YouTube viewer; my guess is, it’s pretty short.

      • Kaba says:

        Well, 2.6 million youtube Grimmie fans worldwide would be a better title.
        That being said I do not believe her fanbase was all it was cracked up to be.

      • Meri says:

        But she surprisingly was never predestined to win the way Cassadee and Danielle were at all. Both of them regularly led the pack on itunes regardless of how underwhelming their performances were. This season, Josh was in the lead more often. Cass also built significantly on a pre-existing fanbase. There were viewers who didn’t know who she was before and liked her due to what she did on the show. Plus, she gained the country vote. Christina didn’t seem to be build on what she already had. I rarely saw anyone who only found out who she was through this show declare her to be their favourite.
        Josh was proving to be a serious rival from the first live show. He was way ahead of her on the charts the first week. In fact, the only week that she was ahead of him was when she did the Drake cover. He and Jake were the two that got in the finals based on original votes. She needed an instant save. So she was never a runaway. Fans of Sis and Delvin probably tended to gravitate towards Josh after losing their favourites due to his being in the same genre. He likely gained many fans of Kat and Kristen as well. Adam rallied more for Christina during the last instant save. Kat fans were not happy about that. Kristen fans were really upset about the last instant save because they do have good reason to think their favourite may have been the 3rd finalist without the save. Result: They’re not happy with Christina. Plus, Kristen was tweeting and posting on facebook about Josh’s itunes problem. She was rallying “Merlin Nation” to vote for him. Finally, the viewers who do focus a bit on the coaches have been regularly saying this season that they want to see someone other than Blake or Adam win. Josh was their only option. So basically he ended getting every advantage: 1) He had the best covers proven by his itunes success and that’s what got him the original vote to the final. 2) There were others in the same genre and their fans deferred to him when those people got voted out. 3) He was further buffered by the support of fanbases who completely turned against Christina with that last instant save as well as viewers getting sick of Blake and Adam.

        • davey says:

          Wow, you thought a lot about this. Interesting analysis of Josh’s win.

        • musicontv says:

          Your comments are spot on and I agree with your analysis.

        • Eric D says:

          Nicely put.

        • diabolicalme says:

          I think that Josh’ll be just one of those who won but later on just become “the boy who won the voice season 6″….It’s just my opinion guys….I really think the Voice is rigged…they gave Grimmie a record deal and made Josh win but it was obviously Christina who was spearheading the whole time….I would’ve believed it more if it was Jake who won or Christina considering that they both towered together on the itunes chart and Grimmie was trending in twitter….no matter what, I stand and believe that it’s been manipulated….

          • TEAM GRIMMIE RAAAWKS!!!!\|/ says:

            AMEN!!!! 💩🙉💩🙈💩🙊💩
            Christina Grimmie was the best since day one and most powerful singer after Bria and Sisandra left, she has a killer register, and she is the bomb. No offense to the original artists, but most of her “YouTube” and “TheVoice” covers were better than the originals, *cough* *cough* “Wrecking Ball” *cough* *cough* “How To Love” *cough* *cough*. Just saying. Duces✌️!!!!

        • Jan says:

          I found out who she was through the show and she was my favorite throughout the show. I am also middle-aged, not a young demographic. She definitely picked up new fans from the show.

        • james says:

          are you dumb? christina was always in the lead on the itunes charts, also if you look at the most popular videos on the voice’s youtube channel. you will see most of them are christinas videos, and none of josh’s.

          • James says:

            boy..let’s get personal…just giving my opinion about the results not attacking personally…lighten up..peace

      • Kimo says:

        I agree. The results are suspicious. I’m happy for Josh and he is amazing, but saying that the iTunes results would not have affected the outcome is not believable given the number of songs in the top 10 by both Christina and Jake. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the voting results with and without iTunes factored in.

        • musicontv says:

          If you read the rules you’d know that even if you get on the top 10 on itunes, they don’t multiply the votes. The average number one song on itunes sells between 150,000 to 300,00 a week but for the show, the votes are for that night only. So the max someone would get in votes would probably be about 35,000 votes–and that’s if they hit number one and were selling the max. That’s not a lot of votes when compared to the hundreds of thousands of votes the contestants get through online voting and phone calls.

          Also the rules were the votes for duets didn’t count. The votes for previous weeks did count (and Josh did have more top 10 than any of the others) but it stopped counting at approx. 1 hour before the show. So if you bought any of the older songs afterwards, they wouldn’t have counted towards the show.

          So yes, the itunes voting could probably have had little effect. And considering that Christina Grimmie was in the bottom last week and had to be saved even though most people considered that Kristen was the true third place, then it’s not a surprise she came in third this week. Every person who had to be saved have been eliminated the following week.

          • Eric D says:

            I agree with most of what you said. But didn’t Kat get instant saved two weeks in a row?

          • Sara says:

            I think the rule for the duets is written weirdly. I think the coach duets DO count because it also says that all eligible songs are put on Itunes. I think it is saying that the group numbers that they perform each week don’t count.

        • HTGR says:

          But wasn’t Josh actually at the iTunes chart tops more than the other two over the course of the season?

        • Jan says:

          I really like Josh, but I don’t think he is a captivating performer. Time will tell how this all pans out, but if history tells us anything it is not all the “losers” of singing competitions don’t make it. Just ask Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Kellie Pickler. Maybe 3rd place is a good place to be when it is all said and done. I think Christina has a great voice and versatility, and she has great stage presence.

      • Jan says:

        Totally agree. First Christina does not shriek, she can belt it out and finish a note with the best of them. Right before the finale Christina’s YouTube views topped 320 million! Statistically speaking there is no way she could have come in 3rd. The Voice has about 11 million viewers on their best night, not all of them will vote, and no way half would vote for Josh or any one finalist, so at best 70% might vote (being generous here) and if you divide that 3 ways you end up with 2.6 million (rounding up) for each. Christina has 2.7 subscribers on YouTube alone. I’m sure Christina picked up new fans that watch the show that aren’t subscribers. Her fans are a younger demographic and they are social media savvy (2.7 mil subscribers on YouTube and 550 k on Twitter, yes there is some crossover here), which means they vote, and download.
        If Christina would have come in 2nd I would have said ok that is a possibility, but 3rd no way. Her song downloads were at 3 on the top100 at one point, which means her fans were out in full force. I know they didn’t count the downloads, but you can bet her social media savvy fanbase was voting, too.

        • Ana says:

          Spot on. Grimmie supporters, including those who live outside US, voted for her like crazy. I should know cuz me and my friends did! ITuneS download, Skype call, FB and yes, even on the NBC website (heard of IP proxy?) So she being a 3rd placer? i’m not sure about that.

          • Ana Andrade says:

            Other Ana, is it really that hard to believe that not enough people voted for Christina? Yes she has a lot of views and stuff but nor everyone expresses their love for a contestant that way. The right person won the show in my opinion.

        • HTGR says:

          @Jan – Only a small fraction of followers are active enough to bother doing anything like voting. Only a small percentage of TV viewers have enough initiative to bother to see movies that get made of their TV shows. Etc.
          Josh was often at the iTunes top all season I think.

          • HTGR says:

            Plus why would they place Christina third when they seem to have been playing HER up all season?

        • Ana Andrade says:

          Did you forget that Christina was in the bottom 3 last week? Just because of that I felt she was predestined to end up in 3rd. Also not every single one of her 2.6 million fans voted for her. Just look at the example of the person with the 2 nieces above.

          • Disa Resta says:

            oh yeah i remembered that one…when christina was on bottom 3, what do you think happened? i don’t know if you know this but the instant save on christina got 1.92 million tweets putting a record for The Voice…that was only instant save…imagine how many would vote for her in finals? you guys should do a research imo.

