Glee Season Finale Recap: Go Your Own Way

Glee Season Finale RecapTuesday’s season finale of Glee found our favorite Big Apple residents at a crossroads, and not the good kind of crossroads where Britney Spears learns about love and life in a top-down convertible. It was the bad kind of crossroads, where everyone goes their separate ways into an uncertain — albeit totally toe-tapping — future.

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KURT & BLAINE | Let’s begin with Kurt and Blaine, who — by my count, at least — almost broke up 75 times during this final hour. Blaine finally told Kurt the truth, that June never wanted him in the showcase, and Lady Hummel went bananas on him. “How am I supposed to believe that you love me if I can’t trust you?” he shrieked, knocking Blaine’s brown bag lunch to the floor. (RIP, brown bag lunch!) But because #KlaineIsUnbreakable, the fiancés quickly patched things up, complete with a lovely monologue from Kurt about birds and flying and trust. Then they got bored/horny and went inside.

Blaine reassured Kurt of his love by yanking him onstage for an encore performance during his showcase, much to the initial dismay of June, who mean-mugged him like he was the Dowager Countess waxing poetic about the old world. (That was a Downton Abbey reference, by the way. Ask your parents.) Klaine then returned the reassurance by asking Blaine to move into the loft with him. We didn’t technically see him ask, but we saw Blaine enter the apartment with a suitcase in the episode’s final moments, and I assume he wasn’t breaking in.

Glee Season Finale RecapSAM & MERCEDES | Speaking of breaking in, Sam finally achieved his (season-long) dream of getting his junk on the side of a bus, but it came with a hefty price tag. His efforts to avoid “popping a rogue chubby” during his Treasure Trailz photo shoot failed miserably, as he let the naughty photographer lady get all up in his face with her face. Sam proceeded to then cry in his underwear — a scene that, tragically, happened off-screen — before breaking down and telling Mercedes all about it. She forgave him for the kiss, but decided it would be best for both of them to go their separate ways while they pursue their dreams. She did, however, put her virginity on hold for him in case she changed her mind about premarital sex.

Mercedes, meanwhile, is doing just fine. The finale saw the launch of her nationwide mall tour, with Brittany in tow as her lead backup dancer. Santana is also allegedly going to be a part of her tour, but given Naya Rivera’s questionable future with the show, I’ll believe she’s in Season 6 when I see her in Season 6. After Rivera was famously written out of this week’s finale, Mercedes explained that Santana was off filming another Yeastistat commercial in Iowa. (Yeah, OK.) The real Samcedes shocker, though, was Sam’s last-minute decision to move back to Ohio — and return to McKinley High? — rather than stay in New York to pursue his modeling career. What is that boy smoking?

Glee Season Finale RecapRACHEL & RACHEL | And then there’s Rachel. Fox hooked her up with a bats–t crazy writer (played by the delightful Kristen Schaal) to develop her new show, and the initial result was bad. Like, truly terrible. It was basically Girls, only Hanna was a lazy singer with two gay astronaut dads and Adam was inexplicably unable to slip out of a dinosaur costume. (I know that sounds amazing, but trust me, it’s not.) After a little workshopping and an impromptu performance, the script was re-worked into something usable, and Rachel’s pilot was officially green-lit. (Goodbye, New York; hello, Los Angeles.)

But here’s my question: Does Rachel even really know what she wants out of life? “I always thought that Fanny was the role I was born to play, but then I read this,” Rachel said of her revised pilot script, which she’d held for all of 30 minutes. “This is it. This is my dream role.” One can’t help but worry that Rachel, having burned her Broadway bridges in favor of her new Hollywood dreams, is setting herself up for disaster — but hey, that’s what Season 6 is for.

And now, we play the Rating Game…
Mercedes: “Shaking My Head” — Rating: B
Blaine: “All of Me” — Rating: B+
Sam: “Girls on Film” — Rating: B+
Rachel: “Glitter In the Air” — Rating: A-
Blaine and June: “No Time At All” — Rating: A- (I have a soft spot for Pippin)
Blaine and Kurt: “American Boy” — Rating: B+
The whole gang: “Pompeii” — Rating: A (This was such a perfect season ender)

Glee fans, what did you think of the Season 5 finale? We’ve got a long wait until the gang’s “six-month” reunion (Season 6 won’t arrive until 2015), so rate the episode and browse finale pics below, then drop a comment with your hopes/fears for the final season.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Steph says:

    Klaine didn’t break up, Blaine didn’t fail, Darren Criss wasn’t fired from the show, and instead Naya/Santana was let go. I just love how much all of that must be killing the psych patients who frequent this comments section (and the two mo’s running this site as well).

    • dcl33 says:

      well of course klaine didnt break up and darren wasnt fired. RM needs a visual help when he needs to release his… um pressure. DUH!

