Reality Check: Who Falls Short of Our Dream Final 2 on American Idol? Plus: The Voice's Top 8 Week Bloodbath -- Why We Hated It

We’re down to the penultimate weeks of American Idol and The Voice — which means the forecast calls for heightened stress, a 70 percent chance of tears and emotional storm warnings.

On this week’s Reality Check, my co-host Melinda Doolittle and I dish the complicated emotions dredged up by the slaughterhouse vibe of The Voice‘s Top 8 results telecast and the inevitable ouster of Idol‘s Jessica Meuse.

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Then, Melinda’s fellow Season 6 grads Jordin Sparks and Gina Glocksen join us for a chat about our dream Top 2 scenarios for the current Idol installment — and talk about the changes we’d like to see instituted for Season 14.

Press play below for the full Reality Check experience, and follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV for all my Idol– and Voice-related news, exclusives, interviews and recaps.

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  1. Thilia says:

    Gina Glockson was one of my all time favorites from all the seasons. She needs an album.

  2. MAB says:

    One of the reason that I have a major problem with The Voice is how quickly they eliminated contestants. It is just frustrating. We don’t get a chance to really get to know the contestants. That is why they don’t do well after the shows finale. We don’t fall in love with them and we forget about them.

    • Danny says:

      No doubt. It’s like Hello, Goodbye. My top 3 were Kristen, Sisaundra, and Kat. There’s absolutely 0 emotional attachment to any of them though. Even if the Voice has better singers, I don’t connect to them. On Idol I liked all the top 4. I was going to be disappointed for whoever left. On the Voice when a favorite goes it’s more like a shrug of the shoulders.
      I don’t even listen to the judges anymore. I FF through most of their comments. I’m not watching the Voice next season. That’s not a protest or anything. It’s just I don’t connect to any of the contestants. I might as well take that half hour and listen to the radio or see something on YouTube.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        You should be pretty happy then that 2 of your top 3 made it! I don’t think that’s ever happened for me in any of these shows. Actually scratch that… forgot about Candice and Kree last year.

        And yeah, the judges / mentors / whatever you want to call them are tedious to listen to. I watch the show with a 1 hour delay so I can fast forward through everything that isn’t a performance. So much easier that way.

        • Danny says:

          It’s not that I’m not happy. I just don’t have any connection to them. I’m not unhappy. As for the judges, same reviews, same bromance, same everything. Also, this might be bad, but I lost a bit of respect for Shakira the other week when she lip synced. I’ve always thought real highly of her. I know that very thing is one of the reasons I despise Lopez and Minag.
          I think the world of Shakira as a person. That kind of puts her in Paula Abdul territory. A nice person who lip syncs. If it’s a person who I don’t like, it’s something I’ll rip on em about. If it’s a person I do like, I generally don’t bring it up, but inside I’ve lost a little respect for em over it.

          • HTGR says:

            Shakira isn’t a big lip sync singer. She is actually one of the better live performers out there these days. It was just they always promote their newest song, whatever it is and that one just had too many auto-tune special effects and stuff. She never even used to ever remotely do stuff like that at all on her old Spanish language only albums.

          • MC says:

            @HTGR – Exactly. I know that people are inclined to cherry pick the faults in things they weren’t going to like anyway. That’s the nature of many internet “opinions.” I wish people would avoid snap judgments, however. I mean anyone reading an internet “opinion” can see right through the writer’s biases and preferences (if they have any). Try to base your opinion on more than one random performance. That’s good advice to myself or anyone who wants their opinion to be taken seriously. Oh yeah, there’s one fringe benefit. You’ll actually be correct more often with this approach.

        • Her top 3 were Kristen, Sissaundra and Kat. None of them made it!

      • tealeaves says:

        “On Idol I liked all the top 4. I was going to be disappointed for whoever left. On the Voice when a favorite goes it’s more like a shrug of the shoulders.”
        I agree with this. There have been many The Voice contestants that I have liked over the seasons. But I never get attached to them like I do with Idols. For one thing, Idol has many more weeks of single eliminations and of voting rounds. I have learned to not get too invested until the voting starts. Until the voting rounds, anyone can go home at any time and we might never know why. It also often seems like The Voice contestants have little or no influence over what they sing. It is much more difficult to get a sense of their personality and what type of artist they are if every week is a producer’s pick song.

    • Amanda says:

      I think the problem is that the show is all about the judges and not about the actual voices.

      • Britt says:

        That’s true. As much as I love the Adam-Blake bromance, it is starting to take over the entire show. I can remember what the judges said, but can’t remember the names of the contestants or what they sung.

        • Ashley says:

          Omgosh BRIT it’s not just me?! I’m like over here feeling bad these past few weeks because I can’t believe that I’m sorta…kinda…maybe getting just a little bit annoyed with Adam interjecting remarks towards Blake that remind us of how much they love each other. I thought maybe I was just having a bad day. But now I’m able to full-on admit that the Adam-Blake bromance needs to be toned down. It’s completely, completely funny and entertaining, but it doesn’t need to be blanketed on me. Also, am I the only one who notices that Usher seems to get annoyed with it too? Lol!
          And MAB, yes yes yes! I totally hate how many people they vote off at one time. I don’t get it. The Voice has a better quality of singers and the staff genuinely care about them and “don’t want them to feel like they’re just on another reality show,” and I actually respect that show more, yet I strangely find myself looking forward to American Idol each week this season. Idk. Last thing I gotta say: Harry Connick, Jr. Is Ratings Gold!!!

