Fox Cancels Enlisted and 3 More Series

EnlistedMen of Enlisted, you may stand down. (Sniff.)

Fox on Thursday cancelled the military comedy as well as Surviving Jack, Dads and Rake.

The network also decided to pass on the comedy pilots No Place Like Home (formerly known as Here’s Your Damn Family), Fatrick (from Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23‘s  Nahnatchka Khan) and Dead Boss (starring 30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski).

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TVLine’s 2014 Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the cancellations.

The fates of the network’s Sober Companion and Cabot College comedy pilots are still up in the air.

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  1. rflairfan1 says:

    I loved Surviving Jack and Enlisted. Why do good shows happen to bad networks.

    • Jenna587 says:

      I know, I loved both of those, Christopher Meloni is hilarious! And I have such a huge crush on Chris Lowell, now I need to find another way to see him on my tv. Fox screwed that one by putting it on Fridays :(

      • rflairfan1 says:

        Me too. Maybe Chris Lowell can join the cast of CBS’s show Cuz-Bros with the other 2 brothers from Enlisted and Ian Gomez from Cougar Town (assuming Cougar Town gets cancelled). Hopefully Meloni will get another chance at comedy.

    • CMoore says:

      I just got into Surviving jack. loved it! Really needed some good laughs and that is what it gave me. Loved Christopher Meloni. They really didn’t give it a chance.

      • rflairfan1 says:

        I agree. Thursday night at 9:30 was probably not the correct choice either. Fox just likes to make bad decisions it seems.

        • jullie says:

          I agree the television didn’t give surviving jack a chance. Who says what stays and what goes. There is a lot of shows on the air, I can not figure out, why they are still there. Please give back surviving Jack. Mr Meloni did a great job as the dad. I just couldn’t wait to see what he did next in dealing with teen-agers

      • Ericka says:

        How can we save this show?? I thought if was great-so funny

        • logan says:

          I wish I knew, it’s a great show that I’d love to see renewed. I think they didn’t even give it a fighting chance. 9:30 after American Idol without a lot of advertising isn’t a recipe for success

      • Elderleigh says:

        Surviving Jack was one of the funniest new shows I have seen in a long time. What a shame that this no longer has a future.
        PLEASE – some other network pick it up.
        Joke for joke it had the most bang for it’s buck than any other comedy on tv today.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Aww… geez. Not Surviving Jack. That’s the funniest comedy they’ve done in a while… Oh FOX… that was naughty.

    • Dane says:

      I loved Surviving Jack too… it was hardly given a fair chance. :(

      • rflairfan1 says:

        It wasn’t given any chance. Thursday nights after Idol. That would have been a huge time slot 8 years ago but not now.

    • Lori says:

      I thought Surviving Jack was hilarious. It hasn’t even been on enough to judge it :(

    • maria says:

      I am so tired of good shows being cancelled. Surviving jack was amazing. Please bring it back. I’m very disappointed

      • kimberly says:

        Not surprising since this is the same network that thinks “I Wanna Marry Harry” (a show that sounds like a 30 Rock parody) is a good idea. I really enjoyed Surviving Jack and Almost Human :( I shouldn’t be too upset since it did give Fringe a chance, and it renewed Sleepy Hollow. I’ll take what I can get.

    • A Fan says:

      Yeah – I really liked these shows too. BAD FOX. Boo.

    • EJ386 says:

      Indeed both were very funny and I loved the three brothers on Enlisted, I saw them all in other shows and all were actors of which I though if they are getting something new I will check it out, and they were all together, which really paid off.

    • John says:

      Should be a special Emmy for Fox in the DUH! category. All they had to do was put ENLISTED and SURVIVING JACK back2back anywhere but Friday night and both shows would run for years. This is why America doesn’t watch broadcast television anymore.

    • Margie says:

      Surviving jack was the best! DON’T cancel it!!!!

