The Voice Top 8 Performance Recap: This Shtick Is Bananas -- B-A-N-A-N-A-S! [Updated]

The Voice - Season 6A long-term, loving relationship requires honesty — even when it’s uncomfortable or upsetting. And so, as much as The Voice has, essentially, put a ring on it (in terms of my DVR series-recording loyalty), I’m not going to sit here and pretend that Season 6’s Top 8 performance night lived up to the coaches’ unbridled, eye-rolling superlatives — or that Adam Levine’s new hair color is anything other than toxic.

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Take, for example, Usher rewarding Delvin Choice’s histrionic performance of R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” by noting, “You’ve never seen a man fly ’til you’ve seen a man cry.” (Wait, did Urrrsher spend the weekend perusing his seventh-grade poetry journal?) Or how about Adam Levine telling his rocker chick Kat Perkins that there was “nothing that wasn’t amazing” about her ear-piercing twist on “Get Lucky.” Even Pharrell Williams got in on the act, lauding his fellow incoming Season 7 coach Gwen Stefani’s half-baked rendition of “Hollaback Girl” by shouting, “Make some noise for the queen!” (Queen of… co-opting Japanese culture and fashion? #DomoArigato)

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Look, it wasn’t all bad — not by any stretch of the imagination (despite the fact that THREE singers are headed home on Tuesday night). But not every single episode deserves to get labeled with a “Best of All-Time Ever” banner. In fact, wouldn’t it be nice if exective producer Mark Burnett and his merry band of A-list panelists realized that gentle contstructive criticism won’t cause the audience to lose faith in the show’s contestants and instead catch up on their backlog of CBS procedurals?

Anyhow, with that complaint registered, let’s get to my letter grades for tonight’s performances:

The Voice - Season 6
Sisaundra Lewis (Team Blake): Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High” — Grade: A- | Hi, my name is Michael, and I’m a Sisaundraholic. No, the Lady Lewis’ rendition of “River Deep” wasn’t a total reinvention of the original, but her elegant phrasing and effortless power — along with her delectable diva strutting — were pretty freakin’ fantastic. Will a 48-year-old song by a 44-year-old woman kill it on iTunes? Possibly not. But if Sisaundra falls victim to Tuesday’s triple-elimination, at least she can go out with one of the most ferocious glory notes heard on a reality singing competition in the last decade.

Josh Kaufman (Team Usher): Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” — Grade: B | First things first, Josh’s explosive “Stay With Me” cover still ranks as my No. 1 moment of Season 6. Yet while all of the trademark vocal tools he brought to that performance — the smoky lower register, the spotless falsetto, the passionate growls — were utilized in his cover of Bonnie Raitt’s aching whisper of a ballad, the end result left me a tiny bit underwhelmed. Sure,  the stripped-down opening half was arm-tinglingly sublime, but when Josh brought out the peacock feathers (vocally, not literally) in the closing refrain, it steamrolled the intimacy of the message. Here in the dark, in these final hours… vocal bombast isn’t the right mood, y’know? So, here’s hoping Usher works a little harder on song choice when Josh inevitably reaches the Top 5 next week.

Kat Perkins (Team Adam): Daft Punk feat. Pharrell’s “Get Lucky” — Grade: C | As someone who aggressively used the hashtag “VoiceSave” + “Kat” last Tuesday — thanks to her scintilating Last Chance performance — I had high hopes when the rockin’ nanny revealed her intention to take a huge risk and turn an electro-funk jam into a headbanging rock ditty. Unfortunately, the arrangement was pitched so high that it left Kat straining to reach the bulk of her notes like a toddler attempting to swipe cookies off the kitchen counter. Even worse, that final repetition of “Up all night to get! Up all night to get lucky!” was essentially just a bunch of screaming. Yeah, I sound like a cranky octogenarian at a Jay Z concert, but the judges’ effusive praise left me utterly baffled. Then again, maybe Shakira’s remark about Kat obeying her inner voice was a thinly disguised criticism? “You obeyed your inner voice — all the way to your destruction!“(Yeah, probably not.)

Kristen Merlin (Team Shakira): Lee Brice’s “I Drive Your Truck” — Grade: B- C+ | I could try to critique Kristen’s performance using only car metaphors — girlfriend’s gas gauge was dipping toward ‘E,’ I don’t know what was going on under the hood, and so forth — but I don’t even have a valid driver’s license, so… I’ll just say this: The opening verse was majorly mumbly, the string section seemed to be swallowing Kristen whole and her emotions seemed to almost get the best of her voice, too, resulting in more bum notes in one night than she’s hit all season. Honestly, I’d say Kristen’s got the strongest body of work among Season 6’s trio of country contestants, but it only takes one flat tire to stop you from getting to your destination.

Delvin Choice (Team Adam): R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” — Grade: D+ | NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! And not just NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the horrific song choice, but to the tremulous, oddly phrased opening verse; the illegal levels of vibrato; the weird white flappy thing floating in the middle of Delvin’s suit; the copious amounts of fog; the reveal of a choir from behind the curtain; the way Delvin dropped way behind the band in certain places; the violent use of runs through the final refrain; and even the glory note that ended too soon and gave the whole thing an anticlimactic vibe. So just to reiterate: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Audra McLaughlin (Team Blake): Rebecca Lynn Howard’s “Forgive” — Grade: B+ B | I wish Audra had listened a little more closely to Blake’s rehearsal notation that “every note counts,” because (as has become her habit) her opening verse was almost unintelligible. Beyond that, though, the only other misfire for Blake’s country diva was an inscrutable red “mullet dress” over black (vinyl?) leggings. (#NoMeGusta) You could hear palpable heartbreak and frustration in Audra’s vocal, and the big, belty notes were almost disturbingly good. Bonus points for never falling out of rhythm despite the folks in the SwayBot pit waving their arms like ranchers trying to fend off an oncoming herd of mustangs.

Jake Worthington (Team Blake): Brooks & Dunn’s “Hillbilly Deluxe” — Grade: B- | I’m not sure Blake’s goal of showing “the badass side of Jake” really came to fruition, but this was a pleasant, albeit slightly gaspy rendition of a corny country ditty that (wisely) didn’t really push the contestant’s limited vocal range. What amused me, though, was Blake pushing the idea in his critique that with this performance, Jake graduated from likeable guy to actual “artist” — when, in actuality, the kid’s clumsy stage presence and “whoa, am I actually here?” wonderment expose the fact that he’s still completely in contestant mode, and nowhere near ready to headline. Oh sure, the kid has some talent, but that triple-elimination will sting all the worse if his isn’t one of the heads that’s rolling.

Christina Grimmie (Team Adam): Lil Wayne’s “How to Love” — Grade: B+ | I’ve got to admit: I kinda love Adam pointing Christina toward the R&B side of pop music — even if he overplayed the idea of “How to Love” as a pure rap track. Christina’s confidence in opening up the song’s range — and her ability to master everything from lilting high notes to fleet, twisty wordplay makes her a major force not just for the competition — but possibly beyond. Sure, there were a handful of botched notes on the bridge — and a few instances where her tone veered into unpleasant territory — but if anyone’s a lock for Top 5 status, it’s Christina (and not just because she got the pimp slot).

SHOULD BE BOTTOM 4: Delvin, Kat, Kristen, Jake (Delvin, Kat and Jake going home)
WILL BE BOTTOM 4: Delvin, Kristen, Audra and Sisaundra (Delvin, Sisaundra and Kristen going home)

What did you think of the Top 8? Who were your faves? Who’s in trouble? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments! And for all my reality TV-related news, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Mike says:

    Christina Grimmie!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY!

    • Barker says:

      Christina <3 Oh my. She's my favorite tonight! How to love. That's a brilliant rendition.

    • HomelyShrimp says:

      She’s screechy.

      • Emma says:

        ya, there’s sometimes when I really like her voice, but there are other times where she makes me cringe like I just sucked on a really sour lemon.


      • Emma says:

        #1 – who the heck is Devin?
        #2 – stop yelling dagnabbit!

      • Paul says:

        I would give Delvin A+++ He sang from the heart. Go Delvin

      • Mr B says:

        I agree Vera…. this is the kind of critique that a total blind, deaf, and dumb uninformed moron would make…I’m also a “seasoned” vocalist who is very familiar with the “game” and that’s what i’m afraid its turning into… Delvin and Josh brought a legitimate reaction from the crowd there and other millions everywhere… Christina, or so they think, will bring’em the most profit but I doubt if we’ll get an “honest” finale…. She’s not the best, only perceived as the most profitable…Be blessed….

      • Fl Sr Fan says:

        I agree, Devin can sing anything! There was a reason for his choice, and he delivered it! He deserves…because of his singing talent…to be in the finals. Give him any type music and he won’t disappoint the audience.

      • kaikenna says:

        I agree. Boy Slezak was in a bad mood this week–so heartless!. I thought Josh’s performance was heart wrenching and though I understand why he doesn’t like “I believe I can fly” it was a moment for him and his journey and it was very heartfelt. Just because you have heard the song a million times, doesn’t mean that in this moment, it wasn’t the right song for him. And he doesn’t deserve to be graded based on the fact that the songs been over done.