      • Ben says:

        I agree with both Amanda and MAB, they are two of my three biggest issues with the Voice (the show focussing on the judges is pretty much my problem with all of these talent shows except Idol and the Sing-off). Actually, I think the fact eliminations happen so quickly are part of the reason that the show feels more about the judges, so those two are probably linked. Idol definitely feels to me like it is about the contestants and that is a good thing. A top 13 helps with that. The third issue I have is the battle rounds – better now that other judges can snag contestants, but the whole idea of a battle round is for me fatally flawed and feels designed to eliminate good contestants before their time.

      • AlyB says:

        I have to agree that it’s a real issue. The shows start to feel like the competition is incidental to the judges antics and banter. Like oh yeah this is going on too so let’s take a break from all our (scripted) fun to listen to this person sing. Idol, with its obsessive cut aways to JLo, doesn’t even let the singing part be wholly about the contestants. It’s my biggest beef with the show.

        • Danny says:

          All 4 of ya’s. Yup, yup, yup, and yup. The show is way to much about the judges. That’s not as bad as being manipulated, but how much new material can they come up with? The Bromance was funny at first, but it’s just kind of run its course. Idol still being about the contestants- even if the singers aren’t quite as good, still gets makes it a little bit better show. Still, all the shenanigans on that are getting old too. Idol is a lot more irritating, but for whatever reason I still like it better.
          Having said that, I think I’m just getting burned out on all these types of shows. 10 years is long enough. I can now see what the people who don’t watch the shows but come to Michael’s reviews mean when they say why. M&M, the comments and such, are more fun than the shows themselves. Before I could never figure out why people would come here if they don’t watch the shows. Now I can see why.
          They can get a little recap to stay in touch with it. But they don’t have to take the time to invest in the show itself. I now understand.

          • Ben says:

            That’s why I cut back to only idol Danny – I picked one and I think maybe this is partly why I’m actually enjoying season 13 – I don’t feel completely burnt out. From now on, that’s it for me – no other singing contests, and by the time idol rolls around, I’ll be looking forward to it. I also really don’t think it helps that the Voice is on twice a year. For all that people blame Idol’s downfall on its own faults (and they may well have a point) I tend to think burn out is far more to blame.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            And that’s one of the reasons I never watched The Voice, and gave up The X Factor after Season 1. I didn’t want to get bored of all the singing competitions.

        • Ashley says:

          Lol, yes AlyB. I joke to my friends that don’t watch Idol that the cameraman is a pervert because the camera is ALWAYS on J.Lo. And don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful. But doggone! Can I watch a performance? Or can you at least show me equal amounts of how THREE judges are enjoying the show?

      • JoMarch says:

        Agreed, Amanda. That’s why I stopped watching the show. The celebrities are famous enough; do they have to make it about them?

      • NJIdoloonie says:

        Yup, I totally agree. Wait, which show are we talking about?

    • Yes I agree What the heck? I also dont like that “save with a tweet” at the end of the show. West coast doesnt get to be in on it unless you sit at the computer and watch spoilers to hear carson say”start tweeting”. Christy Grimmy is the “one” to beat I guess but I loved, loved loved Jake doin Heaven by brian adams. Just beautiful. He is such a sweet likable kid too. And SISSANDRA? Gone? What the heck?

    • (its becca) yes isnt it going faster than usual, and contestants going quicker? What are they doing? That last minute twitter save makes me mad. West coast cant participate. I loved jakes performance tonight. Loved it. I was a grimmy fan, But I dont know now. He is number 7 on i tunes. I also loved the season with Terry Mcdermot, Nicholas David.

    • Yo says:

      I’m halfway thru the season before I even bother to remember their names. I don’t invest when I know they will vanish, and the singers need the investment of the viewers post-show. And yes, it was way too late in the season to do a three person elimination. It did seem like they were trying to quickly wrap up the season.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah chop, chop, chop. What a mess. I guess they saw the sinking ratings of Idol and wanted to hop on board that ship. I don’t get it.
      They better promote the heck out of Jacquie Lee’s awesome new single, Broken Ones, because they realllllly need to get someone to chart well Hot 100 just in general and to recover from this chop block and voting mess otherwise they are gonna give it right back to Idol to rise up above them again in another season or so.

  3. Danny says:

    Nice touch having Gina and Jordan there. Gina’s looking good. Good luck to her with the newborn.
    I wish they’d touched on the snub. I got to see it, but I’m not totally sure it was a snub. I’m not saying it wasn’t, just that I’m not sure. I’m fine with this top 3. I would have been fine with any of the 4. I’m rooting for Jena, but I’d be ok with a Caleb/Alex final too.
    I also liked at how Gina and Jordan didn’t hesitate a bit in saying who they wanted as the Final 2. There wasn’t any political correctness. They just blurted out their answers.
    This was definitely one of your better shows. Maybe in addition to having ex Idols come back as mentors on AI, they can make appearances on your show. I enjoy em all, but enjoyed this one a little more than most.
    Nice job

    • Ben says:

      Completely agree Danny. Not a criticism of Reality Check generally, but my goodness this one was fantastic, and I think Gina and Jordan really did add to it.

