Supernatural Finale Recap: The Dark Side

Supernatural Season 9 RecapDuring Tuesday’s season finale of The CW’s Supernatural, Dean wasn’t hungry enough to eat his cheeseburger, so you knew something was really wrong.

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And it only got worse when during a bloody confrontation with Metatron, the wannabe God killed Dean. But wait! It gets even worse: Dean came back to life as a demon!

But first, let’s rewind to the beginning of the episode, when Sam and Castiel lock up Dean while they figure out how to deal with his rage. Almost immediately, Dean starts coughing up blood. Crowley explains that the First Blade “high” and the need to kill come with consequences. “The more you kill, the better you feel,” he tells Dean. But if he doesn’t kill, he feels less better. As in dead.

Even though Dean is unpredictable, Gadreel convinces Sam and Cas that he’s their best chance of defeating Metatron, who’s harnessed the power of the angel tablet in his quest to be God. Now he’s gone down to Earth dressed as a pathetic human. After a kid films him healing a woman struck by a car, his miracle goes viral and soon the masses all know of “Marv” the messiah.

“I’m going to take my shot,” Dean vows to his brother. “For better or worse. No matter the consequences.”

“We’re going to do it together,” Sam adds – before Dean knocks him out. This is his fight.

Perhaps he should have accepted the backup, because things do not go according to plan with “Bernie Madoff with wings” (nickname courtesy of Dean Winchester). Metatron beats Dean to a bloody pulp and then stabs him in the chest! At this point, I shouldn’t be shocked since Sam or Dean dying in the finale is tradition, but whoa.

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“It’s better this way. The mark is making me into something I don’t want to be,” a barely conscious Dean tells his brother. Then he adds, “I’m proud of us.” Sniff.

As is “so expected” (Crowley’s words), Sam starts summoning the King of Hell so he can make a deal to bring back his brother. But Crowley is elsewhere, sitting beside Dean’s lifeless body, talking about how Cain also accepted death rather that become a killer — though rumor has it The Mark never quite let go. Now Crowley knows there’s a “new kind of life” flowing through Dean.

“See what I see, feel what I feel,” he urges him as Dean’s eyes fly open, completely black. (“Chilling” was definitely the right word, Misha Collins.)

Meanwhile, up in Heaven, Gadreel kills himself, allowing Castiel to escape Heaven’s jail and destroy the angel tablet. More importantly, Cas secretly broadcasts Metatron’s spiel to the entire angel flock, exposing the smug bastard.

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the cliffhanger? Are you excited to see Dean as a demon or are you hoping Sammy finds a way to save him ASAP? How did Sam and Dean’s millionth, tearful farewell rank? And how do you think Cas is going to get his angel juice back? Hit the comments with your thoughts and grade the episode below!

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  1. Gerald says:

    Cas broadcasting Metatron. Brilliant.
    Dean going Demon. Not Brilliant. Hope Sam can cure him.
    I think Crowley will play a big part in next season either trying to be friends with Demon Dean or showing his sympathy for Dean and helping him get back to Human. Can’t wait.

    • Cjlud says:

      Sam will cure Dean, as he almost did to Crowley, completing the trials and sealing the gates of hell.

  2. cecilia says:

    lets not pick the episode or show apart. This episode was terrific. Jensen’s acting is first class. The support he received from Jared and Mark was wonderful. We will all find out where the story arc goes next season.

  3. grimreaper says:

    Really looking forward to Dean and Crowley ‘teaming up’. With Sam and Castiel opposing them. Would expand the series and give some well earned ‘star’ time to the two supporting actors, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard, who have been outstanding this season.

  4. Hot Dumb Italian Mike! says:

    Last nights “Supernatural” was brilliant! The Dean to demon transformation should not be a shock since it was predicted back in season 3. Cant wait until season 10, major accomplishment in this day and age of 5000channels. Has anyone noticed Padelecki is a solid actor all season long of the past 9 years, but then each year in the season finale, his acting is absolutely outstanding. Also, I have much respect for the entire crew and cast of the show. In the 3 months off they have they’re attending the one in Rome this upcoming weekend. Cant wait. Yeah!!!

    • cecilia says:

      Padelecki is a good actor but so is Ackles. Even though Jared has the story arc for the past seasons I think Jensen character is the backbone of the show.

