American Idol Top 3 Results Recap: Heeeee's Running Out the Doo-ooo-ooo-oor!

AMERICAN IDOL top 3 results recapTears are as vital to American Idol Top 3 results night as FCC-taunting hemlines are to J.Lo’s sense of self(ie).

Indeed, the opportunity to travel back to contestants’ hometowns, to see the misty water-colored memories of the way they were (six months ago), provides endless cross-promotional opportunities with Kleenex or Puffs that have yet to be explored by the House That Is Currently Ruled By Candice Flippin’ Glover.

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Tonight, however, was notable for the lack of waterworks in the packages of Alex Preston and Caleb Johnson. Granted, the former contestant had to sacrifice a third of his screentime to lovingly filmed closeups of Jenny From the Block, while the latter’s video clips mostly focused on goofy hijinks with a little brother named Houston.

(“Did they even show Caleb’s parents? Maybe there’s a sad story there,” texted my pure-hearted mother, not realizing that reality TV producers feed off tragic footage like hyenas gnawing on half-consumed carcasses.)

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At least Jena Irene’s family delivered the goods — her grandma weeping before the soulful diva had even pulled into the driveway, then declaring, “I’m gonna be worse than I am now!” Jena’s Grandpa, meanwhile, got me choked up as he dabbed the corners of his eyes with a crumpled tissue. Also: Can I get a T-shirt that simply says #TeamJena’sBrother?

Nope, nobody will ever surpass Elliott Yamin’s mom for Most Stirring Contestant Relative, but it’s always nice to see ’em try.

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So what else was on the agenda with the results show expanding to an hour tonight? We had Season 10 champ Scott McCreery singing about sunshine and flip-flops. There was Ryan Seacrest delightedly introducing us to his puppy Georgia (“We didn’t have an oopsie! Yes!”). And we even endured some Obvious-isms from Randy Jackson — “Whoever goes home tonight, they will have missed the finale,” declared the Dawg, who also expects the sun to rise in the morning and his local McDonald’s to have a hot McGriddle on the menu prior to 11a.m. (Runner-up for Worst Randy Quote? “It all comes down to Alex, Caleb and Jena.” Really? But I thought Kenzie Hall was still waiting for her chance to sing!)

Without further sarcasm, here’s how the results played out:

Jena Irene

Alex Preston
Caleb Johnson

Before dish eliminations, do you know that despite the production offering umpteen reminders of Caleb’s bronchitis and ailing vocal cord on Wednesday, he wasn’t the only contestant struggling with health issues? Consider this Tweet:

Anyhow, results…

Alex Preston, who left on a very high note thanks to a lilting performance of his lovely self-penned track “Fairytales.”

And with that, it’s your turn…

What did you think of Top 3 results night? Did the right two singers make the finale, or are you aghast at the results? Sound off in the comments! And for all my reality TV-related news, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Karmatura says:

    Alex can tweet all he wants about “not wanting to mention it,” but he DID mention it last night on the performance show in one of the “talk to the camera” moments after he performed. Frankly, I think it hurt him a bit, because it looked like he was trying to piggyback on Caleb’s sickness. It came off as petty.

    He’ll be fine, though. Long career ahead as a live-action “Wallace and Gromit” actor if the music thing doesn’t work out. : )

    • I just re-watched the show again and just realized that. Did not notice it the first time! yes he did mention his illness. And everyone is saying how much they respect Alex for not mentioning it on the show and trying to make caleb look bad. That is exactly where I saw it, in the “talk to the camera” part. Everyone kept saying how much better of a person Alex is for not saying anything! Makes me mad. Its not Calebs fault he got the vocal cord injury.

  2. Ro says:

    I called this about 6-7 weeks ago; but I don’t like it because I was an Alex fan from the beginning. I think if Alex won, though, it wouldn’t have helped his career; and I don’t think he’d love being an ambassador for AI forever. I said I’d buy a David Cook album, but I never did. I will definitely buy an Alex Preston album. But please bum that blue shirt that looks like a blouse!

  3. Jill Moya says:

    Everyone has to blame JLO for everything. I do feel however that the singer should sing entire performance with the cameras NEVER going to anyone else! But, I guess the producers needed a boost in ratings (which failed miserably), so they tried her again! In a way they succeeded! Look at all the buzz she gets. But it gets to be too much when people have conspiracies, etc., etc. that she’s guilty of! Imaginary things a lot off it! Why is she always the biggest topic, even more than the singers??? WHEN DOES IT END????

    • jaded says:

      And there is the reason why Idol’s ratings have tanked.

    • CK from DC says:

      Well for starters, they’ve already cancelled the results shows for next year.

    • Danny says:

      Bravo Jill!

    • Yes Jill I was wondering the same thing about all the J-lo hate?

      • Jill Moya says:


        Well, I told you I’d keep you informed! I have a friend that knows who’s gonna win and the vote count, etc., etc. I didn’t believe him for many years. But he has never been wrong and tells me to bet every year and I’ve missed out every year! Gina got an overwhelming amount of votes. Caleb’s vote count was not close to votes received by HORRIBLE JENA! As of now, based on the tremendous edge in votes, she will most likely prevail! It made me sad when he called me this morning (I left him a message Thursday morn and he’s just returning call). But, we have hope. He explained to me that only one time in the previous 12 years was there a turn around in votes from going into the top two and the votes after singing for the title. Adam clobbered Kris in votes to get into the final and was the big favorite. But Kris by a narrow margin got more votes after they sang to become champion. The off shore sports books had Adam over a 3 to 1 favorite. When I talked to him the day of the final he told me Kris was the winner by a slight vote margin. He had to know. Even the sports books who had the favorite right every year but that year, was wrong. So Caleb could do it but voting history says Jena will win! I’ll know morning after they sing for a definitive answer, unless you want to be surprised. Lemme know. As for you non believers and haters, you can believe these facts or not. I’m not a liar and I’m trying to get attention or reactions like people have accused me of. So Becca, I’ll know Wed. morn. Thanks! Let’s hope for the best. JILL!

