Dancing With the Stars Week 9 Results: Did The Right Couple Go Home?

dwts james peta dancing with the starsIt’s been a season of seemingly endless (and too often, forced) surprises — “Dance Duels” and “Switch-Ups,” be gone! — but thankfully, semi-finals night (also known as Week 9) of Dancing With the Stars put the ballroom battle of the final five fearless celebs front and center.

That’s not to say the producers couldn’t squeeze another theme might (this time “American Icons”) into the mix, along with yet another guest judge, the Emmy award winning choreographer and producer Kenny Ortega — High School Musical fans rejoice! – ending with the ultimate drama, another tension-filled (and this time shocking) elimination.

Let’s high-kick right to the highlights:

DANCE OF THE NIGHT: On a night of record-setting distribution of “10s” (anyone have the official stats on that?), Amy Purdy’s quickstep and jazz dances were near perfection, while Meryl Davis’ Viennese waltz was actual perfection, but for my money, here are the top dances (it’s a tie!) of the night:

Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Though perhaps visually-enhanced by Maks’ Elvis-inspired pompadour, Meryl’s infectious jive blew away the entire ballroom. Kenny marveled that “your kicks and flicks were setting sparks off all over the floor” while Bruno noted the “ clear, sharp, precise” movement and that stylistically it was “impeccable.” A delighted Carrie Ann noted Meryl’s flawless movements, while also loving the new “warm and fuzzy” Maks, who handed out a slew of hugs (and a kiss for a thoroughly delighted Bruno!). The performance took the adjective amazing (of course it got all “10s”) to a whole new level.

James Maslow & Peta Murgatroyd: Pumped up by a pep talk from legendary producer L.A. Reid (which doubled as a quick plug for Michael Jackson’s new album), James donned an iconic Jackson fedora to dance what Bruno called “a thriller of a cha cha cha.” Cue the standing ovations and accolades, which included an initially doubtful Carrie Ann (“It’s hard to pull Michael Jackson off well”) who turned super fan by gushing “you gave us Michael Jackson, James Maslow-style for Dancing with the Stars, with cha cha all over it!” Len confirmed the dance had plenty of cha cha, while Kenny simply called in “electrifying.” Nothing but perfect paddles for this one, too!

RUNNER-UP: Charlie White & Sharna Burgess: Dashingly attired in tux n’ tails, Charlie’s phenomenal foxtrot (to the majestic “New York, New York”) brought the ballroom (and half the judges) to their feet! Kenny didn’t mince words (“Bring out the champagne…indescribably delightful!”) while an ecstatic Carrie Ann pulled no punches, miming self-abuse while exclaiming, “You just smacked me in the face with brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!” Bruno compared him with dance royalty (“you started as Fred Astaire and you finished as Baryshvikov”), while Len played his cards closer to the best. No matter, this dance earned a foursome of perfect 10’s.

Charlie White & Sharna Burgess
Amy Purdy & Derek Hough
Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Charlie White & Sharna Burgess
Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Charlie White & Sharna Burgess

“All these people are so deserving,” said a gracious Charlie of his shocking exit, before throwing his support to his Olympic gold medal-winning ice dancing partner. “Now I can 100 percent be a cheerleader, team Meryl … love you.”

And with that, it’s your turn. Did the right couple go home tonight?? Who is the ultimate favorite for the Mirrorball trophy in next week’s finals? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lauren says:

    So disappointed. All Amy did was sit on a table and yet…top four? OK. And Candice’s jazz was so stiff. At least hopefully this will consolidate the Meryl/Charlie fanbase.

    • T says:

      Agreed! every season Derek and whichever partner he has always get accolades for not doing much dancing at all. A season without him would be much better since the judges seem to always be slighted in his favor.

      • Jill says:

        Oh my gosh…. you conveyed my feelings exactly.

      • Houghbegone says:

        Totally AGREE! I was so hoping it was he and Amy that were eliminated. It has been starting to annoy me since the season where they had the “all stars” on.

      • Sandra Brehmer says:

        Are you kidding me. Derek earns every bit of praise he gets and because of his talent
        his partners shine and deserve the win. He is the reason I watch DWTS.

    • Charlie. Should have won the entire thing. He can jump in the air , turn circles. He’s a fantastic ice skater and dance ice skater! He’s partner really didn’t give him his type of dances except for a couple.she should’ve taken him and used his turns and jumps into routines in slow dancing. He’s excellent. I think max and Meryl is set up to win. Max has never won and he has the best female dancer and Charlie could’ve beaten max if given the right dance. So they just got rid of him! U watch max will win! Planned all along. Do u really think people didn’t vote for Charlie? People love him!

    • C says:

      Agreed. VERY disappointed. That first dance last night, when Charlie did a bunch of solo moves, was magnificent. He was so graceful and relaxed; it was beautiful to watch. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of people who felt that he and Meryl were “ringers” and shouldn’t have been allowed in the competition. So it seems that a lot of voters were against them from the start.

    • Halloween_Queen says:

      Maks & Meryl all the way. Their chemistry and skill is undeniable. I am so tired of the unfair advantage that Amy Purdy gets. Anyone that danced like her, WITHOUT her disability, wouldn’t get the scores or praise that she has received. She may be an inspiration but she is not a hero and I loathe that she gets that title. Further, if I were her I would be angry that I kept getting praised for overcoming obstacles instead of being judged as a person learning to dance. I would be angry that I wasn’t treated as a competitor but as a “special needs” competitor. It’s unfair to the other contestants and unfair to her. She’s not the best and doesn’t deserve the title and the unwavering praise of her dance skills. It’s absurd. If she is a competitor, treat her as such and stop fawning all over her.

      • I suppose you think it’s fair that a gold medal ice dancer won? 18 years of preparation taking all sorts of dance, gymnastics, choreography, artistic presentation, choreography, acting etc. it is obvious that they were helping Maks to win and he couldn’t do it on his own because he is good but not great. He needed an Olympic Gold dancer to do it for him. The whole thing was a farce!!!

