The Voice Top 3 Performance Recap: Set Fire to the Stage, Watch It Burn! [Updated]

Josh Kaufman Signed Sealed delivered the voiceYou know what’s as American as the tire flaps on Blake Shelton’s pickup truck? Armchair quarterbacking tonight’s Top 3 performance episode of The Voice.

To that end, let me register a handful of gripes. How come Usher assigned The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” — a song that’s wearing thinner than Mixology‘s welcome in the post-Modern Family timeslot — to his guy Josh Kaufman, and then kept D’Angelo’s epic, sexy “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” for himself and Adam Levine?

Speaking of Adam, why did he greenlight Christina Grimmie’s arrangement of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” — which sounded tailor-made for the inside of Celine Dion’s Vegas-stage humidity bubble — when he’s spent the entire season painting her as the cool R&B chick who’s ready to snatch Katy Perry’s diva crown (no Auto-Tune required)?

And as for Blake Shelton — the only other coach with a horse in the race — well… actually, Blake never really hits a false note. Oh sure, his fella Jake Worthington is clearly the Contestant Voted Least Likely to Embody the Show’s Title, but when you close your set dueting with Mr. Shelton on “A Country Boy Can Survive,” a good segment of the audience is going to chow down like one of Tom Colicchio’s four-star restaurants just instituted an all-you-can-eat menu.

OK, now I’m sounding about as enthusiastic as Shakira telling Christina that she’s “the one with the highest register in the competition.” (Um, Shaki, she’s also the sole remaining female!) And while tonight’s nine performances showed our Season 6 warriors are probably suffering from a bit of vocal fatigue, there were certainly enough good moments to make the two hours breeze easily by. So let’s jump directly to letter grades, shall we?

Christina Grimmie: “Wrecking Ball” — Grade: B+ | I have a dream… that some day, some reality singing competition producer will outlaw song reprisals during the course of a season — seeing how recreating the first-time magic is next to impossible. Case in point: Christina’s “Wrecking Ball” audition was pretty much note perfect; tonight’s encore — which ran a full 3:20 as opposed to an abridged 1:40 in the Blinds — wasn’t quite as clean, with some flat notes on the first instance of “wre-eh-eh-cked me,” a weird mid-performance crouch that felt as random as a Voice SkyBox interview and a set of late-in-the-performance ad-libs to which Shakira and Usher called attention with their lack of effusive praise. I don’t mean to start a war, Grimmie fans: 80-85 percent of this vocal was powerul and on-point, but like the second rabbit pulled from the magician’s hat, the overall effect was more “oh” than “OHHH!”

Josh Kaufman (& Usher): “Every Breath You Take” — Grade: B | Usher implied that he selected The Police’s classic stalker anthem because he hopes to be involved with Josh’s singing career for years to come, and if you ignored lines like “every bond you break” and “my poor heart aches,” the sentiment was kind of sweet. Still, despite a sweet vocal blend toward the end of the track, the bulk of the performance felt more like it was coming from two talented but underrehearsed fellas trading lines on a ditty in which neither one was fully invested.

Jake Worthington: “Don’t Close Your Eyes” — Grade: B+ | Jake’s reprise of his Blind Audition anthem was sneaky-smart (and arguably the most enjoyable of Round 1). The romantic ballad played up showcased the tender gruffness of Jake’s tone, didn;t push too far outside his limited range, and best of all, painted him in a more adult light than the “golly-gee, how’d I get here?” kid of his interview packages. If that wasn’t enough, the song choice gave Blake an opportunity to name-check the late Keith Whitley — and once again tie his contestant to a tradition of ’80s-era “real music” that plays to the nostalgia receptors of the show’s not-exactly-teen-centric audience. Don’t close your eyes, and you might see this one climbing the iTunes singles chart.

Josh Kaufman: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” — Grade: A+ | I’ll admit I was initially aghast that Josh’s fans voted to have him reprise one of the more old-fashioned ditties of his Voice Season 6 run, but like an eagle-eyed nun faced with an unruly 4th-grader, Josh schooled me, and schooled me hard. The guy’s got an eye-popping number of weapons in his vocal arsenal, and yet he never pulls ’em out just to show off. Every burst of falsetto, every growl, every melodic dip (“that’s why I know you’re my heart’s desire”), even the scat-like way he rattled off the “got my future in your hands” ad-lib, was selected and executed perfectly. Josh effortlessly drove home the effervescent joy of the lyric — and built a larger vibe of musical jubilation alongside the rockin’ horn section. Yes, he’s got his future in our hands, Voice addicts. Let’s hope we handle our responsibility well.

Christina Grimmie (& Adam Levine): “Somebody That I Used To Know” — Grade: A (only for Christina, though) | Biggest surprise of the night? Adam’s noticable pitch probelms on the opening vese of Gotye’s ubiquitous breakup ditty. Christina, on the other hand, mixed tissue-paper delicacy and grittier tones to drive home the track’s tricky mix of regret and disdain and sarcasm. (Her harmonies were, to my ears, some of the best we’ve ever heard from a Voice contestant.) It’s a testament to the excellence of Christina’s performance, in fact, that I’m even considering a download of a tune that reached Kardashian levels of unwelcome ubiquity just a couple years back.

Jake Worthington: “Right Here Waiting” — Grade: C+ | Like a toddler contemplating a full bowl of vegetales, Jake never fully dug in to this ’80s pop smash. Yeah, he put a little bit of twang on it, but there was a monotony to the delivery — a total aversion to dynamics, not to mention some incredibly stilted phrasing — that made it one of the country kid’s least exciting performances all season. And making matters even worse, dude slipped out of the pocket on several occasions. Blake, who gets a gold medal for get-out-the-vote strategizing, declared Jake one of the most “honest, sincere narrators of a lyric” that he’d ever seen on the show, at which point the words “honest” and “sincere” texted their friends “milquestoast” and “awkward” and asked them to house-sit that sentence.

Jake Worthington (& Blake Shelton): “A Country Boy Can Survive” — Grade: C+ | Yowza. The verse on this duet was pitched wayyyy too low for Jake’s comfort zone, leading to a series of questionable notes that continuously pulled my attention away from the lyrics and into questions along the lines of, “How exactly didd this dude outlast Sisaundra Lewis?” #sadbuttrue

Christina Grimmie: “Can’t Help Falling in Love” — Grade: B- | It’s probably not fair to judge Christina against a performance from two weeks ago on American Idol, but it’s also pretty valid. I mean, not only did Jena Irene have one of Idol‘s biggest Season 13 moments with her piano-driven twist on this gentle Elvis ballad, but she was first to hit the market, too, casting a “been there, done this” vibe to Christina’s cover. Worse, though, was all the fog and strings and showy glory notes for Christina’s performance — signifying not much of anything. Well, except for this contestant seems to be very different from the one who killed it a few weeks back on iTunes with covers of Lil’ Wayne and Drake. OK, to be fair, she hit the notes with missle-like precision, and the a capella intro showcased the prettiest part of her tone, but the end result resulted in an unfortunate Vegas lounge makeover (figuratively speaking).

Josh Kaufman: “Set Fire to the Rain” — Grade: B- | Like your favorite short-sleeved summer shirt at the back of your closet, “Set Fire to the Rain” made sense on paper for Josh. But once he slipped it over his head and tried to button it up, it turned out the fit was Rated N…for No Bueno. Yeah, there were flashes of haunting regret and beauty, but too often the high notes seemed a half-step out of Josh’s range, rendering his tone shrill and tight and not altogether pleasant. Usher, though, having learned that coach hyperbole is a key element in winning, leapt to his feet and delivered a solid stump speech. “It cannot happen that this guy does not win The Voice!” he shouted, and in this case, I cannot disagree.

