Vampire Diaries Finale Recap: Break On Through

Vampire Diaries Season Finale“This list is getting uncomfortably long,” Enzo muttered during Thursday’s Vampire Diaries season finale — and he was right. By the end of the hour, more of Mystic Falls’ finest had experienced the Other Side than ever before. Unfortunately, not all of them made it back.

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I’m mostly referring to Damon and Bonnie, who ended the finale holding hands and facing certain doom. “Do you think it’ll hurt?” Bonnie asked as the bright lights of oblivion began to consume them. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Season 6 to get that answer, as the episode ended before we could get any kind of resolution whatsoever.

Now, let’s go back and see how we arrived at this seemingly tragic end, shall we?

THE PLAN | With Mystic Falls officially under Traveler occupation, the only way to re-open the gate to the Other Side was to kill as many of Markos’ cronies as possible. That said, completely blowing up the town wouldn’t have been my first plan — what is this, Arrow? — and I certainly wouldn’t have picked Damon (with Elena in tow) to sacrifice himself.

THE RETURNS | Nina Dobrev wasn’t kidding when she told TVLine that we’d see lots of familiar faces during the finale. First came Lexi, who saved Stefan from being sucked into Oblivion — he totally owes her a beer — then Silas, who’s just as smarmy, yet surprisingly more helpful, than I remember. And then there’s everyone’s favorite cupcake of a history teacher, Alaric, who managed to sneak in a joke about Elena dying with her seatbelt on (too soon!) before eventually coming back to life. That’s right, kids, Alaric is back for real. And it’s a good thing, too, because Elena is going to need a father-esque shoulder to cry on, what with her boyfriend being potentially gone forever.

THE GOODBYES | Where do I even begin? This week’s finale had the highest death count — including second, and in some cases third, deaths — of all time. The death parade began with Tyler, who returned to his human form before succumbing to the neck-break that originally killed him, followed by Luke, who got exactly what he deserved for tangling with Caroline. Bringing up the rear were Damon and Elena, who served as sexy human detonators for the big boom. Grams and Lexi were sadly sucked into Oblivion, as were Silas and Markos, though I don’t expect anyone to lay lilies on either of their graves anytime soon. Of all the aforementioned people, Elena and Tyler (who is no longer a hybrid!) were the only ones to come back to life, along with Stefan, Enzo and Alaric, all of whom had been killed in previous episodes.

(Side Note: There seems to be some confusion over Lexi and Grams, who “found peace,” versus Silas and Markos, who were clearly dragged away. Did they end up in different places? Share your interpretation in the comments below.)

THE STEROLINE | Damon and Elena’s devastating goodbye obviously stole the audience’s focus in the final minutes — phenomenal performance from Nina Dobrev, by the way — but the episode also showed plenty of love to a certain budding couple in Mystic Falls: Stefan and Caroline. Long before the two shared a sweet, yet heartbreaking, moment at the end of the hour, Lexi grilled her BFF about his feelings for Ms. Forbes. “Wow, you really don’t see it, do you?” she asked him, before assuring him he’d live long enough to see his first date with her.

Though something tells me no one is going to be in the dating mood when The Vampire Diaries returns this fall…

Browse photos from The Vampire Diaries‘ season finale below, then rate it and drop a comment with your burning questions (i.e. Where did Bonnie and Damon go?!) We’re chatting with TVD boss Julie Plec tomorrow, so let’s have ’em.


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  1. Sam says:

    Lexi was NOT sucked into oblivion. She found peace, and actually refused to be sucked into oblivion.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I feel like that’s a question for Julie tomorrow. Like Grams, I think Lexi chose to let herself be sucked into oblivion. That way, she wasn’t being “taken,” she was letting herself go.

    • jerrired says:

      Actually, I’m pretty sure Sam is right. The show made it seem like Lexi and Gram reached their final peace, so they got to go where characters like Jena, Ana, Pearl, etc. went. Some type of heaven place.

      • Sam says:

        Lexi very pointedly said, “You’re not taking me.” I assumed by the white light around her, she had found peace and avoided being sucked into oblivion. There’s a reason characters like Aunt Jenna aren’t shown like Alaric and Lexi have been these past few years, and that’s because they found peace and haven’t lingered. Lexi had peace, knowing Stefan was safe, and a possible threat (Markos) was taken out, and there was nothing more she could do to help everyone else.

        • mainecane says:

          aunt jenna and them weren’t supernatural. The other side was for supernatural characters only. The ring matt wears and alaric wore allowed them to go there while they waited to come back to life as humans when killed by supernaturals. But the other side was for supernaturals only, witches, travelers, vampires werwolves. I think lexi and gramma found peace but u never know on vd. I just hope damon isn’t really gone he is the best bad guy on the show.

          • ashlee says:

            Aunt Jenna was a vampire when she died so she was supernatural.

          • adam says:

            Aunt Jenna was in fact supernatural, she was turned into a vampire by Klaus, shortly before he staked her.

          • James says:

            Flashback to Season 3, Esther told Elena that Aunt Jenna found peace in the other side, so we could assume her spirit’s in the same place as Lexi and Grams now.

          • Areyana says:

            aunt jenna became a vampire right before she died so she technically was supernatural

        • annieveb says:

          Really liked how Lexi truly understood the situation. Stupid Caroline and Elena. If they had been more perceptive, they wouldnt have killed herself (Elena) or Liv’s bro, which caused on toll on both Liv and Bonnie, so then Damon could have returned. Hope Elena blames herself for it. It really is her fault her.

          • Beverly says:

            They had to kill Liv’s brother for ‘motivation’ for Liv to do the spell.

          • Katherine says:

            I do agree that Elena shouldn’t have gotten in that car, it just caused more unnecessary work for Bonnie and Liv.

          • sofia says:

            yeah plus if caroline didn’t oil like then liv wouldn’t have done the spell … and maybe if elena didn’t get in the car , damon wouldn’t waste that one second asking bonnie if elena made it back and could of gotten back jus in that last split second

    • Leah says:

      I am not on board with Stefan and Caroline. They’re good friends. They’re good at being friends. Just like Lexi and Stefan were. I don’t want to watch them be together.

      • NovaSira says:

        I’m SOOO with you on this one. I’d like them to leave at least one relationship pure & untouched, & Stefan & Caroline have an AMAZING friendship. It makes watching the calamity of lovers on this show worth sitting through.

        • gabioc says:

          Yeah I totally agree! Especially because now that Enzo and Tyler are back, Caroline has no shortage of guys to be romantically involved with. Let Stefan just be Stefan for a while. Maybe show him being more of an easy going guy, who’s happy on his own. I’d like to see him having emotions other than “happy with Elena” and “miserable without Elena”

      • Brit says:

        I AGREE! Caroline and Stefan’s friendship has a purity to it. Making them lovers would not only ruin their friendship (we all know the relationships have never lasted) but also make it awkward for the fans seeing them make out and be all lovey. Their relationship needs to stay the way it is.

      • Erica says:

        Absolutely agree. I was so happy that the show was allowing a male and female character relationship to just be a FRIENDSSHIP! I would be on board with Caroline and Tyler again (they were cute together) or with Caroline helping Enzo redeem himself. STOP THE MADNESS

        • lisa says:

          Totally on board with Forwood or Carenzo! I ship it, and in the future a possibility of Klaroline, which will never happen if Steroline does.

      • Katherine says:

        OMG, yes. They should leave their friendship as is, if they create this love line then it’s gonna seem more like a gossip girl reboot, where they all just date and screw around in a circle.

