The Voice Top 5 Performance Recap: Finals Exam

The Voice - Season 6With only two weeks left in The Voice‘s sixth season, you’d think executive producer Mark Burnett would finally be comfortable letting the five remaining contestants hog the spotlight.

But like the two diggers’ worth of animal dung that Adam Levine dumped onto Blake Shelton’s shiny red pickup truck out in the show’s parking lot tonight, there always seems to be something getting in the way of this undeniably terrific quintet of vocalists.

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Look! It’s Carson Daly kicking off the episode with a way-too-long shout-out to Transformers: Age of Distinction, “a huge movie that everybody’s looking forward to!” — minus, at a minimum, myself and star Mark Wahlberg, whose brief promotional appearance filled him with all the outward joy of a restaurant patron impaling the roof of his mouth with a clam shell during a paella dinner.

Listen! It’s Usher calling Shakira “an incredible young Cuban fire-hot ball” — despite even casual fans of the show knowing she’s Colombian (and that maybe we need to retire any variation on the adjective “fiery” to describe Latinas — rápidamente). (One segment later, Carson corrected the error, and Shakira scored her best one-liner of the season: “If I’m from Cuba, he’s from the great state of Nashville!” she giggled, referencing Usher’s Season 4 confusion over the Tennessee capital being its own state.)

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And yep, let us pause to consider the aformentioned, manure-scented distraction that only proved how awkward it is when Adam attempts to match Blake’s effortless sense of humor. (Is it possible Mr. Shelton has never been invited to host Saturday Night Live, or does Justin Timberlake writes him a six-figure check every time Blake turns such offers down?)

Alas, the show’s obsession with its coaches will probably prove as tough to quell as the Screaming Mimi who’s always harmonizing with The Voice theme going out of and coming into commercial breaks, but that’s not gonna stop me from focusing on what’s important: Finding a successor to Season 5 champ Tessanne Chin, a successor who (we can only hope) can build some real traction on the Billboard charts.

With that in mind, let’s jump to letter grades for the episode’s performances — each contestant selected one ditty as a tribute, and got assigned a seocond song by his or her coach:

Kristen Merlin (Team Shakira): Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead” — Grade: B | Kristen honored her Massachusetts hometown with a song about… an abused woman greeting her paroled mate with a loaded shotgun? (A song, incidentally, that’s been covered more times on reality singing shows lately than a rich lady’s backyard pool on a windy day.) Yeah, the subject matter was a little jarring juxtaposed with the dedication, but I understood Ms. Merlin’s desire to prove she can hold onto her pitch — and the audience’s attention — while simultaneously working the stage. Yet while Kristen’s Shaki-esque vibrato added a nice bit of texture to the choruses, there were also moments where Kristen struggled to be heard over the show’s background vocalists. As a “Get Out the Vote/Convert the Vote” strategy to get her to the finals, alas, this was about as effective as a flyer slipped under a stranger’s windshield wiper. (Still better than Shakira’s bizarre “You represent all the minorities out there!” talking point, though.)

Josh Kaufman (Team Usher): John Legend’s “All of Me” — Grade: A- | Before I praise Josh’s nuanced hearbreaker of a performance, can I please have permission to roll my eyes at the highly literal framed photos of Josh’s family that some overzealous set designer (or Usher) insisted on using as a backdrop. (Missed opportunity for some Olan Mills promotional synergy, Mark Burnett!) Anyhow, one of Josh’s great strengths as an artist is the way he controls his pitch on quiet whispered moments as easily as he does on big, belty notes. “All of Me” was a case study in this skill set, with the college tutor’s husky lower tone transitioning effortlessly into falsetto, his intimate pillow talk giving way to bursts of passion on lines like “head underater, but I’m breathing fine.” The guy is bloody fantastic, and it’s not really up for debate, even. That said, I’d love it if for once — just once! — Adam didn’t start his critique by telling us he let Josh go during the battles; I mean, keep yelling faux self-deprecating garbage like “I’m a moron!” and eventually we might start believing you, Adam! (Maybe we already do?!)

Kat Perkins (Team Adam): Sia’s “Chandelier” — Grade: A- | Adam’s not above sabotaging one of his team members to ensure a Chosen One’s survival — he’s the Darwin of the panel, to be sure — so is it possible he steered Season 6’s rocker chick toward a very tricky EDM track and a Disney princess ballad — without a single song from her preferred genre — in order to bolster Christina’s chances? Quite possibly. But despite certain members of my household (AKA my hubby) wincing at the way Kat swooped upward and twistingly against Sia’s insane melody — like a BMX stunt rider flying off a ramp– I found myself in a a dual state of being impressed (“Yowza! Is there a note Kat can’t hit?”) and deeply moved (by the way Kat brought to life the desperate party girl at the center of the song). If this polarizing track leads to Kat’s ouster, at least she exits on a high note — or 20 (but who’s counting?).

