Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Finale: 13 Super Moments

Agents of SHIELD Finale Fury ReturnsABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Tuesday night wrapped its freshman run with a thrilling hour in which Coulson & Co. endeavored to get the drop on HYDRA henchman Garrett, unaware that he is A) powered by Deathlok technology and B) freshly super-charged by a dose of the Centipede serum.

Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons put their brilliant beans together to craft an escape from their watery grave — though at what price?

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Here, a dozen of the best moments from the finale.

AN EPIC LOVERS’ QUARREL | Upon infiltrating Cybertek, Skye comes face to face with a gun-waving Ward, who challenges her to detonate a bomb. “No, I have a weapon much better than a bomb that will absolutely destroy you,” Skye counters. “Because you slept with her. Shes really pissed off.” IMG_00000601Cue Ward getting blindsided by May, launching into a tussle that lets bon mots fly as much as fists. “Reminds me of the old days,” Ward says, pinning his onetime FWB. “You were never on top,” May snaps. May in fact comes out on top, nail-gunning Ward’s foot to the floor before crushing his larynx and then delivering the mother of all roundhouse kicks.

FITZ ‘SHOWS’ SIMMONS SOMETHING | Jettisoned by Ward into the ocean, the brainiacs work their noodles to devise a way to implode the capsule window, affording escape. Thing is, the influx of water will literally knock the breath out of them — but Fitz has an oxygen mask thingy that will keep his partner conscious and able to swim to the surface. When Simmons balks at the sacrifice being made by her “best friend,” he explains, “You’re more than that [to me]. I can’t find the courage to tell you, so please… let me show you.”

EVERYTHING NICK FURY | Whether he was fishing Simmons out of the ocean, acknowledging that he owes Coulson a “loud” discussion about bringing his agent back from the dead or offering up a weapon that “packs a pretty good punch” to combat the Centipede soldiers, the former Director’s every moment sparkled. My favorite line:” You don’t have to call me sir, Coulson. Look at me, I’m dressed like I live under a bridge.”

GARRETT BOTCHES FURY’S SPEECH | Confronted by the one-two punch of Coulson and Fury, Garrett defends his betrayal by quoting S.H.I.E.L.D.’s former Director: “One man can accomplish anything once he realizes he’s a part of something bigger.” Fury corrects that interpretation, stressing “a part of.” (“Not a great listener,” Coulson shrugs.) Frankly, Fury is gobsmacked that Garrett went all in with HYDRA because he “misheard my damn ‘one man’ speech”!IMG_00000606

MIKE SAVES THE DAY | After Skye finds her way to Cybertek’s “incentives program” — aka the area where they hold prisoner loved ones, to force people to do their bidding — she has Ace Peterson relay a message to his Deathlok’d dad.  Learning his son is safe, Mike promptly unleashes his missiles on Garrett.

THE UNSTOPPABLE.. IS STOPPED | Garrett, though, is not down for the count. Instead, we later see his bloody, beaten self clamber onto the Deathlok operating table and outfit himself with full armor. Grinning wide like the mad man he is, he declares, “Now there’s no st–” OOPS, SPOKE TOO SOON, as Coulson pulverizes his adversary with a found weapon. L…M…A…O!

S.H.I.E.L.D.’S HEART BECOMES ITS HEAD | Before heading back off the grid, Fury charges Coulson with rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D. from scratch, handing him the “toolbox” to get the job done. “Guys like you were the heart — now you’ll be the head,” Fury explains. “Take your time and do it right.” (But lest anyone think the MCU has just lost Fury as a character, he promises before exiting, “I’ll be everywhere.”)

TWIN PIQUED | Reunited IMG_00000608(minus injured Fitz and the detained rat bastard Ward), Coulson’s team makes camp at another hidden base, this one dubbed “The Playground” by… Eric Koenig, is that you?! No, “Eric passed away, sadly,” his twin/(LMD?) Billy (also played by Patton Oswalt) assures. Now lanyard up, everyone!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! | In the style of Marvel’s big-screen offerings, the S.H.I.E.L.D. finale serves up not one but two “post-credits” scenes. In one, Raina visits an ooey-gooey unseen man, whom she informs, “I found your daughter,” handing him a photo of Skye. Then, we see Coulson wake up in the middle of the night to take a knife to a wall and begin scrawling the same extraterrestrial-like diagrams that Garrett etched out earlier, as the GH325-enhanced Centipede serum opened up his mind.

What were your favorite moments from the finale? Any early theories on who/what is Skye’s dad?

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  1. ANON R says:

    *Standing ovation*

    That hour was satisfying and badass. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode of any tv show and went “FYES” as many times as I did when I watched that.

    • Dark Defender says:

      SERIOUSLY.. there should be one grade above “awesome”.. and it should be EPIC.
      Last night’s finale was EPIC. It had everything you want in a show like this. And to finally get Fury being part of the actual plot anbd not just there to yell at (and dress down) Coulson.. was awesome.

  2. Jerri says:

    So worth it! Hot damn awesome season finale! Is it Septemner yet?!

  3. Candice says:

    I feel really bad for those that ditched this show @ the beginning when it was slow. It’s been great these last few months and tonight was excellent!! Director Coulson – love it!!

    • mainecane says:

      i pity them also. i think they didn’t believe when we were told it would be about the human agents and not a superhero of the week story. and then were upset when we got exactly what we were promised. I think it took time for the cast to jell but i have liked this show from day 1. I think it got better as season wore on.

    • Marc says:

      I hear you Candice. I stayed with the show all season & we certainly got our reward.

    • Christina says:

      I’m hoping they all binge-watch and come back in the fall.

      • reboot2099 says:

        If it gets on Netflix soon, I am sure this will happen, especially since they now know it is worth sticking with it.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m the opposite. I was afraid to watch it at first, because it had the so so ratings, and there was talk of it being axed. When it seemed like it was fairly stable, I started watching it and haven’t regretted it one bit.

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Agreed. Now *that* was a season finale!

    • Allan says:

      Probably the same idiots that see a Marvel movie and walk out of the theater as soon as the credits start!!!

  4. Monica says:

    I love SHIELD, and thought the finale was great. I especially loved the set up for season two and Agent Carter.

