American Idol Top 3 Performance Recap: Shameless Selfie Promotion [Updated]

011512It’s no secret that American Idol has shed a few (million or so) viewers in its 13th season — a development that really, truly breaks my Idoloonie heart.

But then, tonight, executive producer Per Blankens made us wait ’til the 16-minute mark of the show’s landmark 500th episode before we got a single musical performance. And in lieu of Season 13’s Top 3 fighting for our votes, we were forced to endure The Following the following: a lengthy discussion of J.Lo’s sequined dress (“#MermaidPrincess,” suggested Harry Connick Jr., his soul letting out a silent scream); some wilted word salad from Randy Jackson (#NotWorthTranscribing); and finally, The Greatest Indignity of All (not the title of the Season 13 winner’s anthem, I hope) — a couple of handsome DJs spinning the wretched dance track “Selfie” while the judges played with their smartphones.


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(Sorry, I needed to get that out of my system.)

In all seriousness, though, I understand the basic need for filler — nine contestant performances won’t quite stretch over two hours of programming, even with the panel at its most verbose, and even with a good 15-20 minutes devoted to driving home the message that CALEB JOHNSON WAS UNDER THE WEATHER. The Idol resident physician, decked out in theatrical black scrubs, grabbed a mic and did his Hippocratic duty/the Lauren Alaina Shuffle (™ pending) by sharing the diagnosis.

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When you’ve got insanely talented prior winners like Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks and Fantasia Barrino and Candice Glover and Kris Allen and Phillip Phillips — all of whom appear in my Idol 30 Best Performances gallery (which can be found at the bottom of this recap) — willing to tape special “thank yous,” however, why wouldn’t you kill time with some unexpected duets and trios and new music and whatnot? As Ryan Seacrest likes to tell us, “This…is American Idol.” And last I checked, the franchise has endured for 13 seasons only because the musical legacy of its alumnae proves that it truly is worth investing several hours a week in the Idolsphere every January to May.

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OK, rant over. What’s done is done, and we can only hope that once the actual performances began, the core audience returned to the House That Kelly Clarkson Built. On that note, let’s get to letter grades for the night’s performances:

Caleb Johnson: INXS’ “Never Tear Us Apart” — Grade: C- | Like polite dinner-party hosts afraid to tell a guest he’s got half a spinach leaf hanging from his teeth, Harry, J.Lo and Keith avoided Caleb’s butchery of a gorgeous INXS ballad on the basis of his bout with bronchitis and a vocal-cord hemorrhage. But riddle me this: Didn’t all of our panelists essentially say that regardless of illness or injury, “the show must go on” (yes, that was my subliminal means of getting you to think about Skylar Laine’s incendiary Season 11 Queen cover). So how come Caleb only got Stepford Feedback like “really good” and “nice job”? And even if one was willing to overlook the fact that Caleb hit some brutal notes on the second verse, that he slipped well behind the beat on the second refrain, that the lethargy of the number extended well beyond the lazy “flung onto a wooden throne” intro, there was the problem of Caleb’s melodic choices weighing down INXS’ soaring anthem with 50 lbs of meh. I mean, when you’re delivering a lyric like, “We could live, for a thousand years/ But if I hurt you, I’d make wine from your tears,” it’s got to be done with the insane conviction of a Kardashian sister staging a photo op. Instead, by continuously pushing the melody downward and never allowing it to soar, Caleb siphoned off all of the inherent urgency and desire that lives inside the lyric. I wish I could yell at Randy for the flop, but seeing how I’ve been pushing for someone/anyone to cover “Never Tear Us Apart” on Idol for years now, I’m gonna have to drop the blame solely on Caleb’s doorstep.

Alex Preston: Bastille’s “Pompeii” — Grade: B+ | It’s official: I can accept Alex as a potential Idol champ now that he’s successfully covered an uptempo track! Granted, this wasn’t a perfect performance, but I liked the flourishes of falsetto on the verse, the way Alex kept pace with the rapid wordplay, and even that unexpected move from guitar to drum at the midway point. Of course, said shift caused Alex to drop off the mic for a moment, and yeah, the sudden emergence of a British accent every time he hit the word “optimist” was a tad jarring, but overall, this performance felt like it could’ve existed in the world outside Idol (save for his odd floral blouse situation). Keith and Harry both complained that they could see the wheels turning in Alex’s head during the song, but the only discomfort I noticed was after Alex (finally) ventured away from the mic stand and toward the audience, then suddenly leapt backward at the possible touch of a SwayBot. Who can blame the guy, though? SwayBots not only can steal your rhythm, they can steal your soul!

Jena Irene: David Guetta (feat. Sia)’s “Titanium” — Grade: C+ | Like Alex, Jena also made a dubious fashion choice — sporting what my non-couturier self would call a “balloon-waisted Capri pant with loaded diaper insert.” Unlike Alex, though, Jena had some serious pitch problems happening for most of the verse (which seemed pitched a little too low for her comfort zone) and wound up giving her worst performance since Rush Week. Yes, things got better when the plucky teen was lowered down from a horrifying, 6-foot-tall pillar — note to producers: putting contestants’ lives/well-being at risk rarely yields top-notch vocals — but even the high notes (the only ones Harry thought mattered) were a teensy bit strident on this jam. The end result, if you’ll forgive the obviousness of this metaphor, was more aluminum than titanium.

Caleb Johnson: Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” — Grade: B- | Caleb’s demeanor was so weary on his second song tonight, I half expected executive producer Per Blankens to rush out at the end of the performance and wrap the big guy in one of those foil ponchos they distribute to collpasing marathon runners. Again, He Whom We Must Not Forget Is Ailing took a very straightforward (aka karaoke) approach to the tune, and while the vocal was marginally better than on “Never Tear Us Apart,” the end result was about as exciting as whatever’s on QVC at this exact second. (Unless that something happens to be discounted ponies…) Keith, who’s either losing his hearing or is working off a script, beamed that if you closed your eyes, you wouldn’t even be able to tell Caleb was under the weather. “You killed that song!” he declared, probably not using “killed” in the “bludgeoned with a hammer” sense. J.Lo, meanwhile,urged Caleb not to worry about singing in tune because they can always fix your raw vocals with Auto-Tune emotional connection is more important than singing in tune. (Umm, would she have said that to Lazaro last season?)

Alex Preston: Rihanna (feat. Mikky Ekko)’s “Stay” — Grade: A | I’m not sure about Alex’s mustard suit and violet shirt (Randy Jackson Collection, perhaps?), but dagnabit, he scored big-time from a vocal standpoint, stripping bare Rihanna’s mournful ballad and adding some thunder-y Tedder-esuqe echoes and a string quartet, too. That final run on the chorus — the one that turned “Stay” into a six- or seven-syllable word — was downright revelatory, so good in fact that J.Lo made sure to make a “goosies” gesture when she knew the camera was cutting to her. Keith, meanwhile, astutely noticed Alex’s subtle, lovely shifting from falsetto into full voice on the “ooohs,” then promptly shifted focus and began complaining his microphone smelled like “parrot breath.” Nope, we wouldn’t want Alex’s fanbase to bask in his success for too, too long, would we, judges?

Jena Irene: Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack” — Grade: B | Oh what I wouldn’t have paid to have Caleb’s doctor return to the stage and declare that Demi Lovato’s insipid ditty had been taken to Berklee College of Music Hospital with an acute case of lameness. I mean, the song is pretty terrible, and if I hadn’t seen the judges obsessing over Jena most of the season, I’d have wondered if they were attempting Syesha levels of sabotage (#HappyFeet #NeverForget). Ultimately, though, despite the limitations of a forced song choice, Jena hit her notes as strongly and aggressively as an MLB pro taking balls from a middle-school pitcher. (And there you have the night’s attempted sports metaphor.) If she’s good enough to clear the hurdle called “Heart Attack,” something even more interesting may be afoot.)

Caleb Johnson: Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused” — Grade: B+ | I guess when Caleb realized he wasn’t in any condition to kill it vocally, he decided to literally kill his mic stand, slamming it down repeatedly like he was auditioning for the lead in Lifetime’s Lizzie Borden Took an Axe. The judges went crazy anyway — BREAKING: KEITH AND J.LO VALUE SPECTACLE ABOVE ALL ESLE — and then Keith took it two steps too far, declaring it “a moment of miraculous healing.” I mean, it was fun in a Rock of Ages touring production kinda way, but was it really the stuff of which confetti showers are made? We’ll find out Thursday night at 9/8c, I suppose.
Alex Preston: One Direction’s “Story of My Life” — Grade: B | They say in real estate, location is everything. And unfortunately, Alex’s perfectly-fine-but in-no-way-exciting One Direction cover wound up right next to the voting window, while his two superior performances sat a couple blocks away. (Why this guy’s original track “Fairytales” wasn’t offered as a reprise option is a mystery worthy of Jessica Fletcher.) Just as he did the first time he covered “Story of My Life,” Alex hit some sweet falsetto notes at the ends of phrases, but the subway-tunnel graphic behind him was so big and dominant that it actually caused my attention to drift. (Is it fair to say Alex was thrown under the train, rather than the proverbial bus, this week?)

Jena Irene: Radiohead’s “Creep” — Grade: A+ | Confession: I was bummed when I realized Idol was ending the night with reprisal performances — because repeats are kind of the worst, no? And yet, by the time Jena exhaled her opening “When you were here before…” I’d completely forgotten my boneheaded stance and found myself caught up in the rapture of one of the most precision-perfect, deeply felt vocals in recent Idol history. The tempo of “Creep” seemed just a tick faster than the first time Jena covered it, but more importantly, there was no botched lyric, as well as an ease of delivery that allowed the teenage contestant to dig even deeper into the bubbling cauldron of insecurity and angst at the core of the composition. As Jena pounded away at the keyboards, the song took on an operatic aura, megawatt vocals and outsized drama included. Whereas Jena’s first two performances seemingly left her in jeopardy, her third and final act wiped the slate clean and put her back atop the leaderboard.

SHOULD Go Home: Caleb
WILL Go Home: Alex

Now it’s your turn.

What did you think of Top 3 performance night? Which performances were your faves? Who’s in trouble? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments! And for all my reality TV-related news, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

American Idol: 30 Best Performances of All Time

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  1. Mike says:


    • It’s tough to not give Caleb the edge over Alex. Alex was brought down by his hometown picking a song he already did, and a song that didn’t allow him to have any big moment. Caleb went nuts with his last performance and Jena delivered a beautifully haunting and incredible performance. Sure she already did that song too but “Creep” at least allows her to really have a big moment or two, Alex’s did not. Going into that last round I thought it was gonna be Alex and Jena, but after it was over I think it’s gonna be Jena and Caleb. Either way a really strong Top 3 night.

      • Whitney says:

        The entire point was for the hometown to choose a song that the contestant had already done. ;-) Their only choices were ones they had already done. Caleb did Dazed & Confused about 6 weeks ago.

        • Tiff says:

          I love how the judges conveniently forgot to mention that fact to America – that ALL of the hometown choices were old songs, making it seem like Caleb got a new song, while Alex and Jena were saddled with old ones. If that isn’t pimping, then I don’t know what is…

          …oh wait. #CalebIsSick

          • Mary says:

            I didn’t realize that and I thought it was only Alex and Jena did repeats which I didn’t think was fair. Loved this show at the beginning of this year, but think there’ been too much manipulation of watchers these past few weeks. It’ll be Jena and Alex, and Jena will probably win. But with all these guest stars and stuff the finale should be funn.

