Is TVD Forgetting Fatalities? New Homes for CW Castoffs? Did Castle Botch Tape? And More Qs!

Hawaii Five-0We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Hannibal, Castle, Person of Interest and The Vampire Diaries!

1 | Should NCIS: LA send flowers to Hawaii Five-0, for making its own “Hey, Let’s Zip Over to Afghanistan and Fight the Taliban” storyline seem utterly realistic? And here’s a Q from McGarrett himself, to Rollins: “Let me get this right — you spent thousands of taxpayer dollars to get a [soccer] ball?”

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2 | How cool – and interestingly/hotly/somewhat disturbingly depicted – was Hannibal‘s two-sex-scenes-become-one montage?

3 | We know Grimm‘s Trubel is still getting used to this Wesen-killing thing, but how hard would it have been for her to keep her mouth shut while at the crime scene with Nick, Hank and Wu?

4 | As controversial as Saturday Night Live‘s Leslie Jones was for her skit about slavery, was she not an extremely welcome break from the monotony of Weekend Update “guests” that rotate on a three-week cycle?

5 | Flashiest Kentucky Derby look: Johnny Weir’s white feathered Pegasus hat or winner California Chrome’s dazzling white blaze and “socks”?

Once Upon a Time6 | Wait, Once Upon a Time‘s Storybrooke has a restaurant other than Granny’s, per the classifieds Henry was browsing? Is that where Season 4 will be set?

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7 | Did the pile of dead bugs in Resurrection‘s season finale give anyone else a distinctly apocalyptic feeling? And now that it’s renewed for Season 2, how long will it take for us to start getting answers on… well, just about every plot point?

Mad Men8 | Has Mad Men‘s Ginsberg been out-puffy shirting Once Upon a Time‘s Charming? And applying real-world physics, Don’s hurled typewriter goes through that office window, right?

9 | Has there ever been a more awkwardly hilarious bit of dinner-party dialogue than Veep press sec Mike’s “So, everybody knows I was in there masturbating into a cup?”?

10 | Why would Castle‘s Johanna Beckett have had in her possession — and hidden — an audiotape of Bracken plotting to kill her? Wouldn’t she have done something with the tape to, y’know, keep from getting murdered?

the-voice-adam-levine-blonde-hair11 | What was he thinking?!

12 | For a moment there on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., did you think Garrett had one of the glowy Once Upon a Time hearts amid his biomechanics? And what did you think of the choice to cast a different actor as Younger Ward? Could Brett Dalton have not pulled it off?

13 | If NCIS: New Orleans somehow isn’t a go, can CBS instead say, “Mais oui!” to NCIS: Marseilles, starring Meg Steedle’s Amanda? What a first impression!

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14 | How did Person of Interest film a scene in a blacked-out Times Square? (Or did they?)

15 | On Glee, how is it that Santana — whose biggest post-grad achievement was a yeast infection commercial — was suddenly the most well-connected woman on Earth the minute she became Rachel’s publicist?

16 | If the cast of The Originals wasn’t supernaturally good-looking, would we be forced to realize they’re kind of gross? (E.g. Elijah is totally going after a teenager who’s nine-months pregnant with his brother’s child.)

Arrow17 | TVLine reader Luis must wonder: “Exactly who, other than Team Arrow and the homeless, will still be living in Starling City when [Slade’s plan] is over? After the last two seasons, anyone with the sense G-d gave them will be beating the fastest path possible out of town!”

18 | “Hillary had a pair like yours.” Had? Did Revolution just establish that Hillary Clinton didn’t survive the blackout, etc.?

19 | Nashville fans, on a scale of 1 to Watching Scarlett Break Down on Stage, how awkward was it to watch Deacon play with Rayna, Maddie and Daphne while Luke and Teddy watched? And did Deacon let Rayna off the hook a little too easily for keeping Maddie from him all these years? We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Though she probably did the right thing at that moment, didn’t she have plenty of opportunities to come clean once Deacon had been sober for years?

