The Voice: 30 Best Performances of All Time

The Voice closes another chapter with tonight’s Season 6 finale (NBC, 9/8c), a fact that got us feeling nostalgic about the show’s greatest moments.

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How nostalgic, you ask? Enough that we dove headlong into YouTube to create a countdown of The Voice’s 30 Best Performances of All Time — with video links to each and every one of ’em!

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I limited the list to one entry per contestant (with notable exceptions for Battle Round duets), and still found myself having to snub some of my faves. (Grace Askew… you were No. 31, I promise!)

So click through a gallery of my picks, then tell me where I got it right, where I royally messed up, whom I unforgivably snubbed and for which contestants I chose the wrong performance. And for all my Voice news, recaps, commentary and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Riana says:

    Cassadee’s “Over You” was the best of all-time.

    • ULTIMATUM says:

      Ditto. That was a defining moment for the show. I would also through in Dia Frampton’s “Heartless”, the Swon Brothers “Danny’s Song”, Sarah Simmons’s “One of Us”, Lindsay Pavao’s “Say Aah”, Preston Pohl’s “Electric Feel”, Nicole Nelson’s “Halleljuah”, and Dawn & Hawkes’s “I’ve Just Seen a Face.”

      • Chris says:

        Cole Vosbury ‘Let Her Go’
        Casey Weston & Tim Mahoney ‘Leather & Lace’
        Tony Lucca ‘Baby One More Time’
        Holly Tucker ‘How Great Thou Art’
        Christian Porter Sexy and I Know It’
        Jake Worthington ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’
        Mackenzie Bourg ‘Call Me Maybe’
        Vicci Martinez & Niki Dawson ‘F**kin’ Perfect’
        Katrina Parker ‘Killing Me Softly’

      • Harris says:

        I agree generally on the performances (although not in the same order), but there are some major snubs.
        Since the Voice’s magic is all about auditions, I can’t tell why some of the best aren’t included (Nicole Nelson’s “Hallelujah” was hands down the best audition (and maybe performance) on the show, Sarah Simmons’s “One of Us”, and James Wolpert’s “Love Interruption” and Brian Keith’s “It Will Rain” are close behind).

      • Ram510 says:

        Preston’s “Electric Feel” was ELECTRIC!! Definatley should be in the top 30

    • Tenney says:

      I loved Cassadee’s “Stupid Boy”, but “Over You” was great too. The one I would have switched out is Will Chaplin’s “When I was your man” for “At Last”. When Will sang “At Last” it was perfection.

    • silverangel says:


      Sorry not sorry.

      First of all, you don’t even have the best duet ever. Micheal, you should be ashamed of yourself. Anthony Evans and Jesse Campbell. If I ain’t got you. You know, the duet where if you type in “The Voice Duet” it’s like the 3rd video that shows up in the results.

  2. Kaba says:

    Michael Slezak…
    We would be in full agreement on this list IF, a very strong “if”, Matthew Schuler’s “Hallelujah” was in the top 10 of songs.

    This is actually a very, very good list.

    • Max says:

      Hallelujah should totally be Top 10.
      Also, Roxanne>It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World for Juliett Simms.
      IMO, there is always a large gap between any number 2 and Dream On .___.

  3. skrable2 says:

    Sarah Simmons, “One Of Us”

  4. Quinn Carson says:

    Glad you gave Will’s Champlin’s performance a mention… So underrated.

    Also pleased to see Christina “Hold On” and Josh “Stay With Me” up there, proves we had a fairly good season talent wise.

  5. CM says:

    I think “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” was better than “I Have Nothing” for Tessanne. As well as “Hallelujah” over “Wrecking Ball” for Matthew.
    “Stay With Me” and “Dream On” should be switched because I’m a biased Josh Kaufman fan. “Dream On” was pretty stellar though so I’m ok with that beating out Josh.

    • Simon says:

      COMPLETELY agree about Tessanne and Matthew. Those two performances belong in the top 5, while I wouldn’t put “I Have Nothing” or “Wrecking Ball” on the list at all.