          • Ben says:

            Sometimes I struggle with the internal logic of apparent pimping. I mean, I’d prefer an Alex and Jena finale anyway, but lets be fair, if the show made it ‘seem like’ Alex and Jena were ‘saddled’ with old ones and Caleb wasn’t, wouldn’t that be kind of like asking for sympathy votes for Jena and Alex? As for Caleb being sick – he was not sick, he was injured. That is a big difference and should be treated as such.

            I think its a shame Caleb was injured, and had quite a bad night as a result, when I feel like he should be going home anyway. I wish there was no asterisk on that one. But if he does go home, there will be. In any event, depending on how bad it is, an injury to the vocal chord sounds like something which should see Caleb be eliminated for his own health.

          • chris says:

            If you’ve been watching all along, you’d know Caleb had already done Dazed and Confused. i don’t think the judges need to tell you things you should already know.

          • Caleb got in the finale with jena!YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

          • And he is performing with kiss next week

        • MAB says:

          I read somewhere that Alex’s hometown only had two songs to choose from. I forget what the other on was.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            I think it was “The A Team.”

          • SC. says:

            They all had only 2 songs to choose from. Incidentally I don’t know what hometown selections really meant. Jena’s high school did her picking apparently. I know for darn sure it wasn’t some widely publicized option for voting by the entire town because I should’ve been able to vote and got no info about it whatsoever.

          • It was the whole state of NH. The gov. had a Facebook poll. We only got to choose between A Team and Story of My Life. I personally would have loved to let him pick an original, but I believe we picked the best out of the two.

          • Syb says:

            I wish they’d chosen A Team. Story of My Life was a good reworking when he first sang it, but it’s not a song that showcases his vocals as well as A Team. And Michael’s right. Ending with Story of My Life–a throw away ditty, when the other two were singing showstoppers was unfortunate–especially with the dumb subway graphic subliminally suggesting Simon’s old comment about subway buskers. Grrr.

          • Anna Barrett says:

            That’s true, it was a statewide vote and neither choice was great (although I forget what the other one was as well). I wondered why “Fairy Tales” wasn’t offered and thought it might be because it was being saved for something else. I really wanted another one of his originals, such as “My Best Friend” or “The Light Was Already Here”.

          • MAB says:

            Yes, I love his originals. I don’t think he was able to use the ones he already recorded. It I wonder why they wouldn’t have Fairytales for his repeat song. When he sang that is when he became my favorite.

        • Michael is also can not see Jena do any wrong ,
          I think it would be a shame for ALEX to go home who brings something unique each week .
          For me , Jena can sing but both ALEX and CALEB have defined brands , I do not see that with JENA

          • Mark says:

            Yes, Caleb has a defined brand… It’s called “tribute band.”

            Jena is ridiculously talented, totally current and far more marketable.

          • Lisa says:

            Yep, Caleb has a brand, but it’s nothing new. People have been doing karaoke for years. I don’t think he can reinvent karaoke.

          • chris says:

            Idol is a singing contest, not a brand contest. Asking teenagers to brand themselves with one style of music is wrong. They should be exploring all kinds of music.

          • Jenn says:

            Jena always sounds like a drag queen doing a Cher impersonation!

          • That version of titanium was awful. But that might be because I love Beatrice Miller’s version on x factor. She was only 13 or 14. Beautiful!

      • Mike says:

        I agree! It’s such a shame that Caleb had an “off” night cause of his vocal damage, cause I totally love how a “total performer” he is, but it’s still a competition… Alex vs Jenna for next week, I hope…

        • Yay!, Caleb number 6 on rock i tunes charts!

          • Love Caleb’s performance on Dazed and Confused. He rocked it out of the park and Should Not go home!!!

          • Yes, though Im worried. If you watch the voice we now know anything can happen. Christy grimmy was in the bottom and almost went home. She is the toprunner. I was shocked. It could be any of them. They all had a couple of not so great performances. Scared cause I just love caleb. I am west coast, so I will watch spoiler alert by watching american idol twitter. They say on twitter what is going on. Airs east coast at 6. I will be watching twitter at 6. No way can I wait until 9. Too much suspense!

          • Calebs new original,” As Long as You Love Me,” is absolutely fantastic. It was originally written for Kelly Clarksen. AMAZING!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        How in the name of Sam Hill could anyone have forgotten Caleb’s previous performance of Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused”? It was one of the high points of the season.

      • Jerry Krause says:

        Jennifer Lopez had sex on the stage tonight to Caleb Johnson’s singing “Dazed and Confused” on American Idol. Caleb’s singing and performance alone would have killed it, but Jennifer’s moves (dancing) dug it in and Caleb finished it with what he did with the mick stand. I challenged anyone to match the performance that we seen on American Idol tonight. “Caleb! Caleb! Caleb!” the crowd would not quit screaming.

        • Danny says:

          Lopez did everything she could to ruin his song, but despite her best efforts he was pretty good. I mean that in a way that’s not against him in the least. Had I seen it either live or without her taking up 1/2 his screen time I would have enjoyed it immensely.

        • cheryl says:

          thought very unprofessional of jl to act that way could see all night the favortism she showed to certain ones shes a judge act like one keep her antics to herself

        • MamaLis says:

          @ Jerry – she DID have sex while Caleb was singing! Talk about Creep -y!! I even caught Keith looking at her boobs! WT —??

        • Martha says:

          I agree whole heartedly about Jennifer Lopez having sex! That is exactly what I was thinking. She had some pretty strange moves when he was performing..they focused more on her moves than on Caleb! I wonder if she realizes how awful she looked…Did you notice Keith looking at her pretty strangely actually..He probably thought what the heck is she doing?

      • TD says:

        I don’t understand the confusion. They made it very clear that each town was given two choices of previously sung songs to vote on. And Caleb’s original “Dazed and Confused” was a pretty memorable moment in and of itself, not at all a forgettable one.

      • RedInDenver says:

        I hope you’re correct about Caleb being in the finale. What a bad time for him to have health issues (especially involving his vocal chords). I hope people recall the numerous killer performances he’s had to date, and give him a break on not being quite as powerful last night.

    • TerriB says:

      I want Jena and Caleb in the finals. Alex being there would be so boring. He just stands there with a guitar the whole time.

      • Mike says:

        Hey! He did moved around and touched some hands and played some drums! LOL! :p

      • S. says:

        He totally moved around on Pompeii. I really don’t know how this is gonna go. I thought Jena’s first two songs were subpar because they couldn’t understand her lower register is garbage. I love her and then I realized that a song I thought was perfect “Titanium” was gonna throw her that curveball and I just got depressed. Alex is the most complete artist in terms of album quality and radio-playability right now, Jena probably combines performance and radio appeal the best, and Caleb nails performance. You’ll get more of a spectacle with him than anybody. I wouldn’t be shocked by any result tomorrow. I know I’ll be upset regardless. Caleb picked a lousy time to have his voice go out but Ruben had problems in the finale and still won. Many contestants get sick at the end for obvious reasons. It’s a long hard road. Wish they hadn’t kept going on about it. I heard Alex said he was sick too. Probably figured he better mention it if they were going there with Caleb.

        • Lisa says:

          Caleb oversings all the time, he is not original in the slightest bit, he karaoke’s 98% of his performances, the other 2 percent was…well…tonight (Never Tear Us Apart), and that failed. He’s an ASS, and all he does is imitate good singers. He really should go home tomorrow.

          Both Alex and Jena are original, put their own spin on songs a decent percentage of the time (and usually well). I think they really deserve to be in the final.

          • chris says:

            I do think that Caleb is imitative and hasn’t shown much creativity but he does have a great voice.

          • Lisa says:

            He just lacks originality and a real identity. I was actually hoping he’d find his identity (his own way). If he did, I would have voted for him. He has potential, just as an 80’s band cover artist, NOT as an American Idol.

          • jaxguy says:

            All rock singers oversing then. You just don’t like him. His singing is great.

    • Steph says:

      Jena or F2 obviously but UGH, I don’t know how to choose between the Douchebag Rocker or Alex Zuckerberg. Eenie, meenie, mighny…oh hell, being emotionally vacant and unable to make eye contact is marginally better than being an azzhole, so I’ll go with Alex.

    • Xsounders says:

      F*** ALEX!


    • Akash says:

      And the worst, most forgettable season of Idol slouches toward its inevitable conclusion: Jena vs Caleb next week.

      • Bonnie says:

        Wow that is one of the biggest and most idiotic hyperboles I have heard. You really think this season is worse or more forgettable than say Season 9 or 6? Please get your head examined.

        • Ben says:

          I see Melinda, Gina and Jordin sitting up there in the embedded reality check vid glaring at your comment right now.

        • Akash says:

          Yes and you’re in the minority so maybe YOU should have your head examined. The worst ratings in 13 seasons, Survivor beating it in even the 18-49 demo every night, critics turning on it, and all the other sites (like Grantland and the AV Club) that used to cover Idol have completely ignored it this season. Top 3 and not a single “moment” onstage, which every other season can claim. So yes it’s easily the worst.

          • Danny says:

            Akash- There’s actually been some decent performances though. The cameras always just miss half of them. Plus, as much as I dislike Lopez, she’s better than Minag. My feeling is last year sank Idol. This year wasn’t good enough to bring back the ship.
            I’m probably done after this year. When I go though, it won’t be I left because of 13. The process of me thinking of leaving started with 12. 13 was decent enough, despite the irritations. Much better song choices. Not all sleepy ballads. Rigged to a degree, but not like last year. I don’t think 13 is great or I’d be sticking around. There’s certainly problems with 13. I’m not saying it’s a great year. It’s just that 12 is the one that got the ball rolling.

          • deedee says:

            I’m with you, Akash. This season has made me almost angry. I’ve continued to watch out of loyalty and habit, but it’s been painful. Can’t imagine another year like this. :(

          • Kenna says:

            Not a single moment? So I Can’t Help Falling In Love wasn’t a moment? Um, I think some would like a word with you…

            Season 11 had the worst ratings besides 1, does that mean it was the worst season at the time? Nope. There’s nothing that could have been done to stop the ratings bleed this year. Its just a natural thing that all shows go through. Nice try though.

          • Kenna says:

            @Danny- So just because you may think this season is bad, doesn’t mean the next one will be. Who knows, you may miss next season for no reason, especially if its kick ass.

          • Kenna says:

            @Danny- You’re “probably” done after this year? LOL, yeah right. If you say you are done, then you really aren’t. What are you going to do instead? Watch the Voice? LMAO.

          • Danny says:

            Kena- Good point on I could miss a great year next year. The thing is, IMO this year wouldn’t have been bad if the cameras didn’t always focus on Lopez and her 2 sidekicks. I enjoyed a bunch of songs (meaning song choice and the contestant) this year. Every one of them was brought down by Lopez getting too much face time.
            On being done- I’ve been watching 10 years of AI + a few seasons of the Voice. I’ve never once brought up being done until a few weeks ago. Season 12 got me thinking about it. I figured I’d give 13 a chance to make sure. The talent is good enough. I’m just burned out. For me most of the burnout comes from the judges.
            On the Voice I already FF through the commercials, judges, and bad songs. I watched Monday’s (top 5) Voice in about a half hour. I’m def. done with that next year and the judges haven’t done anything wrong. It’s just the same ‘ol thing.
            On AI the judges are irritating. I’ve liked the top 4 this year + Malaya + Early Sam and Early Majesty + I even liked CJ as a person, though maybe his singing wasn’t so great. I’m over here rooting for most of these kids.
            So if I can’t totally enjoy a show liking all those contestants, what’s the use? Between Jena, Jessica, and Caleb alone there’s probably been 25-30 songs I could have enjoyed a whole lot more except for Lopez bringing the songs down. Add in Alex (a close 4th IMO) + the rest of the contestants and it’s probably over 50 I could have really enjoyed. They were still good, but not what they could have been. So song wise this has been a good year for me.

