Dancing With the Stars Week 8 Results: Did The Right Couple Go Home?

photo-4Though the usual theme-night story lines were nowhere to be seen on Week 8 of Dancing With the Stars (what’s left after you’ve gone through Disney, Latin, and Party Anthems, right?) the battle surrounding our final six celebs — who all have (arguably) a realistic chance at the Mirrorball trophy – took center stage in the ballroom.

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Something called the Celebrity Dance Duel (which required our fearless celebs to shed their pros and briefly pair with each other mid-dance) added to the fun, but tonight’s live show also brought yet another twist to a surprise-filled Season 18, as guest judge Abby Lee (“nobody was good”) Miller – the tough cookie star of Lifetime’s Dance Moms — grabbed a paddle and joined the festivities.

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Let’s high-kick right to the highlights:

DANCE OF THE NIGHT: James Maslow’s Viennese waltz and Meryl Davis’s rhythmic rumba were good enough to earn a single perfect “10” (from Abby Lee and Bruno, respectively), but for my money, here’s the top dance of the night:

Amy Purdy & Derek Hough: Injury, schminjury! Coming back from last week’s debilitating back pain, Amy’s stunning Argentine tango was vibrant, sexy and sensational. Abby Lee praised Derek’s envelope-pushing choreography before reminding all her students in the audience to stop whining (“look at this woman!”). Bruno called it “spellbinding…I feel like I’m in a trance” while Carrie Ann gushed “I swear, I felt like I stopped breathing three times because what you’re doing is incredible.” Len dished out the ultimate praise when he opened his critique with “If I’m dreaming … don’t wake me up.” The stunning performance earned an inevitable sweep of perfect 10’s.

RUNNERS-UP: Charlie White & Sharna Burgess: Talk about paddle pandemonium! After Charlie’s highly engaging quickstep, Len played coy whether the dance was “special enough” for a “10” while an all-out catfight occurred between Abby Lee (“He wasted my time!”) and Bruno (“There is four of us….shut up!”), thoughtfully mediated by a cool Tom Bergeron (“Bruno… it’s not really your turn yet”). But Carrie Ann prophetically stated “this might be your lucky night” and girlfriend was on the money! Bruno noted the “not quite so clean” stops, but leapt to his feet to shout that Charlie was “off the starting block like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby.” Abby Lee blended mild criticisms ( “your foot’s flopping, your knee’s bouncing…”) with high praise (“you have impeccable musicality”), but given the mixed messages from the judges, who could have predicted a sweep of perfect paddles?

Danica McKellar & Valentin Chmerkovskiy
James Maslow & Peta Murgatroyd
Candace Cameron Bure & Mark Ballas

Danica McKellar & Valentin Chmerkovskiy
James Maslow & Peta Murgatroyd

Danica McKellar & Valentin Chmerkovskiy

“It’s been absolutely amazing, I’ve had the best time ever,” said a gracious Danica, before adding this incredibly gracious adieu to her competitors. “I didn’t want to see any of them eliminated, so I guess it works out.”

And with that, it’s your turn. Did the right couple go home tonight?? What did you think of Mark Ballas…singing in the opener? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sara says:

    Nope. Nothing else needs to be said.

    • Gia says:

      Ridiculous results! Time to take the voting out of the hands of the fans.

    • Ben says:


    • karin says:

      Mark was Terrific!Would like to see more of him and his band!

      • Norma says:

        I agree. Too many fans vote on who’s the cutest, or pittied. The judging needs to be fair and solely done by the professional judges. Sometimes they show favortism for one reason or another and it should solely be on dance ability. Len and Carrie are the worst for favortism.
        . The only fair judge is Bruno. Maybe it’s time to replace Len and Carrie. I do not like “GUEST JUDGES” It’s not a fair Judging. Again they don’t know what to Judge.

        • I totally agree with you about Bruno being the only fair judge. I also don’t like the “Guest Judges” because I think that Julliane and Abbey Lee Miller were the absolute worst. Abbey obviously had a thing for James because he received 2 10s from her. I was totally in awe when they voted Danika and Val off. Really??? They really need to do away with the guest judges because they are not always fair & it makes me want to watch something else.

          • bella dupree says:

            I wasn’t impressed with Abbey, whatsoever. I don’t think that the guest judges are qualified to vote. I don’t think the celebs likes of Cher, Ricky Martin, etc. have the necessary qualifications, experience to judge. And Abbey. She was laughable. While Maks shouldn’t have mouthed off to her, he was spot on with not caring what she had to say as a judge.

        • Christine says:

          I don’t think the judges’ voting is as unfair as what the fan input does and/or the guest judges. Even the loathsome Abby said publicly beforehand that Meryl was a shoo-in to win the season, but now thanks to her retaliation at Maks for his slam, I think she and Maks are at the very bottom of the leaderboard and very likely to go home next week. (Did anyone else see Abby pull the paddle from almost behind her? Anyone else think she changed her score after hearing Maks’ comment?) I’m so sorry to tell you, Norma, but I read that starting next season, Bruno will no longer be judging. I’ll really miss him!

          Oh, and does anyone know how the dance styles are chosen for the celebrities? It seems clear that everyone finds more success with the non-Latin dances, but Meryl has had no fewer than 8 in her 10 dances so far! Except for week 2’s swing and week 3’s foxtrot, she has had nothing but Latin. And if the judges do that “re-do” assignment they do every year, she will most likely be doing yet another one, because week 1’s cha-cha and this week’s rumba were her weakest scores so far. How is that fair?

        • Ginger says:

          I agree. Meryl should have been gone after week one! In my 20 years of Ballroom and Latin dancing I’ve only witnessed such deplorable dancing out of Beginner Bronze level dancers. She has yet to wear heels, (I’m sure Max is keeping her out of them as it would require total balance and technical accuracy which cannot handle). In past seasons others were given 5 & 6’s for such poor dancing. I’m wondering what they promised Max if he came back this season, maybe they thought Meryl would be able to dance! This is a wooden floor not an ice rink that someone can slide around on. I’ve stopped watching the show as I’m just too disgusted with the selective judging.

          • Christine says:

            You sound just like Abby Lee Miller! No matter what dancers do, the only thing she sees is sickled feet! Well, I’m not sure how you’re seeing these sickled feet, because you’re not paying close enough attention to feet to realize that Meryl wore heels in no fewer than four dances–her cha-cha, foxtrot, Argentine tango, and tango. Even the pro women wear flat tap shoes or the wedged sneakers or even high-tops for dances in which they perform acrobatics, which she has done in at least four of her dances, one in the Argentine tango wearing heels! The average contestant–and viewer–has no dance training. The end goal for everyone is enjoyment. If you get no enjoyment from DTWS and aren’t watching any more, why are you on here criticizing things you haven’t even seen?

