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Post Mortem: The Originals EP on the New Hybrid, [Spoiler's] Return and a 'Complicated' Season 2

The Originals Season 2The Originals‘ season finale boasted an embarrassment of game-changing riches that left us dying, Genevieve-style, to see what Season 2 has in store for Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelsons — of which there are now several more. Fortunately, showrunner Julie Plec was happy to answer TVLine’s burning questions.

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Below, Plec discusses Rebekah’s return, Esther and Mikael’s plans for Klaus, Hayley’s future as a hybrid (with or without Elijah) and so much more.

TVLINE | Let’s start with last night’s big moment. How long had you planned Rebekah’s return, and how secretive did you have to be?
When we started the season, we knew she’d be leaving us, and if we couldn’t convince her to stick around, then that would be the way we’d end that journey. It’s funny because it weirdly didn’t have to be a secret so much as it just happened at the end of the year when everyone was so busy with other things that they didn’t even think about it.

TVLINE | Obviously scheduling is hard, but will see her again in Season 2?
Honestly, I definitely know we’ll see her again in certain contexts. She’s got the baby, so it’s not like she’ll be living in New Orleans and playing nanny in the middle of the French Quarter, but this is not the last we’ve seen of her. We’d definitely like to check in on her every now and again.

The Originals Season 2TVLINE | Now for that cliffhanger. Was that Finn or Kol with Esther?
You know, it’s supposed to be left a little bit up for questions, but the audience can easily make their own assumptions, given that he seemed very straight-laced and tamed and pious. So of the two brothers, if we were picking one, I know who I’d pick.

TVLINE | So now that both of Klaus’ parents are back, and they both want him dead, what’s next?
The biggest question is: At what point are they going to become aware of the other? And at what point is anyone going to become aware of them? That plays out over the first few episodes of Season 2, and it’s kind of fun because you’ve got these two really nasty entities from Klaus’ upbringing, both of whom are back in town. The shock when he realizes it’s not just one, but also the other, is going to be pretty great.

TVLINE | We almost had the entire Mikaelson family together in one episode for the first time.
The show, at its core, has always been about family. Losing Rebekah was sad for us, so it just got us talking and thinking about how to expand the family universe a bit. We’ve been juggling a lot of these ideas for a long time, and when all was said and done, we decided to just go for all of it.

TVLINE | Speaking of that family, Davina’s now using Mikael as her play thing, which I love. What’s that dynamic going to be like?
That’s what’s so great. It’s wide open as far as what their dynamic can become. She’s got him by the figurative you-know-whats, and that is not a good position for a man like Mikael to be in. He’s used to being the chaos driver, so I think it’ll put him in a place where he has to be submissive to her — which is awful — and they’re going to spend a lot of time together, which could come up with an interesting dynamic between them. We talk a lot about the Hound and Arya from Game of Thrones when we talk about them. I think it’s going to be a fascinating relationship.

The Originals Season 2TVLINE | And Hayley’s a hybrid now, which I wasn’t expecting. How will that transition go?
If anyone’s going to have the roughest time coming out of all of this, it’s going to be Hayley. Not only did she have to give her child away, which is catastrophic and devastating in itself, but she also lost the one thing she thought defined her, which was that she was this werewolf leader who these people thought of as royalty. She was the last in her family line, and that’s all gone and shattered. She’s going to have a real identity crisis, and it’s going to impact her sense of self, leaving the brothers to be there as the ones who need to pick her up and help her find herself again.

TVLINE | I feel like Elijah will be good at that, no?
Without giving too much away, her identity crisis is definitely going to drive a bit of a wedge in between them, only in that Elijah is always the one who wants to help, and she’s so tender and not of herself, that she’s having a hard time accepting help and wanting to be fixed. It’s going to make it difficult for him, because he cares for her so much, to see her going through this.