SHOULD win: Josh (with Christina as runner-up)
WILL win: Josh (with Christina as runner-up)

What did you think of the Top 3? What were your favorite two performances? Who will win? Who should win? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments! And for all my reality TV-related news, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. KJK says:

    Usher and Adam’s cover of D’angelo’s Untitled was the best performance of the night. This made all the contestant’s performances second best which seems a little weird for a final performance show. The focus in my opinion should have been the contestants. Maybe they should have saved that performance for tomorrow. It seems like this show tends to focus more on the judges especially with the extra Battle Rounds and shortened voting rounds. I might just stick with AI next season. At least on that show we get to know the finalists a little better. Adam and Usher’s cover was friggin awesome though.

  2. Kaba says:

    The way I see it, the breadwinner of the season is the one person who, I believe, got Michael Slezak to cuss on twitter.
    Josh Kaufman made Slezak cuss. That, in and of itself, is a feat that few have achieved.
    Josh wins whether Grimmie gets handed the win we expected from the get go.

    • skrable2 says:

      Truth is, that this season wasn’t as much a Grimmie runaway as many expected is a tribute to Josh and other. This was set up for her victory from the moment she was the first seen in the blind auditions

    • Riana says:

      In times of having career, he has the least chance. Grimmie and Jake are still young and could have actual hits (Jake in country), the best Josh can hope for is a few adult contemporary hits. Take last week’s performances of the top 3 from last season. Jacquie made the top 40 of iTunes, while the others were nowhere to be found.

      • Kaba says:

        Like I give a damn?
        If marketability was a factor to me in a show called “The Voice” I wouldn’t be rooting for him.
        I want him to win because he is The Voice. Such a lame rebuttal to Josh’s win. We get it, they’re young, he’s old.
        I’d buy his music, not theirs. So I’d rather he wins.

        • Edward says:

          I don’t get it when people vote for someone based on their perceived “marketability”. Vote for the sound that appeals to you; THAT’s what it’s all about!!!

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Though I agree with you that young is more marketable than 30s, I think we’re past the point where winners of any of these shows have any shot at commercial success. Phillip Phillips is the one outlier, and I believe it’s because Home is an exceptionally well-written song that he happened to get to sing. I’d say PP is the exception and not the rule.

        • HTGR says:

          Jacquie Lee’s new single is good and sounds just like much of the top billboard (only better than most of it), but nobody other than a few The Voice viewers (many of whom are not the demo to get stuff going viral) has ever heard of it.
          No big time push for it to make it known. They don’t seem to do any big pushes and buys and they just hope things will go viral from the shows, but these shows just don’t do that anymore. (maybe this tour thing for The Voice will help a tiny bit).
          Haley had a great album and good songs, but they just tossed out the single that they had the most rights to, never mind that it wasn’t the most radio friendly and dumped her without a bother when it didn’t manage to go viral by itself. I mean what was that? They didn’t even bother to make use of her best, most draw you in, or tied in songs. Instantly going viral without a push is not an easy thing.
          P2 had a good song AND got placed right after as the main theme for the most watched part of the entire Olympic Games and went huge. Who else? Candice won and had all the promo of that and I think sold less then Haley. Jessica Sanchez maybe sold even less still. I mean I post about Jacquie’s single here and can’t even get a single response in what is her own forum in a sense. The viewers of these shows seem to be too small in number, too out of the loop to get music going viral. It’s just reality viewers who watch to watch and don’t pay attention to anyone afterwards these days. Only back in the early days when Idol brought in a huge and varied audience for the finales and such did it seem to drive anyone decent from the top 6 or so places all on it’s own.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ok, I’ll listen to Jacquie’s single. I don’t know if you remember, but I was one of the ones aggressively (and I do mean AGGRESSIVELY) defending Jacquie Lee last season against the contingent calling her voice “shrieky.” I was pulling for Tessanne and Matt Schuler, but I appreciated Jacquie. All that being said, her live performance was a mess last week. I really wanted to like her, but she was the bottom of the heap with that performance. I’ll take a listen now to her single though.

        • Kaba says:

          It depends on if The Voice can attract more viewers. They’re going to need one hell of a singer though or something huge to happen.
          Or if the winners song is amazing like P2s
          Btw. Saw that Voice of Italy performance.
          Oh my Goodness I love that woman. Loooooooooove her

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Suor Cristina’s sensible shoes are amazing. And those dance moves just kill me. I will buy whatever she wants me to buy. I almost want to go back to church just to honor her. She is my everything.

      • MarlaReynolds says:

        Actually, Will was #51 on the pop charts with Jacquie for several days with NO Atlantic Records label money pushing him, is at #209 on the Billboard charts, and I’ve heard his song on my local radio station in Daytona about 5 times since Tuesday. Apparently iTunes thought his single was good too, because they are still featuring him on their homepage under New Music. As an indie artist, that’s unheard of. The difference is, he wrote, produced, and played everything on his track, so in my opinion, lots of people can sing and sing well, but not everyone can actually MAKE music. I’m not hating on Jacquie at all, she deserves her success, but it does frustrate me that everyone on this blog seems to hate on Will so much when he is one of the few actual musicians/artists to come out of the show, not just a vocalist on tracks other people write and produce.

        • HTGR says:

          test, man the site just won’t let me respond to your post for some reason

        • HTGR says:

          man what the heck is going on, sometimes this site jsut refuses to certain responses post, there are no bad words or anything, I don’t get it.
          let me try to break it into various bits and see what gets through:
          Let me try again:
          I saw Jacquie as far up as around #40 or so on the overall iTunes chart. But without a big radio push and buy and promos I fear she’ll just fade away before getting a chance to establish.
          There is room for both types. Whitney Houston was merely a vocalist on tracks that others wrote and produced don’t forget. ;)

        • HTGR says:

          Part 2:
          Being able to write your own stuff helps a lot though as you are not quite as much at the mercy of having strong support and you can a bit better get through tricky times and still produce stuff even when nobody else is around to help at all.

        • HTGR says:

          Holy cow why is this site refusing to allow this final simple sentece to be posted. I will try ti word by word now!:
          part 3a:
          Sadly I don’t see….

    • Sieves says:

      You mean, Josh loses even if he wins because a large portion of the people voting for him are doing it to spite Christina. That’s hardly a clean win.

  3. Brandy says:

    It was a great idea to make Josh reprise his battle pt.2 song. If the voting is going the way I hear than purchases for any song sung live this season or any song on the list of reprises gets counted toward votes.
    Josh didn’t sell a lot on this song, now he is :)
    So far it looks as though Josh and Jake have the most songs in the top 200.
    We’ll see how tomorrow works out.
    Rooting for Josh

    • M says:

      This is because SFTTR is no where to be found when you search Itunes. They have it listed as an album rather than a single many people cannot find it to buy it. It wasn’t his best performance, but his entire body of work this season deserves the vote even if the song won’t likely be listened to again. He’s got a lot of fans who want to vote for him, but they’re making it really really difficult to support him on itunes.

      The production has gone to far imho.. Christina doesn’t win anything if they have to completely throw the entire thing to make sure she does.

  4. Guilherme Santos says:

    PLEEEASE, pleeeeeease, don´t predict Jena as winner tomorrow night!!! Like your reviews, but your predictions are off quite often.

    • Colleen says:

      Michael has been enamored with that girl since the get go, and I have never disagreed with him more about a contestant, but I stopped watching this epically bad season of Idol when Jessica went home.

  5. jenna says:

    what are the itunes rankings?

    • HTGR says:

      In itunes. Just go to the store and all the lists are on the right hand side.