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20 | Which best describes your response to Lisa and Malik’s wedding on Suburgatory?
A) WHAT?! These kids are still in high school, for cryin’ out loud!
B) AWWW! Tessa really did pull off one heckuva romantic ceremony for her friends!
C) SNIFFLE — Sheila finally showing affection for Lisa hit me harder than I’d expected

Superhero21 | So, which CW series is going to snatch up The Tomorrow People‘s Luke Mitchell? Or perhaps Tomorrow EP Greg Berlanti needs a younger boyfriend for Debra Messing on his new NBC drama The Mysteries of Laura? And while we’re playing casting director…

22 | With the delightful Carrie Diaries officially cancelled by The CW, which existing show should make a play for the immensely talented AnnaSophia Robb? (Does anyone second our idea of making her a love interest for The Good Wife‘s Zach?)

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23 | Weren’t The Vampire Diaries‘ Matt and Jeremy also saved by magic rings? Wouldn’t the Travelers’ plan affect them, too?

24 | Seriously, what is with Nostradamus’ whispering on Reign? Is he just committed to seeming mysterious, or does he need a Ricola?

25 | Does this mean we may never find out why so few of the Mixology characters seem at all drunk after, what, six hours in a bar? And why did ABC never once this season try to air Trophy Wife after the much more compatible Modern Family — as TVLine had suggested back in July.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amanda says:

    #4 Loved it! #20 all of the above!

  2. Babar says:

    25. Mixology’s season one is a complete story, there will be no loose ends.

  3. Badpenny says:

    The whole Castle story ending was moronic. Anyone who knows the American legal system understands this trial will be going on for years – and at any point in time Bracken can have Beckett, and everyone else, assassinated. They spend 6 years acting like Bracken has all this covert power and then simply because he is arrested he lost it all? They can spend years discrediting that tape – assuming it does not get “misplaced” before Bracken even goes to trial.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Sure he can, but everyone would know it was him if something happened to her. He’d be the first suspect, so it’s not like he’d get away with it nor would it eliminate the tape. And I have to imagine there are now like 30 copies of that tape.

      • Badpenny says:

        Beckett is a police officer who has put away hundreds of criminals, including serial killers. Any one of them would be just as likely to be the culprit as Bracken – and Bracken would not leave any clues to it having to do with him. The law requires proof, not a guess as to who is responsible.

        • Katherine215 says:

          After all the threats on her life from Bracken and his resources, he’s suddenly going to fall behind a random murderer she put away in the “what if” scenario you have going? Yes, the law requires proof, but I’m not nearly convinced he wouldn’t leave evidence behind. He’d be in prison where he’d be monitored.

          • Badpenny says:

            Once he learned she had no proof he ordered here dead – and even came to tell her he was killing her. It was that simple for him. Now he is going to be on trial for years. Ordering her dead is nor more complex then ordering a pizza for him. There are thousands of low-lifes who will do it for the money. That is what you fail to grasp here. In the real world people do not say: “Oops I failed so I will never try again.” In the real world people are vengeful.
            You ever wonder why major crime witnesses go into protection? It is so they cannot be killed before they can testify against the criminal. Who is more major then Bracken? The first thing he would do is off Beckett to make certain she cannot testify against him. But in typical Castle fashion this whole thing will be forgotten, just as hit has been.

    • Audrey says:

      We really don’t know if he really “lost it all.” That look on his face as he was droven away says there could be more to it. To me “Veritas” purpose is more to show you how much the characters have grown over the years, and less of let’s end it here.

      • Mark says:

        First to make it more credible a person not directly involved should have found the tape someone like Gates — as Beckett wouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near this case as Gates explained in the episode. The detective with such a huge grudge just happens to find the damming evidence while working on a case she wasn’t meant to be on — totally not going to court. Next season Bracken financed 3XK cronies vs Beckett as revenge. That drug money has to be somewhere.

    • Suzanne Horne says:

      Remember this is fantasy! The story line can go wherever the writers want to take it – Yes, in real life it would go on forever – But let’s just let this one have a happy ending! I get enough of “real life” living “real life” – I watch TV for a trip out of the real world –

      • Richard Pawlikowski says:

        You are so right. I watch this series and all TV to get away from real life. We all need happy ending.