  5. M says:

    well, that’s Dean worst nightmare come true (well… maybe 2nd worst nightmare, Sammy being dead is probably number one, but considering how often that happened…), he’s one of the black eyed bastard now. Wonder how many others have realized yet that it’s 2014, and once upon a time Dean went to the 2014, where Lucifer wore Sam to the prom and told Dean that no matter what he did, it would always end this way, Dean and Lucifer… Fitting considering the Mark of Cain came from Lucifer… (and I’m probably giving the writers way too much credit ;) )

  6. natalie says:

    how can people be disappointed about the angels they play an awsome part in supernatural i take my hat off to all the cast i would be lost without any of them ive watched every episode at least 2-3 times and i have to say i never get board and i think thousands of fans across the world would agree with me sam dean nor cas could ever be replaced in supernatural or good old crowley with his amazing comebacks unreal actors and an unreal show bring on season ten im waiting !!!!!!!!!

  7. enuff said says:

    I would rather mourn Dean on his funeral pyre than watch the undoing of all the good his warriors soul has accomplished.

  8. melissa says:

    I also cried when dean was stabbed by metatron I was so angry and sad at the same time I was so hopeing that dean would of defeated him killed him I understand need a cliffhanger but I never thought in a millions they would make dean a demon of all things I do agree has the symbol on chest so he couldnt be possesd what gives I pray sam and castiel will be able to bring dean back and away from crowley and kill crowley for good and get rid of the mark on deans arm I was all around happy how the finale was and ended it was my most favorite of season 9 if they do end supernatural at season 10 I hope they get everything cleared up with the angles amd also the demons and also get back to the way they used to hunt in the earlier seasons miss those days im going crazy waiting to see what season 10 will be all about hope its good cant wait till it starts

  9. Chyna says:

    I think they need to Give Castiel Back his Angel Grace so him and Sam can help Dean come back to life as a Human i rather see Dean as A demon just to get rid of Metron after that he needs to Ditch Crowley because he’s no good and just wanna drag Dean back to hell again.. Can’t wait to see Season 10 though

  10. bricomplex says:

    I have no idea why people only want the brothers to backpack it on the road with random monsters forever and always. I like the balance of random monsters and plot. I watched this show from the beginning to season 8 (latest season at the time) on netflix last October and there was NO CHANGE in the plot, characters, or really anything. Dean and Sam are still dying for each other left and right and THAT is what’s getting old. When Sam was crying over Dean’s death I was like “Oh come on, he’s died like 5 times already”
    I did cry at the end with Crowley. Crowley’s come such a beautifully long way. Now THAT’S character development.
    As for Destiel… I think it’s indisputable that Castiel’s in love with Dean. Metatron said it, for the ppl saying he didn’t what show are you watching? But as someone said earlier it does NOT mean Destiel is canon. Dean loves Cas as at the very least as a brother, but him being IN LOVE with him has not been confirmed.

  11. coraxSays says:

    Dean is the New King of Hell IMO. If You Recall Crowley was Terrified of Cain and Was Powerless Around Him. Well Dean Has All of Cain’s Power. Either Sam Becomes the “Way Ward Son” and Kills Dean or The Show Ends As Dean Being King of Hell….. I’d Really Like That I Think!

    • Bob says:

      Agree !

    • Reina says:

      He was only pretending to be scared so he could lure Dean into receiving the mark of Cain. I highly doubt Crowley would have went through all the trouble of becoming the king of hell just to hand it over to a Winchester of all people.

      I think Dean has just become Crowley’s first hell knight, let’s face it if you were looking for someone to make a hell knight I am thinking Dean Winchester would be the golden ticket. He has survived a lot and he even killed a leviathan.

  12. coraxSays says:

    I Really Don’t See Where Else They Go With This Show Unless They Pull Off A Timey Wimey Thing and Go Back B4 Dean Was Killed or Took the Mark of Cain. Maybe the Doctor Will Stop by and Let Sam Borrow the TARDIS :)

  13. rexgoliath says:

    i love the show, i just hate how they forgot all about the other brother Adam. is he just gonna stay in the cage with lucifer forever?, or will they both come back a try to destroy everthing….oh yea i dean becoming a demon was a nice move

  14. Bob says:

    Dean= new king of hell
    Sam = some sort of angel

    Calling it

  15. Bryan says:

    Hmmm…. To me, I always love the show. It has definitely has became more “Dark” and serious in the last couple seasons. When the angels first entered the series, they were so powerful and everyone was afraid. It seems like they are turning into the not so supreme beings they should be. I mean Castiel had enough juice to bring Dean and Sam back from hell but, can’t seem to even bring Kevin back? I realize the story line but, come on…. Where are the episodes of Sam and Dean riding the double bicycle? When Dean drops his pants and throws his hands up and yells “Pudding”? Where is the womanizing Dean? I do miss a lot of the old humor and my wife has lost interest because of that. With that being said, I do love the show and watch reruns all the time. I just hope this next season does clean up the whole Angel mess and wouldn’t it be great if God actually helped in the matter? He doesn’t have to make an appearance of course. I’m assuming it was God who brought Cas back to life after Lucifer killed him…. Anyway, love the show and I will continue to watch it no matter what. Can’t wait for the next season.