    • reboot2099 says:

      I might’ve missed some things, because I didn’t see any set-up for the Agent Carter series, aside for last week’s gadgets, if that’s what you mean. If not, care to enlighten me? :)

      • Monica says:

        I have read Agent Carter will be a bridge between the split season of SHIELD and will tie into SHIELD rebuilding it’s safe to assume that they will use the history from Carter as SHIELD rebuilds.

      • mainecane says:

        it’s not like that. Agent carter is gonna be a series the takes over between the 2 halves of shield on abc. they get there own pilot and will be set in the 40s’ at the founding of sheild not in present day that agent’s of sheild is set in.

        • reboot2099 says:

          I know all that. But Monica said the finale had a set-up for Agent Carter. A set-up is something said or shown in the episode that directs us to the new series. To my knowledge, there wasn’t. Unless you count the gadgets from a couple episodes ago.

          But as Monica said in her reply, yeah, I can see there would be some parallels between the 2 shows, since they will both build/rebuild SHIELD. I wouldn’t call that a set-up, but I can see that.

          • Sara says:

            I think the “set-up,” as it were, came when Fury, May, and Coulson were talking about why SHIELD was originally founded. “Protection” I believe was the sole reason for its founding?

          • Jim says:

            Monica said the set up for season two & Agent Carter. Those are two different things. The set up was for season two, but since they just announced Agent Carter, there was nothing to set up, especially since this was filmed well before they announced Agent Carter.

          • Allan says:

            I saw no set up either.

      • Mike AP001 says:

        I’m sorry this post is late but I was researching why Fitz couldn’t be brain damaged but was saved due to the Mammalian Diving Reflex, it was foreshadowed in TAHITI– I guess it really was a magical place. But, I think he might return emotionally scarred and somehow becomes embittered, turning into a recluse loyal only to Coulson but building Sentient World Ordnance Response Division (SWORD) weapons due to the events in Avengers and Guardians (?) and his destructive tendencies are only curtailed by Coulson (but if Coulson’s ever out of the way as a conscience Fitz will end up building something like ARSENAL created by Howard Stark (in the comic books) or as seen in Howard Stark’s blueprints from Iron Man 2, MODOK).

        Anyway, the finale does a good job of teasing all that because we’ve been given hints in prior episodes like TAHITI that non-SHIELD facilities exist, and all the other episodes since have should have ties into the AGENT CARTER series. In AoS, this has been slowly set up ever since Tripp was revealed to be a SHIELD legacy in PROVIDENCE, continued into the final with Trip’s mom being protective of grandad’s Howling Commando gear. If the writers can’t tie AoS, the Howling Commandos, and Agent Carter into a storyline involving Howard Stark and the Invasion of New York and London then there’s something seriously wrong with them.

        And, this could dove tail into a SWORD redeems Ward storyline sometime in the future eventually turning him into a spy for hire loyal to no one but himself, cut from the same cloth as the Spymaster or Masterspy (as Skye said in NOTHING PERSONAL) or Task Master– though Task Master would be my choice for Ward’s character.

      • Mike AP001'm sorry this post is late but I was researching why Fitz couldn't be brain damaged but was saved due to the Mammalian Diving Reflex, it was foreshadowed in TAHITI-- I guess it really was a magical place. But, I think he might return emotionally says:

        Anyway, the finale does a good job of teasing all that because we’ve been given hints in prior episodes like TAHITI that non-SHIELD facilities exist, and all the other episodes since have should have ties into the AGENT CARTER series. In AoS, this has been slowly set up ever since Tripp was revealed to be a SHIELD legacy in PROVIDENCE, continued into the final with Trip’s mom being protective of grandad’s Howling Commando gear. If the writers can’t tie AoS, the Howling Commandos, and Agent Carter into a storyline involving Howard Stark and the Invasion of New York and London then there’s something seriously wrong with them.

    • Monica says:

      The writers were given a heads up with Winter’s Solider, I think they were given the same heads up for Agent Carter. I think the hints are more subtle, but considering SHIELD is rebuilding it does make sense that Marvel will bridge the two series.

  5. Christina says:

    So many scenes so many zingers. This episode seemed to have it all and then some. There really are not enough words to say just how AWESOME this episode was.

  6. Jen says:

    Any word on whether BJ Britt is going to be a regular next season?

    • mangolovenet says:

      I’m curious to know as well. In the few episodes he’s been on, he’s eclipsed Agent Ward in my mind. I hope they keep him as a permanent replacement on the team.

    • Bianca says:

      I hope so. I actually like him better than Ward even before he was revealed to be Hydra. Trip definitely needs to stick around for next season.

    • reboot2099 says:

      I can’t say I love Trip yet, but he has potential. He seems like a happy and fun guy and I think they need someone like that among the cast. If they flesh him out more, he could be interesting.

    • val says:

      I hope they keep Trip, he is a miilion times better for this show than Ward

    • Myrias says:

      I hope they keep Trip. I also hope he’s not another sleeper agent for HYDRA. Trip’s much more enjoyable than Ward.. also way HOTTER.. :)

      • Vickie says:

        “Trips much … hotter [than Ward].” — That is debatable my dear. I personally find Ward is more attractive, and I kinda hope we see him around in Season 2 a little as well. I mean, Coulson did say they would be using him to get intel on HYDRA by “Internal torture (and some external)”.

    • lariet50 says:

      I agree about Evil!Ward being much more interesting, and I also agree that they should keep Trip, if for no other reason than to give Coulson someone to geek out with.

    • Zayne says:

      I hope he takes acting classes during the break if they do. I found his acting extremely flat and stilted the entire season. There were occasional flashes of solid acting but I much prefer Ward to him.

      • reboot2099 says:

        Really? I found Ward’s acting much worse than Trip. I think the stoic kinda guy Ward has been most of the season didn’t really fit with the actor. He didn’t get it as well as he could’ve in my opinion. Although he got way better when Ward turned evil and started showing emotions.

        We didn’t see Trip enough to know how is acting is, but I got the feeling it’s good enough, and he has a charisma that Ward doesn’t have (and that’s too bad cause from the couple interviews I read with Dalton his real personality seems really fun and nice. He can’t really use that in his character)

        • canadian ninja says:

          I don’t think the actors are being asked to do much acting-wise. And in the first 6-8 episodes the writers were giving them a lot of wood to chop through. So I’ve always thought the early complaints about Ward or Skye’s acting were pretty unfair.