    • KC says:

      This is TV justice not real world justice. There is not any evidence that Bracken had anything to do with Johanna Beckett’s murder. Only a random tape without any corroborating witnesses as to it’s origin. Someone on the tape wants that “lawyer b**** Beckett dead” no evidence at all that it’s Bracken. I guess they could do a voice analysis (reasonable doubt) but it’s still just what he want’s to have done, nothing proving that he actually went through with it. She was murdered, officially a random wayward event (more reasonable doubt), and statements made by Dick Coogan that he did it but never a mention who ordered it. I doubt Bracken would even be held for trial without any physical evidence or witnesses to his involvement (even more reasonable doubt.) They left plenty of holes for future shananagins by Senator Bracken.

  4. Marz says:

    12. “Could Brett Dalton have not pulled it off?”
    In those flashbacks, he was in juvenile detention, so Ward was probably 17. Brett Dalton looks good, but not 17 good.

    • CJ says:

      They should’ve borrowed whoever did the incredible makeup for Charles Esten and Connie Britton in their Nashville flashback earlier this season cause that would’ve been more believable than a kid who looked nothing like Brett Dalton.

  5. Miriam Maurer says:

    On Castle…She didn’t get a chance to use it Bracken had her killed before she could.

    • Annie says:

      OR SHE DID … insert spooky music here. My pet theory – and I just don’t even know what to do with this if it turns out to be true: Johanna Beckett’s going to walk right into Caskett’s reception in the finale on Monday, having staged her “murder” and going into some form of witness protection (or just plain hiding) to protect her family. No spoilers – pure speculation on my part. I just wouldn’t put it past them at ALL to pull this – er, somewhat tired trope out of the grab-bag as a season-ending “gotcha.”

      • Audrey says:

        No. Please don’t make it turns out that Johanna is still alive. That just too much suspension of disbelief for my taste. Having castle’s papa as spy is already hard to swallow.

        • annie says:

          Like I said, it would be a poor choice. But you yourself pointed out: Spy Daddy. This show does have somewhat of a history of this sort of thing. I just wouldn’t put it past them at ALL.

          • lame says:

            Johanna Beckett emerging from the shadows after years, having put Jim Beckett in to Alcoholics Anonymous and Kate through therapy would be an extremely cruel act, never tobe forgiven by her family.

          • annie says:

            @lame I agree. But realistic depictions of close personal relationships aren’t exactly this show’s strengths.

        • Alli says:

          Besides, Beckett already said she and her dad held a funeral for her mother. Meaning they had a body. It just means the cassette was a backup in case she didn’t make either meetings- she knew she was in danger and probably didn’t tell either her husband or daughter.

      • If the lead dead character on Revenge could be alive, so could Johanna next season. Although I really liked Beckett’s father and Castle’s together but I guess that is too corny.

  6. ricksfriend says:

    How do you know Johanna Beckett only had one copy of the tape? She could have given it to someone but it does seem like corrupt cops and DAs were everywhere.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Not to mention she could have gotten the tape from Montgomery earlier on the day she died, hid it to be careful..with the intent to hand it over in the near future. With all the bad cops floating around, Montgomery certainly couldn’t keep it.

      It makes perfect sense she would have concealed it until her and Montgomery could figure out who to trust. Bracken was The DA at that time.. So anyone in the prosecutors office would have been suspect.

      The bigger question, was why didn’t they (or anyone in TV & Movies in this situation) not immediately make a ton of copies of the tape?

  7. John NYC says:

    “10 | Why would Castle‘s Johanna Beckett…”

    The perfect is the enemy of the just good enough to convict? Dealing with someone powerful she wanted just that bit more before going forward?

  8. LADY_in_MD says:

    #11-I am guessing his model fiance convinced him to do it. ITS HORRIBLE!!
    #14- I was wondering the same thing myself did they just do that late at night or was it green screen
    #15-I just chalked it up to the fact that they are in NYC and in once instance you can call yourself a publicist and start making calls. It kinda reminded me of Ugly Betty when Amanda just blurts out “Im a Stylist” and then becomes one. lol

  9. Sheila says:

    #10 – Kate didnt know she had the tape. Her mother hid it in the elephant statue. When they were all handcuffed she realized thats where it must be hidden.

