The Big Bang Theory: Did That Just Happen?

Big Bang Theory EngagementIt was a day of big changes for The Big Bang Theory‘s Penny this Thursday night.

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As the penultimate episode of the season got underway, Penny got into a squabble with the director of her cheesetastic ape-girl movie, only because she was endeavoring to make it even a smidgen better. That not only lost her the job (they didn’t need her anyway for the full-ape scenes), it got Wil Wheaton booted as well.

At episode’s end, Penny and Leonard retreated to her place, where Penny realized a need to start making smart decisions, not just about her career but her life. “We could get married,” she suggests. Leonard, though, fears that she only wants to marry him because he’s a “bran muffin,” something that’s good for her and/or her colon, wen he’d rather be a Cinnabon, or at least a Pop-Tart.

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With that negotiation out of the way, Penny says she doesn’t need to be famous or even a working actress to be happy in life. “Then what do you need?” Leonard asks. Her answer: “You, you stupid Pop-Tart!”

Leonard nods, “I’m in,” leaving them to conclude, quietly, that they just got engaged. Huh. Anticlimactic indeed. Until, that is, Leonard fishes a ring out of his wallet — one he’s been lugging around “for a couple of years” (but that’s not important!).

“Penny, will you marry me?” he asks, on bended knee. “Oh my God, yes!” she beams. And there you have it — finally, this unlikely pair got on the same page.

Romance bloomed elsewhere on this week’s Big Bang, when after discussing an awkward run-in at the movies, where Raj saw Emily out with her tattoo artist, they get to making things a bit more exclusive — starting with Raj getting a tour of her one tattoo that is “not at all on her shoulder.”

What did you think of Leonard and Penny’s long-awaited, mutually agreed upon engagement?

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  1. cesar says:


    • Stacie says:

      That was a perfect episode. I am so glad they addressed the anti-climatic-ness of the numerous proposals over the years and then actually made it exciting and new with Leonard pulling out the ring and surprising Penny. This was by far the best episode of the season on all ends. Raj and his romantic side was perfect, Howard and Bernadette learning how to be parents was adorable and even Sheldon was great in his limited screen time, sometimes Sheldon is best in small doses and that’s what he provided tonight with his scenes with Raj. I can’t wait to see how Sheldon handles Penny & Leonard’s engagement and what that change will entail. This is a great jump start for next season.

      • Stormy says:

        This should throw AFF for a loop since her relationship with Sheldon couldn’t outpace a glacier.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Watched the was really good, but what HUUUUUGE missed opportunity to reveal Penny’s last name! I mean really? “Penny will you marry me?” …. that was the perfect time to reveal it with “Penny _____ will you marry me?” and it wouldnt be a super huge deal because the wedding i presume wont be far off, and she will become Penny Hofstadter so she wont have the last name anymore.

      • Christy says:

        Well they gotta save something for the wedding. ;)

      • tvaddict says:

        Because her last name is important??

      • tara17 says:

        The mystery of Penny’s last name reminds me of the mystery of Kramer’s first name on Seinfeld: a fun reveal to look forward to.

      • Dean says:

        There is a great 9 minute “bloopers’ video on YouTube and one of the clips is Penny and Leonard yelling at each other in a restaurant. Penny says to Leonard ‘You have issues”. Leonard says to Penny, “I don’t have issues, you do”. “I do? What issues? answers Penny. Leonard replys, “What is your last name?” Penny answers, “I don’t know” and then she throws her hands in the air. It a very funny scene, and maybe there is a very good reason for her last name being kept secret all these years.

      • nunya says:

        whadya wanna bet her last name is, like, “Rockefeller” or something? XD

  2. SharksFan says:

    Ugh. Leonard could do so much better than Penny, who has treated him like trash so many times. All she brings is looks to the table.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I agree, when they have him with a nerdy/geeky/highly intelligent woman (like his Assistant Alex Jensen) he is SOOO much happier, has SOOO much in common with the woman, etc. My thing is at its core since the first episode, his crush on her was cause of how insanely out of his league/hot she is….they have basically nothing in common….if she wasnt good looking no way he would want to be with her…he would say “im sorry but we have nothing in common” but Leonard comes back to Penny every time cause shes a dime.

      • SharksFan says:

        I liked him with that doctor early on in the series. Penny’s never had to compete for him, it would do her good (and him). I always think back to that episode where Penny flipped out when he tried to help her in her college course. Penny is not a nice person, she’s a user of the guys.

        • Larry says:

          She did when Alex was interested in him, made her realize he is a catch.