          • tealeaves says:

            @Disa, you do not vote thru twitter. Her twitter fans don’t have to even watch the show or know it is on. If they see tweets to save her, they just retweet them. That does not correlate to how many people take the time to vote after the performance show.

    • MSJ4321 says:

      Am I right to think that Adam did Josh a huge favor by cutting him during the battle rounds? :-)

    • CanadianJane says:

      Agreed all round!

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    Yay for Josh yes I did want Sisaundra to win but he was my 2nd favorite and top guy all season really happy that he won I am with you I was afraid after seeing iTunes that Jake might have taken it

    • RedInDenver says:

      I rarely agree with everything someone posts, but, for once I DO. I was initially rooting for Sisaundra, with Josh as my 2nd favorite; but was holding my breath during the results show; fearing the Jake’s legion of country fans would push him to #1.

      Jake’s a sweet guy, but his voice and performances were, in my opinion, mostly average. For some reason, although I loved Sisaundra, I never warmed up to Christina. Maybe I’m just tired of week-after-week of vocal pyrotechnics over subtle light and shading of someone like Josh.

  3. skrable2 says:

    What a great night! First, Meryl & Maks and now, Josh!

    Never happier to have been proven wrong as I am about Grimmie’s Online Army being defeated!

  4. USC says:

    Happy for him and Usher. Josh seemed by far the most genuine and likable person this year, while Christina seemed to buy into her own hype in an enormous way.

    • Sarah says:

      Are you kidding?!! Josh didn’t and never deserved to win! Mark my words…” He will fade into nothing!”

      • Meri says:

        Before the finale, he led on itunes twice versus Christina’s once and Jake’s once. He got into the finale based on the original vote. Christina needed an instant save – save that wasn’t originally going to be used and shouldn’t have been used by the semi-finals. If you are a Grimmie fan, you’re being hypocritical to say he didn’t deserve it because your favourite would have been the least deserving winner ever. Regardless of your talent level, if you can’t win without manipulations than you don’t deserve it. If you’re a Jake fan, than your outrage is justifiable. Jake was at least in the finale fair and square through original votes that are inclusive to everybody. But even then he was less consistent than Josh throughout the season.

      • i agree .he is here today gone tomorrow, his song with usher he could not even remember the words usher had to pick up the song bad,bad, bad watched 3 hours for a sad ending

      • RedInDenver says:

        Why, exactly, did Josh not “deserve to win”? Who were you rooting for? Jake is only an average singer; and Christina, until the finale, rarely showed any versatility in her vocals, choosing vocal pyrotechnics every week.

    • USC says:

      In my eyes, he will have a Robin Thicke type career as their sound is similar. I don’t ever see him as a superstar, but he will have a long career in music.

  5. YAAAAAAAS! He deserved it!! Here comes season 7!

  6. lori says:

    I was very frightened when Christina came in third, but the right person won.

  7. analythinker says:

    LOL, you might wanna change the name on the poll, Michael ;)

  8. Emily Anne says:

    Yay at Josh Kaufman winning! Also, YAY at somebody remembering Jamie Lono’s “Folsom Prison Blues” from that audition – it’s my favorite voice performance ever. I’d argue and say Matthew’s “Hallelujah” or “Cosmic Love” belong and Michelle’s “True Colors” as well.

  9. polarvortex says:

    YesyesyesyesyesYES!!!!!!!!! I was scared sick that Jake would pull one out of the hat but justice prevailed and the only Voice artist that I will ever buy a record from won the night!!!!

  10. Kaba says:


    I’m sorry if I’m OTT.
    My favorite never wins.

    • CM says:

      I feel the same way. Every season (AI too) I single out this favorite but he/she never wins.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I know. RIGHT!?!!!! He’s just awesome. I think this is the first time someone who has a voice I LOVE has won! :) :)

    • HTGR says:

      congrats! (still not my favorite hah, man not since earlier seasons of Idol for me, BUT he was among my very select few at least so it’s cool)

    • JM says:

      You know, I waited to watch the finale, because I was so disgusted with the whole itunes debacle. I was sure he wouldn’t win. Also, because, like you said, Kaba, my favorites never win. I am so happy for him!!! My faith in reality singing shows has been restored…

  11. moses says:

    atleast this time they have voted the voicd and not popularity contest

    • Barbara says:

      Tessanne was not a popularity contest. From her first song until she won she was the best even though I was not voting for her. I do no think people already in the industry as backup singers for major stars should be able to be part of this show.

  12. Sara says:

    There should be an option to vote “Who cares? I’m just glad this season is over!”

    • Rook says:

      That would have been my vote, seeing that the voice has yet to have a winner hit mainstream success. The only winner I can remember is Cassidy Pope and that’s because I’d listened to Hey Monday.

      • joey says:

        Cassidy Pope did a halftime show at the minor league hockey team, the Milwaukee Admirals, game in February. I think. Big time.

        • Viajero says:

          I’m sorry but Cassadee’s album hit No. 1 on the Country Charts and her first single made Top 10 and went platinum. I’m not sure what more you want?

  13. CM says:

    I love the “Heck no! – it should’ve been Josh” option. Jake maybe?

  14. Kaba says:

    Somewhere in America…Will Champlin and his wife are still waiting for Adam to guarantee him a record deal.

    • analythinker says:

      I think Adam wants more pop sound. It probably won’t be a fruitful partnership, like with Tony Lucca (they’ve parted ways, no?).

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Where’s Kat’s contract?!?! I refuse to believe i will never hear from Kat again.

      • Kaba says:

        Keep up with her on youtube and twitter. That’s what I do with Chamuel.
        Adam won’t sign her. He isn’t kind enough for that.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          What’s Chamuel up to? I liked her. It’s not everyday you have an awkward Jewish lesbian pop rock chick who lights up a stage. Man, she did check quite a few boxes, didn’t she? lol

          • Kaba says:

            She’s on the road promoting her debut LP coming out this fall. It’s got a lovely electronica feel to it and so far she’s doing quite well. Was just in NY at the Rockwood Music Hall back on May 1st.
            Oh boy she checked out a lot of boxes. She practically made no sense.
            I hope for the best with Kat, Delvin too.
            Hell, I liked them all, minus Jake.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Aw man. I’m terrible at checking the live music scene. I’m totally plugged into what’s happening classically here, but I’ve missed so many other fun performances like Chamuel I’m sure was. I need to get with the program here. Is the album good? I’m an old fart who still believes in paying for albums to support the artists I like. I’ll check it out!

          • Kaba says:

            Now don’t expect an unbiased response, Angie, haha.
            I love it! From a mainstream perspective I’d say all her songs sound very, very radio ready while incorporating very meaningful things for once.
            I most certainly will be buying it when the finished product comes out this fall :)

          • lynn says:

            There is actually a playlist online of all of the songs Michelle performed in NYC. She said she’s still working with Usher and chose to be independent. (For now, I guess. I always thought it was permanently but she had an interview today where she said she wanted to get herself established before partnering up with anyone. )

          • CandaceTX says:

            She ‘represented for the minorities’…

          • Meri says:

            Check out “Go Down Singing” if you didn’t see her return performance of it last season. Very powerful song!

      • analythinker says:

        With the right material, she could really be a star, I believe that wholeheartedly. But the combination of “rock genre” and “over 30 of age” might be the deal breakers where Adam is concerned.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Over 30 is kind of the kiss of death unfortunately. Sucks. I don’t think it stopped Sia, but she had all the connections already from her songwriting and she’s noticeably absent in her own music videos (weird, right?).

