The Blacklist Finale Recap: Major Burns

the-blacklist-season-finaleHow are you doing, Blacklist fans? Have you recovered yet from Monday’s finale? Picked your jaws up off the floor, after the NBC drama delivered one helluva conclusion to its freshman season?

To keep your head from spinning, let’s revisit the five biggest moments from The Blacklist’s final installment of the year.

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Not a single agent on the FBI task force deserves the fate that Meera suffers, but watching her get her throat slit by an accomplice of Berlin’s is especially heartbreaking. (Side note: Later learning that her children are just 5 and 8 years old totally didn’t help. Thanks for the knife in the gut, Blacklist.) Meera’s death occurs as she and Ressler visit a nightclub, hoping to track down a Russian fugitive that escaped from the unmarked plane that crashed in last week’s penultimate episode. Although Ressler is able to track down the prisoner, Meera isn’t quite as lucky. Her throat is cut, Game of Thrones-style, and Liz is just seconds too late to save her life.

Unfortunately, Berlin’s accomplices are not quite able to scratch Harold Cooper’s name off the list of task force members they want eliminated. After Cooper takes a secret meeting with Special Agent Martin, who tells Cooper to track down Liz and Reddington, Cooper returns to his car and is very nearly shot to death by the same man who took Meera’s life. As we later learn, though, Cooper is clinging to life in the ICU. And at the end of the episode, he indicates he’s still hanging on with a twitch of his finger.

For much of this final hour, Liz, Red and the rest of us are still trying to figure out who the mysterious Berlin is, and why he’s so furious with Red. Liz and Ressler visit the only surviving guard from the plane crash, who is bed-ridden in the ICU, to learn who Berlin is. The answer? He is a former member of the KGB, who was notorious for sending his enemies to work camps in Siberia. After Berlin’s daughter was imprisoned for having a secret relationship with a dissident at the end of the Cold War, Berlin helped his daughter escape, causing him to then be held captive in Siberia as his daughter’s remains (and a pocket watch belonging to her) were sent to his jail cell, piece by piece. But after a time, Berlin filed one of his daughter’s bones into a knife — how, uh, sweet? — and escaped prison using the newly fashioned weapon. Later, Fitch believes he has tracked down Berlin, and Red meets him face-to-face…. before shooting him dead not long into their conversation.

But wait. There’s more! Before episode’s end, it is revealed that the man Red shot was, in fact, not Berlin. Rather, the one they seek is the “guard” that Liz and Ressler spoke to earlier, who has escaped the hospital by the time the agents return to arrest him. (Of course.) Berlin’s most distinguishing feature? His lack of a left hand, which he himself cut off before jumping out of the unmarked plane. Red tells Liz that he knows Berlin is still on the loose, but he hopes the convict will soon come out of the woodwork once more.

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During Red’s face-to-face with The Man Who Is Not Berlin, Tom enters the room with Liz at gunpoint. Quite the scuffle ensues: Tom shoots Red, Liz shoots Tom, Red flees the scene, and before Liz leaves Tom to bleed out and die — which we later learn he doesn’t — Tom whispers something in Liz’s ear: “Your father is alive.”

Quick show of hands: Who assumed from Day 1 that Red was Liz’s real father? (I expect to see lots of hands up, TVLine readers!) As revealed in the final seconds of tonight’s finale, that popular theory seemed to be proven correct. After Liz relays to Red that her father may still be alive, he reassures her that her real father — whose identity she must not know, for her own protection — died the day he saved her from that house fire. But just before the screen fades to black, Red is seen at home, revealing a back full of burns as he takes off his shirt.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the Blacklist finale? Grade the season ender via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. katedfw says:

    I would have given the finale a higher grade than “B” had they not ripped The Usual Suspects. I started calling Berlin “Kyser Soze” as soon as he started telling “the story he heard”.

  2. marcinho says:

    So obvious that Peter Stormare is Berlin.

  3. momsasaynt says:

    Some on here are REALLY overthinking this. Red’s her father Tom’s alive UGH not sure about the Berlin guy yet and that pic Red had was the same as was in the locket.