The Originals Season 2TVLINE | It also looked like Klaus and Cami had a moment towards the end. What’s up with that relationship?
They actually have a really nice profound intellectual and emotional connection. I think Klaus genuinely sees her as this important person in his life, but right now is not a good time to be an important person in Klaus’ life. So he kind of friend-dumped her, you know? He said, ‘I really need you and I like you as a person, but get out.’ And that makes me sad. If you think about how Klaus started the season seeming irredeemable, he made so many broadly selfless moves in this finale, one of which is telling this woman who brings him comfort that she can’t be around him. What he doesn’t say is that it’s too dangerous, but it is.

TVLINE | Lastly, Klaus and Marcel made great progress before he compelled him. Will Marcel remember that they reconciled?
When we do the timeline of when Klaus is going to compel Marcel back to, he’s going to remember that moment. That was really beautiful for their relationship. The complicated thing when we come back, of course, is that Francesca has essentially run all vampires out of the quarter — with the exception of the mourning and crazy Originals, who are holed up in their Compound — but Marcel is living across the river and hasn’t come back. So Klaus and Marcel’s relationship has healed, but they’re not side by side. They’re living two separate lives, so they’re going to have to find their way back to each other, both geographically and emotionally.

What did you think of The Originals finale, and what are your hopes for Season 2? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

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  1. tv2day says:

    Great finale even though I had to watch it via other means since they showed Yankee baseball on the cw channel. Do people still watch baseball? Smh!

  2. Jake says:

    Do people still watch TVD and the Originals? SMH

  3. Chris says:

    I really hope Claire holt eventually returns in full capacity. She’s the reason I loved the originals. She said it was a temporary abcense and I hope she meant it. I don’t care of all of the original family is back if she isn’t. It’s just not the same.

    • veepster says:

      Julie just said here that they could not convince her to stay and she´ll only come back for the rare guest appearance

      • chaouad says:

        no she said she was coming back but she needs so me time and she want to see her family.

        • veepster says:

          Read the article it above Julie Plec says they couldn´t convince her to stay and We’d definitely like to check in on her every now and again. That means that Claire has no interest in being a regular on this show and she´ll only come back as a guest star.

          • Chris says:

            Thanks I can actually read. She stated in another interview that this was a “temporary leave.”

          • Dude says:

            It’s ultimately Claire’s choice. If she wants back, they’d let her back. Julie said they couldn’t convince her to stay because they couldn’t convince her to extend her initial contract. That doesn’t necessarily mean she never wants to return.

    • koko says:

      I want Rebecca back

  4. veepster says:

    Thought it was so predictable and over the top, and well played stealing the baby plot from twilight breaking dawn so original. Saw this through to the end but i´m done same with tvd i´ll tune it for the finale but thats it for me no more JP produce shows for me ever again.

  5. veepster says:

    oh and TO your so far from being like Game of thrones your just embarrassing yourself when you mention yourself in the same sentence.

    • Mpi says:

      I agree 100%! Don’t they dare compare Game of thrones to this illogical show.

      • Rachel says:

        No what is illogical is comparing Game of Thrones author to J. R. R. Tolkein. Which I’ve heard done. I can’t even begin to understand the stupidity behind that.
        The Originals is a great show and their characters have way more depth than Game of Thrones. And FYI, I watch Game of themes. I own all seasons out on DVD and I have all the books. This show is way better.

    • nate says:

      She never said anything about being like game of thrones. you dumbass.

      • veepster says:

        are you people not reading the article above? or not understanding it?

        • nate says:

          she said she was basically comparing The Hound and Arya relationship to Davina & Mikeal… at what point does she say “I’m comparing the originals to game of thrones”? absolutely nowhere

          • Mpi says:

            Daniel Gillies said that TO was going to be like Game of Thrones when they promoted the show…

  6. Jaz Schoone says:

    Love the fact the show will be about “The Originals”
    I hope we will be able to get Caspar and Alice back as Finn and Esther.

  7. melissa says:

    i enjoyed it i hold up tears through out the whole movie and this episode also showed that even klaus have a heart…….cant wait for season2 am excited

  8. hello says:

    Am i the only one who thinks that the show was severly hurt by Rebecca leaving

    • chaouad says:

      No you are not. Rebekah was the only reason i started to watch TO. i stil like it but its not the same.