Jake Worthington (Team Blake): Waylon Jennings’ “Good Ol’ Boys” — Grade: B+ | And the award for Most Improved Vocal Vs. Last Week goes to… drumroll please (and imagine the next two words in the voice of an excited Carson Daly)… “Jake! Worthington!” Granted, the Texas teenager’s rock-solid rendition of “Good Ol’ Boys” still didn’t play like Top 3 material, not to my ears anyway, but there was an aw-shucks charm to Jake’s entire performance — along with good pitch and a little bit of rhythmical improvosation — that made it pleasing to the ear. Mind you, I’m not sure if his singing-boy-next-door style makes him any more of an American than someone from the Bronx or Chicago or South Dakota or the middle of Wyoming — as Adam and Blake semed to suggest — but hey, that’s Mark Burnett’s narrative, and he’s obviously stickin’ with it.

Christina Grimmie (Team Adam): Imogean Heap’s “Hide and Seek” — Grade: B- | Christina has definitely won me over in the past month with her divalicious belting and potent stage presence. Still, I can’t pretend Adam’s Vocoder-heavy arrangement and choice of an Enya-esque cover painted her in the modern, take-charge light with which The Voice has previously portrayed her. As Usher pointed out, the opening half of the performance was marked by a disconnect — emotion got trumped by awkward staging and mood lighting –but Christina’s prior body of work makes her a lock for the finale, so maybe a little experimentation — even of the unsuccessful variety — was apt this week?

Josh Kaufman (Team Usher): One Republic’s “Love Runs Out” — Grade: A- | Speaking of risks, how about Josh shifting out of the smooth-soul lane and into raucous, rockin’ territory? Dude grabbed ahold of the melody of OneRepublic’s latest ditty like a cheetah to an impala’s leg, the ferocity of his desire to crack the finals almost palpable, the staccato punch of lines like “I’ll be your light! Your match! Your burning sun!” as bracing as a blast of office-lobby air-conditioning on a boiling summer day. I would’ve maybe liked a little more boogie in place of Josh’s perfunctory stage-walking, but that’s just being nitpicky. Instead, I’ll just thank Josh for injecting some suspense into the proceedings (aka providing a possible narrative alternative to The Lady Grimmie’s victory march).

Kat Perkins (Team Adam): Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” (from Frozen) — Grade: C | It was super sweet of Kat to dedicate this Disney ballad to the family for whom she used to nanny, but the actual execution made about as much sense as storing your ice cube tray in a 450-degree oven. The verse seemed like it was pitched too low, with several noticable intonation woes, while the glory notes bordered on strident. And the “rockin'” arrangement was too cheesy by half. No, it wasn’t an Adele Dazim-level disaster, but Usher and Shakira’s faint praise — the former droned on about wanting an ice fortress on stage, the latter declared the song “an unexpected pick” — indicated there was blood in the (ice) water. Side note: What’s more irksome — Adam repeatedly referring to this 33-year-old woman as “a girl” or The Voice producers showing Kat out in the back lot before her performance, thus spoiling any surprise over Kat’s black-and-blue beaded gown?

Kristen Merlin (Team Shakira): Jewel’s “Foolish Games” — Grade: A | My heart broke a little for Kristen watching her eyes fill with tears of uncertainty during her rehearsal package. But once she took the stage for her actual performance, the only heartbreak centered on the tale of bad romance being spun by the country cutie. I loved the way her voice almost mimicked the band’s string section in the opening lines, the way she pulled back the verses to something just a half-step louder than a whisper — a choice that made her emotions even more explosive, her delivery even more chilling when she tapped into her anger and disappointment to belt lines like “Excuse me, I must’ve mistaken you for somebody else/ Somebody who gave a damn/ Someone more like me.” The chorus was, in a word, gorgeous — and it came at just the right moment in the competition, too. I just wish the producers had seen fit to let Kristen have the last word (for once) and close the show — an honor that Team Shakira hasn’t experienced since the Battle Rounds back in March.

Christina Grimmie (Team Adam): .fun’s “Some Nights” — Grade: B+ | Adam’s fellow coaches clearly don’t want him occupying two of the three finale slots, thus explaining their critiques that centered mostly on the balloons that fell from the rafters on the final chorus and the fact that Christina decided to explore more of a pop-rock lane after leaning R&B most of the season. Still, while this was far from Christina’s best work on the show, it once again displayed her vocal dexterity and ability to stay in tune in the face of difficult high notes and tricky wordplay. Yeah, girlfriend needs to be careful not to veer into the tippy-top of her range — aka the strident part — but I appreciated the attempt to show a different side of her artistry during a crucial crossroad in the competition.

Jake Worthington (Team Blake): Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” — Grade: C+ | Jake seems like a nice kid — or at least Blake Shelton’s done a dang good job making him look that way. But, honestly, I heard nothing remarkable at all in his countrified cover of “Heaven” — not the quavery nervousness in the opening verse, not the intermittent pitch problems, either. To my mind, Jake hasn’t yet made the leap from reality-show contestant to viable post-show artist, but the production chose to give him the coveted episode-closing spot rather than the far worthier Kristen. Not only that, but Usher gave Jake an added gift of mentioning “issues” with Jake’s throat — aka a cold that affected his performance. Blake, never missing an opportunity to subtly build his contestant’s popularity, added that Jake never would’ve mentioned his illness, and “that’s what I respect about you, man.” Hey, why would he need to mention it when half the panel is doing it for him?