      Also, while it was early on in the show and didn’t receive much hype, my personal list would include Tess Boyer’s “Human.”

    • Tyler says:

      Yes. Where is Bridge Over Troubled Water? That should be in the Top 3.

  6. Decent list. Couple qualms though. Dia Frampton’s “Heartless” performance was better than “Losing My Religion.” Vicci Martinez’s performance of “Jolene” was better than “Afraid to Sleep.” I woulda gone with “Roxanne” for Juliet Simms (but that’s probably just because I loathe It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World). Also woulda listed James Wolpert much higher.

  7. jc says:

    What about dia frampton with heartless, and juliet simms roxanne.

  8. ramgrad04 says:

    I had forgotten about some of those – good stuff!I agree with a previous comment that Cassadee’s “Over You” should have been her pick for this list. Also, I’ve never understood the love for Amanda Brown’s “Dream On.” If I remember correctly, everyone at our house was happy when that one was over, haha…

  9. lynn says:

    Hallelujah should be on there instead of Wrecking Ball.
    Michelle’s should be higher.
    I know you don’t like her, but Bria’s “Steamroller blues” deserves to be on this list.
    Jacquie’s was my all time #1. Surprised it wasn’t yours too.

  10. Sara says:

    Glad that Cassadee & DIa are on this list! I would have done “Not Over You” for Cassadee though. “Stupid Boy” was good, though. And maybe put “Heartless” up for Dia haha ~.~

  11. Cip says:

    I don’t know how Vicci Martinez and Nicki Dawson’s F**king Perfect isn’t on your list Michael! That was insanely good

    • HTGR says:

      Something insanely wrong that Vicci only get 18th place??? Using a very wrong song choice. One of the best the show has ever had! I could be mistaken, but I thought he was a fan of hers too??
      I mean she had two performances that totally blew away what a top Idol contestant this year, Jena did. That’s gotta say something, no?

  12. mschloington says:

    This is a good list. My FAVORITE all time VOICE performance was the group performance of “rhythm of love” by Terry, Melanie, Cody & Nicholas. Nothing has topped that for me.

  13. icmreis says:

    Love, love, love Amber! Glad she make it! Skyfall was pretty damm good too!

  14. Angie_Overrated says:

    Great list, and I was hoping and praying Brown’s Dream On would be #1 as I clicked through. Yup. There she was.
    The only two I think were arguably snubbed were Katrina Parker and Frenchie Davis.
    I was happy to see Matt Schuler’s entry as Wrecking Ball and not Hallelujah. Wrecking Ball was so damn memorable.

  15. James Wolpert, “A Case of You” should be MUCH higher than #23…

  16. Lexi says:

    Sarah Simmons, One of Us. I’m pretty sure I held my breath through most of her performance.

  17. Evan says:

    Pretty good list, the one’s at the top were pretty deserved (I don’t know if I’d put Josh at #2, but that might be because the original is on such a high pedestal for me). I loved Juliet’s “Roxanne,” but “It’s a Man’s World” was the better pick. I remember how electric I felt after that performance. Tessanne’s “I Have Nothing” was the most vocally proficient performance on the show. Amber’s “Sad” is this show’s most underrated performance of all time. Dia’s entry on this list should be “Heartless.” I’m gonna go against popular opinion and say “Stupid Boy” actually was Cassadee’s best performance, but “Over You” is, and will continue to be for quite some time, the defining performance of The Voice. Matthew’s “Hallelujah” over “Wrecking Ball,” yes, but the James Wolpert shoutout is much appreciated, I loved that performance. RaeLynn being ranked higher than Danielle Bradbery is a travesty beyond words, and finally, just because I’m being super picky, but that Trevin Hunte-Amanda Brown battle is the most epic thing to cross that stage and should be ranked higher than most…including RaeLynn. ESPECIALLY RaeLynn.