    • Mack B says:

      Absolutely Christina is the best one out there! I don’t even think the Voice sound system can handle her crisp cutting highs- and she is still young, and for those that can’t hear that high of a frequency register, her voice will mellow in a year or so, and watch out then! She has more potential to stun the world than a fleet of nuclear missle subs warmiing up their ICBM warheads for WW3! ! ! Rawwks !

  2. rowan says:

    I thought Christina was so awful. Very screechy. Pitchy, she’ll never get any kind of criticism, though. I thought Sisaundra was solid, but I want her to sing something different. She was awesome on “Do What U Want”, so why not another risk? No one truly WOWED me tonight. I also think Devlin wasn’t as bad as you’re saying just because the song choice was poor.

    • Alexis says:

      I didn’t like Christina either. She sounds lovely on the low end but when she belts it sounds so shrill and unpleasant! I agree Delvin’s song choice was atrocious. I cringed when he said he was singing it, but he technically sang it very very well. Still, I think the song choice by itself will do him in.

      • OhMy says:

        The same with “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. I cringed when I heard that was his song. What is going on with song choices on this show?

        • maryutah says:

          I love that song, and thought it was well done, and perfect vehicle for Josh’s voice. My third Voice download on iTunes.

        • seattlejohn449 says:

          Josh brought me to tears with that song…I’m used to women covering it and I think he scored doing his own version, plus it deviated a bit from his usual soul pop which was good

        • Tyler says:

          I’m still waiting to witness a moment. I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t know–I’m just not blown away by this season as I was last season. There just doesn’t seem to be any artists this season–just wannabe singers. And I don’t get the Christina hoopla either. Enough with her screaming. And I wish Usher would give Joshua a really good song. How about a Steely Dan song?

      • Barker says:

        I love Christina’s performance :-)

      • MC says:

        Adam was being slightly disingenuous because there was already a very different take on “How To Love.” Check out Delilah’s version of that song from The Sing Off. I believe it’s still on YouTube and it is sensational imo.

        • Jason Hawes says:

          I’m not a Grimmie guy, but I don’t think we can expect these coaches to be aware of every single cover version of a song that’s up on YouTube or performed on another singing show. I’d imagine he meant no other established artist did a version like that. If I had to guess he probably legitimately has no knowledge of the version you mentioned.

          • MC says:

            Nah. I disagree with that. There was plenty of buzz around the Delilah performance, but it’s convenient to ignore it and just pretend that “my” artist is the one who finally got it right. I’m not an Adam hater btw. I think that Adam is very aware of what’s good in the music world, including anything special from another singing show.

          • MC says:

            Just to expand on that, it wouldn’t make any sense for Adam to say, “Man, Delilah killed that song on The Sing Off, but you (Christina) also did a good job with it.” That would be very faint praise for your own artist. It’s better, and much less complicated, to just pretend that Delilah is not relevant (because they’re not presently on The Voice). I’m sure that Adam is unaware of random YouTube videos from complete unknowns, but Delilah had national exposure on another NBC singing show.
            That’s a completely different kind of platform than some unknown posting a random amateur video on YouTube.

          • Ryan P. says:

            “The Sing-Off” had a passionate but relatively small audience, and Mr. Levine didn’t necessarily have time to watch every show related to music. I didn’t watch that show, though I’ve heard of Delilah in articles, but I didn’t remember every cover they did, so I don’t expect that of Adam.

          • MC says:

            @Ryan P. Okay, you admit that you never watched the show. I’m betting that Adam frequently receives recommendations from others in the music business. He didn’t necessarily have to see it when it first aired. I’m also not implying that Adam watches every music show from a to z every week, but I am quite sure that someone who works for the NBC production team (these teams often overlap on music shows from the same network) mentioned Delilah to him while they were preparing this song. However, it’s also possible that Adam was already aware of it. In fact, Delilah very easily could have been the direct inspiration for recommending this song to Christina in the first place.

          • Muskie3 says:

            @MC: You’re really just assuming that Adam knew about it. Going off to the extent of being pretty sure he was advised by others who were also part of “The Sing-Off” about this song. That’s a whole lot of assumption you’re making. Why don’t you just give him the benefit of the doubt? Not everyone watches all singing shows and not everyone reads articles either. Much less celebrities with busy schedules.

          • just saying says:

            Seriously, you’d be surprised by how unaware many people who are in the entertainment industry are of what’s going on in Reality TV. Musicians and actors don’t have set schedules where they can come home and watch tv every night. I say this as a person at a lower level in the industry who has no idea of any performances on the Sing Off. While this may be buzz worthy and water cooler for you and your set, that doesn’t mean it is for people who are actually DOING this stuff for a living. My guess? He’d never heard of Delilah’s version. I don’t even know who Delilah is. Is it a group or a person? Cause I thought The Sing Off was one of those a cappela group shows…. Meh. Whatever. Point is, Muskie was right. You’re making a hella lot of assumptions based on YOUR life and lifestyle and not necessarily what anyone else’s is.

          • MC says:

            @Muskie3 – I’m surprised that my speculation on this issue really matters to anyone. I think Adam fans think that I am attacking him when that isn’t the case at all. I stand by all my comments because I know that specific performance by Delilah made an impact on knowledgeable music people and there was tremendous word of mouth about their performance. People want to make assumptions about my viewing habits. That’s fine, but those assumptions are incorrect. I only watch every episode of The Voice on the seasons when Ms. Aguilera is not part of the package.
            I have only watched about five episodes of The Sing Off in its time on the air. I have only watched three seasons of AI since season five because there are only certain acts that interest me. The Sing Off and The Voice were both on NBC in 2011, but the Sing Off aired while The Voice was on hiatus after its first season. It’s a reasonable deduction that the shows overlapped in terms of their production staffs. The soundstages were probably in close proximity to each other. Season three of The Sing Off produced Pentatonix and Delilah and I know that some people in the recording industry are familiar with them. I’ve never met anyone who talks about Pentatonix or Delilah at the watercooler, but they made an impact on certain people in the music business. That’s all that matters to me. I’m not really concerned with what is happening at the watercoolers.

        • Christina also did a cover of this song two years ago and posted it to YouTube…my she was so surprised at the song choice last night. Total set up

        • Julia says:

          anyone remember “99 problems” and how he swore up and down that he credited san diego artist, Hugo, with the rearrangement but the producers cut it out of the final footage? learn your lesson, adam. copying someone else’s creative idea doesn’t make you creative- it makes you a knockoff. cite your sources, dammit!!

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      What would be the point in saying Christina won’t receive any criticism, no one receives any criticism no matter how bad the perform,

    • romeojay64 says:

      I also didn’t like.Christina tonight even though I’m a fan of her. It wasn’t really awful but its not also good. She did this cover years ago with another yt singer and I liked that more than tonight. Though we also have to consider that she was sick tonight and it really showed. Props to her still for a mediocre performance.

      • Jaszy says:

        She was sick?! I didn’t notice. But Jake wanted a pity party when he had allergies….Boo hoo Jake!
        Christina Grimmie’s going to win this! I just wished the season lasted a little longer. Five weeks of live shows is ridiculous! We didn’t geven get to know the contestants that well and more than half are already gone after only 3 weeks. This is insane.
        They need to reduce this show to once a year like American Idol. That way, more weeks for CGrimm to show more of what she’s made of (Greatness) and then more excitement will be shown for the newer seasons. The show won’t seem as tiring if it was on for just one season a year.

        • Katherine says:

          Sorry feel that way about Jake feeling ill. Do you ever have allergies or maybe the flu…? Try to sing when you feel like crap….Thought he did a great job…

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I like Blake saddling Sisaundra with ancient songs will be her downfall. I literally can’t bring myself to buy any of her songs on iTunes. They’re just not songs I wouldn’t listen to unless I heard them on some oldies station. It’s too bad b/c I think if she took a current song and did a twist on it, it was be amazing. Oh well…

      • Emma says:

        True. As much as it pains me to admit, this will be the end of the voice road for the beastmaster. I knew the moment I saw she was going first and singing that song.

      • ShawnTe says:

        I was thinking the same thing. When I found out she was doing “River Deep, Mountain High” I cringed. Not because I thought she couldn’t sing the heck out of it but because it is so dated and it makes her feel dated. I loved when they had her singing Lady Gaga in the sing off. Give her more modern songs to sing if she remains.

      • Jon says:

        HIGHLY recommend buying Sisaundra’s version of RDMH on iTunes — it’s great. That said, I agree that if she goes through tonight she absolutely needs to find a song from the last decade to sing.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Geez. Way too many typos. My bad. That drives me nuts.

    • Mike says:

      Absolutely agreed.

    • johnrey says:

      u should only say bad things to christina if u can perform like her or perform more than of what she can do..can u guys? but creating ur own version of a song is insane..which she can..for a 20 year old girl..

  3. OhMy says:

    Oh dear. Well, not every episode of the Voice can be good.

    Performances and song choices sunk the night.

    There’s always next week.

  4. Matt says:

    So Sisaundra serves up the 99th karaoke version of River Deep Mountain High and gets an A whilst Kat provides a radical reworking of a contemporary song and gets a C. We know you don’t like rock music Michael but sheesh try and have a bit of objectivity.

