Frozen's Elsa Is Coming to Once Upon a Time -- But Who Should Play Her? Our Top 10 Picks

Before Queen Elsa casts her icy spell on Once Upon a Time‘s upcoming fourth season, the powers that be need to do some casting of their own.

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Showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis have confirmed to TVLine that Frozen‘s ice queen indeed arrived in Storybrooke at the end of Sunday’s finale, but her portrayer still remains a mystery, even to them.

Should it be another former Lost star, like Maggie Grace or Elizabeth Mitchell? Perhaps a teen drama vet, like Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively or Glee‘s Dianna Agron?

Browse our gallery of potential Elsas below, then drop a comment with your own nomination(s).


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  1. CF says:

    I’d love Dianna Agron but only if she wanted to do a television arc. She has the required talent to show a misunderstood woman, who is perceived as evil but vulnerable. She has the swagger to be sexy badass and the beauty and nuances to be sweet and capture your heart.

    • lauren says:

      i denfintley going for dianna agron all the way she is the most beautyful actress ever she is so perfect for elsa and i know she nails every character perfectly

  2. Bianca says:

    Oh, I would just love to see Blake Lively being cold! Her take on Elsa would be fun to watch!

  3. John Doe says:

    Definitely Claire Holt…she looks good for the role as Elsa.
    Face resembles the animation…well, as much as possible xD

  4. Megan George says:

    Perhaps with the knave crossover from Wonderland they’ll put a twist on Anastasia and have her be Elsa.

  5. Erin says:

    If they want to go with a somewhat unknown how about Julie marie Berman from General Hospital (she has two daytime emmys). She would be a great addition to this cast

  6. Riana says:

    There should also be casting choices for Anna. In all honesty, I don’t know if Kristen is tall enough for the role.

  7. lonelyguy548 says:


  8. lonelyguy548 says:

    Also Isla Fisher as Anna! It’d be so adorable

  9. dj says:

    Greer Grammer has my vote. The others are too old.

  10. Ceylan says:

    i’ve been tweeting at horowitz about megan hilty

  11. Kissan says:

    Kristen Bell, Maggie Grace, Amanda Seyfried, Dianna Aaron, Ashley Tisdale and Britt Robertson would all be an amazing Elsa.

  12. Alicia says:

    Kristen Bell if they don’t cast her as Anna. Or Sarah Michelle Gellar if KB is playing Anna.

    Dianna Agron is an okay choice, but not perfect. Those who comment about her acting skills. I think she has been limited in showing her chops by Glee and the way her character was written. She also seems to young amongst the thirty and forty year olds. And as much as I love her, her nasal voice does irk be sometimes and you know on this show they have to deliver some form of monologue.

    Maggie Grace, Megan Hilty, and Natalie Dormer are fine choices. Dormer seems kind of unlikely with being on GoT and having a recurring role on Elementary just on the basis that most villains stick around for half a season.

    Blake Lively, I’m not in love with idea, but it could be okay.

    Laura Vandervoort, I would have to see it to decide. She has definitely grown as an actress, but I’m a bit ambivalent.

    Elizabeth Mitchell, I like as an actress, but she seems to old for the way the show is cast. Other than Robert Carylye everyone is considerably younger.

    Greer Grammar is too young.

    What about Anna Torv. I love her!

  13. richard says:

    Portia Di Rossi

  14. Ms Thing says:

    Kristin Chenoweth as Queen Elsa!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I love the idea of either Laura Vandervoot or Claire Holt. Elizabeth Mitchell seems too old for Elsa. She could maybe play her mom in a flashback.

  16. Kavita says:

    maggie grace or kristen bell!

  17. Kay says:

    I’m going to suggest another Vancouver actress – Emilie Ullerup.

  18. Kassie Mary says:

    Either Laura Vandervoort or Blake Lively would be perfect they have that Elsa look. It would be cool and funny if it was Kristen Bell but it’s also really weird because she’s Anna in Disney’s Frozen. So I don’t know if people would completely enjoy it. I think it’s a little too much. I know once is all like complete twists on stories. But it’s like “hey let’s bring Anna as Elsa” it’s kinda awkward almost and kinda weird too. And seems like you’re overdoing the whole twists on stories. But Vandervoort and Lively have that Elsa look and can defiantly bring it for the character.

  19. Fox says:

    Emilie Ullerup

  20. Ella says:

    Maggie Grace
    Yvonne Strahovski
    Kristen Bell….but face it, wouldn’t we ALL expect to hear Anna’s lines coming out of her mouth?