        • Halloween_Queen says:

          As a matter of fact, I do. She is not a professional dancer. She is Olympic ice skater that competes in the area of ice dancing. Yes, it’s different. Very. Further, had it been thought that she had too much experience in dance, she would not have been invited as a “celebrity” participant. She would have been invited as a “professional.” Some may argue that Amy’s ability to switch out prosthetics to the option better suiting each dance is an unfair advantage. It would have been a farce had the best dancer not won. But she did. In fact, the best pair won. Had Amy actually been permitted by her partner/choreographer to dance more, as in touch the ground, maybe I would feel differently. But, for someone that praised her skill and ability with unwavering fervor, Derek really provided her with routines that negated that public praise and enthusiasm. He gave her limited mobility. I wholeheartedly agree that the woman is an inspiration, no doubt, yet she was certainly not the best dancer. To give someone an award based on sympathy is a disservice to all involved.

    • Mimi says:

      It is time for little Miss Candice to gooooo!!!!! I cannot believe James and Charlie are gone and she is still there. It is Maks and Meryl who should win they both know how to dance. Enuf with Derek it is Maks’ turn. I agree with the comment made that Derek should take a year off and give someone else a turn to shine!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hell No, the wrong person went home.

    Little miss dances around furniture should be gone, or little miss who wears no clothes and choreographs a proper rumba for her partner when she couldn’t be bothered earlier in the season should be gone also.

  3. RUCookie says:

    Noooooooo!!! How did that happen??? I know! The screwed up judging played a huge part. Candace May be trying but she should be getting scores close to the rest of the pack. Charlie has been underscored for almost the entire season.

    • Tess says:

      I think that with the judges putting Meryl at the bottom of the leaderboard last week, any fans of both Meryl and Charlie devoted their voting power to Meryl figuring she was in serious trouble while Charlie, having earned a 78/80, would have been in a safer spot and so people would’ve felt reassured he’d be safe and not worried about voting as much for him. It’s the only explanation really – well, that or too many people didn’t feel his perfect score last week was deserved and that turned them away from voting for him. Otherwise, he surely deserved to be in the finals next week.

      With Meryl having been in the bottom on the leaderboard but staying over Charlie who was 2nd in the scoring, it makes me think she must be getting a lot of votes (at least last week being in the bottom she did, maybe that’s why they were certain to counter that this week by giving them 2 perfect scores). And now with Charlie out, it means no more vote splitting for the skating duo so perhaps this means now Meryl’s unstoppable…? One can hope. She is the best dancer left for sure and I’d love to see Maks finally get a win as well.

  4. sarahliz1624 says:

    Why is Candace still there but Charlie has to go home? She’s consistently gotten terrible scores, and he did amazingly and improved, as did Danica. The judges should get a save

    • The Dancing Fool says:

      Audience voting appears to be playing a larger and larger factor. The fact that Candace was not placed in ‘jeopardy’ is a joke – let’s face it. Also, I still believe Charlie and Meryl split the audience vote, while Candace probably is now getting some of Danica’s voting base. Hence, Candace gets past Charlie – which has zero to do with dancing skills, as we found out last week when Danica was sent home. Amy? She can’t be voted out.

      So, I think now we’ve got at least the top 2 – Meryl should do even better now with audience voting (Charlies’ base going her way), and Amy. They will be in final three.

      The third contestant in the final three? It will come down to the voting bases of Candace and Maslow. I think Maslow is next to go home. Probably the smart phone bills of the 12 year old girls texting into DWTS for Maslow have now reached their parents, and that’s that.

      So, we’ll have a final three of Meryl, Amy and Candace – Candace out first, then Meryl – Maks will come very close to winning the mirror ball. But it will be Amy and Derek to victory.

      Oh well, look at it this way – if this cycle of DWTS lasted all the way to September, the fickle 12 year old fan base of Maslow would probably have already moved on to their ‘tween-crush’ anyway, and then we all know will happen to Maslow – back to waiting tables. :O

      • MysteryGirl says:

        I just can’t stop laughing at that comment. Especially the Maslow part. And yeah, it is funny because his fandom is between 16 AND OLDER, INCLUDING ADULTS, and I mean REAL ADULTS. So you think that’s a ‘fickle 12 year’ fandom calling and voting harder for their ‘tween-crush’ idol?? You’re so wrong. And this is from a 20 year old adult.

    • delfiteblu says:

      The thing I really hate about this season is spending time voting during the show for people who may already being the couple who is leaving. I wonder if they thought about that when they went to one night? And NO, the right person did NOT go home – You know what skewed all the scores? That idiot Abby who judged last week. Candace has improved a lot – the jazz number was great, BUT she is not at the same level as the others and she should have gone. Who knew Full House still had such a following?

      • Angela says:

        Who knew Full House still had such a following?
        Never underestimate the nostalgia factor, LOL. Especially considering ’90s nostalgia is a thing nowadays (see the excitement over the “Girl Meets World” show and the fond memories it brings up of “Boy Meets World”, for instance).
        I won’t argue with you, though, that while Candace has indeed had some really good dances, such as tonight’s jazz one, comparatively speaking there’s others who should be there instead of her at this point.

        • AB says:

          It might be Full House, but I think the Christian values folks are a huge voting block and they are behind Candace, oh and God.

          • Angela says:

            Ah, yes, good point. They’re definitely a part of this, too, I’m sure.

          • czarina says:

            I agree…all the conservative Christians are on her side and very organized. Too bad, because she is by far the worst dance left and will take away vote from the teams that deserve it. It is, afterall, called “DANCING” with the stars and the mirrorball should go to the best dance team.

      • sm says:

        That’s why I don’t vote until after the show is over. You do know that is an option, right?

      • christy says:

        Candace is not atthe same level as the rest but think about what the shoe is suppossed to be about. Taking someone with NO experience and watching them improve. Meryl is an ICE DANCER.
        They do ballroomdancing on the ice. So if they want to go with the true reason for the show, Amy or Candace should have won.

    • Jackie Davais says:

      Candace is still here because Disney is promoting her so-called comeback
      What a joke.

    • Christine says:

      I agree – how on earth is Candace still there while Charlie was sent home?!!! He’s a real loss. No wonder Carrie Ann looked so upset and Len was shaking his head. And while Amy is inspirational, do we really have to hear about it every single week – yawn! And while I’m at it, since I’m fed up cos we lost 2 great dancers 2 weeks running, enough of playing the God card please, Candace.

    • I absolutely agree that Candace should have been sent home.

    • Nadia says:

      Definetly I won’t be watching no more – this is a popularity not a dancing show! Can’t believe Candace is still in after receiving 8 from the judges!

  5. Cynthia Bauer says:

    Should have been Candace going home LAST week. She was totally over scored by the judges.