    • OhMy says:

      Yea, but Kat wasn’t good. High energy, but that was about it. I agree about River Deep.

      • bobsaccamanna says:

        I can’t decide if Kat wasn’t good, or that was just an awful song. I think maybe a combination of the both. It struck me tonight as I was watching, (and I have been a huge fan of the Voice since season one) but it struck me that everyone is trying too hard to create a moment, instead of just letting it happen. It used to be that a moment could be created quietly(Dia Frampton doing the Kanye West song season one comes to mind) .You can’t force that magic, it has to just happen and for me anyhow , this season on both Idol and The Voice, it just hasn’t happened. I have yet to go to youtube the next day to replay a performance that knocked my socks off, and it used to happen all the time. Just my opinion.

      • Fl Sr Fan says:

        Are you kidding me…KAT can deliver anything handed her; she choose a high energy rock-heavy metal type song because that’s where her heart is and should be given credit for that. SHE DELIVERED A PERFORMANCE THAT MADE YOU THINK YOU’D PAID MONEY FOR A ROCK CONCERT…sang much better than some well known rockers at concerts! Kat should be in finals and given a chance to sing another type song to prove her voice & tone is fantastic. She entertained!!

    • Michael Slezak says:

      I’m just going to note that over the years I’ve championed Allison Iraheta, Carly Smithson, David Cook, Chris Daughtry, Bo Bice, Vicci Martinez, Bryan Keith and numerous other reality-singing competition rockers, so the “we know you don’t like rock music” criticism doesn’t really hold up.

      • bobsaccamanna says:

        Don’t forget Juliet Sims Michael I seem to recall you liking her an awful lot too.

      • The Beach says:

        Bryan Keith? Who’s he?

        • LoveWiki says:

          Bryan Keith was a contestant on the third season of The Voice and came in at third place on Adam Levine’s team. All four coaches, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton, pushed their I WANT YOU buttons. Bryan elected to join Team Adam. — wiki

    • Sara says:

      Exactly!!!! Last week, he ragged on Kat for doing a “karaoke” performance of Landslide, yet rewards Sisaundra for doing the same thing this week with River Deep Mountain High. What a joke. At least be consistent with the critiques.

      • Alexis says:

        I didn’t know Kristen’s song, but I could not understand a WORD of what she was singing for 75 percent of the time. It was her worst performance by a landslide and I think she may be in trouble.

        • The Beach says:

          Thank you for this. I thought maybe it was just me who couldn’t make out the lyrics of what Kristen was singing. I could understand the chorus but practically none of the verses.

        • Jason Hawes says:

          Again, not really a Kristen rooter, but I don’t think that was entirely her fault. The violins were super loud and drowned her out.

          • JM says:

            Agree. The violins were horrendous.

          • giselle says:

            Kristen has a strong voice, but those violins were over the top. What is it with the sound when Kristen performs? One week, she gets a mic that dies. This week it was almost like she was backup to the violins. In addition, the cameras had some of the weirdest shots when she was performing. They showed the violins in the foreground and Kristen in the background, and that happened more than once. It almost seems like The Voice is going out of its way to play down Kristen from the beginning of the show. Even in the battle rounds it was like, “oh, and by the way, Kristen also won a battle round, but they didn’t show it. She’s a better country singer than Jake or Audra.

          • Jon says:

            @Jason, ITA. Kristen was good but had sound/mic issues…AGAIN. I hate to get all conspiracy-theorist, but…

        • Alexis, right on. The end of the song was great but I couldn’t understand a single word of the beginning; and worse since I didn’t know the song I wanted to hear it

      • Sisaundra has a great voice but no one can outdo Tina Turner and she was trying too hard. She sang at full power for the whole song and that song needs complexity

        • Cynx says:

          I wish she had chosen a different song – Better be Good to Me, What’s Love Got to do With it or The Best would have been much better choices.

          • Yes, Cynx, “Better be good to me ” would have been perfect for her, more modern and sassy. I’m sorry to see her go tonight but she didn’t do herself any favors by performance. Still she should have been chosen over Jake in many peoples opinions including mine. Aloha,

    • samaelsmile says:

      I liked Kat’s performance but I couldn’t get past the fact that it was identical to Halestorm’s cover of the same. And while no one should ever consider this an insult, Lazy Yale’s voice blows Kat’s out of the water.

    • Nit Picker Jr says:

      Well, Sisaundra sang her song well and had stage presence, timing and all the other tools a pro needs. Kat was a smidge behind all. the. way. And she didn’t sing her song strongly enough (maybe it was better live, but on my screen it was weak), didn’t have a lot of stage presence or any of the other tools a pro needs. And, yeah, the timing! So I would guess that’s why. And that’s why Kat should – in my book anyway – be one of the three going home. The rest is anybody’s guess. I want Jake to go but now I’m starting to suspect that he or “Ms Screechy” Grimmie are being groomed for the win? Anyway, I’ve given up on this season, so my vote doesn’t count. ;)

    • BrewsterFly says:

      I have to agree with you here… As much as I love Sisaundra, I was bored half way through cuz it was a very very good karaoke performance. I thought Kat rocked it out last night!! I HATE that song and 90% of what Pharrell does nowadays, but Kat’s version was totally fresh and cool and unique! It showed that the lady has some artistic vision and talent!

      • Fl Sr Fan says:

        Totally agree about Kat—wow, did we get entertained! As for Sisandra, perhaps she should try a religious song as that’s how she got her start?? Hey, it worked for others like Elvis—his religious song albumns were very popular and “moving”. I didn’t like her at first because she was too powerful screaming, not pleasant to the ear IMO.

  5. analythinker says:

    Mike, there’s no Kat on your WILL BE bottom three prediction…

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Maybe cuz she was awesome and he knows he’s wrong? Just sayin’…

      • Matrix says:

        Agreed. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I loved the arrangement and her vocal performance. I thought Kat owned the stage.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          The vocal performance was stellar. I gave the naysayers the benefit of the doubt as I initially watched Kat’s performance on my phone with a crappy internet connection in a pub. Now that I can hear it with quality audio, I’m so confused what anyone is faulting with that vocal. It wasn’t an A+ and it wasn’t her best, but it was damn good. And her ability to work the stage is rather impressive.

          • analythinker says:

            Agreed, agreed, and agreed. I hope she’s not a goner and there’s a rally to vote for her outside of iTunes.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            I thought she killed it. I loved her energy too! Fun watch.

          • Jon says:

            @Angie, once again I completely agree with you. I loved Kat’s arrangement of that song, and her performance was KILLER. But then, I thought Delvin’s performance was stellar (even though I dislike the song), and Michael hated him. Oh well…

        • PAWoman says:

          Kat was fantastic! I absolutely loved her.

  6. Alexis says:

    OMG I actually LOVED Kat’s performance!!

  7. Mike says:

    Hey Michael, Kat is Team Adam

  8. Quinn Carson says:

    Why Christina isn’t doing well on iTunes remains a mystery to me.

    • Keeley says:

      She’s at #40 right now, only behind Josh.

      • Quinn Carson says:

        Just saw that. Thank goodness, I was kinda worried there.

      • Patrick says:

        She jumped up to #26. I think it’s funny that right now, her song from last week is at #54, which is ahead of any of the songs from this week other than Josh at #12. I like her and Josh’s performanced the most from this week.

        What worries me the most is that Jake might actually make it through with the country votes. ugh.

  9. Jay says:

    Need to fix a bunch of typos there. It’s “can” not “cab”. It’s registered, not registed, and in the “will be bottom 4 list” you’ve eliminated contestants not listed as bottom 4. Otherwise, nice article!

  10. Riana says:

    It’s pretty much a two horse race at this point. Everyone is fodder.

  11. Chris says:

    Totally disagree. I loved Kat’s spin on “Get Lucky.” It wasn’t technically perfect but it was the only performance that made me sit up and take notice.

  12. Ana Andrade says:

    Am I the only one not on the Christina Grimmie bandwagon? Oh well
    Also, was what with the song choices tonight? Anyway here’s how I’d rank the performances
    1. Sisaundra
    2. Josh
    3. Kristen
    4. Christina
    5. Audra
    6. Jake
    7. Kat
    8. Delvin

    • Ana Andrade says:

      Lol I should have read more of the comments.

      • giselle says:

        You definitely aren’t alone. I like your performance rankings. I think I would put Audra and Jake closer to Delvin, but I totally agree with the first 3.

      • Fl Sr Fan says:

        If there was a popularity vote, it would go to “home boy, sweet, manerable Jake W.
        How could you not like this young man, personally. HOWEVER, this is a voice contest, not popularity contest. I think he’ll be going home and it will be tearful. Good voice, but not outstanding…just another country music singer with average skill.

    • Lena says:

      You are not the only one who doesn’t worship at the altar of Grimmie. She doesn’t interest me at all and I agree with your list.

    • Melanie says:

      I can get behind this ranking. Josh’s song choice was horrendous, but he did the best he could with it. And I thought Kristen started out her performance a little shaky, but really captivated me by the end.

    • NotVirgin Mary says:

      I disagree with Sisaundra, Kat, and Josh’s placement. Josh should be #1, Kat #2, and Sisaundra #4.