  10. Beth says:

    Well technically Hayley is 20 or 21 and Elijah is 28ish in TVD-verse but it still seems kind of gross to me since she is pregnant with Klaus’ baby. The Mikaelsons have no boundaries, though so it makes a lot of sense.

  11. 11. Maybe Blake punked him and switched out whatever is in those cups???

  12. Joel says:

    I agree they should have moved trophy wife around to see if it could pick up traction somewhere else. Especially since it is an ABC studios property that was well written and had star power you think they would have tried harder

  13. Jessica says:

    20. D. All of the above!

  14. AT says:

    #16. You do realize that Hayley is in her twenties right? The Originals may be a spin off of the Vampire Diaries, but the majority of the characters on this show are adults thank goodness. I think Davina and a couple of the other resurrected witches are the only teenagers on this series and are played as such – as in they’re not having romantic relations with any of the older characters. So yeah, not really disturbing, at least not any more so than any other supernatural series with Byronic Heroes.

  15. spindae2 says:

    Luke Mitchell would be the perfect cast for Mary Stuart’s 2nd Husband. We all know Francis won’t live much longer.

    AnnaSophia could join the VD cast as a wicked sister of the Twins coven.

    • Becky says:

      I was thinking Luke Mitchell for Arrow, but having him on Reign would be kinda great.

      • Zack Barrett says:

        Sad to see the Tomorrow People go – Luke will definitely resurface somewhere. His last scene where he was all cleaned up and not scruffy- the guy is super hot looking. That opens a lot of doors.

  16. Katherine215 says:

    18. Hillary was 64 in 2012 when the blackout was supposed to have happened. I don’t think it’s odd that she’d have died at some point in the 16+ years since that happened. Or maybe even as a result of the blackout.

  17. Dennis. says:

    #7 were they dead bugs? I thought they were empty husks.

    #16 it’s standard vampire story practice that if you are over the natural living age of humans that you are considered ageless no matter what age you look when you died. Stefan is well over 150 and he was dating an underage girl in high school. Hayley will age while Elijah will stay the same age.

    # 20 A definitely

    # 23 The rings don’t keep them alive like vampirism does or they would die every time they take the rings off, so the only affect the loss of magic will have is they won’t come back if they die due to supernatural means now

    • tigersmurfette says:

      #23, no, it undoes witch magic. and witch magic(the rings) brought them back to life, so undoing that……….

      • 80s says:

        That interpretation of “undoing witch magic” is dangerous. If witch magic killed a human, would that human be brought back to life if witch magic is undone?

      • Anna says:

        Well, if the Travellers did undo ALL magic and that Matt’s ring is a magic one, Matt should have died the minute he helped Stefan and Elena. Since he didn’t die, one possible and not far-fetched explanation which could save the writers from an unwarranted accusation of a plot hole is Dennis’s. The rings didn’t bestow upon Matt and Jeremy anything that made them permanent supernatural entities. So so far, they’re human although this is debatable for Jeremy since magic brought him back to life in S04 (the whole “drop the veil” thingy). To be continued…

        • Sdmama says:

          I swear, Matt was killed a couple of times but came back to life due to the ring. Jeremy died and they burnt his body, and somehow he came back to life, in addition to just coming back to life with the ring. Both of them were “dead” at one point but came back to life because of the witches’ magic. If magic is undone, they should be dead for the cause of their first time death just like when Stephan and Damon were shot in 19th century. In short, I totally agree!

          There are so many glaring inconsistency in the story in this season. I stopped bothering to try making sense of this universe. I cannot quit watching it on my own, so I beg the show to wrap up nicely and end with high note before it becomes totally absurd love-drama. I will watch next shows with Nina and/or Ian, I promise.

          • AnnieM says:

            I’ve always wondered why Matt has even been wearing the ring, as it was said during Alaric’s time with it that each time it brought you back, a bit more of your mind is gone. :-\

          • Elizabeth says:

            I totally agree with you. I love tvd but this season doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand how both Matt and Jeremy can live in mystic falls. They are only alive because of witch magic so as soon as they go into town they should die. This undoing of witch magic has been proven even more when in 6×03 they learned that compulsion wears off once past the border. So why is some witch magic undone and some isn’t?

