Vampire Diaries Finale Recap: Break On Through

Vampire Diaries Season Finale“This list is getting uncomfortably long,” Enzo muttered during Thursday’s Vampire Diaries season finale — and he was right. By the end of the hour, more of Mystic Falls’ finest had experienced the Other Side than ever before. Unfortunately, not all of them made it back.

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I’m mostly referring to Damon and Bonnie, who ended the finale holding hands and facing certain doom. “Do you think it’ll hurt?” Bonnie asked as the bright lights of oblivion began to consume them. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Season 6 to get that answer, as the episode ended before we could get any kind of resolution whatsoever.

Now, let’s go back and see how we arrived at this seemingly tragic end, shall we?

THE PLAN | With Mystic Falls officially under Traveler occupation, the only way to re-open the gate to the Other Side was to kill as many of Markos’ cronies as possible. That said, completely blowing up the town wouldn’t have been my first plan — what is this, Arrow? — and I certainly wouldn’t have picked Damon (with Elena in tow) to sacrifice himself.

THE RETURNS | Nina Dobrev wasn’t kidding when she told TVLine that we’d see lots of familiar faces during the finale. First came Lexi, who saved Stefan from being sucked into Oblivion — he totally owes her a beer — then Silas, who’s just as smarmy, yet surprisingly more helpful, than I remember. And then there’s everyone’s favorite cupcake of a history teacher, Alaric, who managed to sneak in a joke about Elena dying with her seatbelt on (too soon!) before eventually coming back to life. That’s right, kids, Alaric is back for real. And it’s a good thing, too, because Elena is going to need a father-esque shoulder to cry on, what with her boyfriend being potentially gone forever.

THE GOODBYES | Where do I even begin? This week’s finale had the highest death count — including second, and in some cases third, deaths — of all time. The death parade began with Tyler, who returned to his human form before succumbing to the neck-break that originally killed him, followed by Luke, who got exactly what he deserved for tangling with Caroline. Bringing up the rear were Damon and Elena, who served as sexy human detonators for the big boom. Grams and Lexi were sadly sucked into Oblivion, as were Silas and Markos, though I don’t expect anyone to lay lilies on either of their graves anytime soon. Of all the aforementioned people, Elena and Tyler (who is no longer a hybrid!) were the only ones to come back to life, along with Stefan, Enzo and Alaric, all of whom had been killed in previous episodes.

(Side Note: There seems to be some confusion over Lexi and Grams, who “found peace,” versus Silas and Markos, who were clearly dragged away. Did they end up in different places? Share your interpretation in the comments below.)

THE STEROLINE | Damon and Elena’s devastating goodbye obviously stole the audience’s focus in the final minutes — phenomenal performance from Nina Dobrev, by the way — but the episode also showed plenty of love to a certain budding couple in Mystic Falls: Stefan and Caroline. Long before the two shared a sweet, yet heartbreaking, moment at the end of the hour, Lexi grilled her BFF about his feelings for Ms. Forbes. “Wow, you really don’t see it, do you?” she asked him, before assuring him he’d live long enough to see his first date with her.

Though something tells me no one is going to be in the dating mood when The Vampire Diaries returns this fall…

Browse photos from The Vampire Diaries‘ season finale below, then rate it and drop a comment with your burning questions (i.e. Where did Bonnie and Damon go?!) We’re chatting with TVD boss Julie Plec tomorrow, so let’s have ’em.


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  1. nate says:

    i cant wait for u all to look stupid if Damon & Bonnie don’t come back

    • Anna says:

      Seriously, stop trolling! People are entitled to their opinions. Grow up or just go away!

    • shmur says:

      and I can’t wait for you to take your opinioNATEd self away from this website because no one cares about haters. let people’s opinions stand.

  2. Liza says:

    So thrilled Alaric is back! That was the best result of this whole episode!!! I agree with the poster who said they should have brought Kol back so he could go to The Originals. Missed opportunity there!

  3. Amy D. says:

    Here’s some questions for Julie Plec: Are the resurrected folks still vampires? If so, does that mean we get to see Alaric as a normal vampire or an original vampire?

    I guess Tyler is just a werewolf since he died as a werewolf. It would make sense that the others are still vampires since they died vampires.