SHOULD BE BOTTOM 3: Kat, Jake, Christina (Kat and Jake going home)
WILL BE BOTTOM 3: Kat, Jake, Kristen (Kat and Jake going home)

What did you think of the Top 5? Who were your faves? Who’s in trouble? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments! And for all my reality TV-related news, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Hodan says:

    Josh and Kristen were great tonight. Christina was not. Jake remains to be adorable and boring at the same time. Kat ruined my favorite song “Let It Go”. Thanks for that, Kat. But, it is soo obvious Christina is going to win this season. All that hype about how she is a winner already like they were doing with Danielle Bradbery. #CalledIt

  2. Andrew says:

    Wow the hate for jake is nuts. He was easily one of the top 3 singers tonight. Christina had a bad night and so did Kat.

    But oh no! Jake songs boring old country…let’s belittle him and the people that vote for him.

    He did 2 great songs tonight and KILLED Heaven and deservingly it’s rising the iTunes Charts.

    You know what a hater is? You should because you are one.

    • S7 Fan says:

      Jake Fan here, all season long.

    • Guest says:

      Country is boring for the straight white male, but it’d be politically incorrect for the nutjobs here to say Kristen is boring.

    • analythinker says:

      Look, I love Jake, he seems like a great kid, and I don’t hate him, of course. But sometimes I just wish country votes were not exclusive, know what I mean? I may lean more toward the rock/pop-rock genre, but when I hear great country songs on these reality competitions, I would definitely buy them and support the artist, beside my favorite(s).
      For loyalty reason, I tend to think that the majority of viewers of these competitions are country fans. If Mathematically speaking, those fans represent 40% of the votes, then the rest are split between other genres, which wouldn’t make it fair no matter which angle you see it from. Then again, obviously I can’t hope for ALL rock, alternative, heavy metal, even jazz lovers to tune in to these shows religiously, just to even out the vote. So… yeah.

    • Shay says:

      Team Jake!!!! He will be on top 3 tonight! And as for people saying how he’s made it so far….I’m still confused of why People aren’t saying that about Kristin! She absolutely sucks!! Every time she sings it’s so shaky it sounds like a dieing GOAT! Enough already! Go home! Jake and josh are my favorite the rest are just awful and sound like everyone else that’s been on there!

  3. Ana Andrade says:

    How I want the top 3 to go
    1. Josh
    2. Kristen
    3. Christina

  4. Angela says:

    Adam can call it refreshing all he wants, but Grimmie’s performance was underwhelming and deadly dull. Usher called it right: disconnected. I can only assume that deep down Adam really wants Kat to win because that whole production just sucked. Although I suppose in many way, Grimmie is the actually perfect artist for today, swamped by production, drowned out by background singers, and overwhelmed by electronic trickery.

  5. BW says:

    I have to say that I have been outraged with Jake hanging around. I thought he should have gone home in the first round of the live shows and certainly every round since. However, tonight, I felt that he sang very well. A C+ for his final song is far too low.

    That said, there’s something to be said for the entire body of work and so, clearly, Josh and Kristen should be the finalists. I would have been torn between Kristen and Christina but for Christina’s rendition of Some Nights which was…..well… awful song choice. I wouldn’t say it was a bad performance because people can only capably perform those tasks which they are suited to perform due to knowledge, skill and abilities. Christina is a great singer and I don’t believe that the song is a difficult one but it does not her range and abilities. So she performed it perfectly within her abilities it just sounded bad because it was not within her abilities to perform it well. Her only hope with that song would have been to fashion the song to herself….instead she tried to be true to Fun’s version….and it was a failure.

  6. mori_samuel says:

    Its obvious that its going to be josh, Jake and Christina in the final.

    is there going to be instant save this week?

    many ppl talk about giving props to Christina for trying something off the box. Excuse me! When Amanda brown or Sasha Allen sang something off the box, you all kept saying that she should stick to what they do well and shouldn’t it try anything new. Did Daniel bradberry or cassidee pope try something off the box? U try something risky only when u r sure that u can pull it off. I dont see what all this special attention Christina gets when others were criticized for that. U guys even commented badly when Shakira sang that country song with Blake and none of you even bothered to give her props . With that saying, Christina is gonna be in finals, producers will like the rating and they don’t like Kristen anyways

    • Your Mom says:

      Christina has put out a few albums already, and they sound the exact same. She is a pop singer and nothing more. Unless it is a candy pop or rap song being turned into a candy pop song. It is out of her range.

    • According to official rules… No Save tonight… “During The Voice (“Show”) results shows on April 22nd, 29th, and May 6th there will be an “Instant Save” where Twitter account holders can save one of the bottom three (3) (or bottom four (4) on the May 6th show) artists from elimination during the ET/CT live broadcast of the Show. There is one (1) voting method to participate in this Instant Save: Twitter account holders may participate by posting, from their Twitter account (“Twitter ID”) a Twitter message with the promoted hashtag and keyword corresponding to one (1) of the bottom three (3) (or bottom four (4) on the May 6th show) artists they want to save. “

  7. marren says:

    I thought Josh was good tonight and really liked Kat’s first song. I think someone who hasn’t heard Chandelier before might not appreciate that song. Jake seems to be improving but too little to late. Kristen is good, but not a standout. I still say that these younger ones that make mean faces (grimmie) when they don’t get saved ASAP or cry through their songs as Bria & Tess did, just won’t be able to cut it in the real world. It is easy for us on the sidelines to make snarky comments and rip these contestants, and as challenging as this show is for them, the real world with it’s difficulties and disappointments is going to be so much tougher. I see the more mature contestants like Josh or Kat being able to transform a voice win into a real career. Josh, Kat & Christina for the final 3, with Josh taking overall win.