      • NJIdoloonie says:

        Hey, if we can’t see past idols on Idol, let’s see ’em on RealityCheck!

        • Emma says:

          @Danny, if you want to hear about the snub watch Michael’s interview with Jessica, it’s near the very end. Turns out if wasn’t a snub at all, at least not on Jessica’s part.

          • Danny says:

            Emma- Yea, that was a good interview huh? Michael does those things so well. Jessica shed some light on it. From the way she said it, it was more like Lopez sort of snubbed her, if anything. She didn’t seem to think it was a big deal though. That works for me.

    • Lisa says:

      Oh God, not a Caleb/Alex final, please. Caleb’s really slipped into karaoke mode lately. Yes, he’s technically perfect, but karaoke as hell. I agree with what Melinda and Michael said. He knows he’s technically perfect, so he’s not even making the effort to bring any originality. I mean, Adam Lambert was technically perfect, but he still used every opportunity on stage to build his presence. I honestly think that Caleb’s keeps tripping over his own ego.

      • Lisa says:

        Not to mention, I think Caleb is the one they are grooming now, since Sam got the boot. The judges were all over Dexter for being too karaoke, but they haven’t said a word to Caleb about it, and he’s doing the same thing.

      • karl says:

        Lisa, do you think you would think the same way if Caleb got a chance to sing an original song? I believe because he is so technically perfect that he should be given a chance at something original!

        • karenb says:

          Does he have any original music?

          • Tess says:

            According to Jess’ exit interviews the middle round last week was supposed to be originals initially since they are all songwriters, but they were told on Monday that it had to be changed for whatever reason and that’s why they all ended up with that bland “dedications” middle round with mostly karaoke sounding numbers because they learned those songs in a day. (My guess is that Jess and Alex’s songs were stronger than what Jena and/or Caleb were doing and it’s clear the show wants a Jena/Caleb finale so they wouldn’t have wanted Jess and Alex to come off better – especially Jess). I think they want Caleb in the finale because Jena has a better chance of beating him (plus it means they avoid the chance for a WGWG winner again.

            Loved seeing Gina and Jordin in this with Melinda – so nice to see that those Idol friendships aren’t fake for the cameras during the season but actually are lasting ones. It really was a fun “Reality Check” this week (not that they aren’t always fun, but this one was even better).

          • Hi, yes he does on u tube, He was in the band Elijah Hooker and the originals are actually not as “hard rock” as he is doing now. He also has an incredible copy of nirvanas heart shaped box on u tube!, its a slowed down version with just a piano. I was hoping he would do that on the show! Its incredible! I know we all have different favorites, he is definitely mine! I think one of the originals on u tube is called “down by the river”

          • Ben says:

            @tess – for all the tinfoil hat stuff (which sometimes is correct) in this case I think it is probably a case of one hand not talking to the other.

          • HTGR says:

            @ben- really? And guess which contestant they then dog on for not choosing a second song that was enough, quote, her? Jessica. Right after they, at the last mysterious second, told her she can’t sing her own freaking song. And then they have the nerve to blast her for not picking a song that was her! (from a list of like maybe one song)

  4. lar says:

    oh, this was a great Reality Check! Loved the ladies!!!

  5. The Original Lemon says:

    Jordin is so flippin’ beautiful…those teeth! Must be nice. This was really fun to watch…love those Ladies. I have forgiven Caleb, and think he has earned his spot in the Finale. I like Alex, but he was dullsville last week, and talking about contestants not taking risks….no one has taken less risks than Alex. No one. He will go out as third next week, but he will still have success. :-) Everyone goes on and on about the median viewer age being 52, but then fail to acknowledge that people in that age range love Caleb’s song choices and vocal type, and are less likely to be influenced by bloggers telling them who to vote for.

    • GuitarBlue says:

      I had read, last year, from a site moderator that covered Idol —— that some type of survey taken had indicated the average age of an Idol viewer was around 47.

      And it’s been shown that Caleb’s remarks were either taken lightly or never heard about by most voters, as he flew past the storm with no problem in the voting last week…………………………………

      And, it’s true that many people relate to and enjoy the older rock style of performer, as he has never seen the bottom chairs when they were still doing bottom 2.

    • chris says:

      As someone in that older group, hard rock does have a special place in my life but rockers don’t usually do well on Idol so your conclusion doesn’t work. I have enjoyed Caleb but I don’t want to see him win because he hasn’t shown any creativity. Jena’s my choice–she has a powerful voice, great musicality, and has really worked hard to improve her performances. I do think she needs to enunciate better but then Dave Matthews has been mega successful without my understanding half of what he sings. I just love the sound of his voice.

    • deedee says:

      I agree – Jordin is gorgeous. Always has been. Feels like she won about 500 years ago, and yet she’s still only – what- 24 yrs old? Jeez.

  6. Jeff Marley says:

    My Voice Top 3 :)

    1.) Christina Grimmie

    2.) Sisaundra Lewis

    3.) Josh Kaufman

  7. D says:

    So Sisaundra should not have been voted off because of her “polarizing” demeanor because she has a great voice, but Caleb should be voted off because of his abrasive personality, despite his great voice. I see it’s logic time on Reality Check today.