      • LOL says:

        That is why Chord has a job, Ryan has “pressure” and he has Chord take his shirt off. His six pack is his job security because it sure isn’t his action or singing!

      • Steph says:

        The psych ward let you use the computer today I see.

        • Shazay says:

          I’m glad Klaine stayed together, annoyed Samcedes ended, I really liked them together, but I guess it can’t be couples everywhere. I was happy Brittany was around, she was the part of the season finale that I enjoyed. Editing was a little wonky, you could tell where they just shot her solo and plugged her in at the end, since she was missing for the group hug. Songs were pretty forgettable, but I really love the P!nk song that Rachel sang, so that was nice. It was cool to see Sam back at McKinley, I wish they’d shown a few of the ex new directions kids. What a wacky season it’s been. I loved this show, but I have low expectations for season 6. Hope they surprise me and somehow it’s good!

        • dcl33 says:

          They did indeed let me out for the night. See they were all watching Blee and well they figured I have enough mental issues to subject me to the show and cause more irreparable damage. They were nice that way. Bless them. They take such good care of me there. :)

    • Sam says:

      “and the two mo’s running this site as well”

      Darren’s fans keeping it as classy as Darren himself, I see.

    • Mike says:

      Well of course not because Ryan lives out his fantasies through Blaine (used to be through Kurt but once he started salivating over Darren his priorities shifted) and Klaine so of course Blaine would come out on top as usual, same with Rachel. Blaine and Rachel never suffer consequences for their actions. Kurt forgives Blaine even though these continual lying and trust issues never are fully resolved and Rachel is rewarded for committing to her Broadway dream for all of just a few months and leaving those behind Funny Girl high and dry. Plus Ryan likes to envision himself as this great sociopolitical commentator so of course he’d keep Klaine engaged to eventually be married so he can continue to use them to make a statement. Not to forget he’s petrified of defying those loud obnoxious Klaine fans considering his ratings are already dead so he’s got to do what he can to keep at least those obsessed fans around if he wants anything real for Season 6. None of this is surprising.

  2. Kara says:

    Great series finale! I’m gonna miss this show.

  3. really?? A- for “Glitter in the Air”????

    • KevyB says:

      You’re my new friend! Having Rachel boo-hoo her way through another Finn-remembering song doesn’t hide the fact that Pink’s aerial-act performance of that song is the BEST that song will ever be performed, and yet it’s STILL Pink’s worst song EVER. UGH!

  4. Fan says:


    • Tom says:

      Don’t get your hopes up. They won’t be in Ohio next season they will be in LA following Rachel. RIB has already said they aren’t going back to Lima.

  5. aa says:

    …did they essentially just write Sam off the show?

    • TJ says:

      I WISH! But sadly no!

      • aa says:

        Much Sam Hate
        So anger
        Very wow

        • r0ckmypants says:

          Is this a haiku?

          • Shazay says:

            I think next season will just be a hodge podge of this character and that here and there. I’m sure we’ll see all the people we’re used to seeing, just in a limited capacity……cept for quinn and puck and mike chang…….actually, if they could scale back the blaine and kurt stuff as well as Rachel who has became the MAIN character a little….I think everyone would get their time to shine before it ends. I’d like to see them all….hell, Mixology is dead, bring back Vanessa/Sugar and actually give the girl who can sing a song where she shows off her real singing chops. I know I don’t want it to be the Rachel Kurt and Blaine show with the others playing in the background. I hope Rachel fails in LA and the last episode goes on just as RM planned, without Finn, and Rachel coming to McKinley and saying she was home.

  6. Ebee says:

    @Kara – This wasn’t a series finale. The show has one final season.

  7. Olga says:

    I highly dislike the fact that Rachel is leaving NYC. This reminds me of the HIMYM finale: They ask us to care for so long about something (in HIMYM Barney and Robin and in Glee Rachel’s Broadway dreams) only to throw it away in an hour is just cruel. I like Rachel Berry and I understand her ambition but this is just too much

    • Jess says:

      Isn’t it obvious that Rachel Berry = Lea Michele? First a Broadway star and now a tv star. I’m sure Lea isn’t as annoying as Rachel but seriously how can she still want to be part of this show?

      • netta says:

        She has a contract and a commitment, which dates back to way before the vampiric writers decided to co-opt her life because they have no ideas.

        • Gunny says:

          I agree, they have no idea what to do with Rachel. In once sense, it’s a clever idea to have a tv show with a bunch of these actors in it. The show worked when they were doing things together. The disconnected storylines are weird. The first season was the best when they were all together toward a single goal, it was funny, and the songs were great. When they started to include more people in season two, it became a mess. In at least one episode, the Warblers had more songs than the regular cast. I think the writers knew it was starting to slip, so they broke up Rachel and Finn thinking that would bring the audience back.

