Once Upon a Time Finale Recap: That's the Power of Love -- Plus: A Chilling Final Twist!

Once Upon a Time Finale RecapWarning: The following contains 1.21 gigawatts’ worth of spoilers from the Once Upon a Time Season 3 finale.

This Sunday in the Once Upon a Time Season 3 finale, Emma and Hook plotted to get back to the future after being sucked into Zelena’s time portal and transported to The Fairy Tale Lane That Was.

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Long story short: With a little help from old-school Rumplestiltskin (Emma’s reaction to his made-up look? Priceless!) plus the power of love (for home/family, which gave Emma her magical mojo back), the pair returned to Storybrooke, but they brought one stranger — and a stowaway — with them.

The unnamed woman (played by Arrow‘s Christie Lang), whom Emma rescued from execution at the Evil Queen’s hand, turned out to be Maid Marian aka Robin Hood’s “dead” wife. Suffice it to say, Regina is none too pleased with Emma, whom she scolds as being “exactly like” her consequences-forsaking mother, Snow White. IOW: It is once again on, like Donkey Kong.

The stowaway, meanwhile, was glimpsed in the final seconds — the top-secret final scene that Ginny Goodwin told us about. Emerging from an icy blue goo that spewed out of some urn that came through the time portal with Emma and Hook, the figure slipped a glove off one of her hands and revealed a magically frozen touch. Princess Queen Elsa, is that you? (Update: Yes, it could be the original Snow Queen, or possibly the White Witch. But they obviously went out of their way to evoke Elsa. The gown color, the effects, the gloves. Blatant misdirect? We shall see.)

OnceUponaTime_Elsa_FrozenREVIEW: I’ll be honest, I get skittish at finale time, for all of the shows I cover. There’s nothing more painful than not sticking the landing. But these two hours were a huge amount of fun, from head to toe. Yes, the exposition-loaded first scenes totally telegraphed the time portal/Back to the Future storyline/Maid Marian reveal, but once we landed in FTL with Emma and Hook, the pacing and the dialogue and the performances made it worth the trip. Emma’s first reactions to Rumple, to Belle, to the corset, to witnessing her parents’ first meetings and such? So much fun. Hook revealing to Emma why people have a ball at lavish balls? Sweet. Emma “distracting” the Other Hook so that Our Hook could sneak onto his ship? Highly entertaining. Emma getting her magical groove back? Thrilling. “Prince Neal”? OK, that was a little on the nose (and not very royal-sounding), but we’ll allow it. One also had to enjoy the warm moments throughout, as Emma declared Storybrooke her home and laid her hooks into Killian, as Regina and Robin Hood bonded (pre-Marian), as Rumple and Belle exchanged meaningful vows in a (too-)quaint ceremony in the woods. It was also sport to mind the weaving of old Snow/Charming footage with new, working around Goodwin’s baby bump and all. At times it reminded me of that Fringe line, “Stop staring at my younger ass.”

The Regina/Emma frenemyship has been revived, Regina also now has a new foe (growth is nice, yes, but they need to have someone for her to be Evil to, otherwise she’s just another character), Rumple is keeping a secret from his new wife, there’s a new bad in town…. Season 4 seems set up for a promising start.

What did you think of the season finale? Also: if you have questions for Adam and Eddy, please email InsideLine@tvline.com — thank you!

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  1. jonathan says:

    i have one since its obviously elsa and with the talk of bring frozen characters why now

    • Khorrie says:

      Because god forbid they not cash in on Frozen’s popularity. They’ve been salivating over it for months.

      • Chris says:

        I had kinda had my hopes up for the white witch instead. Oh well.

        • abz says:

          What if they’ve interwoven the Narnia/Frozen character into one and in turn blended the stories together like they often do? I don’t know but this is pretty exciting.

          • ED says:

            I had the same thought and so hope that they entwine the stories, although that would make Elsa quite a bit eviler than we’d all like.

          • Khorrie says:

            Disney does not have the rights to the Chronicles of Narnia and never did. Walden Media had the rights and their contracted with CS Lewis’ estate ran out in 2011.

          • abz says:

            @Khorrie Thanks for the heads up. It sucks that all this rights stuff prevents them from doing it. Narnia is one of my favourite stories and I hope maybe one day in the future OUAT can tackle it in some way.

          • WhiteWitchPlease says:

            yes! I thought it would be the witch from chronicles of narnia. its too bad they cant:( who the hell is elsa anyway? sounds boring. but if they were able to do wizard of oz why not chronicles?

          • Do they have the rights to the Narnia characters, though? Characters like Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, Prince Charming, etc., those are all public domain. The Chronicles of Narnia isn’t.

          • Jennifer says:

            To Khorrie: I too am hoping for some type of Frozen / Narnia crossover. From what i’ve read, the White Witch in Narnia is ***loosely*** based on HCA’s Snow Queen. And even if Disne doesn’t have the rights to Narnia as a whole, wouldn’t they still be entitled to use the characters from the moives they have done?? They would have to change the Frozen story line somehow anyway,since Elsa wasn’t really “evil.” I guess they could have her blame Regina for her “curse,” but I still holdout hope for some kind of crossover. I liked (well loved) Frozen the movie but feel using it now is too soon (cash cow, anyone?). But … it will make for an interesting 4th season.

          • Khorrie says:

            @Jennifer: Nope. Disney never had the rights, they were just the distributors of the first two films. As of now anything to do with Narnia would need consent from the CS Lewis Company and as they’re attempting to make another movie themselves, I doubt they’d agree.

      • adelaide says:

        Yes, I was disappointed it wasn’t Alice & queen of hearts or something…..queen of hearts would have fit in with all the “relationships” goin on. but frozen? snow queen? and Regina gone bad? i’m just disappointed. But extremely happy for Hook!

  2. woodyinho says:

    I wonder who’ll they’ll get to play Elsa…

    • JmStar says:

      They’ve said they’d like Idena to reprise her role, and Kristen Bell (Anna from the movie) has said to count her in if they ask her to be in it, and with Bell having the pretty blond hair I can see her as Elsa given that she has ties to the characters already

    • ambee says:

      id love to see Eliza Coupe play Elsa

    • I really need Claire Holt from TVD and The Originals to play Elsa. I feel she could play the regalness and vulnerability perfectly.

      • RobMF says:

        She is coming back to The Originals though, she said so herself. So I don’t think she is an option.

      • K says:

        YES, Claire would be perfect.

      • I imagine if they could bring Candice Accola or Ariele Kabbel, Candice would be fun to watch being more evil, she would be very hard to distrust or dislike, and Arielle would be perfect as a rebel Elsa, she has the spunk and the royal look, nd can esily become one of the good guys in the future…
        But, since we know that they are bringing the Knave from Wonderland, but didn’t mentioned Anastasia (who become the white queen of Wonderland). Maybe is Anastasia or Anastasia daughter;

        • Sora says:

          I think it could be interesting if it’s Ana(stasia) as well. Like, the twist will be that Elsa and Anna are the same person.

    • YeMo says:

      Natalie Dormer was the first name that popped into my mind.