    • tp says:

      I think if you watched The Vampire Diaries then her exit hurt but otherwise no. I didn’t watch TVD so her leaving doesn’t affect me. I like her but she isn’t the whole show. She really didn’t have much of a storyline on TO to be honest.

    • ChrisGa says:

      No, you’re not. While Daniel Gillies and Elijah will always be EVERYTHING to me with regards to this show, Rebekah has always been a close second for me. The show is far from ruined but it most certainly lost something when Claire Holt left.

    • Brandy says:

      No.Rebekah & Elijah are my faves

    • john says:

      i felt she put the jazz in the show she showed her soft side and at the same time she wasnt the woman to be toiled with she was definitly klauses better half for a sister……i love her she is definitly a better third part of the original family……

    • wow says:

      I agree.

  9. chaouad says:

    that was a beautiful scene between Rebekah and klaus and now she has a reason to come back !!!

  10. Jontay says:

    Soo many questions I’m anxiously anticipating season 2….. The finale was indeed a great one… Job well done for the writers, I love that klaus trusted rebcecca with the baby, and esters back… Oh noo…. Hurry season 2

  11. tp says:

    I read comments about JP ruining TVD with the love triangle. I’m glad there really isn’t one with Klaus/Hayley/Elijah. It was a great finale with a good setup for the next season. Looking forward to it.

  12. Naya says:

    So this show won’t at all be like TVD .. yet s2 sounds like it will be all about a love triangle between the worst female character ever with the Mikaelson brothers.

    • tp says:

      Where did it say that? She said that Hayley’s new hybrid status will drive a wedge between her and Elijah. I did not see any mention of a brothers/Hayley triangle.

      • veepster says:

        She dosen´t have to say it we know it thats how a JP show works mark my words mid season 2 it will begin.

        • n.m says:

          “She’s going to have a real identity crisis, and it’s going to impact her sense of self, leaving the brothers to be there as the ones who need to pick her up and help her find herself again.”

    • aaliyah says:

      you have no right to judge pheobe tonkin at least she is an actor unlike you. domt hate on pheobe shes been in more movies than anybodylse in the originals shes a very great actor!!!

      • Kit says:

        Firstly, learn to spell and use punctuation. Secondly, Naya said Hayley was the worst female character ever but she didn’t mention anything about Phoebe, so she wasn’t “hating” on her personally or as an actress.

      • WOW says:

        she is not!!!!

  13. rukeya says:

    GOT is alot like TO and TVD! They also have wolves / shapeshifters…amongst others…

    • Jake says:

      GOT will never be like TO or TVD…GOT is far better acted, scripted and just plain all around better. TO and TVD are to emo and predictable anymore.

      • Melissa says:

        Jake, I totally agree with you. The only reason TO and TVD are so popular is that they are watched by a bunch of tweens and hormone surging teenagers. Of course there is also the whole adult following…but still these shows are mediocre at best..I stopped watching TVD last season, Nina was getting on my last nerve. OT is ok, I just DVR it and watch whenever. GOT however, is amazing. I watch every episode at the time of airing.

        • Evan says:

          The Originals and TVD are in completely different stratospheres!!! The Originals has better acting and writing than alot of shows on network television but since it’s about Vampires and Werewolves coupled with the fact it’s on the CW people seem to have preconceived notions that aren’t truly accurate!! Also why are you even comparing GOT and The Originals???

          • v says:

            Yeeup! I dont get the comparison between the two shows either lol I enjoy watching both shows cause they are both different in their own way.

          • Kristin says:

            Completely Agree #THE ORIGINALS

        • Delena says:

          What is GOT

      • Susie says:

        TO and TV are not predictable! Did you predict that Hayley would become a hybrid? Did you predict that reveal would end up with the baby? Did you predict that Damon and Bonnie would die? Did you predict that Esther and Mikael would reunite? Did you predict that the baby would be named Hope? Did you predict that the baby would even survive!? What about Finn or Kol coming back?? Did you predict that Hayley, a main character and a very important role for the storyline, would die? And there’s much more where that came from. All I’m saying is that TO and TVD are NOT predictable in any way.

