The Voice Top 5 Results Recap: Are the Right Three Contestants Headed for the Finale?

The Voice Top 5 results 2014A week ago Wednesday, we had eight intriguing contestants battling for The Voice‘s Season 6 crown. As of this moment, only three remain.

Did exec producer Mark Burnett hurl the octet into a ThunderDome-style arena — axes and nunchuks at the ready — the crowd chanting “Eight singers enter! Three singers leave!”? Was the dreaded Hantavirus to blame? Did Christina Aguilera slip peanuts into the kale-and-flaxseed smoothies? (Side note: Wouldn’t Hantavirus be a great name for a band — especially if their hooks were infectious?)

Nope, the reality of Season 6’s rapidly dwindling pool of vocalists is much more insidious.

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Somewhere, somehow, exec producer Mark Burnett & Co. decided to julienne the Live Voting Rounds like leeks in a food processor — dicing and slicing viewer power to a mere five-week window. And so, last week we lost Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin and Delvin Choice — just as we were getting to know ’em.

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And this week, three of the five remaining singers wound up singing for their lives — a bizarre ratio that had even coach Adam Levine observing the weirdness of it all.

And yet, here we are having lost more than half the Season 6 field in eight days’ time — the underlying message: Don’t get too attached to the voices, to the personalities, to the very idea that NBC is remotely interested in the struggling artists upon whose backs it builds its ratings juggernaut. Shall we all join in with Kristen Merlin as she reprises her rendition of “Foolish Games” from Monday night: “Excuse me, I must’ve mistaken you for somebody else/ Somebody who gave a damn/ Someone more like me.

That pretty much sums it up, yes?

Ah well, at least Season 5’s Top 3 Jacquie Lee (lurrrrve her voice), Will Champlin and Tessanne Chin (that single is kinda hot, no?) got invited back to strut their stuff and kickstart their post-Voice careers. I just wish Mr. Burnett would spread out the love, invite more alumnae back, and make their performances a weekly results-night thang, no?

Whatever your stance, let’s get to results.

Saved by America (in chronological order)
Jake Worthington (¿¿¡¡him!!??)
Josh Kaufman

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This Week’s Bottom 3
Kristen Merlin
Christina Grimmie
Kat Perkins

Aw man! If America had gotten it right, we could’ve had a Josh-Kristen-Christina finale. Instead, the weakest link said “Hello!” to next week’s main event, and I got torn between two contestants in my #VoiceSave Tweeting. It would have to come down to last-chance performances:

Kristen: Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away” — Grade: B-
Kat: Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl” — Grade: B-
Christina: OneRepublic’s “Apologize” — Grade: B-

Ultimately, Kristen’s magnificence on “Foolish Games” tipped the scales, and off to social media I sprinted.

As Carson Daly cut to commercial, an onscreen graphic showed the voting totals at Christina (70%), Kat (29%) and Kristen (1%). Come on, now!

Carson came back from the break and announced “the graphic was messed up.” Or did he mean “the graphic was a way to convince Kristen fans that voting was an exercise in futility? If that was the case, it worked.

Christina Grimmie

Kat Perkins
Kristen Merlin

Josh Kaufman
Jake Worthington
Christina Grimmie

What did you think of Top 5 results? Did the right people make the finale? Sound off in the comments! And for all my reality TV-related news, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Kam says:

    It should have been a finale of Josh, Christina, and Kristen…that is all

    • Ana says:

      I agree

      • ULTIMATUM says:

        Actually, I’m entirely satisfied with the Final 3. They are the three that have consistently entertainment me the most throughout the season. And by the way, Christina Grimmie’s “Apologize” deserved better than a B- from you, Mr. Slezak. I thought it was beautiful and she obviously deserved that Save!

        • Terry says:

          I think B- is pretty generous. I can’t help but wonder if Grimmie would have made top 3 without the save, but alas we shall never know. Hope Josh wins next week.

          • Tyler says:

            I agree too that Josh should win next week. And I disagree that Jake has “consistently entertainment (?) me the most throughout the season.” I don’t think he has been consistent at all. His songs have been either mediocre or pitchy. Well, maybe he has been consistently mediocre and pitchy.

            I also agree that Tessanne’s new single was hot! (I liked Will’s new single too.) Watching Tess, Will and Jacquie just reaffirmed that last season’s top 3 was head and shoulders above this season’s top 3.

          • Matrix says:

            I don’t think she would have – the iTunes charts seem to be a pretty reliable correlation. Between the battle rounds, the quick eliminations and an instant save for the bottom three – I don’t think this is the right formula to get the best result. Having said that, I think Josh is one of the best, if not the best.

          • Billy Bob says:

            That is the $1 million dollar question. That instant save should been over last week. But if Grimmie landed in the bottom 3, which she DID… she’s in like flynn.

            You had Bieber (Adam called Bieber to help) sending a tweet to save Grimmie, plus Selena Gomez sent out a tweet to save her friend too. Done deal for Grimmie to move on.
            Kristen may have gone to the top 3 final if it were not instant save and let the votes play out.

          • Gina says:

            I wish he fell into the manure Adam dumped on Blake’s car

        • Tessa B says:

          These singers are the worst. American Idol has a better final 3.Christina can’t sing on key and is shrill. I hope Jake wins, then The Voice will be exposed as a joke. You can’t be serious with this guy. He’s the worst contestant in the history of talent shows.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            No. Just no. Christina can sing in key (quite well actually), Josh eats anyone from Idol season 13 and he doesn’t need utensils, and you’re trying to argue that Jake is the worst contestant in the history of reality tv singing when Idol this year had CJ, the lesbian whose name I cannot remember, the first girl who was booted whose name I cannot recall, etc?

          • Random says:

            Jake is better than sanji or whatever that guy name was in season 5 of idol. The one Simon just hated but kept getting thru because of a website or something.

          • JT says:

            Josh is going to win and deservedly so. He has been by far the most consistent and brings real heart and soul to every performance. With Christina I feel like she and Adam are experimenting trying to concoct something cool and failing all too often. Although Jake has has some underwhelming performances, this week he stepped up several notches and excited the country fan base.

          • Orphen says:

            Two words for you: Scotty McCreery. Jake, Audra and Kristen can all eat him for lunch.

          • Terri B says:

            Christina is overrated. She goes off pitch for parts of the song. And screaming is not singing. She literally screeches when she belts. It’s so unpleasant to listen to.

          • shawnuel says:

            Actually, Christina’s intonation does stray off the rails on occasion. But Jake isn’t THAT bad. I think he bugs me because he is a definite example of personality over talent. If going purely on voices, this should have been a Josh K, Sisaundra, Audra McLaughlin final, IMO.

          • Kris says:

            I’m glad there’s hope for America yet. I don’t know about the American Idol comment, but everything else you said is on point. I’m just confused by anyone who thinks Christina is a good singer. Her best performance was probably that Drake song, which is extremely easy to sing. She sounds terrible when she holds notes, mainly because they’re usually off key and sound so forced.

            As for Jake, he’s decent, but has no place in the top 8, much less the top 3. I dont even think it’s worth talking about. If you wanted someone singing to represent country, it should have been Audra.

            I stopped watching after last week, after the travesty that occurred in terms of who got eliminated. It just made it crystal clear what this show is actually about. It’s just a popularity contest. Has nothing to do with the talent that’s being put out on the stage. That’s why I’m done watching this show.

            I only keep tabs on who advances because I hope Josh wins. He’s the only one left with talent worth speaking about.

          • Kat Perkins was never pitchy and was always consistent through out the contest, If this was truly about being vocally professional,showmanship and ready for the big show she and Sisaundra would have been in the final 3, As far as American Idol not 1 singer on there can touch these two Female singer’s,The world will soon be hearing from those beautiful voices on the radio soon the others ? Josh Kaufman is a star also with major control and talent, Christina has power and a gorgeous voice but sing’s off key and has a pitch control problem, Jake ? “well” a fun loving guy and entertaining but not a great singer at all, Kristen truly a beautiful voice who worked hard to become better and better which she did, It is my beliefe we will all be graced with her voice on the radio as well (in any Genre). These are my opinions that’s all, From a vocalist out of the 80’s that could hit & hold any note known to man in my prime and for my age can still hit & hold some pretty good ones ha ha ha..Peace..

          • MSJ4321 says:

            Tessa B – You’re joking, right? I just watched Idol tonight for first time in ages. My ears are bleeding. If that was the top 3, then I don’t know what. It was definitely amateur hour over there.

            . . . while on the topic, I was ready to throw up if I saw one more close up of JLo mugging for the cameras, singing along despite not knowing the words, and trying to dance sexy in her seat. Is that how Idol is now? Unbelievable. The JLo Show.

          • suem says:

            Obviously, you are not a country music fan (just as obviously M Slezak is not). Go back and listen to Jake’s blind audition of ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes.’ He is spot on and he has been great country all along. Last week he was great in both of his tunes (well, he *was* a bit pitchy in ‘Heaven’ but then the ladies weren’t closer). I was totally sorry to see the Twitter feed for this last week because it was obvious Christina would win that and Kristen so totally deserved to be there. I thought Adam ‘screwed the pooch’ – to use one of Blake’s favorite expressions – in his song choice and his ladies didn’t do much better themselves. Josh and Jake were the best last week and totally earned their top 3 spots. Kristen was better than Christina last week and *should* have been in the top 3. I expect Josh to win it all and Jake to have a great career as a country singer – Blake will give him whatever help he needs to get started. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see him help Audra get started as well. I thought Sisaundra had the best voice in the competition, but I didn’t see what her audience would be and the voting proved me right.

        • Terri B says:

          Actually, Christina Grimmie deserved a D for Apologize. Bad low notes, off pitch, and screechy high notes. It was just a mess. Her performance show performances were so bad too.

          • Jemi says:

            My 14 year old daughter used to listen Christina Grimmie on youtube – way before her voice audition. I would literally make her turn it down because of the screechy voice. I had no clue who it was and would yell for her to just get it off, I couldn’t stand the voice. It wasn’t until she auditioned on the Voice that my daughter told me who it was. During the audition, I felt the same way. I wanted to run out of the room. I literally wanted to be rude and put my hands over my ears. There is this nasal style screechy tone in her voice that is annoying to those of us who appreciate real music. When 4 chairs turned, my daughter was laughing at me and said “ha ha mom, that is the one you make me turn off on youtube all the time. Something about Grimmie’s voice turns me off to extreme. I don’t know what bothers me more – the screechy tones in her voice, the fact that she isn’t as good as people think she is, or that snotty, spoiled brat miserable face she makes anytime something good is happening for others. Last night’s attempt to keep her on the show had mad teen girls jacking up the scores on twitter. Bria Kelly was on “oh please save my best friend, etc etc…”, other’s were tweeting to save Christina – they were going to kill themselves if she lost. Nobody has a chance next to tweens hammer time on social media. Just look at idol, the motel for tweens to get their vote on. Sadly, if Grimmie wins…we are going to have another voiceovered snotty little pop star to add to the already overpopulated female genre. Last night when twitter went crazy with thousands of little tween high school girls, my daughter screeched in my ear….”ha ha ha mom, She is gonna win”. The thing is, you just can’t get kids to truly listen to music anymore. They don’t know if something is voice-over or lip synched. They don’t even notice when they are listening to their music, that there is no band. My prediction if Grimmie wins……adults (the ones who purchase the music), will be looking at the Voice like we now do American Idol. We’ll just stop watching it. I surely hope Jake or Josh wins this thing. They didn’t start with 500,000 followers. I think that is just wrong. if someone wants to audition with that many followers on a voting show, you better be sure the other contestants have just as many followers.. So not fair to the ones who truly have a voice. If this stuff keeps up, they will have to change the name of the show to “Can you tweet faster than an 8th grader?” The fastest tweeters win – it’s nothing to do with the voice.