    • It’s Meredith Sorenson

  3. Brenna says:

    Rumbelle wedding, ELSA, old school Evil Queen, and the Captain Swan kiss……loved this finale!!!!!


  5. Matt says:

    I was honestly ready to drop the show by the end of that interminable Peter Pan arc, but the second half of the season has really turned things around and I think this is probably one of its strongest episodes ever.

    • Elizabeth Hooper says:

      I agree, the “Peter Pan” was a bust in my eyes, but I think this is the best season finale so far. Do think it was kind of stupid to have “Elsa” I mean, she isn’t an “old fairytale” character, so we’ll see how it plays out.

      • Erin says:

        Actually, she is. “Frozen” is based off of Hans Christian Anderson’s story “The Ice Queen”. Now, the Ice Queen is actually a very bad, very evil lady. Not the nice, innocent, scared Elsa. I have a feeling this won’t be the Elsa we are used to.

      • Matt says:

        After Blackbeard showed up I will happily take “new fairytale” over “actual historical figure.”

    • ? says:

      The first half of this season was so terrible, it’s a shame it was so much longer than the very good back half. Could have used a few more episodes of the Wicked Witch; much less of Pan.

  6. I guess it is time to see how Once Upon a Time will ruin Frozen the same way they ruined Peter Pan.

    • Of course. Some how Elsa will be related in some way to Regina or someone in the royal family.

    • Tony says:

      I actually thought their version of Peter Pan was brilliant. At the end of the day, I feel like if you want to see the happy ending versions of these characters, that’s what the animated and various movie versions are there for.

      • I want see the character that I loved being played the way there were written by their authors. Peter Pan is the hero and Captain Hook is the villain.

        • David4 says:

          Then read the damn books!

        • Tony says:

          Again, there are a million versions of Peter Pan depicting the story as it was written. It’s nice to get a new twist on a familiar story. And I’m not at all trying to suggest you’re wrong in how you’re feeling. I honestly think if the writers just did a carbon copy of the usual Peter Pan story, they’d be accused of being lazy and uncreative. So they probably were damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

        • Lisa says:

          It’s called creativity. And it’s been just plain brilliant.

        • Editor_oftime says:

          actually, in the original peter pan story, he was known as a spirit that would steal children from their homes and take them to neverland, and devour their souls… they stuck with the original story. And their wasn’t really a captain hook.

          • Tweety says:

            Well honey pie, should I meet anyone like the captain Hook even in my dreams, he could just give me the dreamy look he gives Emma I know I would pass out from seeing the best thing ever to be.

        • lillian says:

          Peter Pan was never the hero. The show actually got it closer to the orignial version than anything i’ve ever seen before. The “hero” version is the Disney version in the books Peter was a spoiled and stubborn child who kidnapped people.

        • abz says:

          What’s the point of watching this show, if you just want a play by play of the story from the film/books? The entire premise of the show is made up–what happens after Snow White got her happy ending. I’m so glad they twist these stories around. It makes them all the more exciting.

        • June says:

          It is actually hinted that peter pan kills off the lost boys when they got too old. And Peter Pan is Quite a morbid and naughty kid, tormenting hook and stealing and such

      • Ram510 says:

        I thought the Peter Pan arc was brilliant as well. My only complaint with it was that they spent a little too much time in Neverland and not enough Storybrook. Still was a great story. The guy who played Peter Pan did and awesome job and i hope somehow some way we can see him again in later seasons

        • Oren says:

          Agreed I loved the Peter Pan arc, esp the rumple peter connection.

          Its sad though that most ppl think the Disney Version of Peter Pan and the Ice Queen are the actual stories rather than who they really were in the originals authors masterpieces. Dont get me wrong love the disney versions also, but dont bash OUAT saying they didnt keep up to the original . . . disney wasn’t the original. Bet most ppl dont know that even Simba the Lion king was based of Kumba the white lion, a Japanese story.

          oh well chalk it up to naivete.

      • Mod says:

        Completely agree! Here I thought I was the only Oncer that thought the whole Peter Pan vision was brilliant!

    • yyevans007 says:

      I think she going to be more of the snow queen and not the sappy disney elsa that everyone loves. I hated Frozen but I love Han Christian Anderson Version. So Im stoke. And people this show is based on fairy tales and not Disney movie even if it’s easier for them to use the one they own the rights for. Anderson story was out long before that awful movie

      • jennichip91 says:

        come on the movie wasnt THAT bad i frankly like both versions

      • H. says:

        Over half of the planet disagrees with you that frozen sucked. It was awesome. My best bet is that Elsa is not too pleased with being kept in a jar like fruit and decides to have a little talk with Rumplestiltskin. Why he put her in there is clear to all major frozen fans. Elsa gets stronger the older she gets(take it from a troll shaman). Do you really think Rumplestiltskin would enjoy being wheeler than someone? Elsa and Regina are going to have some conflict between them, that is certain. She could be a relative, a lot of people believe Elsa is Regina’s kid, but we don’t know. So Elsa vs Gold, Elsa vs Regina. Lastly, a classic Once upon a time is that Hans is Charmings brother. So, believe what you want, frozen is here, that’s that.

        Here we go

    • Caitlyn says:

      Hey hey hey now. The original Peter Pan was a dick. Peter Pan was the real villain in the original story. He would kill the Lost Boys once they grew too old. Captain Hook was once a lost boy who managed to escape while losing his hand in the process. Hook then tries to destroy Pan so that no more lost boys would have to die.

    • nightshade0093 says:

      Peter Pan was a dick in the orginal story. He would also kill the Lost Boys after they grew up. Captain Hook was a lost boy that escaped along with his crew. Hook tried to save the others and lost his hand. Hook has always been the good guy.

      • Alice says:

        Okay I dont´ know which book all of you read but Captain Hook has never been the good guy. Peter Pan has his evil sides and can be cruel but James Barrie, the real author always said Hook and Pan were alike. The show just exaggerated Pan’s cruelty just as Disney and others exaggerated his hero side.

        As for their own versions of fairytale, I don’t mind but they have to stop making them being from the same family, it’s very soap-ish.

      • Gina says:

        Uh…. Well no not really. He wasn’t a dick nor was Hook 100% evil. It’s a story about how dreams and nonsense are destroyed by society and reality especially in peters eyes. Moral of the story being how even though we grow up that sometimes our childlike thoughts and actions shouldn’t be snubbed out, but embraced. We also cannot stay a child all the time or we would only live in an illusion never truly understanding the people and world around us.

        Lost boys + sadness + bitterness = aging + kicked out of lost boys = pirates

        Captain Hook = Fathers trying to teach their children there is no use for nonsense in the world if they want to work and live normally.

        Peter is still a child unknowing of consequences or death and is overly exaggerated on his child like qualities but it is really through his eyes on How Hook is what he is. Peters ideal adult. He thinks of all adults as liars, hypocrites, and wants the children to work, get married, be like them, and die. Killing their free souls and dreams.

        Back to the show, I do agree about stop relating them to each other… It’s so boring and creepy. Aside from that I don’t hate what they did to peter and hook just how they wrote the storyline so badly it made my teeth hurt.