        • Funmi Reese says:

          Oh so I wasn’t the only one who noticed that in Gossip Girl?
          Dan dated Serena,dated Blair, dated the black girl,
          Blair dated Dan,chuck and whatshisname serenas ex,
          Chuck dated Blair, Dans sister who also dated whatshisname.

      • lisa says:

        I’m so glad there are other’s out there. I am not on board with Steroline. At ALL! Their friendship is pure and real and making them something more just ruins the history of TVD. Caroline and Stefan just aren’t meant to be and it sucks no one else sees it. Julie Plec is just trying to shove it down our throats and push it onto us. I realize she was trying to make it gradual but its really not, it came out of nowhere. One minute they are friends and now they have ‘feelings’? And putting them together to me, is again saying Caroline is second best. Caroline already dated one of Elena’s exes she doesn’t need to date another one. Seriously! Caroline is so much better than that, not to mention she’s a Stelena shipper, what does that say about her going after her friends sloppy seconds? Even though they are both indeed not sloppy, they both were with Elena first and that is violating girl code. A lot of people don’t believe in it, but I do and if your best friend can do that you, then they’re not your best friend.

      • ashmaziing says:

        I agree I still have hope for Selena and klaroline now these writers are crazy!!!! I mean Caroline was stelena’s biggest supporter she said they were epic and now look wat!!!

      • osma says:

        I agree with you completely. I don’t want Caroline and Stefan together. I hate that Elena wasn’t devastated when Stefan died!… It was a slap in his face. No one has done more for Elena than Stefan. And to be honest, although I like Damon… I was kind of tired of the on and off relationship he had with Elena. They were annoying… so It’s nice to have a break of both of them and their love drama…I’m hoping to see in season 6 the development of other characters like Jeremy and Alaric.

    • phil says:

      Just came across this page. Not a massive fan but I know enough to know that Aunt jenna and Alaric died as vampires.
      Jenna just after she became a vampire. Alaric was some ultimate strong vampire that killed vampires when he died.

      Unless I remember wrong?

      • Anjali says:

        I think Esther or someone told Elena that Jenna hadn’t been a vampire long enough and had found peace, so wasn’t on the other side.

      • Anon says:

        Jenna died “pure” so she was never in the other side. I’m not quite sure where it’s all going with Alaric, since we saw so little of him before the episode ended, but I’m happy we saw him, either way!

    • Luli says:

      THEY HAD THE CHANCE TO BRING HER BACK!! AND THEY DIDN’T :( at least she found peace…

    • C’mon Plec, why didn’t you take Tyler instead of Lexi???
      That is a trade I’d do it any day, anytime!!!

  2. christine says:

    Later, VD.

    • Cris says:

      Same. With Damon gone, can they just bring Caroline to New Orleans so I can stop watching this show already.

      • I thought I was the only one who felt this way. . .Caroline should’ve crossed over to The Originals many episodes ago. VD can manage without Stefan but what’s left without Damon?

        • Nate says:

          A tv show

        • Mélanie says:

          How do you want them to keep TVD running if there is no Caroline Forbes. Only reason they still make money on this!

        • Francine says:

          The show couldn’t manage without Stefan either. I know some people think Damon is the only reason people watch this show, but that just isn’t true.

          • js says:

            he may not be the only person ppl watch for but the show will tank without him .. i for one will b out

          • Bella says:

            I can’t imagine either will stay dead for long. Though I’d miss Stefan far more than I ever would Damon.

          • ksw63129 says:

            Disagree. So incredibly tired of the Damon and Elena show. Their scenes are so wooden. Blah, blah blah.

        • Laurie says:

          Have to agree, I can’t imagine the show without Damon :(

        • i’m actually hoping they kill off stefan so that i can finally quit this lame ass show. i don’t give a damn about damon tbn

        • Julie says:

          There is no TVD without Damon, most people will stop watching if he doesn’t come back. That is a fact-

          • Indriuska says:

            This true !!! Damon has to comeback, why is always like this he gets happy and it always happens something to him… bring him back as lexi made sacrifice for stefan and his brother ,,,,… i realy think they showed soemthin comening from bonnies and damons back with white light i thinks is grams maybe she will bring them back… I hope this….

          • natty says:

            the only place where they can bring people from the dead without the travelers is in the originals…just like how davina brought back michael…maybe bonnie and damon will come back thru there

          • sofia says:

            omg i wonder whats going through stefans head, elena pisses me off how she dated both the salvator brothers plus she only knew damon for like 3 years but stefan that was his brother and he knew him for the most longest time i wonder what he’s going through

        • dmac says:

          A show where one of the main characters doesn’t bulge his eyes out, whines and pouts or kills because his feelings are hurt

      • Pris says:

        You’re crazy!

      • wgsecretary says:

        Please, they will find a way to bring Damon back. He’s not going anywhere. I consider Damon, Elena, and Stefan to be the big three. When they die, I don’t worry so much. Anyone else, yeah, it could be a little more permanent.

        • gabioc says:

          Yeah I think so too. TVD is about the Salvatore brothers and their love triangle with Elena. Those three aren’t going anywhere. They’ll find a way to bring back Damon for sure. Maybe Bonnie’s grams is going to have something to do with it, because all that talk about finding her peace by making sure Bonnie found hers seemed to be hinting at something. So maybe grams brings Bonnie back and Damon with her. Anyway, the writers aren’t stupid, they know people love Damon, they wouldn’t send him away permanently. It probably just made more of an impact than Stefan’s death because he’s now involved with Elena, so it was a better plot line for the finale.

          • Lara says:

            I agree, TVD is about the love triangle between the three main characters (Stefan, Elena and Damon). Without any of them the show wouldnt be the same. They are such an interesting triangle because they have personalities that conflict with each others and each of them care for the other two. It is not just about two guys loving the same woman, and hating each other. It is about two brothers that care for each other and happen to also love the same woman. And a woman who cares for both of them. There is a lot of tension and conflict in this triangle!

          • lisa says:


        • Kayla says:

          I completely agree as well. Damon is a main character. It’s all three or nothing in my opinion. If Damon doesn’t come back, this show will never be the same.

      • Ruby says:

        LOL @ you thinking they’ll leave Damon gone. Come on.

      • ashaliscious says:

        I’ve been wanting the originals and tvd to get back to each other I mean a few visits and calls into mystic falls isn’t enough…. I want them to know wat both groups are going thru I mean join them together a few ppl would die of all that drama only kinda hoped the witches manic was stripped in new Orleans by the curse they are a pain. Oo and I’m scared for klaroline because Caroline is tryna get with Stefan but really its because of Klaus and Cami… But it seems like Cami is getting with Marcel… Could this be another thing for these two brutal vampires to battle over…

    • Ray says:

      I don’t care if they bring Damon back or not. This show is beyond ridiculous because death is never final and anyone can come back at any time, lessening the stakes. I’ve seen this wacky bunch save their own butts time and time again, but no more. Time to move on from the trite, rehashed story lines.

      • brycealexander says:

        Pretty sure they’ll bring Bonnie and Damon back and then it will be final

      • yamiseigy says:

        I bet you’ve never watched Supernatural hahaha. Death is never an end, as the show has access to heaven and hell so people can come back easily since it’s just next door.