        • But they havent even performed yet. I think that will be the deciding factor. Tues night performance night. Hey I wondered this. They should not have changed performance night to Tues cause what if some people werent paying much attention and A) miss the show B) dont vote because of it C) go to the tv wed night and find out it is results night. The show has always been Wed, Thurs, night. I think it was a mistake changing it. Especially when it is down to the last 2. Do you havw any idea why they changed the night to tuesday?

          • MAB says:

            The finale week is always on Tuesday and Wednesday. I always wondered why too.

          • Strange, but I dont remember that in the past but I trust you are right. But even I could forget something like that, luckily my DVR keeps track because I have AI on series recording. But I still wonder if some people will forget. Ryan only announced it once. Every vote counts now for both contestants!

          • MAB says:

            Also the performance night is usually just an hour and the finale (result night) is two hours which is Wednesday. Maybe they are doing this because this way they only have to change Tuesday. If they left it the same nights they would have had to change programming on two nights.

          • Kinda sucks, x Factor had a 2 hour show both nights! And that was on fox also. They would have 2 hr performance show and then 2 hr finale! It might feel like the show is rushed on tues night.

          • MAB says:

            The Xfacter has 3 in the finale but Idol only has 2. I guess that makes a difference.

          • Oh yes I didnt think of that. They did have three on finale.

          • Jill Moya says:


            Like I said, a person who gets so many votes over another going into the top 2 has won every year but the year Kris won! Had the votes with Caleb and Jena been close, it would be a tossup! That wasn’t the case! But Adam received a much bigger percentage of votes than Jris. But, Kris turned it around and for the final, receiving slightly more votes than Adam. So, unfortunately, Caleb’s chances, historically are not good. Let’s pray he can Pull a Kris and win. I sure hope so!

          • Well He has the whole southern vote with jess gone. Only 2 people have won on AI that are not from the south. That doesnt look good for jena. Jess, dexter and cj, a bunch of them were from the south! They are all gone. Caleb has that vote now!

          • Hey Jill I was bored so I watched the whole performance show again tonight. They all said that Alex was so great because he never announced he was sick on the show. YES he did. they are liars. Its after the commercial when the contestant gives a short rundown of their performance. Glad I watched a second time to find out all these people lied trying to make Alex look like a saint. And that titanium performance sucked. Beatrice Miller (x factor) who was 14 at the time was TEN TIMES BETTER and she was so pretty, drop dead gorgeous ,actually and that was with no makeup on. Her voice was golden. Her version of titanium was stellarI Wish she was on American idol this season. If she was, Jena would have gone home weeks ago and Beatrice would be in the top 2. As far as looks go Jena is not even in the same league as Beatrice Miller.

        • Some people dont pay as close attention to the show as we do and Ryan only mentioned it once. Could affect voting if people forget about tues night. Ryan should have mentioned it 2 or 3 times throughout the show. It could affect both Jena and Calebs votes.

          • Jill Moya says:


            Only problem is Jena out voted Caleb with Jess gone already (going into top 2)! There’s always a chance! Remember that. I have faith…GO CALEB!

          • Jill Well I can hope! What about that southern vote thing. Laryn Alayna, Scotty, and a bunch of others are from that general area of the country. There have only been 2 wins that arent from the south. What is your opinion of that. Also, we have to see the performances tues night. Are you going to vote at all? The southern people love rock and country. I went to see The Bullet Boys, which is a hair metal group from the 80s. They played in a bar here in Portland and I actually talked to the guitarist. He told me he couldnt wait to go to the midwest and south because they sell out every show. He said the south loves Hard Rock. That is why caleb made it this far. The southern vote. What do you think? We will just have to see what America thinks. OMG Thunder, just heard thunder at my house. My dogs are staring at me, like what the heck was that?

          • Jeremy says:

            I will bet anyone any amount of money up to $3000 that Caleb will win. If you want to bet me let me know. Let’s think about this: Caleb blows people away every week. He is the most pro of everyone this season. He will be playing with Kiss in their full make up. He has never been in the bottom all season. Jena has more originality and a huge female fan base. Caleb is not only a rocker, but he has done Adelle and Lady Gaga. For Jena to win, many voters will have to simply be too young or clueless or simply not into rock music in any way, and don’t get it so not vote for Caleb. But if this was the case, why doe she get that response every week and never in the bottom? I assume many people like, me, find Jena’s voice unpleasant and not into her style. Does Jena have more fans that love her more than Caleb? I don’t think so.

          • Yes I think he will win! Alot will depend on tues night performances, but he knows what he has to do. He will perform sooooo good. Do you have any ides, is there a theme for songs tues, or just they pick their own songs this week?

          • Jeremy, have you heard Calebs new original song? Written by singer Justin from The Darkness,” As long as you Love Me” Its very good!

          • When I first came on this site or blog, I was having a blast with you and Michael Johns, and a few others,but now these people are so hateful its just not fun anymore. Im almost to the point where I feel defeated and have no more energy and dont give a F**** who wins.LOL SERIOUSLY

  4. Jenna says:

    Just listened to Jena’s winner’s single. Surprisingly, I love it. I was worried it would be too poppy, but it has her signature sound. I even purchased it on iTunes, which I have never done with Jena’s performances.