    • RUCookie says:

      They were just the molted exoskeltons of the locusts (or cicadas, we did not see enough) I dont think there are many people out there watching this show that studied entomology. Good catch!

  18. Tav says:

    #2, That scene was almost sexy until the Wendigo appeared, then it became unintentionally hilarious. Don’t know why but I straight-up laughed when he entered the mix.
    Too bad Bedelia couldn’t have been involved, THAT would have been hot.

    • Annie says:

      I just couldn’t figure out what the Hades I was watching. Saucer eyes, jaw dropped, the works. Felt like I needed a shower afterwards, though. And NOT of the “cold” variety, IYKWIM.

  19. K says:

    AnnaSophia on the Good Wife would be awesome! Although she deserves a meaty role.

  20. LA Hope says:

    #13: OMG, YES!!! I mean, NCIS:New Orleans was really great, and if it doesn´t become a series :-( , but NCIS:Marseille with that girl in the lead? Freakin´ funny!!

  21. sarah says:

    16)Good point! Jackson also looks to be the same age as Elijah though.
    Also he is supposed to be the same age as Damon and Damon and Elena are dating well off and on, over one TVD.
    19)I actually really liked the performance!
    23) Yes that is very true they both should have affected them. I do not recall if affecting Caroline either! But the episode is a blur because Stefan is dead!

  22. Britt says:

    17 | TVLine reader Luis must wonder: “Exactly who, other than Team Arrow and the homeless, will still be living in Starling City when [Slade’s plan] is over? After the last two seasons, anyone with the sense G-d gave them will be beating the fastest path possible out of town!”

    I asked myself the same exact question. But what city is safe in the DC universe?

  23. Amanda says:

    I am not sure Beckett’s mom ever had a chance to listen to the tape. Didn’t she get it from Detective Montgomery, hide it, and then get murdered on her way to meet her family for dinner?

  24. Chantel says:

    Amaro and Rollins on law and order svu !! When did that happen ?!?!

  25. Luis says:

    OMG, I got a shout-out in the TVQ’s? You guys just made my week!!!

  26. Tom Charles says:

    25 | Does this mean we may never find out why so few of the Mixology characters seem at all drunk after, what, six hours in a bar? And why did ABC never once this season try to air Trophy Wife after the much more compatible Modern Family — as TVLine had suggested back in July.
    As for why they’re not drunk who knows. As for why Trophy Wife never was post Office clone Modern Family, that’s an excellent question. Perhaps they felt the combo of Bradley Whitford, Malin Akerman, and Marcia Gay Harden should have been enough on its own, while Super Fun Night needed the post Office clone Modern Family boost if it had any hope of surviving? The only big name in the states there was Rebel Wilson,

    • the girl says:

      The answer to #25 is because ABC doesn’t know how to manage more than one comedy at at time, and they are not going to jeopardize their Emmy darling.

  27. Eliza says:

    #22. AnnaSophia Robb is a gem. Great young actress; I really enjoyed her on TCD.
    And I hope to see her pop up on something worthy soon!

  28. Viv says:

    19. Maybe that´s just me and my fond memories of Eric Close in Without a Trace but I actually felt really sad for him (and Luke too…). It was a little bit weird…
    21. I really hope we can see him on soon on our screens again. He was one of the best things of TTP. And CW has a thing for keeping actors around.

  29. Metoo says:

    #25 ABC never tried Trophy Wife in a logical time slot because they’re stupid and they suck.

  30. Heathers says:

    #20-C. I was completely floored when Sheila showed her affection!

  31. Teyla says:

    Hayley isn’t a teenager….she was already 20 years old when she first showed up on TVD in Mystic Falls.

  32. Katie says:

    #6 – That must be where all the “unimportant” people hang out. They complain about how hard it is to get on with their lives when they’re constantly being transported from one realm to another at whim, and dream about saving up to move to a town that isn’t constantly being attacked by witches and wraiths and all the rest.

  33. Hmm says:

    It is necessary that Luke Mitchell find his way to a new show and soon. I stuck with TTP for too long after I hated it solely for him and his character.

    • ComeOn! says:

      Luke is gonna be fine. CW will not let him go that easily since he is clearly the break out star from the show.