          • Ginger says:

            In response to the comment entered, I hear from a number of actual dancers about all the latest “crap on a cracker” being served on a weekly basis. I gave up on the show simply because they are making a mockery of real ballroom, latin & swing dancing. NO, you do not go bare foot in a Rumba, you wear heels! But if you cannot balance yourself in heels, you ignore the dance you were given and change it to Contemperary number and hope no one can figure that out. Yes, she wore heels the first episode doing a cha cha and did such a horrific dance that I was embarrassed for her! I’ve been told she has danced in boots and practice shoes in other dances where there should have been heels. But enough about the bad dancing,
            Danika was a pleasure to watch, great rhythm and technically one of the best they had this season.
            As for tango, there was no comparison to stars like Kelly Pickler & Derek’s dancing, no one could stop watching! Now they did everything and every dance to perfection and
            Kelly Pickler was not a dancer! That was a season worth watching and Derek is the best there is.
            If you want to witness real dancing, “So you think you can Dance” is the best thing going, watch and enjoy!

      • bella dupree says:

        Agree. Mark Ballas has a great voice and I thought he was lip syncing (sp) a first. Danica and Val were a great couple but I think the right couple went home.

    • Mika says:

      Sad to see anyone go, but I am glad I get to watch the hotness known as James for another week. Even if people including me did not know who is, part of the charm of the show is getting to know new “stars”.

  2. mia says:

    Newsflash – one of the professional ice dancers are going to win the show. Shocker!

    • Stacie says:

      I’ve wanted Maks to win many many times with so many different partners including Mel B over Helio and, Kirstie Alley over Hines Wird, and although I will be happy if he pulls through this year it will feel a little less earned because of his partner. It takes something away a little.

      • Peg says:

        Did you feel the same way when Derek won at least twice with excellent dancers from the get go or when Mark won with a gold metal ice skater? Sure the ice dancers have some dance ability, but on skates and not ballroom dancing. Besides the best dancers don’t always win. Maks and Meryl have all my votes and if they win, I will be very proud of them both because they won’t have it given to them — they will have to earn it. They have some stiff competition!

        • mark says:

          Peg. i agree 100% Maks and Meryl should win. they have something the other dancers don’t have and you can see it..

      • mielmani says:

        I must disagree with you! Many of their dances have been the best choreography that Maks has created in his many seasons on the show, and I think they complement each other better than any of the other couples this season. But it doesn’t matter, because the results have already been decided: Derek and his partner will win. It’s what the producers want.

    • DWTS fan when it's fair says:

      I hope your newsflash is correct, but I’m worried that it’s not happening. Why does the public keep giving sympathy votes? I can see doing that maybe the first week only, but towards the end of the competition, it should be real with real dancers winning. It’s not an “most inspirational contest” but a “dancing” contest. Everyone should be judged the same way and the public should vote that way too. Like Paraolympics, maybe they should make a Paradancing competition.

      • robinss says:

        I totally agree. Amy isn’t dancing as much is she is posing while Derek tosses her around and hold her as she does the same steps week after week.

        • mark says:

          amy should have been let go. hopefully she will this week…its not dancing on stools….derek is a good one for the sympathy vote. maybe he sister should have told he needs to phone it in…let amy go already

    • Jake says:

      News Flash! Don’t we wish! Didn’t you catch Ann spilling the beans last week when she told Amy….”When you–when and if you win….”‘ The “competition” has already been decided. Apparently, this is how ABC thinks they can save DWTS: by kowtowing to the DH fans who think that he deserves to wiin every time (yeah, right!) and making it seem okay by giving him someone who will evoke a lot of sympathy. Maybe DWTS should have an additional trophy for “most inspirational.”

  3. Kate says:

    I don’t understand the duel dance? I thought they were competing head to head, not working as a team for the same score. Abby was an awful judge. I feel like the scores tonight were designed to build the drama. Maks & Meryl getting the same score as Candace & Mark is crazy.

    • Abby says:

      That’s exactly what I thought. I’ve been trying to find out if Abby and Maks have some sort of past…

      • Snippy says:

        Actually, it’\’s Derek and Mark that have “the past” with Abby. Apparently, they criticized her via twitter. Did you see Derek applaud when Maks said he didn’t care for anything that Abby said?

    • It’s duel, with an e. Not dual.

    • Ann Thompson says:

      I totally agree. The duel dance was not explained well at all. Abby had no clue to what dance Max performed. Max and Meryl were robbed of points–if they go home next week I’m through with the show.

  4. Kaylee says:

    Why is James Maslow still on the show? He and Peta need to be voted off so they can go public with their relationship. Over him.

    • Yes, I watched - am I ashamed of myself? How can I answer this complex question? [a simple 'yes' will do] says:

      Not only “why is James Maslow still on the show”, but I’m still working on ‘Who is James Maslow?’

      But, hey, it’s all good. Isn’t next week ‘take your shirt off night (again?)” All right! Another big night for the ladies!!

      Me personally? I’m done – Danica’s left the dance floor, so I’m going home folks.

      Enjoy the rest of the program everyone. Derek may win now – the two ice dancers may end up splitting the vote in the final three. Ironic isn’t it? Ask, and you shall receive.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I didn’t know who James Maslow was, but his dancing has impressed me. I love his smile and his determination to improve.

  5. Juju says:

    Newsflash — Derek Hough is going to win the show for the 900th time. Shocker! And they wonder why the ratings keep dropping.

    • Sara says:

      ^^^^^^ All of this.

    • Name This Tune says:

      Just bring in a chair and even y and I could win this show.
      Blech. I am so tired of the sob story queen.
      I am with the ice dancers winning the show.

      • Debra Reese says:

        Thank god someone else said it. I thought it was just me. I am sympathetic to Amy’s a back story but really, if I have to see her cry through one more pre dance package, I am going to poke myself in the eye. And I admire her for her effort, but lets face it, she is literally being held up by her partner. This is a dance competition for goodness sakes! If Meryl doesn’t get win this its just a crime.

        • We get caught up in these stories of the dancers - hook, line and sinker says:

          I like Amy as well, but I do understand what you are saying. All they are missing is the piano keys playing slow, quiet sad music with the voice-over:

          ” Tonight, on a very special DWTS – one woman’s determination to beat all odds, dancing through pain and suffering. Her story, plus, a special Diane Sawyer 20/20 interview of Amy’s torment on the dance floor, and the man who put her through that heart break – Derek Hough.”

          “And on the next DWTS, Redfoo’s desperate cry for help – can any woman save him?”

          Que the piano music – que the little dog running towards Amy … fade out to black. “Yes, excellent work guys, that’s a wrap.”