  18. lori says:

    Needs more Amanda Brown, Sarah Simmons, Melanie Martinez, Amber Carrington’s Stay is better than Rihanna’s.

  19. Michelle says:

    I’m so pleasantly surprised that you included Raelynn in there! hahaha

  20. Matt says:

    Pretty clear that season 5 was – by far – the overall best season of The Voice, so far.

  21. Bonquisha says:

    I was hoping Lindsay Pavao would be on the list, but overall a pretty good list.

  22. HTGR says:

    One huge problem is that you have Vicci Martinez way to oinsanely low. I mean just compare Idol’s top this season Jena’s Jolene or Dog Days Are Over to Vicci’s! I think you put the wrong song for her and put her way to low. How does one of their best contestants ever (and the only one to have had any pop success on charts at all so far) place so low??
    That is an awesome top four though. But no way Vicci can be in there in the top five set.

  23. LaPiquante says:

    Vicci Martinez & Niki Dawson’s Fkin’ Perfect was AMAZING. Those harmonies gave me chills, and such power! That one had better have been at #32, even if I’d have had it top 15.

  24. Hybrid says:

    Imho, no list of greatest performances on The Voice is complete without Kat Robichaud’s ‘Sail’ and Lindsay Pavao’s ‘Say Aah’

  25. Spenceer says:

    I love dream on I remember watching it and falling off my bed because I had to stand

  26. Karrah says:

    Jamie Lono! I was so disappointed when he lost in the battle rounds back before steals existed! #NeverForget

  27. Michelle’s “True Color” will always be the top one for me. All her Voice performances have been unique and outstanding and I’m still repeatedly watching them all every now and then up to now. The energy. the aura and the magic she exudes are just so delightfully different and she’s been so inspirational as an artist and as a person to no end. Nothing compares. I miss her on tv.

  28. dayborium says:

    Cody Belew’s Beyonce is sorely missing from this list. But I love all of the Amanda Brown!

    • Deena says:

      Cody is sorely missed on this list period. Somebody to Love? Jolene? One More Try? I’ve always felt he was the most entertaining singer on The Voice. The way he could sing so many genres so well was refreshing.

  29. Viajero says:

    Well, I guess I agree with you on No. 1, but in many other cases, I don’t even agree on the best song for a given artist.
    Here’s my Top 15:

    15. Sarah Simmons, “One of Us” (Season 4)
    14. Josh Kaufman, “Stay With Me” (Season 6)
    13. Dia Frampton, “Heartless” (Season 1)
    12. Terry McDermott, “Maybe I’m Amazed” (Season 3)
    11. Jacquie Lee, “I Put a Spell on You” (Season 5)
    10. Juliet Simms, “Roxane” (Season 2)
    9. Tessanne Chin, “I Have Nothing” (Season 5)
    8. Amber Carrington, “Skyfall” (Season 4)
    7. Cassadee Pope, “Over You” (Season 3)
    6. Jamar Rogers, “Seven Nations Army” (Season 2)
    5. Michelle Chamuel, “Grenade” (Season 4)
    4. Christina Grimmie, “Hold On, We’re Going Home” (Season 6)
    3. Amber Carrington, “Stay” (Season 3)
    2. Juliet Simms, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” (Season 2)
    1. Amanda Brown, “Dream On” (Season 3)

    I know I’ve repeated Juliet & Amber twice. If you want to throw their second songs out, then I would include instead:

    • Trevin Hunte and Amanda Brown, “Vision of Love” (Season 3)
    • Judith Hill, “What a Girl Wants” (Season 4)

  30. Vetle says:

    Never forget Rebecca Loebe. :(

    • Viajero says:

      She almost made my list. In retrospect that was one of the best blind audition performances this show has ever had.

  31. betty r says:

    Must include Sasha Allen, “oh darling”. Absolutely stunning. Really apppreciate shout outs to tessanne, shamuel, simmons, carrington, sisaundra, judith hill. Will never suberb rendition of “bright ligjts” by delvinchkice.