  4. Matt Cail says:

    I feel Tom is deasd he was shot three times in thr gut , first shot was directly on his gut , then Lizzy shot him twice more . I feel Red’s cleaner got rid of tom to save Lizzy form questioning
    I cant fugure out if Berlin is the guy minus the hand or Red … I feel if red was her dad he would have told her . great finale

  5. LaLa says:

    Uggh, it was such an anti-climatic finale. I’m not hanging on to any cliffs from this one. I mean, Scandal, Once, Arrow, Criminal MInds, (gotta expect) Grey’s, (hell, even) Revenge – all of those shows gave me gasp-worthy moments . . .The Blacklist totally let me down. Meera’s death was so transparently obvious, I think I yawned.
    Not sure I’ll be back for this show next season, especially since it’s being moved opposite #shondalandthursday. I loved the character of Red (bravo, James Spader) and I really liked doing the “is he? is he not?” dance with Tom. Ressler was even interesting. But the buffoonery of the FBI team and the total incompetence of Liz was just too much. Maybe I’ll just read recaps.

  6. out there says:

    I think Liz is so important to Red because she is leverage. She is the daughter of someone very important and dangrusy maybe Berlin. Tom was sent to protect her. Res will turn out to be the worst one in the bunch. Using everyone for his own gain including. Liz. He knows who she is. He saved her but she is not his daughter. His daughter is dead. He places her with Sambut made liz’s family believe she was.dead. now they know she’s not. He knows they know and needs her alive and on his team to protect him. Tom is the agent that protects Liz. He’s probably a double agent. At the series finale we will see how Red put the whole thing together. I can only hope that L grows enough that Shes the one who figures it out.

  7. ca_ says:

    I guess Red put the fire….then feel guilty…and better when see Liz alive….love the mistery and love the show, Red, Tom, Ressler, Liz, all, some people are always protesting, annoying, just enjoy it, life is hard…..sorry for the english, brazilian girl

  8. DiverKlein says:

    i was really hoping Red wouldn’t turn out to be her father. It was obvious from the start, so was really pulling for them to go in a different direction. Still..they could make his story the true one..someone took her from the fire (that would be Red which is why he’s scarred) and gave her to Sam.

  9. Mark says:

    1. Booking such a well-known character actor to play “the guard” was a dead giveaway that he was Berlin … much as Red being Liz’s father was a dead giveaway from the first episode of the show.

    1a. BTW, writers, littering red herrings in the plot over the season that you intend on simply brushing away as lies or not cannon, isn’t clever … it’s insulting. I actually didn’t mind it when Lost did it, given that so much of the “sci-fi” can be “explained” as “imagination or hallucination due to limbo” …. but unless there’s a high-concept at play, I’d *much* rather leave the miraculous escapes from death within reason. It’s one of the reasons I don’t watch many nighttime soaps. Three “oh, come on’s” and I’m done. Blacklist is on like three and three-quarters.

    2. Seeing as Tom clearly has been hinting that he’s known Red is Liz’s father for several episodes now, why would he waste his “dying” breath with “your father is alive” instead of “Red is your father”? Makes no sense.

    3. I realize that in “America TV land” actors don’t leave shows unless they beat up a little person or something in their real life, but one of the things that makes British TV much more realistic is that they’re not afraid of killing off even lead characters if the story warrants. Blacklist is a violent show, and way too many characters are miraculously scooped back from the doors of death. Tom should stay dead. Frankly, Cooper should die, too. I like both the actors, but the *story* becomes a cartoon when you can shoot someone point blank three times, leave them to bleed out, and they miraculously recover.

    • Pix says:

      I agree, the Tom escape was waaaay too much. I’m still hoping he’s dead and someone just took his body from the scene for some reason, although I have no idea why anybody would do that:/

    • anuvuestudio says:

      If you’re such a superior writer, why don’t you turn the channel and go off to write your own show ? Why do you need to tell us about your personal TV rating and when you’ll stop watching ? Don’t watch! Why bother to make a comment at all?
      I LOVE. The Blacklist. Apparently Millions do!

  10. Sam says:

    I have to agree with “x”. But I wonder why Red holds on to that picture. If that’s someone he killed. Him having the picture doesn’t make sense to me. I do not think Berlin is related to Lizzie. It wouldn’t make sense for Red to sniff Berlin out and out Luxxie in obvious danger. I don’t know

  11. Pix says:

    The episode was a bit too chaotic, but I really liked it apart from one part – thinking back to the first time the prisoners talked how “the hooded man was huge, a beast of a man and then he cut his hand to escape” with those amazed/scared expressions, did people really think they were talking about the guard’s hand? I was actually confused when they came to peacefully talk to the guy in the hospital, because I was immediately sure the one-handed one was Berlin, to me that was the obvious conclusion based on the prisoners’ testimonials. It was such a farfetched misunderstanding!

