Teen Wolf Season 4: First Promo Unearths New Danger for Scott and His Pack

And then there were four.

MTV on Monday released the first official promo for Teen Wolf‘s upcoming fourth season, premiering June 23 at 10/9c, and it looks like things are about to get dirty.

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The 40-second video finds Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Derek — aka the only remaining members of the original Teen Wolf crew — rising from the ground and preparing for battle.

Little is known about Season 4, save for the addition of several new lacrosse players and a new villain, simply known as “The Benefactor.”

Hit PLAY on the Season 4 promo below, then drop a comment with your Teen Wolf hopes and fears.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nate says:

    Can’t wait

  2. Pedro says:

    It’s sad to see Allison (and Isaac, even tho he wasn’t an original) gone. I didn’t really like Kira much but I’m willing to give her another try. As for Malia, what the hell was she even doing in 3B besides being yet another reason to keep Stiles and Lydia apart?

  3. wordsmith says:

    Looks like MTV pulled the video. Is it hosted anywhere else?

  4. Kate says:

    That actually kind of looked more positive than any of the others I have seen before. You know, rising from the ashes of last season to face something together. Maybe I am feeling more positive than I was earlier in the day.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    My cable provider pulled MTV because another rate hike. I’ll have to find another way to watch it, boo!!

  6. Reality says:

    Video got pulled already

  7. Ann says:

    Looks intriguing. I can’t wait to see what happens this season!

  8. dude says:

    Nice to see Holland Roden taking the “female lead” status that is rightfully hers.

  9. Eric says:

    Does anyone know what the song is in this promo?

  10. Hmm. says:

    I just need these four to survive everything, okay? I can’t lose anymore main peeps this season. I also specifically want to see MUCH MORE of Derek, even though I know this season is going to be Lydia-centric. And now that I can never ever see the Hale/Argent story in the form of Derek/Allison, I’m ready for Derek and Lydia. Just praying Derek’s new love interest isn’t Kate again. I’ll jump off a bridge.

  11. Shaun says:

    Scott’s pack is really tiny now….down to 3 members+Peter?Cmon MTV,spring for some recurring people!!

  12. t8er8 says:

    can’t wait till season 4 it is going to be good

  13. maahigg says:

    I want Stiles to be bi this season pleaseeeeeeee but I’m probably the only one.

    • Luke Romero says:

      Yes you are everyone wants him to be with Lydia or some other girl. Plus its up to the Actor.

      • fernando933 says:

        Actually your wrong everyone wants Sterek to happen

        • Bill says:

          I don’t.

        • Radha says:

          Yeah I don’t either. Sterek is a fandom pairing. I actually don’t mind reading Sterek stories, but to say it’s actually something tangible on the show escapes me. They are reluctant allies, at best, that could become friends. Not lovers. If Stiles turned out to be bi, I honestly think he’d be with Scott instead of Derek. I have no problem if Stiles was bisexual, but I don’t think Jeff Davis should force a Sterek pairing out of thin air just because a lot of fans want it.

          You know what I ultimately want? Just more good storytelling that has nothing to do solely with romance. This is a horror genre series. Let’s focus on the great plot and scares and characters that make this show so great.

          • aunt_deen says:

            I don’t expect Sterek to happen on the show, although they do have some serious chemistry. But if Stiles is bi (which would be a fascinating arc for him) the LAST person he should be with is Scott. It would be practically incestuous.

        • Luli says:

          Not me.

        • Steven says:

          Not me either.

    • Enrique the Intelligent says:

      You are not the only one. To each their own to the other commenters, but I could see it developing on the show if done in the correct way as to make it believable. I would even be okay with a Stiles/Danny pairing if the actor playing him didn’t look so much older than Dylan.

      • Radha says:

        True, but again, I don’t see a Sterek pairing happening in a believable manner. Scott/Stiles? Sure thing. They have a history and they are close. I could totally buy that they have shared a kiss or tension before–especially going through puberty–that could develop into an actual romance now that they are older. Stiles and Derek on the other hand? Derek acts like Stiles is some kind of annoying kid brother and Stiles usually acts like he wishes they would work with anybody but Derek. Plus, I’ll never forget when Scott was almost dying of a deep wound inflicted on him by the Alpha Pack because the guilt of thinking that Derek died in the melee was wearing him down. And what was Stiles doing? He was sitting beside a guilt ridden Scott on the bus going to their cross country meet and was studying SAT words. Was Stiles filled with angst over Derek’s death? He didn’t seem like he even was worried about it. Not one word about Derek came out of his mouth. Not a “Man, I’m going to miss that guy.” And so on and so on.