  4. Liz says:

    I think this is the first time I haven’t been worried about a character’s fate on this show. Grams made some kind of deal to save Bonnie and since Damon was with her, they will both return next season. I wouldn’t be shocked if they wound up returning by the end of 6×01. I’m glad to have Alaric back, but I wish they’d left Enzo and Luke over there. Presumably the witch coven will become the Big Bad now that the travelers are gone. Which probably means Bonnie will come back with her magic.

    I think the only characters we truly said goodbye to were Grams and Lexi. And they can always bring Lexi back in flashbacks. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing Katherine again. She got sucked away before she made it to the other side so she didn’t disappear when it did.

  5. jane mark says:

    No one dies on this show. Everyone knows damon will be back

  6. Leah says:

    I am not on board with Stefan and Caroline. They’re good friends. They’re good at being friends. I don’t want to watch them be together.

  7. Jeremiah says:

    I’ve scoured all these posts and find it odd that nobody picked up on why Damon was late. He was saving the sheriff with Alaric. There’s no way she could of survived the explosion if everyone else died. So maybe she’s on that other side too, as a human, or maybe shes not human anymore Idk, i just think its strange that if she did survive, she was the only one.

    • Alice says:

      I don’t think the dead on the Other Side can actually move the living. They saw she was alive, but I don’t think they would have been able to help Liz.

      • Anna says:

        But the Other side was disintegrating and Enzo did push Elena’s head under water when he was already on the other side.

  8. Babybop says:

    I was happy that Damon was “dead” at the end. I want to puke every time he and Elena are on screen. He needs a character revival – which I feel Alaric will be a part of. Can Katherine be back now please??

  9. Kim says:

    If Tyler is only a werewolf after coming back from the other side, wouldn’t he still be able to heal?

  10. senorita says:

    First thing first…Alaric is BACK! I agree with others that there is no TVD without Ian/Damon, I mean the show can continue on but I won’t watch full episodes. I don’t want it to end by season 6, it has been a huge part of my life. I am saying good bye to a lot of things this summer which were comfortable and familiar to me. I hope this show continues after season 6. All we need is a change of writers and we are good to go, Supernatural’s season 10 has been confirmed and the writing of their season 7 was craptastic but they still survived. Vampire Diaries can also do that.
    I am also intrigued about Bonnie and Sheila conversation, hope Damon hitches a ride if Bonnie comes back. I don’t want Stefan and Caroline to pursue a relationship :( Nina Dobrev’s performance was amazing when she cried about Damon and the icing to the cake was Ian’s acting in that scene. I don’t care about what happens to Tyler.
    BTW finale of Originals was fantastic. “Her name is Hope…AWW”

  11. Melissa says:

    I believe Damon, Bonnie, Lexis and Bonnie’s grandmother all found peace and Marcos and Silas were sucked into oblivion.

  12. Vampire Fan says:


  13. Keith says:

    For sure Damon will come back , Bonnie wants to be dead it seems. So jermy will keep pouting about her. I don’t get how silas was so helping without some master Plan ? The guy is always 2 steps ahead. To make cense they have to all be back to end the show for good. Caroline will cross over to the originals ,and yea tylor is born wolf not from magic! Show rocks but I do think they need to end it. Cause how many times can peep keep comin back from the dead ?? Some more will prob cross over to originals to I’m sure.

  14. ale says:

    I honestly don’t know how Damon is going to come back just because there is no anchor (Bonnie). Since both of the character Bonnie & Damon died I don’t see how the rest can bring them back and knowing how the Witches just left at the end. I have a feeling there no use like Bonnie said to Damon at the end “there nothing we can do” so they can come back. I hope s6 just brings back flash-back and vision of them because that will be another mission !

  15. Anna says:

    Kudos to the writers and the cast for an amazing finale! I don’t like the fact that no death ever sticks on this show but hey, your imagination seems to have no limits. I can’t wait for S06. I just hope it’ll be like the first 2 seasons ergo that the writers will do exactly as they please and stop honoring the wishes of shippers. Some of us watch the show for the sake of the storytelling and couldn’t care less about Klaroline, Steroline among other things.