    • Barbara Boudle says:

      I absolutely agree. I laughed the whole half hour. I also liked almost human.

    • George Stabler says:

      Surviving Jack is my favorite show. I don’t think fox is giving it enough time.
      I spelled fox with the lower case f because I think is small of them to cancel it

    • Michele says:

      Fox is famous for canceling good shows. Firefly and now Surviving Jack. Funniest effing show in a long time. Btw…. Riot SUCKS!!!!!!! Way to attempt to rip off Whose Line!

  2. Linda says:

    Enlisted. :(

    • Amanda says:

      This is ridiculous. Enlisted fans have been watching the show online and live tweeting every Friday since it was pulled. It trends everytime! What other show can say that?!?!

      • Leah says:

        Enlisted new episodes have been continuing online? Where and when, I want to watch them! Love this show!

        • rflairfan1 says:

          Not new episodes. But on Friday’s the cast, crew and creators would live tweet repeat episodes. There are 4 new episodes that they have been told will air.

      • Patrick says:

        Because it is on Friday. It is easier to trend on Friday because people are less likely to be trending on any one thing, because, again, its FRIDAY.

        Trending on Friday isn’t the same as trending at 9 on Thurday.

      • Jerri says:

        Because it’s Fox. That’s why.

        • Maria says:

          Yep. This Almost Human fan agrees. The only show I will watch on this network is 24, because I know ahead of time that it’s only there for 12 episodes.

          • Mark says:

            I commented at length on the cancellation of Crisis on that message board and challenged the admins of this site to take up the debate on this very fact. Of guaranteed runs and Netflix shows good or bad people will watch them because they know they will see the whole series. Now another favourite of mine this fall season has gone in Surviving Jack and another in Crazy Ones is on the way. Both Fox / NBC are now starting to become known with cancellation or yanking a show this not only destroys the fan base but also stops talented actors / actresses wanting to work for them. TV is changing the ratings this year have been down right across the board — TV by the numbers backs this up this is further proof the current system is no longer a valid measure to judge this. If the numbers are down its not the people have stopped watching TV its just they aren’t watching traditionally or live and the new systems or forecasting must now start to take this into consideration as just cancelling a show based on what happens on the night isn’t reflective of its true audience any more.
            I include the comments from the previous programme yes it refers to Crisis but the points are still valid to this argument —- ((Is this not further proof that people are moving away from the traditional viewing habits and why people are now moving to Netflix and others as a better alternative. So making the ratings system obsolete. I hope this website with Michael Ausiello & Co will take this debate up and see if people are moving away from traditional TV because its easier to view when and where people want to watch and not necessarily the content i.e. the work. As I feel there is a number of shows this year which are heading or have headed down the ether but were very good just on the wrong time or up against giants of the business(NCIS,The Big Bang). Now the reason I mention the likes of Netflix among others is. Is it the reason people watch their new shows and give them a go is because they know they can see the full season they can invest in the characters follow the story and not have to worry that halfway through it may be yanked and all that emotion and time is wasted. Look at this very websites breaking story of Gotham being picked up — most of the comments aren’t about the show but about Fox and how much of a chance they will give it before they cancel it. Now will that show suffer most likely as a lot of people will like me wait and see if it makes it to season two or see how its doing, The cancellation of Vegas , Almost Human and that’s just in the last year and notice I didn’t have to mention the likes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles , Firefly, etc. I know TV is a business with advertising the number one form of currency but the more you alienate a fan base the more your schedule will suffer. I do not claim to be an expert that’s why I ask the expert’s of Mr Ausiello,Mr Matt Webb Mitovich & Co to take a serious look at this on there couch as I can not be the only person upset over the number of perfectly good shows being cancelled or yanked and in some cases replaced by utter rubbish or reality crap. Crisis is a great show and was engaging, thought provoking and a must see. NBC schedule isn’t the strongest and if it wasn’t for the likes of the Blacklist this year they would have been another Fox. The only thing that was quickly picked up was there reality programming is that due to the economics we will have to see what fall pilots they have decided on to replace all they have massacred……… )))

  3. Liz says:

    My family loved surviving jack. Each episode was getting better and better.