        • Peg says:

          Absolutely agree with you Debra! I think Amy is doing a wonderful job, but she isn’t held up to the same standards (how could she be?). As much as I love what she is able to do, I hate to see her win as a sympathy thing or because she is with Derek. Love Derek but I feel he is favored and it is getting old. Maks and Val are just as good, if not better, than Derek and Mark! It is time for Maks to get a win and he and Meryl deserve it.

      • Cheryl says:

        I agree. Listening to Amy cry each week is getting old. This week, Amy and Derek got scored with a 10. Amy did not dance! She sat on a stool or was lifted and carried by Derek. Amy has a sore rib. Danica danced an entire routine, choreographed by Val. Danica danced. Amy did not.
        Danica did her best while Amy phoned it in. Since Amy has a handicap, the judges will give her a 10 because they do not want anyone to think they are being mean. Instead, America knows they are giving Amy a pass and hopefully will eliminate her on the next show. It is Derek’s job to work with Amy’s limitations, to make her dance so well that everyone forgets she has a handicap.

    • Norma says:

      I don’t see any way possible Derek can win. His parrtner has accomplished a great deal in her life since her amputations, but she cannot really dance. Derek makes her look good and she follows him, but left on her own, she can’t do it. She even admited she can do kicks, but she needs support. Nothing against her as she is remarkable, but if she wins, the show if fixed and ratings will go down even more.

    • bwillyc says:

      Last season he won with his partner sitting down doing the hand jive. What’s new?

  6. supertech14 says:

    We’re at the point now where I don’t want any of them to go home! From here on out I’m not going to agree with anyone sent home!

    • Lisa says:

      I’m with you. Really because they are all doing quite well.

    • Kim R says:

      Nicely said. They are all doing great. :)

    • Lisa says:

      I agree. I haven’t watched the show for the last several years. I am really enjoying this season. I like the positive energy among everyone.

      • Ruby says:

        Me too! I just love how supportive everyone is of each other. This is my first season following the show, and I’m just blown away by everything! Even some of the teams without the acute technical skill have improved so much over the weeks, which is the whole point of being paired with a professional! Criticisms and scores aside, we’re all here to have fun, and that’s just what those stars are doing!

  7. Ashley says:

    Candace should’ve gone home this week and then either Danica or James (as much as I love and am rooting for him, he’s not improving enough to make it to the finals in my opinion and the whole “are they aren’t they” is getting uncomfortable for, not only us, but them as well). Your top three are going to definitely be Amy, Charlie, and Meryl, with hopefully Amy winning (despite wanting to see someone other than Derek win for a change). The other position is rotatable.

    • Yes, I watched - am I ashamed of myself? How can I answer this complex question? [a simple 'yes' will do] says:

      Fair enough – but could we have predicted this outcome before this cycle of DWTS started? If ‘yes’, then maybe DWTS is missing its mark and purpose.

      Derek, dancing with a lovely woman who has a physical challenge? Who wouldn’t approve of that? How can the judges send her away? And if the two ice dancers reach the top 3/finales, and they will, then they will split the vote amongst viewers – virtually a guarantee that Derek [& Amy] and will win again. I think that may be good theater, but I’m not sure it is good television.

      Not sure if the DWTS producers thought this through correctly. Oh well, ratings be damned, too late now.

      • Norma says:

        There is no way Amy and Derek can win. Amy is not a dancer. She is remarkable in all she has achieved, but as I commented above, Amy cannot dance. She can do a few steps and Derek makes her look good, but, she can only do a few steps. Nothing against her, but this is a dance contest, Not a Pitty vote.

    • Barbara says:

      She will only win if you do NOT judge her dancing ability. Tired of the sobbing.

  8. Marianne says:

    Candace Cameron needs to go. She is the weakest out of who is left. I didn’t realize James Maslow had a fanbase that would keep him on though. I’ve never heard of him before this show.

    • Yes, I watched - am I ashamed of myself? How can I answer this complex question? [a simple 'yes' will do] says:

      You and me both – “Who is James Maslow?”

      • Get over it says:

        You seem really confused as to who James is, since you keep repeating Who is James Maslow in every comment about him. Maybe you should google him or something.

  9. Bwhit says:

    The dance moms judge made Julianne look likable. I have never, nor will I ever watch her show because her behavior and over all attitude is disgusting. Good for Maks and Val for standing up to her, but she was vindictive and punished Maks and Meryl especially with the points. I am a Maks and Meryl fan and their dance was beautiful and deserved bigger scores. The group dance was off but also a little uneven because the other competitors got to dance with opposite sex partners so of course they got higher scores.

    • sm says:

      ALM showed no more favoritism than any other judge and she gave more constructive criticism than the other 3 judges combined. I don’t like her personality or teaching methods, but it’s what draws in the audience for her reality show.

      • Beth says:

        She basically drooled over James and gave him a ten and his dance was inferior to Meryl and Maks so I call that favoritism! Her show seems to be based on ruining the confidence of young girls in my opinion.

        • sm says:

          And the judges all giving Amy 10’s for sitting on a stool is not favoritism? The way CAI & Bruno also drool over contestants is not favoritism?

          • Beth says:

            I think Amy should go home, if any other pro used a stool like that, they would of been docked points, but not saint Derek. They may drool but they do judge on the dance, that is the difference. That woman is awful and you aren’t going to convince me she was fair last night and didn’t go there with an agenda.

          • sm says:

            So you’re saying she was a worse judge than Redfoo? The problem here is that no one can separate her personality from her credentials & true knowledge of dance.

          • Beth says:

            Yes she was because you could basically throw our his scores because he didn’t give anyone lower than a 9, it evened it out. I wasn’t going to go here but I don’t trust her knowledge because I don’t believe she could get out there and practice what she preaches. Plus did you even notice none of the panel interacted with her at all? Len would not even look at her and Bruno basically have her a WTF look when she gave M & M that 8.

          • sm says:

            Even if you throw out all of Redfoo’s scores, he never once gave constructive criticism. ALM did — letting Meryl know to work on her feet; letting James know to tuck in his butt; etc. Need I go on? I’d rather hear that & see the celebs work on those things and improve. I would suggest you go on YouTube and actually view her schools’ dances. Her methods are horrid, but she gets results. Would I send my daughter there – never, but she knows what she is talking about when it comes to dance.

            Here is a bit of her background in dance from her bio on the Dance Moms Wiki:

            Originally from Pittsburgh, Abby got her love for dance from her mother, Maryen Lorrain Miller, who is a 50-year member of Dance Masters of America. Maryen owned seven dance studios in Miami, Florida, prior to marrying George L. Miller of Pittsburgh and giving birth to Abby. Maryen taught classes all over the city before opening her main studio in Penn Hills.