    • HTGR says:

      yeah Sasha was a good one too, but for some reason I could never quite figure out, Slezak just despised her and it was all C,C-,C+,C,C,C,A (one single time he respected her voice out of nowhere and then it was back to….),C,C,C-,C+

  32. betty r says:

    Oops…make thst last sentence resemble sthg coherent…loved delvin choices “bright lights”.

  33. adreyesatl says:

    Jordis Unga’s “Maybe I’m Amazed” audition was spectacular too – maybe a hair better than Terry’s version.

  34. Molly says:

    Cody Belew’s fabulous “Jolene”….

  35. Cassadee Pope “Over You” & “Cry” S3
    Matthew Schuler “Hallelujah” & “Cough Syrup” S5
    Jacquie Lee “Angel” & “Clarity” S5
    Josiah Hawley “The Man Who Can´t Be Moved” S4
    Grey “Catch My Breath” S5
    Adriana Louise “Already Gone” S3
    Morgan Wallen “Collide” S6
    Will Champlin “Secrets” S5
    Brandon Chase “Wanted” S5
    Warren Stone “Colder Weather” & “Die In Your Arms” S4
    Austin Jenckes “Simple Man” S5

  36. Jim says:

    Didn’t care what was put for #2-#30, just as long as #1 was Amanda’s “Dream On” — and it was! I haven’t watched since that season because Cassadee won over Amanda, despite being the more inferior singer, but thats what you get when contestants are pimped like crazy. But even though there have been a few seasons since then, I knew Amanda’s song would still reign supreme.

  37. HTGR says:

    Here is a new sort of list, best singles from a The Voice contestant post the show:
    sadly so little push or promotion that I’ve not heard many but two that are really cool are:
    Vicci Martinez + Cee Lo Green : Come Along (I believe it got some degree of radio play and got up decently high on Billboard Hot 100, not sure, but I think at least top 20?)
    Jacquie Lee : Broken Ones (hopefully explodes big, but they really need to mega push it fast, simply being on The Voice is not enough exposure to itself drive things if Billboard tops are the goal)

  38. Ram510 says:

    Juliet Simms “Roxanne” should be #1 hands down!!!!

    Other amazing performances that are missing are Dia Frampton “Heartless” Judith Hill “Power” Jermaine Paul “Complicated” (which I don’t understand why Jermaine is missing from this list)

    • Ram510 says:

      I’m also surprised Sasha Allen, Austin Jenckes and Trevino Hunte didn’t make the list.

    • Jaszy says:

      Yeah, when I saw his choice for Juliet, I was like, “No, Slezak, WHO could forget Roxanne?” That was a crazy good vocal from the girl who should’ve won that season.
      I’m pretty sure she would have sold more records than Jermaine Paul.

  39. Gaby says:

    You put Matthew’s “Wrecking Ball” and MSKWYDITD, but no “Hallelujah”? What about Jacquie’s “Love Is Blindness”? Tessane’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”? The Swon Brothers’ “Danny’s Song”? Danielle’s “Maybe it Was Memphis”? Jake Worthington’s “Heaven”? Will’s “At Last”?

  40. Johnny C says:

    Where is Tess Boyer’s Human, which was the best this season? Plus, Sisaundra”s Oh Sherry?

  41. Jenn says:

    I’d swap Casadee Pope’s “Stupid Boy” for “Over You” (though I LOVED “Stupid Boy” I think “Over You” was so emotional and beautiful because of it) and I’d swap out Amber Carrington’s “Sad” for “Skyfall” because holy goodness, Amber NAILED that song. That was the moment she should have won The Voice, in my opinion.

  42. Leo says:

    No Chris Mann (aka the best thing to come out of The Voice)? Are u crazy?

  43. betty r says:

    I didn’t get into the voice until the 4th season… after listening to my husband listen for the first 3 seasons. Then I got hooked. So most of the early songs have gone by me, except those that I’ve watched because of the comments in the Slezak blogs. I love the musical world that this show and the comments have opened up.