      • Jess says:

        This doesn’t always work for people who don’t live in the US (I live in Canada and get the Canadian top 100, which is vastly different from the US chart, especially since The Voice doesn’t count our purchases as votes).

        There are a couple of websites that post real-time iTunes rankings, just do a quick search

  6. Riana says:

    Looks Josh is finishing third.

  7. OtterChaos says:

    Hmm DirecTV has seemingly lost the ability to show my local networks tonight, some technical difficulty I guess but judging from the posted song list it seems I won’t be missing much. Sorry The Voice I just can’t even get worked up about missing the finale night.

  8. Faye says:

    B- ouch, Michael. – that hurt !! Not his best though, I agree.

    I was expecting to love Josh’s SFTTR and not so much SSD but turned out to be the opposite. SSD such wasn’t my first choice for Josh but it’s what he got and he improved and added the Josh-like ad libs and scats, runs, etc that I love.
    Set Fire to the Rain was great until about half way through when he went overboard.
    I think he was watching Usher’s reactions and wasn’t getting the excitement he expected and suddenly went overboard…he lost control of the song rather than getting lost in the emotions of it..
    Or so it seemed to me.
    Watching it again with headphones, I like it much better but still not his best.

  9. catullus22 says:

    I’m sorry but Josh’s performance of set fire to the rain was horrible. Completely pitchy and his voice was unsupported throughout. It was painful to listen to.

    • Julia says:

      His emotions, which were very real, got the better of him. Josh deserves support. He’s been vocally amazing all season.

      • Sieves says:

        i’m sorry, your comment does not compute.

        >josh had a bad performance
        >josh has been vocally consistent all season

        no. no no no no. if you have a bad performance, you are by default, no longer 100% consistent. please stop trying to pass josh off as vocal perfection. he’s had his VERY FAIR share of screw ups, including twice last night.

  10. M says:

    It is disgusting to me that they have Josh Kaufman’s Set Fire To The Rain listed as an album on Itunes and not a single so nobody can find it. He’d be a lot higher up on the itunes chart than he is if he was actually listed correctly. Of course hell is being raised on twitter to get The Voice to fix it, but hours later and it’s still no where to be found if you search for it, unless you’re searching under albums.

    Meanwhile Jake has both of his songs in the top 10 compared to Christina’s one which makes it real convenient to throw out Itunes votes if Grimmie doesn’t win them and rely on numbers that cannot be seen nor verified. Grimmie is going to win. Josh is getting robbed…

  11. justme says:

    The fact that they made Josh sing a song that was so wrong for his vocal style + had him sing as the last performance of the night + have now incorrectly labelled it on iTunes making it harder for people to buy and support him = confirmation of my belief that they are sabotaging him in order to manufacture a win for Christina Grimmie.

  12. Eric Niewohner says:

    I thought there were some really great performances tonight. I loved Christina’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” like some others here I am a singer and can hear when someone is flat, sharp, thin up top, lacks breath control or cannot ennuciate, but unlike some of you who trend with Michael I completely disagree with his and others opinion that this song was not fantastic. Yes she set it up to hit glory notes but if you can hit them why not. The acappella opening was wonderful, she does have a lovely tone when she sings softly, and thought she nailed the high notes and showed great breath control at the end. I will also note that on some other songs earlier this season her higher register has sounded screechy but not tonight. Really loved the last half of Wrecking Ball as well. But it is very clear to me that there are some here who have pretty much decided they don’t like Christina because of the youtube stuff and that is fine to each their own but in my mind she was the most consistent in all three performances and her last song she knocked it out of the park and I guess lots of other people agree with #5 on Itunes right now.

    Josh is so good and Signed, Sealed and Delivered was soulful and awesome. His best performance of the night. But his last song just didn’t fit his voice well at all and even when Adelle sings that song while I like it I have never felt emotional about it in any way so if that was Usher’s hope he picked the wrong song.

    Really liked Jake’s first song thought he sung it with sincerity and a nice tone. Singing Richard Marx did not fit his tone or style at all and while Blake ripped up the last song, Jake did not.

    I really hope Christina wins but would not be upset if Josh won, as he has a fantastic voice.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      The a capella opening of the Elvis cover was a very promising start. And we are in violent agreement that her sotto voces are gorgeous. But let’s be honest… this isn’t a song that lends itself to glory notes. I can tell you’re listening with a technical ear which I fully appreciate, but from an artistry perspective, glory notes simply don’t belong in this song. The closest analogy I can think of is Carey’s cover of Journey’s “Can’t Live” where she carefully chose her glory notes (or Ken Lee if you’re from Bulgaria… youtube it if you don’t catch the reference cuz I swear it’s awesome).
      And YES!!!! 2nd half of Wrecking Ball was MONEY!!! LOVED IT!!! I wish she sang all of the Elvis song in a more appropriate dynamic while letting it rip on Miley. I’m still rooting for Josh, but the last minute of Miley kind of made me love her.

      • Eric Niewohner says:

        Well violent disagreement is pretty strong, lol, since I would never hit someone over a difference in a singing competition. I do see where you are coming from and from a purist perspective that song by Elvis is a beautiful love song, but I don’t find any problem with her re-arranging it to be something that showcases her voice, I found it beautiful and emotional so for me it was wonderful.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I think you read my response incorrectly, Eric. We are in violent agreement, not violent disagreement. :)

  13. Janie says:

    Whoever said that Usher and Adam had the best performance of the night is correct, that is truly Soul, and Usher has been such an amazing coach both times around, a shot of adrenaline to the show. He brings out the best in people, it doesn’t seem like an NBC commercial gimmick when he coaches. It is fun to watch both coach and contestant grow. Shakira has been a deer in headlights all season, Adam has been very jerky like himself on bleached steroids though. I think Josh nailed Set Fire to the Rain, and I thought he brought down the house. The responses on this blog are all over the place, I can’t figure out what “America’s” taste is. This is a big country ya’ll ;-). Kind of excited for Gwen Stefani, I’ve loved her since “Don’t Speak” man I was in middle school, she is so versatile. Blake is Blake, it gets annoying at times, but it is also very comforting. That young man Jake is awesome, I’m such a fan. He’s young and he should just go right to the top, but sing more earthy country (he has this gravelly belly voice, sing from that gut the magic is down in there) stay away from rock/pop high pitched stuff period! I really would have loved to see the kid try Johnny Cash out. Do they ever cover the man in black, or Willie Nelson on this show? #lesigh Oh, and that Christina girl is an incurable screamer, the ONLY time I looked twice and cheered for her was when she covered Drake, it was so fresh and bold of her. It kicked a$$. Other than that, a cat wailing in a trash can. Screaming is not singing, Adam hits amazingly high notes in his falsetto, no screaming, see it is possible. Usher too. I’m just being really honest, Christina and her balloons irked me.

  14. sd says:

    I wonder what The Voice will do about the itunes problems for Josh’s song. It doesn’t show up as a single and you have to buy the album to get it. That’s probably one of the reasons it’s doing lower than the other two.

    • HTGR says:

      I think that happens when the cover songs they did in weeks that were album only. Some other weird things happened last season too.
      Last season it was a real mess and Jacquie Lee got screwed IMO because her main finale song was one she sang before and, for some reason, iTunes wouldn’t seem to let you re-buy it to give it a new set of votes for the finale and she didn’t chart high with it. So all her support base who had purchased it originally way back when couldn’t add to her crucial finale vote total with it.

      • Meri says:

        Jaquie, Will and Tessanne all redid their auditions in the finale. Jaquie’s main finale song was “And i’m Telling You”. That was her first time doing it. Tessanne’s main finale song was #1 on the charts. That was hard to beat regardless.