  5. Shel says:

    Michael – some random thoughts…..
    Don’t kill me, but I was actually a little happy that Randy was there for the 500th episode. It is just he and Ryan that have made it through (eek! obviouisly statement lol) and it would have been sad to only have Ryan representing the whole run of the series.
    I also think I must have started to tune Randy out completely – I did not even notice those (lame) quotes! So, I had a really nice laugh, reading your recap. lol Lub the sarcasm!
    Alex actually mentioned that he was sick last night – he said it during his first performance self-post-critique after the commercial break. I think he actually said something like we’ve all been sick, which I took to include Jena as well. I remember thinking – that poor kid, he knows EXACTLY what the show is doing. But if you missed it, probably most of the world missed it.
    JLo close-up during HALF of Alex’s hometown visit – omg, kill me now.
    All season, people have made all sorts of comments about JLo’s outfits, especially the hemline. What strikes me most about these short-short-short dresses, is how uncomfortable she looks in them! She always has her hands glued to her sides near the hemlines (the better to ward off a malfunction) and she walks without any confidence. For those reasons, I would have started lengthening the hems on my own.
    Wish Alex had somehow pulled off making it to the Final 2. I tend to think Caleb was going to make it all along – how about you? But, that said, I wonder how he doesn’t feel like making the finale is now suspect because of the obvious “ohmigosh, he’s sick” overkill last night. But, perhaps he really doesn’t care (and maybe he shouldn’t) – the goal is the goal.
    Every week, the judges come to the stage to hug and talk to the contestant voted off. I noticed tonight, that Caleb positioned himself in front, so that they had to congratulate him first, rather than go see Alex. Really tacky IMO. Plus, I am pretty sure Jena’s face after JLo hugged Caleb and then turned towards Alex really portrayed her feelings exactly.
    I could be wrong, but I believe the camera cut away every single time Jena & Alex hugged during the results and after he finished his song. What the heck is that about??
    Loved Alex’s final performance – can’t wait to see what comes next for him.
    Loved seeing Elliott Yamin – surprised you didn’t mention him, Michael! Was it so you didn’t have to mention Gokey too? lol

    • Shel says:

      Random thought I forgot about – I realize these reality shows are trying anything to boost ratings. But in an hour-long program, is it too much to ask to see a recap snip of each of the performance songs from the night before? This is supposed to be about those performances after all.

  6. Rebecca Parker says:

    Alex’s singout was amazing, and I would buy that song right now if I could (can I?). He deserved to be in the finale – he sounds like he could be on the radio tomorrow: Caleb sounds like he could be on the radio 20 years ago.

  7. Slezak's Top says:

    Michael, any chance that you (or your Photo montage artiste) can put together.a Top 30 of the performances you didn’t put in your latest countdown?

    James Durbin’s Uprising, Siobhan Magnus’s Paint it Black, Allison & Adam. Cook’s Billie Jean followed by Jason Castro’s Halleluia, without even a commercial break between them!. Haley & Casey. Skyler. Hollie. Chekezie and She’s a Woman. I could go on. Any of the three Falling Slowly versions.

    You could call it the “other” Top 30.

  8. Angela says:

    Haha, agreed on Randy’s comment about how it came down to those three contestants. I was like, “Thank you, Captain Obvious.”
    Loved Georgia the puppy-so adorable and I would’ve been more than happy to see more of the dog throughout the hour. While I don’t have a preference going into the finale, I will extend congratulations to Jena and Caleb, and simply say that KISS being on “Idol” will be…interesting.

  9. Eric S says:

    The only thing I want to know is if they asked Rush to perform with Caleb. The other 2 got their first choices. I am just wondering if Rush turned down Idol. My money would be yes they did. They aren’t touring right now. It was obvious that Caleb was more excited for his brother than himself with the choice.

    • Timmah says:

      That’s a good point. I can’t imagine any self-respecting Rush fan (of which I consider myself one) thinking that Kiss is anything but garbage musically.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        KISS is “Disneyland without the overhead”. Gene Simmons is pretty honest about his motives behind the formation of KISS. It will be nice to see Simmons and Paul Stanley singing for a change instead of their usual haunts – the financial programs on cable. Just enjoy the fun, Timmah.

    • Rush is his favorite band, BUT CHRIS CORNELL is his all time favorite vocalist in the entire world. And yes Chris Cornell is out touring at the moment with Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails. Rush lives up in Canada

  10. AlyB says:

    Thrilled for Jena. Sad for Alex. Jena for the win.

  11. Jenna says:

    Yep. Jena’s our winner. You can usually predict the results based off the winner’s singles, and I think that Jena’s will resonate with the Idol audience way more. It actually has meaning, whereas Caleb’s is a cheesy rock-pop love song that is abundant with clichés. The one with the meaning always wins.

  12. jaded says:

    Did anyone really think that the bus wasn’t going to run Alex over? And does anyone really think that bus won’t be headed for Jena next week?

  13. Cat says:

    a. Disappointed that Caleb is in the Top 2. Dude needs to learn how to have some class. Whatever. Or at least mix it up a bit with his performances.
    b. Alex should get signed pronto! I just know that he can sell. He’s an artist, period.
    c. #TeamJENA all the way! :)

  14. Take1 says:

    I personally have never gotten the arrogant vibe from Caleb. They say there’s a thin line between confidence and cocky and I still see him as the former, but, hey, that’s just me.
    It’s probably the same reason some call his antics “obnoxious” while I just see goofy. Different strokes, I guess.
    Anyway, I hope he get’s his voice straightened out. He seems to be the kind of guy who has a hard time keeping his mouth shut, which is no bueno for bruised vocal chords. If he’s smart, Idol’s resident king of loud is going to have to learn the virtue of silence so he can bring it next week and give us a good, competitive show.

