Fall TV Preview

Fall TV: NBC Orders to Series Katherine Heigl's CIA Drama, Russian Spy Thriller and Odyssey

Fall TV 2014 State of AffairsNBC has ordered to series the Katherine Heigl-fronted CIA drama State of Affairs, the Russian spy thriller Allegiance (fka Coercion) and the Traffic-like action-drama Odyssey for the 2014-15 season, TVLine has learned.

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State of Affairs centers on a key CIA attaché (played by Grey’s Anatomy alum Heigl) who counsels the president on high-stakes incidents around the world. She balances her intense political responsibilities with a complicated personal life. The cast also includes Adam Kaufman (Without a Trace), Sheila Vand (Cult), Cliff Chamberlain (The Mob Doctor), Tommy Savas (Hollywood Heights) and Leslie Odom, Jr. (Smash).

Allegiance revolves around the O’Connor family Fall TV 2014 Allegiance NBCand their son, Alex (played by Gavin Stenhouse of the UK’s Iconicles), a decorated American war hero and CIA analyst whose parents (The Newsroom’s Hope Davis and The Carrie Diaries’ Scott Cohen, pictured) and sister, unbeknownst to him, are part of a dormant Russian sleeper cell that has just been reactivated. Once the parents are reluctantly pulled back in, the stakes rise as they are coerced into spying on their own son and turning him against his country. The cast also includes Margarita Levieva (Revenge), Kenneth Choi (Ironside), Annie Ilonzeh (Arrow) and Morgan Spector (Person of Interest).

Odyssey centers on Fall TV Series Odyssey NBCthree families whose lives are torn apart when a stranded female soldier (Pushing Daisies‘ Anna Friel, pictured), a disillusioned corporate attorney (Peter Facinelli, Nurse Jackie) and a disrespected political activist (Jake Robinson, The Carrie Diaries) are pulled into the same shocking international military conspiracy. The cast also includes Jim True-Frost, Treat Williams, Nate Mooney, Elena Kampouris, Daniella Pineda, Sadie Sink, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Omar Ghazaoui.

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  1. CKG says:

    Oh, NBC, The Americans already exists.

  2. Ram510 says:

    I think this one will do well for NBC. Well enough for a second season but probably not overly spectacular like Blacklist

  3. Leony says:

    Meh, it does not seem that this will be good

  4. Jack says:

    It’s Psych/The Mentalist all over again…

  5. Mike says:

    I can’t see a cast of no names making waves in 2014. Plus it’s on NBC so unless it gets the post Voice slot it’s DOA.

  6. shay says:

    Look forward to see Katherine new show. I think she’s a good drama actress and everybody deserves a second chance

    • Sarah says:

      Try third or fourth… She bit the hand that fed her on when she was on Roswell, she did it again on Grey’s Anatomy.

      • shay says:

        Not true! And on Greys she was right, the izzie/georges storyline then ghost denny/saving a deer was awful, she just handle to say it in a bad way. She apologized so move on. It’s funny when ut’s a woman who open her mouth or did something she’s a bitch diva… but when it’s a man, he has balls, badass… same for the cheaters…

        I really don’t understand people who waste their time on someone/something they don’t like

        • Temperance says:

          Heigl is a highly intelligent, moral, loyal woman that speaks her mind. Some people can’t deal… and I find them pretty distasteful.

          • KevyB says:

            Yes! Nothing says “loyal” more than telling the media that your writers didn’t do a good job with your character this year! Nothing says “loyal” more than signing a contract and then quickly wanting to renege on that contract, and then not showing up for work when you aren’t getting your way! And nothing says “loyal” more than talking crap about movies you were in AFTER those movies made you a star. You got it wrong: What’s distasteful is someone who allows celebrities to get away with things they’d never allow regular human beings to get away with… AND then make up lies about them to cover up the fact that they’re doing this crap. Celebrity apologists are almost as bad as the celebrities they incessantly apologize for.

        • aNOnymous says:

          Pulling the feminist-card is not tolerable in any discussion. Try again.

      • Temperance says:

        Well, that could certainly be legitimately classified as hogwash, but hey, sheeple up the e-press nonsense.