  21. Diana says:

    We think that Sarah Michelle Gellar could be good as the Snow Queen. Another thought is Emma Caufield that played Anya. Eliza Dushku would be great on this show but not as the Snow Queen.

  22. Jessica says:

    I love the idea of Natalie dormer, she’s one of my favorites… But I love her as Margaery so..

  23. christine says:

    Natalie Dormer!!!!!

  24. mia says:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar…..I’m thinking cruel intentions Katherine but frozen!!!!!

  25. avatarfire says:

    Emilia Clarke for Elsa!

  26. pfitzdc says:

    Please not the decidedly mediocre Maggie Grace….

  27. Shane says:

    I think Kate Hudson would make a great Elsa because she could go evil or good in her acting and her face meets the details.

    • Jackie says:

      Kate couldn’t even hold her own against the Glee actors…..she’d be chewed up and spit out by Bobby and Lana!

  28. Matt says:

    Annalynne McCord would be great if Elsa is going to be the new bad. She can do villian wonderfully.

    I think Kristen Bell should be Anna on the show not Elsa.

    Definitely NOT Blake Lively.

    If not Annalynne I think Megan Hilty would be fantastic!

  29. Dude says:

    I positively adore Claire Holt but she’s so much better than Once. I’d cast Dianna Agron or Laura Vandervoort.

  30. Dan says:

    Based on what I’ve seen from each of the actresses listed my choice would be Claire Holt

  31. Party stamps says:

    I swear I saw a poster last night of Elsa and Anna posted on twitter. I guess it was a fake.

  32. Ram510 says:

    Maggie Grace

  33. joncuriel says:

    Picks are steady, I am totally supporting Dianna, Claire, Maggie Meaghan and Blake, but if I had to decide on one of my own I would like to nominate Ashley Tisdale, I can see her killing it in this role

  34. lina says:

    black is amazing and beautiful it just has to be her she would do her amazingly

  35. Cas says:

    Love Blake, Maggie, Claire, and some of the others. I like Elizabeth too but picture someone younger. Never been a big fan of Kirsten as in all the movies I’ve seen her in she hadn’t been that good but I’ve never really watched her in TV. On a side note, this was the first time I read Claire Holt was no longer a regular on The Originals. I thought for sure she would come back soon and now I’m upset.

  36. Ray says:

    That was the best season finale OUAT has ever had to date. To bad they had to ruin it in the last few moments by introducing a lame character from Frozen. I understand that it was a real box office smash in 2013, but why not keep in current capitalize on the momentum that Maleficent might have this summer? She’d be a much better villain as the Dark Fairy.

  37. Aunesti says:

    Absolutly 100% Natalie Dormer!!!!!!!!!!! Please, good or evil she would play the part so well and she has the perfect beautiful strong face.

  38. Jackie says:

    The only one on the list I’d pick is Megan Hilty. Enough with all of the Lost stuff on OUAT – let this show be its own. Not a fan of Mitchell’s acting at all. Ditto for Lively. And while Agron is beautiful, I do not see her (or most of these actresses listed) being able to hold their own against Bobby Carlyle and Lana Parilla. Nothing wrong with having an unknown being cast in the role!

    p.s. – does she have to be blonde? just wondering.

  39. Ray says:

    If I must be forced to endure the heinously simplistic plot of Frozen once again, at least cast a good comedic actress like Elisha Cuthbert to play the role of Elsa. I just might be able to stomach the otherwise wretched story in that case.

  40. Krissi G says:

    Kristen Bell and/or Yvonne Strahovski would be amazing!!!!!

  41. Andrea says:

    I deff think Maggie Grace would be a great playing Elsa’s Character shes so innocent looking and sweet as well as kristen Bell but i think Maggie Grace would take it home

  42. omar says:

    Laura Vandervoort, Maggie Grace, Greer Grammer or Kristin Bell.
    I can’t picture Blake L. playing Elsa. Or Claire, she’s needs to get back to The Originals!

  43. Buddy says:

    Yvonne Strahovski

  44. Lucas says:

    I say cast Bonnie Sommerville

  45. Jake says:

    What about Laura Bell Bundy?

  46. Anna says:

    I would love Kristen Bell but since she played Anna, I think it should be Dianna or Megan. who are pretty and can sing!

  47. sally says:


  48. Alaina says:

    Laura , Dianna or Natalie. They all have the face to fit the part. Not only the way they look but the waythey talk. one of those three definitely deserves this part. Blake would be a definite but get voice isn’t for Elsa

  49. KC says:

    I really hope Diana Argon gets the role! I would so absolutely LOVE to see her play Elsa!!!!! :D