Exclusive 24 Sneak Peek: Audrey Learns That Jack Is Back -- Oh, Pity the Messenger!

On Fox’s 24: Live Another Day, Jack Bauer has been back on the grid barely three hours — but for his old flame Audrey (played by Kim Raver), that’s three hours too many for her to just be getting the news, as seen in this exclusive sneak peek.

VIDEO | Bones EP: ‘Explosive’ Finale Could Serve as a Promo for 24: Live Another Day

In the fourth hour of the 12-episode series (airing Monday at 9/8c), President Heller’s chief of staff aka Audrey’s husband Mark (Tate Donovan) comes bearing bad news about a hostage situation at the U.S. Embassy in London. And who is the perpetrator of the crisis situation? Come on, do you really need to ask?

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Suffice it to say, Audrey’s reaction to Mark’s hours-long sin of omission is one of agape-mouth, eye-rolling, everything-but-a-head-slap glory. Press play to watch it unspool — and then see who subsequently demands a face-to-face with Mr. Bauer.

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  1. Matt says:

    Can’t wait until Monday! This season of 24 is rocking.

  2. Tran says:

    Really hope that Fox isn’t going to do another limited series of 24 depending on how good or bad the ratings are and they better do the right thing before the finale on July 14th. Guess we’re wondering if one limited series is good enough and I’ll continue to be a 24 fan for the rest of my life.

    • If they do, it’ll likely be a Kate Morgan-centric series.

      • acurat says:

        Correct. Kiefer Sutherland was concerned this time because he is not getting any younger. He is 13 years older than when the series started, and he stated there will be less running because he just cannot do it anymore. The irony is at 47 he is starting to get “too old” for all this action, and he gets injured a lot doing stunts. It is the reason why Yvonne Strahovski was brought in as Kate Morgan. She is younger (just over 30 – the age of Kiefer when he started), she has done action successful for a number of years in America and Australia (Chuck on NBC she played a similar CIA agent for five sesaons), she has a black belt in the martial arts, and she is also experienced in doing her own stunts. It is why she operates in a similar “just inside/outside” the law manner as Jack, she is the closest to Jack, she thinks like Jack, and her methods are not that much different from Jack’s. She is a female Jack Bauer.

        Before others get on me for saying such a thing – ask yourself a question. Should the series end with this showing or should it go on? So far, 24 is delivering ratings very close to how it ended season 8 and four years later – that is pretty good in this day and age. The questions are for Fox – does it do well enough to make money despite its high budget? (so far, yes). Do they think they can make a movie? (so far, no). Do they think Kate Morgan can continue as a new version of 24? (open question).

        What I like is that the President is shown he wants to listen to Jack first. I am sure that the husband is going to muck with that as well… but it shows the show is playing on the past history of the series in both the negative and postive things that happened to Bauer. Makes for interesting television.

        • I think the show should go on with Morgan & Ritter, absolutely. But I do think Day 9 should be the end of Jack as the protagonist of the show. I feel like by the time we get to the end of this season, we’re going to be rooting for him to never show back up again, as much as we love Jack.

          I think they’re going to give Jack as close to a happy ending as someone like him can get– a balanced, 24 version. On 24, you can save the President and your daughter but you lose your wife– that’s what makes it interesting. They don’t shy away from making Jack feel the personal repercussions of his choices. That said? I feel like this is the day that Jack finally gets to go home and if he goes home at the end of this, do we really want to pull him from Los Angeles and Kim and the grandbabies in the future? Nah. He’s done enough. Let poor Morgan & Ritter go through eight seasons of hell instead. They can phone up Jack if they need a pep talk during sweeps week but other than that, geez, let the guy be…

        • Addendum: Let Jack be, provided he takes Tony Almeida home with him. :)

        • Also, I agree that making a movie makes no sense. Redemption worked but only because it was two hours of real time. It’s better as a series and I don’t know why people keep asking them for a movie when the series/event series is such a better format for the show but *shrugs*.

          As for Yvonne Strahovski being able to carry the show, that’s a no-brainer. I’ve seen her in a few things before 24 and she has an enormous range as an actress. They’ve barely scratched the surface of this character and I think Gbenga Akinnagbe is equally interesting and talented. It’s a tough order what they’re trying to do here– do the last chapters of Jack’s story while setting up the first chapter of new protagonists but it’s working out really well so far. Having Morgan & Ritter’s story at the onset be all wrapped up in Jack’s life is the perfect way to do it and very 24. I think by the end of the day, we’ll be satisfied with Jack’s story and wanting to watch more of Morgan & Ritter.

        • farbeyonddriven says:

          great post, the uncertainty of it all is killing me with anticipation!

  3. moses says:

    200% huge fan of 24,it’s a lengendary show

  4. carrinebchaud says:

    i liked her reaction in day5 better, but i guess Jack being off the grid for more than 4 years is way different from him being dead and her actually having to mourn her!

    • I think she’s the real problem, not Mark. That was a fishy reaction. She did the big eyes of faux-horror, Nina-Myers-style. ;)

      • David says:

        Spot on…Just read a headline that Kim Raver says 24 still shocks her with it’s twists. I wonder if she is poisoning her dad as well…Remember the Chineese had her for quite a while…could have pulled a Brody (Homeland) on her. Can’t wait to see :)

      • David says:

        Lol and I miss Nina! Ha!

  5. I’m like the only person on the planet who likes the Mark Boudreau character, I feel like…

  6. joterri says:

    I hope fox turns 24 into a summer series for a few more seasons! Loving It nad I got my Jack back.

