Exclusive Star-Crossed Series Finale First Look: Roman and Emery's Steamiest Encounter Yet

One thing’s for sure: Star-Crossed is going out with a bang. TVLine has an exclusive first look at Monday’s series finale (The CW, 8/7c), which finds Roman and Emery in a state of distress — and various states of undress.

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After reflecting on how they almost died in their battle with Castor, the lovers celebrate their survival the best way they know how: by ripping each other’s clothes off and going at it on the floor. And against the wall. And pretty much everywhere else.

Basically, this is just the hottest video I’ve seen in a really long time.

Hit PLAY on the red-hot preview clip below, then drop a comment: How do you hope Star-Crossed will end?


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  1. Ashley says:

    So, they’re promoting and encouraging teenage sex. What a wonderful message for kids today! Disgusting. If that’s what that show promotes, I’m glad it got the ax.

    • Arie says:

      Teenage sex on The CW? Gasp! Go watch PBS, you bitch.

      • Ashley says:

        I’m not apologizing for what MANY view today as an archaic idea; wait until you’re married. If you respect yourself and your future husband or wife, you will.

        • just saying says:

          Television is not responsible for teaching your kids values. That’s the parents job. I’m sure this scene is not going to be responsible for a mass deflowering.

      • Hmmm says:

        This is an incredibly inappropriate and rude response to the above commenter. It should be removed from the site. Name calling should not be tolerated.

      • Tammy says:

        lol. commercials promote teenage sex too. could we ban those? they see less in this show that i see in some commercials and at least they are in love. Plus they actually waited longer than most adults do.

      • john beach says:

        Shame on you for swearing as you gave your comments. You need to understand you can express yourself without cursing. Your email should be removed from the comments. Always remember your audiences are not always adults.
        Thank you
        Ps: In the future always keep it respectful and thank you very much!

      • Christiana says:

        i love star-crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I hope they have 2 seasons what else am i suppose to watch on Monday then.

    • Marie says:

      The teens are gonna do it anyway, regardless on what happens on a TV show this Monday..

    • ABG says:

      Both actors are well over 20 years old, and it’s not likely that the three people still watching will have sex just because of this scene.

    • Ray says:

      Yeah, you know, just like how shows involving serial killers are promoting murder. Or how Star Wars advocated the destruction of an entire planet. Or how movies about Jesus are promoting going around crucifying religious leaders.

    • Its called Star Crossed not Legs Crossed.

    • cmon now says:

      Guys the troll is obviously fckin with you.

    • James says:

      Back in the day, kids as young as 5 are being betrothed to fellow kids their age in an arranged marriage and were expected to wed and comsume their marriage by the time they hit their teens.

      Thus pre-marital sex have been around for as long as recorded history.

    • Temperance says:

      While you are welcome to your POV, it’s one hardly anyone has, and one that few humans throughout history have had. Enjoy your religious nuttery!

    • If that is all you got out of the clip, then what a shame. If you have watched the other 12 episodes, then what this clip contains would make more sense in context and is NOT aimed at promoting teenage sex. It is about LOVE. You don’t have to be any particular age before you understand the meaning of love and how deep and encompassing that can be. Love happens when it does in our lives, hopefully to all. Some teenagers do truly experience that deep encompassing love, marry young and have happy lives together.

      I have three children and would like to hope that the effort I made to bring them up with a decent set of ethics lasts through their lives, but I do live in the real world and understand that teenagers together does mean sex. All we can do is make sure they know the difference between lust and love and encourage them to make the distinction safely.

      • john beach says:

        You hit the nail on the head ! Keep the comments coming. while I don’t agree with teen sex I do understand its a part of life and its a part that happens pretty often. The fact is some if not most have sex. They should not but they do! Star cross is not the only show that display sex in it. If the fans have a problem with it they should go after other shows that promotes teen sex and not just Star Cross. Realistically, we know sex is entertained but I rather see sex with teens that show the two different genders having sex. Kids do learn from the television that’s why we need to try and keep it as respectful as possible. To accuse a show on the tv is not fair because the fact is if teens want to have sex they will. The big problem is not the tv.. the problem is in my opinion is that kids have t o much freedom today.
        Good Luck Star Cross I hope to see you back for season two.

      • Jaelyn says:

        Thank you!!!!!