            The last 4 years have had terrible judges. If these judges come back I’m done. I’m not going through this nonsense for another year. That’s why I say probably. If for some reason Lopez has a contract dispute and leaves, then I’ll be back.

          • tardisrepairman says:

            Ratings, as anyone should know at this point in television history, have never equated to quality. This season brought back more quality voices to which my feelings about the past few years on Idol seem more hopeful now than then.

          • Bonnie says:

            @Danny, what is wrong with these judges? It’s the judges JOB to judge and be critical moron. And there isn’t some secret “conspiracy” where they need to show JLo’s face. That’s just a dumb assumption. Jennifer is hardly the most “vile” judge they have ever had. IMO she is probably the best female judge they have ever had. These are the best judges the show has had. They are helpful.

        • S. says:

          Dear Akash, Season 12 aka the Year of the Gender Rigging by Planting Inferior Guys says hi. I refuse to give it credit for Kree and Candice because half the group was a hot mess pretty much. How can we take that year seriously if Lazaro’s the top guy?

          • Jill Moya says:


            This season’s ratings are low because of horrible talent and awful judging! As Danny said, this season is nonsense! Harry was great for a couple episodes then became a JLO worshiper, as well as clowning too much! And they said Nickie M. Was a bad judge! She was refreshing and told the truth, no matter what other judges said!

        • Say what? says:

          @Bonnie You can hear printed words? WOW! That’s like a superpower or something.

      • Jill Moya says:


        CORRECT! This is the worst season ever on AI! Certainly the worst talent….by far! If there is another remake of the 3 Stooges, These contestants are perfect comedians for the leads! God, I hope it’s not a musical, unless their singing is dubbed!

        • Bonnie says:

          Dude you are a moron, it’s nowhere near the worst season and even if it was, you really think it is “by far?” Umm did you already forget half of last years top 10? Aka the boys? And all the boring ballads from the girls?

      • Shay says:

        When it comes to fans, it’s going to be Jena vs Caleb next week, but for me, it will be Alex vs Jena because even though Alex is not hitting high notes, he is giving me goosebumps.. Unlike Caleb that needs to hit high notes to make a good performance..

        • Lisa says:

          He always over sings the songs…hence the strained voice.

          • Mary says:

            Bingo, if he didn’t showboat every week and used his voice correctly he might not have a injury, which I question the severity of it.

          • AlyB says:

            I keep thinking back to the clip of them sitting around the table a few weeks back when Jena asked Caleb if his rock yells hurt. He let loose belting out a yell and smugly said no. I guess he was wrong.

          • Lisa says:

            He should have stuck with the 50’s rocker he was trying to be last year. He might still have a voice.

    • jaded says:

      I guess you didn’t see that big bus headed for Alex.

    • Tazzmo says:

      I agree! Alex and Jena! The question comes down to; whose music are you going to buy? The only answer I have is “Alex”. Great musician and very creative. Looking forward to his 1st album.

      • NikNac says:

        I would listen to Jena’s music. Honestly, Alex is good, but he sounds like a lot of people out there right now – Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, etc.

    • Julie says:

      Almost fell over laughing when Randy introduced INEXS Never Tell Us Apart song from 1988 as being current for Caleb!!!!! What a goose!!!!!

    • Gillian Kirk says:

      You forgot about JLo UNDULATING to Caleb’s Dazed and Confused. I did not need to see that.

      Also Caleb’s Mayor is hot. “I’m smart, too!” she says, winning the whole show.

    • JoyAnne says:

      I lost all respect for Caleb with the crude remarks he made last week, about the fans, hookers and drugs. I think he should be setting a good example for all ages. So he will probably win because the judges are pushing for him of Jena and a talent like Alex will go home. American Idol is history in this family.

    • Gailer says:

      After all these weeks I’ve finally come around to Jena winning this whole thing! Meatloaf Jr. Cannot and Alex isn’t Phil squared.

      • Lisa says:

        Yes, 80’s music is still popular, but if Caleb wins I will be disappointed. I agree with the Meatloaf Jr. assessment. If you look back at some of his clothing, he’s even worn things that are completely reminiscent of Meatloaf’s clothing. I just hope America sees through his facade and sends him home. Other than that, I’d be happy with either Alex or Jena winning. Mealoaf Jr. has not once been called out for singing karaoke, but that’s all he does. That is, except for last night, with his failure at Never Tear Us Apart. Yet the 1 time that Alex sang a song straight, he was immediately called out for not deconstructing and reconstructing the song.

        • Abigail says:

          Thank you!!! Caleb should really not win if he cant even change a song successfully. The top two should have been Alex and Jena. I admit that Caleb is a good singer, but he has no potential to go anywhere after Idol is over.

    • Cheryl Layne says:

      Listen to David Cook’s cover of Creep. Brilliant. You Tube it. Jena’s was great, but no comparison.

    • Elizabeth Steffan says:

      I never thought I would see such impartiality given to one of the contestants. Jennifer Lopez should not be allowed to be a judge in any future American Idol show. She singled out Jena Irene and has continued to be biased and has unfairly overly displayed her emotions and who she sides with. Many viewers are influenced by the judges and how they react. I love Harry and his approach to this year’s show. He has been a fair and unbiased judge and has not overly endorsed anyone. He has given great advise and many of the contestants improved because they listened to his advice. Judges should try to sway viewers votes one way or another.

    • Anna Barrett says:

      I don’t think Alex was jumping back from touching fans, I think what you noticed was an awkward transition. He’ll get it better with practice. During Alex’s home visit, we saw how comfortable he is with the public. He would high five and shake hands without missing a step and he graciously stopped to sign autographs.

      • Anna Barrett says:

        Just some feedback: The musical critiques were interesting, but the critical comments about their fashion choices seemed superficial and even a bit snarky. The rest of it was well written. Even when I did not agree with your assessments of their performances, I was still interested in what you had to say..

    • Jerry Krause says:

      What we have now are Team Rock and Team Bubble Gum. For me it is a no brainer. Caleb!!!

    • ces says:

      Caleb by a long shot……

  2. OhMy says:

    what Caleb did to Dazed and Confused should be a crime.

    • Danny says:

      I thought he was pretty good. The crime is how many times they showed Lopez. AI’s a serious repeat offender in that regard.

      • GuitarBlue says:

        So, you didn’t go for the mermaid princess infatuation.

      • AlyB says:

        I thought she was going to start humping the microphone. They cut away to her like every 5 seconds and at one point someone must have said ok let’s get the rest of the judges so they just pulled back to get all 3. Caleb was not having a good night till that song but he killed that. Too bad we only got to see little bits and pieces. Honestly, why do they think we want to watch JLo dance instead of watching the idols perform? If I wanted to see that, I’d fire up one of her videos on youtube. They seem to focus on everything but the contestants this year. If they’re wondering why people are starting to not care about the competition, maybe it’s because they don’t seem to.

        • The Beach says:

          I would be really surprised if JLo’s 17 million dollar contract did include specific requirements for the amount of camera time she gets each show, including during each performance. It probably even requires Ryan, et. al., to begin each show by telling her how beautiful she looks and go gaga over her dress. Gentlemen, when you hire a diva, you get a diva!

        • Jeremy says:

          I thought JLo had a dick and was ramming the mic or something. This non stop JLo cam is one of the parts of this season that made me angry every episode.

          • Danny says:

            Jeremy- Bingo! AI 13 could have been a revival year. I’m guessing at least 50 songs over the course of the season could pretty dang good or better. Instead it was a case of everyone one of them was: Not bad, but could have been improved if the camera had focused on the contestant.
            Somewhere in a post on the top 30 of all time a commenter went to check out some of the vids of a few of Michael’s choices. He/she said that none of the performances had the cameras on the judges.
            This producer is from Sweden. He thinks all of America loves Lopez. He doesn’t realize what most of the country thinks of her. No one watched her dance show.

        • Martha says:

          Everyone makes mistakes..And I am sure when Caleb watches his interview and hears the comments he made he will realize..darn I might have lost some votes..But seriously if you wanted to be entertained would you buy a ticket to see boring Alex..I don’t understand why he even made it this far..can you remember some of those people they let go.? Way better than Alex in my opinion..Don’t get why people like watching him..he stares at the floor and makes weird faces. And those rolled up pants..what is up with that ridculous look? I am convinced that Jena is going to win. Jlo made sure that everytime Jena performs she goes on and on about her..I find her very annoying and talk about sounding the same all the time..all her songs are performed in the very same tone and manner. Give me a person who works the stage like Caleb! Buy a ticket to see Alex? I don’t think I would waste my money if I want to take a nap I could stay at home. And yes I agree with all the comments about Jlo..they have the camera on her more than on the performers..Is she the next American Idol? I don’t think so.. And her moves sometimes are really provocative to say the least…Yes those moves when Caleb performed shoud have been xxx rated!

      • Jeremy says:

        So what is the deal with this nonstop Lopez’s face every damn day! it makes me sick! What is the logic in this? Do peopel really want to see her face the whole time or does a cameraman have soem bizarre fetish?

      • chris says:

        Danny, you’ve got to let your hatred of JLo go. She’s just not that important and I’m sure she never harmed you personally.

    • Diane says:

      I thought his performance was excellent actually!

      • OhMy says:

        You need to hear the real song.

        • Christopher says:

          You need to hear the real Creep too cause Jena’s version is pathetic compared to it!

          • will says:

            Was the “real Creep” done by someone other than Radiohead? Because I’m listening to it again now just to double-check how wrong you are. If your definition of “pathetic” is “more powerful and more musically interesting” then yes, Jena’s version WAS pathetic compared to the original. I hate it when fandom for the original artist clouds people’s judgment of a superior cover.

          • Linda says:

            lol @ claiming Jena’s version is better. Typical obsessed fan removed entirely from reality.

          • Christelle says:

            Sorry Will, as much as I love Jena… just NO! lol ;)

          • Jeremy says:

            Yeah Jena doesn’t get the song Creep is sarcastic not some pathetic loser sad song. The song is meant to be funny. She must have took it as some my life is horrible Linkin Park song. It went totally over her head.

          • NikNac says:

            @Jeremey – Where do you get that it’s supposed to be funny? It’s not. One of the band members said it’s about liking someone but not feeling good enough, and another said it’s about knowing what you are. Neither said it’s sarcastic or funny.

          • will says:

            “obsessed fan removed from reality.”

            Oh please. Get over yourself and stop projecting. What’s pathetic is Thom Yorke’s mumbling through most of it, and his falsetto on the bridge of the song. He’s not that great of a vocalist, and I’ve known that for years. It isn’t fandom for this one singer’s rendition – I love the song, and my favorite version is the Carrie Monolakos version. It isn’t about fandom but about vocal talent. I hate people who try to treat the original of something as a sacred cow. There have been plenty better covers by superior vocalists.