          • Meme says:

            Christina had her best week with Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and that one performance is why she’s in the finals. Josh is by far the one who should win! And I agree that Jake has won the hearts of the Country audience. It will be interesting to see the outcome next week.

        • Blank Slate says:

          It was a foregone decision that Grimmie and Josh were in and will be the final 2. Could have told you this weeks ago and I know I’m not alone. You think they’re called PRODUCERS for fun?

          Jake is a VOICE attempt for a feel good, aw shucks, American Idol-like story arc. He’s next week’s cannon fodder but they’re stringing out his faux opportunity until the last moment. Ratings, baby.

          As for Christina’s APOLOGIZE, she owes one to anyone out there in the audience. I don’t know what those noises she was making were called but it wasn’t singing.

          The Voice is not about anyone going on to win and launch a huge career. The contestants are props. They are product placement. This show is all about advertising rates and guest performances and selling the brand–the VOICE– but not THE voices used for the season.

        • Jennifer J says:

          no. way. Kristen earned the itunes multiplier, which would’ve given her the third spot. Using the instant save was blatantly trying to save the Grimmie. If They had called her name without using the save, then I would have shrugged and said, fine, she made it. But not a peep about using the instant save this week until last night and her itunes sales didn’t make the cut. I call shenanigans and if Grimmie wins I’m out.

          • Susan C says:

            Jennifer J you just totally blew me away with that post. I did NOT know the instant save came into effect as of yesterday. I thought that was the way it was. With Kristen being a friend of ours, it sickens me to think she got robbed. Wow…thanks for enlightening me.

          • Critic says:

            Someone should contact GLAAD about this, seriously! They may have enough leverage to get NBC’s attention. Sure looks like blatant gay discrimination to me.

          • justice says:

            I agree that Kristen should have been in the top 3. It’s unfortunate that America was “dazzled” by the ‘good ole boy’ song, which leads me to believe that there are strong implications of discrimination when it comes to who gets voted off this show. I am disappointed and am not interested in supporting what this show continues to be about, the way someone looks and who their coach is versus their ability. I believe Jake to be a kind, good person and well Blake has amazing personality and sincerity, but it’s not fair to lead people to believe this show is about “The Voice.”

        • shawnuel says:

          I thought Apologize was pretty weak. Still feel like the Fun song on Monday was terrible…….that’s where Slezak’s grade was questionable. I like the final 3 only because it is PAINFULLY obvious that there is only one finals-worthy singer involved. Josh “should” win in a cakewalk.

    • Spycigal says:

      Totally agree

    • MAB says:

      Totally agree. That was my top 3.

    • DarkDefender says:

      It’s a travesty. Anyone with hundreds of thousands of twitter followers coming into this competition should be disqualified. Especially when Twitter is the method of the #save. Christina is not that good and yet she will win because she had an unfair advantage from the get go. Kristin has been peaking at the right time, while the boys were just boring and bland (and plateaued).

      I’m done with this season. Let’s hope next time they even the playing field.

      • JMac says:

        You’re an idiot. She should be disqualified because she has eons more Twitter followers than the rest of the contestants? Seriously?

        • Mike says:

          JMAC, dont waste your time arguing with an idiot. :)

          • Momof3 says:

            Really.? She opened for Selena Gomez???? What about that is fair to the other contestants? She already has a huge fan base!

        • giselle says:

          I don’t think DarkDefender means that Christina should be disqualified because she has a large number of Twitter followers, but that a “save” method should be chosen that is not already influenced by numbers. In order words, a save method that is more fair. The Instant Twitter Save cuts out anybody who is not on Twitter as well as hinders contestants who have not established a strong Twitter base.

          • JLB says:

            The twitter save is grossly unfair and should not be used for the very reasons you have stated. It was a really stupid idea to implement this voting method.

          • DDuncan says:

            Not to mention that anyone who lives in a different time zone just has to sit there and keep refreshing to know when to vote. I’m in Denver and I have to vote at 6:55 p.m. The show doesn’t air until later.

          • Meme says:

            I am not on Twitter so couldn’t do a last minute vote … but I figured it was already a Grimmie save due to her # of followers.

          • ElleKay says:

            I have twitter and use it but the save is only for people in the east coast time zone unless you watch spoilers. If I stream online, The Voice comes on at 5pm, a time when a lot of people are commuting home from work….and we all know how tweeting and driving can end up.

          • 907 Girl says:

            The instant save is not good practice. It is exclusive instead of inclusive of all “American” voters. I live in Alaska and cannot vote in the instant save even if I am on Twitter, which I am not. Can’t I be part of the process too? Last time I paid taxes I was a part of the United States.I loved The Voice from the first episode, but now, not so much.

        • Monica says:

          Note to Jmac :eons means a long, long,long time. And, where are the Kat Perkins fans? I thought her rendition of “Chandelier” was right on the money.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I’m not a Christina fan by a long shot, but I respectfully disagree with you that she should be disqualified for being too popular. She’s a youtube “sensation” who sang opening acts for established pop stars. That’s hardly too professional. Kat opened for Bon Jovi, Tessanne had a recording deal, hell, even that girl from this season (Paula Deanda?) had a single that charted. The show is there for non-established professional-quality singers and performers. I’m ok with Christina being there even if I think Josh can and should have this in the bag.

        • M says:

          She has an agent at CAA.. Same agency that represents everyone from Maroon 5 to Mariah Carey, to Eminem. She has won an American Music Award. She is managed by Selena Gomez’s father. She performed 2 songs both labeled on the show as new creations that have been on itunes with millions of views done with other established artists.

 stated in their official rules that the Instant Save would end on May 6th, but 3 placed ahead of Christina and she would have been voted off tonight so the producers decided to unfairly bring back the instant save knowing that Christina’s hundreds of thousands of twitter followers, helped along by a Tweet from Selena Gomez (her managers daughter) with all 20 million of her followers would push her through and knock Kristen out.

          If you don’t think that’s rigged then you’re in denial.

          • M says:

            Err not itunes, youtube.

            And yes, other artists have fan bases etc, but Christina Grimmie is for all intents and purposes a signed artist and they are using The Voice as a marketing tool disguised as a talent competition.

            Christina participating on the show is unfair. She already has the industry and machine behind her and gaming the system just sucks.

          • sea says:

            Honestly, probably a good move by The Voice to (unfairly) put it up to twitter. I would have stopped watching had Christina been eliminated, as would all her fans.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            She won an award for “New Media Honoree.” Dude, really? And who cares if Selena Gomez’s father is her manager? My career adviser in undergrad was Heather Locklear’s father (no joke actually) but how is that relevant?
            CAA does represent some serious A list talent, but they also have a GIANT roster. I’m looking at their roster now. Hundreds of names of people and bands, many of which I’ve never heard of. The agent helps you get work. I don’t see why an agent should disqualify you from a competition.

          • LucyM says:


          • LucyM says:

            +100 as in — I agree that the Twitter save was brought back after producers saw the vote and that Kristen was ahead. Kristen isn’t my favorite, but she’s gotten a bum deal this entire process.

          • ElleKay says:

            I wouldn’t have complained about Grimmie being in the top 3 if she had gotten there by the normal votes and iTunes sales. The last minute adding the twitter save to the top 3 looks really suspicious and even if she was legit 3rd place, it makes her look bad.

            In the meantime tho, I’m using my hateorade on Mark Burnett…I think we just saw his version of Idol’s Top 5 Results Night Twist.

          • Sam Axe says:

            Pretty much nailed it here. I just hope Jake wins now so I can listen to all of you cry for days on end. Your tears fuel me.

          • Fvn D says:

            Well, well, well if you’ve read all the way down to the bottom of the instant save rules you may have also read this: “Administrators reserve the right to modify any of the Show’s contest or voting rules, the Official Voting Rules, the Voting Periods, and the terms and conditions of this voting process at any time in their sole discretion.” so technically they have the capacity to extend it. Don’t get me wrong I liked Kristen too. She was on my top 3 list with Josh and Christina but that 1% voting for her? Do you think she even stand a chance from Christina and/or even Kat? It wasn’t just the iTunes. Too bad she was sent home. All you hating on Christina that sucks, ‘cos she has a 1/2 odds of winning the voice since it’s either her or Josh that’s going to be The Voice this season.

          • Alexandre Therrien says:

            I think you may be right… It was an unfair use of the #save when there wasn’t supposed to be one.

          • wendy says:

            Having an agent and having a record deal are two different things. She worked hard to establish the fan base she has. That doesn’t make her any less deserving. I’ve been following Christina for years so naturally I can say I only watched it for her. I’m more of an xfactor fan but one day I did not change the channel and it opened up with her. I haven’t watched in weeks because I felt as tho they were using her to keep an audience. I only cared to watch her and it got frustrating to watch a whole episode and for her to only get 5 sec segments. The voice pulled ppl in by letting her be the first audition than kept you by hyping her performance only to show a clip. Is it unfair to the other contestants? Sure. Does it make her any less deserving? No. Tessanne Chin is the SISTER of Tami Chin. She was already an established artist. If you are from the islands or listen to Caribbean music you knew her and her sister. For goodness sakes it was Shaggy who told her to audition!! -_- It was a given she’d win. No one screamed foul then.

          • Monica says:

            M, I knew it wasn’t a clean contest! If it were the Top 3would have been some combination of Josh, Kat, Kristen and Sisaundra.

          • M says:

            Wendy, I screamed foul with Ms Chin as did many others… Ultimately The Voice got away with it so they went further to see how far over the line they could cross. Apparently they can jump miles over it and nobody cares enough to do anything about it or turn the channel.

        • APP says:

          I don’t think she should have been disqualified; my issue is with the producer’s blatant manipulation of the outcome in the last show. By changing the rules at the last minute, it appears by their own actions it’s hard to come to any other conclusion other than it was producer’s intent to rid themselves of the openly gay contestant in favor of the teen ingénue and went about manipulating the situation so that would happen.

          And the producers can spin the “instant save” as the wave of the future all they want. But they’re not, as they claim, “turning the reins over to their viewers”, the producer are turning the reins over to a very specific set of viewers and telling the rest of the country a giant FU.

