Vampire Diaries Recap: Achy Breaky Heart

Vampire Diaries Stefan DiesI believe the word you’re looking for is “WHAT?!” After putting Mystic Falls’ finest through hell for a solid hour, Thursday’s Vampire Diaries delivered a game-changing ending that pretty much ripped our collective heart right out of its chest.

Well, not our heart so much as Stefan‘s.

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In a moment no TVD fan could have ever seen coming, a pissed-off Julian — still inconveniently in Tyler’s body — ripped his heart right out, leaving Caroline to weep over his grey-ing corpse in the middle of an empty street. (And just when she and Stefan were starting to make some progress!)

And while we can all postulate that Stefan’s not actually gone forever — I don’t think the word “death” even exists in The Vampire Diaries‘ dictionary any more — the stage is certainly set for a hell of a finale next Thursday.

Now let’s go back a bit and see how we arrived at this devastating conclusion, shall we?

ON THE ROAD AGAIN | Prior to the big heart snatch, Stefan and Elena found themselves hunting squirrels — but, regrettably, not unicorns — along a dusty trail in the middle of nowhere. They hitched a ride with Julian’s wife, only to be assaulted by Luke and Liv (can they just die already?!) upon their return to Mystic Falls. Unfortunately for the Blunder Twins, the Travelers began their epic chant before they had a chance to kill one of the doppelgangers.

THE BACK-UP PLAN | Damon kidnapped what he thought was Markos’ entire stable of Traveler bodies, but was disappointed to learn they’re only a “small” portion of his massive army of chanting weirdos. Fortunately, Damon’s always got a Plan B. Cue “Tyler,” who was more than happy to take a bite out of Markos… until the Travelers’ spell took the fangs right out of his mouth. (So close!) As devastating as it was watching the gang relive their deaths — drowning, gunshots, etc. — as the Travelers’ chant undid the magic in Mystic Falls, I have to say, it was a pretty cool way to bring everything full circle.

TRUTH HURTS | Bonnie didn’t make too much progress this week — save for welcoming Stefan over to the Other Side, which was admittedly pretty huge — but she did come clean to Caroline about making up the spell to save her from disappearing. This was especially bad news for Enzo, who was counting on that spell to bring him back as well. (Frankly, I’m not ready to watch him die… again.)

A DASH OF DELENA | Elena’s reunion with Damon came complete with a huge kiss, as pretty much everyone has been urging the two of them to shut up and reconnect. Not only did former Stelena shipper Caroline urge Damon to get over himself, but even Stefan told Elena, “You two are miserable without each other. So if you want to be with him, just be with him.”

Browse shots from tonight’s episode below, then drop a comment with your reaction to the Stefan’s, shall we say, predicament. What could possibly happen next week?!


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  1. Rebecca Parker says:

    Yeah I don’t care if it’s jumping the shark by no one ever truly being dead – they’re gonna need to find a way to bring Stefan back next week. Thanks.

    • so does this mean that the klaus elijah and rebekah will die to because the travelers are undoing all the magic?

      • Elyse says:

        I was wondering the same thing! How will it effect the Originals?

        • yeah lol im very interested on what would happen to them seeing as they are the original and only the white oak stake can truly kill them, maybe this too can kill them?

          and a question to anyone who watches the original, if mikeal comes back from the dead will klaus still fear him even though mikeal doesn’t have the white oak stake anymore? or is mikeal actually way stronger then his kids, i believe that klaus is stronger because he is the original hybrid

      • Allison says:

        It weirdly seems like the magic is traveling slowly outward from Mystic Falls. We did see on The Originals that the Other Side is crumbling there (Hello, Mikael), so clearly the worlds are still tied together. However, New Orleans is far from Mystic Falls.. I have faith the TVD gang will “put on their hero hair” next week and stop the magic from spreading all the way to NOLA!

      • Oscar says:

        Killing Stefan, meant ending the spell that would end all magic, so no :3

        • oh yeah your right i totally forgot about that. i really hope they can bring him back. and another thing i dont understand is why does enzo want to come back so much i mean he did kill himself stefen didnt really kill him. also what is going to happen to tyler? and if they do bring enzo and damon back they should bring KOL!!