  8. karenb says:

    I love that Chord’s role has grown so much. Hopefully he’ll be showcased more next season too. Let the negativity and hate begin. LOL

  9. WT says:

    Glitter in the Air was A+++ and the only redeeming quality in this crap of a final! They just need to cancel this NOW forget the shortened season END IT before they totally destroy Rachel! And Sam once again the new Finn going back to Ohio? Chord Overstreet can’t sniff what Cory meant to Glee and brought the show! So much disrespect for Cory, Finn and Lea!

  10. Carlos Alvarez says:

    First half of the episode was weird and week. Loved Sam and Mercedes in this episode. The last. 10 minutes was perfect especially the song Pompeii and loved Rachel looking up to heaven towards Finn and her smile to the camera. Can’t wait for the 6th and final season. Sucks we have to wait till like January.

  11. Mike says:

    I’m pretty confused about the direction the sixth season is heading in. Rachel in LA, Kurt/Blaine in NYC, Artie in NYC, Mercedes and Brittany traveling, Santana MIA (who knows). The only thing that I feel was hinted at was Sam commandeering a Finn-type storyline. His comments about NYC v. Ohio when he was leaving were reminiscent of Finn circa Seasons 2&3 and his longing gaze into the computer lab clued us in.

    • Andrew says:

      Sam is a low rent Finn and piss poor excuse for a Finn replacement. Going that direction is slap to Cory and Finn! Disgusting!

      • Tk92 says:

        TRUTH! Chord Overstreet as Glee’s new leading man is a joke! I guess they will have Rachel show up in the Choir room telling Sam she is home for the series final and Ryan has Rachel tell us is was really Sam that was Rachel’s true love and Finn was just her ex boyfriend and nothing more.

        • netta says:

          It looks more like Mercedes is being set up for that return… at least enough to make the hope not entirely delusional.

      • wire dream says:

        Please. Chord Overstreet might not be a good actor, but neither was Cory Monteith. He was terrible too. At least Overstreet can sing. Monteith was useless without auto tune.

        • cindi says:

          Read all the reviews about Cory as an actor, they will prove that you are sadly mistaken.. Get your shipper goggles off .. Who has the most charted songs of the two? Not Chord.

          • Rachel Scott says:

            Why does someone have to have “shipper goggles” on just because they don’t agree with you. It’s not like the person said Chord was a good actor. Cory Monteith wasn’t the best actor on that show, no matter what reviews say. The only reason he was so important was because he was Rachel’s love interest, and the show is based around her. If he was just another person in the club, I believe everyone would not be praising him as being the best.

            But just because I didn’t think his character was the best or that his acting skills were not that great, I do think he was a good person at heart. May he rest in peace.

        • may says:

          So you agree Chord is not a good actor, Glad you did. Cory was not the best singer, but he was a BIG part of Glee success. He has been there since the beginning and he worked his butt off singing without training (Ask Adam Anders, who is he most impress with) and dancing his best (Glee choreographers, producers and media said he worked harder than anyone). And he got to sing a lot of songs who made it at Billboard and Platinuns/Golden records. Chord has been a background tool and a very shallow/dumb character whose best assets are his abs. He barely has sung this season, Wonder why….

        • diana says:

          Cory Monteith was one of the best singers on the show. He had so many great songs, like Don’t Stop Believing, We Were Young, Can’t Fight This Feeling, Just the Way You Are, and ESPECIALLY I’ll Stand By you. I really miss him. Damn you Cory.

      • Steph says:

        Not that Chord is some great thespian or anything, but why do you guys act like Finn is Hamlet? It’s sad that Moneith died young but my god, he wasn’t exactly Laurence Olivier!

        • may says:

          Nobody said Cory was a Shakesperian actor, but “in a flashy show with flashy characters Finn never had a chance neither Cory Monteith”, He was the “Everyman” and he sold it. Ryan Murphy loved Finn and Rachel from the beginning. On the other hand He said “he got bored” with Chord and Dianna paring, and then with ALL the girls Sam dated in Glee Club and Lima, So if anyone will use Cory´s acting skills to talk about Chord´s lack of it, people will react…..People who read “real critic reviews” and not fangirl bloggers who just likes abs

          • More_of_Sam's_abs_please says:

            Hey, “fangirl bloggers” is a bit sexist, don’tcha think? What about us fanboy bloggers who just like abs?

  12. woodyinho says:

    So Broadway’s not her dream anymore? After spending 5 seasons leading up to it, gets suddenly dropped?

    • Olga says:

      Yup. And that’s what you missed on Glee.