          • analythinker says:

            Maybe she chose to stay that way? Ok, just googled it, apparently she doesn’t like being seen.

          • Kim Moores says:

            Sia ain’t the most photogenic. It’s probably for the best

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ah, didn’t realize that. Here’s another interesting fact about Sia… she doesn’t know the first thing about music! All of her songs are melodies she hears in her head and she has someone write them down for her, which is so crazy to even think about because so many of her songs have some strange and unexpected melodies that work (ask Kat what she thought of Chandelier lol). She’s an idiot savant of songwriting, which I find so surprising yet cool.

          • M says:

            Sia doesn’t want to be famous and choose’s not to show her face, not that we don’t know what she looks like. She’s also had a very long and vibrant career that’s spanned more than a decade and includes much more than just writing music. Sia wrote a really good manifesto about fame in Billboard Magazine not too long ago. It’s a great read if you ever have the time or interest. She’s a fascinating lady.

            I disagree about 30 being a kiss of death. Beyonce is 32. Mariah Carey is 43. Jennifer Lopez is 44. Nicki Minaj is 32. Katy Perry, Christina Perri, Lady GaGa are all pretty much within months or 1 year of turning 30 and many of the younger artists lie about their age as a matter of marketing.

            The age thing is what annoyed me so much about Sissaundra. She was 44 years old but they had her singing songs that were outside of her generation. That makes no sense to me since it’s fairly established a 40 year old woman can have a hit song and hold her own on the charts.

            They might not get chased around the globe by rabid tweens, (Unless you’re Beyonce) but they can certainly have a successful career.

          • HTGR says:

            It’s not so much that you have to be finished by 30, but that’s it is harder to be given a shot and make it, to start out, post-30, if you hit it before 30 continuing beyond 30 is a lot easier than first hitting it after 30. In acting or singing, probably trickier for singing than even acting. Of course it happens, especially for males and acting, Harrison Ford is like the biggest ever and he wasn’t really all that well known until Star Wards in 1977 and he was already mid-30s when he filmed that and even for his first true role of any size in American Graffiti he was already past 30.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            M, all the ones you named like Beyonce and Lopez and Carey were smoking hot early 20s somethings when they started their careers. They’re all older now, but they didn’t start their stardom tenure post-30. I’m dating myself here, but I still remember the video of Mariah Carey from Vision of Love in her slinky black dress, and that was a LONG time ago!!! I was discussing this very topic with my friend’s husband who has a small record label for alternative artists, and he was telling me something like even 25 is too old for new artists and he won’t even look at them. That made me super sad. I guess I understand why that’s the case, but it’s so unfortunate how youth-obsessed the music industry is.

          • M says:

            They are still over 30, I guess that is my point. A career isn’t over just because one ages. I think people would be surprised at how many artists lie about their age. Of course when they are looking for new pop talent they’re not looking to sign a 40 year old, but signing someone in their 30’s isn’t unheard of. I don’t know about the small indie scene, but I spent nearly a decade in and around a major and I can tell you with certainty some of those ’21 year old’ singers are actually closer to 30 than they are 20. Appearance is a lot of it, probably even more so than a number. If Gabrielle Union decided she wanted to be a singer, at 41 years of age she would have no issue whatsoever getting signed provided she had a good voice and a good song. Years ago it may have been an issue, but in this day and age they’re not really looking for longevity or to develop an artist like they used to. If you’re 40, cute and have a hit song they’ll sign you at least to a 360 single deal. They’re all about the quick buck and the singles these days.

            I’m also old enough to recall when Mariah first came out… which kind of makes me sad for me.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Thanks for the insight, M. Were you signed with the label or was it a label you worked for? Sorry if that’s too intrusive of a question, but I”m simply curious.
            There’s blatant ageism in classical music as well, which is especially difficult on the men because their voices mature later in life. I don’t even understand what a male opera singer is supposed to do for 2 decades while waiting for their voices to mature, only to find out they’re too old once it does.
            I look forward to reading this article about Sia. I find her music beyond fascinating, and it sounds like she’s got a few interesting things to say in this article.

          • M says:

            A label I worked for. I still work in and around the industry but I’m mostly on the publishing / side of things these days.

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah where the heck is his contract for Kat! (not that I am surprised since from day 1 you could tell Christina was his girl) or Amanda “freaking” Brown?

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Sigh again. Amanda “freaking” Brown. And Kat Perkins. Two of my favorite contestants ever. I need more of both of them in my life.

          • analythinker says:

            I just realized Kat only performed once at the finale… with Jake. Eh.
            Jake Barker, Morgan Wallen, & Stevie Jo performed twice… oh my Kat…

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            You know what I found interesting was that both Kat and Delvin said they were rooting for Josh. I’m guessing there wasn’t a whole lot of love on Team Adam for Ms. Grimmie.

        • Colleen says:

          Adam has a habit of throwing one of his team members under the bus in favor of another. He threw Will under the bus last season in favor of Tessanne and this season he dissed Kat in favor of Christina, and I think he dissed Amber Carrington in favor of Judith and Sarah (hah!) in season 4. So, his words and guarantees are less than sincere.

          • adreyesatl says:

            Yet contestants still want him as a coach. I don’t get any of it.

          • Eurydice says:

            I’m not a huge fan of Adam’s, but I think at some point the judges have to be realistic. For some reason the voters weren’t passionate about Kat and she had to be saved over and over. And the whole show is based on the judges making “difficult” decisions, like cutting Josh from his team. If you want to call that “throwing under the bus” I guess that’s what it is.

          • Sara says:

            I don’t know about your assessment about Kat and Adam. While there is the issue of whether or not he asked Bieber to tweet for Christina (which is questionable, since Bieber personally knows Christina because of Selena, so perhaps he did it on his own and used Adam to justify. I know, conspiracies…), Adam did also keep pushing Kat’s name into conversations on her last performance night. Instead of talking about Christina after he performances, he kept talking about Kat.

    • TrevorSaintMcgoodBody says:

      LOL. This would have been a fantastic season if only the final three were a perfect combination!!! But satisfying nonetheless..YAY JOSH!!!! Can’t wait to see what record he comes up with soon. Anyway you guys(Kaba, Angie, analythinker, Name That Tune and the rest + Michael) have made it much more entertaining for me tuning in to this show. So kudos to you guys!!

      • Kaba says:

        You’re quite welcome!
        Catchya next season cause my faith in the show has been restored

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Glad you enjoyed (at least some of the) things I had to say. Thanks for the kind words. :)
        See ya in season 7! I guess I’ll do marathon viewings of all of Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones to hold me over til the fall.

        • analythinker says:

          Ehhh… I have to upvote this again!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Oh, do you watch Boardwalk Empire and GoT? They’ve been on my list for awhile, but I’ve been so busy with work that I never got around to them. My current obsessions are The Americans, Hannibal, Orphan Black and Veep.

          • analythinker says:

            Not Boardwalk Empire, but Game of Thrones, yes. And the word that got an upvote was “marathon”, so yeah, need to start on it asap. Oh, I’m obsessed with Hannibal as well!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Hannibal might be the greatest show on tv right now, and I’d venture to say top 5 dramas ever. So so good. The visual beauty and musical scoring alone make it an A+ show, and then layer in incredibly intelligent writing with world-class acting. It’s just too good.

          • Nit Picker Jr says:

            @Angie – sorry but I *have to* disagree on the “greatest show on teevee right now”. That would be Orphan Black, hands down. Apologies for being OT (didn’t bother watching the Voice finale because of the goings-on in previous stages but happy that sanity eventually prevailed…)

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I love Orphan Black too! Hannibal takes the cake for me though. Few shows have the ability to entertain me and engage my brain at the same time.

