Quotes of the Week from Once, Arrow, Hannibal, Devious Maids, Bad Teacher, S.H.I.E.L.D. & More

With season finales as abundant as spring pollen, TVLine’s Quotes of the Week is in full bloom, too.

Yes indeed, we’ve got a a collection of the best retorts, one-liners and bon mots from the last seven days of small-screen wonder!

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This time around, we’ve got a Murder, She Wrote reference on Wendy Williams, a humble brag on Person of Interest, a cultured moment on Orphan Black, last calls for the recently cancelled Trophy Wife and Suburgatory, double doses of Hannibal, The Big Bang Theory, Nashville and S.H.I.E.L.D. and much more.

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So click through the gallery below for our latest batch of honorees, then hit the comments to weigh in on your faves — and add anything we’ve inevitably missed!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. S says:

    I love Felicty on Arrow

    • Nicotine says:

      Her “class of ’09” remark made me feel old….and dumb. Class of ’04 grad, but not anywhere near MIT.

      • Rick Katze says:

        Don’t complain, youngster. Class of ’66.

        And it was such a great line for Felicity delivered perfectly.

    • A says:

      I hope we get more Nyssa/Felicity next season!

    • Sparky says:

      I love the fact that I’m not the only one obsessed with Arrow and that season finale. Brilliant episode!!

    • Claire says:

      Felicity Smoak is the best thing to happen to Arrow. Emily Bett Rickards has proven she can pull off the comedy, but she rocks on the dramatics as well. The meatier the better. An all around true gift that I hope they utilize GREATLY in S3. Their recipe for success is Oliver, Felicity and Diggle. Their partners assisting them — Quentin, Sara, Roy and maybe Thea add enough flavor to keep it fresh. Enough said.

      • A says:

        I would never had kept watching Arrow without the addition of Felicity and I suspect neither would many other people

      • Georgia Madman says:

        Love Felicity, too. But I am so done with Thea. If so never comes back that’ll be fine with me. Kill off Thea and bring back Sara.

    • Trish says:

      I love her as well. And I love that she’s always on this list! LOL. How awesome is that? I think it speaks volumes to the writers ability to make her one of those characters more similar, in her responses, to the general audience.

  2. Riana says:

    Yeah, Jeremy and Matt will njeed new jobs. But they may also move, so there’s that.

  3. Claire says:

    Nashville!!!!! Rayna & Deacon <3

  4. OM says:

    another great agents of shield quote “l’ve never had the courage to tell you. So let me show you”

  5. Kris says:

    My personal favorite was glee’s Brittany S. Pierce’s “The armrest is the sweetest meat.”

  6. nashvilleseason3 says:

    Nashville Rayna and Deacon and Rayna with Juliette..damn, that was such a good season finale. Already having Nashville withdrawls

  7. Mary says:

    Really? That’s your line choice of the week for Once Upon a Time? Ugh.

    • C. says:

      I agree, I thought they would go with the exchange between Rumple-from-the-past and Hook instead, to be honest, it was hilarious! (“Let’s just say we buried the hatchet.” “Yeah… but why not in your skull?!”)

    • lll says:

      Once Upon a Time had lots of good quotes in the finale, but I was personally waiting for the “Princess Leia” quote.

  8. Kim R says:

    My TBBT favorite quote was when Bernadette told Howard, “I wanted to go to Hawaii…not Hell!” :D

  9. DL says:

    Hannibal totally deserved a triple quote. Sums up my entire experience with the show: “I’m enchanted… and terrified.” — Mason Verger (Michael Pitt)

    • Sara says:

      Totally agree!!!! I think that may be the best line from the entire show. It really sums up the fan experience.

  10. Kay says:

    Nashville..Rayna and Deacon! That proposal was so great I loved that he included maddie and daphne in it he loves them and her and wants them all to be a family!

  11. GildedRose says:

    So many great quotes this week. Big Bang made me laugh out loud several times. Every time I see a Colbert quote I’m reminded of how much I’ll miss that show on Comedy Central.