          • Fisher says:

            Yeah, I don’t get the ward hate. The beginning of the series was awkward for everyone, not just ward. He’s a million times more interesting now that he’s dark and twisty. I hope he stays and trip too I guess.

    • Carrie says:

      I’ve been hoping that they’ll make him a regular next season. I really like him. I’d be fine with it if Ward became a recurring character and was replaced on the team by Trip.

    • Aeol says:

      That shot of Tripp, Coulson, May, Skye and Simmons for me was pretty indicative that they’ll be standing together as a regular team in season 2. I gi

    • ANNA says:

      I am genuinely shocked as I read this that someone could think the actor who plays Tripp is better than the one who plays Ward. Difference of opinion I suppose. I didn’t care for Tripp at first, I didn’t like Ward at first either, but now I appreciate every character on the show. I hope there’s a redemption story for Ward next season. I honestly can’t wait till September.

  7. StanSJ says:

    I LOVED THE WHOLE EPISODE, but Nick and Phil were the best part of the whole episode the way they went in on Garrett. My wish for season 2 add Maria and Trip to the cast

  8. Eurydice says:

    *happy sigh*

  9. Joanne says:

    This episode is everything I expect out of a Joss Whedon camp creation. This season was definitely worth the patience it took to allow the development of the characters and the unfolding of the larger ‘verse story. So glad it’s getting a second season!!!

    • CMG says:

      I agree. I have to wonder if Joss himself contributed to this script, even though he wasn’t credited. There were moments that seemed to have his fingerprints all over them, like the back and forth between Coulson and Fury.

      • Tamim says:

        As soon as I read this comment I heard the Coulson/Fury scenes revoiced by characters from Buffy – especially Buffy and Giles! Yeah, Joss had to have looked over someone’s shoulder and added a few words (OR someone binge-watched both Buffy and Angel, then went immediately back to work on the script – writing or rewriting the interactions between Coulson and Fury :D )

    • Dark Defender says:

      Definitely worth the wait to let it develop.. and I am super stoked we are pretty much rid of Ward and are keeping Trip.

    • Michael says:

      The scene where Garrett puts on the suit, stands and starts to flex his power by speaking but not even getting out a sentence before being totally obliterated… That’s completely Joss Whedon!

  10. H says:

    It was awesome I wonder what is going on with coulson? Hopefully nothing sinister maybe he is getting back to whatever everyone was scared of when they first brought Phil back? Anyway the abc finales have been on point this season!

  11. Matthew Swanson says:

    That was absolutely incredible. I loved seeing Fury and the may ward fight was awesome. Despite reading comics like an addiction I’m clueless about Skye’s parentage still.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Billy is not a twin. It’s a life model decoy. The first one we see in the MCU.

  13. Robert says:

    I really hope that Raina and Triplett are going to be regulars next season. I’ve been enjoying them so much in these past few episodes. Raina redemption arc, please!

    • Kyle says:

      Agreed! Triplet is so much better than Ward, and Raina is intriguing. And the hottest girl on the show, bar none. Would love to see more of her and her incredible eyes.

      • csr says:

        Yes yes yes to Triplet

      • Tom Charles says:

        Hottest girl on the show? Goes to show not everyone has the same tastes, because to me that honor so goes to Simmons.

        • reboot2099 says:

          If I had to choose the hottest girl on the show just by looking at them, I’d probably choose Skye. But after seeing them act, since beauty isn’t only physical but also the way you move and express yourself, I’d definitely side with Kyle. Raina is the hottest. But am I saying that because I like the character or because I find the actress really beautiful? I don’t know. probably both :)

    • kayla says:

      i love raina! and i agree that it would be cool to see her redeemed.

    • Myrias says:

      Raina seems inhuman to me. Amazing actress and character, but there’s so much about her that’s.. unusual..

      • Mikael says:

        She could be an Inhuman. If the Coulson/Skye mystery doesn’t have anything to do with aliens like the Kree or Skrulls, I bet it’s Marvel introducing the Inhumans. There is definitely more to Raina than meets the eye. And I’m intrigued by Skye’s goopy father.

  14. brandon says:

    it was good but not great, a lot of questions they’ve been teasing all season they left unanswered

  15. Gina says:

    I really liked it. But I was a little sad because I was a big Ward/Skye shipper. :(

  16. I stood up during the episode and applauded. This finale is what MARVEL is about. They brought it and they totally caught me off guard with Nick Fury’s appearance. Of course we knew he was appearing but I never saw it happening in that way. It went from an emotional scene to BOOM. Incredible and great cliffhangers. It’s amazing to see how the film universe is fully connected to shield even though it pretty much has to connect because it’s S.H.I.E.L.D. after all! Soooo many great cliffhangers and I’m sure comic-con is gonna be INSANE this year for #Marvel more than ever.

    • DDB says:

      I went from being in tears from Fitz’s sacrifice and Simmons’ dire situation to LITERALLY losing my breath when Fury appeared!! I really started hyperventilating from shock! To have him be the one who saved FitzSimmons was so inspired, especially since people were probably expecting his cameo to be a brief one-on-one with Coulson.

    • Dark Defender says:

      I cannot wait for SDCC… it is going to be great this year.. so much going on.. but this finale – it was so great – for it alone, I will buy the season (I loved all the episodes, but this finale really sealed the deal).

  17. sladewilson says:

    Awesome season finale and the absolute best episode of the year!!!! THIS is how you end a season – on a great high note and the cliffhangers (yes, plural) are interesting and smart…

  18. reboot2099 says:

    Am I the only one who thought this episode was crap? Ok, not crap, it had good parts. Everything Fury and the Ward/May fight were good. But some of it felt rushed or weird. I knew Garrett wouldn’t live but I hoped he would, I really liked him.

    Speaking of which, I wrote the following on another site but it’s worth repeating as I may be the only one who didn’t like the end of Garrett:

    It felt “Whedonesque” and normally I would have laughed out loud at that bit. But the execution was…I don’t know…off. Why the heck would everybody leave Garrett alone, even if they thought he was dead? How is Garett able to use the machine by himself, without any preparation? I would think it’s more complicated than a toaster. And while I found Coulson funny, killing someone without even an after-thought, even if it was Garrett, doesn’t really fit with his character. Although that last one might be explained by that last bit at the end, but still, I don’t buy it.