            Abby took classes at her mother’s studio throughout her formative years. After traveling with her mother to several national dance conventions, she was inspired and captivated by the newest “dance craze” competitions. At age 13, she started her career as a dance choreographer, and proceeded to open the Abby Lee Dance Company at only 14 years old. Since her studio’s opening in 1980, it is estimated that she has taught 3 to 4 thousand students throughout her career. Now known for her incredible dedication, discipline and passion, Abby is one of the most sought-after dance teachers in Pittsburgh, as she has turned out numerous professional dance stars.[6], including twelve featured on Broadway.[7]

          • Christine says:

            Unfortunately, Abby doesn’t give corrections to help others, rather to make herself feel superior. She gave it away when she let slip that she had gone to the dress rehearsal–it took TWO views of those dances for her to find something bad to say. And after watching Maks and Meryl dance, was anyone’s overall impression that of her “sickled” feet? Or Charlie’s bent leg in an arabesque? No matter how good anyone is–even the other judges–she has to feel superior by “finding” things that only she–and not the other three professional ballroom dancers and judges–can find. After the show, she said Meryl was ‘horrendous,’ the very dancer she had said two ours earlier was a shoo-in to win the mirrorball. She simply needs to hear herself talk and feel superior. I am SO glad Maks and Val slammed her and that so many fans booed her comments. Anything done in the wrong spirit without good intentions ends up being wrong.

    • CT says:

      SO TRUE WHAT YOU SAY. The woman judge did not like the Brothers and gave everyone else HIGH scores after them…she is rude and ridiculously stupid. Her students didn’t even want to comment poor things, they were scared! Max & Val wern’t….

    • Di says:

      I know I am late with a reply but here goes. Of all that could of happened and all that could have been said and especially the one to go home should have been abby!!!!!!!!!! At a boy Maks!!!!!!!!!! If I had a child that wanted to dance and she was the last instructor on earth I would not allow my child to be treated the way she treats children. Isn’t that verbal abuse? And mothers don’t you have any backbone and self respect? to allow her to talk to you or your child like she does should not be allowed.

      I liked the way Len was leaning away from abby. Great body language. DWTS vet your guest judges better.


    • Norma says:

      I totally agree.

    • Betty says:

      I agree that Max and Meryl were punished and should be the winners but I don’t believe they will win. Guest judges should be banned and as for Julianne I think she also has it in for Max. Not fair!

  10. JBC says:

    Dance Mom’s lady is WORST GUEST JUDGE EVER!!! Show has gone downhill. Mark’s opening number song and dance was very good. Amy’s side by side dance with Peta was more deserving of a 10, rather than perfect scores with Derek lifting her and her sitting on a stool most of the dance. Meryl & Max deserved higher scores. Candace & Charlie’s partner dance was a lot of fun. Max & Val’s grandma’s visit was cute. Sad to see Danica go, but we will most likely end up with Amy winning since the scores are always so high in her direction this season.
    Too bad the horrible guest judge and other commentary from Erin really ruined this particular shows atmosphere. Erin needs to go, always silly inappropriate comments. They don’t need any guest judges. I do miss the Harold Wheeler Band.

    • czarina says:

      Can’t agree more about Abby Lee Miller. Don’t ever bring her back.

    • karin says:

      Bring back the Harold Wheeler Band!!!,Get rid of Erin! She belongs on the FB field! Tom can manage just fine on his own! Look at his past shows,(other than DWTS). He’s a pro and we know it!!

    • Martha Linnard says:

      I agree!! The worst guest judge ever! She clearly wanted the show to be about her! I watched her reality show and was appalled at the way she treated her students and their mothers. She needs to be banned from the dancing competitions and from having anything to do with children and dancing. If I know that she will be on any show, I will not watch!

  11. Tess says:

    First off – Danica did not deserve to go home this week and I blame the judges for making like she didn’t put enough effort into her very hard dance last week and she should’ve done more in spite of her injury (frankly, given the injury she had their comments were just stupid and they’ve been far more sympathetic to Amy so why can’t they be fair and be sympathetic to anyone else when they’re ability is compromised by anything they do not have control over?).
    Second – Abby Lee Miller had no business being there – none of the guest “judges” have really. It’s not fair that a total stranger to the competition gets to make that much difference on the leaderboard (like she gave an 8 to Meryl but a 10 to James just because she thinks he’s hot – without her scores Meryl would’ve had a 28 and James would’ve had a 26; instead they both had 36’s going into that duel thing).
    Third – They shouldn’t call it a duel when the two couples are getting the same score. A duel implies one would “win” something over the other and they wouldn’t have been working together for it. Also, because the two couples get one set of scores on that thing, it didn’t surprise me in the least that the top scores went to their pets Amy and James and that Meryl and Danica got the lowest scores in order to make sure Meryl was at the bottom of the leaderboard by the end of the night. I’m fairly certain this means she’s running away with this season because there was no other reason for her and Maks to not get more than one 10 for their rumba or for her and Danica to get saddled with a dance that Danica would obviously have more trouble with due to her injury. (And how is it fair to give Charlie and Candace a contemporary to do? There’s no beat to have to be in sync with on that and it also happened to be one of Candace’s best previous dance styles).
    I’m starting to wonder why I still bother to watch this show. Much as I love the dancing, I can’t stand the judges or the blatant manipulation to get certain contestants to the finale over others whether it’s deserved or not. Frankly Meryl and Maks deserve to win and Danica and Val had deserved to be in the finals with them (and Charlie and Sharna would be in my top 3 as well – I cannot stand the pushing of Amy or James and Candace is the weakest of the bunch even though she had a great week last week). Some people may complain about the ice dancers having some sort of advantage merely because dance is in their job description, but it’s not the same thing by any means (if it were then Charlie and Meryl would both be getting perfect scores every week). If the show orchestrates yet another Derek pairing to win though, I am so done.

    • I had to know the answer, but now I feel even worse than before I knew what was going on. says:

      Good points – just for completeness (and for the others who are asking pretty much the same question – Why in the world did DWTS (an ABC show) ask Abby Lee Miller to be a guest judge on DWTS? Here’s the reason –

      ‘Dance Moms’ is a Lifetime, cable TV series. Lifetime is an American cable and satellite television channel that is part of A+E Networks, which is jointly owned by the Hearst Corporation and ***The Walt Disney Company. ***

      Yes, the same Disney Corp. that owns ABC [and DWTS]. Well, at least now we know, and we learned something. Welcome to corporate America everyone. As we ask all our corporate employees, when you walk in the door each morning, please leave your pride and good sense at the door, and pick them up tonight on your way out the door to go home. You won’t be needing your pride and/or your good sense here during your day working with us in the office.

      Thank you.

    • Norma says:

      . I am sorry, but altho Danica was voted off, she was not the worst dancer. She should still be on the show. Amy should have gone. She great, but her handi cap prohibits her from being a good dancer and therefore cannot possible compete against the othercontestants. I feel she gets the pity vote, even tho Derek makes her look good.