  13. kk3thess says:

    “WILL BE BOTTOM 4: Delvin, Kristen, Audra and Sisaundra (Delvin, Kat and Kristen going home)”

    There’s something wrong here.

  14. Ron says:

    Why were we forced to listen to yet ANOTHER (uninspired) rendition of “I Believe I Can Fly?” Whose choice was that? Adam or Delvin? If it was Adam’s, revoke his coach card, because this takes the cake of bad and horribly overdone song choices. If it was Delvin’s choice, still revoke Adam’s coach card for not outright forbidding it. Not to mention, Delvin didn’t even fully redeem the song choice with strong vocals, as I heard a few pitch problems throughout.

    Also, why is Gwen Stefani coming on as a coach next season? I have nothing against her, but no one has even accused her of having an amazing voice — and she showed tonight just how weak her vocals are. Not to mention, The Voice prides themselves on having “relevant” artists act as coaches — which they pretty much do — but Gwen didn’t really prove her relevance by singing a hit song she had from like 8 years ago.

    • Riana says:

      Well CeeLo was never relevant in the music industry since being on the show. They probably couldn’t get anyone who wanted to do it.

    • sheba says:

      I get the sense that Pharrell lobbied hard for Gwen since they’ve worked together in the past and are friends. They’re a package deal. Plus, the list of established, but reasonably relevant female stars who would be willing to make the time commitment to be in LA for the show and could use the career boost is probably relatively small. Gwen lives in LA, represents a style of music that is distinct from the rest of the coaches, and isn’t touring an album. I can’t think of a lot of other women to put on that list, honestly, and some of the ones I can think of might not be great coaches because they’re young or don’t have the right demeanor. Still, I expect Gwen to have similar problems to the ones Shakira has recruiting people to be on her team.

      • danin says:

        Well she’s blonde.3 women judges so far…all blonde wether organic or bleached or dyed.

        • sheba says:

          True, that. Perhaps they could try a brunette for a change? Maybe a singer-songwriter like Sara Bareilles or Christina Perri? There are always a lot of singer-songwriter contestants on the voice, might be nice to have a coach represent that genre for a change.

      • MC says:

        I loved Gwen as the lead singer for No Doubt, but her solo career has had its ups and downs. “Hollaback Girl” is one of her worst solo songs imo. I wish she had chosen a different song to introduce herself to this television audience.

    • Hi Ron, I agree with some of what you say. I also said Noooo when I heard what Delvin chose as his song but he didn’t do it half bad. He really loved his song and tried to do it justice but yes, NOO! I am not a Gwen Stefani fan but I heard she sang that song because Pharrol sp? the other new judge and her wrote it. I think Stefani performs well and has sold out concerts. I think you might be surprised that these two might be good judges. I heard her and P. speak on how they are going to approach judging and it sounds interesting. Aloha

  15. Davey says:

    Audra shouldn’t be graded above a C+ tonight. She began shaky in the lower registers, sound off pitch on the higher notes, then her voice cracked when she tried to hit the power notes at the end. And an awful outfit as well. I had to walk out of the room when Jake said he was going to bring out his redneck tonight. Ugh.

    Kristen’s performance may have been heartfelt but she was drowned out by the sound engineers tonight who just don’t want America to hear her. Still I’m voting for her because she is the most emotional country singer on the show right now.

    My other votes go to Sisaundra and Josh.

    Christina doesn’t need my votes, she’s the chosen one.

    • debi says:

      She was drowned out. Why?

    • Jaszy says:

      Uh, please don’t think that just because everyone thinks Chris is going to win that they don’t need to vote. Unless, you don’t want to…and that’s fine. But in order for her to win, she has to have people vote for her.
      So, vote people!

    • MamaLis says:

      I honestly couldn’t understand a word Audra said besides, “Get out!” LoL
      Honestly.. it was like… “Grlmgl yore and ya flrru wauu ‘Get Out!’ Sorru flluu souua!”
      What the heck?

    • Katherine says:

      Well sorry you feel the way about Jake. He is just a young man of 18 trying for his dream. Did you have a dream that you wanted so bad that you got a chance to try for it?

  16. Sara says:

    I, for one, really enjoyed Kat’s performance! I love that she took a risk and she made that song something completely different. It was fun, she hit some really good, big notes, and it made me sit up and take notice on an otherwise EXTREMELY boring night.

    Once again, I didn’t understand a word that Audra sang. Blake made some sort of comment about how the lyric moves you, well Blake, I couldn’t understand the lyrics, so I was not moved.

    • MC says:

      This was a night where the double elimination format came back to haunt them. Bria needs work, but Tess has something to offer and she might have regained the support of the voters on a night like this. There was an opening for a showstopper performance and maybe Tess could have provided that moment.

      • HTGR says:

        (and if it didn’t burn them enough now they up it to THREE home tomorrow night!)

        • AlyB says:

          That’s crazy. Seriously. I wish they’d skip all the filler fluff, recaps of what we just saw and promos of stuff we’re about to see that stretch out the auditions and battles to weeks and weeks. They could condense all that and give us more time for live shows with single eliminations. Two at a time is bad. Three is just ridiculous. They finally get to the best singers and they shove them out the door before they can pull together a fan base.

          • Name This Tune says:

            So it’s in your power to skip the fillers. airs the performances almost instantly. I watched DWTS and was able to see the performances on The Voice during commercial breaks. I doubt it took more than 15 minutes to watch all 8 performances. If you don’t want to watch fillers then don’t.

          • HTGR says:

            That it not the point. Skipping the fillers doesn’t prevent 2 to 3 going home each week.

          • HTGR says:

            It is crazy. I’ve skipped almost the entire Idol season, but just watching these last few weeks I will end up having seen the contestants sing solo MORE than any on The Voice, despite having seen the entire The Voice season.

          • HTGR says:

            It doesn’t matter if you DVR and skip the filler, 2 or 3 still go home.

          • Ginger Snap says:

            If you have skipped almost the entire season of Idol, you haven’s missed much.
            The problem with The Voice is they started with 48 singers and now they have to rush to get to 2 by the third week of May. I can’t even remember who some of the 48 were. Except maybe Biff.

    • MamaLis says:

      I took notice of Kat’s performance more because of all the weird SQUATTING.
      I indeed “sat up,” but it was to rewind and figure out what was going on! Was it just her body shape or was she just doing some really unsightly squats throughout the song?
      I think it was both.

  17. David H says:

    Josh is safe as always. Sissaundra’s version had elements of both Tina and Celine (mostly Celine). I think she should be safe as well. I’d like to give Jake some well-deserved credit here. Tonight was the first time that I enjoyed his performance. I realize that puts another fan favorite (Christina) in jeopardy. I didn’t get the first half of her song at all. Unfortunately, I had the same problem with Kristen’s song.

  18. Mary says:

    Sorry Michael, but Kat was AMAZING tonight! A+! :)

  19. Jeff Marley says:

    GUYS!!! Christina Grimmie JUST ENTERED THE TOP 40 ON TUNES!!! Yes!!! :)

  20. Kathy says:

    I don’t know what was Adam was thinking about his song choices for his artists but it was terrible! I can see why Usher questioned Christina if she want to be a hip hop artist. With that said, Christina, Josh, Audra, and Sisaudra will be in the semi-finals with Jake, Kirsten, Delvin, and Kat in the bottom.

    • Billie says:

      I think the bottom will be Delvin, Sissaundra, Audra & Kristen.
      Do they still do the live save at this round?
      If they do, I think it will be a tight race between Kristen & Sissaundra.
      If they don’t, I think Kristen will have the most votes out of that bottom 4.
      If I got my way, I would swap out Kristen & Sissaundra for Jake & Kat, and then Delvin would get the save.
      But I think Audra is toast. Because she’s boring. She just is. I have yet to not get bored halfway through her performance and start surfing the internet, or go get a glass of water, or whatever.
      I like Delvin but his song choice was horrible and he sung it like karaoke.
      And I’m also going to cop to not being much of a Sissaundra fan. I get that she’s got a crazy powerful voice. But I always feel like she’s singing everything at 11, and that’s just not for me.
      Jake sounded the best he has in ages, and if those flat/pitchy performances from the past few weeks didn’t even land him in the bottom 3, I think he’s safe this week.
      Kat actually sounded better than I thought she would when she said she wanted to do Get Lucky. But it also wasn’t stellar.
      I have such a soft spot for Kristen, I really really like her, but this was easily her worst performance so I think she could be in trouble.
      Josh sang a crappy song, but did it reasonably well.
      And Grimmie was at her weakest in a while, but I don’t think that matters much. She was still actually better than most. And with her big fan base I don’t see any way we won’t have a Grimmie/Josh finale.

  21. danin says:

    My my my, aren’t we touchy tonight,Slezak. These folks have really good to excellent voices.No one scored lower than a B- VOCALLY. Loved rehearing River Deep but it seemed long.Josh gave me chills in parts of Make You Love Me which overcame the overuse of the song.Kat was not at all screamy on Lucky tho there was the weird slowed down repetitive part-Her voice sounded well oiled to me. Don’t know Kristen’s song but what a sweet voice she had.Ok so yeah, IBelieveICanFly,um jeez but Delvin sang it beautifully. Audra had some bumps in her vocal but no denying she can.sing.Jake that was fun. Christina-oops some potholes in her vocal, but she sure can slide that voice of hers.