  16. hannah johnson says:

    I’m one of the few people that is in Denial of the whole Demon!Dean thing, sure it was awesome the way he opened his eyes and they were black, but not a huge fan of Dean as this Supernatural being.

  17. SupesFan says:

    This is what’s going to happen: Dean will be the main villain throughout season 10, Sam and Castiel are going to come up with something to cure Dean with Halle season through ie. Since the Mark of Cain and the blade are what caused his transformation, if we were to remove them then his soul would be cleansed and since he still uses his “meat suite”, we just need to reunite the two again and Presto! Dean alive, AGAIN!, and ready for another brother vs brother argument in Season 11 about how they don’t trust each other blah bla bla….Don’t get me wrong, I love Supernatural, but it’s getting too predictable.

  18. I am a huge Mark Sheppard fan and absolutely love the character of Crowley. I think he should be listed as a cast member. His chemistry with Dean is awesome. He has always seemed to have a fondness for Dean and they word well together and both are good with the one-liners. I think there was more to Crowley’s character even before he was given Sam’s blood; perhaps in season 10 the writers will explore that.

  19. Moody0013 says:

    Demons aren’t the pure evil, they have own mind. It’s like the another rase in this series. It may be only the different life for Dean. Witch this “immortality” abilities he may be unstoppable to kill any kind of supernatural monsters. Better than cure. :)

  20. Season 10, it must be the season where finally we can see the new king of Hell. as we can see from what Crowley said, Hell is complicated. maybe, some of the Demons still don’t accept him as their King, and with Dean became a Demon (strongest may be, since he has THE FIRST BLADE and THE MARK) the fight for hell’s throne is continue.haha

  21. Linda Carson says:

    I loved season 9, and the finale. I enjoy the Angel plots, well mostly Cas, we just need to keep him really after all is said and done. You can’t really have demons without angels. Need both sides. The entire last 10 minutes was emotionally draining. And Crowley’s monologue to Dean was the best I’ve seen. I haven’t heard if Mark Sheppard’s contract has been renewed? Or does he pass the torch of King of Hell to Dean, da da da.

  22. SL says:

    Am I the only one that wishes they would bring back Bobby too?…

  23. Tammy says:

    I’m hoping that instead of Demon Dean being saved by Sam, he’s saved by Castiel. I think that Sam finishing the trial would be to easy. I think that Castiel’s grace is the Key. Where is it? What happened to it? I think it’s inside Dean. That would be an awesome twist. When Castiel fell and his grace was ripped out part of it went to Dean and hid itself deep inside his heart. So now Demon Dean is in control but his humanity is fighting using the power of Castiel’s grace. I want Demon Dean to fightsl sSam. I want all the secrets and the lies and the anger and resentment to be laid out in the open. Demon Dean needs to prove to himself and to everyone else that he’s wants to be bad. I want to see him beat the crap out of Sam and spill it all. Dean has always had this weight on his shoulders the heavy burden to watch out for Sammy and we’ve seen how hard that’s been on both him and on Sam. I want To see a carefree badass Demon Dean ruling hell with Crowley as his right hand. As for the Destiel fangirl inside me, she’s hoping for a big bang for the end of the next season. I’m hoping Castiel will tell Dean that he loves him and that his heart felt speech will touch Dean but I don’t want Dean to say it back. I want him to laugh and try to kill him. I want drama. I want love, death, and heart break. Demon Dean stabbing Castiel in the heart with the first blade and Castiel using the last of his grace to cleanse Dean. I also want to see more of Dean’s heaven. We got to see a lot of Sam’s but not enough of Dean’s. Like flashes of him happy moments as Castiel falls back in slow motion while Dean struggles with his humanity against the darkness . I want Sam to bring the finishing blow by knocking the blade out of his hand and punching him in the face. I’m also hoping to see john and Bobby and Charlie and most of all I’d really like to see Mary looking down at Demon Dean. I think that would be what would snap him out of it but the writer’s probably have something better planned. I can’t wait for season 10!! :-)

    • Reina says:

      Metatron used Castiel’s grace to close the gates of heaven and send the angels plummeting to earth. I don’t think he can get it back because Metatron used all of it.