      • Barbara says:

        Derek is a wondeerful dancer and choreographer. The most beautiful dance ever on the show was his contemporary free dance with Kelli Pickler. Would like to watch it over and over.

    • carol says:

      Amen to all of Tess’s well thought out comments. I agree 150% on all of your points.

  12. MelindaB says:

    Ugh. I’ve seen the commercials for Dance Moms, which made me never want to see the show itself. I hate that they ruined the show by having her be a guest judge, because in the end, she wasn’t a good judge, and was only there to drool over hot guys. I LOVED Maks’s dis of her. DWTS, can we agree to never do that again? I’d rather have Redfoo back for another week.

    I was really hoping that James would go, but I’ll bet that people were not voting for Danica because of the fractured rib and thinking that now she’ll have time to heal. At least it makes it really easy to choose who I want to leave next week.

    • sm says:

      CAI & Bruno drool over the hot guys too — what difference does it make?

      • I must admit - I 'drool' over Cheryl B any time she dances, so who am I to judge others? says:

        Well, the difference is that with Bruno and CAI, what can they do, fire them? They are the long tern judges, they are expected to ‘drool’, and it is fun and we viewers laugh, and all is good. However, how many more ‘droolers’ do they really need on the panel?

        Go with someone like Donny Osmond or Marie Osmond – a pro’s-pro. These folks have already made a name for themselves, they don’t need to use DWTS to get some fame (are you listening James Maslow?)

        Even Ricky Martin did a nice job the other day as judge – he was kind regarding his voting, but he was a pro – he didn’t try to take the focus away from the dancers. A good guy.

        It almost seems like ALM knew she had a limited amount of time to make a name for herself via some **real TV** (broadcast, not one of a thousand cable channels) experience, and she took it and ran as fast as she could. That’s good for her – but is it any good for the DWTS show itself?

        • JBC says:

          I couldn’t agree with you more about Ricky Martin. He was a wonderful guest judge. Just wish they would all be like him, if they insist on using guest judges!

        • Christine says:

          Abby-solutely! When someone after the show asked if she should be worried for her own show that the pros are slamming her–and she said something like “Hey, it’s when they stop talking about me that I should be worried. So I take it as a great thing!” She’s completely narcissistic. I hope that Kelly Hyland’s two lawsuits against her and the producers for child abuse and abusing PA child-labor laws ruin her.

  13. Angela says:

    Haven’t seen the dances yet tonight (had to work), but WOW, surprised that Danica was eliminated! There are people in there I would’ve expected to leave before her.
    Also, ugh, that “Dance Moms” woman was on here? I know what parts I’ll be fast-forwarding through when I get the chance to watch this back, then.

  14. Jackie says:

    No! The wrong person left for sure!!! I was really hoping for a Chmerkovsky finale! In my opinion, everyone left tonight was awesome. While I love Candace, she is probably the weakest one (while still being great!). I think Amy is great, but she is waaaaaaaaaaaay overscored (probably due to the judges fawning over Derek). I think Amy or Candace should have left tonight, with the other one leaving next week, then either James or Charlie (probably James) and then Meryl, Danica, and Charlie.

    I LOVED watching Danica and Val and am sad that I won’t get to see them dance again and watch their friendship continue to unfold.

    I really like Charlie as a person and he is technically great, but like Kristi Yamaguchi several seasons ago, there is some sort of disconnect for me with him. Technically great, but I just don’t feel it most of the time.

    And Maks, most of the time his outspokenness has gotten him in trouble. Tonight, his outspokenness was totally warranted. ABC, please, NEVER bring back that horrible “dance instructor” again. Horrible unfair judge and just an unpleasant person to boot.

    • The dancing machine - I wish says:

      ^ This. Well said, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Kathie says:

      amen to that….LOVED Max’s comment (and did you notice Derek’s very enthusiastic applause of support). ALM was embarrasing! (did you see how much the Moms enjoyed Max’s comment?) I agree that it should have been Candace sent home and that Amy, while very inspirational and doing a remarkable job, is still overscored.

  15. lauri5567 says:

    Tonight confirmed my suspicions from the commercial that Abby Lee is not a person I ever need to see on my TV. Being a witch to everyone doesn’t make you better or tough, it just means you are a horrible person.
    Candace & Danica were my bottom two, so I’m not going to be upset either way.
    Amy – I would never be able to do what she’s doing, so I have to give her a lot of credit. OTOH, she’s nowhere near the dancer that Meryl and Charlie are.

  16. Cassie says:

    Regardless of how obnoxious Abby Lee Miller can be (I stopped watching Dance Moms about mid-way through the 2nd season because it reminded me too much of my years in ballet), she was absolutely right about Meryl’s foot in her side extension. I couldn’t see her feet (or didn’t notice) when Meryl was on the ground but it was very noticeable in the side extension. When you are trained in contemporary or ballet, you will notice those things. For people in ballroom (or ice dancing), it’s less noticeable because you have shoes that don’t exactly let you point your feet fully. Completely flexed feet is still verboten though.

    But of course the audience doesn’t care. And I thought Maks was a jerk for his comment – he doesn’t have to agree with what a judge (any judge) says, but he should still be respectful.

    • Bwhit says:

      It wasn’t a contemporary or ballet number! It was ballroom and people have this perception that as an ice dancer Meryl should know this and be flawless but this is all new to her just like the other contestants (example, charlie struggling these last few weeks)! I respect your years in ballet but that was not her place to judge that low and I’m guessing Maks didn’t address it because it doesn’t apply. Maks was not an ass, he was saying what everyone else wanted to.

    • Sara says:

      I may be mistaken, but from what I understand, many of the pros have actually spoken about their disdain for Abby Lee Miller PRIOR to her even being on the show. He’s not the only one to think that about her, he was the only one with the balls to say something and you could see all the pros appreciated it.

      • GS says:

        I am not a Derek fan but I did read that he and Mark have both publicly commented about how horrible she is to those kids and they don’t agree with her at all. Hence, Derek clapping like mad in the background after Maks said what he did. He just had the balls to say what everyone else was thinking. Unfortunately, idiots that think they should stand there and take stupid criticism from someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about will hold it against them. I’m glad Maks and Val both said something. Nothing wrong with standing up for your partner.

    • sm says:

      Thank you for this!!! ALM was just pointing it out and trying to help her do better!! All people are focusing on is her horrible personality!

    • RUCookie says:

      Sorry – Cassie – I watched too and even “rewound” the dance to look for that horrendously sickled foot while she lay on the floor… it wasn’t there. And yes, I have extensive dance training as well. My problem with ALM (and with CAI at times) is rooted in her insane way feedback is given, the heavy handed favortism and the peachiness that her word is gospel. She was vile last night. Many of the guest judges have been there for fun, and they knew their role – and took their time to talk about chemistry, that “it” factor, or even who looked happy to be out there. ALM took her time to point out dance basics and make rude comments. Sorry, I don’t want her on my TV again (there is a reason I refuse to watch that show).