    • Lauren says:

      They didn’t ruin Peter Pan, they just went by the Grimms version of it I think and not the Disney version.

    • Lizzie says:

      actually frozen ruined the snow queen. Not that I’m complaining but HCA original version is pretty evil. Plus the original Snow Queen stories were a completion of shorts so they must pick one of those stories. But way to go Disney for cashing in on the Frozen juggernut! Can’t wait

    • John NYC says:

      And Little Red Riding Hood?

      I like the variety.

  7. HEATHER says:

    I was shocked!!!! So did not see Princess Elsa coming!!! Brilliant move by the writers :) Strike with the success of Frozen still Hot!!! (No pun intended)!

    • Lisa says:

      When I saw the blue, I was thinking the Genie and was saying OMG over and over. But when I saw that it’s Elsa, I about fell out of my chair. Yep, still saying OMG over and over.

      • Whitney says:

        I thought the same thing

      • Paola says:

        The same thing here…. I was thinking it was the Genie too.

      • Duke says:

        The Genie was one, but I was also kind of expecting/hoping for the true version of Ursula. (Remember, in statue form, she threatened Regina for impersonating her?)

      • abz says:

        So many scenarios were running through my head during that final scene. I saw the urn and thought of Aladdin/genie and I was hoping they wouldn’t after already seeing it on OUATW. Then as the statue started taking form, I thought I saw tentacles for a second and thought it was Ursula and got excited. And then finally seeing it was Elsa/maybe the White Witch (?) my jaw dropped open. This is beyond exciting.

        • Tweety says:

          she did say only good witches have power over evil.

        • JustEllee says:

          The Genie made his first appearance in season one. He’s also Sydney, the newspaper editor

          • abz says:

            Thanks. Yeah so many things were running through my head at the end that I forgot they had him on the show.

          • Razyeal says:

            no,Sydney runs The Mirror as in “The magic mirror”. you know the evil queen uses it to fine the fairest of them all.

          • neums says:

            @Razyeal Nope, you’re half right, and JustEllee is correct in the OP. Sydney was the Agrabah Genie. He was set free by King Leopold and joined his court, falling in love with the Evil Queen and Regina manipulated him into killing King Leopold for her so she could take over the kingdom for herself. Upon learning of her deception, he used the final wish (Leopold used his second to allow the Genie to use the third) to be with Regina forever so he could look upon her face always, ironically trapping him in the mirror he’d given her as a gift, making him the Magic Mirror. They’re one in the same in OUAT.

        • Ram510 says:

          I would love for them to Ursula! And please get Yvette to play to role. Perhaps if Astronauts Wives tanks they can add Ariel as a full time character. That could also give Hook more to do as well. Maybe season 4b?

          • abz says:

            Yeah I hope this isn’t the end of Ursula and that we see her pop up sometime in the future. I wasn’t a huge fan of their interpretation of it having Regina imitate her.

        • ADam says:

          I would love for them to bring Ursula into the story more they have got to have something bottled up away. It would be exciting, that little acquaintance with Regina was so intense. It would make for good television.

      • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

        Well, the Genie should be returning any time now. I don’t remember Giancarlo being cast in any new shows, and now that Revolution is canned, the window should be open to return, shouldn’t it? Just like with Ruby and Intelligence?

      • Sarah says:


      • Jennifer says:

        I was also thinking of the genie but nixed that thought, since they did the OUAT in Wonderland and that didn’t work out so well

        • Sora says:

          Actually, OUAT in Wonderland kicked ass by the time it reached its finale. Go check it out while it’s still on Hulu, ABC, or wherever. :)

          • Jennifer says:

            Thanks Sora. I still have them on DVR and was plannign on watching after the rest of the season finales. I guess since they did go to storybrook, it’s possible to bring them back

  8. Bianca says:

    Enjoyed the episode until the end, which completely ruined it for me. I absolutely loathe that they brought Marian back, and Regina is mad now at Emma. This once again left Regina unhappy, and I sure hate to think her development this season has gone to waste. I also hate they ripped another love from her. She just can’t win, no matter how much good she does and it’s really disappointing.

    • charity31 says:

      Exactly! I love when evil characters are redeemed. Please, don’t turn Regina back into the Evil Queen.

    • Stormy says:

      Karma is a Beotch.

    • Charissa29 says:

      I absolutely agree with you! I love the snarky, reformed and happy Regina! She EARNED her happy ending!! Loved Emma and Hook and I thought the way they used Peter Pan was fabulous, albeit a tad disturbing. The split season made the story arcs stronger, and you can’t have a home until you have a family! Family in the broadest sense, the people who love you and whom you love.

      • Lisa says:

        Nobody said her happy ending would come easy. I’m sure they will bring it back around, but especially with a character as complicated as Regina, it can’t ALWAYS come easy. Besides, they do keep her true to character. She IS still the evil queen, even with all the other facets of her we see.

    • AnotherMary says:

      Yeah I’m not too thrilled about it either. Ii loved Frozen but its so soon..

    • I totally agree. The episode was great until they brought in Marian. They let Regina be happy for about two episodes until they ripped it away from her

      • Lisa says:

        Ya know, they did the same thing with Rumple and Belle, but they brought it back around. Don’t count Regina’s happy ending out yet. You know how it is with anticipation…it makes the heart grow fonder.

      • Emily says:

        I was very irritated about bring Marian in. I loved what they were doing with Robin and Regina. And was it just me, or did the timeline not make sense. How would Roland have known his mother?? Based on the timeline, he would have been an infant when she died. He wouldn’t have remembered her. The kid who plays Roland is either three or four…That one part just threw off the timeline for when Marian would have been killed by Regina. Just didn’t make sense.

        • Catherine says:

          it actually could make sense. Marian could have had the child and the child be about 2-4 (since they don’t actually tell us) when she was supposed to die, then the storyline from Snow and Charming meeting up until the curse passes is at least another year since Snow had Emma before the curse. That would put Roland around 3-5, depending on how old he was when Marian died. I do agree though, I like Robin and Regina, though of course they need to keep things changing. I don’t think Regina will go completely bad again because she still has Henry to think about, but I’m super excited for next season

          • Beca says:

            Except that Robin Hood and his son never went to storybook during the curse as he told Mulan and that he hid in Regina’s old castle. Their storyline no longer makes ANY sense! This is what made me really mad about the whole Marian character coming back. Their son should be older than Emma if he was born well before Emma’s parents even met!

          • JC1 says:

            I’m pretty sure time was still frozen in the Enchanted Forest even for those who didn’t get taken to Storybrooke. It started moving again when Emma came to Storybrooke. It’s been awhile, but I think that was established in the season two premiere, when Phillip finds Aurora.

        • Anni says:

          Exactly. I was so mad when it came out that she was Marian. Regina totally deserves at least one guy she loves that doesn’t die/leave her. The fact that they brought her back now will make Regina revengeful.

          • WTactualF says:

            I really want to like OutlawQueen, but now having the knowledge that Evil Queen was responsible for Marion’s death (OR would’ve been death) makes that pairing too far fetched.

            Once Robin found out the truth, he’d no longer want to be with her.