    • The Dancing Fool says:

      And that may be what will have to happen, probably next week or certainly the last week/final week of competition. The judges are going to have to do the right thing here pretty quick and give Candace scores she deserves at this point (7’s), and that way, regardless of the fan vote, she won’t be able to go on any further. That’s what has to be done – they need to stop this nonsense with Candace.

      I haven’t watched DWTS for a while, but years ago, the judges did this as well – a contestant had gone on way past his talent, and was getting votes and surviving due to the fan voting. The judges put an end to that – that was the right thing to do. We’ll see that again next week when the judges put some ‘separation’ between Candace and the other 2-3 finalists.

      That said, I still think Candace could outlast Maslow – the old ‘tween-get-in-trouble-with-parents-when-AT&T-phone-bill-arrives-in-the-mail’ dilemna.

  6. lauri5567 says:

    Amy is inspiring, however Amy is not one of the top 6 dancers this season. I did like Kenny Ortega as a guest judge (okay and I’ve liked most of his work – Dirty Dancing, Shag, HSM). He knew what he was talking about, but wasn’t overly critical.

    • JB says:

      Kenny was so biased…which sucked. He said everyone needs to vote for Amy & Derek. No judge, guest or not, should ever be allowed to voice that opinion on any competition show. Before I get criticized. If it’s a team thing (ie. the Voice) that’s 1 thing, but this was not ok.

      • Sara says:

        Plus Oprah saying to Amy & Derek on the phone…. “When you win”

      • mackmommy says:

        You nailed it, but I’m not surprised: I believe ABC has scripted Amy to win. I only starting watching DWTS again because of Maks and Meryl. As it is, the show has been leaking credibility with each week like a sieve. If Maks and Meryl lose, I don’t believe I’ll ever tune in to DWTS again…I’ll happily watch something else…like the Ducks/Kings game I kept switching between. That is more real and honest entertainment. LOL

        • I agree. I have seen every episode of DWTS, but if Maks & Meryl do not win this season, I’m done.

          Amy’s accomplishments are incredible and inspiring. However, she has not been dancing on the same playing field as the other couples and she definitely has not been judged on the same scale. Last night, Carrie was gushing over how she slid down a table, for crying out loud! Their quickstep is one of the only dances she’s done that really seemed like a legitimate dance to me. The pimping of Amy has been incredibly obvious throughout the entire season, but last night took it all too far. Oprah? “When you win, I’ll take you both to dinner.” Really? Then the guest judge specifically tells the audience to vote for her? I can’t remember any judge ever doing that on this show.

          Meryl & Maks win or they lose this viewer. Simple as that.

          • The Dancing Fool says:

            I think it is possible this may happen – I agree 100%, this is Maks/Meryl’s chance to win a mirror ball, and I think they both deserve it. It will be close, but I think Amy/Derek will win.

            Here’s the key – if Amy was a jerk, not attractive, had a bad story to tell, she could be voted out, even with the disability. But that is going to be very, very tough at this point – she’s got that story, plus, I have to be honest here, she has a face for television, a nice personality – she’s got a lot going for her.

            It will be close, but unless the judges put some ‘separation’ between her/Derek and Maks/Meryl in their voting, I don’t think the audience is/can vote against Amy – she’s probably getting votes not only women in the audience, she may well be getting a ton from any men in the audience as well. Again, I’m a guy, and being completely honest – Meryl should win, but Amy is very tough to vote against.

          • Halloween_Queen says:

            I wholeheartedly agree. Amy is not judged as a competitor but as a “special needs” competitor. This seems to skew perception to her favor. Even during the recap tonight it was obvious that she spent most “dances” not touching the ground, instead being spun around by her partner. She is an inspiration but she is not a hero. The judging is unfair to the other competitors and unfair to her. Further, I think there are other “professionals” far better than Derek and, yes, I truly feel that Maks is far better and exudes more passion. He’s not so…bland…
            I look forward to watching Maks and Meryl. Their chemistry and skill level is far above any of the others remaining.

        • Lena says:

          Maks doesn’t impress me. He fails as a teacher when he doesn’t have somebody with the background Meryl has. If he had Amy it would be a train wreck. He is also a spoiled,whiny jerk who throws tantrums when it is convenient for him. He lacks class. Meryl has been good since day 1. NO growth at all.

  7. Kate says:

    I love Amy but that second dance included very little actual dancing. The choreography was cool but that was more appropriate for sytycd than DWTS. I think if any other pro included the table or stool for so much of a dance they would get dinged for it.

    • JLK says:

      Not for a jazz dance. Furniture has been a huge part of some classic jazz routines over the years…thus Candace and Mark sitting in chairs for a good chunk of their jazz routine. Both were completely consistent with the type of dance. Honestly, this is the problem with this show. Way too many people don’t know what they’re talking about, but get outraged just the same.

      • Kate says:

        If you’ve watched the show the contestants used to get the same dances. Half would do jive, half waltz etc. I think they even had pros do a demo of the dances to explain what the judges look for. The only time a non-ballroom dance came out was for finals. It now feels like the producers have gotten much more manipulative about how the dances are assigned. Giving jazz to the two weakest contestants raises an eyebrow to be sure. Amy can dance so there is no excuse for Derek to be limiting her choreography. It was a cute routine but there’s no denying what was required of her was not even close to what the others had to learn (except maybe Candace). If Maks or Sharna had put their contestant on a table for half a routine (jazz or otherwise) and then picked them up and twirled them, they would have been called on it for sure. At this point in the season the celebrity should be doing more.

  8. cjinsd says:

    The wrong couple went home two weeks in a row now. Candace must have a formidable fan base.

  9. Bwhit says:

    No plain and simple. Candace should be in the audience by now, and Amy should be close behind. If Meryl and Maks don’t win it will be so annoying. If Charlie had been in the final it would have been more interesting.

  10. Angela says:

    I quite liked Candace’s dance to Janet Jackson. Definitely a surprise choice for someone like her, but I thought she pulled it off well. And I liked Amy and Derek’s thing with the table, too. I agree that it was hard to judge it as a proper dance in and of itself since a lot of it took place on the table, and I’m surprised they didn’t get some critique about that. But I still liked the chemistry between them during it regardless (also, quick question: who does the song they did that routine to? I’ve been hearing it a lot lately on TV and I’m curious).
    Meryl and Maks were good tonight, too. I don’t think anyone really had a bad night with their routines, actually-some rather strong ones. Shame to see Charlie go, though-he was fun tonight (and oh, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”-teenage flashbacks right there :D).