  17. WTF ? says:

    There is no way in hell that sweet Danica should get voted off the show….I knew she would never beat Derick – and we all know the show is riged . Danica was the only reason I watched. Danica is a true American Swreet Heart !

    • The dancing machine - I wish says:

      “Danica was the only reason I watched”. Same here – I hadn’t watched DWTS in about six years – the only reason I came back was to watch Danica. Oh well, packing my bags now – show over for me.

      Will be interesting to see the ratings on this particular episode, and then next week’s episode… to see if there is any drop off week to week.

  18. Dan says:

    Candace had a great night! I would love to see her in the finals!

    • Lisa says:

      Me too! She is the true non-dancer who is improving every week. I love her chemistry with Mark. I also enjoyed her energy with Charlie. Her growth is inspiring.

  19. Babybop says:

    James did so well in the “duel” jive tonight, that I found myself hoping he stayed and Danica went home. The problem is, I like everyone that’s left… I don’t really want anyone to go home.

  20. Loni says:

    Dance Mom is the Simon Cowell of dance…hairy and ignorant.

  21. Gia says:

    Time to take the fans out of the judging!

  22. erlinda martinrz says:

    Candace got a pass. Shes the worst dancer in the group. Danica was much better dancer. I was shocked. Wrong gsl was eliminated.

  23. Kp says:

    DWTS is exasperating! Just when I think that common sense and fairness have finally prevailed (yes, it was way overdue for Nene to go home), weak dancers survive, and a potential finalist goes home. Candace is a doll, and refreshingly wholesome, but she should have gone home before Danica. And let’s talk about Amy. Her accomplishments are extraordinary and she is an inspiration to all, but her high scores are undeserved. When Charlie dropped his cane a couple of weeks ago, you’d think he had fallen flat on his face. Yet none of the judges made mention of the fact that Derek kicked the bar stool tonight, and both he and Amy stopped dancing momentarily while he reached down and adjusted it. What’s up with that?! Amy is being given a free pass to the finals. Most of the time Derek just throwsThere are 30 numbers until gangster boogie. We are still about 90 minutes away. They are half an hour behind and twirls her around. Shame on the judges! It’s reverse discrimination. And shame on the voting public. Separate her inspiring story from her dancing ability. It’s just not fair to the other amazing dancers to cut her so much slack.

    • Lorraine Santo says:

      I agree, Amy is not being judged fairly. We are not voting for Derek’s choreography. Amy has gotten way to high scores. If Amy had done Meryl’s dance what would have been said about her foot position. Never have that Dance Mom women on again, she was so negative.

  24. N tTVf says:

    All the best to you Danica! :)

    From the very first, I thought you could and would get into the finals/top 3, but despite tonight’s results, you handled this night with great poise and gracious calm. We can all learn something [myself included] from the way you (and Val) handled this disappointment tonight.

    Let’s hope this DWTS experience will lead to new opportunities for you – I’ll be right there watching the television and enjoying whatever your next endeavor might be.

    Namaste Danica.

  25. Gussie says:

    I LOVED Meryl and Maks’ dance. It was so beautiful and it seemed so short probably because I enjoyed it so much. Loved everything Bruno had to say about their performance. I was not going to comment about the guess judge but can’t help but say that she is a total &^%$^$!!!!!!

  26. Sara says:

    I know a lot of people think Meryl & Maks are going to win (as they should) but this is my prediction: Candace/Mark and Amy/Derek will be the final two, with Amy/Derek taking the whole thing.

  27. Mike says:

    I was surprised they kept their shirts on to night,that was amazing even if a couple did have them unbuttoned. Why they started that shirt off routine in the first place was nothing but a big joke.Look at me I’m a HE MAN.

    • Yes, I watched - am I ashamed of myself? How can I answer this complex question? [a simple 'yes' will do] says:

      It’s for the women who watch the show – they are the majority of viewers (this is and ABC show) – the guys in the audience and viewers like us just roll their eyes.

      • Sara says:

        For /some/ of the women that watch the show. Please don’t get the idea that all of us vote based on who has the nicest abs. While I enjoyed Tony taking off his shirt (mostly just because he hadn’t done it for 13 seasons so it was a nice surprise), I vote solely based on dance ability. I swear!

        • Alright, I admit it - I watched DWTS! Does that make me less of a man? It's too cold to dance without a shirt! says:

          Okay, I trust you. ;) But even if you did vote for ‘abs god’ Tony, I’d understand. Heck, I was voting for Danica (and watching this show for the first time in about six years – 12 seasons) because I’ve had a crush on her since I was a kid, so I’m okay with the ‘no-shirt’ rule – at least sometimes. ;)

  28. Diz says:

    I can’t stomach that guy slobbering all over Meryl every show and who was the pig on the panel tonight? Am I supposed to know who she is?

    • I had to know the answer, but now I feel even worse than before I knew what was going on. says:

      Here is the answer to your question –

      Why in the world did DWTS (an ABC show) ask Abby Lee Miller to be a guest judge on DWTS? Here’s the reason –

      ‘Dance Moms’ is a Lifetime, cable TV series. Lifetime is an American cable and satellite television channel that is part of A+E Networks, which is jointly owned by the Hearst Corporation and ***The Walt Disney Company. ***

      Yes, the same Disney Corp. that owns ABC [and DWTS]. Well, at least now we know, and we learned something. Welcome to corporate America everyone. As we ask all our corporate employees, when you walk in the door each morning, please leave your pride and good sense at the door, and pick them up tonight on your way out the door to go home. You won’t be needing your pride and/or your good sense here during your day working with us in the office.

      Thank you.

      • RUCookie says:

        well, at least I understand the corporate syneregy reason for that disaster on my screen last night… and again I plead to the Mouse – NEVER AGAIN!

  29. picklesloth says:

    i honestly think that James and Peta should have left, as mean as it sounds. it really feels like he isnt working as hard as Danica and Val have. and just because Danica suffered from a dangerous injury last week doesnt not mean she is working as hard as other people. she pushed right through the pain even though her health is as risk!! to be honest, James isnt even technically good. i dont understand why the judges say he was. his lines are not straight and his knees in the quickstep last week were too bent. it made him look like he slouched and is way too short for his own good. his frame isnt solid! he may have a large fanbase, but i feel like he phones it in every week to get through! Compared to Danica, her fanbase is a lot smaller, but people genuinely like her because she works hard – she sees what she wants and she works her butt off for it.