        • HTGR says:

          Yeah, but Jacquie’s seemed to be the one that had sold the most early on, so had the most blocked from being able to vote again with it later on. Jacquie’s song came from when she had been hand’s down the talk of the show and the when the other two were getting somewhat more flack and less notice.

  15. Elizabeth Mirra says:

    Josh might be winning the Voice Season 6 if The Voice producers and iTunes didn’t mess up the listing of the song he sung “Set Fire to the Rain.” Apparently the song is not listed with the others under Josh Kaufman’s name on iTunes, and people can’t find it. It’s tucked in an album, not by its title. So, that song is not charting on iTunes because people can’t find it in order to download it. This seems like some very heavy handed rigging by The Voice or iTunes and is not fair.

    So, while Josh Kaufman SHOULD win Season 6, he probably won’t because it seems like the producers of the Voice have manipulated iTunes because they want Christina Grimmie to win. Very sad. Very wrong. Dishonest and disgusting.

  16. Kaba says:

    Josh’s iTunes version of “Set Fire To The Rain” is….
    Good as hell. I actually might prefer it to the original.
    If only it had been this great live.

  17. Adrian says:

    Tonight’s show is definitely an interesting one, as each singer has their hits and misses. However I agree with Mike and many other bloggers and please stop doing this reprise thing. None of the contestants will have time to come up with another version. Maybe it is just better to have them singing another new song (with a theme) or have them singing two songs for the night. You can get past Voice contestants doing some performances in between. American Idol contestants for the past three weeks sang three songs each (yes they are the short versions) so learning three songs is not impossible. The Voice contestants are more seasoned singers in general, so they know what they need to do to prepare for three songs.

    Josh is still my favorite and “Set Fire to the Rain” is definitely a challenging song to sing live, especially when three of them showed sings of tiredness. However I felt that Josh pushed it through in the end. Choosing Adele is always a risk, and as a male vocalist, singing Adele is ten times more difficult, and Josh definitely gets more than a pass.

    Christina is definitely doing better this week with better song choices. I agree with Michael on his assessment. “Wrecking Balls” no longer shocks us but Christina sounds better than Miley for sure. It is a waste of precious air time and no wonder, that song goes first. I sort of wish Americans will choose a more up tempo song for her to sing. The highlight is definitely the duet with Adam, which is so beautifully done. She is not screaming, which is always a good thing. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” is just a copycate from Jena’s successful performance of another Elvis’ songs a few weeks ago. That is just wrong, Same with Jena, they both over sang the song and trying to hard to showcase the voice, instead of giving the lyrics some depth. There needs to be some quiet moments too.

    Jake is an example of how great Blake is as a coach! Blake definitely spent some times researching some great songs for Jake. My favorite performance for Jake is his first song “Every Close Your Eyes,” as you can really witness his growth and improvement over the past few months. The duet with Blake is not as good, but at least Blake covers some of his weak spots. “Right Here Waiting” is a good choice, but Jake definitely struggles on this song.

    Finally who will win? I really think Josh truly demonstrates many sides of him tonight, as he has demonstrated his strong vocal throughout the past few weeks. All his songs are difficult to sing and has covered a wide range of genres. After “All of me” last week, it is really difficult to reach a new peak, and it might be saver to sing another ballad, but it might be difficult to find another ballad that can be as heart felt as “All of Me”. However I feel that the producers of Voice has an agenda from day one of the blind audition. It is almost a deal with Universal Records to make sure Christina will win. Last week left a really bitter taste on my mouth by bringing out an instant save to keep Christina in the contest. That is WRONG. Tonight, the producers are pulling another trick by messing up the iTunes chart. It might be an honest mistake but this show has had many “mess-ups” since the battles. I actually feel if the iTunes votes are not counted at all, it might put Josh in a disadvantage, as he has a few more popular hits than Christina. Regardless we know that the producers can do whatever they want to do to influence the outcomes, it just makes me, a die-hard Voice fan, sad. If Christina is having such a problem gaining votes, isn’t it a strong telling that she has a charisma issue? There are millions of talented singers like Christina Grimme in the US, but only a handful of them made it to the top. Charism is an important factor too and sometimes if you force it too much, Christina may already irritate a huge following before able to gain any success. It will make her road even more difficult!

    I think Josh will possibly win if the show does not mess with the votes again and corrects the iTunes situation. Vote wise, Josh seemingly has absorbed the votes from Kat and Kristen (just from reading the twitters) and Christina and a number of contestants like Kat seem to have difficulties persuading their young fans to use the phone to call the traditional way. Anyway, it will be an interesting night! At least it is still unpredictable, compared to “Jena winning American Idol” shows on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on FOX.

  18. Fari says:

    I honestly think the writer’s being a little too hard on Christina. Her Elvis rendition deserves higher than a B-, and I personally liked it more than Jena’s version. I think she displayed her versatility with the softer, sweeter notes, and I think she was spot on with the higher notes. I honestly don’t think anyone in the voice can hit those notes like she did. Josh proved that when he struggled to hit the high notes with ” Set fire to the rain”. And it definitely deserved a higher grade than Josh’s “Set fire to the rain”. I dont mind either one of them winning, they’re both extremely talented and it could go either way (though with the current rankings, Josh end up 3rd, which would be shame). I just think that the writer is showing his/her obvious bias towards Josh by undermining Grimmie’s performances.

  19. Colleen says:

    I really hope that Josh wins this. But Michael, this critique is about the Voice, so why did you have to drag the show that cannot carry the Voice’s jockstrap into it?! Never mind the fact that Christina’s version of the EP song was light years better than that of the ugly girl with marbles in her mouth and a fake accent! But Josh has been impressive all season and got all of my votes. The icing on the cake, if he wins, will be Adam getting served a big and much-needed slice of humble pie.

    • Meri says:

      Best. Jena Comment. Ever. And totally agree about Adam. If he takes it this year than I really hope Pharell or Gwen gets a good front runner next year. Adam and Blake both need humble pie.

      • Colleen says:

        Blake doesn’t bug me as much as Adam does because Blake is genuine, whereas Adam comes off like a used car salesman and actually throws his own team members under the bus, plus he rarely gives credit to Javier and Tessanne, the members of his team that won. It is all about his ego. I mean, I absolutely love Maroon 5 and Adam’s voice, but I wonder if his ego has become huge due to the huge amount of notoriety he has gotten from the Voice. In any case, I still think Josh is the best.

  20. as says:

    6:15 am Eastern….looks like Josh is last…very disappointed. Feel he deserves the WIN, but there is no denying that Jake is ‘squeezable’ as Shakira said and the most LIKEABLE like a cute puppy. The Grimmie girl’s take on Elvis was over-the-top and completely lacking in sincere, SIMPLE feeling…that’s what that song is about. Hated it… don’t care about her big diva glory notes one little bit.

  21. jimmy says:

    Eep… On iTunes Duets do NOT count.. but all their past performances do. Christina and Jake both have a song in the top ten as of now, but Josh’s Set Fire to the Rain isn’t even on the Top 300 Singles Chart

    • M says:

      If you look in Itunes itself under Hot Singles he’s listed as 19 and 20 with both of his songs from last night.. But people are still struggling to find it. He’d be in the top 10 with Set Fire to the Rain (which the recorded version is flawless, unlike his performance of it) if it was something people did not have to hunt for. He definitely got screwed. Considering all the problems finding his song and the fact it’s still at number 20 should be a pretty good indication that he’d have easily been in the top 5 already.