        Thumbs up for Kol returning! (Nothing against Finn but I really want to see Kol get a romantic interest! )

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  15. Steve says:

    I love the originals can’t wait for the next season so exited btw I think Elijah and Hayley go well together

  16. staci says:

    Absolutely loved the finale little hope is so beautiful seeing klaus holding her brought tears to me seriously loved it loved it best 2 finales I have seen are revenge and the originals please let’s see more of hope next season

  17. If by “complicated” season 2. Do you mean even more unfocused and a mess then this horrible first season?

  18. Robert says:

    I disagree with their assessment of Esther, she is not a nasty entity. They forget Klause ripped her heart out and she was punished on the other side for centuries for making the first vampires. All she is trying to do is correct her mistake of making them, the fans are forgettng vampires are a violation of nature’s laws; plus we have to remember many of them have killed innocent people for centuries.

    • Francine says:

      I think anytime a mother wants to kill her children though… She’s going to come across as a pretty nasty person. And setting up to kill an innocent baby? That is definitely despicable.

      • Robert says:

        I agree with you about the baby but her children grew up to be monsters who as I said in my earlier post have murdered countless innocent people over the centuries and Esther was forced by the witches to watch every travesty her children have committed. I honestly think if a mother in real life found out her child or children were mass murderers, it would send her mind to a place it can’t escape from. I honestly think a mother will feel it is her place to stop her children.

    • Michelle says:

      Klaus ripped her heart out because she sided with Mikael and put a curse on him that kept his werewolf side buried. She then turned her back on him. I wish people would remember that Esther cheated on Mikael to get pregnant with Klaus, then when it came out, Klaus was the one punished and blamed for it by Mikael and Esther sided with him. How is any of it Klaus’s fault, he didn’t make his mother have an affair and he didn’t even know Mikael wasn’t his father until he turned after making his first kill. And as we have now seen from flashbacks, Mikael was always cruel and Esther did nothing to protect Klaus or any of the others. Klaus ripping out her heart may have been a bit much but he was a vampire by then and she had turned her back on him, a little overkill probably but it is Klaus.

    • Rachel says:

      I would like to know what is so natural & in sync with nature the werewolves are. Something or someone created them. It’s a curse that makes them in to what they are. And yet ‘nature’ had no problem with that. What’s up with that?

  19. Kervin says:

    Maybe I’m asking the obvious, but I’m just really not sure. I thought if a vampire is in transition, it doesn’t matter whose blood the vampire drank – anyone’s blood would do for the transition to be completed.

    So why did Hayley have to drink her baby’s blood? Why not anyone’s blood?

    • Nic says:

      Because she’s not transitioning into a vampire, she’s transitioning into a hybrid. Which means she needs the baby’s blood in order to survive (if you recall from TVD, it was Elena’s blood that was needed) Earlier in the season (the episode with Tyler) it was disclosed that Klaus’ child’s blood could be used similarly.

  20. Irene says:

    The opening scene with Hayley writing letter was beautiful. I thought the performances, writing, art direction and music was so well constructed. This was my favourite finale so far in the last week or so. TO has had it’s ups an downs but it has completely distinguished itself has a great tv show. There has been a lot of arguing about this show ruining TVD, shipping wars, people hoping this show fails and others thinking only teenagers watch it. I’d say (as a thirty year old woman) if you hate it don’t watch it and go on living your life as the ratings and last nights awesome episode showed us the show will be around for awhile longer at least.

    • Francine says:

      I agree. People are so nasty for absolutely no reason. Why on earth they waste so much time watching and/or talking about a show they “hate”…. Well, that says a lot more about themselves then I think they’d care to admit. What a shame.

    • io says:

      klaroline crazy shippers, they are desperate the show is a hit and that people dont give a sht abou them

    • WOW says:

      i like the show …i just don’t think Hayley can act. I felt more connected to Rebekah with the baby…Hayley and the baby.

  21. Karen Marie Russell says:

    I don’t even watch TVD anymore I only kept on watching for Damon but it has become so ridiculous that I have given up. At first TO took a little time to get going but now the season has concluded I have to say it has more depth, better acting and writing. I loved the performance all by the main characters last night and I am really looking forward to next season.