  34. MandaJ says:

    21. Yes, more Luke Mitchell anywhere on the dial please.

  35. Stormy says:

    #6 – Maybe it’s Midas’ Storybrooke counterpart. You gotta know an enterprising Greek would open a restaurant.
    #18 – It could be that Hillary had a pair like that, but it’s unknown if she kept them.

  36. Jason Paul says:

    Who will snatch up Parker Young? It was a bad week for him, with both Enlisted and Suburgatory getting cancelled. I’m sure he’ll pop up somewhere.

  37. Laura21 says:

    #10 surely the tape had nothing to do with Johanna Beckett. Montgomery was the one who had the tape, and he hid it in the elephant statue which was always on Kate’s desk. That’s what I got from it anyway. I still didn’t like it as an ending to the whole story line, it was too easy after all that.

    • lame says:

      I think you missed the scene where Castle deciphers enough of the code in Johanna Becketts notebook to suggest Montgomery; in the family, which lead to Kate’s revealation.

  38. Kay says:

    #19 I loved the performance! The only thing that was weird was how one minute daphne seemed to have a prob with deacon but then when maddie insisted he come sing daphne was all excited for him to sing with them

  39. Maryann says:

    12/ Casting a different actor as the younger Ward was jarring and ridiculous. Perhaps someone other than who they chose would have worked, but certainly not the one they chose. Whether he was a bigger man than the actor who usually plays Ward or not, he certainly looked it, and he certainly didn’t look fifteen. I think the original actor would have been a better choice; I had to keep reminding myself who it was supposed to be.

    23/ Matt and Jeremy would also definitely be dead because of their rings. So did the writers forget about this not so small point, or was it just the characters who forgot?

    • imissdonuts says:

      12—I kept thinking the same thing while watching AoS. The “young” Ward they cast didn’t look much younger than our current ward. If all they were going to do was throw a hat on him anyways to imply “hey, look how young he is!” surely Brett Dalton could have done the same (and much better). Jarring is precisely the right word for how every one of those flashback scenes felt to watch. Were we supposed to infer that Ward really became a different person under Garret’s guidance?

      23—I’d definitely like to hear TVD’s take on why Matt and Jeremy were completely fine. And Caroline, too, for that matter. Since she was only smothered by a pillow, are we to assume she just gasped for air a bit and never noticed? I keep waiting for Matt and Jeremy to go crazy like Alaric did, too.

      • Sdmama says:

        Caroline was getting ready to run away to keep distance, so he is not OK. Apparently it spreads kinda slowly from Mystic Fall, and the university is not in Mystic Fall. All vampires will die. At least that part is consistent. Bonny died before so she will, too. At least that is consistent. Matt and Jeremy, not so much. And what about all those people who were revived by vampire blood? Holes everywhere…

  40. LaPiquante says:

    20. A. Chatswin really IS full of crazy people within a warped reality.
    Luke Mitchell will land on his feet, for sure. Can’t wait to see where!

  41. Abby says:

    #13… Yes!!! Loved her!! Loved the whole episode. Michael Weatherly was perfectly stellar as always… Loved this Tony-centric episode 😊

  42. Jimpy says:

    #1 NCIS, NCIS LA and Hawaii 5-0 all went to Afghanastan this season. It’s a popular place at least on CBS.

  43. JM says:

    #1 So true! That episode of H5O was ridiculous!
    #2 Mixed emotions on this one. On the whole, I think it went too far.
    #11 I am firmly convinced that Adam has stopped thinking altogether.
    #18 Was more impressed that Hilary would even be remembered after so many years!

  44. Mark says:

    22 | With the delightful Carrie Diaries officially cancelled by The CW, which existing show should make a play for the immensely talented AnnaSophia Robb? (Does anyone second our idea of making her a love interest for The Good Wife‘s Zach?)

    ANSWER: The wonderfully talented Annasophia Robb will be attending Stanford University in the fall of 2014. If your asking which show should pick her up, I don’t know but it’s not going to happen.

  45. Dee says:

    I absolutely loved The Tomorrow People and Revolution. Very disappointed.

  46. mari johnson says:

    Dumb executives. Trophy wife was hysterical.