          • tvlover44 says:

            angie_overrated – i agree with your tv picks (and always enjoy your comments here, btw) – on the tv shows that entertain and engage the brain topic, have you checked out ‘orange is the new black’? cause i binge watched that one in a few days last summer and was blown away. cannot wait for the new season!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I wasn’t as crazy about OINTB. I didn’t hate it, but there was something about the show’s premise that really bothered me. Like we’re supposed to care about a female convict because she’s blond, educated, and pretty. That didn’t sit well with me (for the record, I too am blond, but I found the premise unintentionally racist). It’s a good show, but I didn’t love it like everyone else seemed to.

        • mbali says:

          You can watch The Voice Australia. Its quite good, just started their first battke on Sunday but u can catch up on Youtube for the blind auditions. I find the coaches quite entertaining:, Kylie Minogue, Joel Madden, Ricky Martin.

      • analythinker says:

        I get a mention? Thanks! The comment section sure gets Michael & Melinda talking, lol ;)

      • betty r says:

        Totally agree abt comments by angie et al!

  15. Elena says:

    I’m so thrilled Josh won. He was hands down the best vocalist this year, versatile and insanely talented. Also, I’m so glad Usher was the coach who prevailed this year. He did a fabulous job mentoring Josh. I hope he eventually comes back for another season.

    • JM says:

      Yes, I’m glad to see Usher win as well! He IS a great coach and deserved it. Was so happy when Adam picked Delvin, and Usher stole Josh during the battle rounds, because I knew Josh had a much better chance of winning with Usher.

  16. Evan says:

    I think Christina as the winner would’ve been good for the show because she’s their best shot at a commercially viable winner and Lord knows this show needs a certifiable star alumni. At least Adam is signing her to his label, and granted he gives her the right push and uses his connections to get her career started off right, she could actually go on to be a success. While Josh was the most vocally proficient singer of this final three, I’m not sure I see him being a commercial star. His win reminds me of Javier Colon’s in season one where the best vocalist won, but not the best potential star. And yes, this is “The Voice” so it does come down to those vocals, but at this point, regardless of who won, Josh or Christina needs to have post-Voice success so the show can lay claim to one breakout alumni.

    • Kaba says:

      Pssh, stop caring about someone needing to win for the sake of marketability.
      If the most marketable person is the worst of the night doe they still deserve to win? Not saying Grimmie was the worst of the night at all though.

      • Ryan says:

        The Voice obviously cares. They went out of their way to pimp Christina the entire season and made sure the Twitter save was alive and well when she was in the bottom 3. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Christina’s, but it was clear that The Voice was desperate for a Christina win for a chance at a successful alumni, and I doubt they will find that in Josh.

        • Kaba says:

          Of course the show obviously cares, what was even the necessity of pointing that out?
          Should we as viewers honestly care that much? Not really, unless you really really love this show and just need this show to have a hit artist so they can guarantee future seasons, there’s no reason for us to care.
          Do I hope they find some marketable people? Well sure, that’d be nice, but it doesn’t kick me in the tail if they don’t. So I will like who I like because the show has allowed us to have an option of people to like for the season. That’s all there is to it.

          • Ryan says:

            You misunderstood my intent. Marketability matters because the show is proving they will go to great pains to push and even bend the way they handle the eliminations to get a marketable winner. They didn’t succeed this season, but they will continue what they did with Grimmie next season with someone else. We should definitely care about that because it undermines the intention of the show.
            As much of a fan of Grimmie’s as I am, I love her delicate tones when she isn’t being pushing her voice to its absolute limit, I would have much rather known that she achieved her place in the finale based on merit rather than manipulation or producer favoritism.

          • Kaba says:

            This season has proven that the producers arent so good at manipulation, so I’m less worried.
            Last season they were definitely pushing Jacquie Lee to win, she didn’t. So who knows?

        • Jan says:

          They certainly didn’t pimp her in the beginning. Remember the montage in the battle rounds? She didn’t even get her battle on the air. I don’t think you can say they pimped her. They used her in promos though. If anything I think they underplayed her to level the playing field because they knew she had a Twitter advantage. One more point, the 320 million views on YouTube, 2.7 million Subscribers on YouTube, and 600k followers on Twitter is all earned through hard work. It is not easy to get that kind of following going and sustain it. There are a lot of offerings on YouTube and you have to be really good to stand out to build that type of fan base. She covers everything from the most current pop to Les Mis, now that is versatility. Her cover of Whitney Houston’s I will always love you is insane. I think she should have done it in the finale.

      • Meri says:

        THIS. Exactly. If they look at marketability too much than they will stray to far from the original concept of this show. I’m not even one who cares about marketability when I buy albums. My collection has many artists where I simply like their voice. That’s it. If they sound awesome than I will support them even if they just sit there and sing for their entire concert. I wish more people didn’t care about the other things. Then we could get the industry back in the right direction.

    • Shawn says:

      Christina was already having success before the show. She was touring with Selena Gomez and came in with a massive fan base in truth she didn’t really need the show.

      • Harvie says:

        I agree. Landing at 3rd place in The Voice just gives her the opportunity to prove America wrong. She should have won, in my opinion. But she would be a huge star nevertheless so no need to rush things up and let’s see who’s gonna end up being a successful artist.

        • Nichol says:

          First you need to define what a ‘successful artist’ means. If you mean a chart topper like Beyoncé et al., I doubt that either Josh or Christina will achieve it but realistically Christina probably has more of a shot simply due to her age. However, I do think they can both still be very successful, as so many others are, without all that superstardom, if they make good music. If they can write good music; all the better, especially financially. Publishing rights is where the real money is at.

          • M says:

            “Publishing rights is where the real money is at.”

            Fact dot com

            It annoys me every season when I see all these contestants talk about how they want to do this to take care of their families and provide for them etc. Unless you are writing / producing your own music and it is successful there’s not a whole lot of money in singing. Most of these artists you see on the charts are making about the same or less than your average Dr. or Lawyer if even that. Keeping in mind that success is almost always temporary if they don’t hold onto that money and spend it wisely they always go broke as soon as the singles stop selling. The cars, jewelry, clothes, shoes etc are rented or loaned. Only a few reach the type of success commercially that they can get endorsement deals, big tours, and merchandise to make and stack millions. The people who write the songs and create/arrange the music cake off the song, not the singer.

          • adreyesatl says:

            I have to respectfully disagree. As a Talent Agent, I can assure you artists make money from 2 things: touring and endorsement deals. Even the ones I book out make way more than your average lawyer or doctor.

          • M says:

            So you didn’t disagree, since that’s exactly what I said. The money for the singer comes from touring, merchandise, and endorsements rather than the actual music. Those that make money on the song itself are the people who wrote it. Singers make little on the song itself unless they wrote it.

            I work for a publishing company and license/clear music so I’m well versed in the business side of it myself.

          • adreyesatl says:

            Nope. I said they make “way more than the average,” while you said “same as or less than.” That’s where we disagree.

          • M says:

            The majority of singers? Nah we disagree. The ones who make a lot are the ones who are able to get the more lucrative endorsements and tour slots. I think essentially you are agreeing with me, you just read my initial comment wrong. I could probably name for you off the top of my head at least 5 artists who had commercial success on the pop charts that are only making 6 figures a year. I can even rattle off a few who have sold millions of albums and are essentially broke. The vast majority of artists are not multi millionaires. Artists like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Beyonce etc are exceptions not the rule. All of them have made millions by branding themselves as a product in addition to the music. They’re not making their money through the music, they’re making their money by milking the exposure the music has given them with other ventures and touring.