  22. honey says:

    I love klaus…without him..d originals is nothing.tink abt it.y do u watch d originals?

  23. BB says:

    I LOVED the finale. So basically The Original Father & Mother are the real enemies here.
    The whole cast did such amazing acting in this entire episode. I hope season 2 will be as good as season 1.
    So many sad and touching moments in this ep between all the characters.
    That Klaus/Rebekah ending was wonderful. I hope Rebekah gets to raise the baby for a short while nd be a mother free of all the drama. I bet she returns the end of next season and that baby is a BIG girl.

  24. jenn says:

    it sucks rebekah isnt back full time. I hope she will return as a regular later on eventually. TO feels more balanced when rebekah was there.

  25. Lisandra says:

    rebekkah to come back NOOWWWWW, and possibly caroline going to new Orleans? that should atleast happen once oh PLEASEEEE :)

  26. Barb says:

    This was a great Finale. There was so much going on I forgot that this is only season 1. I don’t know how they will top this season but season 2 is looking to be AWESOME. The baby was so cute and we better see her grown up. Hope will be an wonderfully entertaining character to see. She will be bad ass beaning a werewolf, witch, hybread. I think she will be very strong and they wont need to protect her once she is older. Who knows, We all will have to watch to see what comes from this. I love that Rebekah is the one to watch out for her. I think thats a big step for Klaus and her.

  27. Danielle says:

    I’m sorry but I’m completely disgusted with Julie Plec. I honestly believe she has zero idea what she is doing. She’s like Shonda Rhimes. She has too much on her plate so one show does pretty good while the other completely goes to crap. They’re both so full of pride or full of themselves, take your pick, that they can’t just pull back to only one show. The Vampire Diaries has been bad for two seasons now so I really hope The Originals doesn’t follow that path. It’s like they don’t know what to do with the storylines so their solution is to kill people off and call it ‘dramatic effect’ and claim it was necessary when all it really is, is bad writing. At least Shonda doesn’t antagonize the fandom from time to time. Julie really needs to stick with The Originals and hand off TVD to someone who cares about it and can actually write fairly well for it. I wish networks wouldn’t let show runners have more than one show going at a time because one ALWAYS suffers. I know I’m being harsh and Julie won’t see this but I’m not the only fan to think this, there’s quite a bit of unrest about how TO and TVD are being handled. She really needs to do the fans, and shows, a favor a step down. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to who haven’t watched TVD in months because of the shoddy writing. Julie redeemed herself a tad with the originals finale so let’s hope it stays that way. As far as the vampire diaries goes, I, like others, just stopped watching at about mid season.

  28. veronica ruby says:

    I love this show… it’s my favorite one, and I love Klaus so much but i was really sad when Rebeca left the show :( and I’m so.. so happy that she’s back :) :) ♡♥☆★ I just hope she won’t live again :) but I Love the ending of season 1.. I can’t wait for season 2.. I’m so excited!!!

  29. Stacey says:

    Well put Danielle, I am with you 100%. I think the numbers tell it all, the ratings of TVD have been steadily declining week to week since the 100th episode. They focused way to much on Damon and Elena’s mess of a relationship instead of focusing on plot lines that involve the other characters like Caroline, Bonnie, and Matt. It is just a mess, will still watch the finale to see if they can somehow redeem this season.

  30. v says:

    This show is so badass it rocks the world of television id definately recommend it… Niklaus totesly hot and rules the show all round my number1 .Rebekah, definately beautiful and brings humour and heart number2 favourite and my last but not least fav, sexy Lijah,The anchor and The protector! They all have this unique bond specially Nik and bekah! Just love it! ….Why the hell is the originals being compared to GOT, TVD and Twilight? Game of thrones is just that. its all about the throne and the ruthless deceitful games they play to get to it.Nothing about vampires werewolves or witches but i do love watching GOT. Rooting for Aryas revenge… Vampire diaries revolves around one irritating dramatic selfish teenage girl and two pathetic lovesick brothers whose worlds revolve around her and her circle of friends worlds also revolve around her. If it wasnt for The originals appearing on the show i still wouldnt of watched TVD to this day. Too dramatic.Kill off elena and bring back katherine. Now if you were to compare any of these shows to each other it would be TVD and Twilight.The end……

  31. When is the next season. I’m too excited. I wish it was next tuesday. :'(

  32. Nicole Mariam says:

    Loved the season finale… touching. Really happy about that bounding between marcel and klaus. Love that friendship between cami and klaus…hopefully will become like car and stefan!!!! Hopefully in season 2 we’ll see caroline in new orleanes. Wish the micacle child Hope will grow up fast and return to defend herself and the quarter!!! Of course with rebekah!!