    • ME says:

      And this is why marketability matters for those who do not understand

  22. destinielynn says:

    It’s funny how Josh’s iTunes songs are hard to find because it’s under albums, as he tweeted. Another rigged voting? I hope not. Seems like the producers are gonna let Christina win with all the rigged voting changes I have noticed. Anyways team josh!

  23. Jane says:

    Why, WHY on earth did Usher choose Adele’s song for Josh? It’s totally out of his wheelhouse, he’s not a powerhouse vocalist. Has he learned nothing from Bria’s Rolling in the deep performance? Man, I’m so angry right now. Please, please for the love of god leave Adele’s songs to Adele.
    Anyway, I feel like this mess of a season wouldn’t be complete without Jake winning it all. Least proficient vocalist out of top 8 is The Voice. Very apt. I have nothing against him personally, but I feel the winner of this singing competition should be able to sign in tune consistently, something Jake has trouble doing.

    • Edward says:

      The only way to get the result you are speaking of is to NOT let the public vote, and to stop the competition between the judges. Of course, that will never happen; people would lose interest in the show. I really enjoy this show, but “The Voice” is probably a misnomer.

  24. Siera says:

    We can hardly find josh song! Garvious! The boice should not allow this! Josh for the win! Have Justice America! Obviously, Josh deserves to win, this is the voice not a broadcast yourself session lol…. Still have time. Vote for josh!

  25. Mikko says:

    Seems like Jake is gonna win this season, unless the winner will be decided by surprise Twitter voting. Christina has has the top position song in iTunes, but all the next three postions are held by Jake, and if a country guy has these kinds of iTunes sells….Remember Tate Stevens in Xfactor – people liked hima lot, but you could not see it in the Twitter or even in the iTunes…
    My prediction is: Jake is a surprise winner, and it must be a big surpise especially to you, Michael.

  26. patdamico says:

    Usher’s entire bid for Josh during the blinds was that a soul singer should pick another soul singer for a coach. The Sam Smith song was a brilliant choice, but nothing since that has supported Usher’s contention that he was the right coach for a soul singer. All he’s done since is pick one overdone pop song after another for Josh. When they announced Josh would be doing Adele for the finale, I actually deflated in my chair. Then it’s announced that Usher and Adam would be doing D’Angelo’s “Untitled”! I’m so with Michael on this: if ever a song and a contestant had the potential for a killer moment, it would’ve been Josh singing “Untitled.”

    I just can’t believe Usher would be that clueless with his choices, and now I can’t even click on Josh’s iTunes version of SFTtR for a sample listen, never mind buy it! It’s there on the singles chart, but when you click on it nothing happens. I really, really don’t want to believe that The Voice has gone down that road, because it’s been consistently so much more entertaining and eons less transparent than Idol, but, Holy Cow! This is a disaster! They really do appear to be doing everything they can to cripple Josh. Such a shame. His is the most distinctive, skilled voice I’ve heard on any of these shows in a very long time, with a tone unparalleled. The past few seasons on both shows left me so apathetic, I stopped bothering to post here. Josh changed that. I don’t get all this talk about unmarketable. His voice is more radio ready than anyone I’ve heard on both these shows for a good, long while, and when matched with the right song (“Stay with Me”) proved just how marketable he can be.

    I hate to see this kind of controversy. Grimmie will definitely benefit from this iTunes “screw up,” and that’s so very wrong. No matter who you’re favorite is. There’s no defending this.

  27. xKageDemon says:

    Before I stated my opinions, please know that I am not bias because I just saw these three contenders based on their performance at The Voice. I have to say, i disagree with your comment. Josh is not that great and I think that you clearly overrated him. Please watch Josh’s video and Christina’s video again with a clear head, not affected by the fact that you’ve been Josh’s biggest fan. I believe that you’re opinion will change. I truly feel that Christina is better compared to Josh and Josh SHOULD not win The Voice. Also, I think that you’re a bit harsh on Jake. I think that he successfully connects with the audience. So please, watch the performances again with a clear mind and then reassess your comments. Thanks!!

  28. Melissae says:

    I enjoy The Voice. I think above someone did say how did we end up wit these three in the end? Good singers but… Delvin. Kat even. Anyway, it’s cool to see Jake do classic country.
    Josh is a cute Timblerlight. Chrstina is ok.
    If it’s this three, I say underdog wins. Jake. if only because I may have accidently enjoyed the Shakira Blake song/duo more than i should have.

  29. Jean says:

    I don’t think Josh should be counted out just because ONE song wasn’t up to par. That’s ridiculous. I think he’s great and hope he wins.

  30. Gale says:

    Last night’s show was odd. Not only was Josh’s vocal performance too over the top, but the production was also. The stage was covered in flames, and it looked like there was a sale on white polyester at the local fabric store. The key of the song did not fit his range. Also, did anyone notice what Usher was wearing during his duet with Josh? Jeans and a white t-shirt. It looked like he was ready to paint a house. Adam seemed to phone it in too.

  31. Meri says:

    This was so disappointing, I think they should go back a few weeks and give it to Kat, Kristen or someone else by default. Josh was my favourite of the 3 left. His best IMO were his Bonne Raitt and Sam Smith covers. His Adele cover was underwhelming live but the studio version was pretty good (I found it by searching for the song title). I did at least feel his emotion. I do think his cumulative work has been the best and he should get the win based on that.
    Christina’s best was her Drake cover. I thought she was great on the delicate notes last night, but awful on the glory notes. That little part near the end gave me a headache. She hasn’t perfected belting IMO and shouldn’t overuse it at this point in time. When Celine or Whitney does it, there’s a richness to it that makes it sound so effortless. It sounds a bit screechy with Christina and you can tell she has to work to get there. I think her voice just needs to mature a bit more in that area – similar to the issue with Jacquie last season.
    Jake’s best was “Anymore” IMO. This was not a good week for him to do a song that wasn’t originally country. It showed his flaws. Did Blake just check out for this week? The new song and duet were both awful song choices.
    I’ve mentionned what I thought were their best covers because I expect contestants to top their best in the finale like Tessanne did last year. No one did that.this time. I hope they all go on to good things though. It’s hard to say who will do the best until we see what they have in terms of original songs after the show. All shows have had people who did awesome original work but were hit and miss at covers (Ex: Angie Miller, Chris Rene, Jessica Meuse) and some who do awesome covers can get saddled with awful original songs (ex: Melanie Amaro). Jake could still make it if he is given material that plays to his strengths and doesn’t expose his weaknesses. If she wins Christina, could get locked into a contract where she gets less creative control and puts out mediocre songs. Josh could still do well in his niche. His genre is not one where “Marketability” is important as it’s target audience is an older crowd. Only time will tell…

  32. Betsy says:

    iTunes “mislisting” of Josh’s song is as accidental as Kristen being listed as having 1% of the the twitter save vote in the “messed up graphic” last week. How stupid do the producers think we are?? Simply put, they don’t want Josh to win. They clearly want Christina to win. Frankly, there is a piece of me that is hoping Blake’s army pulls Jake through for the win because it will serve the producers right. Here’s hoping that Usher keeps working to bring Josh’s soulful sound to the masses after this manipulative treatment. Reality show my ass.

  33. ME says:

    Last night was completely lackluster. I am looking forward to AI’s finale more than the Voice’s and it’s usually the other way around. Mainly because I know I will at least be watching to good entertainers battle it out.
    I don’t understand why certain singers were passed over for what we are left with.
    I don’t like the twitter save because it’s unfair. I don’t like that they have (more than once) done a song that was just done on AI. I don’t like it that they keep re-hashing the same songs over and over. How many times has this show done Somebody that I used to know? Multiple times.
    If this song was really about the Voice then, Sisaundra, Audra, and Josh should have been the last 3 standing. Christina has a nice voice but she is not consistent.
    Who should win: Josh, Who will win: Christina

  34. gailer says:

    I missed the last two performances and I have to admit that CG is very good with Cant Help Falling in Love, now Im worried for my pick, Josh.