    • Lucy says:

      No, they’re promoting and encouraging human-ALIEN sex.
      Since you’re clearly so susceptible to mimicking what you see on television, go find yourself an alien! Alf is probably available. He seems your type.

      • This is a story! But, for sake of argument, for two known Atrian-Earth pregnancies to have occurred and for two so-called alien races to have a virtually identical physique, only altered by the evolutionary process, there has to be a common genetic origin. Pretty sure that is where the story line would have gone eventually, if the series had carried on. So, if you mean two groups of human ancestors who have the same genetic origin, but have evolved in different places, conditions and climate, then yes that is an alien.

        I wouldn’t, however, expect an Ewok and a Wookie to be able to mate… any more than I would expect a pig to succeed with an elephant.

        The whole point the writers of SC were trying to put over, however offensive you might find it, is that true love conquers all. A point that tales from time immemorial have been telling us. Nuff said.

    • Get a clue! says:

      See it how you will but I would rather my children see how life is. Like it or not, teenagers have sex. I would rather my daughter see a couple fighting for their love and see a guy treating a girl how she should be treated than what you see on must shows! I also love that the female role is strong and an equal. She can take care of herself and is standing up for what she believes in! My parent didn’t talk to me about sex nor did they allow me to watch shows with it in them. I learned about it the hard way. I am thankful that there are shows to teach the right message and opens up conversations so I can explain and teach my kids how they should treat others and how they should want to be treated. I want them to find someone that will fight for them and stand beside them. What is really wrong with that?

    • wendle says:

      just get over it!! the finale was awesome. Ever seen The Secret Life of the American Teenager? Go watch an episode and you’ll rethink your comment

      • Alicia says:

        I think star cross should have another season cause the way they left things with emery uncansious and Taylor in the car I want to know if Taylor is even alive I want to see Taylor an drake together and roman emery renew star cross I am 12 years old and I love this show

  2. Fernanda says:

    I hope the next project for Matt Lanter he would play his real age. He is hot but please, no more teenage roles

  3. Лена says:

    PLEASE don’t cancel StarCrossed!!!!!

  4. ca_ says:

    =/ love star-crossed, so sad….love matt…aimee…all the cast…c´mon CW…

  5. Twish says:

    Ohh, how can canceled this great show? Please, renew for 2 season Star-Crosed!

  6. Diane says:

    Teenagers have sex?

  7. Dan says:

    ABC Family should pick this show up!

  8. kelly smith says:

    Save star-crossed!!!Best show on tv in a long time.

  9. Maryann says:

    I’m really sad to see Star-Crossed end. It was complex and layered and had a lot of different things going for it in addition to the romance. I just think it never founf ots audience.

  10. Heather says:

    it found it’s audience it was just given the worst day on the CW, it had to compete against a bunch of live shows. I can assure you there are more than 3 people watching it. People are so stupid. The Vampire diaries had teenage sex, guess what it’s about to hit season six. Get a clue. I love Star Crossed and hope badly that the decision is reversed or some other network picks it up, it’s a terrible loss and the CW will pay for it.

  11. christina says:

    I totally agree with you heather :-)

  12. Loved this show the way I hope it ends is that the cw decides they made a mistake and renews it or that another tv channel picks it up.

  13. ann says:

    Well all I have to say, that’s was the most intense and the most hottest love scenes I’ve ever seen and they are both hot. So you can’t blame them. Even if they’re not kissing on screen when you see them together is fire. Star Crossed is not the only one whose showing steamy scenes on the television so many others so why complaining. An beside you should put your kids in the right time for bed. Kids this days are not ignorant about sex because 11 years they sex education already to prevent not to get pregnant. So no big deal for me this scenes.

  14. melleroza1 says:

    Hi I always loved how romantic they were with each other. They were different to Draylor. It wasn’t about sex with them, they were always very loving and affectionate with each other and that was setting an excellent example. Now I’m very sad that they’ve changed the theme to very sexual. I loved their sweet kisses and embraces and the way Roman would touch her neck and kiss her face and her hand. It was pure love. Now it’s gone 😢

    • I totally agree with you that the whole relationship with Roman and Emery was very well done and I don’t actually think that what this clip looks like it is out of character with that. The story line puts them in a situation where Roman has just been saved from near death and either one or both could still shortly die. With that in mind, things happen that might not otherwise in a normal non-action packed relationship. There is a huge difference between teenagers having sex in lust and two people deeply in love in the act of making love – Roman and Emery are the latter. I think this show has shown that pretty clearly and ought to be applauded for that. Also, its willingness to take on some pretty hefty issues should be recognized.