    Then there’s Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak. I wonder. If there was a Hall of Fame for best quotes of the year, would Felicity Smoak rank the Top 10? I think so. She’s amazing every week. Not “just” funny but amazing. I think her writing this year has been fabulous and the last 1/2 of the season especially terrific. She’s what tv heroine’s should be — smart, sexy, funny, strong, loyal, trustworthy… I don’t know what changed in the writing but it upped its game big time for this character. She’s right up there with Elementary’s Joan Watson (Lucy Lui). And that’s not even touching the awesomeness that is Oliver/Felicity.

    • carlycane says:

      Emily Bett Rickards is a fan favorite for a reason. She’s smart, quirky, loyal, trustworthy, funny and shows a different kind of strength. Felicity Smoak is a relief from the generic kick-butt strong, tough, trash-talking women constantly on television already. Keep her writing just like this and she’ll continue to gain more fans. She’s got my vote.

    • brenna says:

      Completely agree with everything you said. I love Arrow, such a great action show. Stephen Amell has been fantastic in every scene this year. And Felicity is the icing and sprinkles that give the show the something more. I couldn’t imagine, and don’t want to imagine, the show without her. And as you said, that doesn’t even touch on the Oliver/Felicity awesomeness!

  12. After reading all of the great quotes, I just realized that there is going to be nothing to watch this week… ack!

    • Angela says:

      I know what you mean. We look forward to all the excitement May sweeps brings…but afterward it’s like, “Okay, now what do we do for the next three months?” LOL.

      • meleliot says:

        Seriously? You could have said “what do we do for the next three months” about 7-8 years ago when there was no new programming during the summer months, but there is so much good stuff coming up (yay cable stations) My TV plate is loaded. Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex, The Last Ship, Falling Skies, Murder in the First, Suits, Extant, Rectify…

  13. Surprised Howard hasn’t pulled that divorce line on Bernadette for real…

  14. Irene says:

    Emily Bett Rickards rocked it as Felicity Smoak this season. In a world that has a tendency to dark a little dak and dreary, she brings just the right amount of humour, heart and humanity. I really hope we continue to see her back story develop and her relationships with both Diggle and Oliver grow as these 3 are the best part of Arrow in my opinion. A little more Team Arrow in the field kicking butt is always so much fun.

  15. Alichat says:

    I loved the bit on Orphan Black when Helena was narrating the “conversation” between Rachel and herself, and Rachel and Paul whilst trimming the hair off her ‘Rachel’ doll head. “A little more off the back Helena.” “Yes Rachel of course. So pretty you are. So much money” and “Do you like my hair Paul?” “Yes, very pretty….dirty, sexy Rachel….like my mother” That last bit made me laugh, which tempered that uncomfortable sex scene.

  16. I don’t think Criminal Minds was in this all season… could be wrong, but there were many good quotes this season. And in the finale with Reid and the jello, or the Dr. Who reference with Garcia. So many bonus quotes…

    I hope next season there will be some good representation…

    • Angela says:

      Agreed, I would’ve thrown a couple from there in here, too. I loved Reid asking Garcia if she could hear him telling her she saved his life-that whole scene was so incredibly sweet. And the “Dr. Who” thing was cute, as was the Jell-O! I really liked that they brought in the Jell-O, that was a good touch/callback :D.
      But yeah, maybe next season, then.

  17. Britt says:

    This list isn’t complete with out Felicity Smoak!!!! Also I loved that scene with Deacon and Rayna.

  18. Lauren says:

    Okay, so generally, I don’t complain when I think you missed something, but Seriously, no Cristina quote for her last episode after 10 years on Grey’s…just sayin’

  19. MeagA says:

    Double for Orphan Black, “He’ll ruin your reputation as a budding lesbian.”

  20. gracie says:

    I love felicity. I hope oliver and Felicity become a couple in season 3. She’s d only genuine\less complicated girl oliver has met so far. I watched season 2 waiting 4 @ least a kiss btw them and it never happened *tear*. Oliver shouldn’t be involved with laurel or Sara.

  21. peter says:

    Dead shot is the real deal can’t wait to see him in action