          Yes, I know I log online in the late afternoon while I’m still at work in my time zone, get spoiled, then start tweeting like a crazed person even though I haven’t actually SEEN ANY of the performances on which the “save” is supposed to be based.

          Of course, once I’ve done that then I have no reason to actually watch the show when it finally airs in my timezone. (Gosh, that must make the sponsors very happy!)

          Yes, I get that the instant save is here to stay, but I’m probably not — It’s very hard to be loyal to a show that so disrespects a large portion of its audience and for me, the irritations have begun to far outweigh the fun and I’m not seeing a lot of reason to come back on board next season

          • 907 Girl says:

            Agreed. Perhaps the show is desperate for a big win with an artist that goes mainstream in a big way. They have that opportunity with Christina and her You Tube plus Selena Gomez fan base. I don’t like the manipulation of what the people want. Imagine this: The winner may be chosen by “instant save”. For the record, my pick is Josh.

          • Kat smoked Kristen and Christina on the save performances so bringing the get rid of an openly gay contestant rant is like saying everyone’s a racist because Kat wasn’t chosen ( I know makes no sense Right? stupid ! And btw I was pulling for Kristen but her last performance as well as Christina’s was well short of Kat’s TRUTH ! We will all be blessed to hear Kat and Kristen on the radio I have no doubt about that for they are both beautiful people and very talented singers.

      • Tessa B says:

        She didn’t get this far based on her talent, that’s for sure. She got far because she was pushed by the show and knowing she has a big twitter following. Not to mention, she’s up against Jake the worst contestant in the history of talent shows. I don’t want to watch semi professionals botch songs.

        • bobsaccamanna says:

          The people complaining about the amount of Twitter and YouTube followers Christina Grimmie has really crack me up. How do you think she acquired all of those followers, because she’s cute? because people like her hair?
          Guess what, she acquired all of those followers because people like the way she sings.
          And this twitter save conspiracy is total BS, the save was announced prior to the show Monday. not after it, and prior to the show there is no way to think that the top two would have been anyone but Josh and Christina. So if anything, the conspiracy is that the save was put in to save Jake, because god forbid we have a final that doesn’t include one of Blake’s country artists.

          • Meme says:

            What would really be interesting is if Jake wins the whole thing … right?

          • WellYeah says:

            Well, actually yes, her teener and tweener fans do think she’s cute and they do like her hair — but mostly, they have that false “I’m her friend” social media thing going on. After all they clicked the “like” button didn’t they? Doesn’t that make them BFFs! (wait, I need to add a billion more exclamation marks to make sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, there). Yes, adults know that the reality is she wouldn’t look twice in any of their direction and she certainly isn’t going to be actual friends, like in real life, with any of them — but THEY don’t know that.

      • Jaszy says:

        Oh, when it’s Christina Grimmie being saved, NOW everybody wants to yell “FOUL!” What kind of sense does that make when the exact same thing happened the past 3 weeks with Tess and Kat being saved? Where was all the conspiracy theories then, huh?
        It’s unfair to Christina that people are saying she doesn’t deserve to be on this show. This girl is trying to make her dreams come true, same as the other contestants.
        Just because she had more fans coming in to the show, you can’t FAULT her for that. If anything, it just shows that her talent is undeniable.
        Twitter has been a part of this show before Christina came onto the Voice scene, so why all of a sudden people are upset about Twitter Instant Save, that’s the real travesty!
        “OMG! It’s unfair to the other contestants. Christina’s already famous She already has this many followers on Twitter! Ohmygod!”
        If I have to hear any semblance of the aforementioned statement one more time, I’m going to scream.
        Last I checked, Christina Grimmie was no Taylor Swift, Adele, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, etc.

        • ElleKay says:

          They changed the rules at last minute to have the twitter save for the finalists tonight and that’s why a lot of us are crying foul. It reeked of the Mark Burnett version of Idol’s Evil Twist.

        • BrewsterFly says:

          Pull your head out of the sand!! The #save has never been in play heading into the finale. Plus it was previously announced that last week was the last #save of the season. Then, all of a sudden it’s back after the voting results?!?!? FOUL!! of course they wouldn’t have needed to rig the show had America (and Blake and the other coaches) done the right thing and gotten rid of Jake weeks ago!! The final 3 should have been Kristin, Josh and Christina, though Kat would have been a worthy finalist too. Her recorded version of Chandilier is crazy-good!!

          • Kat was the most consistent singer the whole way through and should have never needed saved earlier in the shows, Even though i was pulling for a couple others there is no question show wise and vocal wise Kat never faltered and delivered the best save performance period. I can say the same for Sisaundra Lewis and Josh only.

          • HTGR says:

            @David + infinity

      • HP says:

        Totally Agree

      • Meri says:

        No. What they need to do is just get rid of this instant save altogether. It was especially unfair to bring it back at the last minute for this round. The round that determines the finalists should especially be one where only the original vote is considered. I can’t believe that mediocre version of “Apologize” invalidated an amazing version of “Foolish Games”. I know it won’t happen and this isn’t personal against Christina, but I would love this to backfire and one of the guys end up winning. I have a feeling the save was brought back to save her (just like that vote 2 weeks ago on Idol was an attempt to save Sam again) because they knew she was out if they based it off the original vote. If it was a normal part of the process, why wasn’t it announced that it would be used again on Monday?

      • Alienate says:

        As I told my wife last nite: This may be the last season I watch The Voice. With the fast butchery of the field of singers cut from 8 to 3.. ( and small portion of the season when we actually Can vote) AND… with the fact more than HALF the country either lives in a “non-live” time zone OR does NOT use Twitter… The Instant Save is just Unfair to us, the viewers and to the contestants.. Change it or lose people.

    • callaway54 says:

      agree completely

    • Mike says:

      This is why, I think, AMERICAN IDOL still >>> THE VOICE. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Voice… But it’s just different now….

    • jr. says:

      No longer watching show. But curious to see who survived by reading article. At least this week I got to watch DWTS in its entirety, without switching back in forth with the Voice. Also, tonight I got to see a complete episode of GLEE, uninterupted.
      When Sisaundra lost, show no longer interesting.

    • Tessa B says:

      The Voice is awful this year. Idol is definitely better. This show is too rushed and all the wrong singers went home too early. Josh making it to the finals is the equivalent of CJ, Lazaro, and Sanjaya making it to the finals on Idol. Come on now! Christina is the clear winner, but her voice is not good most of the time. Her glory notes are like nails on a chalkboard.

      • Tyler says:

        You’re actually comparing Josh to CJ, Lazaro and Sanjaya?! When was the last time you went to see an ear doctor?

      • ElleKay says:

        I actually like Josh, but tbh, I’m more excited about Idol’s top 3 than The Voice finale. I would have preferred Jess there, but it’s still a strong one.

        • BrewsterFly says:

          I completely agree! Jena is fantastic and such a great performer! She is the one with the most likely shot at becoming a star!

      • Cheryl says:

        IDOL is the worst it has ever been!! Most of you hate Country and have no value for it. Kristen should have been saved as she did so much better on I Tunes but it was America that picked. Josh is my favorite because his vocals are always amazing. Music is subjective so show some tolerance for other peoples choices. Much of this is also personality driven as well and Jake is at the top of that curve.

        • Mary says:

          America does not pick. Only people who have Twitter account vote. Not fair. At all.

          • ElleKay says:

            Not even everyone with a twitter account…I have twitter and it’s loaded on all my devices. Problem is, I live on the west coast and the show doesn’t even air here until it’s too late.

        • Tracy says:

          We’re discussing The Voice not American Idol, just FYI :)

      • TC says:

        i beg to differ with your “Christina is the clear winner” comment. I think Josh should and will defeat her. He’s clearly much better

      • JLB says:

        Oh dear, Tessa B, you are musically bankrupt! Josh is a terrific, polished singer miles above the names you’ve compared him to. Step away from the keyboard.

      • Momof3 says:

        How old are you?

      • Momof3 says:

        Christina is the clear winner, but her voice is not good most of the time?

    • Adrian says:

      I agree based on the performances on Monday night.

    • Rose says:

      I know that Chris can sing, but cannot even compare to Sisau or Kristen or Audra or even Kat. She actually had triple worse performances. I hope Josh to win! Poor talented Kristen, she could go so far if there’s no suck-tweet-save.

    • litjon says:

      @Kam — agreed.

    • Teresa Warner says:

      Is there a site that shows the actual voting numbers? I am very skeptical right now.

    • RedInDenver says:

      I think Sisandra should have been in the finale …. But, of the 3 that WILL be – I like Josh. Christina is really good, but I like the variation in Josh’s vocals and the fact that he doesn’t have to rely on belting everything out in order to move people.

      All I can say about Jake is that he seems to be a really nice guy, and there must be lots of country music fans voting.

    • HTGR says:

      Josh, Kat, Sisaundra. Case close.

    • I think josh will win, the man can sing, I thought Audra should have been in the top 3″””” her talent, voice is amazing!

  2. Ana says:

    I feel bad for Kristen. She made the top 10 on iTunes and has nothing to show for it. I thought she was consistent throughout the competition.
    Also, I am sick of people complaining about Jake. I personally don’t like him, but others do. And that’s OK. Music is subjective and the world is not going to end just because he made it to the finale.
    Anyway, JOSH FOR THE WIN!!

    • mia says:

      The world isn’t going to end?? Oh what a relief! Good gawd what a ridiculous comment. Jake does not deserve to advance ahead of Kristen and viewers are allowed to be annoyed.

      • Ana says:

        Yes, Kristen should have made it instead of Jake, and people have the right to be annoyed. However, there are people out there who like him and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s just a show.

      • Edward says:

        Please define “deserve”. If more people voted for Jake than voted for Kristen, Kat, or Christina, then by any measure of merit, he DOES “deserve” to be in the top 3. Personally, I think he had the weakest voice of the top 12, but, regardless of the title of this show, it is a popularity contest, NOT a singing contest. :-(

        • Percysowner says:

          I’m not a Jake fan, but I agree. He got the votes. He should be there. I AM angry that the Twitter Save was used to determine the final three. That should have been on votes and Itunes alone. If Christina won that way, great! But I think Kristen had the lead and Christina had the online following and that sucks.

          • Edward says:

            I agree with you on the instant save. It is quite possible that either Kat or Kristen was in the #3 spot after last night, and deserved to go on to the finals.

          • ElleKay says:

            I actually like Jake but think he’s a bit too green, but he did get the votes. Christina had 2 questionable performances last night but never fear, her twitter followers got her into the finale.

            I get annoyed at Idol for their manpulations, even when they’re pimping my favorites.

          • I loved Kristen and Kat but Kat clearly performance and vocally was better on the last song choice

        • mia says:

          you realize this is about singing, right?? If one contestant is a more talented singer then yes they “deserve” to advance over someone who people are only voting for because they are just another bleeping country singer. Advancing because of the cult of country – and not talent – is NOT deserved.

          • BW says:

            Nor is advancing because of the cult of twitter and YouTube.