  22. Keeley says:

    I liked Kat’s performance? I actually liked it a lot, and I normally can’t stand her (mostly just because she knocked Dawn & Hawkes out, but whatever). Really not seeing the “D+” rating there. I’m almost tempted to buy the song on iTunes.

    Thought Christina and Josh were the best of the night, though it wasn’t a particularly good night overall. Some of the song choices were rough.

    • Emma says:

      When I heard the song choice I kinda rolled my eyes, I was like, that’s a song for teenage boys to sing not a woman Kat’s age. But I thought her vocal was good and she worked the stage the best out of everyone last night, imo. At least walking, and jumping, around the stage didn’t leave her completely out of breath and struggling to keep her voice, ahem Jake.

  23. Lani Dale says:

    I loved Josh’s performance as well. I was surprised he got a B. Well Christina and Josh are favorites tonight :-D

    • Quinn Carson says:

      Mine to! I’d put Sisaundra as 3rd, but I fear she’ll be in the bottom 3 tonight. Hope we’re planned to instant save her.

  24. skrable2 says:

    This thing was over as soon as Bria Kelly self-imploded. She was the only one with enough rabid followers to conquer Grimmie’s Online Nation. And now, since they were besties off-stage, the Bria fans will add to the Grimmie armies and take her to victory

    • Caitlyn says:

      Its nice to know that at least one person here understands the lay of the land.

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah the lay of the land was clear when they went on and on about Christina being THE one on Adam’s team, right after Kay had just had the performance of the night. Tonight a lot of so-so. I almost wonder if had Tess made it this week, as she should have, might she not have actually survived this week too even with how the votes have been against her.

        • MC says:

          I just posted the same thought above. I think Tess would have been top five in the voting because there were several mediocre performances tonight and Tess had been steadily improving. The double elimination format stinks. I’m not saying that Tess was my favorite, but I like to think that I vote for the best voices every week.

    • Jaszy says:

      And all I can say is : HALLELUJAH!

      In case anyone is confused: I want Christina Grimmie to take the win.

  25. Jobless says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought Kat’s version of Get Lucky was one of the more awesome things I’ve seen on a singing show in awhile. A “C” grade for that, are you kidding me?

    • OhMy says:

      Well, it wasn’t amazing at all to me. She does squat a lot though.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Man, Slezak, buddy. Really?! A C for Kat and yet you opine week after week that Jessica from Idol is amazing?! I’m not convinced Jessica would win her local karaoke competion I’m Waco Texas as the neighborhood Cracker Barrel. Week after week Jessica does unconvincing karaoke with dead eyes and with the vocal prowess of .. I dunno… Insert name of someone here who can’t really sing.

        Then tonight Kat completely rearranges a song, even changes the bleepin chord structure, delivers (mostly) flawless vocals in a high-energy performance and you give her a C?!?!? I respect that everyone is entitled do his or her opinion, but on what planet is Jessica amazing and Kat gets a C? Jessica is mediocrity personofied (with pink Rogue streaks). Kat is a performer, a musician, and a vocalist.

        • OhMy says:

          Cheerleading is fun, until it isn’t.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I’m sitting with three other professional opera singers after our performance. One of whom is a French girl who dreams of being a daft punk groupie. All 4 of us attended the best music schools in the world. And all 4 of us just downloaded her song. With all due respect, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • OhMy says:

            Professional opera singers rarely have a clue about pop music —

          • NotQuite says:

            Now, now, everyone knows that Opera Singers have the inside track to perfecting Pop Music. After all, that’s why so many of them cross over to have top 40 hits….Hey, just this morning I was listening to Renee Fleming’s monster hit, “Team”

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            No, we just train the ones who are making the millions. Pop music is mostly brand marketing anyways.
            And you can stop creating 10 different names to respond to me. Your schtick is getting more and more transparent.

        • Alexis says:

          Jessica and Kat are completely different kinds of singers. Summertime Sadness from Jess last week was more captivating, memorable and haunting than anything I’ve seen Kat do on The Voice. I do like Kat and I LOVED this performance from her, but I don’t see why you are directly comparing the two of them. I think if anyone is being overrated from Idol, it is Jena (sorry, JENA), who has the same issue as Audra on The Voice – they slur and mumble so badly on the verses you cannot even make out the lyrics of what they are singing! Kristen had the same exact issue tonight. At least with Jessica and Kat, they articulate the words in a concise and audible way. The others mentioned here seem like they’re in a huge hurry to get to the glory notes and could care less about anything else.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I’m comparing the two of them because both are in current singing competitions both being covered by Slezak both of whom he is grading. One can sing and command a stage and the over can kind of sing and runs lap around the stage for no apparent reason. And one gets A’s and the other gets C’s.

          • tealeaves says:

            @angie are you describing Jessica as the one who “runs lap around the stage for no apparent reason?” The girl is criticized almost every.single.week for NOT moving around the stage! Are you referring to the ONE performance where, because of the constant harping from the “judges” she walked all over the stage and around the judges’ area during a performance? The harpies gave her no credit for her efforts and she never did it again.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Well, yeah, of course that’s the performance I’m talking about. The other alternative is she stands there with morgue eyes with her feet superglued to the floor while artlessly strumming often-incorrect guitar chords. The girl has zero idea how to perform on a stage. I remember seeing Fiona Apple live where most of her concert was her at her Bosendorfer and she was pulling in the audience like it was nobody’s business. You can play an instrument and be stationary and still have energy and magnetism.

          • Linda says:

            Don’t bother with this Angie chick / guy. Whatever gender it is is the epitome of pretentious and seems to think it is the supreme authority on singing, which is laughable considering some of the people it stans for. All it proves with its rants is that it has zero objectivity and looks at its favorites through rose-colored glasses each week, thinking its chosen ones are just perfection regardless of what they do. It is LAUGHABLE!!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            And unlike your post, Linda, I’m actually adding an informed voice to the discussion. What have you added besides cattiness? Oh right, nothing. Thanks for playing. Try again later.

        • Brian says:

          Someone thinks a whole lot about themselves and their opera training… Reckon the rest of us know nothing at all about what we like to hear… Sure is a shame we are overrated in our opinions…

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Would you tell a chef from the Cordon Bleu what is and what isn’t good food? Didn’t think so.

          • Brian says:

            I would either tell them my food wasn’t to my liking if I didn’t like it, or I would simply eat it, or as much as I could stand, and then leave and never come back… Again, I am entitled to my opinion, and I would hope without getting a response like “I have no idea what I’m talking about”

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            You’re entitled to your opinion. I’m not trying to infringe on that whatsoever. But If you read the thread more carefully, who threw the first punch? Wasn’t I, my friend. I was just giving it right back with the added smack down required.

          • Name This Tune says:

            Excuse me, but opera singers can and do sing every genre. And they sing it well.
            Classical training teaches you how to sing.
            And Angie understands that singing is a performing art. It’s sole purpose is to entertain an audience. This doesn’t change across genres. Standing like a wooden doll is not entertainment. Walking with no sign of engagement to the music is not entertainment. And that vibrato of Jessica’s isn’t good. It’s not radio ready.
            Nearly every singer on The Voice is lightyears ahead of Jessica in understanding all of this.

          • HTGR says:

            Nah, not true, opera singers tend to totally butcher pop and rock music. Only a few get how you need to change things up for pop and rock. (Most pop and rock signers butcher opera, almost always the voices are too weak or they just aren’t trained the right way).
            Those pop/opera star cross-over concerts are a disaster during the crossover parts.

          • Ginger Snap says:

            HTGR, how many classically trained singers have you seen who sing all of the genres? I’ve seen it once in a 90 minute revue at our local theatre company. Not a botched performance by the 3 ladies who sang.
            They sang blues, rock, jazz, opera, country, R&B, gospel, and soul
            It was proof of that tired old thing Randy used to say:
            If you can sing, you can sing anything.

          • HTGR says:

            So, what does one special performance where that got together three singers who knew how to change it up say about things in general? Have you ever heard the disasters that were the three tenors or most of the others when they did cross over pop and rock. It was ridiculous. They sang it all like opera. And they’d have like Sting or whoever try and opera song and it was so thin and not working. Most of the opera singer makes a cross over record or pop/rock star tries and opera album are a total mess. In some cases before they just have the wrong voice for the song and in others because they refuse or don’t know how to adjust style or even when to be perfect and when to let loose or when to let loose and when to be perfect.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Sorry, just saw this. lol I think I actually agree more with HTGR, but I see your point NTT. I’ve heard opera singers totally destroy (and not in a good way!) non-classical songs. It’s actually really funny to listen to. I can’t do most pop because once it gets into my top register, my vibrato kicks in in a HUGE way and I can’t turn it off (nor should I for the type of music I sing). But to your point, NTT, good technique is good technique. Kat, Delvin, Josh, Christina, Sisaundra, etc… they’re all singing with amazing technique not all that different than what a classical singer does. The sound is different and the style is very different, but the tone production is very similar.