            You can disagree with me if you want, but I’ve seen the pretty checks that get issued. Royalty checks are rarely huge even for the biggest names in music.

          • adreyesatl says:

            I’m quite sure I read your post correctly:

            “It annoys me every season when I see all these contestants talk about how they want to do this to take care of their families and provide for them etc. Unless you are writing / producing your own music and it is successful there’s not a whole lot of money in singing.”

            Perhaps I’m used to working with a different caliber of artist or maybe I just lucked out and associate with ones that have a fantastic work ethic, but none of the artists I work with (save the DJs) write or produce their own music. They simply sing and perform. And make a lot of money doing it – way more than the average doctor or lawyer.

            One artist I work with WAS on the Voice and did mention she wanted a better life for her and her family and she is succeeding quite nicely. I mean she’s not writing or producing and “just singing” and has made/is making more than enough to make sure her family is well taken care of financially. I don’t know about you, but to me that qualifies as a success.

            Maybe it’s because you work on that side of the entertainment field, but it just seemed like a rather limited viewpoint. I mean, we get an offer for a 100k performance or appearance and we think that’s a fantastic amount for a couple hours worth of singing. I get it, it’s not that much of a “pretty check” to a Katy or Britney, but it’s nothing to be annoyed about.


          • M says:

            ….and yet you continue to include touring/performing in your numbers when if you had read it even more carefully you would have seen I was speaking about making money off the actual song itself.

            So again… we’re saying the same damn thing. The money is in touring/performances and merchandising for an artist that does not write their own music. The windfall from the music recording is mediocre at best unless you wrote it even for the most established of artists.

          • HTGR says:

            Hmm I don’t know about that. If by the ones you see on the charts you mine like often way up in the upper reaches of Billboard Hot 100 I find that crazy hard to believe. They’ve gotta make more than the average doctor or lawyer. If you mean the average working musician, that is another story and yeah for sure. Just like with acting, the average steadily working actor makes like what 50k a year maybe? But the ones who everybody on the street can instantly name make more than the average doctor or lawyer, often by a long shot. Of course the big time CEOs and guys who run the major hedge funds make the most of anyone. They make even sports stars and top name actors and singers and all, with a few exceptions, look like paupers and the biggest of the big CEOs simply have the biggest worth of anyone, no actor or singer or sports star can touch billions in the bank.

          • Nichol says:

            A lot of people just use chart position or CD sales as the measure of whether an artist is successful or not so my comment was about that aspect . While it is certainly a measure it is far from being the only one and I think both Josh and Christina can be successful artists even if they don’t sell millions of CDs or downloads. I sometimes wonder if the contestants (particularly on Idol since generally they have less experience) have much real understanding of the music business beyond their big dreams.

          • HTGR says:

            Oh well your post was confusing, if you just mean directly off record sales, then yeah. They don’t make that much these days (although the big names still get what most people would be glad to trade for), it’s the concert tickets sales and so on that they get the real money from. But I don’t see how you can exclude that stuff, I mean that how can you factor that out and only focus on downloads and record sales money alone? They get that money for being performers so how can it not count?

          • HTGR says:

            @Nichol – yeah good points. And being a chart topper vs. not is as much luck as talent. You can’t get too wrapped up in it. If some Idol fails to ever hit up Billboard big time it doesn’t at all necessarily mean that they were not super talented. And as you say, it doesn’t even mean that they might not be able to get by doing what they love, perhaps even rather well more than just get by even.

    • musicontv says:

      The Voice is first of all a television show so as long as they’ve got the ratings and are selling the music from the show, they’re probably really happy with the way it’s going.

      Christina lost probably because people just don’t enjoy vocal exercises and Adam sometimes just coaches that way. I think he’s the one who told her to stretch out the last notes of the song she sung in the finals. While technically proficient it was like the kiss of death for her.

      Adam just doesn’t get it. Christina sounded great last night in her duet with Ed Sheeran because the song kept her restrained and into her sweet spot. If she had done a song like that in her finale she would have had a good chance to win.

    • Viajero says:

      Josh reminds me a little too much of Javier Colon as well. But I’m fine with him winning as it is fitting given that he did have the best voice this season. Christina got as much of a push out of this show as she could expect just from making the finals. It’s now up to her (and Adam).

  17. Angie_Overrated says:

    It’s so nice to see the best win. idol got the final 2 right last year and this year, and the best singers won the last two seasons of The Voice. Bravo!

  18. M says:

    All was well and as it should be in the end… Pretty sure that Adam and Grimmie knew in advance they didn’t win though. Glad Josh won and Christina came in third.

  19. Sarah says:

    I think you mean for you poll to say “Heck no, it should have been Jake y’all!”……seeing as Josh DID win :-)

  20. Ana Andrade says:

    I’m very happy with the results. I am not surprised Jake beat Christina though. But I’m ok with that. I was kind of expecting that after she was in the bottom 3 last week. Congratulations to Josh. :)

  21. Rosie says:

    I’m really glad that Josh won this season, looking forward to his new song. I love the guy.
    BTW, I’m not a fan of Christina but I really enjoyed her performance with Ed Sheeran.

  22. Jakay says:

    My answer would be “Heck no — it should’ve been Kristen.”

  23. Snow says:

    I thought Christina Grimmie had it in the bag but I’m kinda glad I was wrong

  24. Nicole says:

    I’m ok with Josh winning! I liked him a lot. but jake should not have got 2nd.. I think people also vote for the judge its the only explanation of jake making it this far! he’s not bad but he doesn’t have that something extra to make him great!

  25. Ellie says:

    I’m not surprised Christina came in third. She made it to the finals because of the Instant Save.

    So glad Josh won! He deserves it! 👍

  26. Jaszy says:

    As I said exactly in another of Michael’s blog articles : Josh just won the voice! I can’t be mad at him. I’m happy for him. This is a dream come true for him.
    Though I wanted Christina to take the win, she has already been guaranteed a record contract. And she made it to the end! Kudos to her! Love her always.
    What boogles my mind though is how Jake beat out Christina Grimmie.
    Well, it doesn’t really surprise me since the country vote secured Danielle her win in Season 4 over Michelle Chamuel who was OBVIOUSLY better.
    But seriously, Jake over Christina Grimmie?!?!

    But anyway, CONGRATULATIONS Josh Kaufman!

    P.s. I can’t wait for tomorrow to see if Jena will win the Idol title.

    P.s.s.s.s. Will love Christina Grimmie even after the show! We still have to support her.

    • Kaba says:

      “But seriously, Jake over Christina Grimmie?!?!”
      This in it’s entirety.
      What the hell?
      What the hell?
      Does anyone mind if I cuss?

    • Gailer says:

      Country power? It’s crazy, I agree

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Sorry, Jaszy. I know you were pushing hard for your girl, but hopefully you can take solace in the fact that someone rather phenomenally gifted beat her. That’s what I kept saying to myself when Cassadee beat out Amanda Brown in season 3. That one still smarts.

      • adreyesatl says:

        I feel like it’s the Adam Influence. He kept switching up Amanda’s genres (from classic rock to pop/dance to Adele) which confused viewers and Cassadee’s song choices (due in part to Blake) were more strategic and accelerated her to the win.

  27. Kaylee says:

    I had been watching Meryl and Maks win so I didn’t see these results live. I am surprised that Christina finished third. Based on last night’s performances, I had thought that Jake and Josh were like apples and oranges. They both did what they did well, but they were two different things. Christina seemed to be more like a traditional winner of The Voice.