      • No way for that to happen,even if they die in Vampire Dairies they Still exist in The Originals

  2. Elle says:

    Saw Stefan’s death coming weeks ago, as soon as the synopsis for tonight’s episode and the finale were released, they basically said it was happening. I doubt it will stick, but if it does, THAT would be the real twist.

  3. Nina says:

    Stefan can’t dead for real. Didn’t Caroline Dries more or less confirmed Steroline for next season? So how can that be without Stefan?

  4. Delenaforever26 says:

    They NEED to bring Stefan back or else season 6 will be the last season of vampire diaries I bet. I want Stefan back he needs to come back. Damon needs his brother because his brother is his humanity. I don’t care what anyone says I know that Damon loves his brother no matter what. Damon isn’t heartless sure he did really really really bad things but he CARES. Damon needs his brother or he will fall apart I don’t even think Elena could keep him together. I am sure Ian is going to be giving us a tear dropping performance whether it’s angry or sad. I just hope that they can bring Stefan back. He needs to be on the show. He needs to be alive. Please bring him back.

    • ksw63129 says:

      This show has jumped the shark. So tired of Damon and Elena. I can’t even watch a whole show anymore since you know every show ends with them kissing and making up. The chemistry is gone between these two and it seems so wooden.

  5. sarah says:

    I love this show but I am very sad! If Stefan is truly dead it will be a very depressing next season for me!

  6. sara says:

    Yeah cuz that’s how you make a relationship work, you just shut up and reconnect by kissing…smh! These two need an honest conversation that does not end in the making out or hooking up. I hope Stefan’s death is real and sticks, Paul Wesley is too good for this show!

  7. sara says:

    Plus most tvd fans saw his death coming a mile away, the synopsis for this and next week gave it away

  8. Fyi, not everyone has been rooting for Delena to get back together. Personally, I like those two so much more when they’re apart. As for tonight’s big twist, Paul mentioned that the finale would end badly for Stefan but worse for someone else, so hopefully he can come back whole & healed soon.

  9. Tracé says:

    Can’t say I was happy to see Stefan die. Actually I was pretty surprise and sad at the same time. I definitely hope he comes back. I’m not to fond of Elena with Dameon. I would rather her be with Stefan.

  10. Francine says:

    Paul Wesley is the ONLY reason I am still watching TVD. If Stefan were to somehow stay dead, Im gone. The Damon/Elena relationship is unbearable to watch.

  11. Stefan and Caroline are the only characters I’m really invested in, so this is heartbreaking. I doubt Stefan’s gone forever, but it’s still sad. I’m really over Elena and Damon’s drama, so whether they’re together or apart doesn’t matter to me, as long as it stops being the most talked about thing.

  12. Husou says:

    Q Y stefan
    I’m going to stop watching TVd just because stefan die…..

  13. Cody says:

    Paul Wesley said on Twitter “Stefan is Dun Zo”

  14. Babybop says:

    Don’t kill of the only character that doesn’t make me cringe! I’d rather Damon die off at this point – and the only reason I started watching this show is because I’m in love with Ian Somerhalder.

  15. MDEP says:

    The past few episodes made me think TVD was going downhill, but this episode I really enjoyed. I realized it is because there were no corny Elana and Damon scenes, save one at the end. Ever since they twisted the lore with ‘wait, doppelgängers aren’t REALLY fated to be together, our bad!’ I have not enjoyed the show that much. The angsty Delena scenes, ugh, make it stop. But maybe it was all just a set up for Paul Wesley’s exit? That would be too bad if this death sticks, I liked the character. I totally assume Paul Wesley wanted to leave, vs. TPTB deciding to write him off, but I guess we will see.

  16. Esha says:

    Well many people have commented that keeping Stefan’s death permanent would be a great twist but hell no. Stefan is a major lifeline of the show. For me he is the heart of VD. Please come back Paul and Stefan. Ho about you come back as human this time. Pleaseeee…. I won’t watch this episode as I can’t see my stefan’s dead body. Question thou – Why does Stefan always has to face the worse every season? Why?

  17. Doomed says:

    Calm down people. Stefan is not dead. He will be back next week.