    • RUCookie says:

      This is what gets me angry about this story line. She hasn’t even done a year with the show. She did not even get through a Tony cycle. What in the world are they doing with this? It makes no sense. None at all.

      • Cate53 says:

        Agreed x100! Since the very start Glee has been a musical theatre show, with Rachel and her dreams of Broadway. I loved the Opening Night episode as it wad the culmination of those dreams. The last 2 episodes have been pretty awful though! 5.9years of ‘love Broadway, want Broadway’ now we are supposed to jump on Rachel’s dream being tv and fame. That was Santana’s dream, NOT Rachel’s!!

        Music was pretty rubbish tonight although Rachel’s solo was pretty. Shirley MacLaine was wasted and I find Kurt and Blaine dull! Since Finchel is gone, Klaine can never be broken now I guess …

  13. Poor Lea! says:

    TOTAL FAIL! This was garbage! Rachel decided her dream is on TV playing herself? Samcedes fans getting the shaft AGAIN?! No wonder Fox is trying to dump S6! I hope they succeed! Post S3 Glee is just pathetic! So much invested in Rachel only for them to ruin her character just like the tried to do to Finn. I feel bad for Lea having to put up with crap!

    • Steph says:

      Why are people so shocked by this? All those Broadway stars want TV pilots and TV stars want movie deals. It’s the Hollywood hierarchy and while the stage has prestige, it doesn’t come nearly as close to the fame and fortune of being a TV star. Rachel is just being Rachel.

      • TJM says:

        Yes but they usually stay on Broadway for more than a month. What I find disturbing is instead of actually trying to come up with quality stories to tell they are using Lea’s real life, with the exception Lea never flaked out and quit any of her Broadway roles. Meta is repulsive!

        • Steph says:

          That’s true. The writers (surprise surprise) really screwed up the timing. All they had to do was graduate everyone at the end of season 3 and let the Glee Club close down, then move the show to New York for the whole of season so we can see them adjusting to life in NY Rachel’s big Broadway debut should’ve happened at the end of season 4 as a big emotional climax. Then season 5 should start a few years in the future (you know, closer to the characters’ actual ages) so Rachel could actually be getting a TV offer and Blaine could actually be proposing to Kurt without endorsing teen marriage. But of course, that was too sensible for Ryan and company.

      • Mike says:

        Except I don’t see this as Rachel being Rachel because it goes against everything they’ve ever told us about her. She’s always seemed much more into the fame aspect than the fortune and Broadway stars can get plenty of that. She was very much against Finn’s suggestion of going to LA and TV when he wanted to be a pool cleaner with Puck and her reasoning for why she didn’t want LA type fame is exactly in character for Rachel. There are many Broadway stars that don’t care about TV pilots because they love the stage. They should’ve gone the route of showing Rachel’s struggle before finally landing Funny Girl for the series finale. Now that would have been more in character for the Rachel they’ve presented all these years. It actually makes me sad to see her and Kurt so excited to perform on a “real Broadway stage” back at the end of Season 3 only to know what they do to ruin her character later on.

    • Mena says:

      My thoughts exactly. I didn’t want to want this ep, but had to. Just to see where season 6 might head. I can’t stand it. This was garbage. Just to give Rachel a Lea look alike and a life like for season 6. For me, who gives a sh$$. Glee sucks.

  14. kd86953 says:


  15. Gail says:

    So what was the big twist at the end of the episode that will set the stage for Season 6 that Ryan Murphy talked about ? Rachel getting a pilot? That’s a twist?

    • bamabunny says:

      I think the twist was Sam showing back up at McKinley. A few fans are speculating that Samcedes might get the series ending that Finchel was supposed to have.

    • Mike says:

      It was all hype and no pay off as usual when it comes to Ryan (and everyone else that claimed all these twists would happen in this episode). There was nothing surprising here and no real twists. There has been speculation for a while now that Sam would be picking up what was supposed to be Finn’s ending and of course they wouldn’t risk breaking up Klaine again because they rely on that too much to make a political statement for them to give it up (and they need to keep that obsessed fanbase around for ratings if they can). They’d already been showing us that Rachel was going to give up her lifelong dream of Broadway for TV for no reason at all during the last few episodes and they already spoiled the angle of leaving NY for LA in articles from a few weeks back. Hell the only thing I found surprising is that they didn’t completely screw Kurt by having him quit NYADA and have Klaine follow Rachel to LA so thankfully that didn’t happen at least. Otherwise this finale was predictable.

  16. Terri says:

    I have second hand embarrassment for the the writers and actors of this show! Are these the same people that brought us Seasons 1-3? I know it’s not the actors faults but just WOW, this is really bad!

  17. dcl33 says:

    Its kinda mind-boggling to think that this episode was written by a professional writer. That he was actual paid to write this cr*p.