    • JLK says:

      Derek and Amy danced to Cole Porter’s “Too Darn Hot.” It’s been sung by a myriad of performers over the years as it’s part of the musical Kiss Me Kate. Ella Fitzgerald may be best known for singing it, however.

  11. MattArmando says:

    I think Amy Purdy is utterly INCREDIBLE and superbly INSPIRING, but–she should’ve gone home compared to Meryl and Charlie. Especially Meryl–In no right mind did she ever deserve to be in the Bottom 2, let alone Jeopardy.

    IMO, I also dislike how **every** week *we* have to single-out Derek’s choreography alone, when SEVERAL other pros on the show, such as Maks, Mark, Val, etc. are JUST as good [IF NOT] BETTER than him. It’s just rather absurd to single him out; in fact, it’s actually quite an insult to every other professional dancer on DWTS. Once again–just my opinion. It just gets a little too over-the-top with Derek every season, sorry.

    • T says:

      Well said. Couldn’t agree more!

    • Jeanine Taylor says:

      Derek is a fantastic choreographer!!! Won an Emmy for his choreography!! What are you talking about? There is no comparison between Derek, Maks, etc. when it comes to choreography. He choreographs routines all the time and Maks only does the ones he is dancing. Maks is a dancer,not a choreographer! That is the reason Derek is singled out – he IS a choreographer!!

      • RUCookie says:

        wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong! They both can choreograph. Maks owns a dance studio (with Val and Tony)… there is plenty of choreography that happens there. And Maks does his thing in shows where he creates the dance. The differnence is Derek has a dance group/company that he leads. They introduced them last season (or maybe the season before). They have different stuff going on. You can’t compare the two.

    • Rachel Scott says:

      I am new to the show, so I only have last season and the current season to base my opinions on. I have noticed that Derek does get singled out a lot as being great, but I have also noticed that he is the best choreographer on that show. Although he sometimes does dances that the judges don’t like, he does dances that suit his partner. But, just because I think he is the best, it doesn’t mean that he and Amy should still be there. She is inspiring, but it’s time for her to go.

  12. Babybop says:

    Charlie was flawless last week. Such a shame that he didn’t get enough votes.

  13. Taylah says:

    The rightful final four should have been Danica/Val, Maks/Meryl, Charlie/Sharna and Derek/Amy (though I am tired of Amy dancing on furniture I think she is a good dancer, I kinda feel like Derek is just trying to see how much he can bulls**t his way out of dances while still scoring 10s cause no one dares to criticise Amy). That been said, if James and Peta had to stay, then DEFINITELY that last spot should have been Charlie and Sharna’s. Candace is stiff and I am tired of her pandering for Christian votes. It’s not that I think her being a Christian is bad- do not misinterpret me, there have been other Christian dancers in this show that I have loved- it’s her use of it to get votes what bothers me. She knows exactly when to play that card and she played it tonight again for the semifinal. It’s ridiculous. Also I KNEW the producers would rig it so Charlie and Meryl would be the last two in the bottom 2. I don’t believe for one second Charlie received less votes than Candace. Unless their fans were worried about Meryl going home and voted more for Meryl which kinda left him in the dark. But he did not deserve to leave. Nor did Val and Danica last week. Meryl and Maks better win, for they are the rightful winners of this season.

    • angel says:

      I agree that Maks and Meryl should win. Simply stated – they are the best. Maks has come close so many times with partners who deserved to win, and somehow each time he’s been shot down. As for this season, Candace should have left weeks ago. She’s had a few good dances, most of which had much simpler choreography. James should have left last week. And Amy should have been next to go. I understand Amy has the issue with her legs, but she’s the one who willingly signed up. If she can’t do the dance steps, then she should be out. Don’t just sit her on a stool or table. And the 10’s they keep giving Amy and Derek? Ridiculous! Any other star and pro would get much lower scores and would have been voted off weeks ago. Each star should be scored based on his or her ability to dance – plain and simple. The unfair judging has to stop. When Charlie dropped his cane, that was all the judges could focus on and he was scored for his mishap. Derek kicks a stool, then both of them stop mid routine for a few beats, and not a word is mentioned nor is it reflected in their scores.

  14. Marilyn says:

    Charlie should have stayed. James should go, because of his partner. Peta sluts up the dances and seems to think she’s the focus of attention.

    • Delaina says:

      ^ This! As much as I love saying Heavens to Murgatroyd, she has been slutting up the dances seemingly so much more this season than previous seasons. It’s more “in your face” (literally) than before.

  15. iamjsm says:

    The thing that upsets me the most if we’ve only seen one paso doble this entire season. It’s my favorite style.

    • Angela says:

      Glad I’m not alone in noticing the absence of that dance, either! I agree, that’s a favorite dance of mine as well and I want to see more of those. They can be really powerful and amazing when done right.

    • cmfeigner says:

      I agree. It would have been nice to have seen more couples dancing the paso doble.

      • Lizzie says:

        Speaking of dance assignments – I think they have probably been as unfair or at least as inconsistent as some of the judging. Most of the contestants have had both Jazz and Contemporary, but Maks and Meryl haven’t been assigned either of those styles. Both of those styles have no rules, and little specific technique so they allow for more innovative choreography to get the audience and the judges excited – not to mention lifts are allowed. Also, Amy and Derek have only been assigned two actual ballroom dances that require actual travelling around the floor – quickstep and waltz. All the other contestants have been assigned a pretty good mix of both. I find Amy’s dancing inspiring as well and I don’t necessarily object to making certain accomodations for her – such as assigning easier dances or allowing for different kinds of choreography – ie sitting on chairs, but they need to judge the rest of it fairly. When she makes a mistake or lacks body contact, it should be scored as such no matter how cool Derek’s choreography is. After all, these things have nothing to do with her legs or lack thereof. And while she does have to work harder in some ways in others she does have it easier because a ton of the tecnique in dancing has to do with what exactly you do with your feet and as she literally can’t do any of it, she’s already getting a pass for that. How many times have you heard Len mention heel leads? Amy doesn’t have any!