  16. AnnieM says:

    First….ALARIC …… ::sigh::…….YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Second…okay, has anyone else here read the books? Because I’m wondering if they are planning a version of Elena’s “angel” storyline for either Bonnie, or more likely, Damon. Honestly, the story in the books was kind of ridiculous, with all the ‘Wings of (this)!’ and ‘Wings of (that)!’, but having it happen to Damon could be interesting. ::shrug::

    • hahaha, i read them because i wanted to get to the bottom of the story, but it’s like it never ends, everybody dies or almost dies and then come back, and their memories are gone, and then come back, and elena died like three times, and it never ends, but i think it will be more like when bonnie was dragged along with damon to the dark dimension, i don’t think they will mess with the wings or whatever, at least i wouldn’t, but i’m not Julie Plec, so who knows.

  17. Jodie says:

    If they all we’re human again stefan wouldn’t be because he died a vampire… But maybe elaina and Enzo and Alaric are human again… And I’m glad they killed Damon off but I could see Bonnie and him coming back bc of grams but paul and Nina did say that there are gonna be permant deaths.

  18. Erin says:

    I think I’m most curious as to what happens to those who crossed back from The Other Side’s bodies? Elena was burnt to a crispy and still strapped into Damon’s car while she looked over her dead body. Do they get new bodies when they passed back through Bonnie?

  19. Chris says:

    wait so is Tyler just not a hybrid? Or I are Stefan and Damon and Enzo no longer vampires either? If so I’m going to be very upset. For three seasons I was waiting for Elena to be turned.

  20. TVD Fantastic Fanatic says:


  21. nate says:

    people take crap that’s not even remotely real way too damn seriously

  22. ninergrl6 says:

    The way this show “kills” people & brings them back SO regularly has made me numb to all of the goodbyes. No tears. No shock. No worries for next season. OF COURSE they’ll find a way to bring Damon back. He’s DAMON. This show used to be exciting & jaw-dropping, but they’ve established that characters can come back from anything so there are no stakes anymore (no pun intended). On TVD death doesn’t mean anything, so these so-called shocking “cliffhangers” don’t mean anything either.

  23. TVDFan says:

    Ian Somerhalder wasn’t at the CW upfronts. . . this may be quite telling. . . or maybe not. We’ll just have to wait for Season 6 to find out!

  24. Jason Hart says:

    i think both damon and bonnie will come back. gramps told bonnie that she could die happy knowing that she did something for bonnie to make sure she was safe and maybe she meant that she could watch over bonnie but i personly think that gramps and the witches found a way to help bonnie. and the fact that damon and bonnie were holding hands could mean that if there was a spell that the dead witches could do damon would get also dragged into its effect.

  25. chelsea says:

    ok… is no one else c

  26. chelsea says:

    ok… is no one else concerned that everyone that came back from the other side might be HUMAN now?!?! that completely changes things! why would Tyler be the only one to come back a human? Maybe the next season is the series finale and it can finally end with all the lame dying drama and coming back again

    • TVD_Croatia says:

      They’re not humans. Tyler is, but just because he died after he was stripped of his hybrid side and then vampirism. Before that, he was a normal guy who has a werewolf gene (and that is not the withces doing), so that makes him supernatural (because otherwise, he would’t cross to the Other Side — and that’s why Elena said to Damon in the car to hurry so they could die while they’re still vampires) and human altogether. I think that he would have to kill a human again if he’s to become a werewolf (again). The others who came back died while they were still vampires, so they’re not humans. I hoped I helped.

  27. Abla says:

    I don’t think Damon and bonnie are going to die guys!! Remember bonnie’s grandma refusing to pass through her and telling her she’s going to make some sort of sacrifice for her..”I’ll find peace because I’ll make sure you’ll find yours”. I am thinking that the grandma is going to find a way to become the ancer instead of bonnie and try to save her and Damon..

  28. murley says:

    First of all, Alaric is back. I did say pretty much anyone could die (except Stefan) if it meant Alaric would be back. And I am thrilled he really is. But I really don’t want that to be Damon! The bromance! The bros! I think he will be back but I think Bonnie won’t. Here is why: Grams said something about granting Bonnie peace. Meaning Bonnie with go to that peaceful place. My prediction is that Bonnie gets peace because in passing on while holding Damon’s hand she allows him to be the final person to pass through the anchor, thus Bonnie reunites her best friend with her love/soulmate and it brings Bonnie peace. Somehow Gram worked it to be sure Bonnie got everyone she wanted through. Pretty great finale. Also, Alaric!