  12. Upton Labs says:

    Why doesn’t Liz just do a DNA test on Red and see if they are related? Personally, I think Red is her brother (older). For whatever reason, Red killed their father in the fire (or totally believes he did), rescued Liz, placed her with Sam and disappeared. Red was married to Berlin’s daughter, but Liz and Berlin have no real family relationship (it’s her brother’s Father-in-law) which explains why Berlin had her on the list.

  13. lizzy says:

    Megan is beautiful and doing a great job as Liz – Ryan is great looking and is excellent as Tom and I guess we will be seeing him again – And when I hear (see) someone taking exception with James Spader’s acting it boggles the mind PHONING IT IN INDEED!!! I could listen to (and watch) him speak forever. The show is great and I am glad that we still have questions to answer. I understand Jimmy wasn’t the first choice for the show. So-o-o happy Keefer said no (at least that is my understanding)! Once again we are all finding out about his magnetism – If he is in it – We’ll watch it.

  14. Josh says:

    It was a very good finale.

  15. Rita says:

    I have a question did I miss something, Tom was working for Berlin but the Russian who we first think is Berlin isn’t but Tom is working for him or was that same man also working for Berlin and had his own ax to grind with Red?? Just asking!

    • Nikki says:

      Tom is working for Berlin. The Russian they thought was Berlin most likely also works for Berlin. and they don’t say if Tom thought the Russian he gave the list to was Berlin but if he did i’m sure he doesn’t anymore

  16. frustratedwithbadtvshows says:

    Reasons I watch the Blacklist:
    1) a fan of James Spader
    2) hoping to see Megan Boone’s wig fall off during a fight scene

    P.S. To the casting director of the show, hiring Peter Stormare for a role is usually a big giveaway that he will play the villain.

  17. H.Houston says:

    Viewers need to remember how they were introduced to Reddington – remember the story….
    Reddington used to be a spy for “us” but 20 years ago someone went after his wife and daughter, no one knows who did or what happened to them but the wife and daughter were never seen again. This is when Red disappeared and “became” a traitor.
    Fast forward to the scene in Sam’s hospital room – Red tells Sam he cannot tell Liz the truth because it would put her life in danger. Even though Sam wants to. Red kills him to help his long time friend and to keep the secret of her father’s identity from her.
    Fast forward to the season finale – Liz asks Red again if he knows who her father was. Red expresses his deep love for Sam. He also reveals the “story” that he knows from the night of the fire that Liz admits to remembering: Liz’s father was targeted, he managed to save Liz and bring her to Sam’s house and begs his most beloved friend to take the girl and raise her as his own – thereby altering “her father’s life”, Sam’s life, and Liz’s life forever. When Liz brings up what Tom told her about her father being alive, Red says that her father died the night of the fire – NOT in the fire, but the night OF the fire. Also, Red reveals HIS deep love for Sam.
    In the finale – the conversation between Red and the man he shoots. He says Red had been watched for ages looking for a chink in his armor and suddenly they find the opening they needed: Elizabeth Keen.
    It is absolutely possible that Red is Elizabeth’s father. It is also possible that Berlin’s daughter is Elizabeth’s mother! What if this whole plan to go after Red is for revenge. Berlin is furious at Reddington for NOT keeping his daughter/Liz’s mother safe and alive…..?

  18. jenferner8 says:

    It seems as if the show is trying way to hard to make viewers THINK that Red is her father. I hope it’s only a smoke screen and that the show is way more creative then that. I was completely floored that Meera was killed off as early in episode as she was. I’ve known from beginning something was up with Tom, I always liked the guy and really hope he’s back in big way next season. Liz needs LOTS of work, she’s horrible profiler. She barely knew Red in the beginning (still doesn’t) and yet ate up every single truth/lie Red spoon fed her from day one without blinking.