  18. Delenaforever26 says:

    I hope no one hates me for saying this but I really wish Caroline wasn’t the one there when Stefan died I wish Damon and only Damon was to see him holding his brother in his arms and giving one hell of a tear dropping moment. As much as I cried for Stefan’s death the whole scene wasn’t emotional enough with Caroline there. I think it would have been a much better emotional scene with Damon there. Ian can give one hell of an emotional performance and I think he should have been the one to be there. When you guys read this please don’t think I’m insane for thinking it. I just really wished that Damon was there. Other than that I hope that Stefan will be back the show can’t go on without him and I’m hoping that they don’t kill off Damon either with Stefan being the heart of the show Damon is the humor side we need both brothers on the show. Their relationship is the best even better than Stelena and Delena. Defan needs to survive. No matter how many times they try and kill each other they are brothers and will always lev each other. They are each others humanity they need each other. Damon is going to be a wreck without Stefan and if it was reversed Stefan would be a wreck too I think they would both go off the deep end. Their love for each other is stronger than their love for Elena. They will always be there for each other is if they hate each other. So Stefan or Damon CANNOT die or this show is dunzo this show needs the Salvatore brothers. Again please don’t think I’m insane for wanting Damon to have been there witnessing the death of his little brother because that would have been one hell of an emotional performance.

    • anna says:

      I haven’t seen the episode, but I agree. The love story that I’m interested in is between these brothers first…everyone else comes second to them.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      I dont quite agree. I think the show could certainly benefit minus a brother. They could bring him back mid season if they desired to. As for those people above saying that Damon couldnt function without Stefan, keep in mind that Damon spent decades without seeing Stefan. They only reason he came back to mystic falls was to originally break out Katherine. Thats it. and he wanted to cause Stefan a lot of psychological pain.

      Will Damon spend a lot of next season trying to get his brother back? Sure will. But i think at the end of the piece he will be accepting of the fact Stefan is gone (possibly). Will it make this show different? It sure will. Maybe other characters will get more of a chance to shine/screen time.

      Now if the VD creators have done this for keeps, then applause. Well done. you have taken a risk to create more story and plot. Creating a good show is always about risking something. In this case you are risking people turning away because Stefan is dead. You might come out with some killer storylines, but at the end of the day if it makes the overall plot more interesting, then Ill be watching.

      • Andrea says:

        It is the writers fault for not giving the other characters screen time. I don’t agree that getting rid of stefan will help the writers focus on anyone else other than Damon and Elena.

      • Trigger says:

        I disagree with you. I honestly think Damon couldn’t function without his brother or should I say knowing his brother was dead. Just because he spent a decade away from his brother doesn’t mean that they haven’t tried to reconnect throughout the years. Don’t forget when Damon showed up at the train station to leave with Stefan and Lexie stopped him. Underneath it all these two love each other…as the saying goes…blood is thicker than water. There is

  19. Mindi says:

    This show would completely suck & lose more than half it’s viewers if they cut off Stefan. Just saying. There’s no point to the show without both of them. I love Stefan he can’t go!

  20. Katherine Pierce says:

    It’s crazy how TVD has become the most predictable show on Earth. Fans had Stefan’s death figured out for weeks. Hey Dries and co. instead of stalking twitter and trying to fit in with the Delena fans, why don’t you act like the professionals you are supposed to be and write a good storyline? You know, a plot? This show is all over the place and they think if they make Delena kiss every episode and get a few Delena fans to trend their gratitude they are writing a good show.

    TVD had great ratings and tons of fans in the first two seasons because it was crazy about going through storylines at a rapid pace. The couples were secondary to the story. There were actual threatening characters and an element of REAL fear. Now? We know none of the main three will ever die because they are contracted through 6 seasons, there’s no actual risk. Pretending we are going to actually lose Elena every episode is absolutely pointless and a waste of time.

    The characters are being moved around like props and Dries and Plec are off patting themselves on the backs because a few preteens managed to trend about their OTP having yet another kissing scene. They even mention Steroline like it is some great accomplishment when it is actually a complete destruction of everything Caroline’s character stood for. She was the number one fan of Stefan and Elena. She loved Stefan like a friend. Not only that but we know how it’ll go since this show is written by amateur hour hacks. Stefan likes Caroline then Snowflake Queen Elena is his true love so Caroline is made to be second best, AGAIN.