      • Dude says:

        Roswell used her name to garner interest when she became a star, even redesigning all the DVD artwork to showcase her. I’d say they benefitted far more from her in the long run.

      • Patrick says:

        Personality aside, she is a beautiful and talented actress. Honestly, it seems like a lot of her problems are due to a momager who is nightmarish.

      • dman6015 says:

        And she did so well with that movie career.

        • Patrick says:

          She’s almost 5’10. It is really hard for a woman that tall to be a movie star because so many actors are shorter than her. There are a few tall female actresses, and there simply isn’t a lot room for new ones. It is hard to break in.

          Rom-coms at her height are a hard sell.

      • She's Awful says:

        Let’s not forget how she turned the whole Isaiah Washington/T.R. Knight battle into something all about her. While sticking up for a friend is generally a good thing, it was absurd that she was out commenting on it far more than either of the two involved parties. And many of her co-workers, including co-stars, have commented that she is difficult to work with.

      • SMatheson says:

        she handles everything in a bad way. why keep trying to put her in anything? there are too many other talented actresses who would love the job

    • jenna says:

      i agree she’s a good actress and i’m sure she’s learned her lesson after the amount of backlash she’s received. However the premise of the show seems tired so I don’t think i’ll be tuning in

    • Ben says:

      Me too. If its a little like Covert Affairs, I’ll enjoy it. Leslie Odom Jr is one of the most underrated actors – loved him in Smash, and on his Person of Interest arc this year.

    • CHH says:

      I’m getting kind of sick of everyone beating up on Katherine. She can out act most of the woman on TV today. I hope she proves everyone wrong. Look how many chances Robert Downey Jr was given and he was way worse than she ever could be. Go Katherine.

    • SMatheson says:

      Oh please… (crickets chirping * eyes rolling)

  7. EJ says:

    Believe and Crisis are both toast. Meet their replacements.

    • Kay says:

      The next two to be canned.

    • SMatheson says:

      Crisis was well-acted with interesting characters, but what a ridiculous story line that had nowhere to go. Completely unrealistic. BELIEVE on the other hand was interesting and had so much possibility with different storylines to focus more on what Bo could do to help people (a little like “Medium” used to do). I think the network should re-think not renewing Believe. It could be a real winner.

  8. Tracy says:

    State of Affairs sounds good. I’ll be checking it out for sure.

  9. ewwww! says:

    I’m looking forward to the next Kathryn H. behind the scenes drama.

  10. Fabe says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but if Margarita Levieva is on Allegiance, I will be watching for sure. She was one of the best parts of Revenge. I can’t wait to see her gorgeous hair on my screen every week!

  11. Tom says:

    So NBC and Katharine Heigl need to get back at ABC and Shonda Rhimes respectively so they’re putting on NBC’s answer to Scandal with Heigl in the lead role.

    • Maya says:

      Oh God, move on. The incident happened years ago. Network executives don’t care about petty issues like that. You can’t deny no matter what her personality is that Katherine Heigl is a good actress and I’d like to see her back on television in a drama series.

      • Tom says:

        First of all, I’d like to address the tone of your comment. It seems a bit contentious and I’m not really sure why. I’m a nice person, I’m sure you’re at least a decent person. Let’s be adults. Secondly, my comment regarding NBC vs ABC had nothing to do with Heigl vs Rhimes. All networks DO CARE about ratings and the fact is that for the most part (and I know it’s not a hundred percent accurate) ABC beats NBC. Third, I don’t believe I ever said Heigl wasn’t a great actress. I think she’s terrific and I am so excited to see her on TV again. That being said, she IS difficult to work with. That is a known fact. Whether it’s regarding films or her time on Greys, she is difficult. It’s no coincidence that she and her mother are Executive Producers on State of Affairs because honestly, I think KH is a bit of a control freak. I don’t care about her issues with Rhimes. My point was that this show strongly resembles the premise of Scandal and I would bet my first born that that’s what drew Heigl to this particular role and script. I appreciate your candor but maybe try to converse with a little more respect for people next time you decide to engage in a “Oh God, move on” debate. Have a nice day.

        • Allen says:

          I would bet my first born that what drew her to the role is the fact that someone actually offered her the role. Her movie career failed and it’s not like she had a lot of people knocking on her door.