          • RIght on Christopher! Have these people even heard the real version? Radiohead would gag if they heard jenas version.

        • I have heard and seen the song live at “The king Dome” in Seattle Washington in 76. Zeppelin did a 20 minute version of course. But If anyone even came slightly close to getting the song right it was caleb. Pretty damn good for a kid of 23.

      • Danny says:

        Diane- if the performance was just Caleb I’d be agreeing with you. AI ruins- or at least dampens- every dang song though. There could have been some moments this season. They’ll never happen with the current camera focus though.

        • Kenna says:

          Stop bitching, and we all know you will be watching next year.

        • Sebby says:

          Danny–I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s not just the focus on the judges during the performances either. There is entirely too much focus on the judges during the whole show! Why is there such fanfare when introducing them every episode?? That started a few years back and I’ve hated it ever since. Why introduce someone everybody already knows? The contestants are hardly ever introduced individually, and aren’t they the ones who should be the main focus of the show? AI didn’t become such a juggernaut because of the judges. Heck, the average viewer had no idea who Simon or Randy were and Paula by that point was way past her glory days. People tune in to see the contestants, not the judges.

    • Erin says:

      Actually what JLO did to Dazed and Confused should be a crime. What the what was she doing to that chair? It’s not that type of song! Stop embarrassing yourself!

      • OhMy says:

        That we agree on.

      • Danny says:

        To her it’s not she’s embarrassing herself. To her it’s the whole world wants to see every move she makes. If only she knew the things people wanted to throw at the tv.

      • Jeremy says:

        JLo’s brain doesn’t go past “Woo Hoo let’s dance and party I luh ya Caleb, luh luh luh ya Caleb.”

        • Erin says:

          :-D Hahahahaha, She should have done that fake slap to her head move that she did during her performance. That would’ve sold it for me.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, certainly a crime to do a karaoke version of that song in a serious singing competition. Not to mention that the whole microphone stand banging just came across as a desperate attempt (once again) to imitate a real rocker. I certainly hope that Alex and Jena make the cut tonight.

    • Cheri says:

      My sentiments completely! But the sick card has been played. Ugh, I can’t stand watching him or listening either.

  3. Danny says:

    It’s really too bad that Idol would have to go and botch its 500th episode. Yea, lets bring out the doctor. That sure adds to the show. Caleb goes from bad boy to pity boy faster than he can make an old lady cry. He actually did pretty well on the 3rd song, but it got ruined by mostly showing Lopez. Every time I see that lady, I despise her more.
    It’s like the producer didn’t hear a word Michael said in that interview. Didn’t he get that Michael’s questions represented what the audience wants? We still got too much Lopez. We got more Randy. Uggh. The first round was like having 4 judges.

    There’s just too much going on around the singers. There’s no reason for them to be singing only 90 seconds at this stage of the game. Get all the riff raff surrounding them out of there and let them sing twice as long.

    Overall I enjoyed the songs (the singers), but the show itself was brutal.

    • Owen says:

      Didn’t they once bring out a doctor for someone else once?

      • Danny says:

        Lauren- I didn’t watch that show though. So I didn’t see it when it actually happened.

        • AlyB says:

          It was the lamest thing I ever saw. It was the finale with Scotty. They had the doctor out (in blue scrubs lol) to talk about her strained vocal chord. The idol universe did a collective eyeroll. This was shades of that pathetic episode and probably didn’t earn him any points. A mention would be fine. A doctor, wearing friggin scrubs which they’d NEVER do on set, is completely over the top. Lot’s of Idols have dealt with vocal strain by the end of the show. If I remember correctly, Melinda covered this in Reality Check when it happened with Lauren. It was a facepalm moment then and it kinda was again tonight.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I thought I remembered black scrubs, which I found odd, but hey, I’m old. I may not be remembering it correctly. I remember asking my neighbor, a nurse, if there was such a thing as black scrubs and she said yes there were.

          • The Beach says:

            Oh I remember that. Plus they announced that just-booted Haley had been brought back and was practicing a song in case Lauren couldn’t compete in the finale and Haley had to go on against Scotty. Of course, Lauren miraculously healed just in time…one of Idols most ridiculous moments.

          • Danny says:

            Maybe if he came out in red scrubs to match the color of Lauren’s strained vocal chord it would have worked better.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Eww…I love you, Danny, but why…that’s just…eww…

    • sg54 says:

      Lesson learned: giving the actual artists no artistic control over their song choices or production= terrible show.

      • Melanie says:

        AGREED. People are bored by your show, because they’re not seeing anything new. And when I say “new”, I don’t mean something like that stupid “twist” they tried to pull two weeks ago. I mean open up the song lists. Work harder on getting songs cleared, allow people to do originals. Why is it so difficult to spend more time on that?

        • Jenna says:

          Did you guys know that the top 4 were going to perform oriiginal songs instead of dedications at one point? Of course, producers scrapped the idea at the very last minute. What a freaking shame. That would’ve been an amazing night of performances.

          • Danny says:

            Yea, Jessica mentioned that in her interview with Michael. I wonder why they scrapped them.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            They scrapped that idea because they were afraid Jessica wouldn’t end up at number 4, I’m sure.

          • AliceG says:

            Well it would have exposed that Caleb isn’t the songwriter the others are. And that’s okay – some of my favorite idols and singers in gen don’t write their own songs. Still I think they should have let the other three – and Caleb if he wanted – perform their originals.

          • DaltonsMom says:

            AliceG, Caleb does write his own music. Search YouTube. He has some of his own and some with Elijah Hooker, his band. Very bluesy, rocker stuff. I love Jessica though, I really wanted her to stay!

          • Yes, Caleb is a songwriter. He has originals on u tube. He also has a band Elijah Hooker. His originals are very good.

    • Tamlyn says:

      I’m sure the producers really don’t care what Michael thinks. The “fans” on this board are but a drop in the bucket when it comes to Idol……

  4. jpy says:

    Jena C+?

    • Julie says:

      You’re right. It should have been a D. That was just awful!

      • jamie says:

        I agree. A C+ was generous.

        • Dot says:

          @jpy, julie & jamie: Just about every time Jena does a song, she starts in that low key. It is not the best for her and you have to wait until the middle of the song for her to sound decent. I can never understand her when she sings in that low key. She sounds like one does when trying to talk with your mouth full.

          • Wen says:

            I know. – I can’t believe the coaches haven’t noticed this. – Harry said it quickly last night but to me, it is Jena’s only flaw.

    • TerriB says:

      Titanium wasn’t great in the beginning, but the middle and end were amazing! That performance deserves a B at least.

    • Terry says:

      In fact I would give her a C, C-, and an At

    • Lisa says:

      Yeah, I’m sorry. I really love Jena, and I want her and Alex to be in the finals. But, I can’t deny that she was struggling with the low notes in Titanium. The second half of the song was better, but that really wasn’t a good song for her.

      • Mary says:

        I think if she did it at the piano it would of been better.

        • Lisa says:

          She might have nailed it if she did it at the piano. I have to give Jena credit though. She’s not completely tied to her piano. Although it is a strength for her, she’s not completely reliant on it.

    • Billy Bob says:

      Should of been a F for FAILED!

  5. Vincent says:

    I think Caleb is going this week, just my prediction.

  6. Becky says:

    Voted for Alex

  7. karenb says:

    Call 911. Caleb has the sniffles.

    • Sarah says:

      lol and bring out the dr in in dr attire! so ridiculous – like Ryan’s unqualified to say ‘so btw Caleb has bronchitis’. this was a great way for the judges to not get pinged for not giving him critical feedback (again) while giving them the opportunity to say ‘even sick, caleb is so amazing – he’s better than…uh, most people.’ and caleb’s fake nice was actually more irritating than his authentic obnoxiousness.

      • Lisa says:

        Of course, did you notice the smug look when he was sitting on the couch. I see people over sing karaoke numerous times, so Caleb’s act is nothing new to me. I guess fake artist and fake nice go hand in hand

  8. Kristi says:

    Why did that last round have to be reprised songs?
    Why did they harp on Caleb being sick but not mention Alex being sick?
    I’d be surprised if Alex went home. He had a really good night.
    I’ve been a Jena fan all season, but her first two songs seemed to be just out of her vocal range.

    • Angus says:

      Because Alex advertised his illness all over Twitter. Then he begged for votes. Then he mentioned Jillian.

      • JM says:

        Okay, I just read all of Alex’s twitter messages, and he only mentions being sick ONCE. #Stopthehate

      • Lisa says:

        Mentioning it on twitter is a lot less melodramatic than having a doctor come on stage, and writing notes with a super sad look on your face, then sitting with a smug look on the couch.

        Kristi, keep in mind, the songs were all picked by someone else. First one, Randy. Second one, judges. I’m not entirely convinced they really expected good results. Remember, Caleb is the golden boy now that Sam’s gone.

    • Because alex ‘s sickness is not as serious. I googled vocal chord hemorrhage and its so serious Adriana Grande and singer Maxwell both canceled tours because of vocal chord hemorrhage. If it gets bad enough , may require surgery. Look it up if you have doubts.

      • Anna Barrett says:

        Bronchitis and asthma are not serious?

        • Not as serious as vocal chord hemorrhage. Singers have canceled tours over it. Google vocal chord hemorrhage and Ariana Grande and Maxwell come up on the same page saying they canceled their tours because of it.I have had bronchitis many times and millions of people have asthma, even children. Pretty common. Vocal chord hemorrhage can also require surgery if it is bad enough

          • OMG Calebs new song, “As long as you love me” is soooo good. It was written first for Kelly Clarkson, but there is a verse about having a mustache( of all things) so Kelly didnt record it. Written by Justin Hawkins. They ended up changing the mustache verse finally cause caleb doesnt have mustache either! LOL GREAT SONG

  9. Diane says:

    Sorry, but Jena was the weak link tonight. While Creep was good, her first two performances sucked. “Titanium” was the worst performance on the Idol stage since Malaya’s “Runaway Baby.” lol. Dazed and Confused deserves so much higher than a B+ too. I hope the finale is Alex (who was great tonight) and Caleb!

    • GuitarBlue says:

      Titanium was not good, and they should never have pushed it on her. That song is already worn-out on talent shows.

      • Terry says:

        She’s lucky that was her first song and not her last. She ended on a good note so she’s a lock for the finale. Darn. I was hoping the 2 guys at the opposite ends of the spectrum would be duking it out for the crown. But honestly I don’t really care, this season can’t end soon enough.

    • TerriB says:

      Titanium was not bad at all. It was only the beginning that wasn’t so great. But the middle and end were amazing!

      • P2Fan says:

        Sorry but Titanium was just… ghastly. What a wretched insult to Sia. The whole beginning was flat and she was off key screeching at the end. And somehow Heart Attack was even worse!

        • C says:

          After that wrenchingly beautiful duet of “Titanium” between Adam Lambert and Angie Miller in last year’s finale, no one can ever do justice to it again.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            I agree with you about the awesomeness of Angie and Adam’s duet, but I think the right person can pull off that song. Apparently Jena was not the right person.

      • HTGR says:

        It wasn’t that good (and I say that, probably even wanting Jena to win at this point). Beatrice, at all of 13 or 14, had a way more emotionally felt and deeply connected (and delicate, interesting, on point, vocally spectacular) version on XFactor the other year and even on Idol, just last season, Angie Miller and Adam Lambert did a wayyyyy better version.