        • cmfeigner says:

          No kidding. I haven’t heard Len say anything about heel leads. I think Meryl and Maks have done a lot more latin dances it seems like. They have done the foxtrot and the Viennese waltz. Meryl has great hold and it would be nice to see her do some of the other dances like jazz, contemporary, or even the Paso Doble.

  16. Sara says:

    Nope – yet again. Should have been Candace or James. I’m not normally a fan of Derek, to be honest. However, I think he’s much better than that crap routine he choreographed for Amy. He’s had far better jazz routines. She essentially sat on top of a table and kicked her legs. Cool? Look, Amy is inspiring and great, but I think the blatant and unwarranted praise for her dances is ridiculous. Can you imagine Maks doing a routine like that? The judges would give him hell – no one else would get away with that but Derek. There was an utter lack of content and was not entirely deserving of the love it got. Sorry. But no. Meryl & Maks 100% undoubtedly deserve to win and I can almost guarantee that will never happen.

    • delfiteblu says:

      Good post – I agree with everything you said. I actually enjoy watching Amy dance; you can’t deny that what she’s doing is amazing and I don’t think she could have done it with anyone but Derek, who, you ALSO can’t deny is a premier choreographer. I had a feeling after they said Candace and James were safe that it was going to be Charlie going home. He has danced fabulously well but he has been a bit in Meryl’s shadow, through no fault of her own. I will be pretty ticked if Candace ends up in the finals. Actually, I was ticked when Danica had to leave last week. I’m hoping Meryl and Maks win but I won’t be disappointed if Amy and Derek do.

      • Sara says:

        I agree Amy is doing splendidly. And while I admit Derek’s talent, I am not fussy over it – I’ve never been a fan of his choreography. I’ve always been more partial to Tony, Maks, or Val’s choreography. I predict the final two will be Candace/Amy to be honest. It shouldn’t be, but I think it will. Unfortunately, I’m not like you and I *will* be disappointed if they win. Not because she isn’t doing well, or because she isn’t good – she obviously is. I’m just one of those people who needs the best technical dancer to win and it drives me bonkers when they don’t lol

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Charlie, Meryl, and Amy were my favorite 3 so I was very disappointed to see all of them in jeopardy and upset to see Charlie voted off. Candace or James, preferably Candace, should have gone this week.

  18. He’ll to the no!

    Look, I am a BIG fan of Derek Hough as choreographer and he did a lot for Amy this entire season, but I am sorry. Amy should’ve gone home. She’s been judged on a different scale than anyone else all season and quite frankly, it’s not right. And to me, Charlie suffered for it. Are James and Candace the weakest of the four? Maybe, but Charlie and Sharna should be in the finale.

    Go Meryl and Maks!!!!!!!

  19. di says:

    Max and Meryl are too fake for me. Way to much acting. Second she had an unfair advantage from the start as an ice DANCER.

    • Sara says:

      Charlie is an ice dancer too. Didn’t get him as far as it should have. And remember Sabrina Bryan? She was a dancer. Eliminated twice early on even though she was a frontrunner. Previous dance experience does not always equal an advantage. I’d rather talk about the advantages everyone else has thanks to the media.

    • GS says:

      Good Lord SHUT UP about the ice dancing! Totally different from dancing on your feet. The only advantage Meryl had was as an athlete who can work hard and learn choregraphy while not letting the stress get to her. Amy is an athlete as well. Maks and Meryl aren’t acting. She has genuinely brought out a softer side to him and it’s awesome. Amy and Derek are acting with the same sob story that we all know by heart now but they have to choke us with it. Yes she’s done great, is an inspiration…blah blah blah BUT she has also been graded on a very steep curve and it’s just not fair. Maks and Meryl are the only ones left who deserve that trophy. If Amy wins, it’s because of the sympathy votes and votes for people who think Derek is great which I don’t.

      • Lena says:

        Are you seriously going to put Amy and Meryl on the same level? I think Amy’s challenges are ten times bigger than Meryl. Amy is an inspiration; Meryl is a dancer with the background and she makes pretty pictures, but it hardly inspires. Also, it is not Amy’s fault if the show chooses to bring up vulnerable moments and challenges she is experiencing on this show. Why is her struggle a sob story, but all the other celebs who got upset on this show it a free pass? Let’s not talk about the childish tantrum Maks threw…

      • Beth says:

        Yep. I first heard of Meryl and Charlie in the last Olympics and thought they were amazing. Meryl does not have an advantage because of ice dancing, her feet are in skates and she has to rely more on leg strength and upper body. What Meryl does have is determination and drive to win hence her gold medal. I agree that they are not faking their chemistry, if anything this is the most real Maks we have ever seen. You can’t fake that type of chemistry.

      • robert eddis says:

        Thank You, I am so sick of hearing about Meryl having an advantage because of Ice Dancing. Different equipment, different technique, as different as ice and wood. She has an advantage because she is very athletic and, BY FAR, the best dancer among the contestants. From her very first dance (a beautiful, sexy, technically flawless Cha Cha that deserved a 10 but received an 8) she has been superior to every other contestant. She has participated in every dance as an equal partner, never needing to be forcefully led or tossed around like a rag doll. Yet, often times, other contestants have been given equal or higher scores for dances that were very much inferior to hers. It shouldn’t even be close but the judging has been a disgrace. It’s supposed to be a dance contest, not a contest to see who deserves the most pity or who is the holiest Christian (and that isn’t always the person who claims to be so holy). I’m only continuing to watch to see if they will actually have the brass to steal this thing from Meryl after having already sent some of the better dancers home, such as Danica and Charlie. It’s the first year I’ve watched and don’t think I will ever watch this anoying, fixed, show after this year.

    • Ali C says:

      Wrong meryl is an ice skater who is in the event of ice dancing . Not the same at all. Amy has the unfair advantage as she is not being judged in the same way as the others. No other couple would be given a pass for sitting on a table as a dance, and although I like Derek, I’m tired of him always getting the partners who will get alot odf votes. Same thing last season. Corbin should have won. If Meryl and Maks don’t win this season, I’m done with this show and will know it’s all a set up. I agree that Candace should also have gone home before Charlie.

    • Lizzie says:

      I think that the discussion of Meryl and Charlie having a huge advantage is kind of ridiculous. James and Cody both essentially dance and perform for a living as well. People like Candace and Amy who don’t do any dancing in real life are at somewhat of a disadvantage, but that hasn’t seemed to stop either of them. Everyone who comes into the competition brings certain skills and some have more than others either naturally or from experience. That’s just the way it is. And even looking at Meryl and Charlie, though they both won the gold together in ice dancing, Meryl is clearly a better dancer. Charlie is awesome and I love him, but he just doesn’t shine quite as much as Meryl – technically or performance wise.