    • Jaime says:

      Maybe Marion will meet an unfortunate end or something. Regina and Robin ARE each other’s True Love’s, after all. The writers shouldn’t have done that to Regina! I really like her and Robin together!! I’m so upset!

    • Jimmy says:

      Well, she did actually kill Marian in the previous time line, so I can’t feel too sorry for her.

      • Meghan says:

        You don’t know that.
        Robin blames himself for her death, never once did he blame Regina.
        Which makes me believe that she was able to escape somehow, and then something else happened.
        But we’ll never know for sure, because she didn’t die anymore.

        • D says:

          In the episode called: Quite a common fairy Season 3 episode 3, Shortly after Marion gives birth to roland she becomes ill and the illness becomes fatal not Regina killing her. So in other words. Their story line is faulted on that alone.

          • frustrated says:

            Thank you! So far you are the only person to mention that! Marian became ill, Robin stole a wand from rumple to save her, she gave birth, fell ill again and died. She was never Regina’s prisoner let alone executed by Regina! I hate it when huge flaws like that are allowed to take place!

    • AJO says:

      I am sad about Regina, too! She has come so far and now it looks like she will be back miserable. I hope not! I love her character when she is not evil. Excited about Elsa/snow queen or whoever she is!!!!

    • Lizabeth says:

      I hated to see Regina hurt, too. But, I still think she and RH are soulmates. Even though Emma and Hook altered the story a little, it appears Tink telling Regina that RH was her guy didn’t change. I’m a little confused about where RH thought MM was all this time though. If Regina didn’t execute her, why wasn’t she in the EF when the original curse happened? I don’t know. I’m confusing myself more the more I try to understand! Overall, this was a fantastic episode and I am excited to see what they do next season!

      • Matt says:

        My thought as to why she wasn’t around was because Hook and Emma brought her “back to the future”. Talk about a time paradox.

      • neums says:

        In the original Enchanted Forest timeline, she was executed. But Emma saved her and plucked her from the timeline. As far as Robin was concerned, Marian was executed. You think the Evil Queen would let it be known that a prisoner escaped her dungeons? Plus, do you think she would have presided over every execution? I doubt it. She’d have minions (black knights) do it. For that matter, the minions wouldn’t say anything or they’d be next.

      • frustrated says:

        S3E3 Quite a common fairy – Marian dies after childbirth, she is NOT executed by Regina. The writers mucked up big time.

    • Krystal says:

      “The good guys never win.” They’re teaching Regina the hard way that good never wins or it’s so much harder to, yet it’s worth it. Regina needs to figure out for herself why it’s worth the trouble otherwise she won’t be a redeemable character and she’ll revert to her own ways, Right now Henry is the only thing tying her to good. She needs to take the next step or she simply will just never go anywhere as a character/person. If she can find what drives her, that love is more than just Henry and set aside her selfishness, she may grow and become a good guy or she’ll abandon it because it’s hard and she doesn’t see it and become the antagonist again. It’ll make for a very boring loop as Regina seems to do this alot throughout the series.

    • Cakes are good says:

      Thank you!!!!

    • Ro says:

      I don’t know, I wouldn’t count out Regina’s happy ending just yet. Yes, I am sure Robin Hood is glad to see Marian again, but in the time she’s been presumed dead, it sounds like he found some closure, enough to open himself up to a new relationship with Regina. And he strikes me as the kind of guy who will want to do right by them. It could be that for as much as he loved Marian, his feelings could be stronger for Regina (esp if they are meant for each other, like Tink said). I just hope he doesn’t take the cursed!David route of juggling two women while he sorts himself out. And that Regina doesn’t do anything stupid while he does so…

    • lu says:

      I felt the exact same way! What was the point of that??? I loved Regina with robin hood!

    • Toni says:

      I was hoping I wasn’t alone. You summed up my feelings.

  9. charity31 says:

    They named the baby Neal?!? After their daughter’s dead boyfriend/baby daddy? That is so creepy!
    Also not happy with throwing that major obstacle in the way of one of my favorite tv couples, Regina and Robin.
    I am excited about the addition of Princess Elsa. (Should it be Queen Elsa)?

    • spotteddog says:

      I have been saying for weeks that the baby name would be Neal, right after I read the quote from Ginny saying the name would be very emotional. Yay me !!

    • Addie says:

      How is it creepy? It’s no different than naming a child after their dead parent/grandparent/uncle/aunt/etc.

    • If you take into account that it is because of Neal that Emma was contacted to come back to Storybrooke via Hook & he sent the memory potion so that she could remember it makes sense. Without Emma there to help unravel what was going on Zelena May have very well got away with her plan. Would Regina thought she could use light magic without Henry to cheer her on? Henry would not have been in Storybrooke without Emma & her memories along with the knowledge her parents were back & in trouble. Naming the baby Neal is a fitting tribute when you think about the contribution & sacrifice he made in once it was all said & done.

      • liz says:

        It’s twisted because they named Emma’s brother after the guy who banged under age Emma and sent her to prison pregnant and never bothered to contact her ever again.

        And the “Neal is a Hero” is a load of crap. Zelena would’ve never gotten Rumpel’s “brains” if “Dumber than a box of hair” Neal hadn’t brought the Dark One back even though he knew it was a trap.

        The whole thing is ridiculous and naming your son after your daughter’s dead lover that caused her the most pain in her entire life is sick.

        • soflirty84 says:

          There’s a lot of revisionist history in your account of events. The first thing to point out is that Emma was not under age. She was at least 18 or she would have gone to juvie and not prison so your first point is mute. As for your second, the writers have said multiple times that Neal didn’t set Emma up. He didn’t even know she was behind bars. He left her so she could fulfill her destiny, find her family and discover who she is. He sacrificed his own happiness for her to ultimately be happy. Yes, he was selfish in bringing Rumple back, but he was thinking as a father and a man in love. If you were separated from your child wouldn’t you do whatever it took to get back to them, consequences be damned? It was his one selfish act and it cost him his life. Everyone else makes selfish choices all the time and face no consequences. He did ultimately sacrifice himself so Rumple could out Zelena, so in that regard he is a hero. Naming Emma’s brother after him is fitting because had he not sacrificed himself, Zelena may have been successful in stealing the baby and traveling back in time.

  10. CK says:

    That reveal was just genius. I’m definitely going to be around for season 4 after that. Wow, talk about being blown away. I didn’t think they would go there this soon if at all.

  11. Stormy says:

    As usual Rumpy had the best lines.
    “Because what you had before was such an intricate disguise?”
    “And you brought some luggage.”
    I’m afraid Regina is BAAAAAAKKKK!

  12. Lyd says:

    Pretty much this was EPIC! LOVED IT AND SO EXCITED FOR NEXT SEASON!!!! Although am so sad about Regina’s sad twist…I almost lost it right then and there!

  13. Um, that’s QUEEN Else, tyvm.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Point noted, but for right now I will stick with princess. By the time she became queen, she had turned (n)ice, and here she’s obviously positioned as still an adversary.