        Stiles repeatedly shows this lack of concern on Derek’s part. Sure he saved him in the pool–which was an awesome scene. And yes, I can see why shippers had a field day with it (I being one of them b/c I do ship Sterek casually) but Stiles’ actions have nothing to do with DEREK. Him jumping into the pool would have been done if Scott fell in, or Lydia, or the Sheriff or Scott’s mom. etc. etc. Stiles would jump in because he’s a good guy and it would be the right thing to do. So people reading more into that scene is just that. Reading too much into it. The actors do have chemistry, but they are friends and that is normal. Chemistry does not have to mean romantic chemistry. Chemistry can just mean that two people work well in scenes together.

        Of course, all this is moot anyway, because when they interviewed Dylan he said he doesn’t think Stiles is gay. So if the actor himself doesn’t believe it, and we all know that Jeff allows the actors insight into their characters and actions, then it all kind of seems unlikely.

        • jc says:

          He might think he isn’t gay but he could turn out to be bi which is different from being gay. So there’s still the possibility he could be bi.

        • Jane says:

          We get it, you ship Scott/Stiles. Thanks for the Anti-Sterek manifesto. Realistically, he’s going to end up with Malia or Lydia, so it’s a moot point anyway.

          • Radha says:

            Actually, Jane, I DON’T ship Scott/Stiles. But I also get very annoyed when hardcore Sterek shippers keep pushing for that pairing when, despite the actors’ chemistry, there is nothing to showcase that pairing on the show in a realistic manner. Anything other than allies/friends. Again, chemistry between people can also translate to being just friends. What I don’t get is why is MUST be Derek–who is much older than Stiles and his friends–that has to be in a romantic pairing with Stiles. Why can’t Stiles be in an age appropriate relationship with a guy his age? And my pointing out the Scott/Stiles thing–which I feel you’re entirely misreading–is that I can see where the two of THEM have a foundation to get together and not Stiles and Derek.

            I am all for shipping who you want to ship on a show. But many hardcore–and notice I said hardcore and not “All”–Sterek shippers completely ignore canon and INSIST that Stiles and Derek have this wonderful epic love when that is not what is transpiring on the show. And that is what I don’t understand. There is no epic love between them, there is no pining for the other. There is a reluctant acceptance that they must work together from time to time. Stiles has already shown he doesn’t need much more in his life than Scott, his father and Lydia. He has shown irritation towards outside parties when they threaten his friendship with Scott (ex: a lot towards Isaac, first season a little towards Allison, a LOT towards Derek “Why are you at Derek’s house?” and “Why’d you ask him for help?” when Scott needed help controlling his wolf.)

            Shipping is fun. But when it gets out of hand and that is ALL anyone ever talks about regarding the show–then it’s not so much fun anymore. It’s the same issue I find Arrow has fallen victim to where all you see is Olicity! And I want Olicity to get together! You try finding people who are discussing the show and the PLOT and they are rare. I get why people love Olicity–I do too– but they are not the be all, end all of the show and it can become frustrating. To me, fandom should remain primarily in fandom. Sure, let the producers know which pairings you like and what parts of the show you like. But when that’s all it becomes, when fans start “bullying” the writers into forcing a pairing because that’s what they want, then that’s where the shipping becomes a problem for me.

            So, Jane, you can think I’m on some Anti-Sterek manifesto, but you don’t know me so please stop making judgment calls when you don’t have all the facts. I actually shipped Sterek quite hard mid-way through first season to about midway through 2nd–until I started finding the fandom to be a little TOO obsessed with forcing two people together who actually have had no foundation or development for a romantic relationship. Plus I can’t get over this whole disregard of age differences going on in the media lately (Don’t get me started on the whole mess in The Tomorrow People). To me, a teenager should NOT be with a grown man/woman in his/her mid-twenties. Boy or Girl. I also find it odd when people keep going: Well they can wait until Stiles is 18. And I still find that creepy. There shouldn’t be any “I’m waiting for you to turn 18 before “doing anything” when I’m a grown man/woman in my twenties”. My best friend is a much more serious Sterek shipper than me and even she is confused by the seriousness that much of the fandom takes the shipping level to.

            If Sterek WERE to happen on the show, it would have to be developed very slowly and I would want the age thing addressed in a serious manner. Preferably by the Sheriff and him reminding Derek he would kill him and bury the body somewhere if he does anything he doesn’t like regarding his son. And they would have to have me believe that Stiles no longer has any feelings for Lydia too for it to work. Dylan O’ Brien has said many times in interviews that Lydia is who his heart belongs to. Even if she never loves him in that way, he will always hold her dear. So until the show says, or Dylan says that he’s over her, I’m going by that canon and it would be something that also needs to be addressed if he were to try a relationship with Derek.