        • KC says:

          If she were a “user” she would have used the help he offered and have him do all the course work for her. We haven’t seen her using many guys in quite a while. She’s shown she’s aware of her power over men and has made an effort to not exploit them since she’s become envolved with Leonard.

        • Samantha says:

          Penny’s not a nice person for being mad that Leonard went against her wishes and rewrote her paper? You’re kidding, right?

      • Sam says:

        Alex was trash going after a guy in a relationship we don’t know he be happier with her. Seems plenty happy with Penny.

      • Laurel says:

        Well they have to have some things to add in later seasons to shake things up!

      • JLK says:

        For some people, their lack of common ground is what makes the relationship exciting for them. The only thing that my parents have in common is their basic family first values. My mother’s a big nerd who studied literature. My father’s a jock who has a knack for mechanics. They don’t do a whole lot together. My mother enjoys sitting at home reading and my Dad’s always off somewhere kayaking or biking or whatever. And yet, they can’t live without each other. I think, at the end of the day, it’s the challenge in trying to understand each other that has managed to keep them together for 40 years. They’re never bored with each other because they just haven’t quite figured each other out.

      • Sam says:

        Absolutely true. The fact is this never happens in real life. Penny would find a good looking AND smart guy! Why do they try to say that all good looking guys are jack asses and stupid persons?! This is a series so it needs to continue on something. For the same reason that Robin did not find any good match in “how I met your mother”. It is always like this in movies and series and it is not what happens in real life, I’m sorry!

      • ladeeanne says:


    • suzi says:

      That first episode was an arrow that has been pointing to this outcome. Zack, Priya, Alex–all just bumps along the way, designed to show both Leonard and Penny where their hearts are. Leonard may have fallen for the pretty girl across the hall, but fell in love with the woman he has stayed friends with all these years. Penny may have used him for tech support and free meals, but she came to realize how important he was to her. They have both allowed each other to learn and grow, and any long-time fan will recognize all they DO have in common. I will admit Penny can be a pill, but all of them have had their “not a nice person” moments.
      Congrats to the happy couple and the fans who’ve been waiting for this.

      • SharksFan says:

        They have zero in common. Leonard is a winner, a smart guy, Penny’s approaching 30 and still clinging to childish dreams of being an actress and doing nothing realistic to better herself. She’s a loser.

        They should fast forward ten years to Penny fat and still a witch to him as he divorces her for a smart, true partner to himself. She offers nothing to Leonard but looks and those fade. Really can’t stand her character at all.

        • suzi says:

          “Really can’t stand her character at all.
          Massive understatement…lol Your hate-colored glasses seem focused on your own preconceptions of people. or they are clouded by living under a bridge too long.

          • Stormy says:

            To quote Leonard “True dat”. Not to mention the way Penny has mothered Sheldon regardless of how obtuse he’s been. She did Leonard the favor of finding someone for Howard even though he was creepy and crass. She’ll be a loving and nurturing mother to their children which is something Leonard never had.

        • Angela says:

          You have to wonder about the mental state of someone who can’t stand the lead character of a show and yet still watches it week after week…..

        • Larry says:

          Nothing childish about wanting to be an actor, and she has more to offer than her looks. Did you not hear Stuart’s speech on why they work?

        • addertooth says:

          That Idea would make a great episode! Roll forward 10 years, Leonard has just won a Nobel prize for science, he comes home to his house (which is in shambles, Penny has never liked cleaning). He proudly announces his big award to the (now very plump Penny). She looks up from her daytime (with food around her mouth) soap opera and responds “That’s nice honey, can you order Chinese?”. And all the drama which ensues.

      • Rich says:

        And that’s How I Met Your Mother.

    • Sam says:

      Well that’s not true she warm and caring unlike his mother or Leslie, or Priya.

      • Kathryn says:

        You nailed it, Sam. I never liked Priya because she tried to change Leonard — cool clothes, contact lenses — and tried to make him give up Penny as a friend. And then she cheated on him in the end.

    • Sam says:

      She has never treated him like trash, they have their arguments but all couples do.

    • Mike says:

      It is what stuart said they compliment each other, fit together well.

      • SharksFan says:

        How? ALL she brings are looks. She’s a witch with a b to him most of the time, she’s not bright. IRL, he’d be bored with her in three days. Plus she has zero ambition that is realistic. All these years later and still a waitress, not even a manager?

        • Mike says:

          No that;s not all she bring she nice and caring and bring him out of his shell. She is not a witch or a b at all. She has ambition she still sticking with acting.