    But I think there can’t be comparisons across music genres. I’m not sure who topped Delvin Choice’s Bright Lights in terms of pure Broadway showmanship. (And he kept the falsetto to a minimum–low male voices being something I miss in this show.) Perhaps Dream On was as good in showmanship. But was it something I could listen to 5 times per day? Which is what I do with some musics/songs.

    So, I could listen to Tessanne’s BOTW ad nauseam, along with some of Chamuel’s earlier songs, before she adopted the jumping-yelling-pointing addons. Which is one reason I really appreciated in Danielle Bradbury when she came back last season and did NOT take on what Cassadee Pope did… the pop jumping and yelling. And I’m not much of a country fan

    Which makes me like people like Josh K, Sisaundra, and anyone who can sing without resorting to a poor imitation of Janis Joplin. I have a very hard time distinguishing the female-long haired-young screechers one from the other, either in terms of looks or voices

    If Angie thinks she’s an old fart, I’m a crotchety old fart. I want to see a round where the contestants have to tackle the same songs, the classics, that stretch voices, emotions, stage presence. Like Nessun Dorma, Autumn Leaves, I Don’t Know How to Love Him….for Pete’s sake, even get the Star Spangled Banner in there…. enough rough spots there and tantalizing spots to tempt anyone. Sure, have the pop songs that get the young vote, but if this is called the voice, then get the voices in.

    Whew. I hope we can catch Sasha Allen in some bar in NYC

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Oh my god, Betty. An episode of this show where they’re doing modern riffs on Nessun Dorma and I Don’t Know How to Love Him would be AMAZING! Ok, maybe not Nessun Dorma. That would most likely be horrible. But I like where you’re going with this. I love me some showtunes as long as they’re not from Wicked. Dunno why, but I get seriously nauseous anytime I hear a song from that show.
      Does Sasha Allen perform in NYC? I’m sure she does considering she lives here. I need to look her up now cuz that girl’s voice was so special. I wish I saw her when she was doing Hair.

  44. abz says:

    Seriously, Michael? How is Judith Hill’s “What A Girl Wants” not even in the top 5 performances on the show. #21? That must be a joke. For me, that is pretty much the most memorable audition/performance of the entire series. And where is Will Champlin’s “At Last”? Yeah this is definitely not a list I can agree with.

  45. L says:

    Sarah Simmons “One of Us” and Tess Boyer’s “Human” should be on the list other than that the list is pretty good.

  46. L says:

    I would replace
    Terry’s “Maybe I’m Amazed” with Caroline’s and Danielle “Put your Record on”
    Jacob and Matthew “Light Em Up” with Tess Boyer’s “Human”
    I would replace James’s “A Case of You” with Caroline’s “The Way I Am”
    I would replace Will Champlin’s “When i was you man” with At Last
    I would replace Javior’s “Time after Time” with Holly’s “The Scientist”
    I would put Dia at 8 and Jamar at 10
    I would put Sissandra at 5 and Tessane at 9
    And I would put Josh at 4 and Jacqui at number 2
    Other than that the chart is pretty good

    • walter says:

      If there is one thing you most certainly not do, it is to replace Jacob n Matt’s Light em’ up;if i had my way and if Amada’s dream on wasnt so inhumanly epic I would definetly place that perfomance higher in the chart……hands down the most electric battle round ever on the voice

  47. L says:

    I would also replace Cole’s Adorn with Sarah’s “One of Us”