    • The dancing machine - I wish says:

      I think we did learn something – I know I did. Candace and Danica were both pulling from the same basic fan group, and the question was from day 1, which one would have the larger fan base? I don’t think there is any question Danica had/has the better dance skills (I really did believe she’d make it to the top 3/finals.) But, the fan base matters. Candace clearly has some mojo fan base.

      I’d always thought that the key for Danica to reach the top 3 would be for her to outlast Candace, and then pull in (at least some?) of the fan case from Candace once Candace was voted out. That was ‘the plan’. Now, I guess the reverse of that question is worth considering. Can Candace pull in votes from Danica’s fan base? If so, this could get interesting for Candace – although I think she’s next to be voted out.

      • dan says:

        Agree! Candace and Danica pulled from the same fan base. But, Candace’s show (Full House) was on longer and was more popular than Danica’s show (Wonder Years) and she benefits from her famous big brother, Kirk. I was surprised Danica was eliminated; I thought it was James’ week to leave. I didn’t see Amy’s dance, just heard the judge’s gushing afterward. They really do love Derek! The Dance Mom even said “I know we’re supposed to judge the stars, but …” then she went on to praise Derek.

      • Nancy says:

        Plus, Candace gets the Christian vote.

        • JBC says:

          Christians don’t only vote for Christians you know! I believe Candace has always had a huge Fan base, and if you ever see the high ratings of Full House in syndication you know people are still watching it. I have enjoyed how Candace has improved.
          Danica should have been given some consideration with the judges due to her injury. She is a beautiful dancer.
          Meryl is consistently underscored. Seems Carrie Ann really doesn’t like her..
          Amy continues to get the sympathy vote and is overscored many times.
          I like Derek and think he is a wonderful choreographer. I don’t understand why so many people dislike him. He has won 5 times out of the 18 seasons.
          I like all the people who are left so it is sad when any of them go home at this point.
          For those who think the ice dancers have an advantage, do you think our professional ballroom dancers could just get on ice skates and do their type of dancing???

          • Sara says:

            As a diehard Full House fan, and someone who never watched The Wonder Years (was a little bit before my time), I fully expected to come into this season loving and adoring Candace. Instead, I actually just found her unrelatable and didn’t have much of a likeability vibe – not for me at least. Just not somebody I resonated with and it actually disappointed me a lot. I was much more drawn to Danica’s personality. I think Candace has made strides in her dancing, but she wasn’t on Danica’s level. Just wanted to throw that out there too, that religion doesn’t dictate how you vote, and ‘fan bases’ don’t necessarily either. I love DJ Tanner and I love Full House but I have not once voted for Candace. Agree with basically everything else sans a point but I just wanted people to know that the Full House/Wonder Years fanbases aren’t necessarily indicative of anything.

      • Lisa says:

        Candace is working the Social Media well. She is keeping her fans involved in her DWTS journey. I find her enthusiasm infectious.

    • Jake says:

      There was a previous post here that said “separate her past from her dance ability.” Clearly, this is something you are unable to do. Did you think Val Harper (she is DYING from a brain tumor!) should have been allowed to pass to the finals when she clearly could not dance but was many times more inspirational than Amy simply because of her positive, nonwhining attitude. What is wrong with us is that we are not slobbering, mindless DH fans–because that’s REALLY what this is all about, isn’t it?

  30. Jenny says:

    I will say we are this point that any couple going we could say the wrong couple went home. I do think Danica is better than Candace and James and should have the farther. Not going to add anymore about ALM because everyone covered exactly how I felt.
    So I am going to say it, Amy is over scored and is not judged on the same level as the other dancers. It is amazing what she has gone through and has accomplished, but if any other dancer used that chair as much as she and Derek did would have been given 8’s. I saw the chair get tipped over and them stopping, yet it was a perfect dance. Also has she ever danced where she is solo. Every time she dances it is chorographed that she is either held by Derek from behind or he is in arms length that she has him for balance. Even during the jive last night where many times the dancers are just side by side she had either James or Derek there for balance. Even last week during her comments, Carrie Ann said to them “When you win…” then changed it to IF. I just don’t believe they are truly being judged as everyone else.
    Final note…Loved Max and Val’s grandma. She reminded my so much of my own grandma. Too cute.

  31. GS says:

    Stop with the freaking over praise of Amy. That Argentine Tango was horrible! If anyone else sat on a stool for half a dance, the judges would have had a stroke and broke out the 7 paddles but b/c it’s Amy and Derek, they get 10’s. Just give him another damn trophy since it’s obvious no one will give Amy honest feedback and they kiss his butt for choregraphy where he does all the dancing.

    Worst decision ever to have that fat, horribly rude ALM on the show. If Meryl and Maks are gone next week, it’s her fault. She’s a witch who couldn’t dance if her life depended on it. This season started out so great but it’s the same old crap. How did Danica go home before Candace?? The biggest surprise was Mark at the beginning. He actually can sing and the number was really cool.

    • Beth says:

      All of this! You took the words out of my mouth. I would have loved to see a final with Danica, Charlie and Meryl. If Maks and Meryl get sent home and Amy wins it basically proves that the producers of the show give Derek whatever he wants to keep him in the show. Amy is lovely and I couldn’t do what she has but the stool bit was not good and she needs to go.

  32. Fan of DWTS ... for Now says:

    The wrong couple went home. ALM was absolutely awful. Carrie’s comment about “When you win” shows who the judges want to win regardless of who is better than Amy. On the five times Derek has won, only two of them I agreed with. The other 3 (Brooke, Nicole, Amber) he should not have won. Maks/Meryl should win, they are the best. I don’t understand why the judges are so biased against Maks/Val and they kiss the blond one’s butt.

    • The dancing machine - I wish says:

      You may be right. The problem that DWTS has created with Amy in the cast is – how in world is anyone going to vote her out? She’s got a combination of beauty, empathy, talent and a physical challenge – that’s a strong combination. Is she the best dancer of the group? I think we all know the answer to that question. Heck, I think Amy and Derek know that answer.

      But at this point, it may not matter. If I was a judge, I’d have a very hard time sending Amy home. I’d have to eventually, but that would be a rough decision – the DWTS producers have set up a no win situation for the judges with Amy in the cast. That’s no slam on Amy, it’s just stating what appear to be the facts – she can’t be voted off and sent home.

  33. MissMel says:

    I don’t understand the commenters who keep saying it’s time to take the fans out of the judging. The fans are not the problem. Without the public vote to temper them, the judges scores would be the only thing to determine the winner. . .which pretty much means every cycle would be won by Derek with an occasional upset by whatever celebrity guy Carrie Ann and Bruno are drooling over.

    • The dancing machine - I wish says:

      I think the concern viewers have with allowing fans to vote is when that component starts to alter the integrity of the competition. Candace still in the competition creates a problem of integrity of the dance program. She should no longer be in the competition at this point – she’s wonderful and lovely, but her dance skill level at this point is not up to par with the others (and Danica). That’s not a slam on Candace – she’s terrific, it’s just she’s run out of dance steam – and dance skill compared to the others at this late stage of the game.