          • Edward says:

            You DO realize this is about POPULARITY, don’t you?? The people who DESERVE to win, whether or not YOU agree, are the ones who get the damn VOTES. Get over it.

        • Eurydice says:

          Not only did Jake get more votes, he got people to buy his music, which is a point everybody harps on when criticizing this show.

    • Jay Holland says:

      You think getting a ton of votes because he is Country and we have a country full of hicks and race car drivers he deserves a shot at a contract over better singer? If you do you have no reason to complain about anything else the show uses to judge talent or any other opinion others have.!

  3. Quinn Carson says:

    Glad for the 3 & Love Will Champlin’s new song.

    • USC says:

      I enjoyed Carson talking about it debuting tonight. WIll released it on YouTube 2 months ago, and it’s unbelievable. The banjo mixing was off on his performance tonight, which is too bad. It’s an amazing song.

    • Catniss says:

      Indeed, great song from Will!

    • Simon Champ says:

      Will Champlin was the best thing about last night. Carson announced JL with ‘her new single’ & then Will with ‘his new single’ like they were in the same category. Will wrote, composed, produced, and has his own label. Named after his daughter, Harper. Infant Soul Music. The Voice did not give him recognition he deserved. And banjo? What banjo? BTW his co-writer was also on the stage. So much that the Voice missed.

  4. Teeny Bikini says:

    I’ve always wanted Josh to win so things are looking good!

  5. rowan says:

    I could’ve lived with a Kristen, Josh and Christina finale, but WHY JAKE?! What if he ends up winning?! IS THERE NO JUSTICE?!

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Dude, he’s winning. I just have this horrible feeling it’s gonna happen.

      • analythinker says:

        Oh Angie, you eating your shoe is what’s never gonna happen :/

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I’d have gladly slathered dijon all over my New Balance should Kat have been safe, but it was never meant to be. This is however the furthest my favorite from the blind auditions has ever made it, so I’m reasonably happy.

          • Quinn Carson says:

            Actually, in the finale they count EVERY vote the contestants have gotten. Josh has gottent he multiplier 3x, Christina 2x, and Jake once. Jake is at a big disadvantage going in.

          • Gaby says:

            Actually, for the finale, no iTunes bonuses count.

      • callaway54 says:

        I hate to say this but it could happen, forget about all of Christina’s youtube/twitter followers, Blake’s country voting block is even stronger…and with only one artist to support instead of the two during Danielle Bradbury’s year…it looks like it could happen.UGH!!!!!!

        • James says:

          I would not be surprised, remember Steven Tate,no one else does either. Carly rose , i remember her thats for sure. First song she did on the X factor [feeling good] and she looses to a country singer who no one remembers now. The Country fans vote they don’t care who it is,or how good they are. If it’s country they will vote. As far as Christina is concerned, I [not a teenager] have been watching her videos for about five or six years. You don’t get millions of fans on You Tube because you have no talent. It’s also not Christina’s fault that others do not have a fan base, i still find it hard to belive that any one had more votes than Christina. This subject of I tunes weekly is a game to lure in the voters, Look at the total number of votes for this season,[the producers see this] and Christina would have more votes than anyone in the field. I wonder if Josh wins will people cry foul and say , he only won because they wanted to have Usher walk away with a win. I like Jake and he does sound like in six months he’ll be on every country station known to man.I must say though,like most people that it would have been Christina, Kristen, and Josh in the finals. I hope Josh is ready, because their are other songs that Christina sings she must be saving if she made it to the finals.

          • The Beach says:

            Uh, I guess you really don’t remember Steven Tate since his name was Tate Stephens.

    • nbm says:

      OMG Rowan that’s my fear too! If Jake wins the voice “MI STOP WATCH IT”! I’m annoyed.

    • abz says:

      Agreed. It’s absolute bull that Jake is in the finale. Kat should’ve been chose over him. If there is any justice, he won’t win.

  6. Ana says:

    Also, I love that we got to see Tessanne, Jacquie and Will again. Their performances were great :)

  7. Riana says:

    I think this might push Grimmie over the top. Her fans will be back full force for the finale. If this was a plan cooked up by her and Adam, it is genius.

    • Sarah says:

      Allow me to give you my daily dose of fresh honesty….since the metaphorical bloodbath in which Sisaundra “The Voice” Lewis was eliminated along with Audra and Delvin, I no longer care to waste TWO HOURS! of my life on this season. Based on past body of work, I go online at night and only need TWO MINUTES to vote for Josh. Cut, print, end of story.

      And seriously, Mark Burnett spent more time on “The Bible” miniseries…..and I already KNOW how that one plays out!

    • Sarah says:

      I meant to post this as a stand alone comment, not as a response to you, sorry!
      And since I’m here, Adam completely plays by strategy, I agree that it seems designed to bring out her fans.

  8. Leigha says:

    Really? Jake?

  9. destinielynn says:

    This week’s voting is totally RIGGED! It should have been Kristen instead of Christina. If you go on the voting rules the instant save was gonna stop May 6 but since Christina didn’t make the top 10 chart producers chose to use the instant save knowing Christina will get saved by America because she already has a fan base with her YouTube account. They totally robbed Kristen. And although I wasn’t going for her I am team josh I think it’s unfair. Kristen was 6 on the iTunes while Christina was not even on the top 10 totally bs way to go the voice producers

    • Kam says:

      Actually, not quite, Carson said yesterday BEFORE the performances that there would be an instant save this week, what happened was what was already planned for

    • MSJ4321 says:

      I agree that something’s not clean in the water, with the way the 3rd finalist was chosen. Would it have gone down that way if Grimmie was solidly in 3rd place? Not so sure.

    • Lisa says:

      Totally agree and I call BS on the constant changing of “rules” and structure of the show to fit how they want things to go. Kristin has done consistently well on the charts these last few weeks and I feel producers intervened here to get their choice in the finale. Even if Christina was actually the third in votes, whoever was really the third spot earned their place there. A Twitter Save should not be entrance to the finale.

      I think one of the big reasons The Voice has yet to have a successful breakout winner is the length of time we actually get to see them perform. These massacres of 2-3 people at a time take away any chance of an artist growing and having special moments. Big stars from American Idol like Kelly and Carrie might have been cut along the way with a format like this. They spend way too much time on the judges and the other rounds and we never really get to know the artists.

    • Chela says:

      100 percent correct! Christina’s performances were horrendous last night and had anyone else given them, they’d be off the show immediately! But nope, the producers are bending over backwards, changing the rules, etc. just to facilitate a win for Christina at the cost of others. It is disgusting! Christina’s save song tonight was also shrieky and terrible. Poor Kristen. I feel bad for her.

    • Thatoneguy says:

      Kristen didn’t break the top 10 either. She was only 6 on the country chart, and her 2nd song placed at like 61.

      While both of christinas were top 30 I believe, please know you are talking about before talking about it.

      Also the fact that Kristen had 1% of twitter should tell you that if it was Christina moving on it was Kat.

      • Melanie says:

        I’m gonna have to stop you right there. By the 12pm cut off, Jake was #2, Josh was #5 (I think). And Kristen was #6 on the general iTunes charts. She would’ve made it without the Twitter save.

      • Percysowner says:

        Kristen did make top 10 this week with Foolish Games. It went to #9, I think. In any case she broke top 10 and got the multiplier.

      • Rose says:

        Your Grimmie will go home if there’s no tweet-save because Kristen and Jake and Josh WERE in top 10 itunes chart. If they took the votes from beginning, Chris had no chance. Poor Kristen and boo ya! “Please know you are talking about before talking about it”, please.

  10. webly3 says:

    If Jake wins, I am done with this show.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m not sure I feel quite as strongly as you, but yeah, that would be the biggest slap in the face to what was an otherwise extremely talented group of finalists.

    • Patrick says:

      This might be me as well. I actually had that happen a little bit in Season 4. It wasn’t so much the end result — I thought Danielle Bradbury was going to be tough to beat and I felt like her perfomances were solid. I was irked from the beginning when Blake made it a point to have a “country” team. Then the Swon brothers had success — at the time that made me so mad, yet now, I think I’d take them over Jake.

      The sad thing — it’s not like it’s Jake’s fault. He’s done nothing wrong but been sweet, nice, and do the best he can on the stage…I just can’t see howe that’s been good enough considering his performances and his competition.

    • JLB says:

      I’m pretty close to saying the same thing. Jake’s just not a great singer and half the time I can’t understand most of what he sings. He should have been eliminated earlier and more deserving singers like Kristen or Kat should be in the finale.

  11. M says:

    According to NBC’s website the last instant save episode was May 6th. Christina is going to win. They don’t give a damn. This is not a competition. They will change whatever rules, pull whatever crap they have to pull (like have Kristen and Kat sing Carrie Underwood while Grimmie sings a different song) to make sure she wins.

    There is no way Josh (whom has beaten Christina all season in everything, every week) or Jake will win. This show has absolutely no credibility left as a competition and I will no longer be watching.

    I sure wish the media would call this show out on the obviousness of this weeks instant save crap because Kristen legitimately would have been the 3rd and Christina and Kat would have gone home. And that’s how it’s supposed to be, not change the rules at the last second to manipulate the results how we want them.


    • Riana says:

      Why wouldn’t they manipulate it to get someone they can make money from? She has a universal mainstream appeal. Honestly American Idol will probably wish they thought of it.

      • Edward says:

        I know a lot of people have mentioned this in the past, but let me reiterate….. any money that they could make from Christina’s recording contract PALES in comparison to the advertising revenue they make from ONE WEEK of the television show.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          This. People are really failing to understand that all that matter are ratings. At least from NBC’s perspective.

          • Mikko says:

            Yes, and that is why the otherwise great show becomes sort of garbage. And I do not mean now the manipulation gor Christina, but:
            1) First you will go around and search for the talents everywhere in the country intensively (and possibly aggressively)
            2) You will find real, even amazing talents
            3) But you are greedy, and want to do it twice a year
            4) And so you will put up a show, that will pass by very quickly
            5) Meaning that there are results shows, where many peole are swept at the same time
            6) And you do not really get to know people
            7) And those people really do not have time to mature and ripe in the show
            8) And you will have in your mind, what you would like the outcome to be, and you will manipulate the show every week having your own vision in mind
            9) So the show will become instant food, quick slurp of all goods
            10) There has been so much talent in the show in these years, but the talent is somehow terribly wasted with this kind of attitude, it is like hectic factory, into where all the talents disappear
            11) And money comes rolling in.
            12) And everything goes by so quickly and in a greedy way, that the artists do not leave any real imprint in your memory and heart, although that could be possible (when think of the talents we have seen)

            If they could have less greedy and more modest approach, the show could be a serious spring of talents.

        • USC says:

          You have an incredibly myopic view. It’s both. Stars on the show make the show more marketable, which increases viewership, which, you guessed it, increases revenue generated due to increased cost per spot. The higher the ratings, the better the demo share, the more a spot costs. NBC should care about the popularity of the contestants; the royalty also helps.