    • eddie says:

      dude seriously! it kept getting better. plus its ratings didnt look that bad when compared to their other shows…… like glee, new girl, mindy.. all of them renewed!

      • jenna says:

        exactly! after only 6 episodes surviving jack was surpassing both new girl and mindy project

        • jenna says:

          also unless i’m mistaken fox has only renewed 2 of their new scripted shows, brooklyn nine-nine and sleepy hollow. One comedy and one drama… hopefully this doesn’t become a trend

          • Bad Samaritan says:

            Anyone can have a bad year. That being said, they should have kept Almost Human. That was a bone-headed move of the first order!

          • Elderleigh says:

            Jack was far superior to BrooklynNine-Nine

      • justsaying says:

        yeah, i’ve just now started catching up with surviving jack online. surprisingly funny. much better than dads which they gave an entire season. if jack had been on the fall schedule and given half a chance i think it would have gotten decent ratings. starting this late in the season with little fanfare, it should have been given a chance to grow. or they should have just let it be a summer show….

        • eddie says:

          if i was fox i would have put brooklyn 9-9 and surviving jack on tuesdays at 8:00 during the fall and given them both the superbowl spot. even if new girl was still funny it didnt fit well with the superbowl.

    • Kim R says:

      My husband and I loved it! And it was just getting better and better. I can’t believe they are cancelling it. It was one of those clever, quick shows. Loved the actors as well. :(

  4. rod says:

    I was kinda excited about Fatrick, even with tha awful title, So sad about Enlisted but no surprise there.

  5. cindy says:

    Well that’s a mistake FOX. Enlisted is one of the best comedies of this season. It wasn’t even given a chance.

  6. Steve F. says:

    The good news: NO MORE DADS! (Brenda Song, you are now free to rejoin New Girl!)

    The bad news: No Enlisted and Surviving Jack… that last one gets me, because I liked it (kinda like the 90s version of The Goldbergs… which ABC BETTER NOT KILL).

    • rflairfan1 says:

      I think The Goldbergs are safe and getting a second season. Hopefully they will pair it with The Middle next year though.

      • Brock says:

        THIS! YES! Trophy should join Modern Family in the 9:30 slot too.

        • rflairfan1 says:

          If that works for you than I am all for it. I watched the pilot for Trophy Wife and thought it was horrible. Gave up Modern Family in the middle of Season 3.

          • Lori says:

            You should have given it a chance, it is very funny.

          • Elderleigh says:

            Granted, I didn’t like the name – Trophy Wife…but we stuck with the show and it was getting a lot better. We just love Bert – he may have been the best part of the show.
            Have always been big Robin Williams fans vut The Crzy Ones just didn’t work for us. They needed to let Robin be Robin and not have the two younger guys trying to be robin Lite.

          • rflairfan1 says:

            I love Bradley and Marcia but for some reason I didn’t think the show clicked I think I watched the first 2 episodes. The name didn’t bother me, being as I love Cougar Town.LOL I never watched the crazy ones I don’t care for Robin or Sarah. So if I don’t like the main leads I doubt the show would ever work for me.

    • Emma Woodhouse says:

      I would cry happy, happy tears if Brenda Song returned to New Girl. Even if it was only to pick up Furguson the cat.

    • S. says:

      Ooooh good call on Brenda. Bring her back! Speaking of which, what the heck happened to Furguson?

  7. Debbie says:

    Ok, I get the cancellation of Enlisted (it was one of the stupidest shows I’ve ever seen) and I never watched Dads, but Surviving Jack was laugh out loud great! To Chrisopher Meloni (a fav from SVU) in a sitcom was priceless and the show itself was hysterical!