        • Jules says:

          I watch both shows and agree with Ray that this is getting ridiculous, and I do see a clear difference.
          Here, in TVD, they always emphasize how every death is the final death, and that there would be absolutely no way that the people could come back.
          On Supernatural, they always say “I’ll find a way to bring you back, I won’t stop” thus indicating that none of their big deaths (Dean, Sam and Castiel) will ever be final (at least so far).
          The difference I see in these two, is that Supernatural has always said that their deaths will not be finale, so fans know only to wait for the next crazy saving mission. On TVD, they always stress how there is no option whatsoever to save those dying, and a couple of episodes later they will have found a new option, that no one had heard of before. So yeah, both shows show deaths that are not final, but with Supernatural everyone, even the characters within now that they will come back one way or another and don’t try to play like they will be gone forever.

    • Gurneet Sidhu says:

      i totally agree if they bring damon back for good i’ll watch

      • TheAllSeeingOne says:

        It wasnt tyler at the time though was it? I thought a traveler took ovethink it was the passenger in his body it would make sense he went to the other side it killed both so supernatural

  3. Nate says:

    I’m glad Damon is dead #sueme but Bonnie! !!! And for good. but Alaric is a regular again! !!!!!!!

    • Brandy Veal says:

      Hey, I think Damon is the only reason this show has lasted so long. He is the villain turned hero for the sake of his loved ones!!!!!!!!!!!! Bonnie on the other hand, just cannot win. When will they ever give her and Jeremy the screen time they deserve for us fans who need to see them? Just when the going gets good, they kill her. How many times does she have to die so Elena can live? Better yet, how many times does she have to die to save the most inconsiderate friends I have ever seen? They never consider the hardship she endures while trying to save their lives. I think Bonnie should come back with a Catherine attitude; you know, the “It’s all about me!”, attitude. LOL

  4. michelle says:

    if Ian is off the show – i will never watch again… so upsetting.

    • Melat says:

      thats exactly what I said at the end of it.

    • Mike says:

      How exactly do you bring Aleric back without Damon? That’s so pointless.

    • anonomousaurus says:

      I think everyone is missing what grams said about finding piece because she helped Bonnie. Grams must have done something to help Bonnie come back to life before the anchor disappears and since Damon is holding onto Bonnie he will probably come back too. Which sucks because I thought Damon’s death was brilliant.

      • ali says:

        So after I finished watching the show I was like “If Damon is dead for good I’m never watching again” but your comment made so much sense and actually made me feel better. Grams did something to save Bonnie and since Damon was holding her hand I bet he’ll be saved too. Score. I can rest easy now knowing I can continue to stare at Ian Somerhalders sexy face for at least one more season.

      • Jessica says:

        Thank you!!! I completely agree. Because what her grams said didn’t seem like it was just a “goodbye” so that’s what I thought too! I hope that’s they way they take the show in the next season

      • gabioc says:

        OMG that’s true! I caught on the Grams thing, but I hadn’t quite connected Bonnie to Damon just yet. But they did make sure everyone saw they were holding hands before the other side fell apart so maybe that was it. Bravo my friend.

      • Toni says:

        Thank god I wasn’t the only one who noticed that obvious hint!!!

        • anonomousaurus says:

          The only thing about it now is that next season EVERY SINGLE cast member has died and come back to life at least once and makes it so they have barely even lost anything. It’s disappointing. Except Caroline she stayed safe through the episode.

          • BRINGbackDAMON!! says:

            Ah but haven’t they all lost their ‘supernatural powers’???? None of them tested themselves post-death, except for Tyler… so maybe they’re all simply human again and face a decision of whether or not to become vampires etc again?

          • Funmi Reese says:

            I kinda get your point.
            When Jeremy died they made such a big deal of Elena Trying to cope and then brought him back.

      • Nessie says:

        You have given me hope, thank you!

  5. christine says:

    The one person that made this show bearable is gone.

  6. Elle says:

    There’s no way Damon’s death is going to stick. Stefan, Alaric, and Elena will tear apart the world to get him back. Bonnie, on the other hand, is up in the air.

    That being said, having Alaric back is the BEST POSSIBLE THING TO EVER HAPPEN. I was ready to give up on this show, but you better believe I will be back for S6 now.

  7. Josh says:

    So rules from coming back from the dead(if you aren’t Bonnie, who dies all the time, obviously)

    1) Be a male
    2) Be a male with man pain

    I’d much rather Lexie come back than Tyler…But Lexie probably doesn’t fit into any relationship. And lords knows Grams is what 50 something? EW, OLD PERSON, YUCK!

    Damon is obviously coming back…And poor Caroline, do you think next season she’ll have a storyline where she isn’t with some guy? She had five love interests this season?

    TVD: The Man Pain Diaries….aka “A Woman Doesn’t Exist Without a Man!”

    • Michele says:

      Um seriously…can she not just be platonic friends with a guy????? If she hooks up with Stefan she just about slept with every single guy on the show. This show just disgusts me.

    • Brittany S16 says:

      Lexie with Alarc (however it is spelled). She went looking for her “favorite history teacher” and I would like them together. But the overall killing and bringing brought back is getting old. It’s awesome and a miracle once or at most twice throughout a show but not this much in such a small time. It’s just like supernatural, the being brought back can get old.

      • gabioc says:

        LOL I get that people don’t like that TVD keeps killing and then bringing characters back, and I totally respect that, but I just wanted to ask, am I the only one who thinks is kind of fun? I mean, if it was a show where people just died, you would never get to see those characters you love so much ever again. And there’d probably be a lot less deaths, which in a vampire show just wouldn’t work out great. I don’t know, I think it’s kind of nice that “anything can happen” in TVD, it’s part of its magic. If that didn’t happen we’d never have our beloved Alaric back and I’m pretty sure I speak for the majority here when I was that it was probably the best thing that happened this entire season! :)

        • gabioc says:

          when I *say that it was

        • Michelle says:

          I agree, TVD makes us fall in love with the characters but you can’t have a vampire show wihthout death so they try to accommodate both of those things. Whether or not you’re a stefan fan or a damon fan I don’t think the show could go on with one and not the other as their characters have always complimented each other. I sincerely hope that Damon finds his way back (and in my opinion, back to Elena because seriously, who else has that great chemistry onscreen and off!)

        • ashaliscious says:

          I like it. I mean u never know if it’ll be permanent this time plus I get to see new and new ways to bring ppl back.. Although I’m tired of jeremiedieng …. He’s been dead like six times now….

      • Jenna says:

        OMG that looks like TOTALLY awesome !
        Lexi DID say “well, he has a cute name, ALARIC !”
        I LOVE both Lexi and Ric they are just WAY too much adorable !!
        and poor Alaric lost Jenna,
        talking about Alaric’s love interest, Where did Meredith go ?!! :O

    • Luli says:

      They had the perfect opportunity to bring Lexie back and they wasted it …. I’m so pissed they didn’t take the opportunity, instead they bring back useless Tyler, or even Alaric.

  8. Nate says:

    People are so completely stupid for watching just because they killed Damon. Like get over it

    • Josh says:

      I know! You spent what 5 years watching and just quit out of nowhere cause they killed a main character. So stupid

    • Mandy says:

      yes it is stupid.

      but what is even more stupid is that people actually believe that Damon will stay dead. are you people serious? and if so, how old are you? there is no universe in which Damon is actually gonna leave the show.

      these comment sections make it seem like the average VD fan is really stupid.