  28. polarvortex says:

    Whew, at least I won’t have to make good on my promise to never watch the show again if Jake won!

    • Kris says:

      I was legit not going to watch the show ever again after that abysmal elimination from 8 to 3. Josh was the best singer over the entire competition and he won, so maybe i’ll actually check out next season after all. Especially since Pharrell is on there. He’ll be a goodjudge of talent considering he’s also a big producer. And you really can’t get much worse than Christina and Shakira can you?

      • Nichol says:

        I’m looking forward to seeing Pharrell in action also. I remember when he was advisor to Usher’s team for the battlegrounds and also came back that season for one of the later stages. He’s such a cool and interesting guy and was so honest and direct with the contestants. I remember how he thought Michelle was a star even though her battleground that year was montaged. Some of his opinions about some of the other contestants were really interesting and apt I thought. I think he’ll be a great coach.

  29. Kim Moores says:

    The presence of the Lord was in the air tonight as Archangel Josh Kaufman received his wings :)

  30. Sundance says:

    Thrilled with tonight’s results. For once, the right contestants won on both “The Voice” and DWTS. And it was particularly gratifying that Christina did not win after she and Adam chose to rip off a performance decision by an Idol contestant. Seriously? Whether or not most audience members watch both programs as I do, it’s a given the producers monitor their competition. Glomming onto “Can’t Help Falling in Love” after Jena had made such an impact with it on Idol was just tacky. It left a bad taste in my mouth for Christina and Adam–especially since Jena did it better.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I have a confession on Can’t Help Falling in Love. I didn’t like either performance. [ducks for cover]
      But yeah, why oh why oh why of all the songs in the world did they choose that particular one for Grimmie? What a mess.

      • analythinker says:

        See? I’m with you, again. Didn’t care for those.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          You and I are a table for 2. I think the world vehemently disagrees with us, which is ok. :)

          • Kaba says:

            Make it 3
            Liked the bits of restraint from Grimmie…but whatever
            Never cared for Jena

          • Meri says:

            Make it 4. I also didn’t like either one. The song is just too overdone. It’s time to retire it for these shows.

      • Sara says:

        I don’t know if you watch the segments before the actual performances, or if you just watch performances (there are some nights I can’t help but simply DVR and fast forward, LOL), but it seemed like Can’t Help Falling in Love was Grimmie’s idea. She said it was a song she always wanted to sing and that she told herself from the beginning that if she made it to the finale, she was going to push to sing that song. Now, I know that surely there is some editing to make justify song choices, but I kind of believed her in this case.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Yup, I saw that, Sara. Like you, I felt it was sincere. What I struggle with is out of all the songs in the history of music on a show where the average song age is reasonably recent does she happen to choose a song released 5 decades ago 2 weeks after an Idol contestant had a well-received performance on the same song? What were the chances of that? I’m no statistician, but I’d have to believe the odds are slightly better than winning the Mega Millions jackpot.

          • Sara says:

            Well, it is a fairly iconic song and I could see how someone could love it their whole lives and want to sing it at such a huge moment as making it to the finale of a vocal competition. I get what you are saying, but it seems like she had been planning to do the song for longer than 2 weeks. I know that there are always going to be comparisons between the two shows, but I just don’t think it is out of the realm of possibilities that she just wanted to sing her dream song during her dream moment, regardless of if someone else sang it 2 weeks ago on a different show. Of course, I’m sure the producers probably didn’t give her any fight over it though. ;-)

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Yup, I hear ya, Sara. Did she cover it on her YouTube channel? if so, I’d be far more inclined to believe the story. if not, imma gonna call BS. lol

          • Kim Moores says:

            None. No cover with another singer, nothing. Just her rendition on The Voice from what I’ve found.
            I call shenanigans and Keith Urban agrees

          • Sara says:

            Ooo! Good call! I just don’t feel like searching through her youtube history to see if she’s sung it before, lol!

          • Eidi says:

            I was asking the same question before, Angie. I have not found this Elvis Presley’s cover in her Youtube channel. BTW, as we are talking about the similarities between AI and The Voice, please let me answer something I always wanted to know: is your nickname related to Angie Miller? lol

          • Eidi says:

            Sorry, *”please let me know” and “on her Youtube channel”. I can’t write in English so well as you do :)

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            lol Yup, I wasn’t a fan of Angie’s last season of Idol. I probably should create a new screen name, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.
            And don’t worry about your English. It’s great! English isn’t my first language either so I feel your pain.

      • Sara says:

        Just listened to that Jena chick’s version from American Idol (I don’t watch that show anymore). It is such a blatant (and pretty poorly done) rip-off of Ingrid Michaelson’s absolutely amazing cover of Can’t Help Falling in Love that I am actually angry right now. If I had to choose between the two, I would pick Christina’s. But let’s be real, I’m just going to go put Elvis and Ingrid on repeat.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          HA! So much for originality. Even though I loved Candice Glover’s Love Song last season, she kinda did the same thing by copying the Adele arrangement of The Cure original. I was willing to overlook that fact because of the flawless execution.

    • Kaylee says:

      I’m not a fan of Jena, but her version was much better than Christina’s. She did so much better reworking contemporary songs.

      • lauren says:

        Jena’s version was very good. But like the poster stated above me, Jena’s version was not in any way original. She copied Ingrid Michaelson’s version. I know this happens alot in these shows but the way that JLO was reacting and acting like Jena completely made that song her own is what annoyed me. Ingrid’s version is fairly popular so I was surprised that nobody else noticed this.

  31. Christelle says:

    Yes, 100 percent Josh deserved to win!

    • Jaszy says:

      All of them deserved to win. It’s just that only ONE can emerge as the winner.
      That happened to be Josh. Doesn’t mean that he was any better than Christina or even Jake.
      In the end, Christina’s voting army didn’t vote hard enough.
      If they would have put all the energy they did into saving her last week into the voting this week, there is no doubt that she would’ve won.
      But I can’t knock on Josh. He was a great singer and perhaps did “need” the win more than Christina Grimmie who is super young and has her whole life ahead of her. Whereas Josh being 38 is not really going to do him any favors in terms of the music world now with young people having so much power.
      Nevertheless, TEAM GRIMMIE still rocks.

  32. Kimbo says:

    So can we get down to discussing the war plan for taking out the South?
    It’s great that Josh won and all, but that was almost Jake in the winner’s circle.
    The South has to pay for ejecting the boy out of the 3rd place slot he deserved (at the very least) into the 2nd place house.

    • Jaszy says:

      Yeah, that is so true. Jake almost won! YIKES!
      I’m from Tennessee, but I was all for some Christina Grimmie. I have never really liked any of the country singers on the show.
      Don’t get me wrong. I like some country music, but I do think it is sooooo overrated.
      Who wants to hear about corn fields, tractors, truck rides, mudbogging, papa drinking beer, hanging out with the good ole boys, daddy hitting mama, drinking at the bar, etc. ALL THE TIME?
      Yeah, I am so glad this is not another season 4. Still, I would’ve liked to see Grimmie win instead of Josh. But the fact that Jake ALMOST won, beating out Grimmie (say what?) shows you that the South needs to be a little less…well…everything.

  33. Shawn says:

    Second season in a row the right contestant won and this time it was one that I was supporting the entire season. I dub this season the Revenge of Michelle Chamuell and Amanda Brown as Josh beat out the “adorable” country contestant and the contestant who had the already massive fan base before the show. I am also glad that a coach other than Adam and Blake won this time around and it’s a coach that won’t be back next season so there won’t be any bragging about how they just won.