    • Lisa says:

      After this past winter, I’ve wanted nothing more than for it to finally break, and get to the warm weather (still waiting). Now, I want to skip right over June, July and August so we can jump right to September. Uh Matt, we need to make a real life time jump happen, damn it.

  14. Lysh says:

    Ohhh Carly Diggle! Thanks, Matt, I was wondering why she’s familiar.
    Great episode! Totally shouted FROZEN FROZEN at the end. I’m so excited. I hope Elsa sings.

  15. Nate says:

    I was just stunned by that ending it took me a while to figure out who that was till it went off. Being on season 4

  16. Elena says:

    So are Regina and Robin completely done? I can’t imagine it would be very easy to write in a love triangle with the man’s resurrected wife and mother of his child. Great finale overall, though. It’s the best episode from this show that I’ve seen in a while.

    • Meg says:

      Soap operas have been writing that love triangle for decades. It’s doable. :)

    • Lia says:

      Not to mention she was to be executed by Regina!

      • Katy says:

        I thought Marian died in childbirth? Either way its gonna be weird, you have Robins true love and soul mate both alive and in the same town.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, wife was resurrected, but how long had she been gone? Long enough for him to fall in love again. It is possible, much like when David was with Katherine in Storybrooke, yet he WAS still in love with Mary Margaret. You can’t negate that he fell in love with Regina. Those feelings were real, and will still be there. Not to mention, he IS her happy ending. So, it is definitely possible that it will come back around. Marian is an obstacle, but the writers love to turn these stories on their heels. So, their relationship can go ANYWHERE.

      • neums says:

        Not resurrected. New timeline, she was spared her death in the original timeline enchanted forest (which I’ll refer to as OTEF) when Emma and Hook plucked her from the OTEF and deposited in present day (new timeline) Storybrooke (or NTSB). As far as anyone was concerned, she was as dead as she originally was in the old timeline.

  17. Tony says:

    Definitely not trying to be that guy and imply that the show is predictable or that I read some spoiler somewhere. But I told my wife a week ago that I thought the season would end with Elsa’s arrival. Of course, my version was much more dramatic with Storybrooke suddenly being covered in ice much to the shock of its citizens. But nonetheless, I am glad they didn’t show a face and can ultimately find the best actress for the role.

    • Lisa says:

      I kept telling my colleague at work, I would love to see Elsa on OUAT. I thought she would make an incredible character on this show. Apparently, the writers agreed. Gotta admit, she’s quite an interesting character, and it will be incredible to see how they utilize her.

    • John NYC says:

      Whoever’s back that was showed a lot of attitude. ….

  18. Bender says:

    The snow queen is one of the most acclaimed of Hans Christian Andersen tales, I haven’t seen frozen so i don’t know much about it. I do know the snow queen isn’t too friendly to say the least

  19. Jackie says:

    Okay, first things first…I’m not surprised if Once is capitalizing on the Frozen phenomenon. It would be surprising of them not too. It’s been one of the most successful Disney movies in the last decade and they own the rights. Fine, jump on the bandwagon, whatever. But if they make Elsa a villain, that’s honestly one of the dumbest things ever. One of the major plot points of Frozen is how she’s not evil, just misunderstood and never taught that it’s okay to be different. And some of you are going to say that I might be taking it a little stronger than I should and I’m sorry. Just my 2 cents…

    • jj says:

      Frozen is based on the Snow Queen, which is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. In the original fairy tale, the Snow Queen is a villain. The whole plot point of being misunderstood is not part of the original fairy tale, it was created for the Frozen movie. The OUAT writers would be staying truer to the original story by having her be a villain. Remember the show is about fairy tales, it’s not about the disney movie versions.

      • Ro says:

        I agree that they will likely have Elsa cast in the villain role, if only because you need Evil around so Good (or in this case Charmings) can conquer it. But I think a theme they’re really hammered in is that “Evil isn’t born, it’s made” so I would not be surprised if the Snow Queen’s backstory contains elements of Frozen too. For example, and what I’d like to see is, what would Elsa be like if there wasn’t an Anna around to save her with her love? What if she’d been left up there in her isolation, with no one to try to bring her back home? And then somewhere down the line, someone sticks her in a vase and hides her away for who-knows-how-long? Could that play a part in how she reacts/interacts with the people of storybrooke? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

      • H. says:

        You’re all right, Elsa will be the antagonist, just don’t expect someone as nasty as the snow queen from the original story. This is ELSA. Big difference. All the proof you need is the gloves. So she’ll be causing a few problems, but the bosses used her symbol of fear. She’ll be a time bomb, but rather than evil she’ll probably act out of fear and anger. Evil and anger are very different, and you guys are about to find that out.

    • Dude says:

      It’s THE most successful Disney film of all time, FWIW.

      Also, they are basing it on The SnowQueen, not Frozen. She is not the hero or good in that at all.

    • Lisa says:

      Exactly Jackie. We need to keep in mind that just because she’s there doesn’t mean she’s a villain. Of course, she may be after whoever made it so she was in that urn, for some justice. Sooo many possibilities.

    • abz says:

      I see nothing wrong with them putting their own spin on Frozen and making her evil. I welcome it. OUAT’s interpretation and alteration of characters doesn’t make the original product any less great. I’m looking forward to it.

  20. Cory says:

    I was expecting Jafar considering the casting reveal for next season, but Elsa?… Wow I can’t wait to see where the creators take this! I do hope, I TRULY HOPE for Regina to give Emma a good butt kicking! Emma saw what changing the past could do, how much one little thing can screw up the entire future… and yet what does she do?… Bring someone from the past. #$^$%^^#$%@@#^^*%^#$%#$%@%#$$%%&$%#!

  21. KC says:

    Didn’t like the twist at the end. I loved Frozen but have a strong feeling that they are going to ruin Elsa. If they make her evil I’ll be pissed.

    • jj says:

      in the original fairy tale, she is a villain

      • Nate says:

        There was an original Elsa?? I thought everyone was made up

        • twilight123 says:

          Not only is Elsa a villain in EVERY version of the Ice Queen before Disney did “Frozen”, Elsa was intended to be a villain in Frozen until the producers heard an early cut of “Let it Go” during the script development- they smelled a hit right away and told the writers that they had to re-write the 2nd half of the movie to redeem her character so that they would be better able to sell it. What I’m saying is, 95% of the time, the Ice Queen is evil. The chances her of her being a villain in OUAT are pretty strong- but I bet that she gets redeemed by the end of her arc. She won’t die like Pan or the Wicked Witch.

          • Lisa says:

            Well, the interesting thing is, we don’t even know if she is being cast as a villain. Yes, that’s the way they made it look at the end, but her story could go a completely different way. Not to mention, even if she is cast as the villain, it may not end with her being a villain. The story can go in soooo many different directions.

          • DarkDefender says:

            I highly doubt everyone would be worried about bringing another person to Storybrooke, if they were going to be one of the nice guys. My vote most definitely is for evil. I refuse to see Frozen and never read the book. So I hope the season 4 ride is a good one.

          • H. says:

            That’s actually one of the better theories. The “monster” at the beginning, then Elsa at the end. How do you all think she would make the switch, my money’s on mercy. We have a baby now and the meeting between the baby and Elsa is inevitable.