    • LOL says:

      Now I know why they call this writer Flopson, his work is a total flop!

      • dcl33 says:

        Two words: Puppet master. That episode was to atrocious I would use it as a torture device like they do waterboarding.

        • Cheri says:

          On the Glee forum for the pro newbies fans and pro season 4 fans love Puppet Master and the other cartoon episode with capes crusaders. I was encouraged to leave the forum for my negativity. I thought it was a forum for us to give our real feelings for the show. I hated those episodes.

          • dcl33 says:

            LOL I sometimes read Glee forum for the fun of it. There are some very strange individuals there. People ( I would guess mostly kids) there actually believe in everything Glee PR is selling and think that what RM says is a word from god. So so sad.

    • Jermey says:

      to be honest, It’s mind boggling to think that any of the episodes post season 1 were wriiten by professional writers.

  18. Lauren says:

    Seriousy? As if Rachel would leave Broadway for TV. Maybe in a few years, but not after just landing on Broadway. Every time I think this show can’t get worse it proves me wrong.

    • Steph says:

      Let’s be real. ANY Broadway actor today — yes even the big ones — would give that up for a TV show. There just isn’t as much fame and fortune on the stage any more.

      • Gon says:

        Yea but I hope the broadway phase for Rachel will lasts for a little while I guess

      • Mike says:

        Um no, there are plenty of Broadway actors who are very happy working on the stage and don’t do it for the “fame and fortune”.

      • Mike says:

        I can’t edit but I’d add that giving it up for a TV show that isn’t even guaranteed not to fail would be a very stupid reason for “ANY” Broadway actor to just up and leave the stage especially before their starring role has finished it’s run. There are SO many TV shows that get cancelled before making it past the pilot or getting re-newed for a second season that it would be very careless to leave especially in the way Rachel did by burning bridges as she ran out on Funny Girl. Glee should have had her getting the Funny Girl role as the series finale instead of rushing right into it then they wouldn’t have forced this stupid TV show idea onto us.

  19. Anushka says:

    I don’t know if it was the really low expectations I had for the final, but I actually enjoyed that. It was probably the low expectations.

  20. Ezra says:

    LOL so Sam’s only goal was his nipples on a bus so once he does that he runs back to Lima? And he is so shallow Mercedes has to set him free because he has to have sex? THIS is the guy they are trying to sell as Finn’s replacement? Terrible character played by a terrible actor! And Rachel’s SL is a just sad!

  21. Robby says:

    I find the situation sad. They had to rewrite and redirect an entire season’s arc because of their leads death. It doesn’t seem as if they ever recovered from that shakeup and it showed in the entire season. Hopefully the longer break between this finale and the next season will give them time to really dig in and send it off with a bang.

    • cc says:

      Before Cory died they had relegated him to sit on a stool in the choir room in Season 4. You never know what you’ve got until it is gone. Ryan underestimated how crucial Finn/Cory was to the general audience and now they have a mess. Karma is a bitch.

      • I miss Cory! says:

        This is so true! They benched Cory and Lea, Chris and Naya for a group of nobody’s that aren’t even on the show anymore and Blam. Now Cory is gone and they can’t fix the crap they did to Finn or Finchel and the show is in the toilet. S4 was the begining of the end of Glee! Karma is a bitch!

        • dcl33 says:

          I actually think that mid season 3 was the downfall of Glee. The horrible writing started there and just started sinking more and more. And then they put originals into the back for the newbies… and the rest is history. Corys death has affected the show, but it was the writing that killed it. People say Lea is the star of the show, but she really is not. Cause if she was, the ratings would not be so low. And lets be honest, majority of fandom cannot stomach her character so they dont watch the show for her but for others…

          • SL says:

            I totally agree, started midway through season 3 – it was the terrible writing that has hurt it. Ryan Murphy has too many things going on to focus oh this show. When he was all over it, the show was good. Now I think they don’t know what to do. Graduating off the originals was mistake number 1. They never had to say what year they were in high school. Plus a season could have been just part of a school year, not a full one – just sayin’.

          • netta says:

            Lea is the star, in that she’s the recognizable face of the show and has the character with the pretty-much lone ongoing SL. But after setting up Rachel as someone to identify with and cheer for, they’ve decided to make her incapable of making good decisions and needing to get slapped down over and over again. And abandoning her since-childhood dreams almost as soon as they’re working out. Do audiences who were invested in Rachel and her dreams for years like this almost complete abandonment of the character and reduction to caricature? Just look at the recent ratings, low-but-stable for the first few NYC eps and diving further as soon as “The Back-Up Plan” aired.

            She isn’t being treated as a star, that’s for sure. Surely for a star, they could come up with a SL that doesn’t trash her character and parody her life.