  8. jenna says:

    really bummed about survivng jack :(

  9. David says:

    Not really a surprise. Dads got better but just wasn’t gid enough. And Jack had promise but I think it just didn’t get enough steam.

  10. Bama girl says:

    Surviving Jack is funny! Hate to see it go.

  11. CBWBDK1 says:

    First Fox cancels almost human and now enlisted. I hate fox so much!!!

    • Huskygrl says:

      This!! Apparently renewing Sleepy Hollow last fall used up all the brains in the network. Extra, extra pissy about Almost Human! SyFy! Hello SyFy? Could you make some room in your schedule?

  12. Barry says:

    I loved dads and surviving Jack I hated enlisted what are they do that’s good shows

    • Patrick says:

      I also liked Dads. I am cognizant of its problems, but it was entertaining in a 2.5 Men way. Simple easy laughs.

  13. Mike says:

    New shows these days don’t even get a chance. Whatever. Surviving Jack was great.

  14. Leah says:

    Enlisted had the best bromance on tv! NOOOOOOOOO

  15. c-mo says:

    Boo hiss!!!! I loved Enlisted. I found it witty and smart…which is probably why it got cancelled, viewers in the “correct” demo prefer trashy sitcoms with obvious jokes and trashy reality.

  16. webly3 says:

    Surviving Jack :(

  17. Georgia says:

    Dang, Surviving Jack was really growing on me. Love me some Chris Meloni and he really surprised me in the comedy genre. I will never understand how so much reality dreck stays on the air forever and they can’t give a decent scripted comedy a chance to grow.

  18. 2cents says:

    One issue with Jack: It was on right after Idol, I was watching with family, and the very first scene was sex on the kitchen counter. Off it went and fast! I wanted to give the show a try but was turned off. Duh, network, Idol is a conservative family show. They blew it with the time slot.

    • A conservative family show? Where teenage girls wear skimpy outfits to bolster their votes? You do realize that 9:30 is the latest time slot FOX has to offer, right?

  19. Michael Persson says:

    Fox go die in a fire, you should just stop making series ,, canceling Almost Human, one of the best sci fi series in a longtime, now canceling Enlisted and Surviving Jack….

    • hana says:

      Almost Human wasn’t all that good and Warner Brothers wanted too much money for it. Sad but true.

      • Patrick says:

        I never watched it (been burned too often in the past), but AH was in the same boat as Firefly. Because of the insane production costs, it had to be a relative hit. And it wasn’t.

  20. Ed says:

    Save Surviving Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. mc says:

    What the hell, Fox???

  22. Wes says:

    Very sad to see Surviving Jack and Enlisted go. The whole family enjoyed those shows.
    Really a poor decision by Fox.

  23. rflairfan1 says:

    Fox apparently told the creator they still plan the final 4 episodes of Enlisted. Hopefully Fox will still air the season finale of Surviving Jack tomorrow as planned.

  24. Billie says:

    Will miss Surviving Jack, really liked it.

  25. Tran says:

    I’m very happy Dads got canceled (worst new sitcom of the season in my opinion).

  26. michelle says:

    My family loved Surviving Jack, it was one of the best comedies on television. Fox didn’t give it a chance. Too bad Fox doesn’t know when they have good shows. Christopher Meloni was great.

  27. Macontosh2000 says:

    That lamp doesn’t have a family!


  28. Enlisted is the only comedy I was watching. This is heartbreaking.

  29. Dee says:

    And once again Fox reminds me why I hate them so much….

  30. Gwen says:

    The sting of Fox’s cancellation of “Almost Human” is eased a bit because Fox also cancelled “Dads” which was just stupid (the show, not the cancellation).

  31. Name This Tune says:

    So the backbone of Fox will continue to be The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Idol, Bones, Sleepy Hollow, and Glee.

    • Babar says:

      Glee’s ratings are pitiful this season. FOX is stuck with it as they made the stupid decision of giving it a two season renewal.