      • tony0781 says:

        Get a clue OUAT isnt based on Disney movies but based the actual fairytales!

        • Summer says:

          OUAT is a show on ABC, which is owned by Disney, so it’s far from shocking to imagine Disney using Disney characters on a show based on fairytales that’s broadcast on a Disney-owned station. So perhaps the get a clue comment was not necessary, yes?

    • will says:

      Did their version of Peter Pan suddenly “ruin” Disney’s Peter Pan for you? Does their Beast being Rumpelstiltskin ruin Beauty and the Beast for you? What about all the other changes from the Disney versions of these fairytales? I’m surprised OUAT hasn’t just ruined everything for you, if what you’re worried about is them turning the characters from the Disney versions into something they aren’t in the original!

    • abz says:

      I never understand when people say that different interpretations of things will ruin the original product. It’s beyond silly. Does the amount of times the Wizard of Oz has been redone or reinterpreted ruin the classic original 1939 film? No. So many TV shows and movies are created by altering previously told stories/characters/books.
      What OUAT will be doing with Elsa is just a different interpretation. You don’t have to end up liking it and it won’t ruin Frozen. It wouldn’t make sense for them to just do a retelling of the story or have the character stay exactly the same when the movie is still so fresh in people’s minds.

      • Stormy says:

        ITA People amaze me. Did the film 10 Things I hate About You ruin Shakespeare’s Taming Of The Shrew forever? Or was it the musical Kiss me Kate that destroyed it? Ridiculous.

  22. Chris says:

    Wow, I’m really disappointed. When Emma hugged her parents, I’m fine with ending the show on that point lol. Putting Regina back into grudge mode and now we have Frozen to look forward to next season? Yeah it’s a huge hit movie but come on. I don’t know, I’m just really disappointed at where they’re going with this.

    • Lisa says:

      I’d be willing to bet there are more people that are excited at the prospects than there are naysayers who are disappointed.

    • John NYC says:

      Otherwise everyone sits sroundcesting pancakes and making out?

      Conflict is the driver and Rimple’s old prisoner appears to be ready to take the wheel.

      I just feel sad for Belle when she finds out that idiot gave her a fake dagger.

  23. Ashbash says:

    They could just be doing the original snow queen story and not the movie frozen because that Elsa seemed a little evil like from the original story. Either way I’m excited and I’m not worried about Regina and Robin Hood because knowing once upon a time Marian will probably be receiving a Elsa styled frozen blasted death.

  24. Carlie says:

    I really hope this isn’t the end of Regina and Robin.

    • DarkDefender says:

      If the blue fairy was right, Robin Hood and Regina are meant to be together… Eventually… I am guessing that is the endgame, and why Robin brought up timing being everything… Their timing will be closer to the series finale (whenever that is).. Where everyone should be getting their happily ever afters.

  25. Becky says:

    Question for them… why spend so much time ‘redeeming’ Regina only to crush her heart again? Will she ever have a happy ending?

    • Stormy says:

      She gets what she deserves. Now she will behave toward Emma as she behaved toward Snow. And Henry will see that, with her, getting what she wants is paramount. If she truly loved Robin Hood his happiness would be her first priority. She doesn’t love people she wants to own them. And she’s willing to kill them [her father] to achieve her own ends.

      • SWilcox28 says:

        And what do Rumple and Hook deserve? Rumple, who murdered his wife, manipulated countless lives, and did everything he could to warp Regina to the point where she’d want to cast the curse? He gets to marry Belle, the woman he’s actively deceiving and breaking promises to. Hook, who worked with Cora, stole Aurora’s heart, and not only kidnapped Belle but later shot her in the back? He gets another chance at love with Emma. But Regina, who’s actually worked hard to be worthy of her son’s love, who gave Henry and Emma, the woman who broke her curse, memories of an amazing life together when she could just as easily have taken one last bit of revenge instead? She’s the only one who gets screwed over. You may think of it as karma, and maybe it is. But unless and until the other villains on the show pay just as heavy a price for their sins, I call it sexist that she’s the only one who never gets her second chance.

        • Stormy says:

          In my book there’s no redemption for patricide. It wasn’t accidental or spontaneous. It was cold blooded and premeditated. And he was a wonderful man who loved her.

          • Katy says:

            So your a good ole fashioned hypocrite.

          • Jeff says:

            Not to mention killing whole villages of people, which is genocide. The writers made her actions too over the top and unforgivable, which is a shame because I like the character.

        • Erica says:

          I couldn’t agree more!!

          • Erica says:

            I was agreeing with SWilcox28. The way it posted didn’t look like it. Redemption is achievable for anyone willing to change!

        • John NYC says:

          That Belle has a fake dagger will be revealed about ten seconds after Rumple and his former prisoner clash for the first time. And, mois? That’s going to be a huge desl breaker.

          One. Pissed.. Bookworm.

    • Heather says:

      Seriously. @mattmitovich Please ask them why they insist upon breaking Regina’s heart. Daniel, Cora, Robin…. Can’t this poor women have any happiness? *Cries in the corner*

    • Lisa says:

      Because the things she suffers is what makes her who she is. Life happens to all of us, and in a land where there’s magic, life happening can take on many/unexpected forms. But life also gave her a son who she doesn’t want to disappoint. He is her warm spot, that tends to temper her. Of course, it also gives the audience a chance to feel for the “villain”, and get behind her and want to see her win for a change. It will be interesting to see where it goes, and how they bring her and Robin back together.

    • Ro says:

      Because she’s more interesting to watch, this way. If they had her in a corner canoodling with Robin all of season 4, trapped in the bliss of her happy ending, there would be no story to tell, no show to watch. Putting obstacles in her path makes it an interesting show b/c as a villain struggling with her own redemption, who knows what she’ll do next? I know i’ll be watching to see if she ruins her chances with Robin by going Evil Queen on Marian, or if she’ll suffer from the side and prove herself worthy of having his love after all.

  26. Sean says:


  27. Chris says:


  28. webly3 says:

    That was an amazing twist. I had a feeling it was coming because they were getting lower and lower ratings. I’m sure this will boost them up. But, if they ruin anything with this twist I’m afraid the show will lose some viewers. Honestly, I hope Maid Marian dies next season. I don’t want to see Regina bad again.

    • Davey Elmer says:

      There’s nothing wrong with Once’s ratings. Unlike most of the other networks, ABC has recognized that even if the show’s LIVE ratings are low, they will inevitably increase and increase exponentially when you add in the DVR viewership, which is why it was never in doubt that the show would be renewed.

      As far as bringing in the Snow Queen is concerned, there has not been a single decision made by Adam and Eddy that hasn’t sprung from their desire to tell compelling stories and that they haven’t meticulously thought through, and I therefore feel absolutely confident in stating that they likely knew they wanted to bring in a version of the Snow Queen from the first moment they planned out Season 3, which would’ve been months before Frozen took the world by storm, although the film’s success likely inspired them to model their Snow Queen off of Elsa rather than the character as she appears in the original fairytale.

