Tomorrow People Finale Recaplet: Frozen in Time

The Tomorrow People Season 1 Finale RecapIt’s the end of the world as The Tomorrow People know it, and they don’t feel fine.

Monday night’s (season? series?) finale saw the superpowered folk and their human pals John and Astrid take on The Founder’s deadly machine before laying the groundwork for a radically different Season 2.

Before you weigh in on whether you’d like to see the new scenario play out, let’s review the action.

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Roger begs his own brother to shoot him in order to stop The Machine from destroying humankind. A tearful Jedikiah obeys, but it’s too late. The contraption already has the juice it needs, so Roger’s sacrifice ends up being all for naught.

Stephen wants to weaponize himself so he can kill The Founder for what he’s done to his family. But a heart-to-heart with Cara convinces him not to let go of his humanity. So it’s on to Russell’s plan: Draw the fight to the front of the building, which will distract The Founder’s super soldiers, while Stephen sneaks into the room with The Machine. Technically, it works. But alas, there’s another problem. The bubble that will freeze time for all humans — and from which they’ll never return to life — is already spreading.

“Don’t look at it. Look at me,” John says to a fearful Astrid. “You know what the best part about being human was? You.” Then the two are, literally, frozen in a liplock.

Back inside Ultra, Stephen fights off The Founder, teleporting him into The Machine’s center until he goes poof! Although time unfreezes, there’s still the threat of psycho Tomorrow Person Natalie, who shoots Cara. Somehow, Stephen’s rage manages to rewind time, saving Cara’s life in the process and getting him a grateful hug just as John approaches to witness the embrace. (Did John seem more upset that he wasn’t the one to save her or that Stephen and Cara were getting close?)

Two weeks later, John and Astrid are all coupley on the subway, exploring New York City’s boroughs, when Jedikiah approaches. Remember how earlier he said, “Just a man? John, that is all a father could want for his son”?

Actually, he wants a lot more. Jedikiah offers John Roger’s DNA so he can get his powers and his old life back.

As for the homo superiors, whatever Stephen did at Ultra sent out a beacon, bringing a whole new bunch of breakouts to the lair for their leader. “They’re here for us,” Stephen corrects Cara, taking her hand. Meanwhile, Cara’s spidey sense is tingling. She can tell Stephen did something to her – and she can feel John breaking out.

Turns out, the life Jedikiah is offering John is more akin to the one he had while at Ultra than his life with Cara at the lair. He’s the prototype for Jedikiah’s line of military super soldiers, and his first mission is to recruit Cara – whom he doesn’t remember!

Tomorrow People fans, what did you think of the finale’s last-minute twist? Are you hoping for a second season? Hit the comments with your thoughts, and don’t forget to grade the episode via the poll below!

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  1. Well that sucked. Leven Rambin’s incredibly obnoxious and annoying Natalie escapes, Russell’s continued character assassination continues, Jedekiah is apparently bipolar or something and has gone back to supervillain mode, Steven pulled another power of of his ass, apparently secret organization HQs can just be claimed when no one’s inside them anymore, Morgan is still AWOL, the person whose powers Jed stole isn’t seen just referenced… Good lord.

    Okay, some positives: The fight with the founder was like 10 times more satisfying than the average major throwdown you get in almost any show these days that involves superpowers. The cast actually felt alive in a few scenes, which is nice after a season of mostly half-asleep acting that seems all the rage on the network. The whole use of the drug to make a superpowered kill squad actually made sense, and actually letting Roger die was refreshing. Still I don’t think I’m going to miss the show if it gets the presumed axe, especially since the so called ‘mature season 2’ they’re promising doesn’t look to be off to a good start…

    • Lena120 says:

      I agree about Levin Rambin’s character. Ter-ri-ble! She was beyond annoying. And I was pissed at Russell this whole episode. What the heck are they doing with him? If I was Stephen I would have found some way to kill him. It’s him and Natalie’s fault Roger’s dead. And when they took over Ultra’s headquarters, I was like, “In what world?” You have to have paperwork to occupy a commercial space, especially one that big. People are gonna wonder what’s going on in there. You can’t just be an unlicensed halfway house.

      I was completely confused by what happened to John with Jedikiah. Not sure why his memory was erased. Why is Jed trying to recruit Cara and them? They all know who he is and they’ll know he did something to John. So his character arc over the season meant nothing huh? What a waste.

      • Scott says:

        Getting way too hung up on the building part. Besides Ultra was a secret government agency so I doubt that whole commercial paperwork thing applies..