  32. RAGGEDT says:

    While I didn’t quite warm up to Enlisted, Surviving Jack was one of the most endearing new comedies in some time. Chris Meloni doing comedy was an eye-opener — surprised he hadn’t done it before! Wish another network would take a look at it.

    • Jenna says:

      He was on an episode of Scrubs, which he was brilliant in. I recommend you check it out.

      “It’s not a doll – Its a collectable!!” cracks me up every time. :)

  33. Regina says:

    Ok seriously bummed about Surviving Jack! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Meloni in a comedic role, he is brilliant! Hopefully he’ll get cast in another comedy soon…

  34. Josh Knoll says:

    I don’t understand why networks program shows that get good reviews from critics and then slot them on Friday. Enlisted needed to be on another night and allowed to nurture. Actually, it should never have even aired on Fox. Give it to TBS or another cable channel that actually knows how to program a show. Stupid Fox executives!

    • nicole says:

      I agree. It would be great to see Enlisted and Surviving Jack picked up by another network. I realize it is a pipe dream.

  35. Thilia says:

    Why haven’t you announced the renewal of American Idol? Kevin Reilly announced earlier today they were renewing it…Or did I miss the TVLine article?

  36. frustratedwithbadtvshows says:

    I really enjoyed Surviving Jack, so bummed its been cancelled.

  37. Amy says:

    So all they have is Bones and Glee, who are both into their last seasons, Idol which is diving in the ratings, the Following (which I think is keystone lops dumb), and sleepy hollow. I was already mad about Almost Human and now no Surviving Jack! We were having fun watching that one

  38. DreamRose311 says:

    ABC needs to drop Goldbergs (don’t get angry yet) and then TBS can save that and Surviving Jack and air them together.

  39. Nil says:

    I had such hope for surviving jack. Very funny show. At least I saved the DVR’d eps

  40. Joey says:

    Bittersweet overall since it’s amazing news that Dads and Rake are gone, but awful that Enlisted and Surviving Jack got the boot.

  41. erin says:

    I am one of the few who genuinely enjoyed Dads :( and I was really excited for Fatrick!!!

  42. Judy Tankoos says:

    What a shame! Surviving Jack was the only show I’ve watched on Fox in years. And I loved it. Who knew that Christopher Meloni cd do comedy so well? It was nice to hv a show to watch that wasn’t all about sexual innuendo and that made CLEAN comedy. A husband who really loved his wife, a wife who really loved her husband. Struggling to raise two normal teenage kids. It was great. Shame on you, FOX! Epic FAIL, canceling Surviving Jack. Let me guess, you want to come up with some other stupid reality show to put on Thursday nights!

  43. Eric says:

    I never watched Rake and I’m glad Dads is gone, but I’ll miss Surviving Jack and especially Enlisted. Great cast on the latter one, they felt like they could actually be brothers. Another one-and-done from Fox that will be sorely missed.

  44. wrstlgirl says:

    The next several days are going to be brutal, ugh.

  45. worthymagic says:

    For all you Surviving Jack Fans, I am sorry for your loss. I’m guessing now that the Chris Meloni coming back to Law & Order: SVU rumors will be popping up everywhere. Fox really seems to be making a lot of very unpopular decisions on some of their new shows.

  46. Joseph says:

    I liked Surviving Jack , though to be honest dont watch it ,
    Thinking it is up against something else I currently watch and given that FOX delays steams its fell off my radar

  47. Waaaaah… I liked Enlisted a lot. Loved Neighbors but I think that’s gone too.

  48. Deena says:

    Surviving Jack is one of the only shows that makes me actually laugh out loud. So bummed. Chris Meloni is so funny.

  49. Ethel says:

    Enlisted and Surviving ack were great as far as FOX comedies go and go they do. Does FOX have any comedies on air? That would be intentional commies not shows which are not meant to be funny but are really stupid enough to be funny