    • Matrix says:

      LOL! Never thought go it that way!

    • AlyB says:

      Sisaundra is polarizing because some people don’t care for her performance style. You either really like it or you don’t. The objections to Caleb revolve around his character and actions. I don’t think there are many people out there who, knowing what he said, really loved that. There are a lot that simply aren’t aware of it and some that are that are just willing to overlook it. Thee are completely different situations and I don’t see any inconsistency in their commentary.

    • Max says:

      Would you really want a ex-pycho killer with the voice of Whitney Houston win American Idol? I had to use hyperbole to get my point across ;)

    • Lisa says:

      Polarizing is in reference to her onstage presence. Big difference.

      • Lisa says:

        Of course, Caleb’s on stage presence is to imitate Jack Black and Meatloaf. So, in essence, he’s using other people’s personas and trying to make them him.

    • NJIdoloonie says:

      Sisaundra has great talent, but her fans (like me, in other words, not a teenager) are too busy to vote, plus she was given a very predictable song choice – Tina Turner – her coach should have given her something much more current and unexpected. I love me some rock and roll, but Caleb should go because he has not shown any growth or artistry. I don’t really care what he says behind the scenes.

    • YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. He has been the most consistant and hits every note. Never been told he was pitchy or out of tune. His performance skills are way beyond his age of 23.

    • Ben says:

      @D – you are very right about that. The truth is, for all Michael’s efforts to justify his preferences, they are his preferences. He is quite happy to be open about what they are and his view about why he holds those opinions, and that is one thing that I think is really great about Michael. But his views are very human – which is to say, when it comes to things like musical taste, what we like isn’t always based on internally consistent logic. We can and should expect him to be human.

      Love your point though, and it was made very well.

  8. ck says:

    Great Reality Check! Loved seeing Jordin and Gina. Melinda, you are looking fabulous! Have a serious case of “arm envy” and will be changing up my workout routine a bit because of you :-) Seasons 6 and 8 remain my favorites and I sadly have doubts Idol will ever top those two.

  9. Scott says:

    So great to see the 3 ladies. Whoever made that work: THANK YOU!!!!

  10. GuitarBlue says:

    The problem Alex will have in winning the show — is that Jena & Caleb both know how to work the crowd, the camera’s and the Judges. ……………………………………..

    Alex is a very, very good, very current Pop/Folk type of singer and musician. But, the more dynamic performers like Jena & Caleb, in this setting, have the advantage. What advantage?————-

    The crowd, the camera, the Judges praise for the stage-flaming performance dynamics, ————–

    no matter how well Alex sings, it will be a long-shot for him win.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Yes! This! Part of being a singer isn’t just your voice but how to work a stage. Jena and Caleb are light years ahead of everyone else on Idol either gone or still remaining from season 13.

      • deedee says:

        And Alex doesn’t have the quiet charisma needed to get away with standing in one spot and singing while looking down at the floor boards.

        • Ben says:

          Well, see, this is where I disagree. I can understand those who do not like anyone who takes that approach, but I think Alex has exactly the kind of charisma needed to get away with that style.

    • Max says:

      Despite Alex feeling the bill for the risk taker of the season, he does the same thing every damn week (whether he rearranges a song or not). He is the risk taker that never takes risks (or at least successfully performs them). What a juxtaposition

      • He takes each song and arranges it to be like Jason Mraz. I want him to do other indie or softer artists. I think I mentioned this in another post , but I would love him to sing some Matt Nathanson.

    • Hi guitar Blue Its becca, I was for a Jena, Caleb finale , but I started reading about this copied version Jena did of Ingrid Michaelson’s Cant Help Falling In Love and so I went and listened to it EXACT COPY! I think it was very dishonest of Jena taking all credit for that arrangement. Also found out she “opened” for ingrid. She new that version well, and new it was someone elses genius version. not hers. She took all credit for the arrangement. Very dishonest! So now I have changed my mind. Alex and Caleb. I know Caleb said the R word. and that was pretty bad, But all advertisements saying Jenas performance number 1 of the season. Dont like dishonesty and lies, and right before the finale when they are all trying to do their best and win honestly.

  11. Name This Tune says:

    Idol must be getting old. The best change you can come up with is no more Randy? Please, there’s at least a dozen things they could change.
    In a season where the top 13 includes 10 guitar playing finalists, we’re left with a top 3 that has 2 of the 3 who avoided the guitar. And who are the best performers. The season reeked of stilted boring performers. Next year, how about looking for performers and tell the kids to leave the guitars at home.

    • Shaun says:

      guitars can help open alot of performances

      • Matrix says:

        Most of the contestants that played guitar either “wore” the guitar are were below average guitar players and it added nothing to the music. It probably served to give them something to do with their hands. Alex was one of the few exceptions as he is a skillful player.

      • Lisa says:

        Agreed, but perhaps there should be a limit as to how often they can use the guitar/piano, etc. While it does open a lot of performances, it also closes the door on performing. At least if they had to be sans guitar like 40% of the time, they would be still able to use the guitar, but have to learn the art of stage presence.

    • The Orginal Lemon says:

      Alex has never done anything other than stand in place, marching, with the guitar. Not one performance without the guitar. He should have challenged himself more.

