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Vampire Diaries: [Spoiler] to Return as Series Regular for Season 6

Vampire Diaries Matt Davis ReturnsThe following contains a spoiler from the Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale.

Thursday night’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries took some beloved characters away, but it also gave viewers one back — permanently.

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Matt Davis will return to the CW drama as a series regular for Season 6, TVLine has confirmed.

In the season ender, Davis’ Alaric — who died at the end of Season 3, but has made ghostly appearances since then — crossed over from the Other Side and was reunited with Elena.

The news was first reported by TVGuide.com.


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  1. phoebe says:

    Damon can’t die he’s one of the main characters!!! He’s not dead!!! We’ve got all of season 6 to do yet he’s gonna come back. TEAM DAMON 4EVER!

    • SPIROS says:


      • Swagg money says:

        I totally agree . Katherine is one of my faves, but forever will Stephan be all TIME favorite TVD character. it’s like having ice cream you really do enjoy vanilla , but chocolate is always better.

  2. Sandra says:

    I will be heart broken when this series ends. I am extatic that it will be coming back for season 6 all I can say is they better bring Damon back

  3. dee says:

    NO I THINK CAROLINE AND STEFAN should have a chance ..im tired of Elana and Stefan . Bring back Damon he is awesome. Even if Elana and Damon dont get back together the show wont be the same with out him.. come on producers

  4. SarahSaurasRex says:

    I’m seriously so depressed from this season fanale…. The show won’t be the same without Damon. But I’ve been praying that Elena and Stefan would get back together because I think that’s how it’s supposed to be. I hated Elena and Damon together. Stefan’s perfect for her.

    • fred says:

      Do you think caroline being with stefan will be the catalyst for Elena and Stefan getting back together?

    • anna says:

      I really hope elena and stefan wont be endgame. I was a big stelena shipper, but she left him for his brother!!! Seriously who does that? In my opinion,Stefan and caroline are really great characters. They are becoming the heart of this show. They both deserve someone who can make them happy. And I would love to see them as endgame!!!

  5. How can people seriously be commenting here thinking Damon/Ian is gone from the show? That’s not how TV works. There is absolutely no way one of the three key characters on the show isn’t back next season. Calm down, people. On the topic of Alaric’s return, I am delighted. The show hasn’t been the same without him – really looking forward to him being back.

  6. Brandy says:

    They better bring back Damon at least if not both him. & Bonnie.Very suprised Matt’s back as Alaric since he quit to have his own show and complained about the writting of his character.I wish VD would let most of the dead characters stay dead,cause theres too many characters and then death is nothing /means nothing.

  7. haley says:

    I like stefan better

  8. IMA says:

    I glad that Alaric is back, but because I really wanted Lexi back, it sort of lowered my excitement of have Alaric back. :/

  9. lisa says:

    Am I the only one who is just happy, that stefan is back? Also i like caroline and stefan together. She is just what he needs right now. I was a big stelena shipper, but she broke his heart. Since that moment, i just want him to be happy.team Stefan! Really dont care about delena and their 1000 break up in one season!!

  10. Steffixgall says:

    Yeah Jenna was supernatural she got turned into a vampire for the ritual that klaus did to make him a hybrid

  11. Stefan says:

    OMG my witch is gone pls bring back bonnie.damon dead;we all know he would be back.to remind u markos only brought the dopplegangers together in ep 18 n not 4rm s1 so stelena could be together but i say a big NO to that.

  12. Lol says:

    Stefan is no Elenas soul mate she dint cry for him, she lef him for Damon, she cry for Damon and love him more… Sooo how is her soul mate…. You need to wash the show again in season 1 Bonnie takes Elenas hands and guess wha is Damon in her future like in the real books no the ones make fron other author… Damon is the main character in them fron the beggining

  13. Parislovesdamon says:

    Crying so much Damon come back please!!!

    • Paige says:

      I know I was just bawling and screaming “Why do your cheeks tingle when you cry? And why is life so unfair!?!?” I was a mess cause with all the stuff the viewers have been with Damien through it’s hard for that just to be thrown away and he was finally happy it’s like UGH!