        • Beatrice Miller Yeeessssss! Loved her so much. Beautiful voice!

        • HTGR Hey its Becca, I just found out beatrice had vocal chord hemorrhage too, If you watch her “white flag” performance and that was the night she got eliminated. I was really mad at Simon. I just thought she had a cold. But seeing her cry through the whole performance made me tear up too. I also love her version of Chasing Cars And I think Britney Spears actually did a good job with her. Im going to miss x factor. Did you like Drew the year before?

          • HTGR says:

            Oh I heard some rumor about her voice, didn’t realize it been quite that bad. Maybe that is why Simon voted her off, for her own best at that point (he vaguely alluded to something like that at the time, but he didn’t really make it clear).
            Yeah Drew was good.
            And yeah Britney actually did a pretty decent job with them.

    • Mary says:

      Personally I think all three contestants had a bad performance an okay one and a good one. I have to agree with Michael on Dazed and confused off a few notes and did the antics on stage to take away from the voice. Everyone has their favorites I think at this point so we will see who has the most active fan base. If the finals are the two guys I will not be watching. Caleb is entertaining on stage but don’t see him as a solo artist. Alex is creative but not my cup of tee.

    • Yes that is who I want for top 2! Caleb is number 6 on rock charts for dazed and confused. Lets see if it goes up from there!

  10. Kim Moores says:

    I don’t think I’m mentally prepared to reflect on Caleb’s reprise…
    Nonetheless, this is what I’ve got to say:
    Harry asking a slew of interview questions that ought to have been addressed weeks ago is killing me
    JLo’s titty gyrating through Caleb’s reprise was just…hilarious
    These styles deserve to be hung. Alex’s 1st shirt and Jena’s diaper ruined my eyesight
    That drum thing Alex did on the Pompeii song made me a believer in him
    Jena on Heart Attack was the sloppiest performance I have ever seen.
    That’s about it.

  11. destinielynn says:

    I think it’s too late in the game for “C” performances. Let’s see what happens!

  12. Amber says:

    Caleb could have done himself a serious injury with a vocal chord hemmorhage. you could tell he felt awful. I still think he did well on his last one.
    Alex was good on his first two, last one felt rushed or something. Jena was freaking horrible on her first two, and the last one was just ok. The girl has the worst phrasing, pronunciation I have ever heard someone have on this show. Awful. I hope and pray the finale two are Caleb and Alex

  13. Owen says:

    For a season of American Idol that has somewhat gained a reputation of being “lesser”…this might be the third or fourth best Top Three in Idol History (and as you go through your mental performance album, remember, it was Gokey–NOT Allison in Season Eight Top Three).

    • Danny says:

      Yea, top 3’s have usually been let downs. Even Season 11, which IMO was the best, was a let down top 3 week. My guess would be because that’s usually when they go to 3 songs and have a couple of less days to prepare because of the hometown visits.

  14. IMHO says:

    Whats the matter Ruben, too good to wish Idol a happy 500th?

    • JM says:

      Actually, there were a few people missing like Taylor Hicks and most importantly, Kelly Clarkson! Either they weren’t asked, or they weren’t available??

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Maybe we’ll here from them tomorrow night.

      • Carrie says:

        Rumor has it that the original idol is suffering through her pregnancy and is hibernation. Hoped she’d be rolling out the cake, for it is the house she built.

        I had high hopes after the open montage of seasons past, such a pity producers don’t understand how to utilize past contestants on the show. A couple of duets from just a few of the 100+ talents that we have rooted for over the 1000+ hours we invested would have turned this lemon into something to care about again. Watching judges taking selfies was an excruciating display of narcissism, the gratuitous, lengthy shots of Jlo who I quite like but don’t need that much of, and the desperate attempts to summon pity votes for an unlikable contestant are all reasons why I can understand why Kelly preferred to stay home.

        Alex slayed Stay. First time this season I thought about downloading a song. That was this episode’s saving grace. Jena had some really great notes but has done way better overall. Really hoping Stay pulls Alex through the final. His musicality is far more interesting than more rock karaoke. Won’t comment on Caleb, when he talks he gets himself I to trouble, so not being able to talk could save him. Darnit.

        • JENAinCAPS says:

          My husband surprised me during Alex’s performance of “Stay” tonight. I was listening to the song, but not watching the TV at the time when I heard my husband say, “Jennifer got goosies”. I looked up to check out JLo and my honey said, “Maybe it’s because I’m sick (he has bronchitis), but I’ve got goosies, too.” Then he seemed a little embarrassed and laughed. How sweet is that? We both want Alex to win.

        • Alan Dvorkis says:

          Perfectly stated. I shall just make it a bit clearer. Caleb is a very good Karaoke singer, nothing more. If he wins, I shall not watch Idol’s final season. I got over Scotty winning. Caleb, appropriately, I could not stomach.

  15. Ellie says:

    Titanium? Heart Attack? Do Randy and the judges want a Caleb/Alex finale?? Terrible song choices!

    • GuitarBlue says:

      Agree – 2 not-good song choices for Jena, but she will make the finale.

    • Matt says:

      Pretty sure they are desperate for Jena to be one of the finalists, she has been pimped pretty hard all season and there has been some far from subtle prompting that we would be crazy to not vote for a Jena/Caleb finale. Frankly I would rather Jena and Alex, even as a rock fan I can’t look beyond the fact that Caleb has really not shown any growth or artistry, just a great karaoke performer of classic rock. For Jena fans I don’t see her missing out, she could have sung the ingredient list from a cheerio box for her first 2 songs and still she would be safe because Creep was just so uttelry f***ing epic.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      “Titanium” would have been much better had she slowed it down and played the piano, similar to the arrangement Angie and Adam Lambert performed last season. It makes the song SO much better. The screechy notes and the techno beat in the more uptempo version are just hideous.
      And why did they pick “Heart Attack” for Jena? Wow. Just wow.

      • The Beach says:

        I so agree about both. The Adam/Angie duet last year was the only time I have ever enjoyed Titanium…and Heart Attack? huh?

      • JENAinCAPS says:

        Oh my goodness, I forgot what Adam and Angie did to change it up. Good memory, Darcy! They were terrific! I thought Angie was so lucky to be paired with Adam Lambert. I have noticed on MJ’sbigblog that Angie’s doing well, keeping busy and touring overseas.

    • Jeremy says:

      There is no conspiracy manipulation on Idol. Seriously guys, stop being so paranoid. It’s weird! All you guys with yoru theories pf manipulation sound nuts!

    • Lisa says:

      No brainer…They’re knocking down both Alex & Jena. We know who they want to win.

  16. Mike says:

    Will the sympathy vote for Caleb really win him a top 2 spot? Is it even a good idea? If he’s still under the weather next week the finale will be a blowout. At least if it’s Alex and Jena, we have a shot at a compelling finale.

    • Wire Dream says:

      There is no “sympathy vote” – at this stage, each contestant has their fan base. They’ll vote for their favorite no matter how good/bad the perform.

    • Unless everyone catches Caleb’s sickness. or alex’s sickness. Then next week everyone is sick. Makes for some good drama TV. Lots of sick contestants maybe next week!

    • C says:

      It seems that a lot of the Top 3 are sick the week after they visit their home town. Maybe it would be a good idea to skip that part. Of course, then they’d have trouble filling in two hours with only three contestants. Hmmm……maybe they could let them sing longer! What a novel idea for a singing competition.

  17. Becky says:

    The medical ploy is wearing thin. They used it with lauren alaina. Keeping Haley in the wings. Added unneeded drama. Keith said early on don’t make excuses. Just go out and perform. Cuz it is your name out there.

  18. Teeny Bikini says:

    Thanks, Michael. I’m glad I didn’t watch. Sounds like I didn’t miss anything either… Cheers.

  19. jeffmartinfan says:

    The WGWG is going to win. Obvi.

    • jeffmartinfan says:

      Not that I’m saying Alex is necessarily my favorite, just that WGWGs win Idol.

      • Bonnie says:

        So I guess Candice never happened?

        • jeffmartinfan says:

          She won cuz there weren’t any cute WGWGs top 4 that year. Everyone else was female. If there was a “cute” WGWG like Kris Allen or Lee Dewyze that year, He’d beat her and all the other girls, unfortunately.

          • Bonnie says:

            Paul and Devin were “cute white boys.” They just didn’t play guitar, but I doubt the guitar has an influence. I don’t even count Scotty as a WGWG.

          • Christopher says:

            Paul and Devin were super feminine, average looking and had about 0 heterosexual sex appeal. Sorry but you know it is true!

          • Matt says:

            No worries then, Alex might be a WGWG but bless him, he sure isn’t cute.

          • LB says:

            I personally tend to gravitate toward WGWGs because they are musicians on top of being singers. Someone who can play instruments as well as sing is much more compelling to me than someone who can just do one or the other. In my mind, it has nothing to do with whether or not the person is “cute.”

        • Jeremy says:

          Always an imbecile perpetuating a racist conspiracy that does not exist. How anyone sees AI as racist has completely lost the plot.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Uh, Candace was a blip. Consider this:
          Season 7 David Cook
          Season 8 Kris Allen
          Season 9 Lee DeWyze
          Season 10 Scotty McCreery
          Season 11 Phillip Phillips
          Season 13 Alex???

          It’s not like there aren’t talented young women trying out for these shows. But if you’re a girl and you want to win, you better head on over to The Voice.

          • Bonnie says:

            Too bad they won’t have a career going on The Voice.

            And what about all those times Blake “won” the Voice? It’s just as predictable as the so called WGWG curse(which I think was just a coincidence anyway.)

            Also Scotty is a quarter Puerto Rican so he is invalid. And you left off Taylor Hicks- Jordin was just a blip too.

            It’s hilarious when people try not to include Candice as a winner just to justify their dumb opinions about AI being racist.

  20. Brittney says:

    Please lord Jesus I need Alex in that final 2! Stay was incredible. And I loved him using the drums on Pompeii. Its too bad his repeat performance couldn’t have been his original because then i think he would be in the final with that.
    Also why couldn’t the judges choice song be the last round. Alex killed that round. Now the greatness of Stay is forgotten about.

    • JENAinCAPS says:

      I think Alex already reprised his original already, didn’t he? The kids reprised their audition songs…I think. It would have been the 3rd time…but the song was THAT good, wasn’t it?

    • Jeremy says:

      So Brittney you are saying your Lord Jesus needs to focus on Idol Winners not other problems in the world?

    • jaxguy says:

      but Pompeii was terrible. Sorry

  21. GuitarBlue says:

    I also think Caleb & Jena will just squeeze-by Alex and make the finale.

    They all had some good performances, though I would rather see new songs not done before — maybe the band does not want much new material. —————————-

    And Titanium has been all-over some of these talent shows, bores me, no matter how well done.

    • OhMy says:

      “maybe the band does not want much new material.” Oh my. I think we can feel very confident that isn’t the case,

    • JM says:

      I think it’s because the singers have very little time to learn new songs after the home-coming weekends.

    • rio says:

      I think a Caleb/Jena finale has been a foregone conclusion all season. I’m not a big fan of either. Alex is the most talented as far as I can see. But I’ve never believed he could win–not cute enough.

  22. Michael. We need to talk. How did you give Caleb’s reprise a B+? Those vocals were a nightmare.

  23. Lu says:

    *Should go home* Jena She was so bad on that last song. Caleb for the win!