  15. gigi says:


    • Gailer says:

      It is crazy !😱


      • Jeremy says:

        How does Caleb have no talent? Caleb has a great voice, can sing well, has experience and can perform like a professional. He isn’t on the level of Steve Perry or Robert Plant, or a true great pro, but for AI, he is almost as good as a rock musician can get. And about class? I didn’t know rock musicians needed class. Those drugged out drunk dirt bags Guns and Roses did pretty well didn’t they? Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Keith Richards, Perry Farrel, Dave Navaro, all polite and moral class acts? But Caleb hasn’t done anything so extreme that you can say he has no class. I watch the same shows you do, seems fine to me. I see him listening to the judges and following their advice.

        • I think he is super funny and I love people like that! They always bring up that he said the “R” word. The bashing and name calling going on in HERE makes Caleb look like a saint. The Devil is in The Details. How are these people any better? By the way Ted Nugent has the biggest mouth of all!!! Hahahaha. But he is super funny too!

          • Jeremy says:

            I say people are retards a lot. Is this word not PC anymore or something? I don;t mean really mentally challenged people, just idiots. The internet is full of retards as is Twitter and Facebook.

          • I agree when we say that word , its not really saying something about anyone. It is just a term like the words some people on this site use. Amen to that there are R**** all over facebook and twitter and so “sorry to say” right here on this damn blog! LOL

    • Jill Moya says:


      I finally found your ridiculous post! Jena is a stuck up no talent who should have never even made the wild card. She mumbles when she sings, has a terrible delivery and is unattractive to boot. She has no class and her childish speaking voice is sickening! It would be a shame for HER to win, which at this point, she probably will. If she does, she will be the worst winner in ANY talent show!

      • Jeremy says:

        I don’t agree Jena has no talent. I don’t like her voice but she has talent. She is only 17. In that chorus of “Heart attaaaaaaack” that is great vocals! She has raw talent and is born with a great voice. But I simply do not like it, and think she needs to mature a bit.

        • Jill Moya says:


          Well, I’ll give you that! She has some talent and could with hard work, be a better singer! She’s raw right now, for sure. But if she wins AI, she’ll think she’s so great there’s no need for improvement. Time will tell! For now, I feel she should never have advanced this far! Thanks for answering! JILL.

          • Jeremy says:

            These top 3 were the best 3 though this year. Most constants this year were totally sub par. I liked Kristen O’Connor though but didn’t see too much of her to know for sure. Was that her name? Funny how there weren’t any power ballad Whitney Houston/ Mariah Carey types this year like Candice Glover. everything is happening as I predicted. CJ, Jessica and Sam would be eliminated, although wasn’t sure in what order, leaving this top 3, where Jena and Caleb for the finale, then Caleb for the win.

  16. Terry says:

    I’m glad Caleb is in the finale! He has been my pick from day one! My ideal final two was Jessica and Caleb. My biggest problem with Jena is the mumbling and her horrible lower register which NEVER was mentioned or critiqued!! Talk about favorites! Lets just gloss right over that fact. I’m pretty sure the judges are there to critique their performances and all aspects of it! When they ignore obvious mistakes and heap undeserved praise, I question their credibility!

    • C says:

      I totally agree with you. I wanted Jess and Caleb for the final two, also. And, I think Jena has some definite technical vocal weaknesses that were never addressed, even by Harry.

      • Jeremy says:

        Jessica came across as just too weird for me. Her Stevie Nicks emulating I hated, as I do not like Stevie Nicks, and I would see a 23 year old appear like a middle aged woman freaked me out. She had this spun crazy look in her eye like some psycho or something. It’s like, when Jess comes over, hide the steak knives.

        • Jill Moya says:


          Great insight into Jess. Well, everyone knows my dislike of her. As for Nicks, she has a unique voice that I just don’t like as well. She is a tremendous success story but I feel vocally she’s nothing special. Success doesn’t always mean they’re good singers, as you know! Thanks. JILL!

    • Matrix says:

      That would have been an awesome finale!

  17. Kaba says:

    Just gave Jena’s winner single a preview listen…
    It’s very….not what I expected to come from her, but she’s a girl so of course they’ll default her to pop type music without consideration for what she’s covered all season.
    I like it though. I can hear it on the radio. It’s no Home, but hey…not as bad as I Am Beautiful.
    Calebs winners single… Very Caleb. Which might prove to be a problem. I can’t tell if I like it or not…hmm. Unsure

  18. Mouse says:

    Alex has been my #1 since the auditions. With all the love for Alex in these posts, I don’t know how he didn’t make it to the finale. Jena has been my #2 all along so I will be voting and voting and voting for her win. Caleb has a pure, clean, pretty great voice, but his personality, lack of genuineness and lack of connection leaves me surprised that he surpassed the amazing, unique, extremely talented artist that Alex is. I will buy up all of Alex’s music and pray for Jena for the win. BTW, screen time for JLo – ridiculous, tacky, and are you kidding me with that? Business people for the Idol machine… Get a clue. Go Jena!!!!!!!!