        • SMH says:

          Wow, what is wrong with you? Obviously, the entire concept of this show and it’s history is over your head. IRL? It’s a comedy–oh wait, you don’t think they are real people do you? Ever been an actor in a city where almost everyone is an actor? Not everyone gets to be a star. As far as being a waitress but not a manager–yikes, you have major issues………

        • Christy says:

          Well, that’s silly. Her career aspirations are pretty realistic. I have a lot of actor/actress friends who don’t want to be managers because they need more shift flexibility for casting calls. None of them are famous yet and are in their mid-30s, but they’re still pretty happy with their lot in life.

        • KC says:

          Bored in 3 days? It’s been 9 years and he doesn’t seem bored at all. And way to insult all the waitresses in the world. My aunt was a waitress for 50 years and a more happy and loving person you will never meet. But then again you wouldn’t believe she could be happy and loving because she has zero ambition. If I were a waitress I’d be putting a little something “special” in the food of anyone wearing Sharks’ gear.

    • Christy says:

      To be honest, it’s one of the reasons I stopped watching the show. I loved Penny and wanted her and Leonard to succeed but her dialogue never really seemed to move past the whole “I’m not a geek and that’s what defines me as a person!” thing that was her deal. I think she’s written in a one-dimensional way that makes her come across as a writer’s wish-fulfillment character from a high school crush who wasn’t into him because he was a nerd.

    • Juliemars says:

      I agree. It seems like she is marrying him because she needs a meal ticket and he is marrying her for arm candy. I feel Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is more touching than Leonard and Penny’s. If Penny got a deal to do a huge movie, she would eventually dump Leonard; if Leonard became a professor, he would eventually wouldn’t have room for her. The relationship is ultimately doomed! I hope the writers get some sense knocked into them.

  3. James D says:

    Sweet episode. not only for the big reveal but for Raj too the poor guy deserves a little something something :) I actually loved how they did the purposeful not all the pomp and circumstance but light and loving, it was very nicely done. should be interesting end to the season and next as well. Hell hath no Fury like a Sheldon scorned. although I’m sure Sheldon will end up wherever they end up.

    • Luis says:

      Good for Raj! I am happy for him and happy to know Emily will be sticking around in at least a recurring capacity next year.

  4. Carlos Alvarez says:

    I loved it. And it’s about time!!! Lol

  5. Brandy says:

    Ann Lenny!Finally!

  6. Lore says:

    I cried, first i thought they were gonna break up, but when she told him she want her pop-tart, awesome

  7. Hopefully this is just what Penny needs to give her an attitude adjustment. She has been a complete B-Word this year.

  8. c-mo says:

    I’ll never eat a strawberry Pop-Tart in the same way ever again!

  9. Sam says:

    Called it!

  10. rhett says:

    I teared up a bit and what a nice treat to see.I love the show and love those two woot

  11. Carole C. says:

    You nay-sayers who don’t think Leonard and Penny are right for each other, wake up! It’s 2014 and lots of women today are smart enough to realize that their hero on the white horse is that well educated nerdy type who appreciates her for exactly who she is. She recognizes that happiness for her is being with a guy who treats her like a prize. She deserves the best. On the other hand, he will always want to make her happy, feeling lucky to be the one she chose. Perfect for each other:-) :-)

    • Christy says:

      I don’t think they’re right for each other because of the continual inequality in their relationship. She thinks that geeks are something to learn to live with/tolerate instead of celebrate. I’ve seen that kind of relationship in my friend group a few times and it’s a rough road to go down because the person being tolerated winds up feeling resentful after awhile.

      That said, I’ve always been rooting for them as a couple. I just wish her character had been developed more over the years. (I have that complaint about most of the characters in Chuck Lorre shows, though!)

    • KC says:

      You didn’t comment on what makes Penny right for Leonard, only that she chose him. That would make any woman that chooses to be in a relationship with him, right for him. Leonard would have to have zero self-worth to settle for that. I like watching them together because they’re in a sitcom and the dynamic is funny, but in the real world this relationship would probably end in divorice. Not because of any personality flaws in either character but because of differring interests.

      • Hi. We don’t know how much longer this show will go on. They’re automatic for 3 more years but what if it goes on much longer? Maybe having Penny and Leonard experience trouble in their marriage will provide reason for a divorce in years to come. Who knows how devious the minds of those darn creators are!!!l!!!!!!

  12. Matthew Weber says:

    I was worried going into these last two episodes that they were going to break Penny and Leonard up. A little less worried now that I’ve seen the preview for next week.