  34. Billy Bob says:

    Grimmie’s army is just a small snippet of crazies. There’s a reason why she was unsigned. There’s nothing special about her. She had enough high profile exposure from performing on DWTS to Ellen to opening for Selena Gomez and other gigs. Plus her high exposure youtube performances. She is a good singer, as in back up singer. The proof… only TEAM Grimmie see her as a superstar, but most of the viewers see her as just person who sings fairly well, nothing special. You can find dozens of Grimmies on youtube. This is just my opinion.

    • Jaszy says:

      We’re not crazy, just really passionate. There is nothing wrong with showing love for people who we want to see succeed.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I see Grimmie as having star potential and I never voted for her. I think you’re being a bit harsh.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      And btw, the slam against back up singers made me cringe a little. The backup singers 9 times out of 10 are better than the “stars” they’re singing behind. Check out 20 Feet from Stardom. Very accurate portrayal that might give you a better perspective.

    • Jan says:

      I am not in her Army, and I am not in a young demographic and I think she is special and has what it takes. It is all about the timing. It is like saying because TessAnne was a back up singer for Jimmy Cliff or Sisaundra was with Celine they are not good enough to be out front. That is just wrong.


    Josh deserved to win. Loved that even if the producers clearly wanted Christina to win and Usher didn’t really do so much with him as much as he did with Michelle Chamuel. Josh proved to be very hip and comfortable with current songs, and Usher just did not give a damn and gave pretty uninspired, random choices (EXCEPT SAM SMITH’s in TOP 12 Night).

    • lynn says:

      Usher gave him songs he thought would sell well. He learned too much from Blake.

    • Rosie says:

      I loved all of Josh performance except the Adelle song SFTTR. Only Adelle can sing Adelle song IMHO.Three of the songs that Josh cover stood out for me “All of Me” Stay with Me” and “Love Runs Out” in no particular order. I’m from Canada & we’re not allowed to vote but I bought most of his Itune songs anyways even it doesn’t count.So glad he won.

  36. Mandy says:

    It could have been any of the three or Kristen and I would have been happy.

  37. Jay says:

    On a side note, I thought Ed Sheeran’s performance with Christina was one of the best of the season. It made me wonder how differently I would have thought about her if she had pared down her performances and not always gone for the big note.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah, personally I think the big note is by far the weakest part of her voice, although they keep going on about how it is her best (maybe it’s different live).

      • Jan says:

        Listen to it on the computer with headphones instead of the tv. All the performers sound much better. When I would think Jake, or Josh sounded off and later listen on the computer they always sounded much better.

        • HTGR says:

          By computer do you mean the studio recordings on iTunes? Or do you just mean watching the show itself back on the computer?
          Anyway I watch the show on a computer with headphones most of the time (Sennheiser HD600 or HD650s over Benchmark DAC 1 Pre headphone amp plugged into the computer’s USB port).
          I do think that what you listen on probably can change opinions around a bit. Some of the shrill or screams complaints might vary on whether the equipment happens to have nasty resonances at the wrong frequencies for a particular singer and/or have a shrill treble boost. A lot of people probably listen with HDTV speakers, which are almost all tragically bad and don’t remotely deliver good SNR/detail or put out a proper frequency balance and can make everything sound way different.
          Even on my my pretty flat (frequencies response-wise) equipment Christina still can seem a bit thin and pinched over her entire higher range when she powers it to me. I loved how she sounded on some of the stuff she did in the results show like pairing up with Ed.

          • Jan says:

            Good comments, I meant the live shows and not the studio recorded versions. Sometimes they are worse than the lives.

  38. Kaba says:

    Just found out Grimmie was wearing the exact top Jessica Sanchez wore when she performed for top 7 night and was nearly eliminated..
    Cursed clothing?

  39. Jak says:

    Show looked rigged to me. Remember that waiver that was leaked saying they could alter the results any way they want? Well Jake outsold Josh on iTunes at least 5:1 and Christinas single was the top seller. Adam already agreed to sign Christina and Blake sounded like he was going all in on Jake which left the LEAST downloaded artist for the prize and someone not Adam or Blake for once. Oh and the wink and smile from Adam to Usher at the end…

    • Kaba says:

      Josh also had 3 multipliers prior to the finale night. All which counted toward the final vote. Finale performances received no multipliers even if they had been used in the final vote.

    • Sarah says:

      I totally agree! Show was entirely rigged! Josh should not have won.

    • Jan says:

      I truly believe it was all worked out behind the scenes. If Christina would have won there would have been an uproar about the downloads, and if Jake won there would have been an uproar about the same coaches always winning. Usher foreshadowed this when he said it is time for a new type of voice on The Voice. So the show won all the way around with this outcome.

  40. Jaszy says:

    People need to quit with all these conspiracy theories?! It’s just too much!
    and in Jena’s word’s :”totally stupid and unnecessary.”

    • Caitlyn says:

      There are lot of crazies on this site. If you really think about it, when they announced at the beginning of the show that they were throwing out the iTunes votes and it didn’t change the outcome, that very statement meant a Josh win. Since we didn’t know how many people could have hypothetically bought his song, it’s the only possible outcome that could not have changes by throwing them out.

      • HTGR says:

        +1 (the second I heard that I was like yes Josh has to have won then! well so long as they are truly doing a real proof certification and not some most likely scenario mixed with producer’s math kinda thing)

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        See, i took that disclaimer to mean that Jake won. I think I was being ultra-pessimistic and preparing myself for a reality singing show Doomsday.

        • M says:

          When they said that I thought for sure Josh had it but I was still nervous until they cut to Adam and he made his “I’m going to sign her anyway” statement. They didn’t go to any of the other judges to get commentary about their artist. I knew then Christina hadn’t won it, I really thought she’d end up in second place though just based off her previous Itunes sales.

          I could have lived with Josh, Christina, Jake even though I think the finale rightfully should have been Josh, Kristen and Jake. I only say rightfully based on votes and itunes sales. I would have loved Josh, Kristen and Kat or better yet Josh, Tess and Kat.

          At least Josh won.

  41. Caitlyn says:

    Congratulations to Josh for the win. His style of music is not my cup of tea, but I suppose in the end, that’s a big part of the show. I do recognize that he is super skilled, but when you hear a style of music that doesn’t grab you … well, you just aren’t grabbed, and vice-versa. I remember that a lot of people didn’t like Danielle, while as a classic country fan I purchased her record, bought copies for about a dozen friends and family, and have even seen her live. I just find her fantastic, and anticipate her getting a lot better with a but of seasoning.
    Over the past few weeks, it’s been interesting watching all the bitterness towards Christina, who does seem to be a likable young lady. Now that the show is over, we need to have one called “The Valium” … because there are certainly some people on this board that need it. Venom for total strangers via the television and internet … seriously?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I never understood the Christina hate either. Christina’s full of herself. Christina feels entitled to the win. Christina has agents from CAA and should therefore be disqualified. Christina eats babies in satanic rituals. Whatevs. I liked a lot of her songs and I thought her Wrecking Ball was the single most memorable blind audition next to Kat Perkins. She’s a talented girl.

  42. If Jena wins tomorrow this will be a great season for me! Fingers crossed.

  43. AlyB says:

    When they announced Christina coming in 3rd, I though oh no, Jake is going to win this. I was so happy and relieved that Josh got the title (and the contract). I hope Adam lives up to his promise to sign Christina. She does have a shot at being a commercially viable artist. I’m sure Blake will help out Jake too. He’s still so young and the country crowd certainly seemed to take to him. I was a little worried for Josh since he didn’t have a great night last night but the strength of his overall season certainly earned him the title. Great finale overall. I loved Christina and Ed singing together so much I wish I could actually buy that!