  8. Davey says:

    If Jake wins The Voice I will have to see him at the Beacon Theater which I do not want to do. I cannot stand this guy who wants to sing redneck songs for a living.

    • Your Mom says:

      First off, not sure why you are going to a concert to see someone you dont like or a concert you dont know who is going to be there. Many people sing “redneck” songs for a living, Its called country music. Ive seen some really dumb comments, but Davey sir, you take the cake!

  9. Linda says:

    Josh and Jake have made the Top 10 on iTunes with Kristen just outside of the T10 at the moment. Hopefully she makes it a few more spots higher! I am sorry but Christina does NOT deserve the top 3!!

    • Emma says:

      A Josh, Jake, Kristen finale would be just fine with me. I’d LOL if Adam had both his remaining contestants eliminated tonight. He was a little OTT arrogant in his comments about his song picks last night.

  10. giselle says:

    Not only did Christina not have a good night, it looked like she was trying to perfect the pout. All through the chatter before the song and the coaches’ comments afterward she pouted, had a mad stare on her face, or just looked grouchy. It was almost like, I know I’m good and I shouldn’t have to put up with this. Or, maybe she was unhappy with her performance. I know I was. I like Josh and Kristen. I don’t know why Jake is still here except for his personality. This is called “The Voice,” not “The Personality,” and there were other singers who were better who were voted off before the viewers really got to see them performing for votes more than once or twice. To be really honest, the part I liked best about The Voice and American Idol this year is the Reality Checks with Michael and Melinda. They are really entertaining.

    • HUH says:

      It may be called The Voice, but the reality is that a career is equal parts personality and talent. In fact, in some cases, personality takes you far more than your talent — how else to explain the popularity of weak singers such as Rhianna, Britney, and Miley who are all packaging and little substance. For whatever reason, people just like them and happily ignore the fact that they aren’t particularly talented.

      • Random says:

        Miley need that change because that Hannah Montana bit was going die fast after she left Disney.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        You are my new favorite person for saying Rihanna is all packaging and little substance. None of my friends agree with me on that one, and I’ve been a party of one. I welcome you to the table. We are now a table for two and the first 5 rounds are on me.

    • Guest says:

      So I take it you bought Javier Colon’s album after he won? And then went back and bought his previous albums? The show is called The Voice, after all.

  11. Sara says:

    I actually disagree a bit with Michael’s thought that maybe Adam was trying to covertly throw Kat under the bus to clear the way for Christina. He (to me at least) has a very clear affection for Kat. The fact that during both his sets of comments for Christina, he also talked about Kat (but did not talk about Christina during his Kat comments) kinda made me think he is really trying to push Kat above Christina. To be clear, I love Kat. She is my far and away favorite and so when she goes home this week (I’m a realist), I will be super, super bummed and probably won’t watch the finale. Maybe this colors my perception of Adam’s actions, but I kinda got the impression that Christina was annoyed with Adam all night. I am getting the impression that Adam might lose both his contestants tomorrow, though.

    • HTGR says:

      No, that’s clearly not true. it was clear way back when Open arms from Kat was performance of the night been then he quickly forgot all about her and raved about Christina and performance of the season. And then tonight, he is like kat I’m gonna twitter save, save, save you! And then 5 minutes later he is telling the whole world to make sure to vote for Christina, Christina, Christina.

  12. Random says:

    It would be such a shame to see Christina go home after this one weak night when she has a ton of previous iTunes song votes under belt from throughout the season. If she goes Josh will take it.

  13. skrable2 says:

    Christina is winning this thing. The Grimmie Online Army will not be defeated. The rest of the season is just filler until the inevitable

  14. Random says:

    Christina is hands down the best singer on the show. I didn’t find flaws with her performances tonight, when clearly others did. But guess what? Who cares!!! She has proven herself week after week blowing everyone away not only with her amazing voice, but also with her ability to put her own spin on the hardest songs. Anything song she touches turns into gold. She deserves to win this entire thing.

    • Random says:

      Any song*

    • Your Mom says:

      That is laughable! She has ruined both songs she sang last night for me. Imogen Heaps Hide and Seek was autotuned. If she wanted it to be legit, she should have done it without the Auto-Tune. She should have left fun alone!

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Uh, no. I think you’re fundamentally misunderstanding what autotune is. Before making an inflammatory remark like that, you might want to check to make sure you’re correct, which you are clearly not.

      • HTGR says:

        I haven’t been huge on Christina, but I will still say that you are totally wrong when you say she was auto-tuned! That was NOT auto-tuned. The whole crowd they have watching this show now, as Adam says, doesn’t even get anything like this, they jsut want their simple and their plane, who cares about a risk or trying for a real performance.

  15. Ana Andrade says:

    Anyone else looking forward to seeing Tessanne, Jacquie, and Will perform again tonight?

  16. Name This Tune says:

    Well I voted for Josh and Kat. That’s all that needs to be said.