    Really thought tonight was good. I like a show that takes risk. They’ve done a great job with Penny and Leonard as a couple (a lot of times getting characters together ruins the show, New Girl), so I have hope that they will do the marriage right as well (Bones hasn’t and it’s made it not as good).

    I think the next season will be about Sheldon’s reaction to Leonard moving on, that and maybe an advancement in his relationship with Amy (SHAMY FTW!). I also like the way they’re FINALLY moving Raj’s character forward, it’s about f-ing time. The question is what will they do with Howard and Bernadette, will they stay in stasis as they have for the last season?

    Next week will be fun, and I’m already looking forward to next season!

  13. Larry says:


  14. Rob says:

    Hopefully we will now hear what Penny’s last name is when the ceremony happens

    • dman6015 says:

      One producer says we’ll eventually learn her last name, but another later said it will always be a secret. Question is, if they actually go through with the marriage, will she become Penny Hofstadter or keep her name for “professional reasons”?

      • AdamJ says:

        What’s the chances she turns out to be related to Sheldon’s when we hear her surname for the first time…maybe a cousin.

        Or even worse….we find out at the alter she’s related to Leonard some how!

  15. Stan says:

    I am so happy they finally got them to this point, it has been a long time coming, but the decision and emotion felt somewhat forced. It was just so flat. I was really hoping for a much more romantic, big to-do about it. Not this, “um..yea…I’m in ” nonsense. The scene at the funeral where they both got emotional was much more organic and touching. I will have to go back and watch it, but I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a red herring.

  16. Pat says:

    A very funny episode, especially the scenes with Howard and Bernadette taking care of his mother. It was also touching when Leonard and Penny became engaged. Neither one was sure what just happened, but what really sealed the deal was Leonard pulling that ring out of his wallet which he has carried around for a very long time and the look on Penny’s face. That was priceless. Poor Sheldon, remember he cannot accept change.

    • tara17 says:

      So true, it’ll be fun to see how Sheldon reacts!

      • Stormy says:

        Amy is going to be a genuine PITA, wanting to me Maid of Honor. pushing for more from Sheldon etc. Amy is the Phoebe [Friends]on this show, can’t stand her.

  17. Justin says:

    Congrats to Leonard and Penny. I like them together. They’re complete opposites who somehow fell in love. Nice story.

  18. Bark Star says:

    Same old, same old. Knew there was a good reason to stop watching.

  19. tara17 says:

    Great episode, plus the whole “carrying the ring for 2 years” is very romantic.

  20. LM says:

    It’s about time. Everyone else seemed to move forward at a legitimate pace (and, yes, that include Sheldon and Amy), except Leonard and Penny.

    Personally, I’m looking forward to meeting HER family. Keith Carradine is hilarious as her dad, but I’m also hoping we finally meet her mom and “chemist” brother. That could be quite funny.

  21. frustratedwithbadtvshows says:

    1) congrats to Penny and Leonard on their engagement . . . why do I have a craving for cinnabuns and pop tarts?

    2) Laughed my head off when Bernadette finally realized that Howard was right about hiring someone to take care of his recuperating Mother.

    3) Raj was more interesting and fun when he couldn’t talk to women.

  22. Summer says:

    Glad they finally got engaged. They really bring the best out in each other. Penny has made Leonard more street smart and stronger whereas Leonard has infused nerdy knowledge and book smarts into her to the point of her embracing it. Penny voluntarily brought up Star Wars references and understood how the guys were talking with each other last week. She was slightly disgusted with herself but it seemed that she embraced that she knew these references. Leonard is more confident about himself and doesn’t try super hard to impress anyone anymore. He told Penny harsh truths about her career and tried talking sense into her. Like Stuart said, they complete each other. For those going on and on about Penny being a bitch, Leonard has had his times when he’s one to her as well. Now I hope that they work on Raj’s character development more. Was so glad when he wasn’t heartbroken once again and that Emily truly likes him.

  23. TV Gord says:

    I haven’t read all of the comments yet, but I have a hunch that Raj and Emily will get married next week. That would shake things up!

  24. Luis says:

    My wife and I watched last night and when that moment came we both looked at each other and went “OH MY GOD!!!”

    I thought we would see a Leonard-Penny engagement before season’s end, but I thought it might wait until the finale. Instead, Chuck Lorre snuck it in in a delightful, organic and totally adorable episode.