  19. winks says:

    I’m telling ya…. Red is her BROTHER!! All the supposition about Berlin’s daughter and Red being an item can still hold true. Red was quite a bit older as he’s a brother from another mother messed up in some bad stuff. He was there during the fire and took Liz to Sam.

  20. Marjorie says:

    Red can’t be her father. It’s impossible to imagine that the FBI didn’t do a DNA test on Red the day he showed up, since everyone wondered from the start why he picked her. If Elizabeth has an ounce of sense, she would also have done one herself.

    • Chad says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Red can’t be her dad, uncle, brother, granfather, NOTHING!!! Come on people how stupid would it be for the FBI, i repeat, THE FBI not to do a DNA test when he arrived? They were trying so hard to find the connection between Red and Liz but didnt not conduct a simple DNA test? Seriously people!!!!

  21. CS says:

    Okay so here’s what I think.. When Berlin was in the hospital pretending to be the guard and telling the story of Berlin, he said his daughter fell in love and he was put in prison and she was sent back to him in pieces.. So what if red is the one berlins daughter fell in love with (they both have the same picture of her) and that was reds wife and they had a daughter, who is Lizzie. After his wife was killed by the stewmaker, red passed Lizzie off to sam to keep her safe and he doesn’t want Berlin to know he has a granddaughter (Lizzie) which is why he said knowing who her father is would put her in danger. And Berlin is after red bc he either blames him for his daughter being taken away or thinks red killed her.. Also, when Berlin was telling the story he said “no one knows berlins name”.. So maybe red doesn’t know that’s who it really is and Berlin is just an alias

  22. Chad says:

    RED IS NOT RELATED TO LIZ!!!!!!!!!!! It’s quite simple to believe and everyone should know this by now even though most of the watchers WANT Red to be in some form or another related to Liz!!! In the very beginning when Red arrived the FBI tried to check EVERY connection possible to understand why Red chose Liz!!! Why would the FBI, THE FBI!!!!! NOT conduct a simple DNA test?!

    • Chad says:

      In fact, id be EXTREMELY dissapointed if Red IS the father! That would just be BAD writing to think the FBI of all agencies would not conduct a DNA test!

      • Joe says:

        Watch all episodes…red has connections to everyone. On the blacklist…Alchemist can change dna profiles…

  23. Jeremiah says:

    Theory: Berlin is tracking Red because Red was the means by which Berlin got his daughter out of the USSR after she had been arrested. Red brings her back to the US, adopted the girl (and how hard could it be in a world where Sam just adopts Liz and nobody really questions how he got the girl in the first place?) and raised her with his wife and younger daughter (Liz). Red was in the USSR in the late 1980s on a clandestine mission to foment dissent ahead of the Soviet collapse in 1990.* The girl is strangled (ligature marks on the picture Red took from the Stewmaker), her picture taken by the Stewmaker, and pieces of her are sent to Berlin in prison. Berlin escapes and thinks that he has been betrayed by the man he trusted to keep his daughter safe. Oh and the reason that Red is keeping Liz’s father’s identity a secret is that he knows Berlin will go after her if the truth comes out.

    *This is not as outlandish a theory as it sounds. Red attended the Naval Academy and the intelligence and clandestine agencies recruit standouts from the service academies.

    Note: Red is probably the dissident that Berlin talks about in the hospital. At first I thought that Red was waaaay too old to be involved with the girl in the picture (who looks to be about 13 or 14 yrs old), but then I remembered that “involved” doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic relationship. It could be that Berlin’s daughter was helping Red in his activities. This would also support the idea that Red would feel responsible for her death.

    • Nikki says:

      Berlin in the Hospital said Berlin was a ex red army turned KGB bigwig who liked to send his enemies to Siberia.He had a daughter and it was rumored that she fell in love with a dissident during the end of the cold war and she was imprisoned, and Berlin having connections helped her to escape. The Kremlin wanted to make an example of him so they sent him to Siberia to live amongst his enemies…..

      the cold war took place from 1945-1990 the girl is older

  24. Phil says:

    LOL this reviewer is the most juvenile I have come across in the online media. Gives the most superficial analysis imo. Red having scars does not mean he is the father! There can be 100 explanations for the same if one uses one’s brain. Given all that has been shown n said, he is more likely to be the person who saved her from fire and brought her to Sam. Besides watching the show properly, it wld help if u cld read what teh producers and writers are sying in the press and also in Beyond the BL videos on NBC! Also, pl remember when u write as a professional for a news site one expects some atttempt at doing some kind of logical analysis.