      I personally think the CW have dealt very unfairly with SC – lack of pre-show advertising and diabolical scheduling for a start never gave it a fair chance. The amount of on-line stuff that has been generated for SC should have given the CW a better idea of its possible popularity had these things been different. Sadly, that isn’t the case and I, for one, am very sad to see it go. And no, I am not in the demographic they were most aiming at with this show, but I love it, nevertheless, just like a lot of my friends do.

  15. Julie M. says:

    I agree with Justine and Freezersarecool and so many others who replied. I love Star-Crossed and wish the CW would reconsider. And if the PTB won’t, I wish SC would find a new home — maybe SciFi channel or something else. It’s been done before — a great show moving to a new channel and succeeding because it has support and marketing. The SC cast, writers, more — the whole thing is too great to disappear after only 13 episodes.

  16. say says:

    We love star crossed here in the UK. My friends and I gathered every Friday at my house just to watch star crossed. But when we heard that’s not coming back and we don’t get another season we all bit sad. We wish another channel well sign this amazing show up. And if it’s end we hope they well give us an epic ending. Pls #star crossed come back soon were waiting. Love all the cast.#love#Romery. Hope they well work again together in other project.

  17. brenna says:

    Love the show too. Many good storylines. And Roman and Emery’s relationship has been portrayed very well with each of them putting the other’s interests first, true caring for each other. Regardless of everyone’s views, it’s nice to see that kind of caring relationship on tv. I wish a cable network would pick up the show. And thank you TVLine for FINALLY having an article about this show. Although I guess it’s too little too late.

  18. Uh why just why cancel this ?! The best show hands down better that beauty and the beast!

  19. charles says:

    They cancelled star crossed but keeps the 100 a point less show n kept beauty and the beast a show makes me wanna change the channel to vh1 real housewives of Atlanta come on this ain’t fair it was a great show n entertaining .it 90210 for humans n aliens .

    • lisa c says:

      I love the 100 show! _ My Reply to: Are you excited to see Beauty & The Beast return?NO! NO! I’m not!_ You keep this show? Why? Star Cross is so Much Better & I’m not in my Teens or 20’s- I’m older! It was good to show kids about choices in life!t

  20. Ron says:

    At least the earth is now NOT going to be invaded (again).
    What a way to end a great show

  21. Tvobsessed says:

    I think they should renew star crossed. They didn’t give the show much advertising to let it progress I agree that they should pass it onto another channel. There are clearly enough people loving the show to keep it on.
    And as for the sex scene, I don’t think it’s going to hurt the teenager. There a more things out there then just this show putting curiosity into the minds of teenagers.
    There’s nothing wrong with sex with someone you love…….

    They clearly are in this show…. So bring it back damn it.. =D

  22. john beach says:

    I am deeply sadden that episode thirteen was the finale episode of the season and possibly the final episode of the show. I do not want it to be cancelled and I am beseeching the producers to give it another chance and the audience as well. Particularly since the show ended with Emery injured and unconscious, please you can not let it end like that give it another chance. I am rooting for Emery and Roman to be together. They need to realize for things to change one or two people have got to start the change. As far as his people being against Emery and Romans relationship I say to bad they should get use to it. Nothing will ever change if things stay the same. Please bring Star Cross back. To many things were left open for it to end the way it did. Thank you for your time and Good luck Star Cross.

  23. Rita morrison says:

    I wish the network would give star crossed another chance.what an ending I would love to know what happens.i really liked the show and was looking forward to a time when Avery and Roman could be together,There are a lot shows on tv that suck but star crossed was not one of them.

  24. JJM says:

    CW are mad to cancel a good show as Star Crossed, I love CW shows and this one was up there with TVD. Living in the UK we are at ep 7 so I am gutted that its finished. I hope CW reconsider so that Star Crossed can continue to at leased series two?

  25. They. Should. Let Roman and Emery be together because it would be boring without them

  26. Roman and Emery should stay together forever in all upcoming seasons because they are so cute and sexy together

  27. I mad at you cw for canceling the tv show strar-crossed that was the best show that you guys ever came out with u guys suck sorry