  35. M says:

    Both of Jakes songs from last night are in the top 10. At close of voting (now) he’s #6 and #10 in the overall. Christina Grimmie has 1 track at #3 but her other track is way way down at #42. Josh Kaufman, despite the Itunes very stinky smelling mess up listing his song as a album rather than a single and making it difficult to find or purchase, ended up at 16 and 20 for his songs.

    So at #6 and #9
    and #16 and #20

    their combined itunes should beat out her #3 and #42 or in Josh’s case come close.

    Also Jake’s Heaven is still in the Top 50 and Josh’s All of Me and I Can’t Make You Love Me are in the 60’s.

    All three have remained in the top 100 since they were first performed.

    Christina on the other hand has 1 other song besides the 2 she sang last night and it’s 103.

    Since all of the Itunes count for the entire season toward their total there is really no way Christina will have won based in itunes. If you’ve been watching the charts it’s damn near mathematically impossible. Technically speaking Jake beat her last night in Itunes sales.

    3 Christina Grimmie – Can’t Help Falling In Love (The Voi… 0.7772
    6 Jake Worthington – Right Here Waiting (The Voice Perfor… 0.5409
    10 Jake Worthington – Don’t Close Your Eyes (The Voice Per… 0.4833
    16 Josh Kaufman – Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours (The… 0.3246
    20 Josh Kaufman – Set Fire To The Rain – not listed (numbers unavailable)
    41 Christina Grimmie – Wrecking Ball (The Voice Performanc… 0.1754

    Do the math.

    Christina 0.79474
    Jake 1.0242
    Josh (got screwed)

    Jake won.

    • Riana says:

      Unlikely, since no one knows how the other votes go. They could potentially throw out all of Jake’s other votes if they wanted to.

      • M says:

        Oh I’m sure they will.. But he legitimately won this week. If Josh wins it’s because of his cumulative total of Itunes which is and always has been higher than Christina’s. It’s mathematically impossible for Christina to legitimately win. If she wins it’s because they are completely disregarding votes for any other contestant. Her win is void. Period.

    • Nichol says:

      On Josh Kaufman’s twitter he posted a clarification to his fans (after voting had closed just to be clear) that no multiplier is awarded for being in the top ten for ITunes finale performances!!! I went back and reread the Official Voting rules once again and they do seem to support this. The cumulative total of ITunes downloads INCLUDING bonuses (multipliers) up to the start of the final night performances IS added and this favors Josh. The eligible votes after final performances does include ITunes downloads (1 vote per) but there is no indication that the multiplier is in effect for Final Performance downloads. It may come down to how many other type of votes were received after last night’s performances and that could favour Grimmie or Jake. Whew!! I do love the Voice but it doesn’t mean I think it is without fault or things couldn’t be improved. One thing for sure is simplified and easy to understand voting rules could definitely be improved. Honestly I had an ugly flashback to my Statistics course in high school trying to make sense of it.

    • Viajero says:

      If they really aren’t giving a Top 10 bonus this week, then the iTunes part of the vote does come down to cumulative sales. And in that case, Billboard’s Digital Song chart tells you a lot more than their iTunes ranking the morning after the performance. Only Christina (twice) and Josh (once) had broken into the Digital Top 25 up through the Top 8 performance show. Though Jake may also have made if for last week’s song, only Christina is likely to have done so this week. My rule of thumb after comparing the charts over past seasons is that you need to make it at least into the Top 3 overnight to have a real good chance at the weekly digital chart (though there are exceptions like Christina’s How to Love).

      Another consideration is that both Christina’s and Josh’s biggest sellers have tended to last a lot longer on the iTunes chart than Jake’s. While its good for Josh that I Can’t Make You Love Me is still in the 60’s two weeks later, Christina’s Drake cover was also about there two weeks after she performed it.

      Despite all the above, I suspect that Jake has enough total cumulative iTunes sales that it’s probably going to come down to the votes.

  36. Winston says:

    Well I’m happy with both Christina or Josh winning, I want Josh to win but as long as overrated Joke, yep no longer Jake.

  37. Kat says:

    I don’t understand all the Jake hate. I really like him, he sounds like a young Travis Tritt or Paul Brandt. He’s bringing back the classic country sound that country music needs right now. Sure his voice may not be as powerful as Christina’s or as diverse as Josh’s but it isn’t bad and he certainly doesn’t deserve all of the “if he wins I’ll stop watching the show” nonsense. Country is a valid music genre and should be treated as such. Also, I’m not “from the South” nor am u even American so people can’t use that argument here lol.

    • Mikko says:

      I can like or even love country music, but I am not “a country music fan” voting that kind of a performer just because he or she would sing the country music, and I still have loved Jake all the time. I had three favorites, Delvin, Tess and Jake, whom I could not put into any order, and right now it seems, that for the first time in the history of The Voice USA, one of my favorites might win the show, Jake.
      I also think, that he could have quite successful career in country music, even 20 years from now, maybe not as a top top top seller, but solid success with a solid fan base.
      Also, I think that Jake’s win would be a real American dream: He was earlier not taken into the show, but said, that come back after practicing, and he did. He has not been manipulated to be the winner, vice versa, and he has shown real humble attitude – and people like his voice and personality. Even if you would like to see somebody else to win, you cannot deny, that his winning would be an american dream coming true in a real way.

  38. Rebeca says:

    Hey, I’m sorry, but your numers are wrong, the social networks and the iTunes consider Christina the favourite and Jake as second, Josh just screw everything singing Adele.

    • M says:

      Just your spelling of “favourite” points to the fact you are not American and last I checked this was open to US votes and voters only. No offense to you, but it is cheating. Voting by manipulating your location is cheating. Buying itunes songs by manipulating your location is cheating.

      If Grimmie is so great why does she have to cheat to win? Why do her fans and her coach need to cheat and manipulate to keep her in it? Why has she released 2 albums, has 500k twitter followers, millions of youtube subscribers and views and yet she has no record deal and can’t break into the industry?

      Why has every record label thus far passed on her?

      Because she is not as great as 14 year old foreigners insist she is… That’s why.

      • Fari says:

        Youtube artists rarely get signed. Look at tiffany, savannah, and even tyler ward? They’re major youtube stars too, and are unsigned. There was even a guy from team adam this year who got out in the playoffs, I forget his name…anyway, he was a youtube sensation too and is still unsigned. Both her albums sold 200k+ without any formal promotions and without the support of a major label, her singles ‘liar liar’, ‘with love’, ‘find me’ and ‘advice’ broke into the top 100 i think on itunes, she’s been on Ellen, and has opened for selena gomez. People need to get their facts straight bwfore pointing out ‘whats wrong’.I think she must have done something right to have achieved so much and still be completely self made. And the instructions were posted on public forums, so it’s not like her fans had an unfair advantage. Kaufman’s foriegn fans could ‘cheat’ too. I personally didn’t ‘cheat’, because I like both christina and josh, but as a Grimmie fan, people really need to stop undermining her vocal talent, and the intelligence of her fans. Also, as long as we’re on the ‘there’s a reason these are unsigned artists path’, Josh auditioned for the X-factor, and didn’t get far. There’s got to be a reason that happened. There’s got to be a reason that during his years as an active, struggling artist, he remained unsigned. And you can’t judge an artist just because she’s unsigned.justin beiber is a signed artist…need I say more? Can’t we just accept that both of them are talented, and were 4 chair turns for a reason? And that Grimmie fans didn’t have an unfair advantage, and hence, couldn’t even ‘cheat’. Foriegn kaufman fans voted overseas too, thanks to the information given by the Grimmie fans. They just weren’t open about it, which is why theu can put themsleves on a moral pedastel. Check out his facebook page. There are stray comments about them using grimmie information against her fans. The title could go either way, and both of them deserve a record deal. Get over it.