        • Lena120 says:

          It doesn’t matter. Whatever they used as a cover for the building would have to still be in effect or changed. The entire demographic of its occupants have changed.

      • Chloe says:

        This show is about people having paranormal powers & you’re getting hung up on the legality of occupying a building? Lol

    • Anna says:


    • Scott says:

      How did Russell’s character assassination continue? He saved Cara and was involved in the fight to stop the machine.. We saw Jed steal the powers a couple eps back when he was playing with the beakers and other stuff. You are right about Natalie, she really needed a bullet to the face. Anyway awesome episode up until the last 2 mins. Completely destroyed the apparent character building of Jed for the last 10 eps..

      • Russell’s been built up most of the season as being possibly a better fighter than anyone else in the gang. Russell’s fight was given basically zero focus and the person he had to take care of got away. He’s gone from being an important player to really just being some random guy who got promoted to the main cast because he had a personality.

        Yeah the continuation might be a tad extreme but considering he was my favorite character since the first episode him casually going along with Natalie for piss-poor reasoning and going from badass to just kind of ass was really, really disappointing.

      • natasha_0726 says:

        lol! i agree as far as series finalies go it was good, so if they dont get renewed im just going to pretend the last few minutes never happened and live in a land where John & Astrid, stephen & Cara live happy, get married and have babies!

        Because honestly if they are going to have a dark & adult season 2 a better way to have gone would have been to have Russel get shot for what he did to roger. Have astrid die in that kiss while somehow John was still alive because of his tomorrow person DNA. I could have seen him totally hulking out when he realized she was dead and going after the founder with stephen or natalie. (that would have been interesting to watch) I mean they had to inject him three times for him to supress his powers.

        plot holes –where is charlie? john’s little sister type person? they jumped ahead 2 weeks so where is luca & their mom? why is natalie not dead? Why was cara the one who gave stephen the speech about him keeping his humanity instead of his very human best friend? Lastly, John how could you be so naive as to leave your girlfriend on the train to go off with dear old dad and sit in his frankenstein chair like that was going to end well? I think we all saw from a mile away that Jed wasnt going to give him his powers back and expect nothing in return? he is power hungry & obviously doesnt care about Morgan, his baby or Rogers dying wish

  2. Drew says:

    So, um, what happened to Stephen’s mother and brother? Roger died, you’d think there would at least be a comment about how Stephen’s mother and brother reacted, even if the actors weren’t available (or the budget wasn’t available) to show it.

    • How about Stephen and Kara messing around in a chair that Hillary’s body helped scorch?

      • Scott says:

        Haha yeah I really thought that’s why Steven was looking at it for that brief pause.

      • Ari says:

        YES! That was the most confusing part for me! At one second Stephen is all Hillary Hillary Hillary then two episodes later he’s all about Cara again. Also how old are Cara and John? I thought they were older and now they are both dating high school students? Other than that, I think this was a really solid finale and I am really hoping they get a second season.

        • Lena120 says:

          That file John was holding at the end said Cara was born April 10, 1990. So, she’s supposed to be 24. I think John is even older than that! Gross guys.

    • I would imagine it was for time constraints. I would rather they’d spent a little time with the mother / brother and stopped with the new breakout scene in the lair. But at least they didn’t end with a major plot cliffhanger, and I’m happy the main story we’d been following did get closure.

  3. Charissa29 says:

    Well, I know I’m not into a show when the female lead gets shot and I think ” Finally!!!”

    • natasha_0726 says:

      Ok! lol! that is hilarious! i like her as a leader but her back & forth between John & stephen is annoying she chose john but she doesnt see stephen just as a friend there are feelings there and its annoying to watch the drama.

  4. azu says:

    Wow!! That was disappointing. Okay they can cancel the series now. No one is reprimanding Russell for his stupidity? Roger is dead because of him

    • Lena120 says:

      Exactly. Russell has gotta go. I can’t believe how much the writing has made me dislike his. He was one of my favorites. It’s like everyone’s glazing over the B.S. he just pulled. Cara exiled John for MUCH less.

  5. Anna says:

    Did John seem more upset that he wasn’t the one to save her or that Stephen and Cara were getting close?
    The 2nd one. I may ship John and Astrid but he’s clearly on the rebound with that girl. I really don’t get why being human made it impossible for him to still love Cara. I’m glad she didn’t die; one death I’d have welcome is Russell’s. The character should have been literally assassinated just for the sake of rightfully redeeming it.