  33. trvally1 says:

    Kol and Mikael are in their bodies and we clearly recognize them. I want the original mother and the original Finn from Vampire Diaries. I don’t like that they are in other bodies. That plot point is a real disappointment for me.

  34. Rebecca says:

    I love that Esther is an another body, so klaus and elajah don’t recognize her. I think the second season is the best season to come because of all the changes.

  35. Rebecca says:

    Gevina is my favorite witch character, I can’t wait to see how she makes micheal obey all of her command an season 2.

  36. Lorna says:

    Please no Kol. Worst character created, including Shane. Tied with April. Finn was eh but doesn’t irritate me the way Kol does. I wish they’d leave Esther in the ground once and for all. She was the one who turned her kids into vamps.

  37. Christine says:

    I am praying this doesn’t take a dump like my at one time wonderful Vampire Diaries!! I used to watch the time until the series would start and make sure my house was quiet and no one disturbed me during this time! Now it’s really sad… is actually BORING! And getting to be to far fetched. Everyone becomes super natural and that leads to a hoe hum attitude from the viewer! Me especially at 60, need to be entertained or its something I have seen before. It is also very predictable where the Originals is not yet, but unfortunatly I see it coming. Please turn your events around, maybe something happy like the Mikel’s re unite on good terms for once for their granddaughters sake!! Maybe Hope can pull them together!! There was a part where Michael was watching his son holding Hope, a sweet moment……so I am hoping that is what is in the back of the writer’s mind. And how fast will this child grow, she is super human, can’t take that long, I think her Mother and Elijah would be a great thing for the viewers to see, put them together for once I mean together, I am sure that relationship would be interesting, him so proper and her so badass!! That alone excits me!! Well good luck with the show….I hope to continue watching, I have stoped after the horrible finale for Vampire Diaries,, discontiued my dvr setting to some other show……..;(

  38. Vanessa says:

    Love Niklaus and Rebekah. Hope is very beautiful,I can’t wait to see her in the next season.The finale was the best.I hope the season2 is not in October like I read cause it would be very hard to wait that long to watch such a great show.

  39. Vanessa says:

    Love Niklaus and Rebekah. Hope is very beautiful,I can’t wait to see her in the next season.The finale was the best.I hope the season2 is not in October like I read cause it would be very hard to wait that long to watch such a great show.I hope Kol joins the show.

  40. Vanessa says:

    Love Niklaus and Rebekah. Hope is very beautiful,I can’t wait to see her in the next season.The finale was the best.I hope the season2 is not in October like I read cause it would be very hard to wait that long to watch such a great show.I hope Kol joins the show.Elijah is also one of my favourite characther.

  41. marie says:

    this finALE MADE ME CRY THrew OUT THE WHOLE THING esp the beg. then the end. !!! taught it was about time for nick and rebekah // and the baby couldn’t be in better hands!!! Just felt really sorry for her mother[hayley] who may never get to hold r see her again she loves her so much and now her daughter may never get to know her her don’t think that part right!!! her grandparents r gone nuts!!! and then hayley and poor elijah may never find their happy ending!! [I for one think it’s time to get the hell out of dodge r in their case[new orleans like rebekah did!!! just saying!!! Hope is a beautiful baby girl!! Can’t wait to see next season!!! Hope they kick them new wolves and witches ass!! and their parents too !! and good luck too baby hope and aunt rebekah!!!

  42. victorase says:

    the season of originals will be “da bomb shell”

  43. Marian says:

    I watch the show but think the move to Monday night will kill the show,to much to watch on Monday. as the Flash hat is replacing it on Tuesday,not at least interested in watching it.