  44. Sarah says:

    Josh is the last person who should have won the Voice!!! It’s my opinion and I don’t care what anyone else thinks! He was terrible! Worst winner ever! makes me not want to watch!! Getting as bad and commercial as American Idol! So sad! If it weren’t for Gwen & Pherrell coming next season I wouldn’t! The whole thing was rigged and you all know it.

      • Sarah says:

        Kaba, I respect anyone’s opinion, but you have to give me more than just “No” to even respond to. If that’s all you have to say, then please move on and leave me alone.

        • Kaba says:

          Why would I waste words on someone who isn’t looking to even debate this?
          As far as you’re concerned, you “know” our sentiments about Josh. e.g “The whole thing was rigged and you all know it.”
          So no thanks. My sentiments toward you and all you’ve got to say remains, “no”.

    • Cinda says:

      Wow – just wow. So you think the finale was rigged by eliminating the iTunes download numbers? What about last week, where Grimmie was clearly in the bottom two ON iTUNES, yet Twitter save allowed her into the top 3? I say she finished right where she should have. She has a nive voice when she does the acoustic, a capella-ish stuff, but the rest is alternating breathless baby girl voice and screeching/screaming glory notes! Neither particularly always in pitch.

      • davey says:

        They said the outcome was unchanged by the elimination of the iTunes votes. What may have happened was that Christina was second but Josh was still first–therefore, the winner was unaffected. Or Christina was still third no matter what. All I know is, it was difficult to find Josh’s singles last night on iTunes when I was voting.

    • Meri says:

      If you’re stressing it’s an opinion than please avoid statements like “it’s all rigged and you know it”. That makes it sound like you think your opinion is fact and it isn’t. Actually I don’t know that. In fact Josh’s win redeemed the show for me. If anything, I was suspicious of it being rigged last week when the instant save was brought back at the last minute. I could easily say Kristen was the one that actually deserved to be the 3rd finalist and the Grimmie fans know it, but I can’t speak for a bunch of people I’ve never met. But I stand by the thought that it looks like she was the one that earned the spot based on her charting position in comparison to Christina’s. I was suspicious of it being rigged when there was a “glitch” with Josh’s single. I can’t say for sure, but it’s suspicious that there is a glitch on an important night like that and the contestant who may pay for it is the one who proved to be Christína’s only serious rival in terms of itunes sales and viewer reaction. Finally how is the show getting commercial when a 38 year old man who has a family, an old soul voice and is seemingly introverted wins? You need to further explain that point because it’s one that doesn’t add up without an argument. If anything, Josh’s win proves that “The Voice” hasn’t completely strayed from it’s roots. The whole point of the show is to focus on vocals alone and he had the best ones of his line-up. He was if anything, one of the better recent winners.

    • If you don’t care what anyone else thinks, then why respond to others who just say, “no” to your post. LMAO and SMH… Here you go: NO

  45. HTGR says:

    The Christina in third had me scared (nice to hear she is signed) since she had to be coming in with more overall iTunes votes than Jake I think, so that implied Jake had beyond words final voting.

    • HTGR says:

      (although if it was truly true that could be 100% sure tossing out iTunes last night made zero difference, then Josh had to have been the winner, so I had some faith from that)

  46. HTGR says:

    But man Josh! That is a solid win. The dude has a great voice.

  47. HTGR says:

    For me I still stand by man top four (in no particular order), it’s gotta be: Josh, Tess, Kat, Sisaundra. Tess has such a rich tone no matter the note she can never go shrill, she brought that ella-ella tonight. Kat just whoa. Sisaundra has crazzzy vocal skills damn. Josh wow.

  48. HTGR says:

    It was great to see Bria back to form too, that was some Bria again.
    Coldplay brought it down!!!!
    The only true disasters this season were not in any performance, but in the show robbing us of so many performances, man they just cut so many so fast. Just not good man, not good at all. They had so many this season and just cut ’em all away. Not right. Not good. They gotta fix that going forward, just a crying shame that hadn’t fixed that for this season and actually made it even worse than normal.

    • Nit Picker Jr says:

      Completely agree. My early fave was Dawn & Hawkes and while I know the rest of y’allz don’t agree with me on that, I’m really angry still that they never got to sing on their own, beyond the audition (which they absolutely slam dunked btw). Also I have a feeling that Tess and maybe Dani Moz could’ve fared better if they’d had more room. Dani got cut way too early in my book – Tess definitely got cut too early. Yes, they both didn’t perform well enough on the nights they got cut but parts of me believe that was down to stress from the show format, and possibly song choice. Anyway, I blame Adam for all of it. ;)

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah Dawn & Hawkes really got the shaft with the new format, the only time they ever got to actually perform was during the blinds! (where they did great)

  49. danin says:

    AhahahahHahaha…I had a 2 fer night! Josh!Maks&Meryl.First time in 13 years since watching Idol&all seasons of The Voice my favorite actually won….Mama Mia &Grimmie in 3rd? Didn’t see that coming.I am elated for Josh.

  50. Sarah says:

    All those who truly thought that Josh actually deserved to win are obviously not actual singers or performers. If you were then you would understand how wrong it is that he “won” the voice! Hate it or not, you know deep down that I speak the truth. They’re are MANY out there who understand exactly what I mean. The show was completely rigged! Truly sad for all those true artists out there who are more deserving than he is.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m an actual singer and performer. No.

      • Sarah says:

        As a “singer” and a “performer”, No is the best you can up with. I would think about a new career.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I can come up with a whole lot more, but judging by your comments that sound like they’re coming from a late-stage rabid pitbull in August, I’ll politely decline. I don’t think any amount of reason or rationale is going to satisfy your blood thirst right now. So carry on…

    • Caitlyn says:

      I find it very hard to appreciate artists that sing types of music I don’t care for. Almost everyone I know really loves Josh. I have a sister that knows her music quite well, and she thinks Josh walks on water. For me, he wouldn’t have made my final dozen. That style of music that they call “soulful” … just makes my head hurt … almost like listening to Jazz music. That doesn’t mean he isn’t good, or even very good, just that I don’t care for him.

    • Kim Moores says:

      God himself is in Heaven right now shaking his head in disagreement with everything you just said.

    • Sara says:

      I’m curious as to how you think it was rigged. I will admit that he (for reasons totally unknown to me, as he is just the type of singer I usually adore) was not my cup of tea this season, but he does have an amazing voice and it appears (based on Itunes sales since the Live round and that he was NEVER in the bottom) that the audience really connected with and loved him. So. Again I ask, how was this rigged?

      • davey says:

        It’s only fans of Christina or Jake or think the show is rigged.

        • Jan says:

          Unless the iTunes downloads would have stood and Christina or Jake would have won. Then all the Josh fans would have been calling the show rigged.

    • Meri says:

      You’re one to talk down to a performer who doesn’t give a full argument. You didn’t exactly explain why Josh was a bad singer in detail either or why his fans don’t know real talent or who are these people who agree with you. If you’re so qualified, why don’t you take a few minutes to fully enlighten us who clearly have no clue if we like a voice we hear or not???? I think I do have to side with Angie. She at least backs up her arguments most of the time if you read the rest of her comments. You basically just said “no” too. Angie just had the decency to get to the point, while you spewed of a paragraph where every sentence was full of hot air. I don’t see you as the voice of truth. I see you as a pompous schmuck.

    • Nit Picker Jr says:

      Of course it was rigged! If it hadn’a been rigged, Jake would’a been tossed out much earlier – like with the bath water – and Sisaundra would’a won. Simple. It was rigged for Grimmie to win. Believe.