    If that joke was made with a demon on Buffy or Angel, I would’ve laughed very hard. In the context of this show, with a human (albeit a crazy cyborg one, its still a human), it felt off. Ah well, that’s me. Always over-thinking things! :)

    • Ryan says:

      Coulson didn’t really ‘murder’ him. Garrett had just become super powerful. The set-up was ripe for him to come back causing problems, and he would have been a threat to Coulson the moment he turned and saw him. It was quick “self defense”. I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time.

      • reboot2099 says:

        Like I said, I’m normally a sucker for this kind of jokes. If I was a writer, what I write would be filled with this kind of humor. But in this circumstance, I just felt it kinda weird that Coulson fired and didn’t even care. He’s a caring guy, normally, even if the guy is evil. But yeah, I feel torn cause the joke was funny. It just felt forced to me.

    • Seth Meyer says:

      Watch that part again. It shows the “casket”/case open and a dead body on the floor next to it. Obviously, he wasn’t left alone. If you’re going to comment on something to bash it, make sure you know what you’re talking about first. Especially, when it was in a visual form and showed you. :D

      • reboot2099 says:

        To be honest, I just assumed that corpse was another dead guy they left there and didn’t clean up yet :P Look, I am not bashing the show just because I love bashing. I came to like it and I was just expressing the fact that that scene seemed out of place for many reasons. I also said in my first post that I know I over-think things. Normally, I can let go of many things I don’t really like, but this time, it felt too out of character for me. Good on you if you liked it! I did half-like it too.

        • JLK says:

          I think, in this case, maybe the key is that the guy was supposed to already be dead. Coulson had come to terms with that. Offing him again…after it looked like he had broken out of the case they put him in and killed someone….not something to be too remorseful about.

          • reboot2099 says:

            Yeah, but still, why did Coulson not even blink at that dead guy that Garrett just killed? I did miss him, but I think it’s hard for him to miss that corpse lol

            Anyways, it’s just that something was off, for me, with this whole scene, It seemed forced, but that doesn’t mean it was bad. It’s just that I am a sucker for this kind of thing normally, but this time, I did not. So I tried to think about WHY I didn’t laugh, as it’s totally my kind of humor. I might just not be in a mood to laugh :) That doesn’t mean people who enjoyed it are wrong, i m just analyzing things (too much).

        • rustyMLS says:

          I understand where you’re coming from. I thought it was funny, the way Coulson off-handedly (re)killed Garrett, but it was gratuitous. Including the scene didn’t contribute to the story and leaving it out wouldn’t have changed the story. It needed a set up–even just one character asking, “Are we sure he’s really dead?” after Mike took him down.

    • Lyndsey says:

      Definitely the only one! ;-)

      They hit this finale out of the park. It was great. As to the Garrett scene, he wasn’t human anymore. He was evil & sadistic without a shred of humanity left. Seriously dude, he ripped out a guy’s rib bone and used it to kill him. There wasn’t a single redeeming quality to empathize with. As far as it being out of character for Coulson, that’s untrue. He made a similar quip after shooting Loki with that “ray gun” in The Avengers & I’m sure he would have been completely ok with the blast killing Loki.

      • JLK says:

        Good points. And, it reminds me of quite possibly my favorite line in the show tonight. “I know what it does.” :)

      • reboot2099 says:

        As JLK just said, good points. But still, the scene seemed forced to me, not for that reason only, but for many things I did go in depth in my other posts a little earlier.

        Still, the fact I didn’t fall in love with this episode was probably because I expected too much, due to the fact there were great surprises and cliff-hangers in earlier episodes. So for the finale, I expected the same.

        I am glad you and others enjoyed it though. Just because I didn’t enjoy it as much doesn’t mean everybody has to agree with me :)

    • Operation9 says:

      You might need to rewatch the episode.
      Ian Quinn explained how quick and simple the machine worked, it’s suppose to pop out like 100 super soldiers a day, so yeah, it’s as easy as a toaster.
      Coulson isn’t against killing, never has, he will do what needs to be done when it needs to be done, so no, it’s not out of character for him to not care about what he did to john.

      It’s not that rushed, but shows off how Coulson plans an op, and all the pieces working according to plan and how they adapt to it when something new happens (john being superpowered, fury). They just didn’t waste time showing us the actual planning, but gave us the result of the plan which was far more satisfying to see.

      • reboot2099 says:

        Good points, I just found it weird that even if it’s simple, a guy who is not a tech (Garrett), could use that machine alone in matters of seconds, as easy as it is supposed to be. But hey, as I said a lot tonight, I just expected much better, due the fact it’s a finale and I really liked the last episodes a lot more. And yes, in other episodes I liked I found things I hated too and did get over them. This time, I tried to, but it’s more of a feeling than specific reasons. I just tried to find WHY I hated some scenes. Might’ve been wrong about the why but it’s what I felt :)

        • Drinksalot says:

          Maybe Garrett wasn’t a tech guy, after being injected with the GH-325 he did claim to see the world for what it truly is, so maybe that is how he knew how to operate the machine. Just thinking out loud here :)

          • reboot2099 says:

            After sleeping a lot and being less cranky, I guess I’ll just accept that as fact and move on! lol :)

      • Tamim says:

        The thing about Coulson is that he is so nice that people don’t realize just how much of a killer he is. He worries about his own people. He worries about innocent people. He even worries about people who have done bad things, but perhaps for not so bad reasons. But he doesn’t have any problem doing his job and he doesn’t flinch when he has to take out bad guys. That’s part of what makes him dangerous. “Oh look, a nice guy in a suit….” But when he goes to work he is a force to be reckoned with.