    I must admit to being disappointed by all the Penny hatred going on here. Penny has been the catalyst for most of the major changes that have taken place in the lives of these characters. Penny is more responsible than anyone else for the evolution of Sheldon’s character. The interplay between Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has been one of the most delightful things to watch on television for the past seven years and I am looking forward to three more wonderful years!

    • LostInAlaska says:

      In regards to Penny’s relationship with Sheldon. Even though I enjoyed and have been waiting for last nights show, I still believe that Penny will end up marrying Sheldon. Penny is the only person that really understands Sheldon.

  25. AnnieM says:

    Yay! for the happy couples. :-) But, one thing I’ve always wondered about – why don’t they just go ahead and make Penny a B- movie queen, ‘starring’ in some of those silly SyFy Channel -type movies? Yes, she’s ‘serious’ about her career and all that, but I’ve always thought it would be a very interesting route for them to take her on: she’d have some success, fame, and a reason to attend cons with the guys. I’ve just always thought it would be a fun thing to be done with her character.

  26. Dick Whitman says:

    I’m surprised i’m the only dum-dum that realized right away who Emily’s movie date was….Jennifer Lopez’ “boy toy”, Casper. Lol Anyway, I’m glad Leonard and Penny finally got engaged. Longtime coming. Now can the show get back to them all being geeks and nerds please? Enough of the “emo” eps, please! :)

    • Bear says:

      I realized it immediately. I have an issue with the unlikelihood a dermatologist would be into getting tattoos. They make bank on tattoo removal these days. Odd odd odd

  27. jeff says:

    So sad the writers did this with Penny and Leonard. Am I the only one thinking they are jumping the shark too soon with 3 seasons still to come??Also, what happened to Raj’s cute dog, huh? Now that he finally can talk to women and seems to have a g/f, what about cinnamon??Sheldon is the most amazing character on TV, hands down, I just hope they don’t “humanize” him too much? He is too funny is his view of the world.

  28. Samantha Martin says:

    Love the show! Love Leonard Hope he and Penny get married, have lots of nerdy(but cute)kids for his mother to analyze(from a distance)!

  29. Excellent episode and really caught me by surprise with the proposal. One of this season’s better episodes I thought. I absolutely LOVE this show and had been slightly disappointed in a few episodes this season but this one was right on track. Very well done. I have a feeling that even with the proposal we will not be seeing a wedding within the next few episodes. In fact, they may even stretch it out into just as long an engagement as the time Leonard had that ring in his wallet just to entice us for a few more seasons!!! (but that’s not important) as long as they get married by the Series Finale I’ll be happy with it. Then again, seeing them try to raise a baby might be a lot of fun. I’m not sure which couple I want to watch raise a baby more, Amy/Sheldon, Bernie/Howard or Penny/Leonard. I’m thinking Amy/Sheldon will provide the most comedy but I’im looking forward to them all no matter what happens.

  30. LostInAlaska says:

    Even though I enjoyed and have been waiting for last nights show, call me crazy but I still believe that Penny will end up marrying Sheldon. Penny is the only person that really understands Sheldon.

    • suzi says:

      OK–you’re crazy…but really…Penny and Sheldon together romantically is ridiculous. She does understand him, the way a a tolerant, forgiving mother loves a problem child. IMO of course.

  31. Christy says:

    I missed this episode last night so will have to catch up. I know getting Leonard & Penny together is where the show has been going but I don’t think Penny has ever been quite the right girl for Leonard. I liked him much better with Priya. I don’t think Penny loves him enough even though Leonard is far better than any guy she has ever dated. Leonard is my favorite character and I hope the producers of BBT don’t have him marry and then get divorced.

  32. juliemarie says:

    I’m expecting Penny to be leaving in the last episode, cos she’s going to be an extra in the new Star Wars movie. I can but hope

  33. Evie Krislov says:

    I think, nay am positive, that Howard and Bernadetter will have a baby in the next season, considering nothing big really has happened with them this season

  34. Folks, this is their “Ross and Rachael”, the show has always been about them. The rest is filler. The show’s ending was told on the first episode, “our children will be smart and beautiful”. They are ones that have a baby in the last season, last episode.

  35. Leonard kisses penny,hugging each was as” “the big theory strawberry poptop scene

  36. Maria says:

    The show tries really hard to get the science right – but fails miserably at getting the academic culture right. There is no way in real life that a physicist from Cal Tech would marry someone who doesn’t even have a college degree. It would be incredibly embarrassing in academic circles. Great real Big Bang!

  37. Samantha Keener says:

    I loved it was absolutely great!!!