          • Percysowner says:

            Yes, but losing credibility can cost the show more than a star.

          • Edward says:

            Got it all figured out, do you?? In reality, one of the things that keeps this show popular, in spite of the commercial weakness of its past winners, is the panel of judges. As long as there is chemistry, people will watch. That was the downfall of Idol and of X-Factor. Basically, if Blake ever leaves the show, you might as well pull the plug; none of the others could possibly carry it the way he does.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @Edward- Yup, it’s Jeopardy! with singers instead of trivia nerds. The people talking about commercial viability of the contestants are completely missing the point.

          • M says:

            Christina Grimmie has been trying to make it anywhere outside of youtube for 2 years now. She’s also been failing miserably with the mainstream. Every major record label had passed on her despite all her millions of social media fans. There is a reason for it.

            She is not mainstream pop star viable. Nothing about her sets her apart from many of the other pop singers and she’s not strong vocally. She’s just not. She’s a Ciara without the dance moves and hot body. .

            A win on The Voice is not going to help her in that respect.

    • Dan123456 says:

      EXACTLY!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t agree with you more. I love Christina and her performances but you have to make it fair to the other contestants too.

    • Adake says:

      M, fact is iTunes does not translate exactly to votes. You nor anyone else knows who had how many votes. All this whining about Christina winning in the instant save is ridiculous. Anyone who has watched the Voice realizes it is mostly a popularity contest at this point, not always who has the best voice. Enjoy the show for what it is, a reality tv music contest. Personally, Iwould have preferred Christina, Josh and Kat so two out of three isn’t bad. I wish Kristen and Kat a lot of luck!

    • Mikko says:

      I agree with you completely. I do not hate Christina at all, I actually like her, but I so despise the show’s manipulation. They should have stuck with the rules and decisions they made, which is, that when there are less people, no more instant saves with Twitter, but hey wanted to make sure, that Christina will move along all the way to the finals. It is really an unfair show!

    • Jewel says:

      ITA. They added the instant save as a safety net to ensure Christina makes the final three. I would REALLY like to know if Kat and Kristen were given no choice in those songs. That made NO sense. I can’t believe either of them would choose to tackle an Underwood song as their last chance for saving. That song is not in either of their wheelhouses.

  12. Chablis says:

    Screw up over and over again. Showing 1% could have impacted voting. So far behind people thinking why vote. So aggravated by producer manipulation.

    • KT says:

      I agree— I went to HS with Kristen so obv I have a lot of friends on my twitter and FB friends voting for her. There is no way she was at 1%… I actually didn’t even see an #VoiceSave for anyone besides her on my twitter stream. Obviously, my location impacted that, but there’s no way it was 1%.

      Some of my FB friends said it was stupid to vote at 1% and didn’t bother.

      Anyway, it probably didn’t impact it to much because Christina could have sang the alphabet and she would have been instantly saved last night due to her fan base.

      Kristen’s only chance was to get Jake’s spot, which she definitely deserved.

      • DDuncan says:

        I think it’s more likely that Kat was at 1% based on the retweet numbers I saw. It was Christina, Kristin then Kat.

  13. Terri says:

    America chose. ??wisely ?? Jake is a nice kid but I think it should have been the final four with one perso from each team like the first season

  14. Edward says:

    I find it hard to believe that Kristen was only pulling 1% of the vote when they shut down the graphic. I wonder if there really was a problem with it, as Carson was saying….

  15. one of Caleb's retarded fans! says:

    Adam called the Biebs during the break for help:
    Justin Bieber @justinbieber · 39m
    Just got the call from the big bro @adamlevine. I got u man. I started on YouTube and so did @TheRealGrimmie

    Bieber then tweeted his 51.6 million followers:

    Justin Bieber @justinbieber · 37m
    #voicesave Christina !!!! Lets do this #teamadam!!!!” @usher love u too :) @TheRealGrimmie @adamlevine good luck #voicesavechristina

    Also you have Grimmie’s BFF tweeting to her 20 million followers:

    Selena Gomez ‏@selenagomez 44m
    #VoicesaveChristina the voice!!! My girl has made it so far :) hashtag!!


    Jelena power for Grimmie … oh my!

    • Dan123456 says:

      Wow.. I didn’t know that. That was really unfair to the other two and just showed that Adam probably sabotaged Kat. He gave the standing ovation to Christina and not Kat. He had Bieber tweet out to Christina and not Kat. That was an unfair advantage in my opinion

      • Ian says:

        He did the same thing in season one by asking Beiber to tweets to his followers to vote for what’s-his-name over Dia. Otherwise, she most likely would’ve won.

      • BigAp says:

        Uuhh.. It was expected of Selena to #VoiceSave Christina because selena’s dad “managed” Christina in the past, not sure about “managed” but Selena’s dad was sort of like Bieber’s Usher to Christina. And Bieber mentioned in the tweet why he chose to save Grimmie, they both started out on youtube and beaver understands where she came from.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        That’s not really sabotage. That’s just how the game works. You bet on a horse, and if you have two horses and you can only choose one, you choose the horse you think is more likely to win. That’s the game. Cruel but realistic. That puts the “reality” in reality tv.
        Sucks as I love Kat, but I understand why he did what he did.

    • Mikko says:

      This Twitter thing is extremely unfair and should have only be used in a couple of the first rounds if even then. The Voice is showing no respect to its audience and incredible talented singers. The Twitter should not play this kind of role, it is disgusting!

      • Jaszy says:

        If you think it’s unfair now, it should’ve been unfair from the beginning.
        It can’t be appropriate one moment and not the next.

        • ElleKay says:

          I’m on the west coast and cried foul on the twitter save when it was introduced last season…in spite of it getting an extra week for 2 of my season 5 faves. Grimmie may have gotten to the top 3 by votes but we really have no way of knowing and it’s suspicious when we expected to be done with it last week.

    • Betty says:

      Everybody knows Kristen was No. 3. This is exactly what everyone said would happen after they changed the rules and instituted the instant save after saying May 6 would be last time! Josh and Jake earned their spots by America’s votes and downloads regardless of what you think of them. So did Kristen and I’m TeamJosh all the way but fair is fair and the Jake slamming is getting old! He should be there because he did get America’s vote! I knew yesterday when I found out instant save was back in that one of the top 3 in the overnight votes was going home! Im so sorry Kristen and Shakira! You should both still be there.

  16. Anonymous says:

    To answer the question posed in the title, absolutely not. JAKE WORTHINGTON?! In the TOP 3?! How on earth did that happen?

    • AlyB says:

      He sings country and he’s on Blake’s team. Blake’s country fans will be a formidable voting block to overcome with Josh and Christina splitting votes. I can hardly believe Jake wasn’t eliminated weeks ago but now that he’s gone this far, I have a sinking feeling about how this will play out. I would have rather seen any of the other contestants from this season, and I mean any at all, make it instsead of Jake.

  17. I’m so livid by the manipulation I won’t even be watching next week! Kristen better get signed so I can buy an album from her.

  18. MAB says:

    I am shocked by the results. Jake may be a nice guy but beating out the other three was just crazy. If he wins I will not watch the Voice again. I barely watched as it was but this year was really the pits. I always tuned into it but it was more background noise as I played with my iPad.

    • Percysowner says:

      I don’t hate Jake making it. He peaked on the right week. He hit the top 10 with Heaven. Those were the rules and I don’t mind. Switching up the Twitter Save, that was wrong.

    • Lena says:

      I’m sure Blake is thrilled since he threw Audra and Sisaundra under a bus to save “the real deal”. I hope Jake doesn’t win. I won’t to see the disappointment from the inbred country fans and Blake.

      • TC says:

        Listen Lena-I hate country music but calling country music fans “inbred” is disrespectful and rude. I think the proper adjectives to describe them would be “passionate” and “loyal”.

      • Orphen says:

        Wow. Calling country fans “inbred” is uncalled for. We all like different kinds of music, that’s what makes it interesting. I mean, I don’t like rap or hip hop at all but I don’t call the people that like that kind of music names. I love classical music (opera) and my best friend thinks I’m a loony fruit. He plays rap music by one-name rappers and I call him an alien. We get along fine and see no need to call each other names.

      • Ana says:

        That was really uncalled for.

  19. Name That Tune says:

    We have Josh and that is enough. We were gonna get Grimmie and one country artist regardless.

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  21. Kaba says:

    I’m going to try and summarize everything that happened with one to two words per topic.
    Jacquie Lee’s performance: needs improvement
    Will Champlin’s performance: desperate
    Tessanne’s performance: underwhelming
    Jake in the finale: Grreat….
    Josh in the finale: Yassss
    Christina in the finale: Screw instant-save
    You heard that? It was the sound of the last shred of respect Shakira had for the entire process of the show.

    • Dan123456 says:

      I totally agree with you about Shakira! Her team has never been given the final time slot on performance night so you would think that for once, they would at least let Kristen go last for the Bottom Three song. But no, Kristen had to go first…..

      • Kwan Li says:

        It’s official, Shakira won’t be coming back to the Voice. She will be missed, she’s the only reason I watch the Voice. I won’t be watching it either.

    • Edward says:

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that the performances from last season’s contestants were a little underwhelming.

      • Kaba says:

        I expect better vocals from Jacquie, more meaningful songs from Tessanne, and artistic vision from Will.
        Those were what they lacked.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Jacquie sucked. That top note was not that high and she was cracking. No, sweetie. Back to the drawing board for you. She’s gotten worse!

          • Kaba says:

            Agreed, she was not good tonight.
            At least her single is rising in the charts well, it’s really not bad. That vocal though >.>

          • Katy says:

            Agree about the performance, but it’s a nice single. Listened to the iTunes sample, and I can imagine it on the radio. Will’s though…. ouch, that’s a hot mess.

          • Timmah says:

            Jacquie looked and sounded gorgeous. She’s on her way to stardom.

          • JLB says:

            Oh, come on, Timmah. Jacquie was shrieky and flat more than once. Just not a great performance and an ugly vocal.

  22. dj says:

    I agree with you and Melinda on Reality Check: I didn’t sit through weeks and weeks of auditions and battles to see the majority of the awesome singers ruthlessly cut in two blinks of an eye. You’re right. They don’t give a damn, just like Idol. It’s all about ratings.

  23. Dan123456 says:

    ….. The Voice is soooo unfair!!!! Last year, there was no Twitter instant save in the semifinals. This year, Kristen finally made it to the Top 10 in itunes wheras Christina didn’t. It was probably gonna be Kristen, Jake, and Josh in the finals, but they can’t eliminate the most valuable contestant. So in order for Christina to make it to the finals,the producers placed the Twitter Save this week to save Christina and so that it would work in her benefit. Biased……

  24. Jake and Kristen were my favorites, so I’m upset that she’s gone home.

  25. Julia says:

    The Voice has thrown Kristin under the bus too many times. It’s blatant manipulation and disrespect. Too bad for The Voice that they didn’t realize what Kristin could have done if they had given her support. Though we’ve all seen manipulation in these “talent” contests, this is the first time I’ve felt that a show completely lost credibility. Clearly they wanted Christina in the final. Good for Kristin that she has class and at least got some exposure.