  24. Landoxtreme says:

    I have been a long time fan of the show since it first aired. The journey these 2 brothers go through is like something unimaginable and also something many fans find greatly intriguing through every sacrifice, fight scenes and as well the characters developments and story season’s plots. I been reading all these comments here and opinions and theories and some i find pretty well thought out and others very funny. All the characters that are still around have shown progression in their own unique way. Crowley having a suttle more human tone to him but has thee best comedic zingers in the whole show next to Dean’s one liners. lol. Castiel to me should be a main guy as well Crowley in the show. they bring a dynamic to the forefront. balance of good and evil with both having their perspectives of those and human feelings and how they show those sides. Demon Dean is both a surprise and not surprise moment to me. it is though pretty exciting to wonder what could be next in store for the next season.

    I too would find it rather boring after awhile to just see them traveling hunting down monsters and ghosts. So once they introduced Angels, Demons , fairy creatures and beings as well the myth Gods and demi gods into the show, it brought in something truly supernatural to them even further and presented an OMFG level of how to deal with these types of beings. Dean turning Demon….epicness to bring in the next season! Especially since its the very thing he hates, evil. I still wanna see when chuck ( God per say..since he can be anything or anyone in a meat suit lol) shows up. I think he will make an entrance during the shows final run. I think lets be honest, like whats the true next big thing they would have to go against thats bigger than earthly angels and demons and God ? Aliens from outer space….maybe. lol If the Angels and Demons plot line is done away with then you got pretty much nothing but fodder. They already dealt with everything under that so this is the true next and greatest issue to deal with. So my guess is 2 more seasons and its done. but i would love it to continue.

    This whole Cas & Dean love thing….i think its being read and feed into by fans just the way the writers want it to. you draw your own conclusions and theories to what their “love” is with each other. yes its different than a sibling love that Sam and Dean have. but i still can’t see it being truly a “Gay ” love. Have to remember too that Love means something totally different in the angels sense of the word and emotion that humans use and display even if Cas has more humanistic feelings now. It still is different. I doubt its romantic love and moreso love in the sense of just feeling a immense strong bond to Dean. An unyielding connection . With Sam its more of a brotherly love. He has fought for both but with Dean its far more stronger as them two have spent the most time together then Cas with Sam.
    The writers haven’t seriously or really explored it even in certain characters like Crowly and Metatrons word play and therefore its left up to our own ideology of what their relationship means until the meaning comes full exposed…if it really does mean anything more or not.

    So i am gearing up with excitement to see whats next for the great acting cast and the good story telling and see what else these writers and cast can do to entertain me further as they have for all these seasons since they came on. 2 thumbs up for the show!

    • Jackson says:

      I think that Castiel is in love Dean. I’m not saying that he’s gay but Castiel has stated that he doesn’t care about gender. In fact his first act as God was to smite a homophobic pastor. He always comes when Dean calls…not for Sam. He said they have a more profound bond. He’s died for Dean…not once…not twice…but three times. He killed his brothers for Dean. Rebelled for Dean. Lost his army to save Dean. Broke free of Naomi mind control because Dean needed him. Took on Sam’s mental illness to make things right with Dean. His brother told Dean that Castiel was in love with him and so did Uriel and Meg. He told Dean he had doubts even though he knew if the other Angels found out that he would get in trouble. He wanted to spend his last moments in season 5 sitting quietly with Dean. He kept trying to make Dean understand his motives in season six and healed Lisa for Dean. He joined forces with Crowley so he wouldn’t have to drag Dean away from his normal life with Lisa. He brought back Sam to make Dean happy. In the episode The End future Castiel willing walked into a trap because he knew it was what Dean wanted and he was worried about past Dean going with them. He gave Dean that hint in season 4 on how to save Sam from Lilith . He risked his life to save Dean from Alistair. He’s the only angel who has trouble with personal space and that was only when he with Dean. He only ever called Dean on the phone. If Castiel was a woman and he did all the stuff on that Castiel did there would be no doubt that he was in love with Dean. I’m not saying that Dean is in love with Castiel, even though I’ve seen some hints that he feels more for him than friendship, because that’s not the point. But Castiel has shown over and over again that he values Dean’s life more than anyone else’s including his own. Castiel having sex with women proves nothing because the only man who he wants is Dean and Dean’s straight and thinks of Castiel as a brother, maybe, so he’s going to experiment. If he can’t have Dean then why shouldn’t he have sex with women. Just like future Castiel said about the drugs and orgies. So I’m not going to give on Destiel, even if it’s always going to be one-sided. Don’t let my opinion change anyone else’s. If you don’t see it then you don’t see it.