  9. christine says:

    Here is a question for Plec, why are her most popular actors jumping ship? First Rebekkah on “Originals” and now Damon on “Vampire Diaries” Bring Alaric back in ZERO consolation. I’d rather have Lexi. Now, Bonnie is a snooze. That was a mercy killing.

    • Rebekkah is back on the Originals, she’s hiding Klaus’ kid. . .but I think she’s up to something. Question of the Day: Why bring back Enzo and kill Damon? I missed the episode tonight but I just can’t make sense of that one.

    • Luli says:

      They wasted the opportunity of bringing Lexie back, instead they bring back useless Tyler, Enzo, and Alaric. I would rather have Lexie than those 3.

  10. sara says:

    Ugh just stop with the Stefan and Caroline crap, it’s not necessary for them to be anything other than friends! I really hope Damon is gone for good to, so over him, especially him with Elena. They did say that some deaths from tonight would be sticking so one can hope right?!

    • Nate says:

      Thank you! Damon was just getting old. Glad he’s gone

    • ChrisGa says:

      I actually find Stefan the most tolerable in conjunction with Caroline so I’d be okay with that relationship. That said, while I’m no hardcore Damon fan, they definitely “killed” the wrong brother; Stefan’s the equivalent to taking a dose of Ambien.

      But Alaric is back, which for me trumps everything else that happened. You have been sorely missed Matt Davis.

    • Ruby13 says:

      They wouldn’t kill Damon, it will lose half of the people that still watch the show, the only reason I ‘m going to watch the next season it ‘s because they mignt bring damon back

    • Candy says:

      Don’t hope too much hun. Damon IS the show and he will come back next season. No amount of hating and wishful thinking will do anything to prevent his return. Oh, btw…not only will he come back, but him and Elena will be endgame. If I was a little doubtful before, now I know for a fact they will end up together forever. Yessssssss…Delena!

  11. Elyse says:

    Was Ians contract up? the only reason I could see for having Damon’s death stick is Ian wanting to leave the show.

    • Stephanie says:

      Nah, supposedly, he has a contract through season 6. Grams did something to save Bonnie, she said as much before she found her peace. And since it never showed what she did (Lexi found her peace when she saved them from Markos) season 6 will probably show how Grams saved Bonnie, and by holding her hand (somehow) Damon as well.

      • Elyse says:

        Ahhh! Smart thinkin! I bet you’re 100% right!

      • Mandy says:

        excellent thinking. i think you’ve basically uncovered the writers’ plan.

      • rmarie says:

        Yup this is exactly what I thought. I think Grams might have sacrificed her own “peace” and made some kind of contract with a supernatural power to bring Bonnie back? Someone told me something to do with the books and Angels- the “white light” which sucks Bonnie and Damon up being heaven whereas the wind/force that took Marcos, Silas etc being hell. Dunno how true this could be but the concept of Bonnie and Damon coming back as Angels wouldn’t surprise me considering that they just do whatever the hell they can possibly think of in this show hahaha

    • no, actually he said he loves the show and would like to be in it. In fact he signed the contract for season 6th as series regular

  12. sara says:

    Ugh just stop with the Stefan and Caroline crap, it’s not necessary for them to be anything other than friends! I really hope Damon is gone for good to, so over him, especially him with Elena. They did say that some deaths from tonight would be sticking so one can hope right?! Guess we’ll see come fall.

  13. gennytv says:

    The worst finale of TVD…

  14. TVDCR says:

    There is no way that Damon is gone for good… There is no TVD without Damon…

  15. Katerina says:

    I believe Grams and Lexi found peace and were not sucked into oblivion. Also Tyler is not human he is back to being a werewolf. He lost vampire side when he went over town line and magic took away vamp side. He died a wolf and came back a wolf. If he died human he wouldn’t have gone to Otherside in first place.

    • Stephanie says:

      You know, that got me thinking. Seems there is a hole in that story line. If Tyler is no longer a hybrid because he died a werewolf, then wouldn’t Elena and Damon have died human? Ergo, never going to “the other side” as they would no longer be supernatural. Well, Elena may be because of the doppleganger thing, but not Damon. So, if that is the theory behind Tyler losing his vampism that made him a hybrid, then there is definitely a hole in it.

      • sarahliz1624 says:

        They weren’t in Mystic Falls long enough for the magic to be undone, so they didn’t die in their original form. Tyler did.

        • summyc says:

          But thats sorta funny considering Tyler became human straight away, whilst Damon/Elena would’ve been a good 30 minutes or so..

          • sls says:


          • Liam says:

            Damon and Elena werent dosed up on vervain and wolfsbane, however Tyler was… therefore making him weaker which in turn probably helped the magic to be undone quicker. Damon and Elena simply managed to stay in the vampire forms for the duration as they were at full strength. No hole in the story.

      • Sikander says:

        Oh Come on, Before Tyler Died all his powers were stripped by the traveler’s spell and he died a human, thats Y, when he came back to life, he was human once again.
        Missing Damon al-ready.. Show is nothing without him.. I sure hope they bring him back in season 6

        • Liam says:

          He didnt die a human or he wouldnt have gone to other side… you know cause only supernatural beings go there. Hes a plain old werewolf again, magic didnt create them therefore going over the town line didnt strip his werewolf side. 5 seasons in, people really should pay attention…

          • Laken says:

            He died a human with a werewolf gene, therefor being human but still supernatural. Read an interview with plec and Tyler is the only one human now. Also Damon and Bonnie are not gone for good but she says how they bring them back she’s not revealing, whether it’s as a ghost or actually bringing them back to life, she did say Jeremy will be the only one that can see Bonnie for a good period of time so they will still have a relationship. And also Tyler, Matt and Jeremy are the only ones that can enter mystic falls bc the spell is still holding. And Matt will be a police officer.

      • Areyana says:

        They didn’t die human though they made sure they didn’t for that exact reason so that they could go to the other side

  16. wrstlgirl says:

    Hahaha, I don’t by for a second that Damon is truly dead. Not one measly second :-) :-)

  17. Iqn says:

    Wow, im just kinda mindblown over the fact that Bonnie was the star of the finale. She was at the center of the action, the scene between her and Grams was one of the most touching this show has ever done (compare it to the tedious Delena creys), she held Damon’s hand at the end in another beautiful scene, and Grams did promise her ‘peace’ – which was left openended as to exactly what she meant so perhaps Bonnie isnt gone forever afterall. If Damon can come back, surely Bonnie could too.

    • M says:

      They either need to bring them both back or keep them both dead. Alas, the writers don’t care about Bonnie so she’ll probably stay dead with some excuse that she found peace at the end. Which is ridiculous because everything about that finale suggested she did not. That girl was terrified of dying so I don’t know how they can claim she was at peace.

      I think the only thing we know for sure is that if they keep Damon dead and Ian doesn’t return, this show is over. I’d be fine with him staying dead but I know most people don’t feel that way.

      • Iqn says:

        Oh i definitely agree. It’d be taking the piss for them to bring Damon back and not Bonnie now. I actually agree with the theory that whatever Grams did to reward Bonnie for being a true heroine, Damon’s just going to end up affected too because of his being there with her at the end.

        • Ava says:

          ^^^^This. And a quick note: the screen went into a white light, not darkness and windy oblivion. Is it because of Bonnie’s grams? Bonnie and Damon will both survive because of something grams did?

        • sls says:

          Exactly. Damon was holding her hand so he will be included in whatever Grams promised Bonnie. Now whether it’s a one person only journey and Bonnie gives it to Damon, that we will have to wait and see. But yes, Grams promised Bonnie something (protection, peace, safety- I dunno) so something will happen to bring back possibly Bonnie and Damon or maybe just one of them.