      • anonymouse says:

        Challenged himself? Heck he’s the only one who has consistently taken huge risks in completely rearranging the songs he’s performed. While Caleb has an awesome voice and great stage presence, his performances have consistently been true to the originals. Jena also has taken some risks, but her arrangements weren’t as radical as what Alex has done.

        I was lucky enough to see Alex perform live during his hometown visit. 7000 people were there and he put on one heck of a show. There’s plenty of room in the music world for all of these finalists to do well – they’re all very talented. I just have a personal preference for Alex’s style.

        • The Orginal Lemon says:

          Caleb has changed songs, but more subtly. Alex deconstructs songs, and sometime it works. Other times, like the No Doubt song, are over the top and a mess.

        • Shaun says:

          Challenged himself,as in moving around or not using a guitar at all.

          • All the guys had guitars this year except for caleb, and by the way he plays guitar( saw it on u tube). Some of these guys cant be without a guitar and really perform. I give caleb KUDOS for just going out there and doing it without guitar. Its not a security blanket like with the others. Simon used to make contestants perform WITHOUT their instrument to take them out of their comfort zone, and I liked that. Remember that?

        • Lisa says:

          I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Alex a little while he was at the hotel. I travel to various different hotels, and I was in Manchester this past weekend. I was working at the hotel that he was staying at. He’s really a sweet kid, very genuine. He really enjoyed the hometown visit. He was showing me pictures on his phone. Do I think he could grow in the performing area, yes. But, I also think he’s got what it takes to be extremely successful.

          I agree with your assessment of Caleb. He’s been more and more karaoke and I’m not impressed.

        • chris says:

          Alex changes rearranges songs so that they all sound alike. I’m not sure that’s creative. Sometimes I think Alex is more concerned with making music Alex likes than making music the audience likes. Caleb hasn’t demonstrated much creativity but he’s more fun to watch.

      • I just saw him perform in NH and let me tell you he certainly can entertain. His show had an incredible mix of bluesy/jazzy numbers, uptempo ones, tender ones, and my favorite…originals.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Word. Talented kid, but about as exciting as watching my toenails grow.

      • Matrix says:

        Agreed. I would much rather watch the finale with Caleb than Alex. Alex is creative, but the final product seems to always fall in this narrow range. It all sounds like the same song and it puts me to sleep. Caleb is just pure fun!

      • What I say is this: there are better singers and better entertainers, but it’s rare when you find that artist whose voice and songs really touch your soul. Alex does that to many of us. It may not help him win idol, but it’s much more potent!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          That’s cool! If you love his music, you should buy whatever he produces after the show. I personally don’t dig his style, but I can appreciate that he has a well-defined style that works for him and listeners like yourself.

          • IAngie-overrated, (its becca) hi I think it all has to do with the types of music we all like. Alex is too laid back for me. When I go to a concert I like to get wild.So caleb is my type of music.They prob see alex as “soothing music”. Thats prob what they play around their house, while Im playing nine inch nails, and soundgardenLOL. I guess to each his own! For mellow music (like alex) I like Chris Issac, Matt Nathanson oh and Tori Amos, Sarah Mgloughlin oh and Adele.

        • Name This Tune says:

          Let’s remember that like the Agatha Christie novel, there were 9 guitar players. He is the last one standing. Which means he brought more to the table then just strumming the guitar.
          He strikes me as the one to put on the player if I want mood music. That doesn’t require visuals. It’s all sound. But if I want to have a good time, give me the one who has developed their performance skills.

  12. dre says:

    Great episode. But why didn’t comment on any performances besides from Jess? no joke about the demon glitch/the kiss? Anything? Love you anyway.

  13. Trisha26 says:

    Sorry, Michael, Christina Grimme shouldn’t win simply because of that red jumpsuit – talk about a wardrobe misstep! Josh all the way – yay, Melinda!

    Lovely seeing Jordin & Gina – good insight! – would be great to see all three of you from season 6 along with many others as mentors – what a great idea!

    As I’ve said every time I’ve commented, Alex for the win. If anyone hasn’t seen his hometown concert vids go to YT and give them a look. He is such an artist and with such a unique vocal talent.

    I totally agree with everything said about Caleb – he has a fantastic voice but seems really, really unpolished socially, really unready to rep the AI franchise (if that’s even a thing.) I thought a large part of the Idol machine was media training. He appears to have slept through every second of that.

  14. AprilD says:

    I haven’t been watching The Voice that closely, but sad to see Sisaundra is no longer in it. But Josh’s voice is unreal. Love it.

    I still don’t think Caleb’s gaff was that big of a deal. Was it a mistake? Yes. Did he apologize? Yes. NOT worse thing an artist has ever been caught saying. Should his right to the Idol crown be taken away? No. That’s silly. Also, saying “He performs so well all the time so he’s predictable and he shouldn’t win” is like saying people who perform consistently wouldn’t give great concerts. We all know that’s not true. So that criticism just always bugged me.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing Jena in the finale.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, I’ll admit, Caleb is technically perfect. But, it’s always something old, nothing new, always borrowed, he should be through. He borrows his moves on stage and wardrobe from Meatloaf, and all the songs are basically karaoke versions. Basically, he’s an 80’s rocker imitator. That’s it. To me, both Alex and Jena are more interesting than that. They at least present themselves and bring new flavor to the songs they sing. Could there be more stage presence? Hell yeah. But, I’ll take real artists over an imitator any day.

