Fall TV Preview

Fall TV First Look: Watch Trailers for The CW's Flash and Jane the Virgin

Along with announcing its fall 2014 schedule, The CW on Thursday released trailers for its new series The Flash and Jane the Virgin.

PHOTOS | Fall TV Preview: Your Guide to What’s New!

Watch the trailers in their entirety below (and make sure to bookmark this page; we’ll add more trailers as they become available):

The Flash (Tuesdays, 8/7c)

Jane the Virgin (Mondays, 9/8c)

Thoughts on The CW’s new offerings? Drop a comment with your reviews of the trailers below.

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  1. brandon says:

    Jane the Virgin seems the have a Ugly betty feel to it.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    The Flash, yes yes yes. Jane the virgin……pass :-)

  3. Shipp is clearly Barry’s father. You have to try to watch it one frame at a time. He’s clearly there. So not Garrick, unfortunately.

  4. Tran says:

    The Flash is 100% awesome. Jane the Virgin = 100% horrible.

    • Carrie says:

      Agreed. Although i really feel i will have to watch Jane the Virgin pilot to see how you can accidentally inseminate someone.

      • Cameron says:

        Hah THIS. Yeah I’ll watch it just to see how someone can accidentally get inseminated, but i doubt anything beyond that.

        • ZmaX says:

          and in real life that accidental insemination would have immediately been followed by a multimillion dollar lawsuit.

  5. Bill says:

    The Flash looks pretty good. My only question is, what the hell did Oliver do at the end? Does he have a hover board?

  6. spindae2 says:

    Will Cw release trailer/s for iZombie & The Messengers?
    the Flash Trailer looks perfect, just hope they can keep up the storyline like Arrow does. I’m honestly digging Team Flash!

  7. marcinho says:

    Accidentally artificially inseminated? WTH!?

  8. Jon says:

    Oh I’m SO there for The Flash. That trailer was filled with so much AWESOME. LOVE that they use the term metahuman, so much potential for the future there. The CGI looks great, the mythology is there, the beginning of Barry’s and Oliver’s friendship……….is it Fall yet?

  9. Gon says:

    The flash: after seeing the trailer, I feel like watching arrow with different lead but he has super power. The narration, the tone are exactly like arrow. I wish the flash more different tone and atmosphere compare to arrow so it wouldn’t be not fresh.
    Also, I’m still not sold for grant gustin as the male lead, he certainly looks better than when he was on glee but I wish we could more charismatic side of him. Let’s see if that could happen

    • Sarah says:

      1. Totally disagree on the tone – I think it will be decisively different from Arrow, definitely lighter and hopefully with a little more humor thrown in. (I love Arrow but I also love when a show has a sense of humor, so I’m really looking forward to Flash being a lighter show)
      2. As far as him being charismatic, did you see his appearances on Arrow this season? I get that he doesn’t look like a classic hero type but I thought he had a lot of charisma when he was on Arrow. I thought he played h character perfectly and really liked him.

      • johnhelvete says:

        I agree about Grant Gustin, I thought he was terrific in the episodes on Arrow, which made me interested in watching Flash.

      • Yeah it seems different in tone…more light-hearted since Barry seems to embrace his new ability etc. Even in the promo pic with the costume (the side profile)…Barry is smiling and Ollie isn’t in the Arrow costume promo pic from couple of years ago.

  10. tv2day says:

    Flash looks interesting. I love how cw stays dark, grimey with their series n have more of an adult feel. Agents of shield, with the help of the captain america storyline, moved into that direction a bit but their first 18/19 episodes were kiddie land.

  11. Lena says:

    And the hate for Barry’s friend will start in 3…2…1. EVERY female character on the CW who isn’t white receives tons of hate. I expect this to be the same.

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      What are you talking about? There’s nothing wrong with any of his friends. Not everyone is a racist!

      • Lena says:

        It is true that everyone is not racist. I also do not think anything is wrong with his friends. I love diversity on television shows, because it represents the real world. That is one of the reasons I love what some of the other networks are doing. For example, Sleepy Hollow…CW, however, doesn’t have a good track record. Candice Patton unfortunately might experience the hate as soon as this series starts.

    • Drew says:

      There is hate for a lot of characters, no matter what race or gender they are. Look at Supernatural. A female can’t get within a hundred yards of a Winchester without fangirl screams being heard around the world. We lost a lot of good characters because of them and it was completely irrational.

    • puredieselbc says:

      Lena you obviously have not read the HATRED for Laurel on Arrow. The venom that gets spewed at that girl is a disgrace.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Oh come on. Laurel is a character in a TV show. Now if the hatred were directed towards Katie Cassidy then that would be a disgrace but not a fictional character.