          • OMG you openned my eyes on this, about the one person only journey, however i do believe bonnie can’t die for good, she came back many times, why can’t she come back again’?, not that i care too much about it, but still it seems that bonnie’s always saving everyone and she deserves it

      • Sikander says:

        Damn Right, most people don’t feel that way..

    • Alice says:

      I also loved that Bonnie got to do things- she and Damon have clever banter. Maybe after traipsing through whatever dimension they wound up in together, they become friends. It would be nice if the people who always ask her to do stuff also liked her as a person. And frankly, it sounds like Grams’s mysterious “making sure that Bonnie gets her peace” is what is going to save them both. Since Grams set it up for Bonnie, and she grabbed on to Damon before they went poof- I’m guessing Bonnie (via magical Grams) is the reason he makes it back as well. And isn’t he supposed to be the protector of the Bennet line?

  18. Sarah says:

    Damon better be alive in September!!! I am still crying and I don’t like it!!!

  19. Hodan says:

    I knew Damon was the one who was going to “die” this season. I don’t think it is permanent but if it is then obviously they will lose me as a viewer.

  20. Meg says:

    Ugh, so let me guess, Stefan and Elena will go to the ends of the Earth to get Damon back but Bonnie will stay gone. This is SUCH bs. If anyone deserved to be saved, it was Bonnie. Look at how much she’s sacrificed for these people! And what about what Sheila said? She supposedly sacrificed herself so Bonnie could be saved. Is that supposed to mean that Bonnie went to Heaven? Because I would assume ‘saved’ meant she actually gets to live out her life.

    That ending with Jeremy running to her but not making it in time was just too cruel. The least you could have done was let them have one final moment together. Damon and Elena got that ridiculously long goodbye but all Jeremy and Bonnie got was a one-minute phone call?

    I wish I could care more about Alaric returning but I would’ve rather had Lexi on the show full-time. It’s nice that she finally found peace, but it would’ve made more sense for Alaric to find peace and get to be with Jenna again. At least Bonnie took care of Silas once and for all. Silas’ permanent death and the Stefan-Lexi scenes were the only good bits of this finale.

    • gabioc says:

      I think the girl who plays Lexi (sorry, I don’t know her name) probably didn’t want to come back full time on the show. After all she was never full time to begin with. That’s probably why they ended her plot line with her finding peace. Because yeah, obviously everyone would like to have her back, she’s an awesome character.

      • Krys says:

        Arielle Kebbel, who plays Lexi is on another show full time. So I assume this is why Lexi found peace.

  21. abby says:

    Until it is actually announced Ian’s leaving the show I am going to assume he’ll return. At this point most of the main characters have came back from the dead (many multiple times) don’t assume any death will stick. And really even if they announce a actor has exited it doesn’t mean that it will stick (welcome back Alaric). And speaking of Alaric I feel his main role on the show towards the end was being Damon’s friend… if there is going to be no Damon I’m not sure they’d have brought him back as a regular…

  22. rachel says:

    So I know the show doesn’t completely follow the books, but in them Damon and bonnie go to the dark world so maybe this is something like that where they will come back once they defeat something or find something…hope it’s death for real for Damon though, he has simply become unbearable!

  23. Elisa says:

    So why didn’t the Sheriff just blow the grill up while she was there and then just run to Bonnie and resurrect. Huge plot hole. Oh well.

    Was so awesome to have Alaric back, he was sorely missed!
    I hate to jump on the bandwagon of not watching if Damon is really dead but I’m barely hanging on as it is, I think his death would be the end of my watching. I’m sure him holding hands with Bonnie was deliberate as Grams probably has a plan to bring Bonnie back and Damon with hitch a ride.

    Oh and Enzo back is another yay! He’s a breath of fresh air on this show.

    • Sheriff Forbes isn’t supernatural. She wouldn’t have gone to the Other Side.

    • clocklearf says:

      The Sheriff is human i.e. if she had died, she wouldn’t go to the other side, she’d just be dead. I did find it laughable that the blast killed all those travelers yet she survived.

    • Francine says:

      The sheriff couldn’t blow herself up because she would be dead for good. She’s a human and only supernaturals go to the other side. So that actually wasn’t a plot hole (for a change!)

    • sofia says:

      The sheriff is human. So if she blew up the grill she wouldn’t have died and passed through Bonnie, she would just be plain dead..

      • sofia says:

        Okay, so i should have refreshed my page before replying to a post that has several of the same reply’s lol

    • Bri says:

      Sheriff couldn’t resurrect from Bonnie because that’s the other side for SUPERNATURAL only and Forbes was human

  24. S says:

    I felt so bad for Elena and Jeremy :( I don’t believe Damon and Bonnie are gone for good. Come on people… Ian will be back. Is Alaric back for next season? if so YAY! love him. Both Damon’s bff back without him :( Good finale.

  25. ames says:

    Damon isn’t gone people. Grams had something in the works to save Bonnie – she pretty heavily hinted at it. And at the end, Damon and Bonnie were holding hands, so he’ll be tagging along with Bonnie when she comes back. Compared to all of the other season finale cliffhangers, this one doesn’t worry me any. I do have to say that I’m ticked that Elena never cried one tear when Stefan died. She cried uncontrollably for Damon but not even 1 tiny tear for Stefan? Cold. Also, are all of them human or just Tyler? Welcome back Alaric. You’ve been missed! Let’s hope he has more to do, though, besides warm up a bar stool and day drink (RIP Lexie).

    • sofia says:

      I think Elena didn’t cry for Stefan because they all still hoped there was a to get him back. But i do think she should have been a bit more emotional.

    • sls says:

      Yeah. If Tyler isn’t a hybrid what does that mean for the rest of them? Tyler is probably still a werewolf? So then everyone should be what they were before? Even Alaric as a vampire? Ugh! Who knows. We will have to wait….a ..long..time….sigh

    • mik says:

      Because tyler was forced into the area affected by the travellers spell he lost his vampire-ism and became a normal werewolf then died from his broken neck, therefore hes just a werewolf now while all the others made it clear of the spell so they remain vampires.

    • gabioc says:

      Well to be fair though, they didn’t really show much of any of them grieving over Stefan. It was more focused on everyone doing their best to get him the hell out of there. Personally I was glad they went right into action, because I hate when they stall (like cry) in emergency situations. Like for example Damon asking Bonnie if Elena was okay before going through Bonnie, 1 second before (if he had not been “chatting” with Bonnie) and he would have gotten through. Getting Stefan out of the other side and away from permanent death was a priority, there was no time for grief.

  26. silversly80 says:

    I just wanna know what Grams did to ensure Bonnie would have a “way to find her own peace” as she put it. She did something, which is why I believe she’s not gone for good. And that leads me to my second inquiry: since Damon was holding Bonnie’s hand as the Other Side began imploding will he be affected the same way that Bonnie inevitably will be affected? Such an intense episode.

    • rachel says:

      I know most won’t be on the same page as me but I took it to meant that bonnie would go where Jenna and lexi went, in that she made it so bonnie was saved from hell or whatever and would fine peace on the afterlife,

  27. Shannon says:

    No way is Damon dead and staying dead. You cannot have TVD with any one of Elena, Stefan and Damon dead.