  15. Jess says:

    Having The Voice cut 3 people was very strange, I feel like the season just began (I’m not a huge fan of battle rounds, so often just watch auditions and the live rounds) and now it’s almost over.

    I loved having Jordan and Gina as guests (and also loved Melinda’s obvious delight in basically everything they said).

    Totally agree with them about the wardrobe thing as well, it’s been very odd lately.

  16. PoopyPants says:

    Alex just tweeted this:
    Alex Preston ‏@RealAlexPreston · 23m
    Expect something different this week. 😳

    By the looks of his emoji, he may not be to happy or excited about one of the songs he was given. I swear if TPTB screw him…….Or Roundy for that matter…

    • LibbyxD says:

      Rutt ro

    • MAB says:

      I can see him being sabotaged so that their dream finale will happen. They have no control of any of the picks. The only song that is probably going to be okay is the one his hometown chooses. I don’t trust Randy at all and the judges either unless Harry chooses for him because Harry does like and respects Alex’s talent.

      • Penny says:

        Hate to see this tweet! I want Alex to be in the finale but I believe they will try to sabotage him. Agree with Melinda, Gina and Michael — Alex/Jena finale! Don’t like anything about Caleb.

      • syb says:

        You ought to take a look at the concert clip from last Saturday where he’s performing I Don’t Need No Doctor. Alex is going to be Alex. He’s an acoustic adult contemporary artist, in a field crowded with them, but the dude is pretty versatile within the genre. if you listened to Jessica’s interview with Michael on this site, it’s pretty clear that song choice is relatively limited and steered to some extent. Any of them who can sound good, authentic and natural changing it up will have to get credit from me until and unless I hear they passed up some really great material.

      • syb says:

        I have been worried about that. It felt like the knives have been sharpened a bit since Sam’s elimination.

    • Angus says:

      He spends a lot of time on Twitter, marketing himself, and Jillian helps him on Twitter as well, which is so sweet and supportive of her.

    • The Other Leah says:

      what was the emoji? It didn’t come up on my computer

    • Poopy pants( i love your name) Its becca(calebs wacko fan) Hey Im worried about song choices too. I found out 2 of calebs. Heres what I did. Go on u tube to New Hampshire news.about his hometown visit. Look for his performance video, and alex might announce the song choice. I went and looked at calebs live show. He was handed an envelope sent from the judges. He was on the stage and read it to the audience. Then I went to another news source about calebs hometown visit and found out the chosen song from his fans by watching the local carolina news. So the only one I dont know is randys choice. By the way the songs are dazed and confused (from fans) and Demons by Imagine Dragons, (from the judges). Hope you could find out what alex has to sing. Randys choices really frighten me. So I think all the answers to alex’s song choices are on u tube in new hampshire

  17. Zach says:

    Another reason why the Voice went straight from the Top 8 to the Top 5: by doing this, The Voice Top 3 will take place right before the Idol finale rather than the week after. It’s an attempt to put the proverbial “nail in the coffin” by preempting the big finale of Idol with their own big finale. Granted, Idol’s already renewed for Season 14, but this doesn’t help Idol. Conversely, this could potentially backfire on the Voice.

  18. LeahKittyS says:

    Hello, Ladies of Season 6! So nice to see you again. Great show, guys. I’m not going to be too picky about who’s in the Top 2, but it better include my Alex Preston!
    You asked for a full report of Alex’s homecoming, and I have it. The parade started an hour late; maybe he stayed at his high school a little too long. But once it got started, the crowd went nuts! 3,000 people lined up on Main Street, following the red convertible Mustang where Alex and his parents sat and waved. Alex signed a lot of posters and phone cases, including mine. Then, at the concert, he did nine songs for 7,000 people in the arena. Alex is everything he appears to be on TV, right down to the leg movements and rolled up pants. He opened with “Fairytales,” did seven covers, and closed with “The Light Was Already Here.” And I even met MJ Santilli from MJ’s Big Blog right before the show started! One of the most exciting days of my young life, for sure.

    • MAB says:

      So jealous would have loved to see him. I hoping for him in the finale too. I would like to see him and Jena. Caleb does nothing for me and I don’t care that some people make lite of his unfortunate interview but to me I feel it showed a side of him I just don’t like. I lost all respect for him. Sorry but that is how I feel.

    • AlyB says:

      Hey thanks for the report. I bet that was a great show. Watching footage from the hometowns is one of my favorite parts of Idol. I can only imagine that being there must be a lot of fun.

  19. jane says:

    Now that Jess is gone, I’ll settle for a Caleb/ Alex finale with Alex winning. For me, Jena is very up and down with her performances. Some were great, others were terrible and I saw no signs from her that she knew had messed up. I love Rock N Roll, Bad Romance, and Suddenly I See were all very screechy and she missed a lot notes, but the judges never said anything to her. Her original song, I can’t help fallin in love, and Decode were awesome. She has a very strange way of “changing up” songs and for my taste I don’t like it. It’s always what if Paramore covered Adele or Lady Gaga, how would it sound? I think this is she is just too young and is a good mimmick of other’s sound without having developed her own unique one. I loved her Elvis song, but she just did a cover of someone else’s cover, Ingrid Michaelson, I think. I picked Caleb over Jena, just simply because he has been so consistent this season. I like Alex. I like his taste in music and when he changes a song up he makes it better. I know another WGWG, but I still think he deserves to win.