      • Lisa says:

        Another thing to keep in mind is that the characters in OUAT are always true to character. I can’t imagine that Adam and Eddie will stray from that. It is a large part of the success of the show. The character’s lives may make them dabble into different areas, some that may be foreign to them, but they always remain true to character. Example: Regina IS the evil queen, no matter what she does, it’s still apparent that she is the evil queen. However, even the evil queen has a soft spot because of the direction her life took. It tempers her evil to a degree, she holds back at times because she does have the capacity to love, and she does love her son. But at the end of the day, we see her do things that bring us right back to the fact that she IS the evil queen.

        I’m certain they will keep Elsa true to character.

        • will says:

          Depends on what you mean by “true to character” *cough*Peter Pan*cough*

          Some characters are true to representations that are not in the Disney version of their stories. And some are even completely different a la The Beast and Crocodile being Rumpelstiltskin instead of a cursed Prince and, y’know, a crocodile.

  29. larakingsley says:

    Great final… Loved, loved the Captain Swan kiss. But then… naming the baby Neal? Not so much. I would have thought they would name him Graham, since he saved both Snow and Charming. Oh and I’m so mad at the OUAT writer for bringing in Marian. I so loved good Regina and Robin. Can’t wait for next season, especially with that last scene with what we all suppose is Frozen’s Elsa

    • Stormy says:

      I’d have preferred they name him Bae, but that’s just me.

    • kate says:

      pretty sure neal saved both of them and the whole town

    • Paz says:

      I mean, it makes sense that they named him Neal. But at the same time, Neal is kind of a weak name for a prince. I think I would’ve preferred Cassidy. Prince Cassidy, instead of Prince Neal. My humble opinion. Btw, loved the finale! Can’t wait to September!

  30. Katy says:

    I honestly can’t see this going over very well if they decide to make her evil. But in the end Elsa was originally supposed to be evil until the producers heard Let It Go. So maybe they will use the original story ideas in this. In the end I honestly hope she isn’t evil.

  31. Matthew b Lawler says:

    Such lazy writing/trumped up drama it was to have the woman Emma and hook saved and brought back with them be maid Marion thus having Emma commit the same sin against Regina as snow setting up for yet another return to evil for Regina and was I the only one hoping the against hope we might get a prince Charles instead of prince Neal and why did Emma say princess Leah instead of Diana after hook called himself prince Charles
    Lastly really the big secret twist is that they are ripping off frozen?

    • Dude says:

      Probably because Charles and Leia are funny and Charles and Diana would have been offensive (and obvious).

    • will says:

      I have a problem with every single one of your complaints.

      1. It isn’t lazy or trumped up writing to create foils out of your characters. It’s thematic. It has a storytelling purpose and in a world based on fairy tales, it’s completely dramatically appropriate

      2. Why would you expect a Prince Charles? Like I could imagine you wanting a different name like Prince Baelfire or something or something but why Charles?

      3. Calling hersel Diana would potentially have been in poor taste, plus, there was humor in the Leia comment especially seeing as many OUAT fans had been asking about a trip to the Star Wars universe since Disney acquired the rights. This was a tongue-in-cheek way of giving us a Princess Leia without actually going there.

      4. What the frig do you mean “ripping off Frozen”? They’re ALL based on fairytales that Disney owns rights to and has created stories for. Are you telling me the entire show has just been a series of ripping off fairy tales? And if so, why the heck are you even watching? Because you’ve clearly missed the entire point.

      • Matthew b Lawler says:

        Prince Charles because that was the alias he used when he and Emma helped charming and snow back down the path to true love. I want something origional and exciting not a retelling of a movie less than a year old. If ouat ever does Star Wars that is the day I stop watching. How would Emma calling herself Diana possibly be offensive?

    • Britt says:

      The Brits don’t play when it comes to Princess Diana, so it makes sense that they would go with Leia. Plus Disney owns Star Wars.

    • This is a great test to how committed Regina is to embracing her good side. The reason. For Princess Leia is a shout out to all. The Star Wars fan base that follow ONCE & the writers are self proclaimed huge fans a swell, they have mentioned these shout outs in interviews such as at comic con (want some. Great laughs watch some of the cast & writer ensemble interviews at comic con, they are hilarious to watch). Also Hook got as far as “I am Prince…” Emma filled inCharles, being from the. Modern day realm that is a logical choice as first name to jump into her head as would William if she had been in a normal grocery store recently.

      Prince Neal is a great way to pay respect to the sacrifice Neal made to alert Emma via Hook, & give up his life by leaving the absorption bit Rumple did so that his father could go onto help defeat Zelena instead of being the crazy guy he was at the beginning, although the crazy guy was a blast to watch, Robert Carlyle is genius in this part!

      As for Frozen there has been a lot of talk about working that character set into the show with actors & with the writers, they are self confessed fans. Why is it a ripoff if 1) Disney owns the rights? 2) this is based on another classic tale the Snow Queen? There are many directions they could go in with this character & her story considering the Frozen story & the original/traditional story. With ONCE you can expected the unexpected turning everything on it’s ear & not giving the retelling we have heard over & over for years.

    • abz says:

      While I agree that Regina can’t catch a break, I think this is actually the perfect test of her newly found goodness. Will she be able to sacrifice her own happiness should Robin want to put his family back together? Will she be able to acknowledge that Emma’s actions, much like Snow’s actions, were not intentional and there was goodness tied to both of them? Regina may appear to be good and on the path to redemption, but just because she has the light magic now doesn’t mean she’s fully redeemed. This is further testing her commitment to stay good and also her commitment to Henry. She will for sure lose him if she strays.
      And how could you really call Emma’s action by unknowingly bringing Marian back a “sin”? It was done out of goodness and compassion and to prevent her from being killed. It would only ever be a sin in Regina’s mind and if Regina truly considers it a sin, then her redemption is FAR from complete.

      • justme says:

        I completely agree with you!

      • Matthew b Lawler says:

        When I called it a sin I was talking about Regina’s interpretation of events I know Emma was acting from a place of good. As for the lazy writing trumped up drama I am referring to them reusing the storyline of a snow causing Regina to lose Daniel only replacing snow with Emma and Daniel with robin. They could have come up with plenty of other obstacles and twist instead they are ripping off their own storyline from season one

        • abz says:

          I don’t really see it as a rip off. I just see it as a test of her redemption. We don’t always have the opportunity to do things over a different way. We may wonder about how we would do things differently but rarely do we get that chance. Regina has that chance to do things differently and we’ll just have to see if she takes that opportunity to do so, Anyway that’s just how I’m looking at the situation.

    • Mark says:

      They have been back in time and now Disney owns the Star wars franchise – Princess Leah is season 5 just in time to push the new star wars movie as Princess Leah is now a Disney princess and why not we can go forward in time to a galaxy far far away — only joking…..

  32. Khorrie says:

    This episode was actually really good and might have drawn me back in as a regular viewer for S4. If only to see how horrifically they mangle the supposed “Ice Queen”. Frozen was nothing like the fairytale it’s supposed to be based on and if Elsa is supposed to be a villain, then she’ll be nothing like Frozen, which she’s clearly taken from blue gown and all, and even LESS like the original Ice Queen. I get making their own stamp on the characters, but adding just for the popularity factor is a bad idea.