        • m says:

          there is a longer version of the show’s premise on deadline, while it doesn’t sound like a new concept it is nothing like scandal

      • She's Awful says:

        Second, you can completely deny that she is a good actress. And the box office receipts, or LACK THEREOF, reflect that. The indy movie she was working on earlier this year kept struggling for funding (i.e., no one sees her as bank-able), her 2013 movie made only a small profit, and let’s not forget 2012’s “One for the Money” which actually LOST money (i.e., cost more to make than it brought in at the ticket office).

  12. Coal says:

    So I guess The Voice’s sole responsibility is to serve as lead in for NBC new dramas, so which show will move from Monday or Tuesday ?

  13. Tran says:

    NBC has high hopes for State of Affairs and Katherine Heigl’s return to television.

  14. Coal says:

    I don’t think any show will do well on NBC based purely on perception of the channel. (How times have changed for NBC since the golden age of sitcoms). The Blacklist had two things in it’s favor, The Voice and James Spader (he is a bigger draw on TV than Heigl)

    • SMatheson says:

      Not really sure anyone should mention Spader and Heigl in the same sentence. James Spader is excellent in anything he does and audiences will watch anything he is appearing in. The Blacklist is one of the best pieces of television to be on the air in years. Excellent writing, interesting characters and storylines. It would not be a good show without Spader. Can’t say that about too many TV shows and their main character.

  15. Im really excited for state of affairs! I think Katherine Heigl is a great actress and i really hope she gets better material to work with than greys.. I really hope its a hit I would like to see her suceed and do well.

  16. alex says:

    No Revolution season 3, no NBC for me. Ever. Again.

    • Ben says:

      Ok. And no Fox cos they cancelled Revolution? I guess it only takes 5 of your favourite shows to be cancelled, and bing! You’ll never have to watch network TV again.

      Seriously, thought, killing a channel because they don’t renew your favourite show is one of the most overdone and pathetic tropes of tv renewal season.

    • dman6015 says:

      Are you also going to boycott Fox for canceling Almost Human? And CBS for canceling Intelligence? And ABC for constantly renewing crap like Grey’s Anatomy? You’ll be left with The CW, which Moonves should just cancel altogether.

      • Maryann says:

        There is a serious difference between canceling Intelligence (a very low rated show that is one of my favorites) and canceling Almost Human (also one of my favorites which was actually doing better in the ratings than The Following and better than a lot of other shows that got early renewals). It is a matter of fairness and not killing a highly-rated show because a network exec decides he doesn’t like genre show. Some of it is just wanting fairness in terms of renew/cancel decisions. I can accept canceling Intelligence because it was not a good business decision to renew it. But what about Almost Human? It was successful in the ratings despite network attempts to kill its ratings by running episodes out of order, and messing with the scheduling, and when the ratings were still successful, they canceled it anyway. So how much confidence does that give in terms of getting invested in future Fox shows? I will be watching Gotham on FOX next year, for however many episodes it runs, but a show would have to be this hot for me to even consider it after FOX’s arbitrary actions.

  17. Joe says:


  18. Brooke says:

    Jesus, Katherine Heigl causes more vitriol than celebrity men who have assaulted women. She stuck up for her friend and said some less-than-tactful things about the writing on Grey’s that we were all thinking anyways, time to let it go.

    • Ana says:

      the difference is that we aren’t a paid actress on the show and she was. And her comeback to tv is a rip-off of her old boss’s show.

      • B says:

        she didn’t write or produce the show, I don’t see why she should be blamed for the content

        • Ana says:

          Oh please. Actually she’s a co-producer. I think Deadline reported that when the pilot was first ordered. And even if she wasn’t, it’s not like she’s completely unaware to the similarities.

          • trainwreck says:

            I dont think so it’s a ripoff of Scandal in any way.. of course the show revolves around White House politics but so does House of Cards.. many shows before (West Wing for instance) have gone the same path… I hope the drama will stick well – I am a fan of her acting (and personally, i feel she has been suffering the consequence of being an outspoken individual instead of a calculated diplomat one, which infact makes her more likeable to me) so looking forward to it!

