Arrow Star Weighs In on That Finale Scene: I Was Like, 'Oh No, The Fans Are Going to Cry'

Arrow Oliver Felicity I Love YouAs The CW’s Arrow barreled towards the conclusion of its action-packed Season 2 finale on Wednesday, a small and quiet yet significant moment of time was carved out for Oliver to take Felicity to the Queen mansion for safekeeping.

Felicity of course balked at the idea, preferring instead to stay in the fight — prompting Oliver to state that when Slade grabbed Laurel, “the woman I love,” he in fact took the wrong gal.

“I love you,” he then told Ms. Smoak.

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The moment, misleading as it turned out to be, caught many viewers off guard, but Emily Bett Rickards had an idea the ruse was coming.

“I had sort of heard things,” she told TVLine on the red carpet at The CW’s annual Upfront even on Thursday morning.

That said, as the actress saw the actual moment play out once the actual script was in front of her, she couldn’t help but proactively feel for the fans.

“It was like your heart is sinking, because we knew it was all a set-up, but it was sort of like, ‘Oh my God, oh no…. Ohhh, the fans… Everyone’s going to cry.'”

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Was Rickards surprised — or maybe glad? — to see that even in the fleeting moment where Felicity thought Oliver was actually making an admission, her alter ego didn’t come right back with an ILY of her own?

“I was glad, actually, because for one, it’s truthful, because it’s so shocking” to hear Oliver go “there” in the heat of a crisis. “After all this time — 46 episodes, two years — she’s not expecting it,” the actress explains. “I don’t think anyone was. Like, ‘Why are we in the middle of this house when the apocalypse is happening outside? We should be getting machetes! Where’s my ninja sword?’ I think [Felicity’s reaction] was a very honest [unspoken] response like, ‘Oh, no, wait… I love you too, but….”

Later, as the finale came to a quiet close on the island of Lian Yu, Felicity and Oliver were afforded “a second” to revisit their provocative exchange, where they acknowledged how one another really sold it, with Slade listening in as hoped. But what went unsaid — and the look in Felicity’s eyes, for certain — suggested that it wasn’t 100-percent theater. Says Rickards with an eye on Season 3, “I think that there’ll be something explored there.”

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  1. kath says:

    It’s too bad you made her the runner-up performer of the week last week because I thought EBR did an amazing job this week, from her introduction to Nyssa al Ghul (Felicity Smoak MIT 2009) her surprise at Oliver’s declaration at the Queen home, her fear and determination with Slade, and her hope on the island that Oliver really had been speaking the truth, she and Stephen Amell raised their scenes to some of the best on television.

    I hope the producers continue their dynamic next season because it’s one of the best reasons to watch this show.

  2. Art says:

    JMO, but Felicity (whether it’s planned this way or otherwise) is the hottest woman on the show, and really, it’s not even close. How Oliver Queen wouldn’t be attracted to her, especially considering how smart and perky, and insanely cute the character is (“anyone for Dim-sum after fist-a-cuffs?” or “So what? Do you guys call this Team Arrow or something”, as Oliver and Diggle say no, Felicity comes back with “I do… sometimes.”). Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but Emily Bett Rickards is all that plus tax in my book.

  3. GreenArrow12 says:

    I hope to see a better structured Felicity next season, something that could make have a decent storyline, as for example her father showing up! We don’t have to forget about Ed Raymond, her husband in the comincs. He can be her next love interest.

  4. Edith says:

    I think the team dynamic has to change anyway. Yeah older and Felicity are gonna get more alone time anyway. Digg is having a baby and Roy may be coming back. Keeping them apart so that the dynamic doesn’t change is pointless. The dynamic has to change regardless. Because things evolve. The show would be boring if the way they are remained stagnant.

  5. chloe says:

    I love Felicity, and she and Ollie may become at one point a couple, but I am in no hurry for it. I believe Olliver is not too stable as a person or too steady as a boyfriend yet. Ollicity could be the end game for the show as far as romance goes but I see a long epic journey before that. I really hope he lets go of his “Laurel is my dream and only love, blah blah” thing, though. What a snooze fest. They are much better and stronger as friends. Let’s hope they don’t pull a How-I-Met-Your-Mother-y mess on us just for the sake of playing an even deeper game than we thought they were…

    • lulu Lily says:

      Even if Oliver and felicity end up together , how long do you think felicity is able to take with laurel apart of Oliver life and apart of the arrow team because we all know laurel is going to want to be apart of the arrow team eventually and we all know that Oliver won’t be able to say no to laurel for long. Felicity will have to see her new boyfriend with his ex-girlfriend maybe all the time and with felicity knowing how Oliver feels about laurel and their history , felicity isn’t going to able to stand Oliver being around laurel and felicity definitely not going to like laurel being apart of the arrow team . Laurel lance is going to be the one person who can definitely put a damper on Oliver relationship with felicity if Oliver end up with felicity in season 3 of arrow show because we all know slade Wilson Will eventually gets out of his sell cage and continuing his revenge on Oliver and since Oliver mother is dead and thea is with Malcolm Merlin which the only love ones Oliver have in starling city is laurel and and the people Oliver cares about is diggle , felicity , Roy and Oliver already let slade know that he was setting up slade in season finale of arrow show when it comes to loving felicity the most and salde is definitely going to go after laurel again and felicity because felicity help Oliver take him down in the finale fight with Oliver and with laurel , salde is going to be after laurel again because he’s going to know that laurel is the one Oliver love the most. Even if salde Wilson doesn’t go after Oliver or the ones Oliver loves and cares about that doesn’t mean some other enemies can’t go after the hood and target laurel like before which Oliver behavior towards laurel is going to come between felicity and Oliver relationship or what if laure fighting for her life laying in the hospital bed and felicity saw Oliver reaction and realized that Oliver never stopped loving laurel and break up with Oliver because of laurel because we all know some going to have to happen to laurel for Oliver to able to completely comes out with his feelings for laurel and for Oliver to completely open up about what he went through off and on , on the island and I think the writers are waiting for the right moment for Oliver to open up to laurel like he never done with sara or felicity or diggle or anyone else but laurel and I believe that they are saving that moment for laurel and Oliver when Oliver learns about his son or daughter and when laurel finds out about Oliver long lost child and almost every bit of Oliver lies and secret or everything and which Oliver Will face losing laurel forever and Oliver will finally open up to laurel about everything so he won’t lose laurel forever and for laurel to forgive him.

  6. lulu Lily says:

    Even if Oliver and felicity get together they would last the same amount of time that Oliver relationship last with sara and maybe even less and what happened with Oliver and felicity when ever laurel is around or when ever Oliver show concern for laurel and showed how he really feels for laurel and start to push felicity aside for laurel because diggle said to Oliver that it’s always laurel and everybody else be dammed and Oliver even admitted that it’s true and the reason why it’s true because it’s laurel so with that being said how will felicity feels about Oliver constantly around laurel knowing how Oliver feels about laurel if felicity starts dating Oliver because we all know that with laurel Oliver relationship with anyone or almost anyone will get ruined because of Oliver connection. I mean look at sara and Oliver relationship and because sara statement to laurel about Oliver said it all and then their the huntress that Oliver was in a relationship with that ended the same night that Oliver have dinner with laurel and Tommy and if Oliver and felicity happens then their relationship will end because of Oliver relationship with laurel. Felicity isn’t going to be too happy with Oliver when it comes to laurel eventually and that’s when felicity and Oliver relationship going to start to come to an end , I mean look at laurel relationship with Tommy ended. Tommy didn’t like how laurel and Oliver were reconnecting more than just friends and we all saw what happened when Oliver decided that he wants to be with laurel and we see what happens to Tommy before season one of arrow ended.

    • Bobbee says:

      Laurel and Oliver, as written in this series, are a big NO. He has treated her horribly and her taking him back would be totally pathetic. I have seen no actions to support that Laurel is “the love of his life.” You can’t just tell us all they belong together, we have to believe it and the way they have written the relationship, I ain’t buying it.

  7. Ashley says:

    Honestly I feel like Laurel is the Lana of Arrow.. that girl that the guy keeps going back to but knows that she’s not good for him and he’s not good for her either I mean he cheated on her a lot.. I don’t wanna rush Felicity’s and Oliver’s relationship either because then if they get together you obviously know they are going to break up that’s just how tv shows work. But I swear it better be a freaking good slow burn and a lot of character development. Also idk why but Laurel the character it self bothers me shes like freaking everywhere but I mean I have nothing against the actress just the character in arrow the comics I’m sure shes cool just in this show idk why but she bothers me… but no one really likes her anyway.

  8. Marcy pierson says:

    As a fan I was shocked when that scene occurred. Thought “great going Oliver”. “Yeah”. Was totally taken in by the ruse. Had forgotten about the listening devices. Was soooo disappointed when realized it was faked. Shame on you for that but you got me! L

  9. man fern says:

    she is better than the main botoxed young woman.She has no expression .The only problem i have with Fe is she doesn’t dress or act like a tech person.

  10. Abby says:

    Olicity better happen or I’ll stop watching the show.

  11. Bobbee says:

    For the sake of the show, I think Oliver should be a playboy super hero. The relationship angle so far on this show is action stopping dreck. I don’t want to see any more scenes with Laurel chastising him and doing her pinched up little face at him. Laurel, ugh, could she be any more annoying. They really messed up with the Laurel/Oliver thing, the actors have no chemistry. It is not believable AT ALL that Laurel is the woman he loves. He just crawled out of the sack with Sara and she basically dumped him. Him going back to Laurel is kind of a jerk thing to do and her taking him back is a weak woman thing to do.

  12. ash says:

    Felicity is the only one Oliver had any chemistry with. Him and Laurel don’t work for me and I didn’t like him with Sara. There are a lot of fans that want them together. They just can’t do it too soon. I would like Felicity to have another love interest first. So she’s not just the girl pining for Oliver. Agree Emily was definitely a find for this show. Funny she was only supposed to be on it for a few episode. Guess they realised what they had and smartened up.