  14. nathen says:

    I was so excited at first lexi was gonna be back, then I was heart broke when she declined, when will the new season start

  15. Michelle, True Blood Fan! says:

    The originals is far better than vampires Diaries!
    I feel that the script writers have run out of ideas!
    So bring back Damon, Caroline and put them in The Originals in Season Two!

  16. Michelle, True Blood and The Originals Fan says:

    I feel CW will make Vampires Diaries the last ever 6th Season and viewers have gone off in droves!

    Watch the Originals…..

  17. Melinda says:

    I wamt Stefan and Elana back they were sooooo romantic and soulmates…Damian and Elana are all about the sex.

  18. MrsMikaelson says:

    We need Kol back! I mean who doesn’t love our badboy original besides he didn’t really have a chance to build a relationship with Niklaus, Rebekah and Elijah not to forget his little niece and Finn, Esther and Mikeal are back so why shouldn’t he come back? What’s a Mikaelson family reunion without all the Mikaelsons

  19. kale says:

    Why are some of you guys on this reading about this show off toy don’t like it? I love this show but I can honestly say that if they do not bring Damon back to life you lost a watcher cuz I will not be able to watch the mess elana will be in without him!!! BEING HIM BACK PLEASE!!!

  20. Madelin says:

    Ok, Julie Plec confirmed that they will all be back for season 6 as vampires, including Alaric. Bonnie and Damon will be in season 6 she said there are many ways to do that.Also Tyler came back as a regular human with the wolf gene because Marcos had stripped it away from him already. Also, Bonnie and Damon did not find peace in the end because the light actually took them and didnt even let him finish his sentence. And the ending was dumb because all Devina did in The Originals was cast a spell and brung Michael back to life which I dont understand why they had to kill all those travelers to bring Stephan back. They messed up the show completely… I just hope Damon and Bonnie comes back they are always sacrificing their lives for others… and its just pretty sad… I love Ian so much…

  21. ken says:

    Alaric is a putz cockold….any guy that becomes best drinking buds with the guy that slept with his wife, just doesn’t get it.

  22. maria says:


  23. m.shrafat says:

    Elina looks good with stephen so plz in next season elina should love stephen not demon and bring bonnie and demon back plzzzzzzzzzz elina with stephen

  24. dawn dawson says:

    You guys need to read the Julie Plec interview. She was asked if season 6 is the last season for TVD and she gave a very sharp and clear NO!!! She also said that Damon and Bonnie will return season 6 as well. Trust that if this isn’t the last season “Which shes already answered that” they would NOT kill off for good the 3 ppl who make this show happen collectively as a whole. DAMON, STEPHEN AND ELELANA. Y would they all risk their lives and not rest to bring everyone back from death and not Damon? I believe they will figure it out and he will be back alive. Thats if he even stayed on the other side at the end of season 5. We have no idea what deal grams made f

  25. dawn dawson says:

    For Bonnie and they were holding hands so wherever Bonnie goes Damon goes… .

  26. dawn dawson says:

    So don’t worry true TVD fans he will be back. I have every confidence that Ian wouldn’t hurt the rest of his castmates show by not returning. Thats exactly what it would do. Ratings would go WAY WAY down.

  27. Jane says:

    If damon does not come back i will never watch the vampire diaries nor will i watch the originals. Please bring him back :'(

  28. Johnnie says:

    So glad Matt Davis is coming back. Have really missed his character. But we’ll need Damon back so they can have drinks together.

  29. Cedreon Freeman says:

    How don’t you ever get confused with all the previous season, and how do you make sure you don’t redo the same stuff over again?

  30. Delly says:

    Honestly I can’t believe they would kill Damon off and bring back alark when Damon and Elena was starting to get a little bit somewhere. I personally will not be watching vampire diaries if Damon isn’t there. Thing is I asked a lot of people and they said the same thing but if the directors do that they might as well cancel the show all together if Damon is gone.

  31. Yame says:

    In my openion the 6 seasion is gone be so much fun, alerk came from the dead n i tnk ty will fight 4 damone 2 brink him back 2 live.

  32. Jade says:

    I love Matt Davis playing Alaric Saltsman in fact I love everyone playing everyone I don’t think tvd would be the same without that specific cast but I’m glad Matt is back he was missed and now Damon is back too so they’re reunited