The Originals Season Finale Sneak Peek: Klaus Comforts Cami, While Elijah and Hayley Cozy Up

It looks like love might be in the air on the May 13 season finale of The Originals (The CW, 8/7c), as two of the show’s fan-favorite pairings manage to squeeze in some alone time amidst all the chaos.

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In a new batch of photos from next week’s season-ender, Elijah and Hayley are seen getting cozy, while Klaus and Cami are also spotted together in close quarters — though their conversation appears far more dramatic, and possibly a bit one-sided.

Joseph Morgan recently spoke with TVLine about Klaus’ final scene of the season, in which he makes an “emotional” but “necessary” decision.

Browse photos from the season finale below, then drop a comment: How should Season 1 end?


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  1. Daniel says:

    what a ship feast. LOL

    • Andy Swift says:

      Right? Hats off to The CW’s publicity department. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

      • Naazneen says:

        And all they’ve done now is make it impossible for the rest of us to concentrate on anything but wonder how in the world this will all play out. The backend of this season has been particularly fantastic. Im afraaiiid of how this will all end. Which means the EPs and writers have done their jobs.

    • tp says:

      Do people really ship Cami and Klaus? I find her rather useless. Maybe now with all that info she has from the secret closet she’ll be worth something.

      • Meredith says:

        That was my exact thought too! I didn’t think Cami and Klaus were a fan favorite. I much prefer her with Marcel. And also agree that she didn’t play a very useful part this season except to be the human component of the show. Maybe they’ll give her more to work with season 2.

        • Allie says:

          Well now that the Correra’s are out as wolves. She can now be the human spokes person. It was her Uncle’s position after all. That’s if they have a town to save after all that has went down now.

  2. ggny says:

    I really hope they dont kill off any more major character tonight

  3. trainwreck says:

    the penultimate episode was awesome.. so looking forward to this one!

  4. veepster says:

    Lol trying to get that klamille ship to sail cause it hasn´t sunk enough already! and lookie yeah more tears

  5. Molly28 says:

    Since when is Klami a ship? It might be a tiny raft, but I doubt it. None of those pic inspire me to tune in, but I’ll tivo it just in case Moon Moon bites the dust in childbirth, ala Darla on Angel (I know how the creators like to “borrow”from Joss W, so I’m hoping for that one).

  6. Amanda says:

    People need to stop hating. I LOVE Klamille. One of my favorite pairings!! And, of course, Haylijah!

    • Naazneen says:

      With or without Klamille (which i do like actually) Cami is a great character. Leah Pipes is amazing. Haylijah is my TO OTP though. Those two just look at each other and everything sizzles. Their chemistry is ridiculous.

  7. Lisa McCann says:

    With the pictures you wouldn’t think Haley just had a baby with her looking like no bump in they pic’s,, wheres the baby ? where’s the bump, why does she not look worried ?? GRRR hurry up tuesday!!!

  8. Jane says:

    Did I miss something? When did Klaus and Cami become a fan favorite couple? Marcel and Cami are much better together, they have some spark, whereas she always looks scared or in pain when she is with Klaus (as evidenced by the first picture above). Hayley and Elijah are adorable together.

  9. may says:

    ‘Did I miss something? When did Klaus and Cami become a fan favorite couple?’ lol, Never.

  10. tony says:

    Klaus should lose all control after baby dies. If Micheal does come back, he will not beat Klaus. Part werewolf, vampire, and his mother was a witch. Klaus should be unstoppable when mad and change into hybrid powerful like big monster. Only Caroline can calm him down .

    • Priyanshi says:

      For once i feel like michael should help them. Kill the witches!!! i mean hes gonna be a grandfather, he should save the baby. If not, go back to the other side.

  11. Sam says:

    Klaus/ Cami are not a fan favorite. Just an awkward ship most (except for the three people who ship it) wish they’ll stop trying to shove down our throats. Klaus is OOC and Cami irrelevant. Haylijah? Maybe.

  12. Chantall says:

    Ok i personally prefer klaus with caroline but hey if they dont plan on any cross over episodes then cami is the best 2nd choice..hayley and elijah make me wanna vomit preggers with one brothers baby and inlove with the other…no more brother hopping please ive seen that on tvd.i hope they bring back the other originals finn, and bad boy kol then it would be more intresting

  13. Priyanshi says:

    OMG!! Is marcel seriously gonna die? Warewolf bite!!!!

  14. Registering sucks says:

    Oh please the Klaroline ship never even sailed. I thought it was cheap how they had sex in the woods and how is it all of sudden Klaus became interested in Caroline over night. This is 1000 year old vampire and he gets hung up on a newbie teenager vampire! Gimme a break, Klaus is supposed to be worldly and he just became Caroline’s whipping boy. At least with Cami there is true comaraderie

  15. Ryan Waweru says:

    they all deserve happiness,peace and love

  16. charlene says:

    klaus is better with caroline klaus and cami r better as friends the same stefan and caroline r better as friends and elijah and hayley r lovely together