        Yes that final Garrett death was funny. and Yes Coulson did not blink once when he took out super Garrett, but also remember that 1. He’d already been “killed” once. 2. Both Coulson and Fury declared the guy insane. 3. Garrett betrayed everything Coulson ever stood. 4. He destroyed S.H.E.I.L.D. 5. Garrett probably killed almost all the people Coulson considered friends when Hydra took out S.H.E.I.L.D. 6. Garrett personally betrayed Coulson by pretending to be his friend. Coulson takes friendship very seriously. He is willing (and has) died for people he considers friends. For Garrett to betray that kind of faith and trust… I think that Garrett’s death scene and Coulson’s total lack of care shows just how much Coulson had written Garrett out of his life – his death wasn’t even worth batting an eye over. Finding a misplaced weapon was more important, and more exciting, than making sure Garrett was dead.

    • John says:

      I completely agree with you about the Garrett-second-death scene. It felt forced. And while others have more than made the point about Coulson not really needing to put a lot of heavy emotion into dispatching Garret, they all gloss over the other parts.

      It isn’t led into well. I had to do a quick rewind to double-check that the bloodied figure was actually Garrett and not some random Hydra agent.

      His first death scene was ALREADY fully Whedoned. Coulson and Fury spend half the fight making fun of him.

      Why was Garrett’s casket in that room at all? An earlier scene showed people carrying his casket out.

      Why doesn’t Coulson care at all that Garret killed that other guy on the floor. Poor taste Coulson. Check his pulse. Pretend for a second he has a name and family and isn’t just “dead jerk”.

  19. Sara says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome episode!!! I seriously threw my hands up and shrieked when Fury pulled FitzSimmons out of the ocean! What an entrance! I am so worried about Fitz though. I hope he recovers. He is probably my favorite character after Coulson. Also a little worried about Coulson though with that last shot. I am also glad to see that there was more development on the Skye front.
    I know a lot of people feel it started off a little slow, but this was an amazing ride of a season. Is it September yet?

    • Christina says:

      I’m worried about Fitz too! I’m okay with him recovering for an episode or two, but he BETTER not have amnesia, and if he’s completely different I’m going to die inside a bit. Part of me just hopes the writers realize how great FitzSimmons is as a pair, and let them be. They’re hands down my favorite part of this show, though right now most everyone else is a tied for second (albeit a far second.)

  20. Mary says:

    Way better than the Once finale which ended in disappointment for me. Now I can’t wait to learn more about whatever Skye really is and that weird stuff that Coulson was putting into the wall. Happy to see Simmons alive and well at the end, but I hoped to see Fitz is okay. Coulson blasting Garrett was awesome. I almost thought he’d be around for another season. Glad that Mike Peterson is back to being a good guy again. Oh, and I’m glad Tripplett will be part of the team next season. More Fury dropping by too!

    • Tess says:

      I hope Fitz is okay too – Simmons without Fitz would just be weird. They’re cute together and make more sense to couple up than Ward with Skye (or May for that matter). I hope the team is back together come next season (but with Triplett replacing Ward permanently). I wouldn’t mind if they bring Mike Perterson into the new SHIELD fold as well and Patton Oswalt’s new character Billy would even be fun to see stick around a bit as well. I think the show really managed to gain its footing with the build up and aftermath of the last Captain America film and they’ve set themselves up well going forward now too – most of the early kinks are gone and the last several weeks really delivered in terms of entertainment and excitement. I’m actually looking forward to next season (which late last year I would probably not have said).

  21. analog says:

    Ward should have been killed as well.

  22. In the “one man” speech Garrett gives I think you meant to leave out the “a part of” bit… That’s the important bit he omitted!!
    Great episode, and so funny! I had lots of laugh out loud moments. Live Coulson’s deadpan approach to action.

    • CW says:

      Yes, this. Garrett thought the speech was: “One man can accomplish anything once he realizes he’s something bigger.” Fury clarifies that it’s actually “One man can accomplish anything once he realizes he’s A PART OF something bigger.”

  23. Elle says:

    “I know what this does.” Absolute favorite line, what an awesome callback to The Avengers. I kept cracking up the entire episode, the one liners were amazing. I give it a solid 9/10, and I’m putting money on Ward showing up next season as a continuing adversary.

    • Nicole says:

      I hope they make him a regular!!! He is fantastic and would love to see h

    • JLK says:

      That was my favorite line too. Sadly, I had to explain my delighted amusement to my husband. Sometimes I wonder if I married the right guy. :)

  24. csr says:

    Omg that was awesome. Will watch it again tomorrow.

  25. Marz says:

    Great episode! I especially loved the part where Garrett comes back, uses the machine to make himself even more powerful, starts to give a speech about how they should have cut off his head, and then Coulson blows him up. It was such a Whedon thing to do–seriously, almost the exact same thing happened on Buffy with Dracula.

  26. Kat says:

    so many great moments in this episode. i laughed, cried, cheered, yelled…can’t wait for season 2

  27. Griffin says:

    Loved it! But … Fitz! Is he coming back?

    • reboot2099 says:

      He’ll probably be back, but I hope he’s not coming back in cyborg form! I think they mined that well enough already :)

      • Tamim says:

        He might not be cyborg, but maybe he will end up a clone? I know that Eric and Billy might be Life Model Decoys, but maybe Fitz, too? Also, because his brain was deprived of oxygen some things might be missing and need to be filled in and relearned. BUT, as someone who is basically a computer, he might get even smarter and build cooler things?

  28. Coulson taking out Garrett mid-STOP was the single best scene of the season. Loved every bit of this finale. SO happy it was renewed. I think it`s really found its stride.

  29. James D says:

    wow that was freaking fantastic, from Garrett pulling a dudes rib out and stabbing him with it (doesn’t get more badass then that) to the shellacking May gave Ward awesome episode. Fury was just the gravy. and so many thinks to look forward to next season. Will Coulson go full Kree?, who or what is Sky’s Daddy?, what will happen to Ward?, and what’s Fitz going to be like? oh and can we please get Patton Oswalt as a series Regular that would be sweet! damn the dog days of summer I can’t wait to watch season 2

    • James D says:

      * things

      • Remember, there’s gravitation and Raina still loose. I suspect Sky will lured in to Ward, but not for too long once she finds the strength to find resolve in her past. Coulson is good, so any biological power he has gained will only add to his existing characteristics. I believe Agents of SHIELD is on its way to huge success!

  30. reboot2099 says:

    So, I am really the only one who felt like this episode was not that great? I mean, yeah, there were good moments, especially with Fury and Coulson, but I wasn’t surprised. And even if I could’ve been, I didn’t care.