  22. LL65 says:

    I would like to give Naya Rivera props for getting herself written out this episode! She was the smart one and the rest of the Glee cast should follow her lead and RUN!

    • siya says:

      No naya no glee….period…I am not watching season 6. Actually i started liking season 5 in nyc with rachel, blain and naya…their friendship. Naya and demi….plus starchild…there were good episodes. But now the show is going down again.

    • ummm says:

      Yes Naya, congrats on trashing your rep to get out of your job or something….

      • dcl33 says:

        but did she trash her rep? I like her the same, if not even more. We will never know what happened that day, at least we will never find out the truth. The rumors may be just that, but remember: where smoke theres fire -was she written out cause of Lea or not? Personally I dont believe in all that PR cr*p they are spinning.
        Thou I am extremely happy that Naya was not in the episode and very sad that Heather was because I adore Heather, but this episode was atrocious. No one deserves to come to work and being handed sh*t and then told to go to work.

  23. Sydney says:

    I still love this show even with all the craziness. I love Lea, Chris & Darren (shocker I know I can like both Chris & Darren) and so I am happy to have them on my TV every week. It will be a long time until 2015 and I will hope that we get at least a dozen episodes. It seems like if this ends up being the series finale (you never know with Fox) they gave us a nice group number, a “happy” ending for Klaine and a nice Rachel moment at the end.

  24. Sam's a dope says:

    I think it’s hilarious Sam is so shallow he has to be set free so he can go off and have sex. I can’t believe this idiot gets so much focus!

    • RUCookie says:

      Wow – did you not pay attention or are you so wound up yourself that you are projecting because that is NOT what happened. And for the record, adults have sex!

  25. cc says:

    What happened in this episode that will encourage people to come back in 8 months to see what happens. Rachel is now becoming Lea, we know that story already. Klaine are boring. Who cares if Sam goes back to McKinley? What is the pull?

    • Cheri says:

      Exactly. I don’t give a care. Klaine is so boring. Blaine is nasally and snoring boring. Kurt is a drag now, not like he once was. Rachel is Lea. We already know, besides, she has a book to tell tell us now. I don’t care for Sam. I like Mercedes but not this way. NY is rather a bummer. Glee needs to be done. Because, I wanted to see this episode to see how next season would go from here. Now, I see, I don’t give a rat’s a$$. Glee really is a bad declining bunch of dung. Fox is correct. Close the store quickly next season.
      It used to be my favorite show with my favorite 3 characters and 3 actors. For 3 seasons.

  26. wire dream says:

    So…we’re supposed to believe that June watched that hilariously awful, shrill Kurt performance and changed her mind? REALLY?!?!?! He can’t sing and can barely move without looking like a platypus in heat (Colfer is the worst dancer on the show – a total spaz). Mind-numbingly ridiculous.

  27. shahana says:

    Just when I thought this show wad getting slightly brtter!! I hate the writers for giving these characters sucj crappy storylines…
    As everyone else has spoken about Rachel’s on the spot dream change I’m not gonna dwell on that bt its strange after what she told Finn about het not being a Hollywood actress. What i do wanna dwell on is how Kurt is always treated like a tertiary character when he is one of the most important core character. His duet with Blaine takes us exactly back to season two regionals. Its like Kurt cannot succeed on his own. I hate that. And I think the show should focus mainly on Rachel and Kurt. Its very hard to care about Blaine and Sam as the lead characters because they are not the ones who made us love the show from the beginning. I just want Kurt to really fulfill his dreams in a spectacular way or atleast on his own!

  28. cfm says:

    So does anyone else think Rachel’s show will be about a Lima, Ohio high school glee club?

  29. ooooo says:

    Not sure why I continue watching this show. Perhaps, something deep down inside is hoping it will get better. The show has nothing going on in it. Its pointless and the storyline, if you want to call it that, is super repetitive. Hopefully it’ll get better next year. Side note, I thought the Pompeii cover was so bad. Definitely ruined it for me. I love the song, I’ve liked it since last summer (Kat krazy remix however) and its been on my playlist since then. So I’ve gotta say, it felt like it was a completely different song and not in a good way

    • fiberlicious says:

      ” I thought the Pompeii cover was so bad. ”

      Do the producers not listen to the songs they choose? This song is about the DESTRUCTION of a city. It’s only an homage post-mortem. Totally opposite of the intent. Kinda like singing “Do They Know It’s Christmas” to the kids at the shelter.

  30. Kalee says:

    And I thought the season 4 finale was bad and rushed…

    If they shoe-horned in Brittany for the finale, I wonder why they couldn’t just shoe-horn in Tina/Will/Sue. Felt odd they missed a finale for the first time.

  31. Caro says:

    This ep was so disjointed – RM must be on drugs!