      • matt says:

        this is one of the most ridiculous counter arguments i’ve ever read

        • Ana says:

          How? Of course, everyone that storyline was ridiculous. The difference is that as viewers, we weren’t under contract and we didn’t behave like brats because we didn’t like the direction. Viewers can complain about whatever the hell they want but at the end of the day, an actor badmouthing the person who employs her is just in bad taste.

          • matt says:

            argument: people are more angered at KH’s less than tactful words compared to those who have done much worse such as men who have assaulted women

            counter- argument: the difference is those men didn’t speak up against their boss!

    • murley says:


    • S. says:

      EXACTLY brooke, somehow people are more passionate about KH getting an acting job instead of those who are actually convicted felons. If voicing some less than tactful opinions about was the worst thing an actor could do the world would be a much better place

    • Maya says:

      People call her ungrateful because she called terrible piece of story and writing for a character bad(her character was having sex with a ghost and performed a surgery on a dear) and expect HIMYM cast to be truthful about what they actually think of the series finale. The way I see it, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Nevertheless, she is a terrific actor and I’d give her new show a try.

  19. Ever says:

    Ugh, go AWAY Katherine, your career ended four years ago.

  20. worthymagic says:

    I guess all the rumors about Katherine Heigl joining the cast of The Walking Dead will be put to rest. I can’t see her doing both. I hope her new show works out.

  21. Ally Oop says:

    I will probably check out all 3. State of Affairs might be a no-go though as it sounds like it could be a procedural.

  22. Allie says:

    Any bets on NBC’s first canceled show?

  23. Justsomeguy says:

    Garbage on top of garbage.

  24. Pat says:

    First two sound like rehashes of rehashes, third one, meh.

  25. Apples says:

    Meh, nothing worth watching here.

  26. Lore says:

    Scot Cohen ♥ Nico i miss you

  27. N says:

    Yay! Katie heigl!

  28. Marcel says:

    So no Tin Man? Pity

  29. Et al. says:

    I’m surprised Heigl has time for a series – what with her huge movie career and all.

  30. ivy says:

    so katherine heigl is coming back to tv
    how long till she slags off this show
    i used to like her but then she showed her true colors

  31. Allen says:

    I had zero interest in Odyssey until I saw Anna Friel will be in it. Now I will definitely check it out.

  32. DR says:

    A Covert Affairs ripoff, an Americans ripoff, and…how to place the third? Puh-lease.

  33. woodyinho says:

    Isn’t this Heigl’s first tv show where she’s the central lead?

  34. AW says:

    None of the above series are interesting. I’m still hoping for a miracle that Believe can still be renewed, even if it’s just for a summer run next year!

  35. Diz says:

    Nothing jumps out at me, but I wait to see trailers before deciding to give a show a shot or not.

  36. Susan says:

    Not interested in seeing Kathrine Heigl in the movies, on TV or the picture in this article. She should just find a new career.

  37. Gretta says:

    Hmm, not crazy about Katherine Heigl, but have liked Adam Kaufman for years. It’s about time he had the success due to him, especially after all the heartache his ex-girlfriend put him through. Will definitely watch this.

  38. WayCap says:

    It’s about time she got a serious leading role. Last turn she even got close to being an agent/spy was in the killers and I think that was an enjoyable comedic fluff piece and nothing more. She was great on Janet Evanovich’s One For The Money. That movie should have got more attention and better (produced, directed, written, etc.) than it did but still a favorite of her movie roles. If it’s as good as the Blacklist I’ll be watching. Maybe it’s not her fault she gets bad scripts or just maybe she blindly asks for them. Who knows…life goes on.

  39. Liz says:

    Anna Friel is wonderful!
    Katherine Heigl, ugh, NO!

  40. Liz says:

    AND I thought KH didn’t want to work on a tv show because she wanted to spent time with her kids? She changed her mind?
    Of course, she made movie right after leaving the show, so we can see her word is good…

  41. E.F. Coleman says:

    I see a theme not interested in CIA espionage shows will not last.

  42. laurie says:

    Since promo of Allegiance left out “under God”, our family won’t watch. We are in America…don’t piss me off before I watch.

  43. Gab says:

    Anyone know any recent apt thriller shows like missing don’t understand why they cancel the good shows and renew the crappy ones?