    Also, regressing all of the characters emotionally so Delena could work was a huge mistake. Stefan would not encourage Elena to date Damon, he would want him away from her since he is dangerous and he CARES about her wellbeing. Elena of Seasons 1/2 would never put up with Damon after seeing how reckless he was with her brothers life after she had already forgiven him for nearly killing him once! She also would not bring up Caroline’s abuse to taunt her, ditch Stefan so she could hook up with Damon, or justify Damon’s abusive behavior. You have taken the strong and smart Elena Gilbert and turned her into a braindead Bella Swan. AKA THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING HER CHARACTER STOOD FOR.

    It’s almost as if they are just writing an alternate universe fanfiction yet we are being forced to see our beloved characters used so Plec and Dries’ delena fantasies can come to life at the cost of every character. (Note: INCLUDING Damon and Elena.) Damon has been retconned into oblivion. The erasing canon scene where “he met her first” was such a deliberate cop out putting a matured Season 3 Damon in the place of the reckless “I don’t care if Elena dies” Season 1 Damon’s place. Damon doesn’t kill people for no reason, he, like Katherine, did it to survive. He loved Elena, but still stood up for himself and was not her lapdog in Season 2! Also, what the hell happened to Season 1 and 2’s Katherine?! A strong, self-obsessed, woman hellbent on her freedom? She would never lose to Elena in Season 4/5, or be so stupid that she’d stay with Stefan. She would’ve taken Elena’s body and RAN.

    The real fans are over all of the out of character garbage, and the immature staff acting like as long as the vocal Delena fans are happy they are creating good material. Even shippers are sick of the characters being stuck together than pulled apart every other episode since the writers are too lazy and uneducated to formulate an actual storyline.

    Fire Plec, Dries, and all the producers. Bring back Williamson. It’s the only way to bring back the TVD that was groundbreaking and inspirational to young girls.

    • Delenaforever26 says:

      Thanks for speaking up for everyone like they would actually agree with you. But not everyone would agree with you. But some of us like Damon and Elena together and some of us like Damon. Ya he did a lot of wrong things but he isn’t the only one who did things wrong. Like really don’t speak for everyone. Because they are allowed to have their own opinion. FYI I am a real no matter what happens I still watch the show they kill off a favorite character I still watch the show I don’t complain about the characters cuz although everyone can have their own opinions I know that no matter what there are certain characters that would never be killed off. I read the books and I am glad they are going a different way but sometimes I don’t agree with the storyline but I keep watching because I enjoy the show and the actors are amazing. So don’t speak for everyone I’m sure people do agree with you. But others may not like being spoken for. They have a right to their own opinions. Elena is still a strong character and she is now stronger now that she’s a vampire. Damon has changed he’s still the same guy but he’s showed that he cares about people and that he has a heart. I think the writers are doing a decent job. I don’t always agree with the storylines they give but it always does good in the end. I’m always gonna stick with the show because it is a truly amazing show and as a real fa no matter what they do I will be sticking with it til the end. It’s one of my favorite shows other than supernatural.

      • Dmav says:

        Wow who would think someone who calls herself Dalenaforever26 would think that Damon is caring blah, blah, blah. Your not a real fan of the show your a fan of Damon and Dalena which is two different things. Most of us miss the strong storylines that included everyone not just the golden couple. Answer me this, if this season is soooo good why are the ratings lower than they have ever been. You and the rest of the Dalena fanatics can make trend on twitter but big deal because ratings are what counts and you can’t scue that.

        • Delenaforever26 says:

          One if you think I only watch the show because of Damon don’t be ridiculous. I like all the characters I maybe a fan a Delena but I also like Stelena. I was a fan of vampire diaries before it even became a tv series I’ve the books and I know how the characters are. You don’t know anything about what I like and what I don’t like and I am allowed to have my own opinion. Yes I think Damon cares is that bad thing of what I think. I am a real fan of vampire diaries not just Delena and Damon. Before Delena I actually liked rose and Damon together more than Delena. So I am not just a fan of Damon and Delena. I like storylines I like the changes they made from the books and show which is a lot considering. So you think I am just a fan Damon and Delena you shouldn’t assume that I only like two things from the show. Basically you shouldn’t judge from what you think I like. I am a real fan I know every storyline every characters name what role they play every actors name I am even have a fan page/ group on Facebook about vampire diaries. I own all the seasons and all the books. So if you think I just watch for Damon and Delena think again because I watch because of the storylines it brings and the fact that I am a HUGE fan of supernatural type shows. I love the vampire diaries I love the characters and the storylines. So don’t assume what I like. I was just giving my opinion that’s all.