  24. LC says:

    Jeff Gutt deserves an A+ for Creep, Jena doesn’t. No way! Jena deserves a B. Can’t she pronounce words yet?

  25. Karen says:

    I sincerely hope it’ll be an Alex/Jena final 2 – by far the two consistently great and inventive contestants this year. Though, sadly I fear we’ll say adieu to Alex tomorrow

  26. Ellory says:

    Alex owned Jena and Caleb tonight in his own quiet way. LMAO @ JLo’s grinding during Dazed and Confused. The finale should be Caleb vs. Alex this year. The judge’s hype of Jena all season only for her to seriously underwhelm tonight may blow up in their faces.

    • Owen says:

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jena Irene has Kelly Clarkson potential.

      • Krista says:

        Totally agree. I’ve felt that way the entire season. She’s the real deal.

      • Christopher says:

        Jena has zero potential to become a superstar. NONE!!!

        • Bonnie says:

          Can I see your Crystal ball? My god.

          • P2Fan says:

            It doesn’t take a crystal ball. All you have to do is listen to Jena’s horrible phrasing, horrible enunciation, horrible affected “accent,” horrible lower register (which is near inaudible at times), horrible habit of clipping words, etc. etc. To try to compare her to Kelly Clarkson who has a STRONG, pure, crystal clear singing voice with great upper and lower registers to Jena’s off key, wavering mumbles and shrieking is just ridiculous!

        • Jill Moya says:


          You are so right on! Creep is a song that describes miss MUMBLES. Even when she talks its creepy. She is so ordinary with that horrible singing accent that is as fake as JLO’s rear end!

        • Jules B says:

          AGREE! I think people must get their hearing checked. She has only had 2…(maybe 2) tolerable performances all season. I actually have gotten headaches from her screaming. Please let Alex get through…he is the only one I would buy music to hear from.

    • Jeremy says:

      Yep JLo has a dick!

  27. IMHO says:

    Did everybody enjoy the Hunger Games salute by all of the cast offs? This show has only taken 13 years to become self aware. It is more human than we ever realized.

  28. MAB says:

    I really thought Alex did really good tonight. Does anyone know whether they did any recordings this week. I couldn’t find them.

  29. Jenna says:

    Dazed and Confused slayed me. Stay made me believe in Alex again. He actually has a chance of beating out Caleb or Jena for a spot in the final two. Demons had me feeling sorry for Caleb; I think a piece of my heart broke when he couldn’t hold out that one note and just let it go. But, I do not care for all of the attention he was getting for his sickness. Harry was fed up, too.

    • Danny says:

      Right. Just sing the song and don’t go for the sympathy vote. Harry had mentioned that earlier in the year that he didn’t want to know if the contestants were sick or not. I still don’t like his backside kissing of Lopez, but at least tonight he brought up that he didn’t want to know who was sick. Hearing about his voice problems didn’t help him any from my perspective. If he’s that sick go with a Jena/Alex finale.

      • Angus says:

        Alex mentions his illness on his Twitter. Before the show ever started.

        • Yah and Ryan is the one who called the doctor out on stage and then keith and j-lo kept bringing up his illness too. Everyone cant blame Caleb for what Ryan and the judges did. Caleb barely talked. And also Caleb is way sicker than Alex , being that he has a vocal hemorrhage . That word means bleeding! Thats really bad along with bronchitis and sinusitis. Im not kiddng about the bleeding. Look up the definition of a hemorrhage . And he still worked really hard and is now charting on rock charts at number 6. Jena is only at 80 on the other chart!.

  30. Matty says:

    Not the biggest Jena fan but she got screwed on the first two choices. Both are studio songs. Maybe she could have stripped Titanium down… oh wait, how many times has that been attempted on TV?

    Alex was the most consistent. He deserves to be in the final.

  31. danin says:

    What,no poll?? Jena takes rd.1,Alex rd.2,Caleb rd.3.Don’t be a freakin hater.Caleb was sick. He did really pretty good on Dazed&Confused considering his vocal chords were dazed&confused.He has 1 not up to par night of all season and people are slamming him.You folks that are slamming him are heartless.He had a legitamate reason and still did well. I’d go see him perform.The only other idol contestant I actually went to see was Elliott Yamin.

  32. TerriB says:

    Mr Sleazak what are you thinking?! Titanium was not a bad performance. It deserved better than a C. Just because it was shaky in the beginning. But she pulled it out and hit all the right notes for the end. It deserves at least a solid B. I didn’t think Never Tear us Apart was bad either. I think Alex is talented, but he is just bland and every performance blends together.

  33. Owen says:

    I’ve noticed a trend here this season that seems almost exclusive tonight so far. Jena’s haters on this site all are women (girls?). What’s up with that? Hey girls, time to post some anti-Jena rants under some MEN’S names now to make it seem more even…

    • jeffmartinfan says:

      I’m female and I do not hate Jena. I do not love her either. Jena’s female haterz be hatin’ cuz she’s prettier than them and (generally) more talented. Having said that, I think Alex will win because he is a WGWG and WGWGs win Idol.

    • Tiff says:

      I love Jena and I’m a woman. I’ve loved her from the beginning and definitely think she should be the winner this season – as my husband says, she has all the elements of the other two contestants, and a little bit of something else: She can belt and yell like Caleb, she has Caleb’s consistency and stage presence, she has the instrumental prowess and creativity of Alex. She’s the clear winner for me.

      Since I prefer creativity and Alex’s sound to Caleb’s (I still think Caleb is amazing though), I voted for him as well, but I would probably be okay with a Caleb-Jena finale, too. The important thing to me is that Jena wins.

      • Owen says:

        I’m sure you do. Some women do like and some men don’t. What I meant to point out (and I think I did) was that there was a disproportionate female hatred of Jena this year on these here TV Line boards…

        • Agent Smith says:

          Remember Katie Stevens?? I seen so much dissing of her on another site that year, that you would have thought she had stolen everyone’s boyfriend, was a harlot, a conniver, a priestess of the Illuminati and running voting plots, a con-job on the hapless Judges and Producers. She was just a simple pretty young high school girl that was fortunate enough to get cast on the show..

        • deedee says:

          Maybe because there are disproportionately more women who watch Idol and post here.

      • Lisa says:

        I’d be happy if either Alex or Jena wins. I just can’t get by Caleb’s fakeness. He still comes across to me like a guy who Yes, has a voice, but as an imitator…like he’s phony. His smug look on the couch didn’t help. His ego is through the roof, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have an ounce of creativity. He looked like he thinks he’s untouchable. I mean, he’s had an ego from the beginning (even last season when he didn’t make it), but now it’s MUCH worse.

        I like both Alex & Jena, and I agree with your points about Jena, although I really like Alex also. So, I’m really hoping one of them wins. But, I think they will both have a GREAT career either way.

        No, I don’t think Caleb’s ego is enough of a reason to think he should not win. I mean, Adam Lambert had one hell of an ego too, but he was creative and original. I just don’t see that with Caleb. I see imitation.

    • Ima girl says:

      I love Jena!

    • Cassandra says:

      lol @ you pulling the “jealous” card = low level of desperation!!!
      I actually loved Jessica and Majesty this season (and past singers like Pia, Haley, Carrie U., etc.) are all are far better looking than Jena plus far better singers, so if I was gonna be jealous of someone it’d be one of them. Just because you have an infatuation with Jena doesn’ mean the rest of the world has to, whether male or female. Some people just don’t like her voice. Get over it!

      • I know it is ridiculous to think that. If I was going to be jealous, I would be jealous of Holly from Phillips season or Angie Miller. Both very cute. This may sound bad but I would be more jealous of Cece fry from x factor also. And that is saying something.

    • AlyB says:

      Female here and I’m all in for a Jena win. I would have loved to see Jess in there too. Did you seriously just notice that girls can be scathingly catty and mean to each other? Maybe you don’t see it in your real life but are noticing it online. I think any girl here can attest to how vicious some girls can be when they don’t like another girl. And yes, it’s definitely evident here.

      • deedee says:

        Oh come on now. So women can’t have a legitimate opinion about a female contestant? I don’t like Jena’s voice, so I’m just jealous, vicious, and catty?

        • Mary says:

          I think they are referring to some of the comments. It is okay to say you don’t like a singer but the personal attacks against someone they never meant has been over the top.

    • Jeremy says:

      Don’t you know women hate other women? Act like best buddies in person than talk crap about them behind their back. At least that’s how it works in America. As Caleb sang it, “The soul of a woman was crated below.”

    • I will say I dont hate Jena cause she is a girl. i loved angie, amber,holly ,skyler, melinda allyson, elise, kelly, Just dont like Jena. This year my fav was Kenz and Jillian. (alex’s girlfriend) and neither made it to top 13.

  34. LeahKittyS says:

    OMG opening montage.
    OMG Idol winners sending video messages.
    OMG Alex’s “Stay.”
    OMG Jena’s “Creep” reprise.
    OMG Season 13 Top 13 doing the Hunger Games salute.
    OMG confetti.
    OMG cake.
    OMG Melinda Doolittle retweeted me tonight.
    Can you tell I’m just a little excited?
    I only voted for Alex. I need him in the finale. And I would prefer Jena to be there with him. But I’ll be okay as long as Alex is there. Because he is awesome. And Jena is awesome.

    • Danny says:

      No, I couldn’t tell you were a little excited. Glad ya clarified that for us.

      • Kenna says:

        Glad you clarified you “won’t watch” next year, even though you will. What else will you do with your Wednesday nights?

    • JENAinCAPS says:

      Leah, I thought about you on Saturday, wondering how close you got to Alex and if that was an impossible task for you to pull off, I wondered if you crossed paths with MJ of MJ’sBigBlog in the crowd. She loved the concert and I bet you did, too. :D With all the excitement, you’ve been burning calories just living your happy life. I hope you get your wish tomorrow… Top 2: Alex and anyone else. : )))

      • LeahKittyS says:

        I did enjoy the concert, very much! Alex is a real showman. And I did meet MJ; I got to talk to her right before the show started. And Alex signed my phone case! Now I have to store that one and get a new one.

        • JENAinCAPS says:

          Heavens to Betsy, Leah, you had a great day!! Yay! Can you remember what you said to Alex? Or he to you? I can imagine it was a quick autograph, but did you get a few words in there?

          • LeahKittyS says:

            LOL I didn’t get to talk to him. Here’s how it went down:
            I was fast walking with the crowd behind the red Ford Mustang as it went down Main Street. I called “Alex! Alex!” and his mom noticed me. I asked “Will you sign my phone case?” and gave her my phone. She gave it to Alex, he signed it, and she gave it back to me. I said “Thank you!” and went around telling random people “He signed my phone case!” He signed lots of phone cases and posters that day.

        • Danny says:

          Neat that ya got to go. Glad ya enjoyed it. I’m wondering how much local press did he get? Unfortunately around here Jena’s not getting a huge build up. A story on her only had 3 comments at the time I’d read it. It’s kind of a bummer that we finally get a local contestant in the top 3 and no one seems to care.

          • Danny says:

            Oh, and did you get to vote for his song? How did that process work?

          • LeahKittyS says:

            I’m not a New Hampshire native, so no, I did not vote for the song. I have no idea how it worked. Sorry. But I’m happy with their pick.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            It was on the local FOX channel up here. They talked to some fans and got a quote from him. Lots of cameras during the parade and concert.

        • Jill Moya says:

          Alex a showman????? That’s a good one! His autograph may be worth 2 CENTS some day!