  19. darcy's evil twin says:

    I haven’t watched the program yet because we were out this evening but thought I would check in and see who got voted off the island. Wow, did I call that one wrong. I thought it would be Caleb. I really like Caleb but he’s not what you hear on today’s radio. Ah well, I still predict Jena will win the whole shebang.

  20. Julia says:

    I’ve never been impressed when people say they won’t be watching Idol anymore, so I’m not going to say it myself. Instead I’ll say that I really can’t summon up any interest, much less enthusiasm for watching the J Lo show … otherwise known as the finale this year given the show’s overt manipulation in favor of some contestants and against others. While strong influence has always been exerted, this year it feels as though those with the power are under the assumption that the judges and the public are their tools and are resorting to additional gamesmanship to achieve their ends.

    • Yo says:

      I have a problem also. I need to understand the entire story of the spoilers for last night and did Idol release them. Things happen on this show that make me as a viewer just feel dirty and, although I watch it, I don’t much like myself for it. The producers seem totally corrupt, willing to do anything for a perverse desired end, and if they spoiled this show, they have gone too far. We watch this show for the contest, to root for people, not to look at Jlo or to figure out production machinations. It is not a contest, so there is really no point in watching except to real ease some anger. Production has done some over the top machinations this year and it appears they care neither about their contestants or the public that engages with the show. We all appear to be pawns in a larger amoral game. This reminds me of politics and I’m not sure I want to support it on entertainment tv.

    • Penny says:

      I will probably watch Idol next year but I won’t watch the finale. I’ll watch the results show to see some of my favorites perform again.

  21. destinielynn says:

    Although I wanted a Alex and Jena final, I guess I’m pleased with next week. I’m sure some pretty cool performances will happen. I wisb majesty was singing with John Legend and not annoying over the top Malaya.

    Did anyone else notice that Alex’s parents don’t share the same last name as him? I wonder if he’s adopted. Either way he is talented and I look forward to his music!

  22. gigi says:

    GO JENA.

    • Loving, Gracious, and wholesome? Are you one of the uptight christian voters? You jump to judgement about somebody you dont even know. Your posts are everywhere spreading your hate for caleb. Why dont you shut-up. Your a low-life!!!!! Go somewhere else and spread your spewing mouth of bulls***. YOU ARE BLATENTLY DESTRUCTIVE. NOT CALEB!

  23. J says:

    Enough of the J.Lo closeups!! It was beyond disrespectful and rude how J.Lo was the main focus during Alex’s hometown visit. I was annoyed. Also his send off was another camera zoom to J.Lo. ENOUGH ALREADY.

    • Jeremy says:

      I hope for the final it is 3/4 J Lo’s face and 1/4 Randy Jackson going “Yo dude!” Because like all of you, I only watch the show because I must see JLo’s face during every performance.

  24. Blinged Up says:

    Meh. I liked Alex and Jessica this season.

    Jena FTW though. *yawn*

  25. Jenny says:

    J Lo has pushed me away from Jena, yes she is talented and has a great voice but sooooo tired of the same sound over and over besides the fact that she acts like she knows she has this won now! Her attitude is cocky. Caleb brings the fun back in AI and seems to have a fun, caring, personality. No one knows what his “home” life is like, maybe he is just a private person. His mom was shown on the show on his birthday night cooking for them. Either way it goes they all will have successful careers.

    I wanted top 3 ALEX, JESSICA, CALEB

    JESSICA got a raw deal from the beginning with J Lo. She couldn’t do anything right in the judges eyes! All they pushed was Jena. Jessica will make it WATCH,

    Alex is the true musician on this show and will be far more successful than the others. LOVED his music, performances, attitude, everything about him.

    • Jeremy says:

      Nobody got a raw deal. Judges are way too nice. We need a Simon Cowell again who could tell it like it is. Jessica had this crazy look on her face that didn’t match the rest of her. They were trying to help her but she was slow to get it. None of these 3 judge tries to hurt a contestant. Give me a break! Are all you millenials so used to everyone kissing your ass all day long and coddling you? How are you going to survive in the real world?

      • Jill Moya says:



        • LeahKittyS says:

          @Jill Why is everything you say automatically the truth? You call anyone who disagrees with you delusional, laughable, and tone-deaf. Why do you not see our opinions as equal to yours? Why is something a fact just because you think it? Are you God? And you have the nerve to call us bullies and trolls, while you threaten people with a wire hanger? Why can crazy people never see their own craziness?

          • Jill Moya says:

            LEAH, MY BIGGEST FAN!,

            NO, you’re God! Everyone can say how they feel, even YOU! I tell people how I feel. SORRY YOU ARE SO SENSITIVE! I’ll tell you again…DON’T HATE ME CAUSE I’M BEAUTIFUL! Are you suffering from PMS or?????????????? Calm down! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!

          • Jacob says:

            you are now officially a discredited liar about being commissioned, no normal person believed your commissioned bs to begin with, you are just an annoying liar, case closed! So you defend Caleb and his retard comment and give Danny a pass on all his hateful comments about JLo….what a hypocrite, try to be more honest, you of all people can not judge anybody else.

        • I see here that Leah called you out on the wire hanger. She may not know that the wire hanger is from a movie that we loved and is basically a joke! It is like only certain people on this site think they can say whatever they want, but certain other people better watch what they say. The ones that are REALLY mean are not even called bullys.

  26. ayhr hhh says:

    My top 3 rankings from all the past seasons:
    1. Haley Reinhart
    2. Angie Miller
    3. Alex Preston
    4. Syesha Mercado
    5. Melinda Doolittle
    6. Nikki McKibbin
    7. Casey James
    8. Elliot Yamin
    9. Joshua Ledet
    10.Vonzel Solomon
    11.Kimberly Locke
    12.Jasmine Trias
    13.Danny Gokey

    • Timmah says:

      Kim Locke and Elliot are way too low.