      • Kitty says:

        A good male dancer supports and shows off his partner. Charlie does that brilliantly. That’s what the male celebs should be judged on – their ability to partner and lead the lady. The criteria for women celebs is different. They need to follow and be the focal point. Val is a terrific example of a male lead who keeps the attention on his partner.

  20. Dakota says:

    Charlie was one of my favs. Who is that James guy? He should go home.

  21. One Observer says:

    Ridiculous. Amy’s dancing ability is decent . However, this is not a contest for sympathy. We all know that Amy is inspirational, but she does not dance well enough to belong in the final. Candace is even less deserving, and should have gone home . Charlie has not always danced to his full potential, but he is heads above Amy and Candace, and absolutely belonged in the final. Very disappointing, to say the least.

  22. Gloria Hollett says:

    Candance should have gone home.She’s getting votes because she’s flaunting her faith.Meryl and Charlie are the best dancers there.

    • AngD says:

      Actually I have voted for Candace (and Charlie -split my votes because he’s adorable) because she has shown improvement. She comes from a non-dance background and has really done well. I think of how I would do out there, horribly and have to admire how well she’s done. Easy to be critical when you’re not the one dancing. But it has had nothing to do with her “flaunting her faith”.

  23. Beverly says:

    I get the feeling every week now, the results are already in before the show airs. So voting during the show won’t help your favorite . Reality shows are scripted and we should know better than to get worked up about results. I love the entertainment value of the show the drama behind the scenes etc. People who begrudge Amy a place in the finals are very threatened by someone who is less than physically perfect doing so well. They should be ashamed of themselves.Charlie is so positive and fun he does not need sympathy, he is an Olympian and fantastic dancer and wonderful person. And by the way how long does any one who wins the trophy remain in our thoughts? People forget and move on to the next thing to work themselves up about.

    • sm says:

      The elimination is based on the previous week’s voting + judges scores from the previous week as well.

      I am not at all threatened by Amy. She is very talented and doing far better than I expected. And she is an inspiration.

      However…. the judges stated at the beginning of the season they would score her as they would other contestants and they are not. Had any other celebrity been dancing that same choreography, they would have been called out on it and scored accordingly. It’s not about feeling threatened – it’s about fairness, plain & simple.

  24. tammy says:

    I’m so blown away by Maks and Meryls’ Viennese waltz. They are definitely the best pair and obviously should take the trophy. Meryl deserves it, so does Maks. I really wish the producers would stop with the “Saint Derek” theme to the show. He’s a great guy with a lot of talent, we know already! Please move on. Amy is amazing, but I don’t feel she’s judged as harshly as the others. I don’t think she should win because she’s inspiring, nor should Candace win because she’s a Christian. It’s Maks & Meryls’ trophy, I don’t care what Oprah says!

  25. Jeanine Taylor says:

    I believe Amy has been judged just like all the others. She is a wonderful dancer!! She floats across the floor – you don’t even notice that she has no legs from the knees down. Derek is a wonderful dancer and choreographer! Candace is the worst dancer now of those in the finals. She will probably not be in the top three and will not be doing a final dance. Remember the first season when John O’Herlihy (sp) lost to the soap opera star, who made a mistake in her final dance? There was so much flak from the audience, they had another dance between them, in which John won. Most of the time the best dancer has won!

    • Sara says:

      Except for that one time where Carrie Ann didn’t deduct points off for a lift in a dance that does not allow for it. Which she would not do for any other couple ever.

      • I agree. Carrie Ann basically patronized Amy all season and it wasn’t right. Look, in that Jazz routine last night, he did a similar thing with Amy he did with Amber but at least with Amber, there was more dancing. Amy shouldn’t be in the final.

      • Leah says:

        Or when Amy and Derek had a mistake in the AT last week and not a single judge said a word (or scored) about it. Or when they only had one point overall deducted for their mistake in jazz this week. But noo, when Charlie drops a cane, every regular judge deducts a point.

    • GS says:

      No John didn’t. Kelly still won the first season and you are blind if you think Amy is judged fairly. Derek has focused his choreography on box dances that require little movement while the others had to use the entire floor. He was allowed to do lifts the others would get deductions for. He’s used props that Len would say are too fussy for others. No way has this been fair and all the celebs know it but seriously who is going to say anything and hurt the poor legless woman’s feelings? It’s gotten old to the point of making me want to beat the judges with that cane Charlie danced with that he got points deducted for dropping but Amy can sit on a stool or table and get 10’s! Yeah real fair.

  26. clare says:

    I’m sad that Charlie went home. Such a sweetheart AND a great dancer! The girl without feet should have went home. I feel for her but Clearly, Charlie was a way better dancer!

  27. clare says:

    “Most of the time the best dancer has won?” really? what about Donny Osmond?

  28. clare says:

    BTW. I don’t know where to go or how to vote. anyone?

  29. Sam says:

    Candice has no business in the top she should went home weeks ago. She’s not that good

  30. mackmommy says:

    Maks and Meryl all the way! Although I believe ABC has scripted it that Amy will win. Since tuning in to watching DWTS this season (had lost interest since the first couple of seasons), I have been been hooked on this couple. Whether their relationship is platonic or romantic, their love, trust and respect for one another shines through their dances. Rarely have I ever had a vested interest in the outcome of a couple, but every time they take to the stage, I am literally sitting at the edge of my seat holding my breath. I believe the final should have been between Meryl and Charlie, although I would have given Meryl the edge because of the incredible performances that draw me into their (M&M) drama. I believe it’s called “the wow factor” (lol). Their dances also cover the ENTIRE floor which I believe, is one major thing the judges are looking for. I also feel that since week 3, Meryl has been held to a higher standard than any of the other dancers and the fact that she has consistently delivered means she deserves the win. And for those Maks bashers out there, I truly believe he wants this win…for her. That is how much he treasures Meryl. I will also go on record to say that I would buy front row seats if they every take it on the road!

    • You are so right about Maks and Meryl. Their dancing is magical and breathtaking. I can’t take my eyes off of them and get carried away in their routine. They dance like a couple that have been together for years. I have never seen Maks like this with any other partner. Meryl brings out the best in him. I think Maks and Meryl are the best that DWTS has had in any season. Make room for me because I will be sitting in that front row with you.