  44. fiesty69 says:

    Great show! Love all of the characters! I believe that the show reflects some of the truth of humanity- at some points in time we can all be “monsters” given certain situations. We must rise above the situations and emotions to do so. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not, same as the characters on the show. It is a constant battle. Also our home environment and upbringing can influence how we react to these situations. I think the writers do a great job with this show and showing all of this.

  45. WOW says:

    Rebekah added sexiness to the show.

  46. Lons says:

    I love The Original because of Klaus, Elijah & Rebecka. I hope that the main storyline focuses on the family and less of love triangle…. Couldn’t wait for Hope to grow up and finally make her debut appearance on the Quarter with her loving Aunt Beck! How about Hope and Kaleb instead of Davina? I am not a big fan of Cami, I love the love/hate relationship of Klaus & Karoline! Elijah oh so cool…Elijah with his unwrinkled suit and the anchor of the family, love his character. With the Guerrero Werewolf back on the quarters, we need a kick ass Aunt Beck & not Haley to show these wolves whose the real Lady of the Quarter!!!

    • ZOE says:

      Yes! Bring back badass Bex. Hayley’s badass act is WEAK.


        • WOW says:

          Hayley is not badass!!!

          • kristina mass says:


          • LOL. says:


        • ZOE says:

          Hayley should be nursing/bonding with her child..not running around here acting badass!!! I don’t care if she is stronger than Bex…she is NOT badass.

          • LOL. says:


          • kristina mass(@kristin4000) says:


  47. Valerie Mendez says:

    Well, I enjoyed the season finale of T O, I think Klaus and Elijah just need to focus on being there for Hayley.
    Elijah and Hayley won’t last.

  48. zemy says:

    I don’t understand why some of you would read this interview if you don’t even like the show. I would never waste my time reading an article on a show I hate. If you like GOT and hate TO go somewhere else. I love the show so far, but I am worried that the story line is heading towards the dreaded love triangle. I just don’t want Julie Plec to turn Elijah into Stefan from TVD. I can tell season two is going to be all about the brothers pining over Hayley. If that happens as much as I love Daniel Gillies I’m done.

    • zoe says:

      I totally agree with you. Iam new to the saga…I don’t LIKE Elijiah because of this very reason. What part of Iam carrying your brother’s child does Elijiah not understand. I just don’t understand why all the man (Klaus/Jackson/Elijiah) are pining over Hayley. She and Camie are the MUST dull characters on the show. They belong in the Racheal Bilson club when it comes to acting skills – NONE AT ALL. Camie girl if i was Klaus I wouldn’t want you either after finding out that you had sex with my son (Marcel). Iam sorry, but Haylay and Camie both make me dizzy. Missing female character.

      • A says:

        i totally LOVE this show, it is more awesome than i could have ever expected, i looove Klaus and would really hope he could be with Hayley because i think there could be a little thing between them. I totally hate Cammie because she doesn’t belong on this show, I don’t understand what Klaus sees in her, and she is the only human on the show, and she is too fragile.I totally loved the season finale and how Klaus told Cammie to stay away from him, he could have not have mentioned the whole romantic part, but still i was glad.
        I do agree that I don’t want a VTD love triangle because that really lead me to hate Damon and Elana, but if there is going to be a love triangle than it must be between Klaus, Elija, and Hayley,since it’s too late to take Elija out of it.

    • zoe says:

      Iam new to the saga. I agree about Elijiah I dislike him because of this very reason. What part of Iam carrying your brother does Elijiah not understand. Why are all the man (Klaus/Elijiah/Jackson) pining over Hayley. I just thinks she and Camie are dull characters… at times watching them made me dizzy. They belong in the Racheal Bilson club when it comes to acting skills- none. Why would Klaus want Camie after finding out that she had with is son (Marcel). The love triangles on this show are an insult to my intelligence. Missing Bex…alway be Queen of the show.

  49. k says:


  50. Originals says:

    Nice ending in season 1 in the originals
    But i hope caroline follows klaus to
    New Orleans!