  20. The Other Leah says:

    ~~~SKIP AHEAD TO 4:52 for IDOL~~~

  21. AlyB says:

    Great installment of Reality Check. I loved seeing Jordin and Gina with Melinda. It’s always so good to see the veterans especially when they’re interacting in such a casual, candid way. They have an unparalleled level of insight. I wish the shows recognized that but I’m certainly glad that you do. I’d have to say I’m completely on board with an Alex, Jena finale and unless she completely falls apart, Jena for the win. I’m looking forward to the voice tonight but have to agree that their quick eliminations during the live shows leave me much less invested in the contestants.

  22. Amber says:

    I sooo hope the final two is Caleb and Alex!

  23. Sn68 says:

    It drives me crazy when the judges tell Alex he should move around the stage more – who cares when you have that kind of talent and creativity. They praise Caleb who (and I love 80s rock) is a great cover band singer only.. Why dies Alex need to jump around to satisfy them? No one asks Adele to twerk for goodness sake

  24. karenb says:

    Where’s They Slayer?!

    • Terry says:

      She’s been thrown on the ever growing pile of idol failures. 19 Entertainment just updated their website and all the season 10 contestants who were unsuccessful have been removed (Casey, Haley and James). It’s sad, I was so hoping she would join the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood as a success story. But oh well, Interscope gave her a chance and unfortunately it just didn’t work out for her.

      • HTGR says:

        I wouldn’t really say they gave her that much of a chance. A bit not enough. All they released is one single from her album, probably one the less radio friendly ones of all too (why? who knows for sure, but it is interesting that it is the only song on the whole album she didn’t share any writing credits for so it was the only one 19 would get max money from; I know a number of people who were like not bad when they heard it but they weren’t totally grabbed in, but then I played some others for them and they were instantly grabbed right in) and then let her go after just a few months. A lot of it is luck and whether the studio decides to go 100% all in radio buys and this and that mega-promotion galore or not. Did you know that one of the single biggest sellers in the 90s actually sold LESS than Haley did their first 4-6 months under contract (they were nearly dumped after 12 months, but then caught a lucky break and went viral and the rest was history, not that I’m saying she’d likely have quite THAT level of success, just saying that you can’t really say much after semi-promotion of one single for like 6 months).
        Plus she is still plenty young, so we’ll see. Far too soon to write her off yet.

        • Terry says:

          After how poor the sales were for Listen Up!, I just don’t see her ever getting a second chance. But I hope that I’m wrong and you’re right.

          • HTGR says:

            We’ll see. It actually got really good reviews. They just tossed out a single single for a few months and quit. A lot of the names everybody knows would never have been known if that is all the chance they had gotten. I hope someone with some power decided to believe and decides to use it.

  25. LibbyxD says:

    Love the shirt Slezak! And Melinda-you look ah-mazing!

  26. Timmah says:

    Why hasn’t Jordin been invited back? There must be a story behind that.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Back as in singing, or mentoring? She was back in 2008 to sing “No Air” with Chris Brown, and then in 2011 she sang her single “I Am Woman.” But why she hasn’t been back to mentor is a mystery.

      • MAB says:

        I really think the contestants are only invited back when there is new music. Jordan really hasn’t had new music and same for Haley. Now Melinda just dropped new music so I have no clue shy she hasn’t been back this year because she is fantastic and deserves it.

  27. Trouty Mouth says:

    With Jess gone I really don’t care for any of the top 3 all that much. Jena’s put-on style of singing grates on my nerves and it doesn’t come across as authentic. It just sounds like she listened to Lana Del Rey/Lorde/Hayley Williams and decided that’s what she wanted to sound like. Caleb doesn’t come across as very creative or interesting. He’d be good for karaoke night or for some Meat Loaf tribute. I’m not a huge fan of Alex but he’s the one who annoys me the least.

  28. Trouty Mouth says:

    Also loved the t-shirt Slezak. Matt is still one of my all-time favourite Idol contestants.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Between the three ladies from Season 6 and Michael’s T-shirt, it was getting really nostalgic up in here.

  29. Patrick says:

    I agree, cutting three at once was silly. And I am a big Sisaundra fan, I am not sure why people don’t like her. I did hear that her style was too old. As an old guy, I thought she should win the whole thing. And I don’t get that she didn’t at least make the top five. Frankly this instant save works for the young tech savvy kids who live by twitter. No one else gets to vote. The Voice should dump it next year. I like Josh a lot. But if Josh weren’t still in it, I would stop watching after Sisaundra’s elimination. I also agree, too much coaches, not enough contestants. Balance.
    As for Idol, I like the singers. Jena should win, or Alex. I love Caleb, but he doesn’t take any risks, he sounds the same every performance, and I love them! But to win? And then to insult his fans suggests he is too immature to be the Idol. Jena or Alex will do just fine, I love both of their creativity, I give it to Jena for performance (adored her Elvis!). I am getting tired of Harry already. The first half of the year, he was too stiff, now he is like a little kid. I hated the stupid round where they reduced the size based on performances we never even got to see. I disconnected with the show then, and it took me a while to re-connect. I love the idea of former idols as coaches. And show us more of those sessions. I like hearing Randy’s comments.