  25. Colour me surprised. I love this website – for it’s inside, it’s wit and everything – but to find here of all places a recap that concludes/suggests that Red might be bio!dad while

    a) anyone who watches the show closely and follows the clues knows that there is more to the story and that it doesn’t add up especially because young!Liz in the polaroid with Sam at the beginning of ep. 9 is not the same girl as in the flashback at Red’s old house. Thick brown hair vs. long blonde curls. And this is just one of many clues.

    and b) The show’s cast and TPTB have been out after the finale shutting this theory down – once and for all. With interviews over at WSJ Speakeasy, via TVGuide etc. Message: It’s dead. Red didn’t lie to Liz. He already told her no. He told her what *he* knows to be the truth. All that was shown with the burns is that he was there during the fire.

    Really, this is a real and profound disappointment when it comes to accurate recaps of season finales.

  26. Nikki says:

    Does anyone know how the FBI knows that red abandoned his family ? or how they know he disappeared in December 1990 ?

    Just curious because he doesn’t talk about his ‘family’ never really confirming or denying that there dead or alive (the only time he sort of mentions his family is when he bought his old house to blow it up, & the children in the swan lake ballet performance say his daughter used to dance in that show) and the FBI doesn’t speak of it either just in the pilot episode when they are giving the background on Red. But Diane Fowler knew that he wanted to know the truth about what happened to his family and she said she knew it.

  27. superman says:

    Red is Elisabeth’s father. Red killed Berlin’s daughter. If Berlin knows that Elisabeth is Red’s daughter, Berlin will kill her, so Red is trying to protect her.

  28. Dapper says:

    Listen here, Red being the father is the first conclusion drawn by every viewer, making it an essential characteristic that this is NOT the outcome. Characters who are as intellectual as Red portrays to be are bound by truth (making them likable, if you aren’t already enthusiastic about a condescending professional criminal), and not from a morality standpoint, but out of the fact they are so calculated they know how to manipulate reality in an effort to avoid damaging their integrity by having to resort to a lie. Lying is for people who are immature or inexperienced, which Red happens to be neither.

    The show has gone two seasons and has made no progress regarding the one question anyone cares about. Is Red Lizzy’s father? It is poor writing on behalf of the Blacklist to give the audience metaphorical “blue balls” as we await the day somebody decides to come clean. Each season of any show should accomplish something, yet I sit here in the same predicament as last year while Red was in the phone booth.

    Someone notify me when we can the Blacklist is ready to give up the “booty”. 1) If Red is the father and it was drawn out for two seasons, you should rightfully be pissed for the excessive waste of time. 2) If Red is not the father, the episode will have to be amazing as the anticipation has built up far too long and the revelation should make me feel like a two season stall was worth the wait.

  29. Gary says:

    It doesn’t make sense that the girl in the picture is Red’s wife, why would the stewmaker have a picture of his wife when she was a child? why would Red? If either had a photo of his wife it would be as an adult.

    My theory is that the dead daughter that Red often thinks about is really his step-daughter and Berlin’s biological daughter. Berlin therefore has motive of Red taking his wife and saving Lizzie (Red’s biological daughter) from the fire and not Berlin’s daughter.

  30. david says:

    What about the fact that, at extremely close range, the trained killer Tom only GRAZED Red.

    I personally believe he missed him on purpose.

  31. anuvuestudio says:

    Bad Tom is also good Tom. He’s a double agent. Alan Alda’s character visits Red in the cage. He tells him that the entire taskforce are targets. How would he know? Because Tom told him after giving the list to the Russian. Tom works for “intelligence”. Alda knows Red’s probably the only one to save the taskforce. Red gets out and tells Lizzy they are all in danger, unfortunately too late for Meera.

  32. Mark says:

    Red is the dissident. Red saved Lizy from the fire. Berlin is the one who was tormenting the Colonel in prison not the Colonel. The colonel is the one telling the story but not the one trying to kill Red. Go with that and you have endless variations for season two. But like the tired question if Red is or isn’t her father, you can flip any of these. I hope Liz character gets smarter in season 2. Clearly Red is her best ally even if he has a regretable secret.