  32. Trevor says:

    Why do they keep writing things that feel like it should be the end of the show? First New Directions which saw the end of the glee club, and now this one which gave everyone (sans Artie who apparently just pops up now and then) an ending that people could probably live with. That’s not how you get people excited to tune in next season. It’s sad what this show has become…

  33. AdamJ says:

    I have a bad feeling sports fans that we may not get anymore episodes ever if they have shelved the sixth season til Jan 2015 sometime. I hope I’m wrong but all this fandom negativity is just the stuff Fox exec’s (plus the ratings drops) can use to cancel season 6 altogether.
    Everyone’s story lines seem to close off a little to nicely for my liking, if RIB get the right package deal thrown at them by Fox for their next venture, they could trade away season 6 completely the way this season finished.

    In 7 or 8 months time, all we might get is a 90-100 minute Glee retrospective, a Farewell Goodbye and Amen type special. I just hope they don’t trade away their fans love of the show and its stars for whatever they have been cooking up next.

    • firenzix says:

      I would be very comfortable if this ends up having been the series finale instead. It had a series ending feel to it those last 10 minutes….

    • Mike says:

      Your comment about a 90-100 min special is exactly what I think they should do for Glee next season instead of a 13-20 episode half/full season. With the way they’re writing these characters now, I cringe at what the writers would do to the characters to try and draw it out for another 13-20 episodes but if they can just do some sort of time jump resolution 1-2 hour special, they’d have less time to screw with these characters and perhaps can just concentrate on some good endings instead.

    • netta says:

      Love from diehard fans isn’t enough to sustain a lack of viewers, nor is this love really being returned. It’s about the money, and it always was.

      I have a hard time believing they would have something else that Fox would rather have instead, though. With a bad track record on how they end shows, and such a high-profile show having been thrown off a cliff (and don’t be fooled by the attempt to blame it on Cory’s death, S4 sucked, the writing and pacing is increasingly terrible, and they clearly have no idea what in the show their viewers have connected with because they keep destroying it), why would Fox want a new show from these people? Why would anyone? Maybe a miniseries, but get the complete story nailed down before you buy.

  34. Nunaya_Bidness says:

    Get ready for Samchel!

  35. Angela says:

    “I always thought that Fanny was the role I was born to play, but then I read this,” Rachel said of her revised pilot script, which she’d held for all of 30 minutes.
    Heh, yeah, I was mentally muttering various things towards her during that whole scene.
    Not even going to get into the Kurt/Blaine thing, ’cause I don’t really have an opinion on it one way or another, and I am a little sad to see Sam and Mercedes go their separate ways. Outside of that, all I will say is that that original script of Mary’s was bonkers and yet I found myself wondering if such a show would actually make it on TV somewhere :p.
    Whether good or bad, season 6 should be interesting, at the very least.

  36. dman6015 says:

    Fox should have just put Glee out of its misery this year. Stick it on Saturday night next season, where it can die a slow and quiet death. Bring back Finn.

  37. fiberlicious says:

    WTH was that??????

    This episode was so bad, my TV tried to turn its screen to the wall.

    If this is Murphy’s way of making sure there will be no sorrow when the season finally dies, it’s working like a charm

  38. fiberlicious says:

    Ooops – I meant show, not season of course.

  39. James says:

    Glee Season 5 was hit and miss. Therefore I’m not surprised that the finale was a cross in-between. To use the metaphor of the dart being thrown, the dart made it on the board and stayed there. Was it a bull’s eye? Absolutely not. When Cory died, they suffered a terrible loss and kept going, now they have the time to heal. To sum, the only real surprise to me overall this season that was a complete disappointment was believing in Rachel’s dream with her for so long to be shocked at how fickle she was about it in the end. Songs were fine, Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Sam, and Artie are excellent that way and always will be. Brittany there, but Santana not was an obvious “real life” issue that was played hastily on screen, regardless of the circumstance. Final thoughts. I’m sure Chord Overstreet is more shocked than anyone that he does his best work with someone you could consider his exact physical type opposite, but Amber Riley makes him shine and he does the same for her as he makes the character as well as the actress believe she’s truly beautiful (she has always looked beautiful), I vote for more Samcedes next season and I hope they end up together in the end. Klaine and Brittana and even Finchel are forever and this season proved it that it’s just simply true; to have known true love changes you forever regardless of how long it stays or stayed, the way Rachel (Lea) has been this season is yet another proof of that. And until next year, let’s all go live life and come back for whatever remains for Season 6.

  40. Eliza says:

    ”, as he let the naughty photographer lady get all up in his face with her face.” WTF are we watching the same show? Cause this looked like textbook sexual harrasment/assault here.
    She is the superior, he felt uncomfortable by her advances, told her he feared getting fired if he didnt give her what she wanted and then cried in his underwear after the fact while his superior made photo’s?!?!??!?! What if this was Rachel and her manager, that would be assault no?