    • Julia says:

      >.< Kristen, not Kristin

    • marren says:

      Agree, Kristen has not gotten a fair deal at all. So many of her earlier performances were montaged and Shakira says the most awkward things and acts too surprised when she made the last cut. She has sang well and carried herself professionally and respectfully… I wish her the best.

    • abz says:

      I agree that she hasn’t been treated as fairly as the other contestants, but aside from that I don’t get the fascination with Krisitin. Like Jake, she was bland and boring (and I’m actually like country music) and she had terrible song choices and most of her performances all sounded really similar to me. And really? She chose another Carrie Underwood song? I don’t she’s as great as people are making her out to be. I preferred Kat wayyyy better. I wish it was a Josh/Kat/Christina finale.

  26. Betsy says:

    Why is it that last week was supposed to be the last voice save and all of a sudden we’re picking the third finalist? Hmmm, could it possibly be that Christina didn’t make the top 3
    In regular voting? Kristen should’ve gone through.

  27. Keely says:

    Did Kristen kick Mark Burnett’s puppy or something? I feel awful for her. I’d like to think this was more about keeping Christina (who, to be fair, is probably The Voice’s best chance at finally launching an actual star) in and less about keeping Kristen out…. but, boy, nothing ever seemed to go right for Kristen, did it? Two battle round montages, a silent mic, and an Instant Save battle she couldn’t possibly win.

    I think Kristen was treated unfairly tonight. She clearly had the third most votes because she got the iTunes Top 10 bonus, but that’s sadly not what the producers wanted.

    I’ll admit to tweeting for Christina though. (Ugh, I’m part of the problem, aren’t I?) Country just isn’t my thing, I find Kristen a bit dull compared to the others, and if I had to listen to Shakira talk about Kristen “representing minorities” or whatever one more time, I might’ve had to change the channel. Really wish it could’ve been a Josh-Christina-Kristen finale though. Alas.

  28. Kathy says:

    According to iTunes, people bought Jake’s music & was in the Top 10 along with Josh which counts in voting. So I knew that both Jake & Josh were safe. I like Christina, but Josh has been the most consistent. Can not wait for next season where I hope the show goes back to knockouts and us not the coaches picking contestants. This season was like, wait they are doing that!

  29. Christine says:

    I just wish we knew who the true top three were – the top three should be the true top three not left to who has the most twitter followers. Also it takes a bit of the suspense out of the finale – seems obvious now it would be hard for Christina to win knowing she came in third and maybe even last in the votes! Team Josh for the win!!!

  30. Davey says:

    The worst thing about Jake being in the top 3 is I have to watch him sing on the Voice tour at the Beacon Theater in NYC. Even Jake must know he isn’t the best voice in this competition.

    If the producers had allowed the judges to pick the top 12 Jake would have been gone long ago.

    You can say all you want Jake is there because people are voting for Blake.

  31. CM says:

    As long as Josh doesn’t fall flat on his face next week, he should pull of the win.

    The iTunes votes from the whole of the lives count towards the end result. Josh has had 3 Top 10 performances (compared to Christina’s 2 and Jake’s 1). As we all know, a Top 10 performance multiplies your iTunes votes for that particular song by 5. Love Runs out and This is It also charted pretty high. Jake and Christina would have to get all three of their songs in the Top 10 next week to get an edge on him.

  32. Kaba says:

    Now for in depth complaints and concerned.
    Really [Southern] America? You think Jake Worthington is finalist material? Really? Wow
    I think I might have just lost an unreasonable amount of respect for the show because this was the absolute most intolerable instant save. I could deal with the save…so long as Christina was never involved in it. Kristen was most definitely the 3rd place finalist of last night considering she received an iTunes multiplier, and she still was eliminated by such a poor process. This isn’t like when Amber Carrington was still beat out by Michelle Chamuel, that was at least as a result of cold hard votes. Not the decision of an immensely minuscule section of voters.
    Tessanne’s performance…was so stupid to me in terms of what was going on behind her. She won the voice and somehow they can’t afford to make her background look like it isn’t a compilation of stolen signs from Vegas? The song left me with nothing too, not even anything lyrically interesting was going on. The saving grace was her voice being immaculate
    Will’s song…what kind of artist is this guy trying to be? Seriously. This was like watching some lame OneRepublic or something. It just seemed like a desperate performance.
    Jacquie Lee’s performance. Of all the songs between the 3 this is the one I see as the most radio ready. Now if Jacquie can just get a grip on her vocals she’ll be set. It’s a lovely single with actually meaningful lyrics.
    That’s my two cents.

  33. Random says:

    Just lol. They was going to make darn sure Kristen was not in the finals.
    1. This year the instant save extended an extra week, announced just after she makes the top 5.
    2. They had her sing first in the elimination round. They until this elimination, always had the singer with the highest iTunes rating go last.
    3. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t count a single one of her tweet saves.

    I mean damn she wasn’t going to beat Grimme anyway on tweets, but how many so called technical difficulties are they going to pull on the girl. O.o…

  34. Kaba says:

    Also can we get in a quick laugh over how it seemed like Carson was doing everything in his power to speedily dismiss Will? Why do I feel like The Voice actually means to treat Will like their bastard son or something?

  35. Take1 says:

    I know you didn’t want Jake in the top 3, Michael, but are you, or anyone for that matter, really surprised? I haven’t voted for him once this season, but I had him pegged for the finale weeks, WEEKS, ago (for better or worse).

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I am legitimately shocked. I’m not anti-country, but what I am is anti-people who can’t sing in tune. Audra and Kristen were far superior singers. If it was predetermined there will be a country singer, why oh why is it him!?!?!?!

      • Take1 says:

        Jake benefited from all the non-performance related, in-between stuff where people got to see his personality and his interaction with coaches. If you could get all the active voters of the Voice to take a poll for “most endearing contestant of the season”, Jake would win by a country mile, no doubt. Sure, we’d like it to be singing competition, but we can never underestimate the personality factor and by the live rounds Jake had already won the personality contest, far and away. People almost always invest in the people who sing more than they invest in their singing and Jake is “good people”. Respectful, modest, vocal about his gratitude, self-deprecating and wholesome (by traditional standards). Probably shouldn’t matter as much as it does, but people get caught in the “Aw, isn’t he sweet” mentality.
        Plus, he comes off as more authentically country (though, it’s probably not fair to say someone is more “real” than anyone esle but oh, well) than Audra or Kristen. He talks country, he walks country, he dresses country, he plays guitar (or at least he remembers to carry one around), his voice fits in with classic country artists, he gives off the total country package.

  36. MSJ4321 says:

    As I read it, Christina Grimmie was voted out tonight . . . and that stupid “bottom 3” thing with the messed-up percentage on the save was NBC’s not-really-all-that-clever way to keep her in. Ugh.

    • Patti says:

      Yes, MS you read it right on! Grimmie was out. It’s been mentioned that Levine called Bieber, who called Selena Gomez etc.etc. to tweet like crazy. This was allowed? I said I wouldn’t post, but I am glad so many of us (fans) are realizing this and speaking out. I loved this show, and will watch this season to the end; however, afterwards, I am so done with The Voice.

      • Orphen says:

        It’s a Tweet/Retweet contest – there are no rules. Actually, Selena’s dad is Grimmie’s agent. They’re friends. According to the Beeb Adam called him to support Grimmie, which is kinda foul considering Perkins was also up for elimination in the same vote.

        • Sara says:

          I wonder if Adam actually called him or if Bieber was just trying to make it seem like he wasn’t following in Selena’s footsteps. They are all in the same circle of friends, and as you said, Selena Gomez and Christina Grimmie have a lot of professional and personal connections.

  37. Kaba says:

    The only saving grace about the finale next week is that Josh has a pretty formidable lead over everyone. They’re accumulating all iTunes sales all live season to the final vote. And Josh has had the best sales of the 3 finalists.
    Unless Josh decides to just take a steaming dump on the stage, call his fans r*tards, then abuse a group of pregnant women. He’s the most likely to win.

    • ElleKay says:

      If the producers are dead set on nobody but Grimmie winning, he could get a steaming heap of a song choice too.

    • Annie says:

      From your mouth to God’s ears. Josh for the win. Tonight was a travesty.

    • Patti says:

      Kaba, I just spit out my coffee..that was the funniest comment on this site, and so very true! No need for me to add anything to these posts, as I so agree with most of what’s been said about this debacle. I am so very disappointed in what happened last night, for so many reasons. All of Josh’s fans (I am a big one) need to get out the vote for him! Go Josh!

  38. USC says:

    I’m impressed that the final three managed to be a final four with Adam Levine’s ego being the fourth. He has turned into an even larger condescending twat.

  39. Kay says:

    Kristen has been treated so unfairly throughout the season. Even with Blake’s endorsement during the instant save, she never had a chance.

  40. katie c. says:

    Tweeting should be eliminated. Many fans do not have access to a computer but they do a phone….that would even the playing field..remember Cassidy pope?she was certainly not the best.
    So josh is the man and the humility to boot………looking at me. Grimmer pouting is a bit much.

  41. xxxx says:

    Wow the voice top 12 was better than the idol top 12. Top 5 of both shows seem pretty equal, and now the idol top three is arguably better now?? I prefer Idol wayy more than the voice, but I didn’t see this coming. Haha just my opinion though. And you guys need to stop about the save, they said it last night..How were they supposed to know who was where? Christina will make the finals a lot more interesting, and I think they knew that too. If Jake wins, it’s good news for idol hahaha

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      No. Christina may not be my cup of tea, but she and Josh kick the bejeesus out of Caleb and Jena. Jake on the other hand… sweet Jesus give me strength.
      But in your defense, it is more of a legitimate matchup than it was at the top 12 for both shows. Once Sisaundra, Delvin, Kat, Kristen, and Audra kicked the bucket, I’ve become far less enthused with this season.

      • Brad says:

        I’ll give you Josh over Caleb but Christina over Jena? My dogs howl every time that girl tries a high note. I’d rank Christina right about the same place as Malaya. I usually agree with your assessments Angie but no just no on Christina over Jena.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I’d say it’s about a wash vocally. Maybe Jena does slightly edge out Christina, but they’re both talented girls even if neither is a candidate for my downloading dollars. Where Christina wipes the floor with Jena is stage presence. Granted, Jena’s good for an amateur and probably the best from Idol’s current season, but Christina’s professional experience really shows when she gets on the stage.