  25. Cjlud says:

    Sam will cure dean to complete the tasks and seal the gates of hell.

  26. The4Jays says:

    What ever happened to the kid who was born half demon who turned Cas into an action hero toy? Imagine all the wrongs he could right for the men who saved him from the demons as a boy. He could even become the new God. I’m assuming he’s decided to be good because he hasn’t taken over the world as Hitler yet… So many possibilities with this now grown man character. Even if he chooses to go back to normal life after setting things back to before God left.

  27. Reina says:

    Gadreel was my favorite character this season and was hoping he would make it into the next season. But then they had him kill himself which was disappointing . Wonder who is going to be running Heaven now that Metatron got demoted.

    Someone on another board mentioned Dean becoming a knight of hell which makes sense. I am anxious to see how this plays out now and if he will be under Crowley’s control or still have some of his faculties in tact.

  28. Jonathan M says:

    Dean as a demon I dont think is anything to frightening given all the ways sam has figured out how to deal with demons, even curing them like crowley. Tricky part, what are they going to do with the mark of cain?

    I was reading many posts about peoples thought on the angel plot. it could have been better but we can all agree that it was needed to develop deeper into castiel’s character and his relationship to the winchesters. he has always given up everything to dean… which may foreshadow him possibly assisting with dean’s demon or mark of cain issue even perhaps.

    Another interesting spin they may also do is find a way to bring benny back, they never burned his body and many people liked him i think. plus the winchesters found a way to cure vampirism but benny’s maker is dead, i cant remember if there was a body or not.

    either way- season 10 is very open to speculate paths in many different directions, thats why i love this show. amazing writing.

    • Deens says:

      The cure does not work if you have drank a persons blood which im sure he has before he became good and even if he hasnt he has been drinking blood out of a pouch which is the same thing so the cure would not work for him.

  29. Haley says:

    I’m sooo excited for season 10. I can’t wait to see Dean as a demon. It will reveal his dark side, and give the show show a refreshing plot change.

  30. DMM says:

    I’m guessing Sam is going to finish his trials, become the super-angel warrior, while Dean is a cain’s mark-super demon and the show ends with them killing one another.

    • The4Jays says:

      You’re breaking my heart! Not my boys. I thought they would marry twins, live next to each other and have lots of babies! Just kidding, no one get too excited…

  31. Jay says:

    So season 10 may be the last season and i think the whole thing will be bigger than ever!! Bobby is coming back, just everyone. Dean now being a demon just made things more crazier than it is now, heaven will either be back up or they’ll continue living on earth. I love this show!! just everything has a twist, im sure next there closing the gates of hell and this will all be done :)

  32. Fred says:

    Ugh I love that the show has had a resurgence lately but my heart broke when I saw Dean open his eyes at the end. Like my jaw literally fell off my face. I am torn between what I want to happen, I either want Dean to be cured during the first half of the season, like what happened with Soulless!Sam, I don’t think I could bare it if Dean was forced to remain as Demon!Dean much longer than that, it’s antithetical to Dean’s character, if you’ve been watching the show throughout the seasons you’d know Dean would rather be dead than be a Demon. I’m hoping that the cure Dean within a few episodes, definitely by the mid-season break for sure and then have Crowley be the big bad of the season that they final destroy, maybe see Meg return to rule a less hellish hell(?), or something like that. But yeah, watching Soulless!Sam was painful enough before we knew what was wrong with, even more so after, but knowing that Dean has become Demojn!Dean from the start will be hard to watch, I mean the whole idea is that demon’s are human souls who have ripped apart and mutilated to become demons. I also have to wonder now if Dean will be some kind of cross between a demon and himself, so not completely evil because if he was truly a full demon he’d be able to smoke out of his body, and I assume leave a lifeless shell while he possessed someone else. Again, while that would make for some interesting stories, it would be totally against Dean’s character and I think there will be real fan backlash if Dean goes totally off the rails. I mean it’s right in the beginning, SAVING PEOPLE, HUNTING THINGS. That’s who he is and I hope that there isn’t a complete departure from that and that he is returned to normal soon to go after Crowley finally.