    • Em says:

      Hmmm, seeing that list does not bode well for Alex to find any success in the music biznazz. Actually I think the person in dead last on your personal rankings is the only one out of all the 3rd place finishers who has been moderately successful. Sad.

      • Em says:

        Oh wait, I forgot Elliot’s first album went gold, my bad. So Elliot and Gokey both had some decent success as far as releasing music goes. The rest either haven’t released anything or flopped.

    • Jill Moya says:

      I think Melinda is #1! She was truly robbed that year!

  27. GuitarBlue says:

    Perhaps for the finale, the producers will order a split-screen through everything, except when we just see J. Lo herself, and we will always be able to see J. Lo through every expression, head bob, whisper to another ……….. oh, the thrill of it all. Pers must be so happy. ..

    • AlyB says:

      Permanent JLo cam? Ohhhhhhh noooooooooo Please don’t go giving them any ideas lol. Lord knows they’re just about there already.

  28. Ronald says:

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    return the prefer?.I’m attempting to in finding issues to improve my site!I assume its adequate to make use of a few of your concepts!!

  29. SandyK says:

    Obviously Jena is the chosen one, she sings whompy, has bad texture to her voice, rolls her tounge makes words indistinguishable. Caleb has been a true performer since the beginning. He is ready for people to buy his record. He has a great rock voice that people will listen and buy. I think he has parental/family issues which probably is quite embarrassed about. If he wins there will be no one there for him with exception his brother. Now Slezak has been embarrassing biased against Caleb and even when the many times he blew the roof off Slezak gave him a c +/_ and a nasty review. He HATES HIM but he souldnt be so biased for Jena. She let out many frogs over the season and gets A’s every time. He voice isn’t clear but mushy. Once in awhile she comes thru with a good onel but when you look at all the performances Caleb had more stellar performamces than she does and he is very committed. Give the kid a break. Ans Sleazak you have a responsibility to report fairly. I could have written Calebs critiques before he sang gave them to you and I would have told you the prize you would have given him. It is screeminglh apparent that you just can’t stand the guy. Well I can’t stand how they pimp a contesrant and try to elevate them then pick some one to trash.How can you people sleep at night when y ou treat peop;le like that. I for certain believe Calab has out performed every conmtestant each and every week and the polls back me up. He should but he wont because idol already made their decision.

    • Catniss says:

      Agreed. I wonder if there is going to be an exit interview with Caleb when the show is over? The contestants Slezak does not like get ignored (such as 3rd place finisher Will Champlin on the Voice, last season). It seems that EW has more balanced recaps and less hatred. This site brings out the worst in people.

    • Sebby says:

      Although I think he has a really good voice, I am not a Caleb fan and it has nothing to do with his personality. To me, and probably a lot of others who aren’t fans, Caleb offers nothing that hasn’t been done before. He hasn’t taken any risks except that Adele cover. Thing is, if I’m gonna rock out to Dazed and Confused, I’m not going to pick Caleb over Zeppelin—and on the flip side, I would pick Alex’s version of Stay over Rhianna’s because it is so vastly different from the original—. And I do believe the judges have mentioned this to him before–that he needs to bring something new to the covers he does. Sure, he’s a good performer, talented and entertaining. He probably works the stage better than anyone else this season. But I see him more as acting the persona of 70’s front man than being a unique artist in his own right. And that’s not a knock on him. The guy is still a very young man and probably hasn’t formed his own identity. There’s a difference between being influenced by your musical inspirations and mimicking them.

      • Jeremy says:

        But for this season, this top 3 were the best top 3. I predicted it weeks ago, then knew Jena and Caleb for the finale, and Caleb for the win. It makes perfect sense that the least exciting of the 3 would be eliminated. Jena has originality, but it is just too inexperienced at the moment. She’s just 17.

    • TELL’EM SANDY K, I concurr every single word you say! He is so good!

  30. Buddy says:

    I hope Caleb wins just to piss all of you off. He’s a great singer, and since this is a singing show, I don’t care about everything else. I wanted Alex and Caleb in the finale, but I’ll take this.

  31. Diz says:

    Yay, Alex is gone finally! I don’t care who wins but it should be a good finale.

  32. Tahoe Mike says:

    I got sucked into watching back a bunch of the performances on M. Slezak’s top 30 list, and lost two hours last night. I couldn’t help noticing how you never saw the judges in most of those clips, even when they had Simon’s ego to deal with.
    I also got reminded how much I miss having singers like Alison, Crystal, Haley, Joshua, and so many others to watch each week.
    I also think there were some glaring omissions, and a few dubious choices on his list.
    I wanted a Jessica / Caleb final. Still hoping to #SaveTheRocker.

    • Billy Bob says:

      It’s this new producer guy Per Blankens from Sweden. It’s all this guy’s new ideas for Idol. The guy is either clueless or just a a$$hat.

    • Timmah says:

      I was watching some old clips the other day, and the same thing struck me. Hey, where are the cutaways to the judges? Oh that’s right, they actually thought it might be important for us to see the contestants while they were performing. What a concept. And the judges’ comments at the end were quick and concise, not rambling dissertations like they are now.

    • tealeaves says:

      @Tahoe Mike, I wish you would take the time to post in the other thread about what different songs you would have included. I love this show because of the contestants and the performances. It is interesting to know what performances others really liked.