          • Jane says:

            @Radha: But seriously, though. Who cares about Sterek or Scott/Stiles or any other ship? It’s a fictional show. Why do you have to crap on what other people like about it? I don’t care who ships what, or how they ship it, and neither should you, so long as no one’s getting harmed. You’re right, I don’t know you, but when you spend paragraphs upon paragraphs trying to justify why some ship is “realistic” and another ship isn’t — well, it sounds an anti-ship manifesto to me. You’re thinking about it WAY too hard for someone who supposedly wants “shipping to be fun” and for other people to stop reading into things.

            Why do people think they have to be the fandom police? Why can’t people just let people like what they like and enjoy the show how they want to enjoy it? I don’t care what you ship or what you used to ship or whatever. Enjoy whatever you want to enjoy about the show. But “I used to be a Sterek shipper” is not an excuse to go around leaving comments crapping on what other people like about it. It just comes off as having an agenda.

          • Jane says:

            @Radha: And for the record, I actually don’t disagree with any of the points you have made. It’s just that I don’t see why it should matter so much that it would actively make people want to ruin something that other people love about a show. To me, that’s the complete antithesis of fandom’s purpose.

    • I might be totally wrong but I read somewhere that Jeff Davis wants to make Stiles bi but MTV is having none of it so he’s at least hinting at this possibility.

      • TK says:

        I actually read that the actor who plays Stiles was very against that as well. It would pretty much ruin the show for me if they went that direction.

    • Sterek says:

      They pretty much opened the door for that one in episode 3-16 (Illuminated) with Stiles “so you like boys too” conversation with Caitlin. They didn’t take it all the way as Stiles never answered the question, which in a way, does answer the question. If they aren’t going to take it anywhere else, I would rather see Stiles with Catilin over Malia any day.

  14. Clo says:

    I seriously can’t wait! I really hope this is a sign of what’s to come, letting the original cast take center stage. They are not sideline characters, they are the core, the heartbeat of this show.

    And I really love love love that they referenced our beloved Allison, hence the crossbow. Even in death, she will always be apart of Teen Wolf.

  15. CCarolinee says:

    I’m happy Kira is in season 4 :). I really like her and I’ve come to accept her. I hope Scira happens. I mean, they kissed and everything but I’m not sure about this couple’s future. I love PETER <3. I want him to become an alpha :). I want Lydia to scream more often. That's awesome xexe :D. I just wanna know more about her, as a banshee

  16. Skittles&Bits says:

    As long as Dylan O’brien/Stiles is still alive, I’m still down for TW. If not for his phenomenal performance in 3B, that entire arc would’ve been flatter than a wilted souffle. Dylan’s miles ahead of his colleagues in terms of acting chops it’s a little scary.

  17. jc says:

    If Stiles turns out to be bi it shouldnt come as a huge shock because the seeds to him being bi have already been planted. Some examples were when he kept asking Danny if he thought he lloked good and when that girl in the party asked him if he was bi. So if he does turn out to be bi I would welcome that and hopefully him love interest is someone new, it doesnt have to be Danny because hes the only gay guy he knows, or Derek because that is what the Sterek shippers want even though it makes no sense.

    • Radha says:

      True. If Stiles becomes interested in guys as well as girls, I’m down for it as long as it’s someone new. I don’t understand this need for it to be Derek and only Derek.

  18. Jane says:

    Kira is my absolute favorite, and I can’t wait to see more of her in Season 4. I was really disappointed at how her storyline got derailed in 3B. Hopefully the writers will get their act together and give her more time to shine this season.

    • Jia says:

      I personally didn’t like Kira at all. If they try to just plug her in as the new Allison, I think they will lose fans. I’m okay with her being around as a minor background character like that Danny guy, but I sure don’t want to have her constantly be a part of the main story.

      • Jane says:

        I can definitely understand why some people feel she’s an Allison replacement. I will hate it if they don’t end up giving Kira her own unique developmental path, but there are so few well-developed ladies on the show. It’s hard for me not to want more screen time for the ones we have. :)

  19. Kelly says:

    My biggest fear is that they might choose to kill off Stiles. He is my favorite character on the whole series. This thought had never occurred to me until they killed off Argent at the end of the last season. While I’m not happy that they killed her off, if the ever do kill Stiles off, it WILL officially end my viewership of this show. I have been an avid viewer and have never missed a single episode. I do not believe that I am the only person that feels this way about Stiles. I certainly hope that the producer/writers take this into account before they ever decide to let the ax fall on this character.

    • Sterek says:

      If they were to kill off Stiles, they may as well kill the show. I’m with you, if he goes, I’m gone. Dylan O’Brien has shown himself to be a great actor over the first three seasons, especially season 3B. He was totally twisted, but great.

  20. Charlton says:

    The best thing about the teen wolf series is that its not as predictable as most shows .I just hope no other wolfs from Scotts pack die if more should arise.I mean what’s so cool about watching scott getting his as kicked all the time.

  21. Katie Elyea says:

    It looks pretty cool!!

  22. Joel says:

    Is there a season 5