  7. Jan says:

    Once Sutherlund leaves, fewer people will watch. Me, included.

  8. Ed says:

    bring back the 24 episode version!

  9. H. thorn says:

    Plain and simple: if FOX does 24 without Jack Bauer as the central character, the show will have ceased to be 24 and I will cease watching. Believe me the Kate character is not Jack Bauer in any form. The closets character 24 had to Jack was Jack.

  10. Maria says:

    Mark seems like a complete slimeball so far. We found out early on that he was “taking care” of Audrey during her recovery after Jack left. How did he even know who she was at that point? I think he’s using her to get close to her dad. And I hope Jack Bauer goes all Jack Bauer on him.

  11. First of all, no offense at all to Kim Raver but I could care less about Audrey. To me her falling in love with the Jack she THOUGHT she knew between Days 3 and 4 and then finding out he was who he was and was willing and able to let her ex-hubby she was about to go off with die and then her silly reticence to admit she’d had a one-nighter with Walt Cummings after the president and we presumed at the time Michelle and Tony had died and Chloe – the person who had endangered herself most for Jack was being targetted… to me was something that made her character a farce. She was the Daughter of the then Secretary of Defense — why in hell did who Jack was shock her? Did she think special ops and CTU people ran positive reinforcement reform schools or… you know…. killed people and stuff? Where was her sense of duty regarding Palmer being killed? Chloe had just turned on Spencer and had slept with him – that parallel was not to be missed inside the same episode If I recall correctly where Audrey nearly had to choke the truth about Cummings out of her… I never took her seriously after that as someone devoted to Jack. She boinked Cummings NOT knowing he was a traitor and thinking Jack was dead. DC is a town of sleeping around… sorry, just the way it is. She should have been in Buchanan’s ofice volunteering the data.

    So… Now that Morris and Prescott are gone… I think it’s time to give in and change the relationship that has been the staple all along – if 24 ends… it should be with Jack and Chloe feeling a change in their need for one another and the foundation of that is the fact that Chloe lost her family, had to face them being murdered because she helped Jack escape at the end of Day 8, yet despite his denials he had any and his threatening her new colleagues, she affirmed to him “I’m your friend. I would have helped you.” No one has ever lost so much and stayed loyal to Jack, a loss that included her child… Chloe saw the situation for what it was and when Jack was heading into get the drone program creator, immediately said “He can’t go in there blind.” She put herself back in his corner and did not blame him for her loss or her choices and did not regret her loyalty. Jack hasn’t had that kind of love in his life, platonic or otherwise, or a woman since Terri who accepted him for who he is and has not only seen what he’s capable of stood by his side and enabled him to do it, up to and including kidnapping an American President that only his wife and Aaron Pierce at the time knew were corrupt. She’s committed high treason, went to prison, lost her family because of her choices involving Jack Bauer and still refused to let him face danger alone after four years apart… She did not saddle Jack with the burden of… Morris and Prescott are dead… this is your fault. She welcomed and accepted his comfort and then they soldiered on… they went back to doing what they do best together.

    And in his turn, Jack heard through her grief and exterior before he knew of the deaths, that the Chloe who was talking against the government before him was not who she was beneath.

    Sorry, time for a relationship change and for this silly fixation with Audrey to be done. And here’s the RL aspect of this… Mary Lynn is not a conventionally beautiful woman and part of what is going on here is that if she were the willowy, long-haired, brainy but plucky pass-her-off for a supermodel on the side looking woman… like Scully and Mulder… the clamoring for Jack and Chloe to be paired off romantically would be off the scale. Mary Lynn is a lovely person; she is is beautiful, just differently from the cliche’d Hollywood way. If Kim Raver or someone who looked like Angelina Jolie were playing her… this oh… their so much better off platonically would be a cry barely heard.

    So… let’s hear it for Jack and Chloe, if the show ends, finding their finale in each other’s arms.

    • brusselsprite says:

      lol. what about Audrey being the one to figure out that Jack was taken by the chinese, and risking her life traveling there to save him? And you know, nearly dying and sacrificing her mental health in the process? Her loyalty to Jack is extraordinary.

  12. PS…. I didn’t see any big reaction on Audrey’s part…. What is he talking about?

  13. Anthony Chatman says:

    I can honestly say if Kate was to pick up the reigns and we follow her adventures for awhile I wouldn’t mind that at all. It’s just the fact that most people probably would be disinterested in watching it because Jack is what made 24. And without him the show would lose volume. But I love Kate’s character. She’s great. If Jack gets a happy ending like for God’s sake president Heller please pardon jack for all his crimes that were justified and had so much reason behind them 4 years ago. He saved you and Audrey in Day 4 by himself while a missile strike was going to end you and your daughters life. And he’s saved Audrey countless amount of times. And currently in Day 9 he’s saving your life again. Jack needs the pardon of all pardons. Let him go home to his grandchildren. Live out the rest of his life a true hero of his country. But all the ideas of Kate having her show if 24 decides to end after LAD I’m all for giving it a go but it’s just other viewers. Because it’s going to be really good but it’s probably going to get canceled and I can’t stand to see a good show end like that. I’m hoping for the best.
    But in so excited to seeing Jack and Audrey reunite. That sneak peek got me so hyper. Cannot wait to see what happens and we are only in episode 4!!! This show is just too epicly fantastically amazingly awesome. 24 and Jack Bauer shall and should live on forever. Nothing else like it. And nothing ever will be. It is indeed a LEGENDARY series.