  33. jane says:

    Alex should have made the finale. He was the most talented one left. Go Caleb, I guess? I don’t think either Caleb or Jena sound very current. I don’t think Jena would be a successful idol winner either. She’s not pop enough for a career like Katy Perry, MIley Cyrus, and for me, her voice just isn’t strong enough to be the next Adele. Sure, there’s bands like Paramore or Florence and the Machine, but is there room for more of the same? Caleb could have a career playing rock/ stoner festivals, but I don’t hear him on top 40 radio. I like originality and Alex had that, so did Jessica and Majesty. Those 3 had the potential to be the next Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson.

  34. twnkltoze says:

    Did anybody else notice how JLo had such a hard time getting to the top 3 to dole out hugs, finally giving up and heading back to the judges table while Keith and Harry were still mingling on stage? I imagine they asked Alex if he wanted his illness to be made public and he probably refused cause he’s not a big headline and sympathy seeking PUSS! I’m so glad this season is over and I hope they ditch JLo and Randy next season. I’m so sick of the close ups. Good luck to Jena and Caleb and may the best Screamer win.

  35. Julie says:

    Utter rubbish that Alex was voted off, one of the most original and talented artists there has been in AI. Hope he gets signed, he’s too good not to be. Don’t mind Caleb but he’s a band frontman, not an AI. Jena I just don’t get – she was great during her audition singing her own song but she’s been dreadful since, shouty, out of tune, garbled. A real, real pity for Alex, he deserved the confetti shower. As for Jennifer Lopez…! I avert my eyes when she’s on the screen, a waste of oxygen, bring nothing apart from being a pretty face.

  36. Caro says:

    I don’t watch Idol any more but I’m glad a woman is back in the finale! It’s about time!

    • tealeaves says:

      2 women were in the finale last year. It has been 5 seasons since we had a 2 guy finale.
      In Idol’s history there have been only 3 seasons with 2 men in the finale. Coincidentally, those are the only seasons where both the winner and runner up went platinum. Those are Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, David Cook, David Archuleta, Kris Allen, and Adam Lambert.

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah but only one has won in recent times, despite some having had obviously far more impressive voices/performance skills and that one was in a year where it seemed pretty clear they gave yellow papers to whatever male they thought couldn’t possible actually ever win even on A.I. It was starting to become a bit of a joke.

    • Jeremy says:

      It’s about time a woman was in the finale? Last year were 2 women and the year before was 1 woman one man. If I remember correctly last year the top 4 were all women. I guess some people like to see unfairness everywhere even where there is none. Welcome to America, where everyone is a victim.

  37. Winston says:

    this is the first time in a long time that I want one contestant to win over the other more than anything else, Jena needs to win, Caleb annoyed me all season long and with his “retard” thing he should not win we need a female contestant that can debute in the top 10 of the hot 100 and not just with their winner single. Caleb is outdated and disrespectful how he got through over Alex is a miracle. But he should not win over Jena. #TeamGINAJENA!!

  38. Blank Slate says:

    Have to say there’s something off about Alex. He averts eye contact. He has an unpleasant stage presence, way too stiff, awkward. He makes me nervous watching him, even when they show him on camera before he takes the stage. Without his guitar in his farewell performance, he looked so uncomfortable and ill-at-ease. It makes it hard to hear him sing. Talented I’m sure but quite possibly unable to carry a full concert off live on stage.

    • Jeremy says:

      Yeah Alex does have a good voice and seldom makes mistakes, but most of the time I see a dull personality. Also, I don’t like the constantly falsetto thing, I would rather see a good voice soar rather than going to falsetto so often. But overall a bit boring in my opinion. All he has to do is move to LA and audition for bands and he will be ok.

  39. Mikko says:

    Somebody asked, if anybody would really believe, that any of the season13’s finalists could really become stars. Well, I have believed in the case of Jena and Malaya.
    Malaya should have only come 5 years later, and also Jena a couple of years later. In the earlier AI years I think Jena could have been around the 9th- 5 the 5th – but still become a star.
    I do not like her way of twisting the voice and pronounce the words, but Jena has a great voice,and she could naturally become a star, if she got rid of those elements. However, I do not see her a personal singer, but with the band (like Daughtry). So maybe we have more witnessed a birth of some great future band than a career of a certain singer.
    There IS something in Jena, whereas. although a nice guy, I do not find a lot from Caleb. So I wish jena would win.
    That would, by the way, be historical in that way, that for the first time in the history of AI, a wild card pick would win the show. (Clay Aiken was very near as a wild card pick in winning the show in season 2, but it has not yet happened)

  40. Colleen says:

    I stopped watching when Jess went home. Worst season by far. The combo of JLo the nasty hobag and Jena the fugoy screecher is too much to take.

  41. stephaniep97 says:

    What was the song playing during the beginning of Alex’s homecoming?

  42. Linda Lhrar says:

    Do not believe in the votes thing, the winner has been chosen by the producers and the record company from the very beggining. Although Jena has good vocals, she shows zero emotions in her performances, and that is what makes a difference. A true artist is someone that makes you feel something and only Alex has that ability. He has proven week after week that he was the only one with true artistry!!!

    • mary says:

      I don’t think you have watched Jena performances closely to say she shows no emotion. I get your upset Alex left but sorry it is obvious that the VOTING public does not agree with you.

  43. Mary says:

    Honestly I am just glad Jena made it I didn’t care which one of the guys did. I would of prefer Alex just because Caleb gets on my nerves more but now we need JENA for the WIN.
    I knew it was Alex when we had JLo split screen the whole time during his visit. Alex had a good crowd and I believe the producers didn’t want to show that. I guess now the WGWG stigma is gone from AI. Jena should win but you know the demographics she doesn’t have the necessary parts so I am praying her song is good to help offset it.