          • Brad says:

            Nothing Christina has done even comes close to Jena at the piano singing her own song. Stage presence isn’t just using the stage it’s commanding the song and Jena at the piano commands the stage far more than Christinas choreographed movements on stage. Christina has had her chance and now she’s back to a reality show. There’s a reason for that . Add into the songwriting aspect of Jena and Alex and their musicianship and the scale tips heavily in their favor.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I politely disagree with you, Brad, but we’re all entitled to our own opinions. I’d argue Christina — and remember I don’t love Christina — has had some pretty spectacular moments throughout her run. Her save song tonight was a joke and her Ruess cover was impressively bad, but Wrecking Ball, Counting Stars, her Drake cover, etc. were money. I’m not saying Jena sucks. Quite the contrary. Jena was the one I singled out at the final 13 as the best singer. I just think Christina has more polish to her.
            And btw, Grimmie writes her own music too. They just don’t perform originals on the show she happens to be on, so I’m not sure that saying just because Jena and Alex write their own music that they’re necessarily better. Kelly Clarkson writes none of her own music and she’s phenomenal.

          • Brad says:

            Kelly clarkson doesn’t write her own music? Are you nuts? She writes most all of her own music.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Dude, if Clarkson wrote her own music, her net worth would be about 5x higher than it is now. The real money is in the song writing, not the performing. Ask Bowie and Prince about that. Maybe she has written a few songs, but the songs that made her famous (i.e., Stronger and Since U Been Gone) were most definitely not written by her.
            If she has written some of her own music, that’s not the music that built her wealth or reputation.

    • R says:

      Agree, both shows tried to save their favourite contestant, if idol have twitter save, sam would be in the final (which I don’t mind) but the idol top 3 are the right ones, can’t say the same for the voice, I think that’s why casadee won, she already had a fanbase

  42. Carola says:

    Why is Jake in the finale again?
    I am happy that Christina went through though, she deserved it.
    But it should have been Josh, Christina and Kristin..

  43. Laura says:

    I really, really don’t understand the hate on Jake. He is my favorite this season and he is my husband’s favorite, and we don’t even like country music. Jake is a genuine person but also a genuine talent, and I think he deserves his spot in the finale. This bias that Michael has against Jake is also hypocritical, in my opinion, when we consider how upset he was by the judges’ bias against Jessica on American Idol, but that is another can of worms…

    • Kaba says:

      My problem with Jake is that before anyone can claim he’s a genuine talent/good singer/blah they cite his personality. Which means his most prevailing quality is his personality.
      If I wanted to watch a show about people with endearing personalities I’d watch all of my favorite TV shows and call it a night.
      The boy simply cannot sing in tune properly. He has been the weakest singer of the batch since Bria departed.

    • Patrick says:

      I agree that “Jake is a genuine person…” but I do have trouble with the “genuine talent…[that] deserves his spot in the finale”: part. It’s my opinion that he’s just not a strong vocalist. I think he’s a sweet kid, I think he’s country from the top of his hat to the bottom of his boots, but I can’t say that he should have beaten many people this season.

    • Brad says:

      The hate on Jake is that he can’t sing in tune. Now maybe you don’t really know what in tune sounds like and that’s fine. Sure he’s a lovable kid and all but there are kids all over the country that can sing better than he can. It’s a Singing show not a congeniality contest. Why more people don’t understand that I’ll never know.

    • Stacie says:

      Wow! The people in here take this way too personal. Everyone has different opinions. And that is ok. But you need to respect other opinions. To have so much anger and resentment attached against a different opinion, especially an opinion on what you like or dislike is disturbing to me. goes nothing. I was surprised the Jake made it through the blind auditions and the battle rounds. But then I saw what they saw. It’s not that he is a sweet kid. Even though he is. It’s that he learns. Jake listens to the coaches. He takes EVERYTHING they say to heart and applies it to developing his singing and his performance. He never took anything for GRANTED. He WANTS to learn and improve and he has. Watch his blind audition and watch his latest performance. He si a coaches dream. THAT is why he has gone so far. You all need to look past the songs. You need to look at the ENTIRE picture. See the potential. The judges and the voters are looking at the growth and excited to enjoy this performer that is anxious to grow and provide enjoyment for them. Jake is going to go far whether he wins or not. And it is because he deserves it.

    • Stacie says:

      Wow! The people in here take this way too personal. Everyone has different opinions. And that is ok. But you need to respect other opinions. To have so much anger and resentment attached against a different opinion, especially an opinion on what you like or dislike is disturbing to me. goes nothing. I was surprised the Jake made it through the blind auditions and the battle rounds. But then I saw what they saw. It’s not that he is a sweet kid. Even though he is. It’s that he learns. Jake listens to the coaches. He takes EVERYTHING they say to heart and applies it to developing his singing and his performance. He never took anything for GRANTED. He WANTS to learn and improve and he has. Watch his blind audition and watch his latest performance. He si a coaches dream. THAT is why he has gone so far. You all need to look past the songs. You need to look at the ENTIRE picture. See the potential. The judges and the voters are looking at the growth and excited to enjoy this performer that is anxious to grow and provide enjoyment for them. Jake is going to go far whether he wins or not. And it is because he deserves it. You go Jake!!!

      • Brad says:

        Jake is going to end up opening for Tate Stevens at some county fair somewhere. And that’s going to be the highlight of his career.

      • JLB says:

        Let’s break it down to terms you might understand, Stacie. Jake is a terrible singer. Period. Him in the finale is a travesty and an insult to the other contestants.

        • Orphen says:

          You don’t like Worthington. We get it. Enough with the hate.

          • Ana says:

            I agree. The hate against him is unbelievable. If people like him, it’s not his fault. What do people suggest we do? Cut the votes that come from the South in half? Shows like this will always end up being popularity contests, which is why I simply watch for entertainment. And before anyone else says anything, I don’t like Jake at all. But apparently a good amount of people do if they are willing to buy his music and vote.

  44. JFJD says:

    I expect the reason they cut the live shows way down is that every season the ratings drop by a third or more once the live shows begin.

  45. Chela says:

    If Christina wins it will be the least earned victory in the history of the show!

    • Jaszy says:

      I don’t agree with this statement at all.
      Just because she had a lot of fans coming into the show, doesn’t mean this girl hasn’t had to work.
      The fact that everyone’s expecting her to win and putting all this pressure on her, I’m surprised she hasn’t cracked yet.
      If she does win, she has earned it!

  46. Kim Moores says:

    I seriously do not support the instant save during the semi-finals.
    Yes, all that stuff about if Grimmie gets a contract = more money for the show is nice and all, ho hum. Seriously, Kristen was evidently the 3rd finalist that should have been headed to the finale tonight because clearly iTunes did not lie tonight either.
    You know what would be a better formatting?
    If they announced the voters at risk of being eliminated at the beginning of the show, let them sing and then at the half hour mark allow us to flood over the THEIR WEBSITE and cast final votes for who should be saved at the last minute. And allow that vote to carry on until the last 5 minutes of the show.
    Then fill the time with a lot of filler and group performances.
    Much, much better idea imo.

    • Jaszy says:

      If you don’t support the instant save during the semi-finals, then you shouldn’t support it at all.
      Last week Kat was saved, when she could’ve been the one going home. It could have been possible that Delvin, Sisaundra, or Audra had more votes than Kat, but America, well some of them, voted for her to stay over the others. It might not be fair, but that’s the way it is.
      I, personally, am GLAD Christina was saved. She is my horse in this race. (And no, I was not a Youtube fan of hers before this, neither was I a Twitter follower.) You can make a case for all the contestants to win, but Christina wouldn’t be getting this much support from millions of people if she didn’t have some sort of talent. She’s loaded with talent. I would love for her to win.
      I mean, yeah, she might have been one of the ones to be really voted out tonight, but the Voice producers made a decision to use the instant save, and Christina benefited from it, just like Kat did last week and the week before.
      I knew that if Christina was in the bottom, she would get the save. It was inevitable. And I truly am glad. Yeah, I understand she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and last night did seem to be her worst week, but I stand by my decision: Christina Grimmie should win the voice.
      There are going to be haters everywhere, but that’s what makes her stronger!

      • Kim Moores says:

        I don’t support it at all.
        But I specifically do not support it the most when it’s at semi-finals.
        And save me your Grimmie advertising. I don’t care for it, at all.

        • Jaszy says:

          Well, you can’t pick and choose when the instant save would be appropriate. If it wasn’t appropriate in this case, then it shouldn’t have been appropriate at all!
          I will continue to advertise Christina Grimmie because I like her. What’s so wrong about that?
          I don’t harp on people for supporting their favorites. I may not agree with them, but last I checked, this is a free board where we can say what we want, correct?

          • Kim Moores says:

            I don’t care about your advertising. But I also don’t understand how the conversation became about Team Grimmie rocking considering I’m talking about the instant save.
            Similar to having a lovely political debate then proclaiming you love bananas.
            Cool to know, don’t see what it has to do with what I’m talking about.

        • Jaszy says:

          Uh, yeah this does have a lot to do with Christina Grimmie, because SHE was the one saved by this “Twitter Instant Save.”. But now people want to cry about it, saying it’s unfair this late in the game. That’s total bull-crap to me.
          They weren’t saying htat when Kat got saved twice or when Tess got saved. Why? Because they don’t have as many Twitter followers. It’s fair for them to be saved as opposed to someone like Christina who is already famous.
          That logic makes no sense to me at all.
          And I’m not just directing it to you, but to all the people who have cried foul ball for whatever reason.

          • Jaszy says:


          • Kim Moores says:

            Something tells me you’d be singing a totally different tune had Christina not survived the instant save.
            Why you would support such an already flawed process in the semi-finals is beyond me. I’m inclined to believe you only support it because it saved your favorite.
            That being said, her being an awesome artist has absolutely nothing to do with the entire issue that is the instant save, so it’s just pretty random to throw out how much you love her voice in the first place.
            I don’t give the slightest damn about whether she was saved or not because my problem is the fact that they applied the instant save once again in the semi-finals. Most shows have a deadline for these things. Hell, even Xfactor is gracious enough to pull the plug on the judges save once it’s semi-finals night.
            So please, for a second, stop speaking as though I’m just mad that Christina got the instant save over someone else. That being said, if the instant save had not been utilized, Kristen would have been the 3rd finalist through. I thoroughly dislike the instant save to begin with, I think it’s a rather poorly executed plan and believe what I suggested would be a much fairer result as it pulls the votes away from strictly the realm of twitter.
            So before you claim I’m crying foul ball, take the time to read what I’ve actually said.