  17. I thought Kat’s first performance was the performance of the evening for several reasons: it was risky, it was POWERFUL, it was a song i was unfamiliar with now actually like more than the original, and it was true “performance.” IMHO! We all have our favorites and the people we don’t care for. Nothing will change that this late into the show. Challenging will always garner SOME favorites and MOSTLY haters, because it is by nature challenging and therefore scary to most. Adam was correct, and maybe in his Hubris he will lose because of it, but when he said if only the “Voice” alone, his team is the one to beat. That takes nothing away from the heartfelt performances of anyone else … they are all great singers with talent! We all throw around “pichty” and “shrill” like we actually know what those mean. And when it comes to a competition based on “votes” it is a popularity contest because the person with the MOST VOTES WIN. And when you spend more time showing the charming relationships between Blake and Jake, Shakira and Kristen and Usher and Josh, you garner “popularity” votes over performance votes. And popularity will always win over performance.

    • Mori_samiel says:

      Dude! Come on! Its obvious you will feel that way, When most coaches have one contestant and Adam has two. Each Coach is assigned only certain air time. If thats the case, how did Kristen come to live and so far ahead, She clearly had the worst )Least)air time coming live shows…Its surprising to see how skewed our analysis becomes when our favorite comes to danger….

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I agree to an extent. Josh’s, Kat’s, and Christina’s songs were insanely difficult, and in a perfect world, they would get credit for that. But you still need to execute. All three had enormous challenges to overcome, but Josh is the only one who made it look and sound effortless. I’m saying this as a diehard Kat fan. Kat might have been better served going the simple route like Kristen with Foolish Games. The audience is still listening for perfection and I don’t think they give a whole lot of credit for level of difficulty, even if they should.
      All that being said, I agree that Kat’s first performance — in light of the difficulty — was outstanding. Ignoring the difficulty, it was middle of the pack, which is what I think voters are doing.

    • Kaba says:

      On Voice alone, Adam’s team is to beat?
      Yeah he’s got 2 stellar singers but to say he’s the one to beat is a stretch considering people recognize Josh and Kristen for their voice as well.

  18. Your Mom says:

    Kat should have been gone two weeks ago! She is a nice coffee house singer. Nothing more, Josh has the VOICE. And its laughable to think Jake is going home, he has a top 10 sing on Itunes and his other is near top 15. So its safe to say based on this week. Josh and Jake are safe, its a toss up for which chick makes it! I hope both of Adams girls bite the dust!

    • There is nothing coffee house about Kat … she’d shatter the cups and explode the heads of the caffeine junkies. I guess I just like to be challenged and hear new things. I can forgive shaky vocals and nerves when there is something new to be had … we never grow if we don’t hear anything different. I look forward to see what Kat and Christina and Josh are going to do next. To a lesser extent Kristen and Jake. Do I look forward to seeing what Jake’s going to say next more than anyone else … ABSOLUTELY! But that’s a different show not called the Voice!

      • Your Mom says:

        Kat is not going to the final and I cannot wait to not hear that name come up again. But that is my opinion, and I dont think she should have been in the top 12.

  19. as says:

    Adams’ song choices were pretentious, the staging was over the top and his lecturing was borderline arrogant. Christina Grimmie has been the producers’ choice from the start, but she was not good last night. Finale: JOSH, Jake and I think Kristen might sneak in if they don’t have the Twitter save.

    • Emma says:

      Adam’s speech after Grimmie’s first song was odd… something like ‘we don’t care, we did what we wanted’… really? you don’t care, I think by the look on Grimmie’s face, she cared and she wasn’t a fan of the vocoder. I’m just speculating but that’s the impression I got. Kat should have stuck to classic rock, her songs were mind-boggling bad choices. The only way I see Grimmie not making the finale is if it’s her and Jake in the bottom 3 with Kat because I think Jake would probably win the insta-save.

  20. sd says:

    My favorites of the night were both songs by Josh and Kristen’s Foolish Games. Christina was terrible on both songs especially the Fun song. I prefer Sia’s version of Chandelier & didn’t think Kat lived up to that. She definitely screwed up with Let it Go. And what can I say about Jake–he’s obviously surviving on personality.

    As long as Josh makes the finals I’ll be happy. I’d love to see Kristen go through but that’s probably not realistic as it looks like Jake will take that country spot. If there’s a voice save Christina will probably take it even though I thought she was the worse of the night.

  21. Orphen says:

    Agreeing that Adam handicapped Kat and Grimmie with difficult song choices. And that Vocoder…I came into the season a Grimmie supporter, and so far she hasn’t disappointed but this was a really bad time to have her worst week in the past 4. I still think she makes it to the finals on the momentum of the last three weeks, but man. At least she looked just as bummed as her fans – the kid wears he heart on her sleeve and she was clearly unhappy.

    Josh is the best voice on the show. John Legend was a gimme choice, and he did great on the OneRepublic cover. The man will have a career after this.

    Jake is polarizing, but country will always be polarizing. I’d argue that he’s got the best stage presence of the final 5, and the dude is just likable. Audra had a far superior voice, but she got sent home. Hence I think Shakira’s gamble to take Merlin off the country track – she’s going to struggle in the battle to take Audra’s votes vs Jake. The current iTunes charts are already proof – Jake has both his and Audra’s votes (ie, the full Team Blake effect) and will get into the finals easily.

    Kristen’s between a rock and a hard place. Her “home” genre is country, but Jake with Blake behind him is formidable. Her voice in general is good, but is that enough? And historically Shakira has limited vote pull.