    • clode says:

      ^ ^ ^THIS! I don’t recognize the characters anymore. This used to be a show that i loved, but now i can’t even watch the episode, just some parts.

    • psac says:

      Well said, well said. This once great show has now gone straight into the toilet. This whole season has been TERRIBLE.

    • TVD fan says:

      I agree about everything but Katherine running away would have been totally suspicious and running again for years would have become a necessity so that no one can track her down! Story line with Stefan was part of character development. At least if they bring her back, it would add more spice and sass which Elena is unfamiliar with. I like Damon but ‘forcing’ a kiss into every episode is plain pathetic. ‘I had a really crappy day and I needed it’, Seriously? I can’t imagine what the world would come to if everyone goes around kissing their ex because they had a bad day! Writers please give them a rest and give Stefan and Damon new love-interests; someone new and fresh. Caroline and Stefan are better as friends. I don’t feel like that they have the right chemistry for a couple as her and Klaus which story line by the way had the most crappy and callous ending. It seems that writers are hell bent on making her sleep with every guy on show except for Jeremy. Damon, Matt, Klaus, Tyler; even Enzo had a little crush on her.

      Someone once said that TVD is a version of OTH and at that time it bothered me but now I realize that their intuition was right up to the mark. This show was actually selected because of town history; CW higher ups were wary of another vampire-high school love story which the show has now turned into. Every tiny little feeling morphs into love. The way things are going, there will come a time when everyone on the show has slept with every other person.

      Elena was much better as a human. The only thing that has improved is the Salvatore brothers relationship. No offence to any Supernatural fans but it annoyed me so much that the writers killed every single girls because some vocal fans were jealous and now Plec and Dries are heading down the same path; listening to 14 year immature girls and afraid of taking risks. This season has greatly disappointed me. The random death of Stefan was actually refreshing as one would think that it is quite impossible that the every day drama that causes a rift in MF has not yet led to anyone getting their heart ripped out. Enzo was a great guy and his story line should be continued. I hope that Alaric, him and Kat come back. To be honest, the show would be much more interesting if Elena is replaced with Katherine and Jeremy finds someone more quirky and cool than Bonnie!

  21. Riana says:

    Julian is an idiot. He should have gone straight for the kill, Break the guy’s neck, rip his heart out.

  22. stan says:

    I am glad he is dead after trying to kill rebekah and the originals so many times. rebekah loved him and he broke her heart and tried to kill her and she didnt deserve it. he allowed elena to bully her and he didnt have a problem when elena tried to kill bekah. he took part in killing two bloodlines and two originals. he was the main voice of klaus and the originals must die. he killed klaus hybrids who were sired to him when he should know how they felt following orders and not being able to do what they want yet her killed them for his selfish gains. he killed mindy hybrid like it was nothing. what a masochist. he also helped killed chris in season 4 when he tried to help them. he doesnt care about these innocent people so why should i care about stefan when he goes after my favorite characters

    • TheVanerialDisease says:

      Amen. When I watch this show, I watch it from the perspective that Elena is the show’s true villain and people are just trying to do their best to end her and her rampage. Stefan is a villain, too, now that I think of it.

  23. M3rc Nate says:

    Lol yet again a show with a episode that is serious and a last minute ending that is very dramatic with a character death….then the moment totally ruined by the teaser for the next episode being all upbeat and playful both in tone and music. From the teaser it sure doesnt look like they are effected by his death so they A) Dont know for some reason or more likely B) Have the plan of blowing up the town and in some way that will bring Stefan back.

  24. priya says:

    What r u saying Stefan was never selfish. He is the best character of all. He has gone through all troubles in his life for his loved ones. He was always ready to help. he cares more . I think may be u did not watch VD. U will not be talking like this if u have watched all seasons. Stefan will come back to life and I hope that atleast his new life will give him happiness and love. Enough of his sufferings.