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Ugh, not you again. I thought we got rid of you when Jessica went home. Considering I actually heard Alex sing live and you didn’t, I’d say my review is more valid. And I saw you diss Fantasia earlier. And I am not happy. You wish you had her kind of voice. I’m not big on R&B, but I know talent when I hear it. But no matter how talented you think you are, I would never, EVER, buy your music. Why? Because I only buy music from nice people. That’s why you won’t hear Chris Brown or Justin Bieber on my radio.

          • Danny says:

            Leah- I wouldn’t buy Chris Brown or Justin Beiber because they’re terrible. They could both be saints, they’re still brutal musically.

          • Ben says:

            @Leah – well said. I completely agree with your comment.

          • Jill, Alex a showman? WHAT? Maybe they mispelled it and meant snowman, cause a snowman just stands there. And Alex does have kind of button eyes and a carrot nose. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

          • Lisa says:

            And Caleb has done what? Shown he can imitate Meatloaf and knows how to sing karaoke? Yep that’s original. Oh yes, he did try something original and made a mess of Never Tear Us Apart. Alex is a true artist.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            No, Jill, I meant SHOWMAN with an H. And I’ll say it again: he is an entertainer, a true performer. And I LOVE him and I LOVE his music. And NOTHING in the world is going to change that.

          • The Other Leah says:

            wow Jill, you’re something awful!

    • JENAinCAPS says:

      P.S. OMG ;)

      • Jill Moya says:

        KITTY…YOUR FANGS ARE SHOWING! FANTASIA sounds like an overgrown child! She wishes she had a voice like mine! She is the biggest overrated singer who ever sang anywhere! What’s to like?? I don’t like to hear babies sing! If she didn’t appear on idol, she’d be a singing telegram employee, playing a baby for 3 year olds!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I could understand if you were talking about CJ or MK or someone else who is clearly not that talented of a singer, but Fantasia and Jena? I think you might be allowing your own genre biases to cloud your judgment here. Both are damn good singers, particularly Fantasia. I recently saw her in concert (I was the one white lady lol) and that girl can SANG!

          • Jill Moya says:

            Your opinion Angie! Jena good? Fantasia, like I said is overrated with that high pitched baby voice! Her speaking voice is worse! To each their own I guess! If I wanted to hear infants, I’d go to a play with 6 year olds at an elementary school.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ok, but your opinion’s weird. Saying Michael Jordan isn’t very good at basketball is also an opinion, but it’s a pretty bad one.

        • Hey Jill, Let them say what they want! Guess they dont realize Alex is not even charting in the top 100, Jena is at 77 and CALEB is number 6 on rock charts! Those are the stats at 8:30 am this morning.

          • MamaLis says:

            BRRRRRRRR. WRONG.
            Alex is @ #37.
            The next person I even see from Idol is in the 100’s & that’s Jessica.
            And by the way, it’s like that every week.

          • I look on i tunes charts.Dont see alex in the top 100. In fact I have Jake Worthington from the voice at number 37. Jake kaufmen from voice at 40. Jena at 61. I dont see Alex or Jess anywhere in the top 100. I looked at 2 different i tune charts. Caleb at number 5 now on rock charts. I also looked for jess and alex in rock, alternative charts and they are not there.

          • Jill Moya says:


            If they wanna support MUMBLES and THE HANDSOME SNOWMAN, let them. He bangs a little drums now he’s Mr. Wonderful! Those 2 remind me of THE ODD COUPLE! Only question would be, which one is the slob and which one is the neat freak??????

          • Jill Moya says:


            Jena can’t be Olive Oil, with her big dumpy rear end! NO WAY!

          • Some people are saying that all of us “women” are saying bad stuff about Jena cause we are jealous! HAHAHA What? I think the cutest contestants were Holly and Angie Miller. I would be jealous of them. Jena is not attractive, especially when she first auditioned. I also think Allison Ahrieta is cute. Dont know if I spelled her name right

          • tealeaves says:

            To compare apples to apples you need to look at the overall chart. Then you see where they stand in relation to each other. It is relatively easy to chart high on the Rock chart because there is not as much competition as on other charts.

          • Then why is It also relatively easy for voice contestants to ALWAYS chart high on “the overall charts”. But not these guys. LOL They are always in the top 10. I dont get it.

      • Jill Moya says:


        Actually, the person thought it was “N” she was typing and typed in “H”, making word show an instead of Snowman! They look close, n and h in lower case! A snowman moves more than Alex because when it melts there’s movement!

      • Jill Moya says:


  35. Bonnie says:

    “Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks and Fantasia Barrino and Candice Glover and Kris Allen and Phillip Phillips”

    Hmm, way to leave off Scotty and Lee. I can understand Lee I guess, but Scotty has done well after the show and is a great singer. And he actually still has a label.

  36. Mary says:

    I will say this is one of the worst final 3 performance shows I have ever seen on Idol. Sorry I don’t want to hear anyone on this site say they were pimping Jena. I personally thought the judges song sucked. She did okay with what she had to work with thank God her last song was Creep which I thought was better this time around. The pimping of Caleb was annoying. I don’t care which of the guys make the final but I hope Jena makes it. I don’t understand why the contestants couldn’t pick at least one of their songs at this stage of the game.

    • Bonnie says:

      Oh please, you really think that? You are really throwing the hyperbole in with the “worst top 3 show ever!” Yeah right, loser.

    • Jeremy says:

      This is hands down the Best 3 of this past top 10 though. I predicted this top 3 weeks ago.

    • Matrix says:

      @Mary, God forbid the judges not give the perfect song to your “snowflake” :)

      • Mary says:

        It has nothing to do with being my snowflake, the song SUCKS period, Nobody should sing it. Also for the record I never said the contestants were not talented but the show IMO was bad. All of them did one good song but the other two were below average. @Bonnie if you found the show entertaining more power to you.

  37. :( says:

    Would have been a lot more interesting with jessica in there. Tonight was one of the worst nights of the season I think. Please go back to the old set, and the same format. Watching the beginning of the show made me miss the old american idol.

    • Mike says:

      It would serve J-Lo right if Caleb’s bum voice was his undoing tonight. Her character assassination of Jessica was sad and she deserved that third slot tonight.

  38. JM says:

    All of them performed subpar tonight, IMO. I’m always disappointed with the show after the home-comings. It’s just way too much overload for the singers, and they’re always too tired and/or sick to perform at their best. Which is such a shame given that it’s the last impression before the finale. Sigh…

  39. lla says:

    Didn’t they use to show a lot more of the hometown visits?

    • Danny says:

      That’s usually on the results show night. On performance night they just tend to show little snippets.

    • Owen says:

      There will be a large portion of tomorrow’s show devoted to the visits.

    • JENAinCAPS says:

      I always have wondered if the home town footage is edited in a way that reflects one last manipulation by TPTB?

      • Danny says:

        JenaInCaps- Yes. Usually they show 2 of them getting private plane rides home and then limo rides once they get home. Then they’ll show contestant #3 who had a great time hitchhiking across the country and barely made it back in time to do the top 3. It’s contestant #3 that usually goes home.

  40. ElleKay says:

    I would have given out lower grades all around…nobody brought their A game tonight, and everyone sounded tired at best.

  41. Amanda says:

    I love Jena so much! She had a bad night compared to what she’s done before, and that’s dangerous for the TOP 3 week. I really hope she goes on to win the show, but I’m a little worried.

  42. Mike says:

    So Caleb uses the excuse he is sick and couldn’t perform well on his second song (a contemporary song) but miraculously can sing a song he is comfortable with. Judges said it was his voice that caused him to be tenuous on his second song when in reality he just couldn’t sing it. Who is going to be downloading Caleb’s rock cover songs? Not me!

    • LeahKittyS says:

      My boyfriend, that’s who. That’s exactly his kind of music. He hates most Top 40 stuff.

    • Mandinha says:

      I agree 100%. I think every mistake Caleb has made tonight will be justified by all the drama around the fact that he’s sick. Actually, he couldn’t sing Demons because he can’t sing lower tones – it just SUCKS.

      • MAB says:

        I was thinking the something. How come he had a miraculous recovery for the last song. Very convenient.

    • Jenny says:

      Never heard him using an excuse. It was other people on the show (Ryan, judges, etc.). I have already downloaded some of his songs – obviously had trouble with his voice tonight, as there hasn’t been ANYTHING yet he couldn’t sing. He has a rich, gravelly voice that I love. I’d love to see he and Alex in finale. Jena is OK, but screechy and you can’t understand anything she’s saying. Alex is a true musician in every sense of the word.

    • Well someone is downloading cause he is number 6 on rock charts and its still early. He made it to number 2 with faithfully.

  43. The ratings for “American Idol” have been way down this year. I think this is because (1) the songs have been geared to a younger demographic. No standards but mostly what is current today. This is fine for the younger audience but it drives away the older audience and if you don’t have the older audience you don’t get the ratings. (2) the judges have been awful, especially Harry. He started out being the guy who saved “Idol” and moved quickly to the guy who could destroy “Idol.” Harry has t learn it is not all about him, and Keith has to learn not to be drawn into his silliness. (3) who is dressing the contestants. They look, young, mod and sloppy. Everything from torn jeans to run of the mill t shirts.
    It does appeal to younger audiences but another season like this one and the show that I love will be off the air, and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

    • Bonnie says:

      Every single year people hate on the judges. Every time they diss your favorite they become “terrible.”

      • Danny says:

        Bonnie- I often agree with ya, but think you’re missing something on this one. Yes, every year I dislike the judges. This year they’re promoting my fav (Jena) and I still dislike them. The reason is they’re terrible. The last 4 years have had terrible judging.
        I have no problem with the Voice judges. My favs hardly ever win on any of these shows. David Cook’s the only winner I picked. Season 11 since I was fine with any of the top 7, I guess ya could say that year too. The judges on AI are terrible.

        My main disagreement with Jackie is that I think it’s Lopez who’s ruining the show. Harry and Keith I thought would bring her up to decency. Instead she’s running over them. Harry’s kissing her backside. Keith joined the “Make it all about me” party. I agree with Jackie in principle though. These judges are brutal.
        Between Lopez and Minag and their toxicity, they went and ruined my favorite show.

      • Ben says:

        Completely agree Bonnie. I think the hate on J-Lo is completely unfair and is far more based on a perception that she slighted first Haley and now Jessica and far less on anything that J-Lo has actually done.

        • Danny says:

          Hi Ben- I guess we can’t always agree. There’s lots she’s done in my eyes. She’s used the show to promote herself without adding anything to it. It’s always about her. Even things she does positive, like the save of Jessica in S11, she’s got to get up and make it about her.
          She’s lied and tried to give the impression that her taped performances were live. Why lie about that? No one cares. In S10, she did that very thing. The next week Steven Tyler did a video and everyone was ok with it.
          She lip syncs. Now on that I’ll concede if I liked her I’d let it slide some. I know Paula lip synced, and unfortunately so does Shakira. I don’t respect any of them as singers, but I at least have positive feelings towards Paula and Shakira as people.
          This year she’s put a damper on almost every single song. I don’t want to see her face for 30 seconds out of every song. That may/may not be her doing, though I’m inclined to think it is. Either way, she could undo it if she wanted to, but she won’t. She’s to vain and thinks the show revolves around her.
          This year I’m of the opinion she’s promoting Jena, who I’m rooting for. I still don’t like her. All the attributes I mentioned above are still there. The only difference is she’s for my contestant and against someone elses. It doesn’t change that I don’t trust her one bit.
          Basically I view her as an overpaid freeloader who along with Minag has ruined my favorite show. The nonsense with Haley and to a lesser extent Jessica and Elise is part of it. It’s certainly not all of it though. She has multitudes of terrible qualities.
          I don’t know why Fox would bring her back. Her own show was so bad it had ratings than an infomercial wouldn’t want.