    Kat hasn’t had enough votes to be safe in the last two rounds. Seriously doubt she avoids bottom three, so she’s gonna have to rely on a save again (and I’m assuming it’s the same ol’ bottom 3 approach).

    My prediction:
    1. Josh (safe)
    2. Jake (safe)
    3. Grimmie
    4. Kristen
    5. Kat

    If it’s a Twitter vote, Grimmie has over 500,000 followers (and her 2 million YT fans). She gets in. She wasn’t great this week, but in my (biased) opinion her work over the last 4-5 weeks is superior to anyone else other than Kaufman. While I would enjoy Levine losing both his remaining artists, I believe Grimmie is talented enough to carve out a decent (niche?) music career. Can’t say the same for Kristen and Kat.

    • Your Mom says:

      Grimmie has already released several albums to no one noticing. With so many POP artists out there already, who have several singles, she will fall into that state as well. She is decent, but there are dozens of Disney stars who have the same talents!

  22. Patrick says:

    I don’t think I was introduced to The Voice until Season 3. My wife and kids and I all gathered around the TV and watched what we felt was a good show. A lot of diversity in that group of singers and performances. While I had my favorites, I felt relatively comfortable with whomever would have won in the end out of the last 5 participants.

    Then The Voice started to lose me in Season 4. I get that Blake Shelton is the country guy (and it’s not a genre I have grown to appreciate very much), but it really irked me that he made such a big deal about having a country artist. This isn’t “The Genre”…it’s “The Voice,” but each week he’d go out and push the country angle one way or another. Then the Swon Brothers kept advancing, and I couldn’t understand it. Tons of fun, deserve to be on the stage somewhere, but I couldn’t see them as deserving of the top 3. I could make an argument for Danielle Bradbury, because I thought her voice was fine and for whatever I thought she might be lacking compared to other contestants, it was hard for me to argue her coming out on top.

    We didn’t watch Season 5, but gave Season 6 a shot. Unfortunately, I feel it’s been more of the same. What is it that I’m not seeing? Plenty of people aren’t enamored with Jake, and I can’t understand how he’s made it this far. He could be the greatest guy in the world, but how is he in the top 5 (or possibly top 3)?

    Why do the coaches pander to him? I thought his kiss of death was going to be a few weeks ago when the coaches didn’t talk about his performance, but talked about the guts it took to go out there. The coaches have been so positive, that something like Adam’s critique of Bria really stand out — justified or not, that was such an awkward scene for this season. Would it kill them to be constructive about everyone, or just not be constructive at all?

    Oh well, I’m not trying to be on the anti-Jake bandwagon, I just have trouble when I feel it’s not based on his vocal ability, but on something else — allegiance to a genre or a coach…maybe it’s based on the performance, where you get wrapped up in a full band and an electric atmosphere.

  23. one of Caleb's retarded fans! says:

    iTunes rankings as of 10:00 AM EASTERN:

    4. Heaven – Jake Worthington
    5. All of Me – Josh Kaufman
    9. Foolish Games – Kristin Merlin
    13. Love Runs Out – Josh Kaufman
    14. Good Ol’ Boys – Jake Worthington
    25. Hide and Seek – Christina Grimmie
    30. Some Nights – Christina Grimmie
    36. Let It Go – Kat Perkins
    51. Gunpowder and Lead – Kristin Merlin
    63. Chandelier – Kat Perkins

  24. Jan says:

    You know, people talk about how invincible Christina is, yet she keeps getting outsold on iTunes. Three of last night’s songs are currently in the Top 10 on iTunes — none of them are Christina’s (Jake Worthington actually leads the way: “Heaven” is at #4, Josh Kaufman’s cover of “All of Me” is at #8 and Kristen Merlin’s “Foolish Games” is at #13.

    Josh’s other song, “Love Runs Out” is at #13 and Jake’s 2nd song, “Good Ol’ Boys” is at #17. Christina’s two songs are at #25 (“Hide and Seek”) and #32 (“Some Nights”).

    Obviously she will get twitter saved if she lands in the Bottom 3, but I don’t see any sign that she is this unstoppable force, or that she’ll become this huge star once she’s off the show. She might become one, but it looks far from guaranteed.

  25. Emma says:

    Goodbye Kat. The only suspense about tonight will be who the second person eliminated is. My guess is Kristen because if either Jake or Christina are in the bottom with her, I think they will be saved by a large margin. Josh is a lock for the finale.

    • according to rules… there is no instant save tonight…During The Voice (“Show”) results shows on April 22nd, 29th, and May 6th there will be an “Instant Save” where Twitter account holders can save one of the bottom three (3) (or bottom four (4) on the May 6th show) artists from elimination during the ET/CT live broadcast of the Show. There is one (1) voting method to participate in this Instant Save: Twitter account holders may participate by posting, from their Twitter account (“Twitter ID”) a Twitter message with the promoted hashtag and keyword corresponding to one (1) of the bottom three (3) (or bottom four (4) on the May 6th show) artists they want to save.

  26. tylerkohrs16 says:

    I doubt Jake is going home now, he is in the Top 10 on iTunes and usually that means he is staying for the final. :(

    • Your Mom says:

      GO JAKE!