  25. Hailey says:

    I just can’t watch this show anymore. Especially because of Damon and Elena’s corny, chemistryless, recycled craptacular relationship and he show centering around them. Even Mat is rooting for them? What the what? Then Stefan gets screwed over again, just after seeing Damon and Elena make out. This is sick. I’m done witht this show, all I see is the writers trying to please hysterical fangirls insead of delivering good stories. It1s costing them pieces of the audience, it’s costing them characters like Elena (she’s pathetic this season) and it’s costing them the quality he show used to have in the first three seasons.

  26. Luli says:

    They killed off the wrong brother… Even if it doesn’t stick, they should have gotten rid of Damon, or hell even Elena; I’m sick of them.

  27. Reblogged this on Grandson of Sam and commented:
    heart breaking episode.

  28. stephemmanuel says:

    Don’t even surprise me to see stephan dead. All I expect is to see elena witness it not even damon. Stepan is the actual main cast that brought all of them in and has sacrifice a lot for all his friend most especially damon. He almost lost his humanity being with klaus for this brotherly love and sacrifice his love for is brother. He love elena not because of the dopple-crazy issue. Stephan never had any good moment since the start of this VamPIre Diaries. Always interrupted by Damon and He never complain and He will glady choose to leave both of them and go far distance and to me damon has actually never pay any sacrifice for stephan, it can only be for elena. Just give stephan a break and let him die in peace. Then you can find a way to keep caroline in and if not let her die too. Then delena can have their way. You can have being miserable all the time. You call him brother and you have taken everything away from him. Elena, lexi now caroline, I guess better see him dead.

  29. crazy vampire says:

    Stefan cannot die … .its nonsense…….. wat will happen of Caroline then…….poor gal.
    ….always abandoned… TVD
    .can’t take such a huge twist…….

  30. veepster says:

    How can anybody for one second think that Stefan is dead DEAD it´s the TVD and julie Plec show come on now people. I´m i the only one who thought that this episode was just another horrid episode in a excruciating boring season?

  31. Stefan says:

    First they kill kathrine and now stefan.they are making all the characters useles eps bonie just to continue the gimmick of dalena what happened to the creative writers of s1&2 and all those suspense and emotional scenes.pls bring back stefan.

  32. Ian Anuta says:

    I Swear if stefan dies. #TVD dies for me. Ignoring the fact that damon and elena could be couples again, Stefan deserves to be happy, with caroline i mean! Its unhuman to think of something as cruel as that(tvd director)!!! Come on have a heart before i go ripper on You right now! #TeamStefan #Steroline..

  33. Xerxes says:

    Lol stefan and bonnie need to hae sex on the other side

  34. Ese says:

    The whole of season5 show has been classically they had to kill the one person that makes the show manageable?unless they are bringing him back.otherwise vampire diaries is done…nd for God sake what ever happened to the smart elena of seasons1 nd 2?where did they coin dis love puppy frm?so not cool,so not cool.

  35. Alee says:

    Stefan will obviously come back because the main story is about the two brothers and Elena. There is no show without him and I hope that Steroline never happens. They are better as friends. There should be a new love-interest for him and Damon, someone new! I hope Katherine and Alaric come back.

    • Chantall says:

      I dont think steroline should happen because they are the cutest friends ever..i like the fact that they can spend time together without lusting for one another..they can cuddle,talk, laugh and not judge one another and always lookout for one another thats real friends..please dont ruin them with sex! I would sad to see stefan go but the show has to conclude some how..if this is the end for tvd then farewell to you

  36. Elyse says:

    Aw man :( I <3 Stefan. I know it wont stick but I'm still sad!

  37. Barbie_Klaus says:

    Ya’ll know Stefan dies in the books…right?

    The show was supposed to go in a different direction…therein lies the “twist”.

  38. mariam ali says:

    Seriously did u have to choose stefan to die, I would prefer tyler coz he’s useless to his friends I hope they find a way to bring him back if not then am not watching the show no more.

  39. Let him remain dead and make the sixth season the last. It’s starting to get old and tired and I’m about ready to stop watching.

  40. Andrew says:

    Are they still loosely following the books at all? I thought Elena and Damon dated for quite a while and that either Stefan or Damon die and somehow they bring them back to life by going to “the other side” – the place where Katherine could possibly be right now…

    I mean isn’t the whole point of the series to eventually have Elena and Stefan end up together? Especially if they’re following the books?

    Unless the fan base has made the tv show writers change their minds and Elena and Damon are the new end game.