    It was obvious Deathlock would come back to the good side when his son was free.

    It was obvious Fitz and Simmons would McGyver their way out of there, although I must admit the part about Fitz not being back as he was IS a surprise. But since we didn’t see him, I don’t really care. Yet. Might change in season 2 if he was really changed and not back to normal.

    It was obvious Garrett would die (although I won’t elaborate on that joke again, I did it in an earlier post). I would’ve liked for him to be on the run and finish that sub-plot of seeing the universe instead of just transferring it to Coulson.

    It was obvious Coulson would go kinda mad or at least be changed, by what he said in the video where we learned he was in charge of the resurrection project.

    It was obvious we’d learn more about Skye but I really hoped we’d learn much more than that. I am not intrigued by her father, as much as I could’ve been if we’d seen him totally.

    It was obvious Ward wasn’t going to die and won’t be a big villain coming up. The whole “be your man” speeches we got these last 2 episodes are telegraphing his redemption. And I hope I am wrong on that, and he stays a villain.

    What surprised me a little though, was that Fury had a bigger role than I thought, and it was fun. But that “I will be everywhere speech” with him looking at the camera with both his eyes, was kinda corny.

    Also, the Koenig LMD was kinda surprising, I was expecting a flashback. But I just am dreading the easy LMD explanation next time someone dies in the Marvel Universe movies and TVs, like they did in the comics. And that doesn’t make me excited, but scared. But I DO like this character and hope he stays around anyways.

    Yes, I am nitpicking. But I didn’t nitpick that much on the last 4 or 5 episodes because even though some of it was not that great, it was still very fun overall. I sadly didn’t think that about this episode, even thoguh the writing was funnier than most episodes.

    • Lyndsey says:

      Seriously man, it’s just a TV show. Lighten up! Sure we could have all predicted the good guys would come out on top, but this is Marvel, not Breaking Bad, so that’s what we want to see. It was not obvious, however, in the “how” they would come out on top. The fun of a show like this is in the “how”! Seriously, we all knew that Buffy was going to win by the end of pretty much every episode, but we still enjoyed the ride. Tonight the ride was just pure, unadulterated fun…..and that’s never a bad thing.

      • reboot2099 says:

        That’s my point, I wasn’t thrilled by the ride. I didn’t find the episode was that bad, maybe my words and the fact I didn’t emphasize the good things made it sound like I hate everything. That’s not the case.

        I just felt that it was a nice enough episode, but not just worth of a finale, for me, because in a finale, I want to be surprised, especially since previous episodes did it, like when we learned Ward was Hydra. I guess that’s my problem: I got spoiled from previous surprising episodes and was anticipating a big, surprising, cliff-hanger.

        • JLK says:

          Considering that they got a late renewal, they probably didn’t want to have too big of a cliffhanger ending…just in case it was the last episode ever.

          • reboot2099 says:

            Yes, but in an interview, the producers said it wasn’t written as a series finale. I just assumed that meant a big cliff-hanger. Which you could argue that Skye’s father, Raina taking off with the gravitonium, Coulson writing on the wall WERE cliff-hangers, I just expected Ward-is-evil level of surprise :) My bad :) I’m sure if I watch it again in 2 months, I’ll like it better. Maybe :)

        • Sara says:

          I’m glad it wasn’t a huge cliffhanger. It dangled enough to keep me interested and excited but not like seriously angsty for 4 months.

        • Bruce says:

          Hey, you keep posting how you weren’t thrilled with this ep and that’s cool, everyone is entitled to their opinion…but no one has been forcing you to watch the show, right?

          • reboot2099 says:

            Nope. But I also said in several posts in this thread and others that I do like the show. The last few episodes were great and that’s given me hope. Even the finale, I didn’t find it boring (crap was way too strong a word, I was cranky).

            I found a lot of fun in this episode, like Fury and Coulson together. I also found some bad things, whether I am right or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s my opinion. I didn’t dwell on the good things since everybody else was doing it.

            I just wanted to know if somebody had the same opinion as me, that the show wasn’t perfect. People on this site don’t, others on other site do. I am really glad the show is greenlit for another season and people enjoy it. I hope it grows :) I just find bad things in everything I like because ntohing is perfect. Not even myself because some of my posts last night were dumb and not thought out :P

    • Everything is obvious in hindsight. Personally none of the things you found obvious were obvious to me – I’ve long since learned to stop second guessing anything the Whedon crew might do. And at least a few of your “obviouses” still haven’t been fully explained so at best you’re only guessing. Most shows this year did not finish with big surprising cliffhangers. They closed out their main plots and put in a few hooks for next year. Its a far politer way to finish than getting into a new story that we might never get to see finished. Comics get cancelled in mid-story all the time but at least they can bring characters and plots into other titles to finish them off. TV doesn’t work that way.

    • djxiii says:

      I think, in the end, you just came in with too many preconceived ideas and expectations about what this finale was going to be. A lot of things you say are obvious, were not obvious to everyone watching. My wife, for instance, was on the ride of her life throughout the episode. As you can see from the posts up and down here, the general consensus is VERY positive. Don’t sweat it, it happens. If you really liked the ride from Turn, Turn, Turn until now, I think you just need to take this episode in stride and look forward to Season 2.

      • reboot2099 says:

        You see, I am 40 years-old, and I’ve been reading comic books and watching sci-fi since I’m 9 years old. So my problem is, for me, there are no new ideas, only better executions. For someone like your wife, maybe a great concept she hasn’t seen, executed decently, will make her happy. For me, it has to be either executed perfectly (to my taste, we’re all different, of course) or very surprising.

        And that’s what I felt this episode lacked. I saw things coming, some things I didn’t see coming were great (like the Fury/Coulson moments) and some that left me cold. I’ve seen better humor in Buffy or Avengers, and that Garrett/Coulson gag was done a couple times by Whedon himself and those times felt less forced.

        All-in-all, it was an enjoyable episode (I know reading my posts, it seemed like I hated it, I didn’t), it just didn’t have the surprising aspect I have come to expect from a finale. I might’ve been less hard over that if we didn’t already have a “finale moment” in a few “normal” episodes. I think the Ward is evil moment is a great moment I didn’t see coming and was, maybe unfairly, awaiting a similar surprising moment that never came.