        • M says:

          The truly good ones do get signed. Some people are born to be cover singers. Christina falls into that category.

          Tori Kelly is a youtube artist who signed with Scooter Braun, with a smaller following on both Youtube and Twitter than Christina. It’s not like he didn’t know who Christina was, she’s managed by Selena’s dad and we all know about Selena and Justin’s relationship. Tori is a better singer and more marketable. She’s on track to be one of the biggest names in music for her generation next to Ariana Grande.

          The bottom line is Christina has had more opportunity than anyone else on the show. She already has the machine trying and failing to get her career going and it’s not working. If she was worth a record deal she would have been offered one already.

          If there is an artist on The Voice this year (taking their vocal abilities out of it) that has the best chances of making it in the mainstream it’s absolutely not Christina Grimmie. They sent home their most marketable contestants and out of who they have left it would be Jake and possible Josh. Josh could easily sell to the Sam Smith, John Legend market and blow up. Love him or hate him Jake could easily rule the country charts. Christina has nothing going for her in the pop landscape where it’s often less about talent and more about gimmick. Her gimmick is full on flat, she’s not pretty enough to be a sex symbol (which carries half the field if we’re honest,) and her voice doesn’t stand out in the pack of pop singers that dominate the charts.

          I really don’t care about who gets a record deal because ultimately it means absolutely nothing… Just ask the past winners. If you’re not marketable, contract or not, Universal is not going to spend money to market you… and if Universal was going to spend money to market her with all of her advantages, they would have already.

          Grimmie and other’s who have those type of chances already shouldn’t even be allowed on the show. That goes for Tessanne, TJ Wilkins, Sissaundra, Judith Hill, Bria Kelly and a bunch of others as well. If they want to know why they haven’t gotten a star yet it’s because they’re looking in the wrong places. I’m not just against Grimmie to be against her. It just is what it is. Reality sucks and music is a business. Idol has created new stars because it has clear rules of who can and who cannot compete and when they break someone, they’re actually breaking them.

          • Fari says:

            I think that before writing her career as a solo artist off, we’ve got to remember that 3 of Christina’s songs (and 4 if you count the duet) charted in the top10 for a a reason. Even that less-than-amazing wrecking ball performance didn’t do too badly despite the fact that most of her fans(including me) had already downloaded the song, and let’s face it, with america’s pick she was at a disadvantage:her audition was one of the most hyped ones of the season, most of her downloads got used there and then, while Josh had the good fortune of performing a song where he could redeem himself, and with his previpus performance and loss with that song, I doubt too many people downloaded it the first time(Grimmie’s Wrecking ball broke into the top100 the first time I think). So I think she her Youtube fans do translate into a paying audience, I mean, even Hide and Seek charted in the top 20 despite that horrible song choice, and Some nights broke into top30 despite the various covers of the song, and despite the less than lauded over performance. Again, her albums sold over 200k individually without any big promotion, which is more than what many albums wiht promotions can sell, abd most of her singles charted in the top100. Without any promotion. If record companies haven’t signed her because they’re under the illusion that she won’t sell, they couldn’t be more wrong. And again, as long as we’re on that road, Josh was on X-factor, abd had been struggling abd gigging for years. Some of his later performances with his band were even posted on youtube. He had every oppotunity to get signed by a record company, and does come under the ‘semi-professional’ category, same as Sissaundra and Christina. He even struggled to get his break once his kids were born, which I think is amazing, not giving up, but really? By your logic, he’s in his mid30s, has been struggling for years, and is semi professional…why the hell hasn’t he been signed yet? Simple:recording companies tend to overlook amazing talent while signing on the likes of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. You can’t be sure of who Josh could ‘easily sell to’, because as talented as he is, there are plenty of equally amazing singers in the soul/rock scene today, all of whom have an advantage over him:they got signed before 30, without struggling for years. As for Jake, go into the country scene, and really…does he stand out? When it comes to male country singers, they have to have 4 things:the whole ‘good guy thing’ which Jake has that bang on, a voice that stands out:Jake’s voice is as generic a country voice as any, Good looks….errr..need I explain myself here? And most of all…artistry that stands out, and Blake has been making decisions for Jake since the beginning. I think he’s gotten so far because of his likability, and because of Blake’s brilliant coaching, but that’ll only take this far. Christina on the other hand, has displayed her artistry, and whatever you may say, has stood out from the bjillion youtube artist enough for her to get this following. Also, she did, at one point get offered a record deal, I think, but she refused, for whatever reason (if youtube discussions, abd her brief appearance on Ellen are to be believed). As for her being flat in her performances…well..we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one. All I’m saying is she was a 4 chair turn for a reason, was called ‘baby celine dion’ and the best singer on team Adam for a reason, and that’s not because her gimmicks are flat. She makes a song her own, in every single way, and by the end I forget that it’s not hers. That I think makes her a born artist and soloist, not a born cover singer. She’s prettier than Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Demi Levato, and with enough makeup, can be one of the prettier pop stars out there. And her songs sell…there’s no denying that. Despite the unwarranted hate on her, and random people calling her a ‘screechy slut’, her songs sell. I personally believe that both Josh and Christina are better off without the crappy contract offered by the show, and will land contracts on their own. Infact, with all the hype arounf this year, rumors are that Hollywood recordings are interested in Christina and will scoop her if she loses. Christina abd Josh both deserve to be signed, Christina just has the advantage of being young and pretty. As far as marketability goes…I think she’s one of the most marketable artists on The Voice, and one of the few who’ll actually carve a niche for herself. Also, the guy from team Adam who got out in the Playoffs sang ‘she will be loved’. know…extra information.

          • Fari says:

            Also, Adam’s more than willing to sign Christina to his own reasonably successful recording company (well it makes 33mill a year) 222 recordings. This makes me happy, to see struggling talent do well. Which is probably why I love Josh too. Clearly Adam’s confident that her youtube fanbase will translate into paying fans. As am I.

      • waterbug says:

        WTH…are you for real M?

        • Caitlyn says:

          The Grimmie hate is strong in that one. ;-)

          • WellYeah says:

            With good reason. her fanbots have to stop and ask themselves a hard question. A record company exists to make money for themselves. They make money by signing artists they think can sell lots and lots of CDs. They could care less about whether there is any actual talent there or not. Why then, is she not signed? With all her exposure and youtube “success” and promotion by a manager has no record company expressed any interest? It’s because they see what the fanbots do not see: a fanbase that is used to listening to a cover on YouTube for free doesn’t translate to a paying fanbase.