    • Cindy says:

      I was thinking that John was actually missing his powers and was realizing Stephen might be better for Cara. At least at that moment. It might also explain why he was so willing to go along with Jedikiah’s scheme to get his powers back. I was wondering though why John lost his memory in the process? I would think with having the TP DNA already it would have been fairly easy to get his power back with the right chemical mix just as they were able to take it away with a few shots of some chemical mix.

  6. arianeb says:

    It did what a good season one on the bubble show should do: Give the show some closure while leaving a foot in the door if there is a season 2. The list of shows that got cancelled and ended with no closure at all is frighteningly long, and I have little desire to rewatch shows like that.
    But a handful of shows like Dollhouse, Caprica, and The Secret Circle are worth watching again, because even though they were unceremoniously cancelled very young, there is enough closure at the end that you don’t get a sick feeling of remorse when you rewatch them later.
    TTP had its ups and downs, and really did not start to get good until episode 13. If it goes on I’ll watch, if it gets cancelled I’ll probably rewatch “The complete series” a couple of years from now on Netflix.

  7. So one thing I was never clear on… Whenever Stephen stopped time we were given to assume he could control who was affected, since the few times he did it (remember how he did it a lot early on and then apparently that’s not how that works anymore?) it clearly wasn’t only paranormals who aren’t frozen as they were in at least one case. Sooooo I guess the machine was designed to selectively not freeze paranormals?

  8. Rosie says:

    I thought the season finale was great! I loved the fight scenes between the founder and stephen. I am so glad Cara didn’t die and I like how she wound up with Stephen. I also ship John and Astrid. I just hope John gets his memory back!

  9. Marc Kelley says:

    hey has every one forgoten that they are in high school and yet they act like they aren’t.

    • Cindy says:

      I think the writers may have decided to “do away” with the high school issues. It was causing too many issues with the audience and was too restricting for the characters. At first Stephen was working at Ultra after shcool but it now seems like he is there at all times of day so he can’t be still in school. Astrid was applying for some sort of scholarship when they tried to kill her off but we never heard what came of that. Let’s face it Stephen looks a lot older than Luca and I would assume Luca is in high school as well.

  10. mela says:

    I’d be fine if they cancelled this. I enjoyed the first season, but too many characters making unbelievably stupid choices, over and over and over again. Jedikiah, John, Astrid and Cara — and maybe Stephen’s poor underutilized mother — were the ones carrying this show, but they can’t do it with writing that just leaves major plot points hanging in the air. (What about that chip in Russell’s brain? The girl whose powers were stolen? Morgan? AND DO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE GO TO SCHOOL.)

    I say let it go and start fresh next season.

    • Jana says:

      Cara was not carrying this show. She was one of the most hated characters prior to Natalie and the Cara centric focus kept causing ratings to dip. John, Astrid, and Jed were the ones who carried this show time and time again.

  11. fifi says:

    Big Astrid and John shipper here, but john still loves Cara. Cara loves both John ans Stephen. It’s annoying that they can’t write a story without a triangle or in this case a square. The show should get canceled imo. I wouldn’t mind a Jojn and Astrid spin off, they had the best chemistry on the show. I’m I the only one who thinks Stephen and Russell should die?

    • Earth says:

      Yes Russell should die, I do not like his character after showing that he is so weak.. Always have liked John he’s awesome, it took a while for me to warm up to Stephen but now he ok and yes tired of the love triangles on all the shows. Still don’t like Cara, because of the triangle and her going back and forth between John and Stephen,

  12. fifi says:

    Gosh so many spelling and grammar errors in my previous post!!!! Lol

  13. krendall says:

    The Ultra HQ should serve as the Base of Operations for TTP and Jedikiah should be involved with that.

  14. I loved the episode untill the end. Did not like that John has no memory. I think John and Astrid a great together. Cara and Stephen too. I want a season 2 see if they can get Johns memory back.

  15. Babar says:

    Whose idea was it to end the episode in a cliffhanger. The show is not getting renewed with those ratings. I was happy with how the episode shaped out until the cliffhanger. Ugh!

  16. James says:

    Looks like the Tomorrow People will be frozen in time as some TV sources are saying there will be no season 2, Competition is not always a wonderful thing.

    • Wouldn’t it have been ballsy for them to end the season with time frozen? Yeah it would have been annoying for the lack of closure but been an apt metaphor for the show.

  17. Sara says:

    I found the finale boring. Everything tied up in a nice bow. Yawn. I felt as if Astrid was John’s backup. He sure seemed like he wanted to keep things going with Cara. She was the one who had to remind him about Astrid. I didn’t like that.