  28. jerrired says:

    i’m not sure if Tyler is human or just a wolf. I was/am kind of hoping everyone who crossed back to our side is now human. That would be an interesting reinvention of the series. I’m sure some wouldn’t last as humans long, but I rather have human Elena back than vampire one. Tyler having to deal with the wolf torture again seems pointless…and how isn’t being a wolf not part of magic? So he should have lost of both of those things.

    The episode was alright. I will say the Damon final speech to Elena was actually really good, and Jeremy screaming for Bonnie. I really liked the end, that was basically what redeemed the episode for me. This will probably make people mad but I hope Damon is gone for good (pretty sure Bonnie is), because I think the show really needs something big to happen to totally change it. Also Ian seemed like he’s been saying goodbye to the series for a few weeks now…but I guess we’ll find out the truth next season.

    • Baloney says:

      Tyler has to be human, right? because when he activated his wolf side, he developed supernatural healing powers. I’m really hoping that everyone resets back to being human – like you said, it would be a great twist. If all else fails, at least make Elena human again. VAMPIRE ELENA IS THE LITERAL WORST. No, wait, I take that back – Vampire Elena + Damon are the literal worst. The whole show has become about their horrible toxic relationship, and it’s dragging everything down.

      • jerrired says:

        That’s exactly what I thought about Tyler. He had healing powers as a wolf too…And I thought it was curious we never were really shown if anyone else still were vampires. I don’t see the point of just making Tyler a human but no one else…so crossing my fingers everyone is now human. At least Elena and Tyler, because Elena was losing her vamp side as she was in the car with Damon. So it would make sense for her to be human to if we go by the logic of HOW they died turning them back to humans or not humans.

        • Lauren says:

          Tyler died as a werewolf with a broken neck. Damon must have died from the explosion as a vampire rather than by the travellers’ spell as a human, otherwise he wouldn’t have ended up on the other side. Elena would have ended up on the other side either way because she is a doppelganger, but I’m pretty sure she stayed a vampire and died from the explosion as well. Tyler is now a werewolf because that is what he was when he died before becoming a hybrid…if he had died as a human he would not have gone to the other side. So he is the only one who lost his vampirism. Elena, Stefan, Enzo and Alaric were not killed by the magic of vampirism being stripped away, they died as vampires, so they came back as vampires.
          Grams definitely has something worked out to bring Bonnie back, and since they emphasized on Damon and Bonnie holding hands, that means that Damon is gonna be brought back with her. Boom.

          • jerrired says:

            Yeah Julie confirmed that Tyler is now human with the werewolf gene. So if only paranormal creatures go to the Other Side, it still doesn’t quite make sense he went over there, because he was technically human And there was mention of Jenna finding peace so leaving the Other Side. But she was human. So I’m not sure if the Other Side is only reserved for paranormal creatures. If it’s supposed to be like that, there is a little inconsistency with the writing then. Also, yeah I read Bonnie and Damon will be back next year in some form. I kind of remembered Gram’s thing last night after I posted this comment and realized they’d be fine. I don’t think they’ll be back in the human world automatically. Maybe transformed to some new world or the Other Side will be saved. I think the show is going to let their friends get used to them being gone, then they’ll return, probably mid-season finale. I do suspect when they return they might do so in a different form, like maybe Damon will be human or something. Since apparently this plot is a little bit like what happen in the book series

          • Lauren says:

            Jenna died a vampire, so yes she would have gone to the other side, but Esther said that she remained pure, so she found peace.
            Okay so maybe Tyler went to the other side cause of the werewolf gene…so even though he was still human, the gene makes him supernatural?
            And yes, in the books Damon goes to the “Dark Dimension” and comes back as a human, so maybe something like that will happen next season?

    • gabioc says:

      I think Tyler is now human, because Marcus said that once he stepped into Mystic Falls he’d return to his state as just a werewolf (not a hybrid) and then just a “boy who broke his neck”. So I think he’s human again, unlike everybody else who either didn’t stay in Mystic Falls long enough (Damon and Elena) or were already on the other side when the spell started so weren’t affected by it. So, in conclusion, I think Tyler is the only one who’s human again, but since he has werewolf genes he ended up on the other side. So, I’m assuming that if he wants to activate his genes he’ll have to kill someone again and trigger the curse.

    • Areyana says:

      it’s cause the spell the travlers did only undoes things done y witches and it never said that witches made warewolves

  29. I’m curious if we’ll ever see Luke and Liv again. I can’t wait to find out what Grams meant when she told Bonnie she made sure she’d be okay, and if that will go for Damon too. Grams and Lexi both found peace, which seems to be a new concept?

    I love that Hayley went from werewolf to hybrid, and Tyler went from hybrid back to werewolf! Also, I’m here for Matt Davis returning as Alaric, but will he be back as an Original vampire?

  30. Baileigh says:

    Death on The Vampire Diaries is never the end; if anything it is merely a plot point to further a storyline or to push two characters closer together. With Ric back full time next season you can bet he’ll (along with Stefan and Elena) be consumed with getting his drinking buddy back. Damon will be back regrettably Bonnie will probably come back with him. How the dust settles after Damon and Bonnie’s return will be interesting because now Stefan is aware of his feelings for Caroline (thank you Lexi) will he be more inclined to let Elena be with Damon? Or will he want to be there for Elena while they both grieve for his brother and as a result push Caroline further away? How will Damon’s relationship with Bonnie change after what they have experinced together? Could this be the start of the Damon/Bonnie relationship that some have wanted from the start?
    On the other hand, how come the spell didn’t seem to affect Damon at all after they drove by the Mystic Falls sign? Elena started displaying symptoms in the car but Damon never did.
    With Tyler now a human again, I wonder how this might affect any interaction he might have with Klaus in the future.
    At the end of the day, yes Damon and Bonnie were stuck on the other side when it imploded or whatever it did, but death on this show never means the end. Honestly, Will Gardner’s death on The Good Wife back in March had more of an impact then this did.

    • Hannah says:

      I think season 6 will be all about Steroline & Delena. Bamon is not going to happen. Period. They are both in love with other people. And it has been made clear in the show that Elena is the only one for Damon. But I’m all for Damon/Bonnie friendship + Kat/Ian have good chemistry.

  31. So Damon is gone and Alaric is supposed to make up for that? Now we have to watch a love triangle play out of Stefan, Elena and Caroline? No thank you.

  32. Vikkilovesdamon says:

    I’m trying to be calm but if Damon is really dead, then JP better be prepared for hate mail and the CW should be prepared for petitions and picket signs….with me leading the charge. I want Damon BACK NOW!!!!!!!

  33. Amber says:

    I like Stefan and Caroline. But I wish they’d stay friends. Do you realize Caroline will have slept with Damon, Matt, Tyler, AND Stefan? All she is missing is Jeremy. And why do Stefan and Damon get to sleep with others NOT Elena but Elena is only relegated to Stefan and Damon.

    Yeah, it sounds like I’m arguing for Elena to be promiscuous. Really I just wish when people broke up they’d actually act sad. I never really thought it bothered him much when Elena chose Damon. And I always felt like he didn’t even really love her as a vampire.

    I care way too much about this show. And now I hang my head in shame.

    • Riana says:

      Elena is heavily implied to have slept with Matt

    • Rebecca Parker says:

      So she’ll have slept with 4 guys? 5, if you count Klaus. So?

      They’ve set Caroline & Stefan up to have a long healthy relationship with a base of friendship.

    • Cubs says:

      She didn’t sleep with Damon – she was basically raped by Damon.