  33. darthlocke says:

    LIz actually said the only memory she has of her father was him saving her…there’s a catch 22 there in that the man who saved her, may not have been her father, as Liz has no other memories to compare younger “Red” too…I’m also not convinved that Berlin’s daughter died, since they brought in the body in pieces (and veiwers were not shown in flash backs anything that proves to us that those body parts belong to girl in the photos)…So it could be that Lizzy is Berlin’s daughter and that Red saved her and that is why Berlin is so mad at Red.

  34. anne glenn says:

    What seems curious to me is that the FBI, and especially Ressler, know so little about Red’s family. The emphasis is on Red disappearing but with no mention of the family disappearing. The only possibility would be the the Alchemist replaced them. Otherwise, some mention would be made of them. In the Madeline Pratt episodes Red says that only blood was left. May have just been a sympathy con but still strange by lack of investigation of his family. Wouldn’t the FBI be a little curious about whereabouts of wife/daughter? Diagree on Megan Boone. I think her stocism and naiveté are good acting, not bad. Just a fun snd de”lite”ful show with subtle humor rather than the tradtional melodrama of crime series

  35. BettyB says:

    In one of the first episodes, a child trafficker mascerading as an aid worker was killed by Red.

    Lizzie had the same tattoo as some of the kidnapped girls.
    Does this make her story more complex?

    Red has said that unless all the peices of evidence are on the table, the truth wouldn’t make sense.

    What gives?

  36. Romina says:

    Some episodes were full of lies
    I did n like them
    But in average it was really amazing
    I rate it as an excellent one

  37. Samwell32 says:

    well i don’t know why people think red is the father of Keen really. .. berlin is her father and redington for some reason stole her away…. the reason he keep saying she must not know the name of her father is because the answer is bad.maybe keen has a sister/twin sister and the sister was the one they send “piece” of to berlin.

    or even it was from random people only. i can see the plot going that way, or obviously…. reddington is the father but i doubt it.

    that might be the reason why tom didn’t shoot her in the first place(because he is close to berlin) and know the real things.

    berlin and reddington have the same picture …. one is the original with a number (reddington) and the other is the picture of berlin (quite old). my opinion is im not far off the truth ….and it is REALLY like reddington to teach somoene a lesson when he think they made bad choice …(remember he killed everyone who had any connection with the spy and killed is former friend)

    but what i dont get is why she is the weak piece of reddington.

    maybe reddington is not the father and berlin is not either … but because redington for some reason saved Keen they started sending pieces of the girls to berlin …. not knowing that, redington doesn’t know why he hate him … and berlin knowing the truth hate him for that.or the picture come from red network and it’s a completely different plot.

  38. Jason says:

    My theory ?

    Berlin is Lizzie’s grandfather , Red was the one who had a love affair with his daughter, and Berlin blames Red and Lizzie for his daughters death , after Berlin escapes from prison he finds Red and Lizzie and burns the house down in an attempt to kill them to avenge his daughter, but Red survives while rescuing her and takes her to Sam to raise her and protect her, Lizzie’s “”father” dies after that night because Reddington probably isn’t his real name.

  39. Donna Nix says:


  40. darrick says:

    Ok here is where I am confused. The picture of berlin’s daughter is the same picture Red got from the Stewmaker right? So, doesnt that mean that her entire body was decomposed by his chemicals and whatnot. So the question is, if all that is accurate, how was berlin’s daughter’s bones and other pieces of her sent to him, if she was fully decomposed by the stewmaker??

  41. Jay Dubray says:

    He could have meant that her father is dead, as in, a dead man. All the wrongs he has done will catch up to him and be his demise.

  42. Lucy says:

    Here’s a thought: what if Red is Lizzie’s mum? There’s been mention of cosmetic surgery; he showed a keen interest in Mr Kaplan’s coat at one point (odd comment, I know!). He apparently has a great friendship with Mr Kaplan but otherwise shows no interest in women. Other powerful criminals are women — more so than in other series. He can legitimately deny he is her father if he’s her mother. Now it’s in my head, I can’t wait to watch the next episode (we’re on catch up) and apply my theory as I go. Hmm

  43. Justin Day says:

    Red is her father. Red is very technical in his words. After Liz told him what Tom’s last words were, Red said, “your father died with that fire.” He also always says Sam was her “real” father. This makes me believe that he is implying that since Sam was there for her everyday since the fire, he was the one who should really be viewed as her father. Which would then mean that when he says her father “died with that fire,” he means that since he gave her to Sam to look after (knowing he wouldn’t be back because of his criminal engagements), he lost his integrity to be a father, thus saying he’s gone.