  30. kcostell says:

    Interesting choice of words to describe Caleb. There’s also a certain season 6 contestant that was also “so consistently awesome” that people weren’t wowed enough anymore and she ended up eliminated in 3rd place…

  31. tealeaves says:

    Very funny RealityCheck.
    Michael, I loved the horror movie analogy. That was classic.

  32. Alyce says:

    Loved this but I’m starting to wish TVLine would wise up and stop forcing Michael to comment on both Idol and the Voice in the same vid. I don’t hate the Voice but Michael should be able to focus on Idol for the entire vid. It means he can’t do justice to either show and AND it means cutting Jason’s brilliant edits. Whoever made this call is a soulless empty suit and also just a bad exec (someone very like Randy I believe) because while this particular update was great -with the sass and guest appearances of Jordin and Gina – the regular updates really suffer without the relaxed banter (AND JASON commentary) that we fell in love with back in the Idolatry days. Wake the f**k up, TVLine

  33. Kristy lee cook says:

    Shout out to Melinda’s biceps ya’ll!!

  34. Tawhid says:


  35. GuitarBlue says:

    There were only 2 (formerly eliminated before top 5) of the top 13 on Idol this year that I did not enjoy watching/listening to. ………….of the top 3, I think each one brings something different to the table ……………………..

    I enjoy Alex’s voice and creative Pop style, and I can easily see him with a good music career without an Idol win. I just think he has the least chance of the 3, to win this year….. Consider the median age of the Idol voter, flaming the crowd, Judges accolades and camera — and his Pop/Folk Rock style that is especially appealing to the younger voter…………………………………………………………………..

    Comments about Caleb being older-style Rocker actually fits part of the mold for Idol strategy—- Jena is getting into the young voter Pop base as well, and many older Idol fans see her as a nice, positive young girl that they enjoy her music and spirit …. by the way, who was it that did an Elvis song??. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    The Voice has 11 songs in the top 100 itunes today – all 5 contestants have 2 songs plus Jake and Josh are in the top 10. Shakira also has a song still in top 100………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………The show seems to draw a younger audience that are more likely to download itunes if they like the song. overall, I think Kat Perkins may be out this week, even though she is in the top 100 twice.

  36. Emma says:

    I always felt The Voice cutting 2 singers per week was too much, but 3?!?! That was way too harsh. I understand the reason they do it is because of the coaches schedules but man it’s brutal. Maybe they should just pre-tape the whole season and forget about the live shows and voting. Oh wait, that would be a whole different show and take the viewers out of it completely. It just seems so rushed when they get to the live shows, idk.

  37. Emma says:

    I wanted to see some outrage over J-ho going up on stage and hugging/kissing Jeeena after her Elvis song dagnabbit! This isn’t The Voice, there are no teams, idol judges are supposed to be impartial. What a crock of sh-t!!! -rant over-

  38. Yay, it’s Jordin and Gina! Missed them :)

  39. darcy's evil twin says:

    Wow, what a treat to see these ladies together again! I’d forgotten how awesome Gina Glocksen was, and Melinda, you really look amazing. I loved the comments on “wardrobe”.
    Mr. Slezak, get it right – MEN go down to the basement to check fuses in a horror movie. WOMEN get naked and take a shower. ;-)

    I am sure Jena is going to win this whole thing. I’m not wild about her but I won’t have a lot of heartburn if she wins. Which she will.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      “I am sure Jena is going to win this whole thing.”
      While there’s still a WGWG in the competition? I wouldn’t be so sure.

      • Jessica says:

        I’ll be shocked to see Alex win. Unless he comes out with some amazing song selections I don’t even see him in the finale.

  40. So happy Jake Worthington at number 3! Loved his performance last night. He’s above Pharell’s happy? Blake picked a great song choice.

  41. HTGR says:

    Wow, S6 had some singers, great to see Jordin and Gina back with Melinda, helluva trio right there, all three coulda won many a season (and well one already did haha) of these shows.
    And Jordin, haha, loved that funny lit appearance of yours in the Star Wars cantina video (and while I am on it, the end song for the Earth Day African Cats movie!).

  42. HTGR says:

    Kat from The Voice is awesome. But she won’t last. Then again had Luciano Pavarotti, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Ann Wilson been on The Voice this season, they’d have all already been eliminated haha. Maybe they’d all have survived the first week. Maybe. But then chop chop. Oh boy.

  43. HTGR says:

    And thanks folks for tuning in this evening…. THIS IS THE VOICE!!!! And by The Voices I mean your first five eliminated contestants for the season.

    • HTGR says:

      Who could ever have dreamed that out of Sisaundra, Kat, Delvin, Josh, Tess, etc. that only ONE even makes the finale! And most don’t even crack top 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. HTGR says:

    And yeah a funny but sad horror tale for Jessica there.

    • HTGR says:

      But yeah she went out on a helluva end note with You and I and then Blue Eyed Lie (and of course, when it counted, they wouldn’t let her sing any of her own songs, and of course when it counted, they then knocked her for not choosing songs that were enough, quote, her, WTFWTH?! How do you say that to someone, who at the last second, you just told that you are no longer allowed to sing your OWN SONG, as much as her as she could’ve been!).