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        So let me get this straight. You’re going to knock Christina for “autotune” despite the fact that she clearly was not autotuned, yet you support Jake who has yet to have one singe on-pitch performance the entire season? You do realize what use when he’s in the studio, right? Compare his Heaven live with Heaven studio recording.

        • Patrick says:

          Also, I don’t know that he has really had a challenging song to sing. I’m not suggesting that everything needs to be over-the-top, but I don’t think Jake has sang a song that I couldn’t pull off. I’m not the worse singer, but I know my limitations. Apprently America doesn’t care about Jake’s.

    • Patrick says:

      This was a fear of mine. It will probably take me out of watching The Voice. I think what’s sad, I am hard pressed to pick Jake ahead of anyone that had a chair turn this entire season. I could see an argument made for some performances — and to his credit, Jake has been consistent -but overall (and, sadly, this isn’t an “overall” type show…it’s a “what have you done for me lately” how) I think everyone else had higher highs. I am, admittedly, not a country music fan, but I can see the arguments for Kristen and Audra, over Jake.

  27. Tim Seals says:

    while i agree with you about jake, he blew up itunes..

  28. BrazenSongBird says:

    Sorry your assessment of Kat’s “Let It Go” was waaaaay underscored. Idina Menzel is the only person, IMHO, who has ever sung that song LIVE successfully, until Kat. And she had been rehearsing it for awhile before she ever recorded it. Granted it’s new and not too many have attempted it. There’s a reason for that. It is a difficult, legit, B’way song. Kat had tops 4 days to get it together with the musicians, sans conductor, I think she did an admirable job and if they’re still looking for an Elphaba for the movie version of Wicked, I would propose that her hat get thrown in the ring. She’s that good.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Agreed. It wasn’t perfect. I’m not trying to argue it’s an A, but I have students who think that that’s a great song to bring to their lessons and even my good ones fall flat on their faces with it. That song is insanely difficult. Elpheba? Hmm…. I can see that. She’s probably too old now for that role, but her vocal range is close if she can nail those low F’s. She definitely has the top for it.

      • BrazenSongBird says:

        Right. Not an A, but I would say a solid B/B+. Certainly not a C. C’mon, Michael! You’re probably right about the age. It’ll most likely go to Lea Michele.

  29. chocoalatv says:

    From last night’s performance…
    1. Josh 2. Kristen 3. Christina 4. Jake 5. Kat

    Josh was SO GOOD last night, Kristen as well.
    I’m sure Josh is going through, and I do hope Kristen goes through to the final.

    I don’t know what happened to Christina. She’s usually pretty good but sucked last night.
    Bad coaching by Adam?

    Jake’s choice of “Heaven” I thought was awful but it’s ranking No. 3 on iTunes.

    Kat’s “Let It Go” was simply bad karaoke with messed up lyrics.

  30. Chris says:

    I actually felt bad for Christina Grimmie. Adam did her no favors this week. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I think she could have done great things with that first song if Adam hadn’t insisted on the vocoder. I also think his response to Usher’s critique about her not being connected to the first part of the song was immature and condescending. Luckily I think she’s got a strong enough voting base that she should get to the finals, but he is not helping her one bit.

    • Patrick says:

      Was this payback for Adam’s comments on Bria? I think that is one problem with the show — if they really want coaching feedback, I think they need to apply constructive criticism evenly, but they’ve hardly done any of that, Then Adam drops a bomb on Bria that reduces her to tears. I’m not saying she should have cried or didn’t deserve that sort of feedback, but those have been rare this season and it stood out.

      Usher’s was much tamer, but still stood out. When it comes to someone like Jake, they seem afraid to criticize.

      • Terri says:

        Why oh why is Jake I the top10 on iTunes??im sorry nice lkid but boring Christina. Josh and who ever needs to be in the top 3 for relevance to today’s music but I fear the trod of jake and Kristen coming down the path don’t think I can watch tonight I get to invested in these shoes,

        • Patrick says:

          I’ll be not watching with you I fear. This happened to me in another season. I probably also get too invested and mostly just get disappointed.

      • Chris says:

        Good point.II don’t take issue with them applying constructive criticism less often than other reality shows do. The talent level is ridiculously high on this show, and there’s not much for them to criticize. My issue is how coaches handle other coaches criticism. When Adam made that comment to Bria, Usher responded that he was proud of Bria and the choice they made and moved on. He didn’t go on a mini-diatribe taking subtle pot shots at the other artists/coaches. That’s what I take issue with. Adam has a tendency to overreact to any criticism against his artists.

  31. Erica says:

    Christina may may millions of “fans” but none of them seem to like her enough to actualy spend money on her music! She’s already has had several CDs that have flopped hardcore and she’s proven NOT to be the formidable force on iTunes the producers were expecting, I am kind of sick of them bending over backwards to accomodate her and kiss her ass to be honest! At the last minute they even decided to reinstate the twitter save last minute as a safety net specifically for her because they know the other cannot compete with her pre-existing army of followers. I am so sick of producer interference on shows like this. Can they not just let America vote for who they like without trying to manipulate the outcome? Idol is doing the same thing this year with Jena Irene.