  44. Brian says:

    I’m seeing lots of comments about how Red isn’t Liz’s father. And while I’m won’t argue the merits of some of the arguments, let’s think logically about it. The entire first season clearly taught us a few things about Red. First and foremost, if it isn’t about Liz, the ONLY person Red is concerned for, is himself (with slight exceptions here and there). His entire game is a means to an end to get what he specifically wants (whatever it may be). So, if we know that about him, why would he go out of his way to protect Liz? He made a promise? Red, the man we’ve come to know as a brilliant mastermind who will do whatever he must to keep himself in the clear, is willing to risk all of that on a promise?

    Red has convictions, and he has some parameters for doing the “right” thing, but considering everything he put himself through in the first season, just for Liz’s sake, I find it hard to believe that he would simply do it because he promised a friend, or acquaintance, or because of something from his past.

    The show makes the point obvious as a smokescreen. And judging by the comments here, the tactic clearly worked. There are probably more people who posted here that think Red ISN’T Liz’s father, than those who do. That would suggest that the show has done a brilliant job of making the obvious, not so obvious.

    Now, could I be wrong about everything above? Of course. Season 2 might shed light on other details about Red that we don’t currently know. We might learn more about their relationship that would suggest that they aren’t indeed related. But nothing right now suggests that. Red would not risk his life going into that fire if it wasn’t for a very significant reason . . . like, oh, say, his daughter? Put two and two together people.

    One last note to think of. In regards to what Tom said about her father being alive. First of all, of course Red isn’t going to tell her that her father is alive. But the death he refers to is almost assuredly a metaphorical death. Red keeps his distance because of what he’s done, because of what he’s become in his life. He want’s to keep that as separate as possible from his family.

    But even more importantly, let’s focus on Tom. Everything he’s told Liz in the past, has been to blur the lines of what is reality. Tom knows that Red wants the secret of Liz’s father kept hidden, and he knows that if Liz thinks her father is alive, she will devote herself to finding out who he is. That directly disrupts what Red wants, which fits perfectly with everything Tom did in Season 1. (And finally, speaking of Tom, please don’t bring him back. His storyline with Liz was probably the only part of the first season I didn’t enjoy. The back and forth between them was just a bit too far over the top for my personal tastes).

  45. Nan says:

    There is no way that Red cut up Berlin’s daughter and mailed him the pieces!! But it is intriguing as to why Berlin is so convinced of this.

  46. Mary says:

    I don’t understand why Liz, an ex-thief, can’t just steal a DNA sample from Red to see if they are related. Problem solved. In that little fact, I found the writing on this show to be subpar especially for the Liz character. Can you be that dumb and be an FBI agent?

  47. Brian says:

    Berlin is Liz’s father. He is sent to prison when she was 4. Years later, he receives a photo of a girl he assumed was his daughter. It was not. Red hired the Stewmaker to kill a girl and then sent her body parts to Berlin to make him think his daughter was dead. This was done to protect Liz from her father. This is why Red can’t tell her who her father is.

    The photo in Berlin’s locket is the same photo Red is holding at the end of the finale. Red took that photo out of the binder of photos the Stewmaker kept. Res is trying to protect Liz from finding out her father is Berlin. But Red is not her father.

  48. Kathy says:

    Love the twists and turns in this show, but I agree with Adrianna below – I do not think Red is Liz’s father, first they held him captive for how long? cut him open to insert a chip and know one thought hey lets do a simple DNA test! Berlin’s daughter is the key. I think Liz is Berlin’s grand daughter and that Red was in love with her Mother or moved by her plea’s to have her daughter saved before she was cut up. Despite Red saying her father is dead I don’t believe he is – in fact I would wager he is more dangerous than Berlin.

  49. duckdaworld says:

    Rahh lovely !! Just saw the finale in France, what a shot !!

  50. Shooshko says:

    why doesn’t she do DNA analysis of reds hair or something to make sure that he is her father?