  39. Michael Shaw says:

    I disagree with your take on Grimmie’s “Can’t help falling in love”. It was one of the best performances of the night and I have to say out of all the tunes I downloaded, that’s the one I’ve had on repeat. I also enjoyed her stage performance. Her duet with Adam Levine is also quite good. One of the things music critics fail to realize is that the general public really doesn’t get into technical issues since most of them aren’t musically trained. So pitch issues (unless they’re obvious), enunciating, and singing in the pocket (unless it’s obviously behind or in front of the beat) isn’t something that’s going to register with folks who aren’t musicians, singers, or musically trained. They just know what they like and what they don’t like. I’m a fan of Grimmie. But when Adam gave her Hide and Seek it was a wrong song choice, and the only reason she ended up in the bottom 3 that week. Her take on Drake’s “Holding On” and Elvis’ “Can’t help falling in love” shows her artistry and skills and she won me over with that. Can’t help falling in love is #3 on itunes hot 100, so many folks outside of her fan base obviously love the arrangement. I’m not familiar with the American Idol version. I haven’t watched AI in years, and I’m guessing many of the Voice fans haven’t seen it other. With that being said, I do agree “Wrecking Ball” was uneven as was Jake’s “Right Here Waiting”, but both gave strong enough performances along with Josh’s consistent delivery to make it a strong horse race. Frankly I think Christina has the makings of a true pop star, which would be fresh for the Voice (the first two season winners were R&B, Casadee Pope traded in pop for Country Pop, Danielle Bradbury is country, and Tesanne Chin is an infusion of R&B/Reggae/Pop). Jake has the makings of a good country male singer and Josh is a first class vocalist. To me my preference is Grimmie, but I wouldn’t be upset if Jake or Josh take the win. That’s a first for me and I’ve been a fan of The Voice from day one of the first season.

    • Caitlyn says:

      This is one of the more reasoned and intelligent opinions I have read on this forum. Any of these final three, and several other that have been eliminated already, can have a great career if they write great songs. They are all very good within what they do, but right now, all we really know is that they can sings covers on a reality show well enough to make it this far.

  40. Eidi says:

    #4GlassesToWin again for #TeamUsher! And it seemed Adam was trying to be an Idol’s copycat with that song choice to Christina. It was a huge coincidence the same song was sung by Jena some days ago.

    • Sieves says:

      if you knew anything about anything you would know that christina has wanted to sing this song since she first auditioned on the voice. it was her pick and she wanted to do it because it is her dream song. she did not copy anyone.

      • Eidi says:

        Ok, I did not know that CG wanted to sing Elvis since the beginning, although I have never listened this song in her Youtube channel. But how about “Happy” by Majesty Rose in AI and Josh Kaufmann in The Voice, “Paris Oh La La” by Emily Piriz in AI and Kat Perkins in The Voice and “Every breath you take” by Alex Preston in AI and the duo with Usher last night? There are many coincidences to explain unless you assume The Voice is copying AI, even the latter is, in my opinion, worse than the former.

      • TooBad says:

        It’s too bad she was fixated on the song because (1) she didn’t sing it well at all, and (2) the already terrible performance managed to sound even worse in comparison to the other version.

      • M says:

        Go listen to Celine Dion’s version of that song. She absolutely copied someone. Cover singer to the end that one.

        • Michael Shaw says:

          who cares?? There is no such thing as singing an original song on the Voice and she got the highest ranking on itunes of all the finalists with her version of the tune.

  41. Sieves says:

    Utterly disgusted by Slezak’s grades and the posters on this board. Clearly a B- is a low grade for the near perfect performance Christina delivered. Of course, being blinded by Idol the people here refuse to accept that the best performance of the night (other than Usher and Adam sexy times) far and away was Christina’s AICHFIL. Her performance was the most dramatic, most vocally complicated, and most well executed on the night, and that is pretty much fact. You could argue that Sign Sealed Delivered was better, but in reality you would be shooting yourself in the foot, because Josh performed the Wonder classic much better on his original battle with Delvin. Go give it another listen if you don’t believe me. The fact that posters here would side so fervently with Jena and by extension be Anti-Grimmie is unsurprising, but disappointing all the same. The refusal to acknowledge a genius performance is even more so.

    • Cip says:

      Sorry Sieves but music is subjective. You act as if it’s not-that it’s clearly brilliant or crap. There are a lot of posters who are in agreement with Slezak and feel that Grimmie’s Elvis cover wasn’t all that. You seem to think it’s genius. We don’t. Simmer down already. It’s a stinking TV show. And how is thinking thinking that Josh’s “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” is better, “shooting ourselves in the foot”? Please don’t use an expression unless you know what it means and it makes sense. It makes your argument silly.

    • Kaba says:


      Completely fine, but now you’re just being rather rude because nobody else had an orgasm over her performance like you.
      There are many types of people in this comment section, people that love Grimmie, people who’re impartial, people that don’t see the magic. Looks like the general consensus is that her performance last night wasn’t all that like you think it is. If you’re disgusted…you can just leave?

  42. Tater says:

    For anybody that says the right talent isn’t left in the competition you are crazy… All three of these contestants could have steamrolled the last 4 seasons of American Idol. #JustSayin Also want to say anybody that can’t grasp the pure genuineness of Jake’s voice clearly either doen’t enjoy COUNTRY music, or hasn’t listened to true country music… It isn’t about auto-tune, heavy fast paced anthems or making a huge scene on a stage for attention..It tells a story & Jake is a great storyteller Country to the core. That’s what makes him worthy of being in the final 3 (3 phenomenal artists, 3 great diverse genres) #GameOn

    • Kaba says:

      Tater? Might you be a Tate Stevens fan?
      Anyway, I have heard better storytelling of non-anthemic music performed by people other than country artists AND better than Jake ever has. Blake is just killing us with the verbal gimmicky diarrhea which is making people think he’s some beast.
      I prefer Bradberry to this kid, at least she can hold a note.

      • Tater says:

        @Kaba: To be honest I didn’t really watch much of X-Factor after the first season (That Josh Krajcik should have won IMO…) But I digress, we clearly don’t see eye to eye on Jake. There is not a single fake note or bone about Worthington, the kid sings & delievers each lyric from his heart. Not a single syllable is lost to toying around with rifts & runs. If you can’t feel his passion when he sings then you clearly out-of-touch with the country genre…If you ever was to begin with IMO… I respectfully enjoy all 3 of the final contestants & have no issue with any of the 3. I’ll be ok with whoever wins.

    • HTGR says:

      any a number of singers did what you said of Jake only often more in tune, with more feeling and better vocals. I mean he didn’t even come close to Blake when he sang with him.

  43. voiceless says:

    We tuned in. We listened. We voted. Most years my favorites lose. This year is no exception. On to the next reality show….

  44. Viajero says:

    Michael: I actually agree with most of your grades this week, with two exceptions:

    1. You graded Christina’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” way too low. For me it was tied with Josh on the Stevie Wonder song as best of the night. And yes, I did like Jena’s version as well, but I think Christina’s was just as good in a very different way.

    2. I thought the Jake & Blake duet deserved more like a B-.

    My fear is that Josh’s less than stellar evening may have opened the door for a Jake win. Going by the entire season, it should be either Josh or Christina.

  45. Jaszy says:

    Looks like Christina’s going to win.
    They just announced that they threw out the votes that had accumulated over the 14 hours after last night’s performance show because of the Josh iTunes song glitch. But Carson said that it did not affect the outcome.
    I think Christina still won. Otherwise, they would have no need to say that removing all those votes affected the outcome or not.
    I so hope she wins. But if not, it’s not the end of the world. She’s still be a star.

  46. Jaszy says:

    SPOILER: Josh just won the Voice! I can’t be mad at him. I’m happy for him. This is a dream come true for him.
    Though I wanted Christina to take the win, she has already been guaranteed a record contract. And she made it to the end! Kudos to her! Love her always.
    What boogles my mind though is how Jake beat out Christina Grimmie.
    Well, it doesn’t really surprise me since the country vote secured Danielle her win in Season 4 over Michelle Chamuel who was OBVIOUSLY better.
    But seriously, Jake over Christina Grimmie?!?!

    But anyway, CONGRATULATIONS Josh Kaufman!

    P.s. I can’t wait for tomorrow to see if Jena will win the Idol title.

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