          • Jaszy says:

            You really don’t understand. Christina was going to survive the instant save REGARDLESS…..there is no way she could’ve lost it to the others. It’s Twitter. She had 70% of the votes, right?
            Trust me, I LOVED KAT also and voted for her just as much as Christina, I even thought Kat did eons better than Christina Monday night…but I know that Christina has more mass appeal to audiences, more-so than Kat. This is why I’m rooting for Christina. I would’ve loved if the Top 3 were Christina, Kat, and Kristen.
            I haven’t said whether I support it or not. I just accept it. You all knew Christina was going to make it to the finale, so how she got there is irrelevant.
            And who says that Kristen was a definite lock for that number 3 spot, just because of iTunes? Well, perhaps people didn’t pick up the phone to vote for her or maybe they didn’t go online to vote. Don’t you recall Kat charting higher than most contestants the last few weeks, but somehow she always ended up in the bottom?
            There is no way to prove that spot deservedly went to Kristen. Not that I would be upset that it did. She is immensely talented and I loved her voice from the beginning also. But there was no way that she was going to come out of that round alive…going against Christina Grimmie.
            And also, if Christina wasn’t in the bottom and it was, say, Jake there, Kristen wouldn’t have made it through anyway. People would’ve voted for Jake.
            You mentioned that they “applied the save once again in the semi-finals.” Well, you should’ve seen it coming. I just can’t wrap my head around why you think it’s so inappropriate at this point in time when, maybe, it should not have been inappropriate from the beginning. To me, you’re saying that we can make exceptions. It’s like making a case for when abortion isn’t acceptable until…(rape) when it shouldn’t be acceptable at all.
            If they hadn’t had the instant save this season, perhaps none of the people that were top 5 would still be there. It would be a completely different show.
            Yes, I want Christina to win. Yes, she is my favorite. She was going to win that instant save no matter what anyway. But the world is not going to end if she doesn’t win the show. Sure, I will be upset, but once that new season comes along, I will have found a new favorite to invest all of my voting energy and enthusiasm in.

          • Kim Moores says:

            Don’t really understand why you’re trying to tell me that Grimmie was an obvious lock for the save as though that wasn’t obvious.
            Anyway, onto the instant save.
            Not entirely sure if you’re aware of this, but the save expired at the semi-finals. Last season there was no instant save in the semi-finals. In the official rules for the save it is noted that the instant save should have expired last week.
            I do NOT support the save at all, but I am infinitely more aggravated that it carried on into the semi-finals. I can hate it, yet ignore it enough so long as it doesn’t intervene with anything beyond the semi-finals. But it did.
            So must I spell that out for you? I’ve said it over and over. Quit reading half of what I said. Or maybe you just aren’t reading at all.

      • Adake says:

        Thank you Jaszy, well said. All this whining and conspiracy theories by non Christina fans is kind of funny. I hope it’s either Christina or, if not, then definitely Josh. I always worry about country fans overtaking this popularity contest.

        • Kim Moores says:

          Pardon me while I try and figure out when I cited some conspiracy theory.
          Nothing I said was an off the wall assumption drawn together by fishy scenarios.
          I don’t bother with conspiracy theories. Though I’m certain that’s all you believe what I said is.

        • Percysowner says:

          I don’t think anyone has said they really support the Twitter Save. I don’t, although I know why the show uses it. If I had my way, I would dump it altogether. That said, since I can’t change the use of it, I will complain that it is especially egregious that it be used to give us the final three. I’m also angry that they changed the rules for the semi-finals. If Christina had won on votes, I would be fine with it. I would have been fine with everyone being eliminated by regular voting. I’m no more hypocritical about not liking the Twitter Save here than people who like it solely because it got Christina in.

  47. Samantha Graves says:

    Does anyone know how to complain directly to NBC? I tried their website, but couldn’t find any kind of message board to post. In any case, while I’m disappointed Jake is in the top three, he made it there on votes and iTunes. What has happened to Kristen all season has disgusted our family. The fact that there wasn’t supposed to be a twitter save tonight, but happened when it was clear CG wasn’t in the finale made our family decide to stop watching. We’ve deleted The Voice from our DVR recording and won’t be watching ever again in the future. Perhaps if enough of us complain they’ll listen. Ha! I know we’re fooling ourselves. It will fall on deaf ears. We gave up on Idol after what happened to Hayley a few seasons ago and now have no other singing “competition” to watch. Bye bye The Voice. You’ve lost six people who won’t ever watch again.

    • Karen says:

      Go to the voice or any NBC page I think. Scroll to the bottom of the page. On the right it says We want Your Opinion. Click it. You can either sign up for a panel or leave a comment. I did.

      • Patti says:

        Thank you Karen. I will do what you suggested. I truly feel that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark” here, to quote an old saying. NBC should be made aware that many viewers of one of their top shows, are really upset about this last minute twitter save! I think this competition has lost quite a few viewers because of this. Regardless of whether Jake was saved, at least Jake earned his slot respectfully, through votes coming in for him. I will watch the show in hopes that Josh wins, as I think he deserves it. I feel very badly for Kristen Merlin, and hope she has a great career ahead of her.

    • Cip says:

      I’m pretty certain NBC has reps reading blogs such as this one to feel the “pulse of the people”. I’m also convinced they use this information to make quick last minute rule changes based on what they think the results will be. Think about it, if you read all the posts on this blog alone, you’ll know that most readers are sick of Christina, don’t feel Jake should be in the top 3 and want Josh for the win. We are a small representation of all viewers of The Voice.

  48. Kaba says:

    I’m trying to figure out what’s worse about tonight.
    That Jake is headed to the finale…or that Jake will be returning to the stage next season to perform his new song come next season’s semi-finals…
    I’d honestly rather be water boarded at the moment.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      That Jake is headed to the finale is the real problem. He has a legitimate chance of winning. If he wins the season that Kat, Delvin, Sisaundra, Audra, Kristen, Grimmie, and Josh lose, I may seriously have a psychotic break. I just named 7 extremely amazing vocalists. He cannot win and all of them lose. The cosmos would implode. Life as we know it would be over.

      • Kaba says:

        And they predicted the world would end in 2012?
        Clearly 2014 is the winner.
        If there is a music God…Jake shall not pass the finish line first of the three.

        • Jaszy says:

          He shouldn’t have even made it past the battle rounds. He’s good, but when you have people like Christina, Josh, Sisaundra, Audra, Delvin, etc. in the mix, uhhhh, BYE JAKE!
          That’s the way it should’ve been.
          These country people are hardcore when it comes to supporting folks. Yeah, I’m from Tennessee, but I don’t go that overboard, voting somebody to the finale that doesn’t deserve to be there based off the fact that this show is called the VOICE!!! What more proof is there than that?
          Christina Grimmie deserved top 3 status. Josh deserved top 3 status.
          I think Kat deserved to make it to top 3. Her voice is KILLER!
          People didn’t like that Let It Go performance but, honestly, I loved it. It was the only one I stood up for last night after she finished singing it. And, no I haven’t seen that movie and I haven’t heard the original version of that song. (Animated movies are not my cup of tea, although I love Disney Channel.)
          Anyway, I digress: I’M HAPPY CHRISTINA IS STILL THERE!
          Team Grimmie for the win. I could care less about what coach wins. It should be all about the contestants.

          • Cip says:

            we get it Jaszy. You like Christina and want her to win. Enough already

          • Jaszy says:

            Well, Cip, the show isn’t over until it’s over. I have to keep representing for my favorite. This is allowed, correct. Don’t read my comments if you don’t want to accept that I will continue to post about how great Christina is. She is great regardless of whether she wins or not.

          • Cip says:

            Jaszy-it’s just that you keep repeating yourself. You got your message across the first 300 times Furthermore, it’s hard to ignore your comments when they are posted everywhere. It’s almost like you are doing it to annoy the 500 other posters who don’t like Grimmie. You aren’t going to convince anyone who doesn’t like her up to this point to change their minds. If anything, you are doing the opposite.

      • Jemmabrie says:

        Angie, i agree…. It makes me shake my head! Jakes range is basically non existent, he can’t stay in tune for 40% of any songs he sings and there’s at least a dozen of incredibly talent singers from this season that should have landed that third finally spot (some that you did not mention that i think were incredibly talented (though had room for quite a bit of growth) and that i think were totally robbed were tess( awesome voice shakira attacked her with bad song choices),madilyn (that girl had soo much natural talent it’s crazy she just needs some mentoring and cofidence though she’s only been singing for something like three years so considering that fact she’s pretty darn amazing she’ll be incredible in the future.) dani moz( was showing sooo much growth through each performance) ,and i haven’t seen any solid growth.. At least the swons had quite a bit progress through their time on the voice. But country singers aren’t supposed to be great. How may male country vocalists actually have a great range or stay in tune. Despite saying that this show isn’t called the personality ad at this point that’s what’s getting him votes and it that bugs me. Though has the best voice really ever won this show? I felt as if it was a pretty big slap in the face when jermain paul won… But i’d really love to hear what others have to say!! Sorry my comment is all over the place!

      • HTGR says:

        How the hell this season ended up with a finale with Jake and also rans of: Kat, Sisaundra and Delvin!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!
        It’s as I said, this is reality tv now:
        So a Tate Stevens, a Luciano Pavarotti, a Whitney Houston, a Michael Jackson and an Ann Wilson all walk into a reality tv singing show.
        And the bar keep running the show says now we are gonna have a sing off y’all.
        And they they all perform and the votes are cast and tallied and then….
        And now here comes the punch line…
        The results are in and…. THE WINNER IN LANDSLIDE…. TATE STEVENS!!!!! with 99% of the vote!
        Oh well what can you do. Best luck them all.

  49. trimaran12 says:

    Forever bitter about the Twitter Save, regardless of who it does or doesn’t save. The western states can’t vote unless they follow spoilers online which is impossible for many who are still at work or on the freeway during a commute. Wonder how this skews votes and ratings?

  50. Glen says:

    The whole idea of the instant save is ridiculous- “let’s take 14 hours of I-Tunes sales, online votes and phone votes, and throw them out the window for 5 minutes of Twitter voting!” How does this system make sense? This show’s insistence on becoming more and more about social media has destroyed the integrity of the actual competition.

    • Percysowner says:

      The Twitter Save makes sense when you remember that Nielsen is now factoring in Twitter activity in the ratings. Having people Tweet brings up those numbers and makes the ratings better so they can sell commercials at a higher rate. Theoretically it also keeps people watching until the end of the show so they know who to tweet for. Practically, I follow who is in danger online then bring up the NBC Twitter feed and retweet for the person I want.

      It’s all about the ratings and the money.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Interesting, Percy. I didn’t know that. Thanks!

      • I will Fix Idol says:

        yes but why not for the finals – let the west coast vote on twitter and then reveal the results next week … would actually be great for ratings and would get the fans of all three girls to stay in it and watch next week – if you ‘re going to go for it go all in

      • ElleKay says:

        I hated the twitter save last season too,, even before it became the game changer it was last night. As happy as i was last season to see James and Matt get an extra week b/c of it, I’m still wondering if it was worth it. Also, I live on the west coast, so unless I stream online or check spoilers, it’s too late.

    • Mittere says:

      I agree. When the bottom 3 were waiting for twitter outcome, Christina looked absolutely sulky (ck the pic). SHE knew she’s blown it. But with the twitter farce eliminating our Mon votes, Bieber, et al, chose who actually in 3rd place should be thrown out and Christina given the spot. I hate the vote being negated for all but twit users, but to do so in the semi finals when stakes are so high is inexcusable. I also agree with other commenters that Christina confuses loud screams for hitting high notes (as does Kat). I have to turn the volume way down. I believe in fair play so am done with the farce and the show. While one commenter made a good point about the ad revenue based on all the twit votes, I would love the justice of them losing just as many legit Mon voters.