    • Tracie says:

      Actually, it’s a possibility that Matt and Caroline never slept together. We never actually see it being implied that they have sex. (IE: laying in bed half naked, or coming into a room with hair messed up, or adjusting their clothes) The one time that the show made it clear they were headed that way was when Matt’s mom came back and interrupted them. And compared to her other relationships on the show, Caroline and Matt’s lasted the shortest. It’s a possibility that it never got that far.

  34. The Original Original says:

    Okay, all the reasons that people are freaking out for no good reason…

    1) Story point of view, the show is about three central characters. The shipping stuff notwithstanding, Damon, Elena and Stefan are basically the point of the show. No way do they keep going with just two of them. If this had been the final ever episode then I’d buy it. It’s not so I don’t.

    2) The damn shipping thing. As much as I hate the whole thing, everyone involved with the show knows that it is a large part of why people watch. Without Damon, that goes away, and so does potentially half the audience.

    3) Contracts for the main three actors are all six seasons, aren’t they? Isn’t that where the theory that the show will end next year comes from? If so, why would they release Ian early, given that he is arguably the most popular character? Even if Ian wanted out (which I’ve seen no sign of) I can’t see them going through with it.

    4) Alaric. You don’t bring back one half of the ultimate bromance only to kill off the other in the same episode. They have to realise that would be a monumentally pointless thing to do.

    5) That ending was in no way definite and gave plenty of wiggle room for Damon being returned.

    So yeah, quit panicking people. You are in no danger of a Damon Salvatore free season six. Never gonna happen.

    • MM says:

      Agreed, good points.
      2. Not half of the viewers, majority of them. Delena is by far the most popular ship.

      Killing Damon off permanently would a show suicide, considering Damon is the by far the most popular character & Ian the most popular actor on the show. Even If Ian wanted to leave (which I don’t think he does, he respects the fans&show too much) I doubt they would let him leave.

      But yeah the finale was awesome&heartbreaking. I cried more than I’ve ever cried while watching a tv-show.

      • Francine says:

        I dont know, I don’t think the majority of viewers love Delena as much as people think they do. Damon and/or Delena fans are way more vocal on social media sites, but the ratings say otherwise. The show has fallen big time this year and from what I’ve read, that’s for two reasons- one is the crappy storylines and two is because people are tired of the Delena drama. I don’t pay attention to twitter so I’m just going by the discussions I’ve been reading all season on sites like this and on EW. I do agree that Damon is essentional to the show’s success, but I think Stefan is just as important. The show needs both of them to survive.

        • julie says:

          i persoanlly think it lost a lot of viewers because the Originals left. They were a huge point of interest and storyling for the show and when left, so did some viewers. I watch both, but not having Klaus and Elijah is hurting plotline much more than i thought it would. I thought the Silas storyline was clever, but they ended it too soon for a weaker one with Markos and the travelers. I wish they could do a 44 episode double season with all the VD stars and orignals in the same show. it’d be far more interesting to me – but that would never happen.

        • sls says:

          I think it was way more about the writing and that everyone was tired of the love triangle. Sure, there are the ships but I think people were tried of the triangle and the writing went downhill around the same time…so…there you go.

          Also I think that this show needs Damon and Stefan but could probably survive loosing Elena. I don’t mind Elena, I like her in fact, but it seems like many, many fans of the show can’t stand her. So if the show had to lose one of the main characters and still go on it would be Elena for sure, even if Nina is the star. Elena could easily be replaced with Katherine, a nicer, more humane Katherine, but still.

  35. James says:

    There are two mistakes in this article.

    1. Tyler is no longer a hybrid, nor is he human. He’s back to being a Werewolf. Were he human, he wouldn’t have been on the Other Side, only supernatural beings go there. Human’s go straight to the afterlife.

    2. Lexi and Bonnie’s gram didn’t get sucked into oblivion. Both of them found peace and passed on the way you’re supposed to. Bonnie’s gram did something secret that allowed her to pass on, and Lexi kicked Marcos into oblivion to pass on.

    On a side note, did they really not take this opportunity for Kol to hitch a ride back through and head over to The Originals?

    • Baileigh says:

      Honestly, I thought they would have used this opportunity to bring Kol back now with the Supernatural spin off shelved until possibly next television season or the season after. Maybe the filming schedules did not work out for that possibilty to occur. Then again when they bring back Damon and Bonnie next season who knows who may try to come back with them?

    • Cam says:

      I don’t know if you watched The Originals finale, but my guess is they’ll have the guy who came back with Esther turn out to be Kol, not Finn as everyone believed. Kol probably agreed to help Esther with her plans if she gave him a ticket back from the other side. Finn probably found peace and went wherever Lexi and Grams went a long time ago, since he never wanted to be a vampire.

      • TheAllSeeingOne says:

        I think its the oldest brother who died from the plauge in the old world before klaus or any of them were born would make hes the only one we dont know anything about and its obviously witches that keep reessurecting just my 2cents ester and her her first son were the witches

    • jag says:

      I think Kol will be back. it would be relieved on the next seasons first episode of TVD or TO. That’s if the Bloodlines series wouldn’t push thru. i hope Kol is back, the actor is not that great but he is good. it would be a good dynamics for Clause to see his mirror image making problems on the Bourbon St. And i know that it’s not reasonable to just bring Kol because on TO, almost all of the Originals came back. I’ll rather have the original actor for Momma original witch than the new young girl she possessed. It will create more tension if the children originals will face the original parents. Opppp! sorry i forgot this post for TVD. Ohhh well, can’t help it.

  36. tracywcx says:

    You have to be a fool if u think damon is really dead. Bonnies grandmother said she cut a deal on bonnies behalf so bonnie will be back as a powerful witch probably. Season finale made up for a okay season that clearly missed the “originals”. Alairic is needed in the cast.

  37. MP says:

    Hmmm, I thought the main three characters were under contract through season 6. In any case, glad to have Alaric back. I hope he’s happier with his storyline this time around.

  38. Chia says:

    First off, gram didn’t find peace… I’m gonna predict that grams found a way to take over the anchor position from Bonnie… “Your not the only one who could sacrifice themselves” or something to that extent… Because of the switch, Bonnie will be alive… And because she’s holding hands w Damon, they both will live… I’d love for a major death in the show but something tells me that “Lexi and Grams” are the ones that stick.. Not Damon and bonnie

  39. Talia says:

    I can’t take death on this show seriously anymore after all the fake out deaths over the years. Sadly there’s a 99.9% chance that Damon and Bonnie will be resurrected somehow. This show needs to do something bold for once so please leave them dead. Luke and Livs coven will probably be villains next season, I hope they’re more interesting than the travellers.

  40. Chris says:

    Bonnie isn’t gone, nor is Damon (probably). Grams made it very clear she was going to make a sacrifice for Bonnie.. Aka send her back or become the anchor and stabilize it. That’s why it cut off when it did. In some form Bonnie is coming back, and the the fact her and Damon are holding hands will probably be how he gets back too.

    Seemed very obvious with the emphasis they put on Grams and Bonnies conversation.

  41. Alicia says:

    Am I the only one who is completely against Stefan & Caroline getting together?

    • senorita says:

      Nope! They don’t have the right chemistry for a couple. They are better as friends. They don’t have magic like Stefan and Katherine.

      • Surya says:

        Strongly disagree! Caroline & Stefan have great chemistry. I think Stefan gets a tinkle in his eye when he is around Caroline. Never really thought Paul/Nina had romantic chemistry. It was better with SK than with SE, but still not great.