        I did enjoy the last few episodes and am looking forward to a much better second season! I will just try to lower my expectations a bit and just enjoy the ride :)

  31. j says:

    Loved it, but I have a LOT of questions about the future direction of the show. Is Ward off the show for good? I won’t miss him, but they seemed to be building to something with him and Skye that I figured would be much more climactic than what we got tonight. How do you “rebuild” S.H.I.E.L.D.? Is it basically going to be the “case of the week” format that it was in the beginning? I hope not, because it’s much better when it’s slightly serialized the way the movies are.
    Wish list for next season: No Ward; series regular status for Triplet and Cobie Smolders (even though I’m sure she won’t); more of the artist formally known as Deathlok and Patton Oswald; more focus on May, Triplet, and FitzSimmons (I hope their relationship sticks, it could be interesting as long as they don’t overdo it); less focus on Skye and Coulson; more cross-overs with the movies (the Lady Sif episode was one of my favorites); a single setting that isn’t the plane; and one villain/evil group for each half of the season.

    • reboot2099 says:

      Good questions I was asking myself.

      Another one I thought was going to be resolved in the last few episodes, is Graviton. When the doctor went into the gravitonium, I immediately thought he’d be the big bad of the season. I was wrong, but at least they didn’t forget about him. In the comics, he’s a fun villain, I hope we’ll see him soon enough. They need a big super-powered villain.

    • Ela says:

      I so need Cobie as a series regular, but I am afraid that Josh Radnor will just appear with a blue french horn under his arm…

  32. Wyatt Clough says:

    I dont think I have enjoyed an hour of tv this season, short of 24, this much. I literally howled with delight when Fury was on the surface with his hand outstretched. unbelievable hour! what a finale! The folks who bailed sure missed the boat. A-Ma-zing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Joey Padron says:

    Great season finale. Guess they’ll show Skye’s dad next season. Can’t wait to see which actor will play character. Interesting how much of Ward they’ll show next season in prison. Not good something is wrong with Coulson at end of episode. Good to see Nick Fury again.

  34. There had never been a better show than this! I’m so happy and thrilled to see my favorite teams come together from the universe. It’s what it’s supposed to be. MARVEL can never be disconnected. All the characters share a common purpose and to see it unfold on film is just miraculous! Way to go MARVEL studios and two thumbs up for Joss and his team!

  35. Sam Blinder says:

    The alien diagrams were part of a previous episode back when Ward was a good guy. I think it was in a Russian compound where May saved them all (“that’s why they call her the cavalry”). Does anyone remember which episode this was?

  36. Liam Tait says:

    So are we thinking Skye and Raina are Inhumans? I got that sort of vibe, especially with the talk of evolution, change and transformations which can mean only one thing as long as Marvel doesn’t own the X Men.

    • reboot2099 says:

      Yes, that was what I got from that too. I thought Garrett was going to become the High Evolutionary, with all the evolution talk, before he got killed. But since Marvel can’t use mutants, Inhumans as a replacement for mutants make sense. Although I would’ve thought they’d be own by Fox as they were introduced in the Fantastic Four. But I also heard a few years ago Marvel was planning a Inhuman movie. So who knows what’s up with all these weird rights issues.

    • Richard says:

      FYI: Marvel DOES own X Men

  37. Phil Wilson says:

    Skye’s dad is either the real mandarin as shown is all hail the king or is like a wendigo or maybe even Mephiso. And the engravings must have something to do with kree/universe/Thanos. I hope it will get hinted upon in guardians. Can’t wait till fall!

    • reboot2099 says:

      Coulson’s and Garrett’s writing are most probably Kree, you’re right. I bet they’re connected with the Supreme Intelligence. And that will be the connection to Guardians Of the Galaxy, opening only a few weeks before the second season starts.

      But Skye’s father the mandarin or Mephisto? I don’t think so. It is more likely either a Kree or an Inhuman. Or maybe another thing I didn’t consider. But Mandarin isn’t a monster, just a guy with alien rings. And Mephisto, I don’t see him showing his face in this show. Too supernatural for this show.

      • Katie_Mead says:

        Those drawings looked like a huge systems diagram to me, so I assumed it was a graphic representation of the universe, or at least, a portion thereof. Then, it seemed to be a form of blueprint for a seriously complex machine. But Kree sounds just as likely. We’ll see! :)

        • reboot2099 says:

          When I say it’s Kree, I don’t mean it is literally Kree language, but it is coming from the Kree. So, you might be right. It could be blueprints for a Kree machine, or the workings of the Universe, transmitted by the Supreme Intelligence. I am sure is IS connected to the Kree though :)

        • Aaron says:

          We saw those drawings before in the episode ‘Eye Spy”

    • Zach Adams says:

      I am still thinking she is actually Jessica Drew, a.k.a. Spider Woman. The father stuff does seem to fit. Her given name from the orphanage was Mary Sue Poots. LOL. I cant say or type that without laughing, but it was not her birth name, which teh shield document looks like the first and last named COULD start with a J and a D.

    • Lo says:

      Interesting, I would have guessed Deadpool given that he looked all burned.

      • reboot2099 says:

        Can’t be Deadpool, he’s owned by Fox. And yes, I know it’s not fun crossing theories off just by looking at who has the rights to certain characters. I really wish Marvel could use all of THEIR characters,

  38. Dj says:

    This didn’t feel like a tv show. It felt like a mini marvel movie.

  39. Lia says:

    “… minus injured Simmons …” . Injured Fitz. Jenna Simmons is the woman.

  40. Steve F. says:

    Two words describe tonight’s finale for me: HELL. YEAH.

    From the Fury appearance saving FitzSimmons (I yelled out, “FURY!”), to May giving Ward what he deserved, to Coulson receiving his Loki boomstick (“I know what this does.” PRICELESS!), to Garrett’s final “game over”, to the Koenig LMD(?)… this season finale was the payoff! All those people who jumped ship, you all don’t know what you’re missing – or as a certain character in Game of Thrones likes to say, “You know nothing.”

    For Season Two, hoping that B.J. Britt is promoted to series regular, Lola gets repaired, Koenig is revealed to be a LMD, we see what Skye is, and what those diagrams Coulson and Garrett were drawing.