        • tealeaves says:

          “I’m sitting with three other professional opera singers after our performance. One of whom is a French girl who dreams of being a daft punk groupie. All 4 of us attended the best music schools in the world. And all 4 of us just downloaded her song. With all due respect, you have no idea what you’re talking about.”
          Hmm. I watched the show with 2 rock fans (besides myself.) They could not stand the performance. They griped for several minutes about Adam referring to it as “heavy metal” and how someone in the music industry should know better! One asked was that even rock? Was there even any guitar?! The other said, yeah, there were guitars playing, but not very much… and then he imitated the little bit of guitar strumming that could be heard.
          Different perspectives I guess.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I’m not a rocker so I can’t speak to what is and what is not good rock. I can speak to what is and what is not good singing. And I can also speak to the intelligence that went behind her arrangement. Or her undeniably raw ability to own a stage. She is especially gifted on that last point. I didn’t see the coach’s comments as i only watched her performance on youtube, but I would agree with your friends that that is not heavy metal. Or anything even remotely close to heavy metal.

          • analythinker says:

            Well, if Bie*er’s considered pop/rock, then I guess it WAS heavy metal? Heh.

        • Angie, I love what you say about Jessica. I agree that Kat is better than Jessica but then who on Voice isn’t?. I don’t have a favorite this Voice season yet but I do on Idol and there I agree with our host.

  26. CM says:

    Josh a B? I’m no professional but that sounded AMAZING. Plus he’s 16 on the iTunes charts right now.

  27. Wire Dream says:

    Jesus friggin’ Crust, who was that little girl who was shrieking at me at the end?!?!?’ STOP!!!!!!!

    • skrable2 says:

      This year’s eventual winner

      • Jaszy says:

        Yeah, though I love Christina to death, I do have to admit that that performance was a little pitchy and shrieky. She was still better than most contestants, but not as EPIC as last week. She kind of did too much. But you have to realize that this song wasn’t her choice. Adam wanted her to do it because he was still groveling at her feet after that Drake performance last week, he was so excited, acting like a little puppy dog and the result: another acoustic/ballad performance of a rap song. When I first heard that she was doing Lil Wayne, I was like “OMG, another rap song?! This has to be Christina’s choice again cause Adam would never pick something like that for her.” But lo and behold, when they were showing her pre-performance package, I found out it was actually Adam who wanted her to do this song. So funny! She seemed a little hesitant about it from the beginning, and rightfully so, because though the performance was good and trust me, the girl is surviving to final 5, it wasn’t her best performance.
        STILL, vote for CHRISTINA GRIMMIE! She needs all of her fans’ support! (Well, the fans who are able to vote, anyways.)

  28. Kaba says:

    Sisaundra gets an A? Wow. No. That was so karaoke…
    Sisaundra- noooope nope nope nope
    Josh- Best of the night by a long shot regardless of the bleh song choice
    Kat- No. Lame arrangement attempt. Reminds me of Judith Hill all over again except not good in general.
    Kristen- sounded drowned out by the band
    Delvin- I just can’t. I sincerely can’t. This song is so cheesy. I sang it at my 5th grade graduation/promotion
    Audra- bye ma’am
    Jake- probably his best live performance
    Christina- didn’t like it because it seemed like it was trying to force me to like it. The arrangement was just so faux-transcendent.
    Josh is already #16 on iTunes so that’s all that matters. Regardless of the song he performed and sang the living bajeesus out of this.

    • Kaba says:

      I continue to listen to Kat’s performance because my head is literally torn about it.
      I just can’t like it.
      Good vocal, just no to it though.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’ve only listened to soda idea (I typed sisaundra, but my phones autocorrect decided to change it to soda idea and I like that) and kat. I LOVED Kat. Loved!!! She took total ownership of that song from a musical perspective in a way that I don’t think I ever could have thought to do. It was kind of brilliant. When my ear was waiting for one chord, another different chord came and it totally worked for me. She made a useless dance song a fun rock song. That’s not easy to do. I for the most part thought her vocals were excellent too.

      Sisaundra was another story. Yikes. Love the woman, but no. Hated it. I just hope 6 of the others flopped harder than she did. It was the first time I’d ever heard her have trouble with pitch and why in the name of all that is holy did she shy away from the final glory note?!?!

      • Kaba says:

        I can understand why anyone would love Kat tonight, but something just didn’t click to me. It just really didn’t. Though I will say it’s good to see her climbing the charts well tonight…though she didn’t fare poorly the other week either.
        Lol, yeah enjoy the other 6. Let me just save you the trouble:
        Jake was Jake
        Audra once again will never allow anyone to understand a word she sang
        Josh had a poor song but probably was one of the best of the night
        Christina’s song had all the makings to be perfect, but something just fell off the wagon prior to imo
        Delvin sang I Believe I Can Fly. Need I say more?

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          That’s fair that Kat didn’t work for you. What I got worked up about was his C grade when the kids from Idol have sheer blechness this season and get higher grades for objectively inferior performances.
          Delvin oh no! That’s a “sanger’s” song for people who know how to sang but I get that it’s a bad song for a competition like this. I’m sure he sounded amazing though, no? Boy can sing.
          Beside those two and sisaundra i don’t care much. Josh is amazing but for some reason I find myself not caring. And Christina is also a great singer but her tone does not work for me. Nothing technically wrong with her voice but I just simply don’t like the sound.

          • NotVirgin Mary says:

            “Josh is amazing but for some reason I find myself not caring.”
            This is basically how I feel, but I couldn’t really find the words until you said that.

          • Kaba says:

            Delvin sang it very well. It’s just..that song is a curse. Maybe Adam’s hoping for the Jermaine Paul effect, but the song is probably the most overdone song in history of these shows so….nobody cares anymore. It’s lost it’s touch.
            Yeah, I’m pretty much on the same page with you for Christina. I see she’s great and all, but ever since I’ve heard her (about….4 years ago?) I just don’t care. I just do not care for her.
            Josh was someone I didn’t really care for until the battles round 2. I liked him prior to, but wasnt going nuts
            Audra and Jake…can seriously go home.

          • danin says:

            When I heard what Delvin was singing I spite of it,he sang the crap out of it.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Finally back in my hotel room and can listen to the performances. Ok, Slezak might have an ear infection this week because Delvin sang the bejeesus out of that song. That was one of the best vocals I’ve heard in 2014 on any show. But yeah, bad song. Not to mention he was wearing a white suit and his hair is back. I don’t even know how to describe that hair. It’s like Laura Bush meets a flaming red capybara. So wrong.
            Sisaundra’s song is even worse with better audio. What happened to her pitch? And why was she gasping for air like she was in the middle of love making? It was a bad Vegas lounge act. It was just so bad. I’m so very sad. My girl. So sad.
            And Kat’s sounds even better with better audio. Love. Just love.

          • Kaba says:

            LOL woah just realized Slezak gave him a D+…
            He does remember he gave Bria a D last week too, right?
            It wasn’t my favorite performance and it simply wasn’t the best song, but that wasn’t even worthy of a C tonight.
            I wouldn’t really put anyone under a B tonight except for maybe Audra and…Jake since I just don’t like him lol.
            It was an underwhelming night imo…but the vocals weren’t a drag. But oh Sisaundra…her performance felt like the intro to some lame 80s broadway musical. LOL at your analogy for Delvin’s get-up.

          • HTGR says:

            OK, I do have to make one final comment: “Laura Bush meets a flaming red capybara. So wrong.”

            Haha that statement is so wrong, it’s right!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Vocally speaking Delvin was an A+. That was so so SOOOOO good. It might even be the best vocal of the season But that song. And that suit. And that hair. Kaba, that hair!!! He’s toast.
            I listened to part of Jake’s song. Meh. Next.
            Kristen and Audra I didn’t bother listening to. Ditto for Grimmie.
            Josh was really good. I liked it. I’d put him at #2 for the night behind Kat. I don’t like that song at all, but he he nailed it emotionally and technically. The execution was kinda flawless.
            And after relistening to Sisaundra for a third time, I think it was better than I initially gave her credit for. I was rating her relative to her other performances. On an absolute basis, she would eat pretty much anyone from Idol from the last several seasons. A duet with her and Jessica Sanchez would render the latter inaudible. Gotta give the lady credit for those pipes cuz she can sing so darn well.

          • Kaba says:

            Delvin’s bun game was strong though. Too bad it was just so…LOL thanks. Now I’m re-watching his performance to laugh LOL.
            Watch Audra, you’ve got to. I need someone to help me determine exactly what the hell she was saying.
            Kristen was so drowned out and just…idk. She’s selling well, but it seemed like another technical flub.
            Christina was whatever tonight.
            Sisaundra’s vocals weren’t what was killing me. It was just that her performance was cheesier than Delvin’s song choice. Someone stop telling her to sing songs from the crypt. Though it’d be an experience to hear her in replacement of Jennifer Holliday on the And I Am Telling You duet with Sanchez.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Sisaundra had so many great Tina Turner songs to choose from. I’m sad that that’s the one she went to. As overplayed as it is, she could have let it rip with Proud Mary by CCR. Or if she wanted to go for more understated, Private Dancer or What’s Love Got To Do With It. River Deep is just so bad. It’s far too Vegas and it made her sound like an excellent backup singer making a cute attempt at a solo career.
            I’ll listen to the other 4 tomorrow. Ok, maybe I’ll skip Jake. I just can’t. Poor kid is so out of his depth here. I’m sad Audra flubbed because I think she’s the best of the country singers.