  33. Simon says:

    Would Elizabeth Mitchell be too old to play Elsa? Cause I’d be down for that. The producers obviously love using thierot former Lost cast, so it could happen. Her or Maggie Grace, if the execs want younger actresses, which we know they always do.

    • Dan says:

      I feel like Elizabeth Mitchell would be a perfect choice, especially since Revolution is ending.

    • will says:

      Oooh, she’d be good. If they were to push her being stuck in the bottle for an extended period of time, they could justify her age for sure.

  34. Nicki Dreyer says:

    I really hope they stick with “The Ice Queen”. Everyone on the message boards keeps talking Frozen/Elsa, but I don’t agree. The Ice Queen was actually evil/dangerous – not misunderstood/scared.
    Really upset that Regina didn’t get her happy ending, but I’m not exactly surprised. There has to be another twist of some sort coming for her, just hope she doesn’t turn evil again first.

  35. Me says:

    Loved the episode. I can’t wait for next season. Elsa is going to want to kick Rumple’s butt!

    Have they cast the Ice Queen yet?

    Does Will Scarlett have a dragon tattoo as well?

    Will Ragina have more of an edge next year? And can Robin even forgive her for nearly killing his wife?

    Can’t wait!!

    • will says:

      It’s a lion tattoo, I’m pretty sure. And anyway, Will has his true love already.

      • Lauren says:

        I don’t remember Will being in Once. Who is his true love?

        • RobMF says:

          Will Scarlett is AKA “The Naive” from Once Upon A Time: In Wonderland (who was already confirmed to jump to OUAT in the 4th Season). His true love is Anastasia AKA The Red Queen. There was a crossover episode where Will was in the Enchanted Forrest with Robin and his Merry Men.


  37. Blair says:

    Where the hell is Maleficent? Can someone just answer that? Do something with her!

  38. Justin says:

    The episode was a let down. The wedding? Underwhelming. The baby name? Underwhelming. The entire 1:50 retelling of the same story just with alternate endings? Underwhelming. It picked up when it set up Regina to go dark and revealed Elsa- to is kinda underwhelming… frozen is kinda annoyingly overkill so I’m not really excited about it…. especially when they have a TON of established but forgotten characters already

  39. Tony says:

    I’m not too familiar with the original Snow Queen story. But its pretty much known Elsa was originally the villain in Frozen. So I can see the writers picking up that dropped direction and running with it.

    And the Marian twist shocked me. My wife speculated she was Pocahontas (for whatever reason). So I think I had Pocahontas on the brain. I felt so bad for Regina. I hope this isn’t a complete return to evil

  40. LouLou says:

    Something tells me they’re going to stick closer to the original source material when it comes to the Snow Queen. Should get interesting. This was a great finale!

  41. Latoya says:

    Loved the finale. But is there other relms they could visit before’frozen’? Jasmine/Alladin; ppl from Enchanted; princess n frog…plus Elsa didnt die…the urn was in a black n white place resembling ‘frankenstein’

  42. Mika02 says:

    Great season Finale I laughed, I cried, I screamed in shock!

  43. ckuehl says:

    well Rumble wasn’t exactly a “good” guy when he locked up Elsa – so maybe she isn’t bad, just ticked for being locked up in an urn, I would be. :)

  44. Jason says:

    But why was Elsa locked in Rumple’s most dangerous items storage room?

    • CK says:

      Lack of control over her power? If she lacked the control when she first met Rumple, I could see him locking her away in an urn (if there is some weird familial connection) instead of outright killing her like they tried to do in the movie.

  45. Amanda says:

    Frozen is just being beaten over our heads with a bat at this point. Man…they are really desperate to cash in now. Sad. I love OUAT…but I just feel like dropping it now.

  46. Rebecca says:

    Is there any chance at all the new villain is the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia? That seems like it would have a lot more backstory to explore, and it would certainly have more appeal to the adults who watch this show.

    Really, the only way I’d be okay with an Elsa plot is if she and Mulan fall in love by the end of the season!

    • Khorrie says:

      No, there’s no chance. It’s Elsa from Frozen.

    • Matt says:

      Narnia and its associated characters aren’t public domain.

      • Rebecca says:

        The movies were made by Disney, though.

      • Mark says:

        This could be Elsa but before I go there, it could also be the White witch from Narnia and this is why. The rights to Narnia are currently held in full by the Mark Gordon Company. Who is busy adapting the Silver Chair (Narnia 4) for release. He has just had The Pilot Clementine picked up by ABC and maybe as part of that deal they get to use certain characters from the Narnia verse. This serves two purposes it keeps Narnia in peoples thoughts for his own movie and it also helped get his drama on the air. Now back to Elsa Disney owns ABC in full bought in 1996, so if they have laid down the law and insisted on Once using this character sooner rather than later to push a sequel

    • Katie says:

      OMG I COULD TOTALLY GET BEHIND AN ELSA/MULAN PAIRING!!!!! Please make this happen because that would be awesome.

    • Lisa says:

      I would think that now that they have a picture with the caption “Frozen is coming”, it’s pretty clear it’s Elsa.

  47. Matthew b Lawler says:

    While the vows were interesting how boring weird and anti climatic was rumple and bells wedding I mean what was she wearing and what authority does Archie have to marry anyone and why was no one in attendance

  48. Derek Johnson says:

    Ask them abut how this season has been more lost-esque

  49. Addie says:

    I wasn’t expecting Elsa at all! I figured they’d wait at least another year or so. Though I do like the theory that it will be more of a Snow Queen/Elsa hybrid. I’m happy that despite Emma and Hook (though mostly Emma) screwing up the past, Snow and Charming still found each other. It was cute how excited she got about witnessing her parents meeting. Snow being at the stake did have me worried for a second though! The Marion stuff, I have mixed feelings about. It was really nice of Emma to help her and it’s great that Robin was reunited with her, but damn. Can Regina catch a break? And I really don’t know if I feel like watching Regina ruin her relationship with the Charmings because of this. And I hope that Robin will at least find Regina and talk to her about this. And awww at the baby being named Neal, so sweet. I can see why Ginny got emotional- it was a really sweet scene and it is fitting.

  50. Sara says:

    I am so bummed for Regina in regards to Robin. I really, really loved them together. And now Marian is back and it sets up more of a feud between Emma and Regina. I liked that Regina had a redemption storyline.

    • Davey Elmer says:

      “now Marian is back and it sets up more of a feud between Emma and Regina.”

      No, it doesn’t. Yes, Regina reacted out of anger, but she didn’t react with malice the way she would have even at the beginning of the season.

    • abz says:

      I think this is the ultimate test of Regina’s redemption. She’s been slowly proving herself in wanting to be good and redeeming herself, but now when face with a similar situation to the one that turned her evil in the first place, will she choose a different (and right!) path?

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed, but if the evil queen didn’t come out once in a while, she would get boring. The evil queen is still who she is, and it will come out. Of course, they will have to band together again, so it will make for some interesting scenes and banter between them. Of course, we also know that her love for Henry will temper her some.