          • Kenna says:

            Jennifer, toxic? Give me a break. And that’s just stupid that you are only targeting her on Haley and Jessica. All three of the judges were hard on Jessica, yet only Jennifer gets labeled as a “jealous cat.” Sexist much? Randy was harder on Haley than JLo ever was, yet I don’t see Randy getting labeled as a “jealous hater.”

            And that would be hypocritical if you still watched The Voice next year but not idol.

          • Ben says:

            No Danny, we can’t always agree. I don’t care that she lip synchs. I don’t care that the producers show close ups of her. The only thing I care about is what she is like as a judge – and I do not believe or agree that she dislikes any contestants, has biases etc; to me, J-Lo seems to be someone who genuinely cares about the contestants and is NOT trying to make everything about her, despite the fact that others (producers, Ryan, Harry, Keith) continually seem to try to make everything about her.

            I don’t think there has been any ‘nonsense’ with J-Lo towards any contestant, ever, and I never have. If ever there was a judge who created nonsense and had clear biases, it was Simon Cowell. Was it criticised with him? No. Frankly, I think that Harry in this season has been far more biased that J-Lo, including when it comes to Jessica. But in any event, I feel like his biases have been genuinely him, not producer mouthpiece. I am just so so so far from seeing hatred towards J-Lo. I also say this as someone who essentially does not follow any aspect of J-Los career so I judge her solely on what I’ve seen of her on Idol.

            At least we can continue to agree on many other things, though!

          • Ben says:

            @Kenna – I also felt like Randy was FAR harsher on Haley and Harry FAR harsher on Jessica – than J-Lo was in either case. This is part of why it seems to me like the JLo hate is based on myth.

          • Danny says:

            Ben- We definitely agree on Cowell. I didn’t care for him either. I always thought he was a bully. I never felt he was honest. How many times did the guy say “you can’t fool the American public” and then immediately try and fool the American public?
            For what its worth the only AI judge I’ve really liked is Paula. I felt she was the most honest one. Yea she was ultra positive, but that’s the way she truly felt. Randy was always just kind of there. I had no opinion of him one way or the other until Season 10. Kara I was slightly negative on when she was there, but in looking back she’s not so bad. I did like Ellen a fair amount, but she wasn’t really a musical judge. She was more humor and smiles.
            Steven, Keith, and Harry I all liked at first. For various reasons all have went south. Steven was bland. Mariah yawn. I’ve liked all the Voice judges. Of all the judges between the 2 shows Blake and Paula are my favorites. The rest of the Voice judges are next and then the rest of the AI judges.
            I guess with Lopez we’ll just have to view it differently. Interesting views ya have. I like seeing the other side. Makes for good debates. I just don’t view her like you do though.
            Kena- I’m flattered you’re so concerned about my viewing habits. Since my life would be ruined if someone as esteemed as yourself had the slightest inclination I was a hypocrite, I already planned to stop watching the Voice next year. To make it simple for ya I’m done with Voice for sure and done with AI if Lopez comes back.

          • HTGR says:

            Shakira is not a big lip synch performer. She is actually one of the ones who puts on a great show live. It is just that one single was just a modern auot-tune effect type of single. Did you hear how she sang live on Idol the other season and sounded perfect, just like a studio recording (but yes it WAS live). And none of her older Spanish language records have a hint of auto-tune type stuff at all. She only did a few those things for the U.S. audience.
            Yeah I do agree, she self-promotes too much and her sell out on Haley was disgusting. I kinda like Jena, but the way JLo goes about it and the show seemed to put Jess (who I also liked) down was kinda annoying.
            Randy was actually the single worst on towards Haley though. He was out to sink her day 1, JLo actually gave Haley props for a few shows before doing a mysterious, instant 180 on her (maybe some notes from Nigel? maybe the start of the fall of her marriage, Haley doing the Adele song and that song then leaping the charts the next day above JLos song? who knows).
            I mean Randy was even dogging Haley off of Idol. When he came to the MTV music studios for an interview and appearance and heard some of the staff’s and reporter’s phones there ringing to Haley he started laughing and though it was a joke and then got all mad when he realized it was real support and when people started praising her and saying she was the best and trying to subtly knock his judging of her. And he tossed her off at another studio too. I don’t know if he had just sold out that that much to TPTB or he has sadly simply just lost it (I think he probably just sold out). Kinda sad. I actually used to be a fan of his in the early seasons, a big one.

    • GuitarBlue says:

      several people I know who watch Idol, some here tonight, have lost a lot of enthusiasm for Harry’s style of Judging and antics as the season wore-on.

      • OhMy says:

        He has issues — but JLo and Keith are way worse.

        • Bonnie says:

          What are they supposed to do differently? At least they are trying, unlike The Voice judges who rarely critique.

          • OhMy says:

            No, not at all. Very few singing reality shows have great moments. They have degrees of good and degrees of fun.

          • OhMy says:

            Excuse the one comment — it was a response to something else. Anyway, the Voice doesn’t have judges, they have coaches. And yes, they don’t do much on screen. AI judges are supposed to judge — the problem is that they don’t. Unless they have it in for the contestant.

          • Kenna says:

            Oh God, the old “They aren’t judges, they are coaches!” argument. Are you a producer for the Voice? They are supposed to give feedback after someone is performing and are supposed to critique and JUDGE a performance. That is judging, no?

          • Kenna says:

            The idol judges DO judge. People even complained they were too hard on the contestants earlier in the season. Nice try.

          • MamaLis says:

            BTW…. Michael apparently doesn’t know this: but Keith has a “game” he plays each Wednesday night with his friends from Country Radio and his bandmates. People call-in and submit obscure WORDS & phrases they want him to incorporate into Wednesday’s show.
            → Then they vote.
            → The “winning” word/phrase has to be somehow said on the show.
            → “Moment of miraculous healing” – part of a joke.
            → The “parakeet breath” incident – Ellen getting in on the joke.

            I don’t know…. seems… disingenuous?

      • Jill Moya says:


        I agree with your assessment of JLO! People love to complain cause they’re jealous! She’s laughing all the way to the bank! She could care less what people think. She once in awhile overdoes it but that’s showbiz.

  44. GuitarBlue says:

    tomorrow night, the big fight, did America get it wrong, or get it right.

  45. Xsounders says:

    Alex shouldn’t even be there. Jessica should’ve been on that stage tonight.

    Caleb vs. Alex if you want the best possible show on Tuesday an all-out rock concert.

    Good to see the rest of the top 13 there also.

  46. Zim says:

    Did anyone else think the video behind Alex really took away from story of my life? And the cried clapping threw him off on Pompeii and last week on Yellow. It’s a shame outside factors could affect his moments.

    • GuitarBlue says:

      The back video was probably well-intended by the stage manager, but was distracting from the song. Sometimes the big humongous back-screens detract a lot from the song and artist when the crazy production managers are off into their own fetishes and tangled fantasies of making a big show production.

  47. AlyB says:

    Creep was song of the night for me. Alex’s Stay just edged out Dazed and Confused. Both were excellent though. I wish Stay had been Alex’s last song of the night. Caleb did not sound good at all on his other two songs. I know he was dealing with vocal issues but he managed to slay Dazed and Confused except for the one high note. Since it was his last song, that may be all he needed. My preference would be Jena & Alex. I think Jena has earned a spot for sure.

  48. karen says:

    Oh Michael, you’re so hooked on Jena you are blinded by her shortcomings. Heart Attack was HORRIBLE. Oh my, I was cringing for her, it was that bad. She never got control of the song and her vocals were just off. She earns a D+ from me.

    • Pamela says:

      Titanium was awful too but at least she hit a couple of good notes at the very end. Heart Attack was just horrendous from start to finish. Those are two of the all-time worst performances ever seen in a semi-final on this show.

      • S. says:

        Her lower range was her undoing on Titanium. I was so looking forward to it until I realized she’d have to tangle those verses in her worst register which she simply hasn’t bothered to work on, clearly. I thought ‘Wow Randy picked a brilliant song for her. This is great! If she nails this, she could win the whole competition.’ Then it started. Yikes. They couldn’t have changed the arrangement? Would’ve been amazing to hear Alex sing that because he would’ve made it an acoustic guitar track. I was upset because how is it a good top 3 night when Jena and Caleb are both not giving their top performances all show long? Alex had the strongest overall night but still not consistent A’s either. I’m mad I have to say goodbye to any of them. When I think of any one of them going home, it feels like an injustice. Michael’s biased toward Jena and against Caleb so it’s hard to take the ‘should go home’ assessment seriously. Any of them could go. She’s surging but did she shoot herself in the foot tonight? Even if Caleb makes it through this week, could his voice go out Lauren Alaina style for the finale so that he’s just dragging along behind the other remaining competitor?

      • Mary says:

        Heart attack is a horrendous song to begin with so I thought she did what she could with it. All of them had were off on a couple of songs. To be fair I hope people vote on the season not tonight’s performances because all of them had ONE good and that’s it.

    • Lu says:

      I agree. She has such a weird way of pronouncing words that I can not listen to her. She should be the one going home tomorrow.

  49. Bonnie says:

    The top 3 this year have delivered better moments this season compared to The Voice top 3. Jake is bad and Christina hasn’t been great in weeks.

    • Kaba says:

      “Hold On We’re Going Home” was only 2 weeks ago. Also…the lives of AI have been running longer than The Voice.

    • Angie_Overrated says:


    • GuitarBlue says:

      Adam’s song choices for Christina got off into the theater production musicals or something…….
      darn near got her eliminated with those crazy song choices.,

      • Yes that is what I thought, weird song choices that night on the voice. Except for blakes. What Blake picked for Jake, I think it gained him more fans. I thought it was really good.

    • S. says:

      Preach. I’ll take the Idol top 3 for sure. Can Christina Grimmie take Jena’s upper register and can Jena take Christina’s lower? I think a Franken-singer is the way to go here.

      • Kim Moores says:

        Christina’s upper and lower are honestly better. Sure she pinches out some notes at the top, but still.

        • Kenna says:

          Christina is a trainwreck, but of course this board is full of fanatics of The Voice who hate anything Idol, I shouldn’t expect anything less.

          • Kim Moores says:

            I love Idol, but thanks for assuming my interest is only in the voice.
            I guess I ought to also apologize for preferring someone from the voice over and AI contestant.
            Maybe I “ought” to, but I’m not going to. Congrats on saying nothing of actual substance to the conversation after concluding Grimmie is a trainwreck.

          • Matrix says:

            Kabba’s correct, you might just be a moron

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Oh hell no. I like Jena, but let’s not get carried away here. Make no mistake, Christina > Jena singing wise. Let’s not franken-singer anything and keep Christina’s voice exactly the way it is. Not my favorite voice in the world, but she’s still better than Jena.

        • Jill Moya says:


          A person isn’t a moron because you don’t agree with their opinions! I’m bashed constantly for being negative! But at least I have the class to not call a person a MORON!