    I’ll end with that if Charlie doesn’t make a comeback I will exploded.


  33. Jasmin Roque says:

    I honestly think this is one of the better endings and considering that i’ve whatched EVERY episode in EVERY season, i am one of the bigger fans, the one thing i would like to say is don’t solve this “Dean demon” problem so soon into the next season… Like the other seasons, its known that shortly into each season the big cliffhanger is always resolved in the early beginning of that season, in also, taking that excitement away for that specific issue we’ve waited so eagerly to watch and experience… Other than that thanks for the great writing and the many years of adventure w/ my beloved brothers, “The Winchesters”…

  34. Vane says:

    I hate the fact that as soon as you type in supernatural on google it comes up with this article and it’s a spoiler… warning next time

  35. Taylor says:

    So I’m probably not the only one who’s noticed this but with alot of the seasons, it changes between the brothers who gets the worst thing -for the lack of a better word- at the end of the season (3: dean in hell, 5: Sam in the pit, 6: sams soullessness, 7: dean in purgatory, 8: Sams trial, and now 9: demonized dean) it made me wonder for whomever nexts seasons finale will focus on, what could possibly be worst than becoming a demon? (I thought this would be a good discussion topic haha)

  36. Joan says:

    Sam and Dean can do no wrong in my eyes. Love Supernatural foEVER!

  37. Jeremy says:

    I think it would be a cool twist if the demons want dean to be the new king of hell and Crowley fearing dean will accept finds a way for dean to get rid of the mark or tricks him to

  38. johnny says:

    I think that some how dean bring a demon and Sams dormant demon powers could be explored. Unless I missed something from previous episodes.

  39. SN-DRWFAN says:

    I think that Cas will get his grace via Metatron while he is held captive. For the sake of the hope of a successful series to continue, I would hope that Sam and Cas find a way to return Dean to human form.

  40. Chris says:

    Can’t wait for season 10! When does it start?

  41. Sarah says:

    Okay so has every one forgotten about the episode when Sam is possessed by Lucifer and looks at dean and says “I’ll see you 5 years from now”. This season is 5 years from that episode! Not only that but mark pelligrino (the actor that plays lucifer)allegedly tweeted that he was coming back for season 10! With that being said here is my theory: dean obviously becomes a Demond and hates himself for it and can’t face Sam so he goes off and does whatever. Sam now alone and heart broken has to find some way to fix his brother. Somehow lucifer is out of the cage (hopefully so will Adam) now Sam is faced with a tough decision say yes to lucifer(set dean free from being a Demond) or let his brother stay demonized and now hating him self …

  42. nonetheless says:

    im betting the cure is something self sacrificial, pure, and a complete opposite of a demon’s — angel soul…. yeah…cas…but anyways…just the twist!

  43. Chelsea says:

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  44. Paige says:

    Anyone think the show shouldve ended with Season 5 like it was supposed to? Not that its awful now, but I loved how they were fighting monsters . And a new one each episode. Obviously a new plot was needed and that was Cas and the whole final fight thing. It was a perfect finale and should have been a series finale. It would have ended perfectly I think.

  45. Ashley James says:

    I want the angel storyline to end but I don’t want Cas to go!! Must be a way they can do both

  46. Brandon says:

    It was a brilliant finally besides the fact Dean is a demon now and that’ll probably ruin the show

  47. Cat Hart says:

    I just hope its not the obvious that happens. Ie. Sam feed Dean his blood but goes through with the whole spiel this time, Dean’s human, he’s destroyed and then Dean goes on a rescue mission.

    Agree with some of the other comments though, the religious storyline was good but its taken over supernatural now… hmm… we shall see, I guess it was only one season but it looks like it”s going to end up two!

  48. hannah says:

    why did you have to kill dean of why!!!!!!!! wasit so hard to kill of some one elselike that son of a bitch who killed him and turned him into a god damn demon wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy seriously why did you have to kill the cutest guy off

  49. Stag says:

    I actually am starting to like crowley. Hes the least evil leader of hell we have seen. I just wonder how they plan on ending it all.

  50. noémi says:

    i think dean as a demon was the best idea ever so WHY THE HECK was sam able to “heal” him ?! it makes me so fricken aggressive right now. TURN HIM. end of story.