    • TVD_Croatia says:

      I like your version and when I think about it, it actually makes sense. Bonnie finds peace if she got everyone through, with Grams help. A really possible scenario — hope it’ll be like that :)

  29. tony says:

    I’m really pissed that they are taking Damon off. I am even more angry that the took off bonnie who is the only black person on the show that had a steady roll. What in the hell are they thinking. I think I’m done with this show now…

  30. RobMF says:

    Ian is such a brilliant actor that I was crying during that goodbye scene with Elena. (and I’m a 29 year old, straight male.)

    also there is really no way Damon is gone, I’m just assuming that he and Bonnie crossed back over when the light got them. There was hints toward that happening with her Grandmother. So I expect that to be the case.

  31. Tracie says:

    So, my two cents on the episode/next season:
    1) I love Damon, but his goodbye with Elena was so beautiful, that (after months of therapy) I could be okay with being gone for good. Do I want him to be gone? No. I want him to come back and I’m pretty sure he will- and hopefully within the first two or three episodes of season 6, but if he doesn’t come back, I’ll still watch.
    2) I LOVE that Alaric is back! I’ve missed him the most. I would have liked for Lexie to have come back too, but the minute she started talking about potato skins being what she had to look forward to, I knew she was a goner; although I figured that somehow she would make Stefan realize he had feelings for Caroline and that would be how she would find peace. But kicking Markos’s butt was a pretty cool way to go too.
    3) I too had questions about whether Tyler’s apparent transformation back to human meant that everyone was human, but I came to conclusion (that several people on here came to as well) that because his vampirism was stripped away when he crossed over the line, like Markos said he would, he died as a boy with a broken neck. My only question would be, is he still a werewolf, or did he revert as far back as not having activated his werewolf gene yet? Because even as a werewolf, he should be able to heal.
    4) The way Grams was talking to Bonnie, it sounded like she had something cooked up. My first thought was that she had found somebody to somehow make her become the anchor so that Bonnie could come through somehow. But then I saw an interview with either Nina or Paul (I watched them both so I’m not sure which one said it) where they said that somebody goes somewhere new. Then I read a comment on here that said something about how in the books Bonnie and Damon go to the Dark World or something, so now I’m thinking, that maybe they’re going to maybe where Katherine is and some how the gang will find a way to get them back (preferably, like I said, in the first two or three episodes) but the new big bad will be somebody from the hell-type place. I don’t know, but I’m super excited for next season. It can NOT come fast enough. I wonder how many time I can rewatch the entire series before the new season starts.

  32. Nehal Iqbal says:

    Well grams did say somehting to bonnie that she looked out for her and Damon was holding her hand so maybe both of em will come back to life

  33. Hannah says:

    with damon being killed of – I’m so outta here. Haven’t really enjoyed the show for far too long but now that’s it for me. I just won’t watch this mess any longer. and just in case they bring him back – I really am no longer interested in TVD since every character seems to be killed off and magically coming back to life again. and I can only agree with you – I should have left a long time ago

  34. Lies says:

    Damon will be back, for julie plec the most important thing of tvd is the bond between the brothers. Also he has signed a contract for 6 seasons, he also has a huge fanbase and that’s what the show needs. Julie also said on twitter that she doesn’t think that season 6 will be the last but season 7. So it is going to end with damon in it. But i do hope that damon and bonnie will be explore their chemistry (ian told in an interview that the writers and all didn’t want damon and bonnie to work together because of their great chemistry) They could be an epic couple, so maybe when damon believes that he never is coming back to live again something will happen between him and bonnie. That could be an amazing storyline. I am not a fan of caroline and stefan. She already has been romantic with every man of tvd, And come on how amazing is it to see her and klaus again in new orleans at least for one episode, the klaroline fans deserve it.

  35. mariam says:

    I hope that demon come back i cannot imagine what i will do if he doesn’t
    i cried a lot it is just heartbreaking

  36. shmur says:

    what happened to cole? and I reeaaaalllyyy want damon back. :”(

  37. Michelle says:

    Am I the only one who’s pissed that Damon got THAT goodbye and Stefan got like ten seconds of mourning from ONE character? (Love that it was Caroline, but ugh, REALLY TVD?!?!?!?)