  31. Rose says:

    Candice should have been eliminated a long time ago. She definately does not belong in the final four. Tonight Len and the guest judge gave Candice 10’s she did not deserve. Talk about playing favorites. I was shocked when they announced Candice was safe from elimination. I thought she would be in jeopardy and then be eliminated. What are the odds that all three Olympians would be in jeopardy? Charlie you rightfully deserved to be in the final four. Derek is my favorite pro and has done a remarkable job with his choreography for Amy. If Amy had gotten another partner I don’t think she would have made it this far in the competition. Maks this year you were given a partner you could win with. Don’t let your temper or remarks ruin your chances. Meryl you have been good for Maks. Good luck to the final four and may the best couple win.

  32. Kim R says:

    Great show last night. All the teams deserve to be there at this point and I must say that Derek’s talent in choreography never ceases to amaze me. So creative! The jazz routine was so artistic. I’m rooting for Maks and Meryl but they are all doing so well. :)

  33. Irma brandenstein says:

    James and Peta and Meryl and Max should be the finalists. Candace, while definitely showing improvement, should have been eliminated last night. And enough already with Derek and Amy. She is definitely athletic but NOT a dancer.
    Comment by Irma

  34. Rochelle says:

    One of the issues is many of the pros have their own voting base, one of the reasons Amy and Candace are still there are Mark and Derek are getting the votes, Sharna does not have the fan base.

  35. Steven says:

    No way Candace should be there but the Jesus crowd that was there for Palin strikes again. But I hate ringers like pro dancers being on the show but they do it every year.. Its not fair. Ballas is also popular

  36. Sherryberry says:

    This just proves that nothing is as frigthening as a ‘jury of your peers’. When the audience votes it doesn’t seem to be about the actual dancing. Meryl and Maks should win this but I am very afraid that Amy and Derek will win on the ‘inspirational’ piece in your face every week . And, please, it was inspiration, well, until they showed her “five” set of ‘feet”. Last week Meryl was zinged for not pointing her toe, yet Amy wore her set of feet that were always pointed. Last night she wore her ‘spring’ feet. There is a point where you have to shake your head and say, wait a minunte, is this really fair? And then the table and stool dancing for 80% of the time. I am very glad she has been able to do the amazing things she has, but if Amy Purdy wins this, I will be done with DWTS. She hasn/t been judged the same way and the fact that they play up the story every week has worn thin. This feels so orchestrated and I’m sure there is a TV show in the works for her, and if so, that’s wonderful. People can choose to watch or not. I am not sure that her story is inspriational to those who may have a similar handicap because if they have insurance the coverage for prostetics would only cover one pair of ‘regular’ feet. I feel that they may be saying, look what I could do if I had the money to do this….not , look what I could do if I had the (will?–is DWTS trying to say that Amy has a stronger will to win, and downplaying the power to purchase point toes or spring for quick set?) gumption. The good feeling ended a while ago and her winning the mirror ball will be a huge slap in the face for those who struggle with similar issues while living in the middle or lower economic class.

  37. shar says:

    If Merly and Maks don’t win this season, I will never watch this show again. She is better than some of the pros. The chemistry that they have, is amazing. I could watch them all night long.

  38. AngD says:

    Just wondering who the guy was that the cameras kept cutting to when Meryl and Maks danced last night. Over and over the same guy and older woman. Just curious. Hated to see Charlie leave. Thought it was Peta and James’ night to go.

  39. Tracey says:

    I’m just going on record to say that if Derek and Amy win – I am NEVER watching DWTS again. I will not discount Derek’s abilty to dance, choreograph or be in support of his partner – but I am so sick of the everyone kissing his a$$. ALM had her nose so far up it last week that I felt nauseated. Also, I am very impressed with what Amy is able to do – but let’s face it – her disability is being shoved down our throats every week. Did we really need to see all her feet last night ????? Granted, her first dance was amazing – I felt that she actually danced for once. That 2nd dance was just filler – she twirled and scooted around on the table for 75% of it. Its like the judges are afraid to say anything negative to them for fear of “you’re picking on the lady with no legs” backlash! I feel that this year Maks needs to win it. I’m not necessarly a fan of Meryl but I feel that for once, Maks has a partner that he’s able to push and challange. Someone who actually has the technical ability to keep up with him. I’m just afraid he’ll choke under the pressure (we saw a bit of it last night) and his finale dances will flop. Fingers crossed though

  40. JBC says:

    We have had an Emmy winning Guest Judge Kenny Ortega and a bigger than life all time well known celebrity Oprah give their blessings to AMY. Whenever in DWTS history have we seen such blatant favoritism? Apparently ABC is trying to get the votes for Amy. Maybe they are worried that James and Candace could actually win because of their huge fanbases.It really is a popularity contest and not a tried and true dance competition.
    I have enjoyed most of this season, last week’s judge spoiled that episode, and NeNe being rude to Tony spoiled that week, but all in all I like all the other celebrities and pros but my votes have gone to Max and Meryl as their is something special about watching the two of them.

    • terryt04 says:

      Thank you. I mean I’m not hating Derek’s dancing ability but every week, it’s like “Oh, can Amy overcome the dance this week?” I’ve been voting for James, Meryl & Charlie (sucks that he got cut this week) because they’ve been doing very well. I get Amy’s a talented athlete, but when Oprah has your back, you know everyone else is screwed.

  41. RE says:

    Some observations:

    1) Let’s call it like it is. DWTS is about entertaining the viewing public, it’s not really about dancing competition…the dancing is a secondary or perhaps tertiary element in the show. Perhaps another way of putting it is that DWTS is a dancing popularity show designed to keep the audience tuning in week after week, season after season…until the producers run out of new gimmicks they can throw in. If it was only about dancing, we’d see different results.

    2) That it is not primarily about dancing is clearly demonstrated by how the performances are scored and how the show is produced. Judging of any athletic endeavor that is based on something other than a genuine metric (e.g., time; distance, points) is, by definition, going to be subjective. That’s fine so long as the judges are qualified. With DWTS they certainly seem to be. But, when the great mass of the audience in TV land is given an opportunity to “vote” on something about which likely 99% of them haven’t the qualifications or a clue, they are going to cast their votes for who they like or the performances that they like.,.the old “I know nothing about art, but I know what I like,” mentality. Hence the results and who gets sent home that we are seeing.