    Great stuff! Thanks for the ride this season!

    • Sara says:

      I was flat out cackling when Coulson got his Loki weapon back and made his little quip. That was a huge highlight for me!

  41. Rick Katze says:

    Wonderful ending with a taste of what is to come next season without artificially creating a “to be continued” blurb in the middle of the story. Too bad that so many other writers/producers haven’t learned from Whedon.

    Fitz, having sent out a signal on the SHIELD frequency, made it easy to determine where Fury would appear.

    Hopefully next season won’t have the artificial constraints that caused the first half of the season to be slow and disjointed. I realize they couldn’t really expose the story until Captain American 2 premiered . Hopefully they will not have Avengers 2( due in 2015?) cause more artificial constraints on the story. next year.

  42. Andy says:

    Am I the only one that was kinda hoping for the machine to turn Garrett into Ultron to set up “Age of Ultron?”

  43. tv2day says:

    Pretty good. Would have been better if they would have let the nerd kid die underwater.

  44. Tai says:

    I absolutely loved the finale. It was perfect. I seriously cannot stop laughing over Garrett’s final moments there. I was concerned for a moment but Coulson took care of it. I’m really feel like the show has it’s stride and I can’t wait to see what season two looks like. Especially if there is more Tripp. I barely paid him any mind when he was first introduced and now I love him. Really need him to be around full time next season. Gah, can’t wait for fall now!!

  45. raych says:

    amazing but am i the only one who doesnt want ward to leave and also wants him to come back to the gud side???? i mean he saved simmons from that deathfall, he connected with fitz, he had chemistry with may (even tho they wanted him with skye sorry dn like her but dn want her to leave) he made real connections. it cnt all hv bin fake ans they cnt all hv forgotten!!!! #sigh** ges im in the minus. otherwise superb episode thank you thank you thank you………….

    • reboot2099 says:

      I am in the “don’t make Ward a good guy” club, but that said, I think he will eventually come back to the good side. I don’t WANT to, but I think he will.

      It is obvious he cares for the team up to a point. He said it himself, he didn’t want them hurt (although his line to Skye in this episode where he said he’ll take what he wants..yeah, not good guy territory).

      And this episode was thick with “be your own man, don’t follow anyone” and he knows things about Skye. I think he will help the team a few times, then they will magically forget all the wrong he’s done and by the end of season 2, rejoin them.

      I hope I am wrong, but you might have your wish, eventually :)

      • raych says:

        im waiting with bated breathe….he is hella cool. he proved himself and it was pretty much beyond the call of duty. he shld b good please.. il still watch even if he isnt but i wld appreciate it. nd wats worse is we blaming ward but garreth saved him, gv him the control he had bin lacking it was a lose lose for ward #sobsob

  46. Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

    This was pretty much the best episode of anything I’ve seen this year.

  47. GeoDiva says:

    Awesome episode! I love the moment when Clouson realized that he was an Avenger!

  48. Quinn Mallory says:

    This was fun and exciting and everything that I wanted in this show. It just goes to show that with the extra money for the pilot and finale, how good this show can be. Now if they can just consistently produce episodes this entertaining for all of the episodes in between…

  49. Alicia says:

    Loved the finale! I loved Fury! I didn’t think he was going to be in it as much as was! I personally have no Idea why, but the line where Skye was talking about May being pissed was my favorite line. I think it was the delivery of it. I loved Fitz willing to sacrifice himself for Simmons! I think he will be fine. I could totally see them being romantic, but it would also work if they weren’t because the part where he said you are so much more than while being rather romantic could also be interpreted as her being his family! Though I would love to see a Triplett/Simmons/Fitz, love triangle next season.

    My nitpick for the episode is the fact that the stupid cybertek people should have realized that A. Skye doesn’t know how to build a bomb. B. As Ward said she isn’t a killer. They had been giving instructions to the centipede soldiers including Deathlok the entire season.

    Looking forward to season 2! I really want to know what the alien writing was about and what Skye is. I’m looking forward to more character development. I’m looking for to May being Skye’s SO and teaching her how to kick some ass in the next season. Seeing what Fitzsimmons can build next season.

    I’m hoping that Ward appears again not to be redeemed, but as a fountain of information and possibly to get his ass kicked by Skye this time and to do it without her powers!

  50. Jess says:

    Eh it wasn’t that good. I feel like the good guys never let the villains talk. They’re just OH YOU’RE A BAD GUY SO YOU DON’T GET TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF. And sometimes I feel like Coulson and Skye are very bullyish toward people like Ward. I mean he was just being loyal to the man who showed him how to survive and the good guys were making fun of him for being a follower when they were doing the exact same thing for SHIELD. It sends a very mixed message.

    • reboot2099 says:

      I didn’t quite like the episode myself and, admittedly, my reasons, as pointed by others, were not really great. Well, I had some problems conveying my points.

      But I think your reason beats mine, in the not-that-good-department :) Unless you’re trolling, in which case I lose, but hey, I don’t mind :P

      So, to make it clear, (and I am not religious, this is purely as an example), if you said god told you to go give to the poor and you did, it’s the same thing as if the devil told you to go kill someone and you did? You both would be crazy, if you heard and followed those voices, but I guess one would be crazier than the other :P

      DISCLAIMER: I am in no way bashing religion. I am just trying to make a point. You can substitute any example you’d prefer, I just thought of this one, it’s late :P

    • Okay I follow what you’re saying. But you have to remember that we (the viewers) got Ward’s back-story. The other characters did not, so they know nothing about the Ward / Garrett relationship. Anyway simply being loyal does not give you the right to do bad things. If it did then every gang member on the planet would be claiming “i was being loyal”. And so what if the exSHIELD lot were bullying Ward? He was a traitor. He sold them out. He killed a massive number of people. I don’t know about you but if a friend of mine did that I would be very hurt and I would react very negatively.

    • Cideric Rhyes says:

      Umm…Coulson and Fury let Garrett talk enough for Fury to come to the conclusion that Garrett had gone insane.

      Additionally Skye gave Ward a chance albeit a small one. However it should noted Wards biggest supporter was Fitz, who he supposedly tried to kill.