          • HTGR says:

            WLGTDWI would’ve been the choice for sure, she might;ve been awesome on that. But I guess she wanted one her mom would be OK with. I guess she would’ve been voted out next week regardless so the song for her mom thing was OK in the end.

          • Brian says:

            I’ll never understand the pissy comments made on here by so called musical authorities, especially running down performers/singers from another show… You do realize that The Voice employs professional singers mostly for their competition, where as Idol has kids from the streets who are trying to GROW in their competition, learn their craft through all the drama they are put through, while The Voice singers were already grown and the angle there is to get exposure to see if they can even get to the next level, hopefully to catch on this time and have a career on their own, except for Jake, who would have fit on Idol better with THE KIDS… I haven’t downloaded one single song off ITunes from anyone in The Voice this year, though I came close with Christina and her song last week… I have downloaded Alex’s, the one he wrote “Fairytales” and Jena’s “Creep” and “Faithfully” by Caleb, and last but not least, Jessica’s own song “Blue Eyed Lie” with all for of them being better than any song The Voice singers have done this season “IMO” Everyone is not a True Music Critic like some on here like to say with their background in it, but we do all know what we enjoy, and we buy music just like everyone else does, so that does give us the right to feel as we do, but why blast singers from other shows? They are 2 Completely different competitions… Tonight’s show was not good IMO…

          • Kaba says:

            I think I made some comment about her probably singing Tina this week, but I was expecting one of those…not this one.
            In a just world, Jake is going home tomorrow. Reality? Nope
            Audra’s diction is just far too poor for her to continue on the show like this. It’s worse than Dexter Roberts

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            That’s fine, Brian. Like who you want to like. But there’s an objective element to music as well. The vocals are spot on or they are not spot on. The arrangement is well thought out or the arrangement is sloppy and amateur. The singer is consistently on the beat or consistently ahead of or behind the beat. Those are the points I’m making. I wont even comment on your Idol analogy because I’m still laughing about that (I think even Jake could beat any kid from Idol this season), but I have no problem with someone having other opinions. It’s when incorrect opinions are stated about objective elements of music when I get jumpy.

          • TC says:

            We get it Angie_Overrated. You’re a trained opera singer and Kat is your favorite. geeze

        • MamaLis says:

          Kaba, I haven’t even seen the show yet but you always provide a smart, interesting perspective!

          • Kaba says:

            Thank you! I’d keep an open mind with Kat.
            It’s a very polarizing performance according to the comments.

      • NotVirgin Mary says:

        This. Sisaundra is #127 on iTunes, behind everyone else. I’m concerned for her. I really didn’t like the performance. I think she didn’t do the glory note because Blake has his shtick about holding back, and not being, “over the top.” (pfft)

        • giselle says:

          I think Sisaundra and Delvin were both emotionally involved this week. Sisaundra was emotional because her mother was in the audience, and it was the first time her mother ever saw her perform. (At least that’s what I think she said.) Delvin was emotional because his song opened his eyes and in his thoughts, instead of “I Think I Can Fly,” he finally believed that his dream was possible. Delvin should have chosen another song because too much emotion can play games with the voice. In Sisaundra’s situation, I’m not sure what could have lessened the emotion for her. Would the audience have understood if she sang a gospel song for her mom? Or, would that have made it even more emotional? She said her mom only listened to gospel music. It’s hard to sing when you are crying inside.

      • analythinker says:


        I don’t like Daft Punk or such kind of music, but Kat rocked! R-O-C-K-E-D. Listening to the studio version now.

    • S7 Fan says:

      Agree with you on all points, Kaba, especially about Sisaundra and Kat. They were Just No’s for me, too.

  29. Molly says:

    I love your Reality Check with Melinda. But I have to disagree and say Kat was one of my favorites tonight. I think Blake is gonna be saying goodbye to a couple on his team.

    • Emma says:

      You’re probably right. My guess is Blake is going to lose Sisaundra and Audra and Adam is going to lose Delvin.

  30. AmyP says:

    I’m on the fence with Grimmie- loved her when I followed her on YouTube a few years ago, but she really over does the yell-singing. Also thought it was kind of silly to repeat the rap song choice.
    Vocally, everyone was fine but I’m just not engaged with any of them. Can’t get behind Sissaundra, sorry Slezak. Just not the type of music I would buy, and her songs are boring.
    I appreciated Kat trying something different but I didn’t love it. Maybe I’m just too sick of hearing get lucky in any form haha.
    Enjoyed Josh, but again kind of bored…won’t be getting anything from iTunes this week, which I think is a first for me!

    • NotVirgin Mary says:

      That’s funny, because he’s #12 on the overall iTunes chart right now. Everyone sure loves Josh.

      • AmyP says:

        Oh he’s incredibly talented, and I’m not surprised he’s already high on the chart. But for me personally, I just wasn’t into it enough to purchase it this week.

        Might be because I adore Adele’s cover of that song, not sure haha.

    • Riana says:

      Hold On We’re Going Home and How to Love are not rap songs even if rappers sing them. Plus How to Love has very commonly been covered by female singers including Demi

      • Jason Hawes says:

        Good grief… I realize I may be older than you (38 almost) but a Lil Wayne song covered by Demi Lovato. Ouch. You people REALLY want me to hate Christina Grimme. =P

  31. NotVirgin Mary says:

    I scoffed when I saw the C by Kat. I’m so glad iTunes disagrees with you. And the A by Sisaundra… It was my least favorite performance of hers. Sisaundra’s standards are set so high, so I felt so underwhelmed by her performance.
    I didn’t listen to Jake, but I would give him an F just for the song. He just needs to leave.
    Christina came off as shouty and at times, pitchy.
    Delvin was okay, but a D? I hate overplayed songs, but he wasn’t bad.
    I couldn’t understand Audra, as usual.
    I don’t like super country songs about trucks and beer with Kristen. Maybe I just don’t like the songs in general. She was sort of quiet, too. They really do hate Kristen.
    Josh was great, but I HATE that song. I love Josh, but only with songs that don’t make me wanna do something else.

    • HTGR says:

      mostly agree, the grades given up top seem…. errr…..interesting if by interesting I mean random.
      Christina was beautiful on her soft voice but graty on loud voice and I could swear pitchy but something her loud tone sounds out of tune to me even when it’s not, loved Sisaundra last week did not care at all for what she did to it this week, only thing that was different for me from what you wrote was basically that I did really love Josh this week.

      • NotVirgin Mary says:

        Of course, Josh’s vocals were pretty amazing, but the song… I just can’t get into it, you know? There’s only so much a great voice can do to a song that has psychologically scarred me.

      • The Beach says:

        Totally agree with you about Josh. I thought he was amazing.
        I figured it was only a matter of time before Sisaundra sang a Tina song but why did it have to be this Tina song? Sisaundra is considered by many to be too bombastic so what does she sing? Probably Tina’s most bombastic song (Rollin’ on the River is also but at least it has a quieter intro). There are so many other Tina songs she could have chosen and actually played with the dynamics of the song instead of this one which is at Mach 1000 the entire time.

    • AB says:

      Kristen’s song is not one of those good ol’ boy beer and truck songs. It’s too bad she was pretty much drown out by those violins, because the lyrics are really touching. It’s all about grief over the loss of a loved one who was killed in combat. Which is why Kristen sang it “kind of quiet,” She did a pretty good job!

      • Sara says:

        I feel like her “kind of quiet” singing was partially to blame on Shakira’s advice to her to be delicate. Its like Shakira gave Kristen advice on how to sing it, but that then didn’t relay that to the band so they overplayed her.

      • NotVirgin Mary says:

        Can I ask for a country song that has nothing to do with any sort of vehicle or alcoholic beverage involved? Is that too much to ask?

        I really couldn’t listen to the lyrics too well. I think Kristen caught something from Audra, because I couldn’t understand a word she said outside the chorus.

  32. Debbie M. says:

    Haven’t watched it yet, unfortunately had a viewing to go to which took precedent! I already know that Delvin has dropped dramatically in my eyes as did his coach. That song is probably my most hated song of all time. Remember the Jacob Lust on AI debacle? Can’t wait to hear Audra’s version of “Forgive” though. Great song but not really well known.

  33. Ansa says:

    I really enjoyed tonight despite some of the tired song choices. I can’t make you love me us one of my favorite songs so I am critical about people who perform it…but I thought josh was great on it. I enjoyed Kat, Christina, Kristen ans sisaundra. I am hoping Audra, Devlin and jake goes home.

  34. sadie says:

    Kat was my favorite tonight along with josh. I loved her rocker twist on get lucky. She puts me in the mind of lzzy hale lead singer of halestorm. I love girls who can get up on stage & rock with the best of them.

  35. sd says:

    It was a little underwhelming tonight. I thought Josh was the best of the night. A B+ for Audra??? She sings like she has marbles in her mouth. That’s a C- at best. Delvin had poor song choice–R Kelly songs reminds me of those pedophilia charges. Sisaundra sang her song OK but it just felt dated. I’m not a Christina fan but with all her internet fans she’ll probably win. My prediction for going home: Kat, Audra and Delvin. If Sisaundra is in the bottom, she’ll be saved.