    • natasha_0726 says:

      I agree to being a bit disappointed by the finale because all the articles said there was going to be these epic moments that blew up everything we knew. that didnt happen!!! I understand that since they know that might not get renewed they wanted to get closure but lord was that blissfully perfect. Also why must they torture john? jed just ruins his life over and over again its ridiculous that he would fall for that a second time.

      Someone said Astrid is his backup. Really there whole flirtation started episode 9 so this isnt really out of no where. they had a budding friendship & I think Johns ego needs someone who sees him as brave and strong even without his powers. While I like him & astrid I still think he will end up with cara but until then, they both need to go their seperate ways and figure themselves out. It isnt just that she cheated with stephen or their telepathic link but that john can kill and he lied about it for so long. they had a lot of drama and it was just time to move on! they can love each other and be in each others lives without being together.

      Astrids character is good for john and she is a great friend to Stephen. She got over him saying he wasnt in love with her and still supported him. She didnt trust Hillary (cuz really she tried to kill her), but she told her that as long as she didnt hurt stephen then she would accept it. She even told him that he could use saving the world to get laid. that was cute!

  18. qj201 says:

    Well after it gets cancelled maybe the Brits will “take it back” and remake it without all the terrible CW writing and teen angst/sexploration.

    GO back to the original… TIM was an ALIEN computer that John discovered telepathically. Ultra was “bad” but not “evil” and there was a lot of visit to other planets, etc., as well as a back story about aliens preventing humans from developing and using telepathy.

  19. Quinn Mallory says:

    It’s been mostly fun, TPP, but I keep on waiting for the stories to start making logical sense. It sort of was going in that direction for awhile, but the introduction of a paranormal kill squad, a wormhole to the refuge? or wherever that The Founder fell through, shooting Roger fatally when it seem like a glancing shot may had been enough to break him free, etc.

    I would watch season 2 if it does exist, but I don’t have great faith that it will not also be full of plotholes all over the place to get the great looking cast in various situations.

  20. I want this show RENEWED! NOW! NOW! NOW! Don’t pick up the Supernatural spinoff, that was atrocious

  21. John says:

    The movie must continue is far better than vampire dairies with no base line. Ttp is way better than most show on tv now.

  22. John says:


  23. Rick Katze says:

    Would like to see a season 2 but the numbers suggest that it gets cancelled. Hope i’m wrong.

    Kudos to the writers for closing the first season arc. Even without a season 2, I will watch the full season eventually after it comes out on DVD.

  24. Dmav says:

    I think my biggest problem with this show is the shipping. The writers assumed we would want Cara and Stephan together and never proved to me at least why we should. They were powerful and pretty to look at bit that was about it. Quite frankly I found their pairing creeping. John and Astrid, same thing and theirs felt ridged and not earned. It just came out of now where. I got more of a highs cool crush on her teacher from Astrid and John was in love with Cara until last week and now….

    The writers need to stay away from the teen fan fiction fanatics on Twittet and stick to power struggle that is when it lucked some ass in the storyline.

  25. please bring the tomorrow people back for a second season !i totally love that show !

  26. Wow, this article is good, my younger sister is analyzing such things,
    therefore I am going to inform her.

  27. inness york says:

    We are all tomorrow people in the making, our dna is mutating, there are articles online google it. I am learning a lot from this, trust your senses and we can all learn to have these gifts. Awesome series. Must have more.

  28. Chantall says:

    Since the series started ive never liked steven but i love john he is really cool i use to be a cara fan until she cheated on john with steven..when john shows intrest in astrid she doesnt like it johns the coolest person on the show

  29. jaco says:

    Season one was ultra amazing!!! Please bring in season 2 have to see it… :-)

  30. nicolas says:

    Please I living in chile a country that the series never show on tv and the thing that I most want in this world is see the second season of the tomorroww people so please I’m begging you restart the series

  31. fredrick sifuna says:

    this stuff is owrsome cant wait for season two

  32. fredrick sifuna says:

    this stuff is owesome y is it being cancelled for heaven sale give us season two

  33. fredrick sifuna says:

    this stuff is owesome y is it being cancelled for heaven sale give us season two bt Astrid and Stephen could have merged well

  34. Kinele Egwuda says:

    The Tomorrow People is among the best of TV Shows I’ve watched so far. Season 1’s finale was an amazing cliffhanger and I want to know what happens next (hint hint to make Season 2, people!) Please, please don’t cut it!!!

  35. zuka says:

    when and where will you upload the tomorrow people.season 2 please tell me i want to know it is a very very amazing serial which is in my opinion the best. why you stopped uploading the people want this serial the 56% sad that they want the second season please countiniou the serial while 7 season or more :)))))) i am waiting. Thanks alot