    3) That being said, is it any mystery that we see contestants who are scored lower by the
    genuine judges nevertheless promoted to the next week? Of course it isn’t. It’s obvious that the producers invite each season’s celebrities/stars precisely because they bring with them their own fan base…those who are going to tune in week after week and who will vote for their favorite celeb/star. So, we have the Codies and the Jameses who appeal to the younger set, the Billy Dees and Drews who appeal to the olders, the Danicas and Candaces who appeal to the ’90s TV nostalgia set, although in the case of Candace she also appeals to the Christian set as strongly (something she doesn’t let us forget), the Meryls and Charlies who appeal to the Olympic sport/skating set, etc. So, their fan bases ensure a certain outcome…within some bounds, e.g. some complete botch-up by their favorite might lead to voting for someone else.

    4) That DWTS is about entertainment, first and foremost, is clearly demonstrated by the seemingly never ending quest on the part of the producers for things that will shake up the show and improve, at least in their view, its entertainment quality. Thus, we’re treated to the partner switches (which is at best counter-intuitive…especially that early in the season), the dueling dancers (aren’t they already competing against one another?), and the guest judges (who introduce a totally “wild-card” variable that must be very disconcerting for both the pros and the contestants). Throw in the healthy sprinkling of gratuitous (at least from a strict dancing competition viewpoint), some might say hokey, “inspirational” visits of mothers, grandmothers, other celeb stars, and Oprah calls, etc., and you have the quintessential example of completely unreal reality show entertainment.

    So, why do I watch? I simply like to see how well amateurs can adapt and learn something that most of them really haven’t a firm grounding in. In short, to see how well they can dance and how well their pro partners can take what each celeb/star brings to the challenge and make the most of it. And, to their credit, the results are quite often simply stunning…as in what Derek has done with Amy this year…she’s got athleticism and talent, no question, but what he’s been able to help her reach is very impressive. The same can be said for the other finalists as well. It’s fun. That in the final analysis is what it’s about for me…all of the hokey scripting and production notwithstanding.

  42. BriDeSi says:

    I miss the old format where they had the males stars dance one style and the females dance another. The comparison was easier to make and therefore the scoring was fairer in my opinion. You cant judge one female couple on a Viennese Waltz (with all the rules and posture holds) while the other female couple gets to do a contemporary routine (where anything goes).
    Candace should have been gone longgggg ago. t the semifinals you shouldn’t have to be walked through the routine by your partner. Its unfair to dancers such as Danica who actually take the steps and make them their own. Candace consistently has a stoic expressionless face and the only time she excels is when given a contemporary dance in which her floppy arms and sloppy dance style actually come in use. Really hope Maks wins this season. He deserves it after all of these years

  43. Crystal W. says:

    Yes, Amy is inspiring but she does not deserve to win. She hasn’t danced a full second dance since they have gone to 2 dances. I think Derek is a good choreographer and it doesn’t hurt that the judges are biased towards anything he does………just like they were with his sister. I believe that at one time the Hough family were living in the UK so they probably already knew Len, hence the favorable reviews he always bestows on them. I think that Maks and Val are good dancers and choreographers as well, but Maks is a hot head and I think that it has hurt his chances with winnining when he clashes with the judges. I’m quite sure he has voiced his dissatisfaction with the producers of the show too which didn’t help either. I was disappointed to see Danica and Charley go ( even though he can be stiff at times)……..but way better than James, Amy, and Candance. I, too, have noticed that they have been doing less and less of the ballroom dancing in the past seasons

  44. Dancer47 says:

    Yes! Glad to hear someone say it! I totally agreed and we are worse off without the fine dancing Charlie and Sharna would have done in the finale!

  45. terryt04 says:

    Isn’t it funny that last night was the only time that Amy was in jeopardy? Hmmm. And to those earlier who said that Peta “sluts up her dances,” how the hell do you “slut up a dance” on this show? Smh.

  46. Amy IS an inspiration. Amy is NOT a dancer. what she’s done has been phenomenal. but it isn’t worthy of the scores she’s been getting, if the judges had kept to their earlier vow to “score her on her performance, not her disability.” the fact that Derek has tailored her choreography to keep her off of her feet so much shows, not that she’s a great dancer, but that he’s an inventive choreographer, and SHE is the contestant, not Derek. between her lack of dancing, and Candace’s lack of dancing SKILL, the wrong contestant has gone home the past two weeks.

  47. greatgmom says:

    so disappointed to see Charlie go, he is a huge inspiration with his attitude, he exudes joy and seems a genuine person happy with who he is, I know it is a popularity contest with so many outside votes but it has gone too far. Yes, Amy is inspiring, BUT all she did was sit on a table while Derek manuevered around….cute, clever, but no dance. Candace, love the fact she is not hesitant to state her beliefs, but her beliefs and a table dance, in reality are no match for Charlie’s talent; hard pick between him and Meryl. No wonder they were gold medalists, they are hard workers and from their speech and attitudes never felt they deserved to win, just were willing to work hard to achieve their goals. When you work hard and don’t win due to unfairness, it is disheartening. We need less popularity voting and more judging or it cheapens everyone’s hard work. Meryl is the only winner at this point, although James can dance, but if Candace or Amy pull it off…that is the end for me. Too skewed!

  48. AngD says:

    Just a note about Charlie. Hubby keeps coming in mid show and every time he sees Charlie dancing he’s always asking who the pro is on that team. Wish he was still in it. Thought James & Peta were going home this week. Oh well.

  49. Brenda J. says:

    I was so upset when Charlie went home. I was rooting for him. And as much as I love Mark Ballas, Candace Cameron gets on my last nerve. I’m tired of her preaching that it’s all about God…as if the rest of us are not worthy. As for Amy…really…she sat on a table why Derek did all the dancing and that’s another thing I’m totally sick of. The favoritism Saint Derek gets. Even in the Macy’s Dance thing…why was he front and center? He may have co-choreographed it, but he is not a part of it, as far as I know.

    Well…I am now hoping that Meryl and James get in the Finale. James has improved, while Candace is taking a step backwards. But in all honesty, I’d rather Amy go before Candace.

  50. Mary says:

    Hope Meryl and Maks win! Charlie should have not gone home. Amy did DIY on the table for most of the jazz number and her score should have reflected that.