  38. apothics says:

    i was personally upset on how noone was too phased by stefans death except caroline… like 0 emotional response. stefan is personally my favorite character and when i see such lack of love for the guy who does everything to make sure EVERYONE ELSE is ok i think its utter bs… give a nigga more love writers… ty

  39. Kaitlin says:

    Why didn’t Liv’s brother just help her finish chanting the spell or takeover. It would not have been hard for him to memorize it. Pissed me off. Damon better come back. Cw would lose viewers if not, so I’m positive he will be back <3

  40. Kaitlin says:

    A plan was in place to bring everyone, including Stefan, back from the other side. I believe there was not as much mourning for him due to the fact that they knew they were gonna figure out a way to bring him back. When Damon did not come back everyone knew it was the only opportunity right then and there.

  41. Amanda says:

    So stupid how he gone from the show. His personality steals the show . He my favorite character. So annoying I loved him being with Elena.

  42. Emy says:


  43. Kristy Pangle says:

    I was soooooo disappointed about Damon and Bonnie….They have to bring them back next season…

  44. omar says:

    i think they made the show so complicated when they introduced ghosts. the show is about vampires, they have enemies like warewolves, keep the show classic, but they had to have cilus or travelers, now they will invent some new bad guy!! elena’s real body burnt in FIRE when they crash in grill, now when she passes through bonnie, she is still a ghost leaving the other side and appearing in reality, BUT HER REAL BODY THAT GREW AND EXPERIENCED EVERYTHING since she was born is burned and cant come back, same goes for stephan and everyone else that died and came back to life STILL AS GHOSTS!!!!! do the writes think before they write, this show is so messed up and far from classic, season one and two are the best in my opinion!!!

  45. Emily S says:

    I have been thinking for awhile that eventually angels would play apart…maybe that’s how they will bring Damon and Bonnie back. It will open the door for new mythology for a new storyline. And maybe because Bonnie and Damon were holding hands together, he will benefit from whatever grams prolly did to to save Bonnie.

  46. Sandi says:

    When Bonnie was talking to Grams, Grams mentioned something about helping her and that she doesn’t need to know any more. I think Grams has worked some magic on the other side that saves Bonnie – and because Bonnie is holding Damon’s hand he’ll come back with her :)

  47. Ha!!! no vampires left in Vamire diaries only whinepires – I can let go of this crap now :P Was only holding out to see if Damon would get back to his old vampiric self but that lasted all of 5 minutes. Nothing left to see here unless they make a spin-off with Alaric wasting øa whole lot of dumb whinepires – I’d watch tha for sure lol.

  48. Essie says:

    I found this season less interesting then previous seasons but a wonderful emotional final. Amazing performance by Nina Dobrev with the scene where she cried over Damon. Epic move by Caroline when she snapped Luke’s neck. And I loveeed seeeing Lexi again, I secretly hoped she would pass through Bonnie. I thought it was kinda beautiful in the last scene where Bonnie and Damon held hands, I can’t wait for the next season. I think there is still more to the other side that is going to be explored next season because I don’t believe the people that got dragged away are really gone. Especially Katherine, I just don’t believe she would be gone just like that and to never know what happened to her…

  49. LKE says:

    TVD has jumped the shark. In the past, I loved that TVD wasn’t afraid to kill off key characters…but killing Damon went too far. I’m not sure I will watch next season.

  50. The Original Original says:

    You know, as a writer myself, if I was in charge of the Vampire Diaries and wanted to ensure that the next season returned to some of its biggest ratings ever, given that the show has been losing viewers recently, I’d kill off one of the three main characters at the last minute and make it look like he was gone for good. Guaranteed to maintain interest over the summer hiatus and keep people talking until the show returns. I mean, whether you’re happy he’s gone and are looking forward to the show without him, or you’re wanting to make sure he comes back from wherever he and Bonnie have gone, no one could generate more interest in the show than Damon Salvatore. Love him or hate him, the character keeps you watching. Just sayin’!

    Ps. He ain’t dead! Trust me!