  36. Elle says:

    My personal ranking after tonight’s performances:

    1. Christina
    2. Josh
    3. Sisaundra
    4. Audra
    5. Kristen
    6. Jake
    7. Kat
    8. Delvin

  37. Kaba says:

    Josh got the multiplier. I’m happy, let’s pray he maintains it.

  38. trace says:

    Liked Kat the best tonight. She gets prettier every week. Always like Josh. I just can’t listen to I think I can fly, I don’t care who is singing it.

  39. HTGR says:

    after the travesty voting on these shows, I really can’t comment anymore on this, but I will just to toss out a quick Josh!!!! and Kat!! those were the two

  40. AlyB says:

    Yikes I think Delvin is gone. That song was just cheese on parade. I hate to say it but I feel kind of the same way about Sissaundra. Mountain High? Really? Just, no. I liked Kat’s arrangement and energy on Get Lucky, I just think it was pitched a little too high. The repetitive parts weren’t in her sweet spot so it sounded a little grating. It was fun though. I wasn’t fond of Christina’s song but I’m sure she’s safe this week. Audra sounds great when she’s belting. When she’s just singing, especially in her lower register, it’s just a garbled mess. Jake had his best week so far this week. Good vocal, just not something I like at all. Same thing with Kristen. Her voice sounded fabulous and she gave a great emotional performance but it was just too too country for me. Josh was the best of the night but it still wasn’t something I’d buy. He sounded great but he didn’t quite tear my heart out with that song and that’s what it needs since it’s been done SO much. Maybe I just like it better with a female vocal. Overall kind of a middle of the road night. My guess would be Audra and Delvin going home but I see you have a bottom 4 with 3 going. Is that really happening this week? I must have missed that somehow.

  41. fatalsin says:

    I usually agree with you on who will/should go but I think Sis. could sing the phone book and america would vote… shes special… I really hope im right and you’re wrong for once and oh how that breaks my lil Slezak lovin heart

  42. tealeaves says:

    I am super grumpy about this evening of The Voice. I have not yet read anyone else’s reactions. I wonder if others loved the show tonight.
    – Sisaundra looked fantastic. That was the highlight of the night for me. Someone finally figured out how to construct one of those hemlines so it does not look like a goofed craft project.
    – Josh had another meh week for me. I loved his performance a couple weeks ago, but then not so much last week. I thought this was a great song choice for him. But I did not think the performance was great at all.
    – Kat did not save herself with that performance. I could not make out more than 3 words strung together and it was not pleasant or enjoyable at all.
    – Delvin sang one of the most overdone songs in the history of these music shows. I could not even pay attention.
    – Kristen, Audra, and Jake all just sounded generic country. Audra was the best of the 3. Why did Jake sing second to last?! Are they pushing him as a front-runner?
    – I was excited when I heard what Christina was singing! That is such a great song! And then she stripped it of all its poignancy.

    • tealeaves says:

      If 3 people are going home, I predict it will be Delvin and Kat plus either Audra or Sissaundra. Jake probably has a lot of support and that is why they put him near the end. Josh and Christina should be safe. Kristen’s the wild card but I think she has a lot of support.

  43. Name This Tune says:

    We draw a simple line. Top half – bottom half. Because they sang different styles. Here we go. In no particular order.

    Delvin Even though he sang I Believe I Can Fly well.

    And Delvin should be saved

    • Name This Tune says:

      Top half should be Josh not Jake.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      No way do all three country singers end up in the bottom. Sad but true, even if they deserve to be. If any of them make it, I hope it’s one of the two ladies.

  44. Lan says:

    The song sung by Kristen wasn’t a “beer & truck” song….it was a song about a soldier who passed away in the line of duty & the sibling at times drives his truck & lets his emotions out as he does so….it’s clear from most comments here that y’all aren’t huge country fans.

    My take (in no particular order)
    Delvin was awful-he picked the song, Adam did say “oh, no” but went w/it anyway-sounded like a church performance.

    Kristin-sound was off, but heartfelt & touching song performance

    Christina is not good at all & tweens are her fans

    Sisaundra is a great singer/performer, but the song choice was not great-come back rock!

    Jake-ok-I agree w/comment above-made me watch-but when is a male country artist gonna perform Tim McGraw-some real country & upbeat??

    Audra-lost in the beginning, had some good parts but overall bleh-which is sad cuz she has an amazing gift

    Josh: YOU DA MAN!!!! Taking that song & making it SO much better-again not a great choice, but he made it oh so smooth—-definitely the winner so far this season

    & finally Kat-rock on! Entertainment w/some great vocals. Not the strongest contender but entertained me enough to watch-cool rendition of a (in my opinion) crummy song
    Overall-coaches are WAY TOO NICE-someone needs to come out & tell someone they suck, when they do-but my guess is they can’t cuz it’ll ruin their chance @getting votes for their artist……..still BORING
    love the UK past seasons-& Gwen Stefani-I agree w/above comments, probably only one available but she can’t sing & that performance went on mute

    • Sandy says:

      “. . . sounded like a church performance. . .” Is that a bad thing? Because I thought it was awesome!

      • Lan says:

        could go down to the local community church on any given Sunday & get 20 of those performances
        & FYI-he’s not a bad singer just not at all good tonite

  45. Davey says:

    Whatever you thought of Josh’s song choice, kind of boring, his recording sounds very good on iTunes. I bought it along with Stay with Me. But Usher needs to give him more recent soulful songs.

    • polarvortex says:

      I think Usher needs to give Josh a Billy Vera song and get it over with (check out At this Moment on Youtube if you dare)

  46. Kaba says:

    Also not enjoying the entire “She’s taking these rap songs and changing them up”.
    Last time I checked “How To Love” and “Hold On We’re Going Home” are songs sung by rappers at best.
    If she took something like Heartless, Rap God, Power, Run This Town, etc. and made it good I’d be impressed. Not those two.
    And Audrey Karrasch tackled the song too Mr.Levine.
    Please dye your hair back btw

    • MamaLis says:

      I’m reading this comment thinking, “SO true!! SO true! I completely concur!”
      And then I scroll down and of course, it’s a Kaba comment. :-)

  47. JW says:

    Dude, you missed it on Kat. That was a brilliant performance. The vocals were great and, though the arrangement was a little tough at first…by the time it kicked in, WOW.

  48. JW says:

    By the way, every performance tonight was more interesting and better performed than every performance on Idol last week. Even Jena’s terrific work doesn’t stand up. And when was the last time Idol had a performance like Cristina Grimmie’s “Hold On…” from last week?

    • Elle says:

      Well Said

    • Kaba says:

      Can we please give Josh some credit. Nobody on ideal has come close to “Stay With Me” this season.

      • danin says:

        I’m w/you Kaba.Josh killed on that song.He’s been my #1 from the beginning.

      • Jaszy says:

        Josh doesn’t excite me at all. I mean, I feel nothing when I see him or listen to him sing. Stay With Me was good, but not great.
        Christina Grimmie is where it’s at! “Hold On…”….EPIC! Love her personality and she’s gorgeous!
        This is coming from someone who was not a fan of Christina’s until she came on to the show ( so you Grimmie haters can’t say nothing!)
        I’ve heard of her for some years now and seen a few of her videos, mainly her Selena Gomez cover of A Year Without Rain, but I was by no means an avid fan, or Youtube Subscriber or Twitter follower of her’s before the show.
        I think she deserves to win. Well, maybe they all do. But with Chris winning, I feel this could only be a huge step up for this show. She might actually be the one to break the Voice from it’s curse of not having too many successful winners after the show. She’s marketable. She’s current. She is an AMAZING performer so she would kill it at concerts. She’s personable. She’s the whole package to me, as cliche as that phrase is, it’s true. She will be successful!
        I don’t see that happening with Josh. This is just my opinion. To each her/his own.

        • Kaba says:

          “Christina Grimmie is where it’s at..”
          Stopped reading there, sorry. Not interested in more Grimmie endorsement. I’ve practically known of her since she really blew up in YouTube and not once was I ever inclined to care about her singing.
          So I’ll pass on your attempt to sell me to that side.
          And Stay With Me WAS that great. Hence why it sold exactly as well as “Hold On We’re Going Home”.

  49. Jay says:

    Right-mike, you’re the man, but you’ve lost the plot on kat.Her live performance was dynamic, the itunes version sounds amazing and she’s definitely safe. Everyone else whining about boring songs and not liking the show needs to get a grip and stop sounding like spoiled brats.These singers are super talented,some of the best we’ve seen on any recent talent show and we should appreciate what they give us each week. Done deal!!

  50. Elle says:

    Can somebody tell me how is it going on in Itunes? Who’s leading and who’s below?

    • NotVirgin Mary says:

      #7 Josh
      #13 Christina
      #39 Kat
      #52 Jake (ew)
      #63 Kristen
      #81 Delvin
      #112 Audra
      #127 Sisaundra

      Looks like The Beastmaster is in trouble. :/

      • Loloa says:

        Oh my. I think Sisaundra will be in the bottom 4 but im really hoping she’ll receive the instant save in case it would happen