  41. Andrew Hass says:

    I liked the season finale of Glee and i can’t wait for next season.I know some people didn’t like this season but Cory’s death changed a lot of things the show had planned.Now barring something happening the show has a whole Summer to make the final season great.I also think when next season opens some time may have passed from when the finale ended and maybe even longer than a couple of months will have passed.

  42. Diz says:

    The Sam/Mercedes stuff was ok, everything else just sucked bad.

  43. James says:

    The only ending that could change things for how bad Glee has become is Rachel Berry getting cut from LA only to realize she wasted her dream because of her ambition. Then make her head of a Glee club in Lima. Or some kind of bittersweet ending where she doesn’t get everything.

  44. johntpalmer says:

    skip the final season and just pull the plug now. Ever since they “graduated” the show has not been good. And, SOOO tired of the gay-drama. We’ve already moved on and won’t watch any more Glee.

    • Martin says:

      If you’re tired of it then don’t watch. Why must it be taken away from the rest of us who do just because you’re tired of it? They had a hard task to do this season so close to Cory’s death and while parts of it were better than others they did a lot of good things this season. I wish there were a way to get all of the original cast back together for the entire last season but there’s probably no way to get all the schedules lined up for that. They pulled the original cast together several times this season and in my opinion did a very beautiful tribute to the character of Finn and hit a good balance of not forgetting him vs making the whole thing about him all the time. I love Glee and wish they could have the best season since the original for season 6 and spin off a new series so the other Glee folks could guest and it wouldn’t have to end. I loved the Fame reference by Sam too by the way.

  45. I must say I was a little taken a back by the finale. It was very disjointed. That IMO had nothing to do with the death of Cory/Finn. They were actually writing some very decent episodes starting w/5×14-5×19. I liked the reunion of Mercedes and Sam seeing how IMO the two have great chemistry and represent one of the more mature couples ever focused on in Glee. With that said I was disappointed that they broke them up once again. I know abstinence must be hard for a 19 year old and they handled it with maturity I just wish they would stop stamping an expiration date on Mercedes forehead. I do hope they reconnect in the final season and that they do get to the intimate stage. For Kurt and Blaine that relationship is a bit unbalanced. They never truly address the lies, future goals or anything you would expect of a couple who are engaged to be married. They continuously fight, gloss over the root of the problem and then proceed to have make up sex maybe they should try abstinence for awhile. Artie no progress really whatsoever for him in this finale. Give the man a purpose other than being a man whore (although I guess those days are behind him). Brittany it was good seeing her, she actually seemed out of place w/o Santana. It was never established or explained why Santana would abandon her but then again its Glee. Rachel where to begin. I am actually quite over her and have been for some time. She has not grown one iota since season 1. Its the same story with her nothing will ever be enough because she will never be satisfied no matter how much she achieves and will always be looking for praise and approval. This finale set up nothing to be hopeful for with a season 6. If I had to envision what I wanted for S6 here goes: I would look forward to the reunion of Mercedes and Sam with sex involved this time around (and no I’m not a pervert. But maybe something happens on tour that lets her know you only live once and if you have a true love you need to enjoy it while you can). Blaine and Kurt getting some couple counseling. before they say the “I do’s”. Artie at least getting a story line. Santana not slow mo running through some wheat fields and actually finding what her dream is and living it out with Brittany. Rachel realizing that some things must be worked for and not handed to you, an actual Rachel failure would be refreshing if it taught her a lesson that stuck and she actually picked herself up and started over again knowing that the journey won’t be as easy as it has been for her. For who ever returns that they are successful and enjoying life. Fade to black!

  46. sharialynn says:

    Honestly I skipped watching the finale. I had a feeling it was going to go just as bad as it did. Then came insomnia and Hulu. I was hoping I would see our Rachel. The girl from Lima who knew she wanted to be on Broadway. Hoping she’d remember her dreams of a Tony, or whateves. I honestly think the writers gave her Fanny to quickly. She basically has to go to freakin have a purpose.I would love to see Kurt go back to his internship, thrive,& get his clothing line, maybe become “the” fashion blogger. I’d rather see him go his own way if he’s gonna be second to Blaine everytime. His whole “I’m never going to be mad for more than a second. Cause I’m so sweet” attitude makes me hate him. God, I love Blaine too but COME ON RM PLEASE. Can we get the grown up Kurt of last week? Poor Sam. So cute and lost, hanging on to a girl in hopes of maybe one day getting some. LOL. He’s what a 19yo model? Living with the girl he loves. That’s the real comedy in the show, right? I’m glad that stupid story line is over. Just please Gods of tv do not let them take us back to Lima for any reason.