  44. Mouse says:

    @Terry, they did call Jena out on her shaky low register this Wednesday night on her first song, Titanium.

  45. A few thoughts:

    A “Don’t cry momma” moment is my benchmark for a “Homecoming” success.

    Alex Preston is a consummate musician with proven songwriting talent and a current, bankable sound. He’s quirky, gifted and conducts himself professionally. I suspect he’ll get a record deal and be one of those “Idols who didn’t win” success stories. (There are more of those than “Idol’s who won” success stories” so, no worries about him.

    Jena Irene has a good voice, solid musicianship and writing skills. She seems like the kind of artist who would appeal to a record label even without the Idol platform. Plus, she is very young and malleable and labels love that.

    Right now Caleb Johnson is experiencing the most success he’ll ever know. I hope he’s savoring it. He will be able to book all the best bars in whatever town he’s from for years and enjoy all the “coke, girls and hookers” tip jar money can buy.

    • Blank Slate says:

      I hope you’ve saved up your cash and hit the glass ceiling of your life. Quite a rude wish for Caleb’s future. I don’t understand how people can be so mean. You don’t know him. You’ve never lived in a celebrity bubble, particularly at a young age. You’ve never had cameras on you 24/7.

      Why would you wish ill will toward someone’s future?

      • Matrix says:

        Well said, Blank! I agree with you. People are very judgmental with these contestants ( beyond opining on their performances). Unfortunately, I guess that gies with the territory.

        • Blank Slate says:

          Thanks, Matrix. The arrogance over what happens once the show is over is troubling. These kids are fighting for a better life. Why act like they’re only good enough for a little something? I hope these people do not talk to friends and family this way.

      • Blank State Yah im getting sick of all this hate too. I cant believe it. Are all comment pages, (of other subjects too) politics, other musicians, and others: are they all like this? With so much hate? Believe it or not, this is my first time on any comment place. What a disgrace this is. But one lady named Eileen came here and said this is the most hateful site towards caleb. The other ones are not she said. I think he is great and has the most personality on the show, and he seems like a good guy! and awesome singer!

    • You dont know s**** about anything. You sound like you think you are some kind of music expert! You have no life! That is your problem! Do you think your slezak? Or maybe L.A.Reid? Give yourself a real pat on the back and boast yourself, cause you think you know everything. LOLHAHAHAHAHAHA whatever! LOSER

  46. LIsaK says:

    I’m sure Alex will get a recording contract and I’ll be happy to buy his record. I think Caleb is terrific – don’t get the complaints about cockiness … He’s a big goof ball and has an awesome voice. I think Jena is screechy a lot of the time. I think she’ll be good someday but I find a lot of her performances non-melodic.

    • jaxguy says:

      Where did the Cocky crap come from. His visit was upbeat and devoid of the usual sentimentality that these usually have. He’s a middle class kid with a great rock voice and I hope he wins. I would like to see him live and I would probably buy his record if it’s good and not ruined like many of the contestants end up with because of the Idol machine..

  47. tealeaves says:

    Slezak, when you interview Alex you should ask him about the backdrops during her performances. How are those picked? He had some that were very cluttered and distracting.

  48. steve s says:

    AI needs some major changes next year. How about they get down to the top, say 8, then stop sending people home? Instead all 8 sing every week gathering points from the fan’s votes as they go. The contestant with most points at the end is the winner. This way, chunks of viewers don’t lose interest when their favorite singer goes home and, most importantly, we get treated to a tight show with a much wider variety of performances and way less “filler”. Changes on the leader board from week-to-week would be a fun dynamic to watch.

    • mary says:

      I’m not sure I like that Idea, maybe top four but some of the top 7 and 8 I couldn’t wait till they went home. This is a singing competition not a game show. The object is to sing well every time and win fans over. They are the lowest for a reason, might not be the one I want to go but it is obvious they aren’t winning the audience over.

  49. jaxguy says:

    Feelin’ It was exactly why I did not want Scotty to win. Horrible song.

    • Em says:

      Ya, no kidding. But his fans bought the heck out of “I Love You This Big” so they’ll buy anything!

  50. Trisha26 says:

    Aghast of course. Alex was the only choice – as I’ve been saying since he auditioned. Sigh. Sick of JLo all over my screen instead of the contestants. I guess I’ll be voting for Caleb even though I’m not convinced he’ll have a career or has the maturity to pursue one. He’s got a huge voice and obvious talent, but needs miles of social & media training – both of which he should have mastered by now. But even a boorish 80s rock singer is better than Jena.

    • MAB says:

      I just purchased some of Jena’s iTunes and played them. I no like! Her voice is harsh and I don’t think she is anything special. Angie Miller was better than her last season. I also played Alex’s iTunes which I already purchased and I have to say what a differences. He has a beautiful voice and his music is just gorgeous. I won’t even try listening to Caleb, I I know I won’t like him. He is too loud. The wrong person went home for me last night. I tried to like Jena but I just can’t. I guess I won’t be voting for anyone on the Finale. So disappointing. I am looking forward to the finale though because my favorite Idol will be performing with Sam. I hope Alex gets a record deal. He really deserves it and maybe coming in third he will have more control of his album.

    • HTGR says:

      A lot have had gigantic careers with far less maturity than him.

    • HTGR says:

      Although it is also true that some also ended in train wrecks, which isn’t the happiest thing.