    • David F. says:

      What they need to do is give Barry’s friend (Iris) a role in the show that is impactful. Give her something related to the action/meat of the show. If she’s just there to be the love interest (which as Barry’s foster sister in this show, is weird!) and in-the-dark damsel in distress… she will be hated. That happened to Lana on Smallville and can currently be seen happening with Laurel on Arrow.

      • Kaya says:

        Even more if they put Danielle Panabaker’s characters as the witty one, they will have Olicity all over again (when I first saw the trailer I thought it was Simmons from Agents of Shield, to be honest). But we will see, I look forward to it.

      • Geli says:

        She could bring in her nephew for some Kid Flash action. :D

    • Celina says:

      I don’t think there is anything to do with the race. From the pilot, I liked the lab girl much more then the other friend (I guess she is the love interest). I’m sorry, she could be white, or asian, or whatever, but I didn’t like the actress or maybe the character (I need to see a whole episode first)

      • Lena says:

        Nobody has seen the pilot yet, so to state you like one character over another is kind of premature. But thanks for proving my point. The fans haven’t seen her speak one line yet and already people are ready to hate her. How do you know you do not like the actress when you haven’t seen an episode. You are going based on how she look only.

  12. CBWBDK1 says:

    The Flash looks really good! The cgi looks fantastic for a tv show.

  13. Britt says:

    The Flash looks amazing!!!! Jane the Virgin looks cancelled.

  14. bryceradick says:

    I feel like I’d rather rewatch Smallville, personally

  15. Tai says:

    I’m so excited for The Flash. It looks like it will entertaining. I’m already feeling Team Flash. This looks like it should be good.

  16. Robert says:

    I am looking forward to the Flash but I do not think I am the target audience for Jane.

  17. puredieselbc says:

    This fall DC will have FOUR series on FOUR times a week: Gotham on Mondays, The Flash on Tuesdays, Arrow on Wednesdays and Constantine on Fridays.

    Heaven…I’m in heaven…

  18. wingsstef says:

    The Flash looks good. I will be tuning in after Agents of SHIELD. Jane the Virgin looks like it might be a cute family drama, so I will probably check it out.

  19. Essie says:

    Omg I can’t wait for The Flash, the trailer looks amazing.

  20. Nicole says:

    Barry won me over in ‘The Scientist’ so I’m all over this show. Love that he and Ollie have a mentor-mentee relationship going on and that Oliver is actually encouraging.

    Now, how soon do we think Tom Cavanaugh is going to go evil (money says he’s Reverse Flash) and just WHO is John Wesley Shipp (90s Flash) gonna be? Dying to find out!

  21. kavyn says:

    Loving the trailer for Flash, and the clip for Jane had me giggling a lot. I’ll definitely check them both out :)

  22. Gramii says:

    I can only imagine CBS have Pedowitz over a barrel. It’s the only reason I can think of as to why that horrible sounding/looking show VIRGIN has been ordered and landing in the fall. He probably goes to bed each night cursing how awful it is, but he has no choice but to air it and wants it to flop as quickly as possible.

    Looking forward to Flash, Messengers and iZombie though. Good choices this year bar the one.

  23. nate says:

    THE FLASH LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Jane actually looks good even tho a few weeks ago i thought the premise sounds really dumb

  24. GhostWolf says:

    Flash – now that’s what I call a good trailer and it will be on my DVR list for certain. No interest in Jane whatsoever.

  25. Joey Padron says:

    The Flash looks great. It’s awesome Oliver have a cameo in pilot episode. Can’t wait to see show this fall.

  26. stephanie says:

    i guess im the only one excited to watch jane the virgin. I loved ugly betty and I watched the Venezuelan novela so im really excited to see this adaption.

  27. Jamie says:

    I feel like I’m in 2008 where The Flash = The red blue blur … Except better. Major smallville vibes from this – super excited to have arrow and the flash to succeed one of my favorite shows

  28. sladewilson says:

    if they follow some protocol, then Iris will probably be a journalist or newscaster. Originally she was a Lois Lane knockoff but a little more feistier – in other words, Iris would clock you in a NY minute while Lois (at the time) would be more demure in her actions. As long as they keep that Iris (or similar), she’ll be good…

  29. Is it just me or does the flash feel exactly like Smallville except a little less crap. Also which speed force user killed barry’s parents? Professor zoom?

  30. Taylor says:

    Jane the Virgin looks like one of the dumbest show ideas I’ve seen in a while, sorry..

  31. Kari says:

    Jane looks horrible. I am embarrassed for all involved. The Flash on the other hand looks like it could be the seasons best new show. Super excited.

  32. taz says:

    The Messengers not gonna last.
    I think the story line is not good enough