    • Patrick says:

      I’m not saying you are wrong, but I’m not sure how it all applies to Christina. Prior to, presumably, tonight, she really hasn’t been in danger of being eliminated. So the instant save hasn’t worked in her favor — unless it was her twitter fans that got Tess through the first time, though they weren’t able to save either Bria or Tess (close friends with Christina I believe) the next week. I have prefered Josh throughout, but I’ve generally rated her pretty favorably, and if anything, I think Jake is getting the most love by the production staff.

      I am with you that our eventual winner shouldn’t be picked because of the producers, the coaches, the behind-the-scene vignettes, but because of their actual voice and performances. That’s what bugs me about Jake in particular. I don’t think he’s there based on merit; I do think he’s there because he’s a genuinely good guy that people like, but if he wasn’t a country artist, we aren’t still discussing Jake at this point in the competition.

  32. Nit Picker Jr says:

    Wha… this show’s still going? Whaddayaknow. So who’s winning? (Notjake I hope…)

  33. According to rules… there is no instant save tonight… “During The Voice (“Show”) results shows on April 22nd, 29th, and May 6th there will be an “Instant Save” where Twitter account holders can save one of the bottom three (3) (or bottom four (4) on the May 6th show) artists from elimination during the ET/CT live broadcast of the Show. There is one (1) voting method to participate in this Instant Save: Twitter account holders may participate by posting, from their Twitter account (“Twitter ID”) a Twitter message with the promoted hashtag and keyword corresponding to one (1) of the bottom three (3) (or bottom four (4) on the May 6th show) artists they want to save. “

    • Caitlyn says:

      They will be using the instant save tonight. At this point I have no horse in the race. All the artists I really like are long gone. That said, I wouldn’t go nuts over the iTunes placement by Jake and Josh. Jake is 6th and falling, and Josh is 9th and falling, in what isn’t that strong a field of songs after the first few … that based on who is doing well in total album sales. Being 1st in iTunes sales (a.k.a. Danielle two seasons ago) will get you a ton of votes because your base they multiply by is so high. Being 6th or 9th … probably not so much. I’m actually going against conventional wisdom. I think Kristen and Christina will be voted in tonight, and Jake will be the instant save. This isn’t based on who I like the best or who I think is the best singer … just the way I think it will play out. If I had my way, it would be Josh, Kristen and Christina. Josh is amazing, Kristen was the best of the night in my view, and Christina gets my sympathy vote, because of being saddled with a real dud song by Blondie, which I think left her a little rattled.

  34. Random says:

    And America saves……….Jake Worthington
    Thousands of American instantly turn off their TVs

    • Kaba says:

      If he’s legit in the finale I will vote for Josh as fiercely as I voted for Michelle in season 4.
      I refuse to let my favorite be beat out by a Danielle Bradberry male knockoff.

      • A says:

        Josh is the first Voice contestant since Michelle that I stay up all night to listen to. Still remember watching season 4 finale at 4am :D I’m still sure that Christina will take the win, but #TeamJosh won’t go down without a fight. I’m still not over Michelle finishing second.

  35. Ika says:

    Was anyone else angered last night by whoever was responsible for the stage production for Christina’s 2nd performance?

    • A says:

      It was kind of a hot mess for me. It was all way over the top. Maybe if Christina’s vocals were better, it would felt justified.

  36. ME says:

    “impaling the roof of his mouth with a clam shell” LOL, isn’t that the truth. It was an awkward and out of place movie endorsement.
    I think Adam meant to say Jake should have a label saying “Made in Texas”, not made in America. That being said I don’t think Jake is going anywhere tonight and I am not a country fan. When I take Slezak’s advice and look down when he sings (on the first song, not the second), he really does have a decent country voice. I wonder how Garth Brooks sang at 17.
    Anyhow, I love the risks Adam took with his team this week

  37. LIsaK says:

    I can’t understand the popularity of Jake on The Voice. His pitch was all over the place last nite. Josh is a star. Love Kristin and Kat.

  38. Vanessa says:

    I live in the good ol town of La Porte Texas and Jake is a good ‘ol Texas boy…one of the most respecful 18 year olds you will ever meet in your life. That sir, is not just “for show”. I will give you this…This is your personal opinion and it is just that, YOUR OPINION. I will leave it at that because I have more respect for you (even though I should not) than you obviously have for anyone. You should be ashamed at the way you speak of others. Obviously someone did someting terribly wrong in your upbringing. He a great nigh young man!!!

  39. Vanessa says:

    I was obviously pissed off when posting… I left some letters out of words. Oh well. I hate ignorance and I have just seen it at its finest. UGH!!!

  40. syb says:

    I thought Christina’s Hide and Seek was the most– no the only–interesting and memorable performance I’ve seen on The Voice, certainly this season, and going back a couple of seasons at least. And Chandelier was about as screechy and intolerable as anything I’ve heard this season of shriekers. Thus I’m stunned by those grades. I guess you just like your music long in the belty–never mind the pitch. Sheesh.

  41. ShellBell says:

    The fact that America’s saves are announced in “NO PARTICULAR ORDER!” is ridiculous!
    Whoever is unlucky enough to end up randomly being announced third has to be in the instant save sing off!?
    So potentially the person who got the most votes overnight could be eliminated because they didn’t have enough twatters!

  42. HTGR says:

    for the love of god how the heck do you keep having Kat, one the greatest singers of the season as not only will be going but should be going home???