  41. Jenny says:

    It’s funny that many of you think his death is actually going to stick. Its highly likely they willy figure out how to fix the other side therefore saving Stefan. Doubt they’d get rid of Bonnie Enzo and Stefan in one full swoop. Saving the other side is a game changer for the vampire diaries because they even have the option of bringing old characters back.. Such as Alaric! Which is my own personal hope lol. Oh and if they don’t fix the other side the originals go bye bye too and their show will cease to exist. Come on ppl, don’t buy into it!

    I think his death is a much needed twist, I was getting bored with this season.

  42. zoe says:

    Why did they have to kill stefan like really now , katherine and stefan. Were the only reason I watched tvd , I wonder if stefan could find katherine hmmm that would be interesting and mend my heart

  43. Liz says:

    As sad as I am about Stefans death (even though I know they will bring him back)…I think it was kind of needed. Damon and Elena need a little wake up call. They have been so self centered lately on their back and forth relationship that its like they don’t even care about Stefan. They act like Stefan and Elena never dated and forget that Damon stole his brothers love of his life. They have just taken Stefan for granted. Elena acts like they were never in love and I think it’ll be nice to see the attention shift on Stefan instead of “poor Damon”. Maybe it’ll get Elena to realize some things and how terrible her choices have been. She is totally not the same Elena…I get that people grow and change…but she isn’t changing in a good way.

  44. a says:

    I think Davina from originals will help with getting everyone back. I think they will have a cross over episode with originals and vampire diaries. Mikeal already asked Davina to bring him back.

    • Chantall says:

      Ok! Fixing th other side o.m.g that would mean alaric,kol,finn,esther,mikael even nadia,vicki,grams,logan fell,tessa/ketsayah and who ever else are coming back? What the hell! Someone explain to me if the other side is well FIXED then does it mean all these people will coe back

      • tvd fan says:

        Nope! Hon, if the other side falls apart, everyone there would fade into oblivion and no one would come back. If it is fixed, then everyone remains the same and Bonnie is still the anchor but everyone here is talking about tvd teasers in which the popping up of faces from past in tvd finale is mentioned. Obvious it is a tradition of tvd, having them ‘pop up’ when something goes wrong there. So, we are hoping that our fav characters permanently remain in the present world as a result of some witch mojo.

  45. morne says:

    I’m pissed. I didn’t see that coming. I’m going to sleep with worrying thoughts hoping that stefan comes back next week. There’s no VD without stefan!

  46. cata says:

    Ian was right about being afraid for the show’s balance once the originals took off, 3 of the best characters and actors left . It’s like taking joey,phoebe, monica and chandler out of friends leaving rachel and ross to make out for a season.

  47. madilyn says:

    I will say tha t we will not have acheing hearts for ever I think it will be like elena she died but at the last second she comes back as a vampire but for stefan I think bonnie WILL find a way to bring him back and when elena and damon find out I think elena will say what? very shocked and damon gets angry and throws something like always and elena will break down in tears next to stefan like she did with matt when she got her humanity back but they will not but him in a grave I say they would well of coruse will change him into something nice and put him on his bed and caroline will be well caroline always trying to do someone right to help and they will finally stop the spell before the other side disapperes into blackness with bonnie marcos and juilan will died by caroline well juilan by caroline marcos by damon well that what I think will happen next episode.

  48. Baileigh says:

    1. How come Enzo couldn’t see Stefan after Stefan appeared to Bonnie after his death?

  49. Erika says:

    Im really hoping stephans not really dead or im honestly done and its really messed up on how one of the last things he seen was damon and elena kissing i hope they feel like crap when they realize how selfish they have been. Way to kill the best characters of.

  50. Jen says:

    I am highly disappointed with this season’s writing. It used to be such an incredible, exciting show with wonderful characters and plot lines. I thoroughly enjoyed a lead female character who was smart, confident, caring and brave. However, I believe all of that has changed greatly for the worse over the past few seasons. By removing Paul Wesley’s character this week, I believe they have effectively ended the show. If they continue as they have this season, the writers should pack it up. R.i.p. vampire diaries, I greatly appreciate all of the great tv moments!

    • Allison says:

      Very well said… Exactly how I’ve been feeling. I hope they tell a simpler, more gripping story next season… One that focuses on the characters and not shears having a “big bad”. This session has been awful..