  42. Goodbye says:

    I think everyone is missing the most obvious part here, and what we have been hinted at throughout the hole season… I am pretty sure that there is more to the other side concept yet to be revealed, not only is there apparently another safe heaven to find peace in out there but let’s go back some episodes;

    Katherine, do anyone remember her death and the confrontation with Bonnie? Bonnie clearly stated that she couldn’t go through because someone decided not to allow it. Someone? Then she just magically flew away?

    There is more to the otherside!

    Oh, and if what I am about to say shows to be wrong in the next season the writers have made a huge plot hole;

    Everyone is human, Tylor is wolf because everyone is back to where they where before they died, Taylor was “born” wolf, and for those of you who say that since the border was removing all magic I got news for you; werewolf isn’t born of magic, vampirism is.
    Ask yourself this, how come Alaric didn’t get all crazy on killing everyone like he did before he died if his magical vampirism wasn’t removed?

    We get a non magical season here, and the sad part is they just built it all up to make a final season… Most likely!

    • TVD_Croatia says:

      I don’t think that everyone is human because Damon said to Elena while they were driving in his car that he just wants to get there in time before they lose their vampirism. If Elena, for example, was human, she wouldn’t pass to the Other Side. And about Alaric, I don’t rememer clearly, but maybe his “killer crazyness” had expiration date when he died so now he is just Alaric. I don’t know…

    • senorita says:

      Good thinking! Maybe you are right….

    • SA says:

      Thank you! I’ve been reading through these posts and you’re the first person to bring up the possibility of there being more to the other side. Just because people are being sucked out of their supernatural purgatory doesn’t mean their souls/spirits are gone for good–there could be other layers that simply haven’t been explored because nobody from our main characters has gone there before. Just like in real life–nobody knows 100% what dying is like or if there is an afterlife but people theorize. Everyone on the show is just assuming there’s nothing beyond the “other side,” but what do they know without having been there?

      Also, in the books (which I think I read when waiting for a new season to air) there is a sort of hell they have to save Stefan from. Thank goodness they don’t stick with the books, but they still have rights to borrow ideas from them. Maybe there is a “hell” and a “heaven” beyond the “other side” and Bonnie and Damon will be in one or the other. Regardless of Gramms’s cryptic goodbye, I am confident we will see more of Bonnie and Damon, whether they are instantly saved (but maybe with a twist like Damon being human–also explored in books–or more amnesia), find their way out, or have to be rescued.

      • I think the same. The “other side” was sort of a purgatory, like the Supernatural’s purgatory where Dean was, i think they stole the idea from it. And as you said the books talks about the dark dimension and a netherworld, and in fact a lot of other worlds they might not know in the series. Probably they just mixed it all together. Problem is they can’t just start to follow the book storyline because it would be a big mess. Anyway if Bonnie and Damon are in either “hell” or “heaven” the plot will be at least confusing, no one never really “died” back in the other side, they were just “passing by”. I’m guessing they will try to explain lots of new stuff and how they get back, and it’s going to be just tiring.

  43. TVD_Croatia says:

    Somebody said that Tyler is a wolf, because he wouldn’t go to the Other Side if he was human (maybe human stage before activating the wolf gene), and I agree with that…as for Bonnie and Damon, there is something suspicious because Grams did tell Bonnie that “she isn’t the only one that can make a sacrifice”, so probably she made sure that Bonnie will be okay, and Damon and Bonnie holding hands could be more than just a beautiful moment between the two (it really was nice to see them sharing a moment)…the only thing that worries me is Paul’s and Nina’s recent interviews, where they’ve said they would like if some characters permanently died, how the show started – killing Vicki after the first few episodes, it made the show stand out… Paul said that it doesn’t make sense to constantly bring people back because death has no meaning because of that, the one thing that we should actually care about, and be afraid of… I agree completely with everything, it’s just hard to accept the fact Damon died and there is still one more season to go (at least). Glad to see Lexi, and Alaric! Can’t believe he came back :D

  44. Ruth says:

    I barfed whenever Damon and Elena had a scene. Why can’t the writers see that they are gross?

    • The Original Original says:

      The above comment is going to go down in history as the moment that the term ‘immature overreaction’ was redefined.

    • TorreyF says:

      Because they are not, it’s really simple. Gladly most of the viewers agree with them.

  45. Everybody I Know Is Crazy says:

    I honestly don’t think Damon or Bonnie will be coming back next year. Just because Ian has a 6 season contract doesn’t mean he won’t be dead. They can easily use his character in flashback episodes which I’m sure they will. If I’m being completely honest Damon is one of the most annoying characters in the series. I don’t care for either him or Elena. I honestly watch the show because Caroline has become one of the most developed characters in the series and she should honestly have switched over to the Originals a long time ago so I could stop watching the stupid plots in Vamp Diaries.

    That being said… I feel like Caroline and Stefan will be the Felicity & Oliver (Arrow) of the show now. Best friends who have an unconditional love for one another. The romance will be there but it’ll never show and I’m 100% okay with that. As for story plots for the next season. I RELLY hope we don’t see a depressed angry Elena like we did when Jeremy died. The writers recycle a lot of garbage in the show and we better not season that come season 6. AND we better not have Alaric, Elena and Stefan do anything humanly possible to bring Damon back from the dead beacause that will be an EVEN worse season to endure.

    I honestly hope that they have a flash-forward season where its at least 5 years into the future and everyone has made their peace with the deaths of Damon and Bonnie. Caroline & Stefan move out of mystic falls and are travelling together. Jeremy is off with a girlfriend doing normal stuff as Matt said in the last episode. AND of course Matt will be living in Mystic Falls and being the new owner of the Grill! As for Tyler I don’t really care about him. He’s my least favourite character and he should have stayed dead. Elena… I don’t know what to do about her character either… But anyway in this flash forward they’d have to create some sort of plot to bring the gang back together and go from there.

    • Evan says:

      Don’t mention TVD and Arrow in the same sentence for any reason!!! Arrow is on a completely different planet compared to the mess TVD has become!

    • TVD FAN says:


  46. Elizabeth says:

    If TVD is silly enough to let Damon go, then I am not sure they are qualified to run a TV show. He is the main reason I watch this show. I just wish he’d get over Elena. I’d love to see Caroline leave to go comfort Klaus in New Orleans.

  47. Mike milton-hall says:

    Have damon come back but as a gay character in love with luke and tyler. have bonnie return as a lesbian.

  48. airica says:

    I don’t care about anything else as long as Damon comes back. I refuse to watch a damonless vampire diaries he was the only reason I continued to watch during this disaster of a season.

  49. Ray says:

    Am I the only one who wished that damn purgatory would suck the whole Scooby Gang up, never to be seen again? Boom. Series finale. Done and done.

    Either way, I won’t be back for another boring season. I should have bailed 3 seasons ago but I’ve finally learned my lesson.

    • aw says:

      you are SO right, I was so hoping we were at least done with Damon. But Bonnie had a moment of lunacy and held hands with tv’s most disturbing love-interest and for that laps in judgement, he will come back with her. I really feel like Grams did not think that through AT ALL. I am so mad right now.

  50. Felicia says:

    If you look online, Ian was confirmed multiple times that he will be on up until season six. It has also been noted by Julie in an interview or two found online that season six could be the last. So we’ll see him again, hoping next season WILL NOT be the last but at least we know he’ll come back.