  48. Chris says:

    Does at least not one of these performances deserve to make it onto the top 30 somehow?- Sisaundra and Biff Gore’s “It’s A Man’s World”, Matthew Schuler’s “Hallelujah”, Jacquie Lee’s “Love is Blindness”, Casadee Pope’s “Cry”, Chris Mann’s “Ave Maria”, Judith Hill’s “You’ve Got A Friend”, Kat Perkins “Open Arms”, Kat Roubicheoux’s “Sail” and “You Oughta Know”, Tessane’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “Redemption Song”, Sasha Allen’s “Ain’t No Way”, “I Will Always Love You”, “At Last”, “Oh! Darling” and “Bad Girls”, Cathia’s “No Me Voy Por Venicido”, Amber Carrington’s “Skyfall” and “Stay”, Will Champlin’s “At Last”, Vicci Martinez’s “Dog Days Are Over”, Melanie Martinez’s “Seven Nation Army” and “Crazy”, Delvin Choice’s “Bright Light’s” and Josh Kauffman’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” and “Love Runs Out”?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  49. walter says:

    Well, an overall pretty good list man,glad to see Matt and Jacob’s Light em Up made the list(tha for me was the best ever,most electric battle that has ever grazed the voice stage;listened to it for weeks) still dont see how jacob didnt get stolen
    On that note i dont see how the fastest four chair turn in voice history(Matt’s Cough Syrup) didnt make the list
    Amanda Brown’s dream on is perfectly placed,i still listen o it every once in a while to remind myself that i cant realy sing
    Also glad to see Michelle’s Why in there,Michelle was just amazing;original voice,nice heart and “Why” was definetly her best perfomance
    Glad to see “Message in a bottle” and Christina’s “Hold on we’re going home” Carolline Pennell “As long as you love me” in there….some realy good music
    I was hoping i’d see Josiah Hawley’s-Starlight in there somewhere
    And just how do you not put Swon brothers Danny’s Song in there(am not hot on country either put those guys were just amazing)
    Another dude I would have loved to see on the list is Nic Hawk(pretty interesting dude,not quite sure #teamblake was the perfect match for him)
    Marc Borussad’s “Home” and cole vosbury’s “Let her go” was other realy great #teamblake perfomances i would loved to have seen in there
    And realy man the list without Judith Hill’s “What a girl wants” and at least one of Melanie Martinez’s cute perfomances

  50. walter says:

    So, here is how my top 40 list of songs of the voice so far would look like (this is taken from season 3-6):

    1. Amanda Brown-Dream on
    2. Jesse Campell & Anthony Evans – If I aint got you
    3. Sisaundra Lewis -New York State of mind
    4. Matt Schuler – Cough syrup(Listened to this song for weeks)
    5. Trevon Hunte – Against all odds
    6. Tessanie Chin – Try
    7. Sarah Simmons – One of Us
    8. Josh Kaufman-Stay with me
    9. Christina Grimmie – Hold on we’re going home
    10. Swon Brothers – Danny’s Song
    11. Judith HIl – What a girl wants
    12. Bryan Keith – It Will rain
    13. Matt Schuler & Jacob poole – Light em’ up
    14. Josh Kaaufman & Delvin Choice – Signed Sealed delivered
    15. Sisaundra Lewis & Biff Gore – It’s a man’s world
    16. Michelle Chamuel and Usher – One
    17. Ashley Debose – Diamonds
    18. Kat robichaud – I’ve got the music in me
    19. Will Champlin – Love me again
    20. Orlando Dixon & Ryann Innes – Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
    21. Adam & Christina Grimmie – Somebody that I used to know
    22. Melanie Martinez – Toxic
    23. Clarissa Serna – Zombie
    24. Dani Moz – Edge of glory
    25. Cole Vosbury – Let her go
    26. Marc Borussard – Home
    27. Michelle Chamuel – Time after time
    28. Chris Mann – Ave Maria
    29. Josiah Hawley – Starlight
    30. Caroline Pennel & Anthony Paul – As long as you love me
    31. Nic Hawk – Hit em’ Up style
    32. Caroline Glaser – The A team
    33. Code Belew – Jolene
    34. Tawnya Reynolds – The Chain
    35. Taylor Beckham – You know I’m no good
    36. Sasha Allen – Try
    37. Terry Mcdermott – Carry on my wayward son
    38. Shelbie Z – Last Name
    39. Savannah Berry – Safe and Sound
    40. Morgan Twins – Falling