Mother's Day Tribute: 20 Best/Worst TV Moms From Revenge, Parenthood, Thrones and More

A mother’s job is never done, and this Mother’s Day, TVLine is putting 20 of today’s most dynamic TV moms under the microscope to see just how good a job they’re doing.

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It’s an admittedly wide spectrum of women, from controlling mom-sters like Revenge‘s Victoria Grayson to walking love robots like Parenthood‘s Kristina Braverman — who we’d totally beg to adopt us if she was real, and if we weren’t over 18.

We’d also like to note the diversity in this year’s list, which — in addition to 14 mortal humans — boasts three witches, two cartoons and a werewolf. These ain’t your mama’s mamas.

Browse some of today’s best and worst TV moms below, then drop a comment: Which ones do you love — and which ones do you love to hate? (And they don’t have to be from our list. We know there are many, many more!)


Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Fra says:

    I think you meant WORST: Maya Pope, she can’t possibly be on the best list xD

  2. Sian says:

    Maya is currently listed as a ‘best’, but that doesn’t seem right to me.

  3. crabapplerum says:

    You do mean Worst for Mama Pope, right? She’s the worst on the entire list and that include Cersei…

  4. Claire says:

    Rayna Jaymes and Queen Catherine FTW.

  5. Martin says:

    Em, Maya…best…really??

  6. Taylor H says:

    Typo alert: Mama Pope as BEST?

  7. Nick says:

    Where is Joyce Summers??????

  8. swanfire says:

    what about Lori from TWD. She’s the worst. But then again. She died already maybe you listed her before.

    • Relaxxx says:

      Oh my Glob! I almost spit out my coffee! Yes Lori was the worst! Having sex in the zombie infested woods with your husbands best friend while your son wonders around and never knowing where your kid is in the ZA ranks up there as worse mom ever! Mama Pope must be a typo for sure!

  9. jimbo says:

    Lorelai Gilmore is the coolest mom of ’em all!

  10. Beth says:

    Two years ago I would of agreed about Jenna’s mom Lacey on Awkward but now I don’t. She has finally accepted (albeit not her wardrobe) her daughter. She has made her mistakes but has grown a lot.

  11. Flora says:

    You called Adalind “Addie” and I laughed with tears because I thought of Addison Montgomery. :’)

  12. omar says:

    Lacey Hamilton from Awkward is the best mom EVER! Love her!
    Where’s Meredith Grey or Callie or Baylie? :(

  13. Jennifer says:

    Definitely agree about Cora being a “worst” but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss her…

  14. EJ386 says:

    As Catherine is best because she only manipulates because of her kid[s] that might mean that Cersei is also best… She also has mad love for her kids and would do anything for them. I mean she is a bitch, but one that managed to love Joffrey in all his extreme craziness. That is the sign of a real mum.

    • Alice says:

      Catherine also didn’t raise a sociopath. Clearly Cersei, while she loved her son, did a terrible job as the person responsible for, you know, teaching him to be a functional human being.

  15. Carmen says:

    No Norma Bates? Seriously?

  16. SJ says:

    For Selina Meyer, you surely meant, Catherine ISN’T as in love with her quite as much as the viewers are, right?

  17. Columbus says:

    Best: Stef Adams Foster and Lena Adams Foster from The Fosters.

  18. JC1 says:

    No Moira Queen? She should definitely be on this list.

  19. Sims says:

    I’m adding to the chorus of “Best? Mama Pope? Are you kidding?” Typo for sure.

  20. Kenny says:

    Where’s Leslie Knope!?!?!

  21. Joe says:

    small little spoiler there for people behind on game of thrones dont you think?

  22. Always26 says:

    I know this is a movie mom but I gotta say Molly Weasly from Harry potter is an awesome mom. She kicks butt and she is very lovely and treats Harry like her own son. She is just incredible.

  23. ellen says:

    Claire Dunphy should certainly be on the best list. She smothers her children, she doesn’t respect their privacy and is the epitome of a “helicopter mom”. At least her intentions are good, so she doesn’t qualify for Worst Mom either. She is just mediocre.

  24. Joan says:

    No Gemma from SOA???

    • Beth says:

      Yes! I have a feeling Jax is going to forget to send Gemma a card after he finds out her secret. I would of liked to see Tara on the best side but that may have been too painful!

    • Butters says:

      I was just going to post. Gemma is by far the worst mother of the all.

  25. Chris says:

    I think Victoria Grayson should be on the “BEST” list. If she’s your mom, she’s gonna look out for you.

    • Luiz says:

      I absolutely agree! Damn, the woman agreed to set up David Clarke, who she loved, only for the sake of her son.

  26. Ally Oop says:

    Other moms I would have on this list:
    Mrs. S – Orphan Black BEST
    Beverly (Scarlet’s mother) – Nashville. WORST
    Beverly – The Goldbergs BEST
    I’m glad you included Scott’s mom from Teen Wolf on the list.

  27. nickmaniac says:

    What – none of the moms from Mom? :P

  28. James Butler says:

    You must really have made a mistake in naming Alicia Florrick as one of the best Moms on TV. Maybe two years ago she may have qualified but not these days.

  29. Me34 says:

    Linda from “Bob’s Burgers” should be here (as best, BTW).

  30. Shira says:

    Rayna Jaymes is a fantastic mom, but do you think that to celebrate Nashville renewal for a third sans you can also start spell her last name correctly ? It’s Jaymes, not James :) thank you.

  31. BTM says:

    Worst TV mother of all time? Marion Cunningham of Happy Days. She ignored her eldest son (Chuck) so much that she eventually declared that she’d raised two children.

  32. Matilda says:

    Please stop with the differently abled. There is nothing wrong with saying disabled. I can´t fly, I dont have x ray vision. Saying differntly abled just makes you sound stupid.

    • Audrey says:

      Do you watch Parenthood? Max is on the autism spectrum, so the term “differently abled” is completely appropriate here.

  33. abz says:

    How is Gemma Teller (SOA) not on the list of Worst Mother on TV? Ellis Grey? Maya Pope is Best?

  34. Eo says:

    I second Moira Queen. Also, I love Martha Rodgers (playec by Susan Sullivan) on Castle.

  35. aw says:

    So, is it opposite-day or did you really mean that Maya Pope is a “BEST”-Mom and that viewers are not in love with the veep?
    But kudos on calling out Isaac as a crappy house–guest – what a giant douche bag!

  36. You forgot about Carol from Glee one of the best moms on T.V. and definately Moira Queen from Arrow as one of the worst

  37. madgavkar says:

    Queen Catherine is awesome. Victoria Grayson is TERRIBLE. Wish Moira Queen and Tracy Mosby had been on this list!