      • Eurydice says:

        But the “integrity” of the competition has always included the viewer component, from Day One, that’s the point of the show.

      • MissMel. says:

        I think letting the judges alone pick the winners would do more to alter the integrity of the show than fan votes ever could. It’s pretty obvious the judges have already crowned Amy the winner because she’s “inspiring.” Yes, she is, but she’s also not being judged on the same criteria as the other female contestants. Last night, in their Argentine tango, the stool was blatantly knocked over and you could see their rhythm was affected by it for a few seconds. It was so obvious to me I said “Oh that’s a shame. They probably would have gotten 10s if not for that.” If that had been Candace or Danica or even Meryl, they would have taken a point off for that. But, suprise,Amy got 10s anyway! Honestly, Candace isn’t my favorite dancer this season, but her journey is real. I would rather see her win based on fan votes than see the judges’ hand the title to their pet.

    • Jake says:

      To me, the voters are the problem. If the competition isn’t already fixed for Derek to win, then he’ll win because his fans vote for HIM no matter who he’s dancing with, even if it’s a stuffed alligator.

  34. picklesloth says:

    ^^ i completely agree with all of your points. as mentioned in my earlier comment, Danica has a better technical position compared to James and Candace. She knows how to extend her lines and make them look as long as possible. She keeps her knees bent and straight at correct times. i spotted some mistakes – opened legs during the Samba twists – during the Tango and Samba dance duel, but she has so much passion and really goes beyond her limit to improve herself.

    on the same note, i completely disagree the way that the judges judge each couple. for some, it was SO obvious that Carrie Ann’s favouritism came straight out. how is anyone going to vote Amy out? its really obvious that her votes are based on sympathy, and not pure hard work. that perfect score was absolutely appalling to see. Danica and Val were given almost perfect scores, which i agree on despite some glitches. the scoring was fair! the Argentine Tango had beautiful choreography, but the way it was presented didnt appeal to me at all.

    you want my honest opinion, i thought that either James, Candace or Amy should have left quite a while ago. it would have been so much better to keep both Chmerkovskiy brothers battling it out in the top 3. i swear, that would defo boost ratings through the roof.

    my guess? Meryl and Maksim will sweep up that mirrorball trophy. i can picture it right now.

  35. Annette Morgan says:

    Did not think that Danica should have gone last night. Danica was a fantastic, gorgeous, dancer. I would have liked to see Danica, Meryl and Charlie as final 3.
    I think that either Amy or that other male dancer, what’s his name, should have gone last night.

    • I must admit - I 'drool' over Cheryl B any time she dances, so who am I to judge others? says:

      Don’t feel bad about not knowing who that other male dancer was – no one seems to know who he is or why he is on the show. Hello DWTS producers; the show is called ‘Dancing With the **Stars**’, not ‘Dancing With We’ve Never Heard of this Guy’.

      I did do a check on his name – James Maslow. Here are his imdb credentials –

      “See Dad Run” cable tv series
      “Big Time Rush” cable tv series
      “Marvin Marvin” cable tv series
      “The Penguins of Madegascar” cable tv series
      “iCarly” cable tv series.

      Okay, well, I have heard of ‘iCarly’. That’s about it. I bet Disney is behind all of these cable series. “We’ll make a star of this guy yet! Ask him to take his shirt off.”

      But the good news is, for anyone out there who would like to get on DWTS, apparently the bar has been set very, very low now with Mr. Maslow. The term ‘star’ clearly has many meanings.

      So, if any guy out there has a clip on YouTube, or posted some ‘selfies’ on Facebook, don’t worry, just call yourself an ‘actor’, slap on some tanning lotion bronzer, take off your shirt and have CAI fake-drool for who knows how long, and you can be on DWTS!!

      • sm says:

        The prducers lost most of their credibility when Bristol Palin was lBeled a “star”.

        • Christine says:

          So true! While we’re all being brutally honest, I thought the integrity of the dance program was compromised by bringing Billy Dee on the show. I LOVE him and am closer to him in age than any of the other contestants, but face it, he can hardly walk, let alone dance. Older stars in the past like Valerie Harper could at least dance presentably. Billy Dee couldn’t even WALK!

      • Haha not telling you says:

        Just so you know if you ask any tween ýou’ll hear that James Maslow was one of Nickelodeon’s most succesful TV shows for 4 years has toured all over the world with his band and is still working on expanding his carreer. I never heard of Meryl and Charlie before so why don’t I go and judge them for me not being familiar with them. Just Chill out, just watch him in the show look him up with the band and then judge. Don’t judge someone you don’t know.

        • I must admit - I 'drool' over Cheryl B any time she dances, so who am I to judge others? says:

          Thank you – I’m fine, no need to chill out. But I am having some fun when Mr. Maslow – he does not belong on this show – just my opinion. That is why it was said up-thread that Candace and Danica were drawing from the same pool of viewers/fan base – at least to some degree. In the case of Candace and Danica, they are both well know, or at least relatively well known,. particularly to the 25-54 age group who grew up watching WY and FH when they were young. This 25-54 age group (women in particular) are the core DWTS viewers.

          If someone wants to bring in a ‘star’ who is unknown, terrific, bring in every 22 year old wanna-be actor in Hollywood, every bartender, every male model – bring them in. Take off your shirt. Then you will have your eye candy, and young studs who won’t get injured, and you teach them how to dance. That’s your typical reality show, from Survivor to ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ Terrific, load up the show with Hollywood local studs.

          The problem is DWTS was *not* supposed to be like the other reality shows, it was supposed to be a reality show featuring ‘stars’, not wanna-be’s like James Maslow. I agree, I don’t know why Meryl or Charlie are on the show either – no one knows who they are either… Olympics ice dancing? Come on. But I get it, they need performers who can hold up over the ten week run of the show – I get it. But it does damage to the DWTS brand (IMHO). Amy – same thing – who is she?

          Maslow may bring in the ‘tweeners’, (I have a niece in that age group), but DWTS is on ABC, not the CW. How many ‘tweeners’ he brings to DWTS is up for debate. How many ‘tweeners’; are watching the show? They are all busy on Facebook, finding their next “James Maslow’ – shouldn’t take them more than 30 minutes before they find their next crush, and then, goodby James Maslow.

      • Just commenting says:

        The funny thing for me of reading these comments is that, of the entire cast this season, James is actually one of the only 2 people who i know who they are in this season, the other being Jim Carrey. Just because you know some people and don’t know others doesn’t mean noone does. Especially considering James has made it this far there is clearly a fan base who has helped when he’s lower on the leaderboard. So it’s fairly childish of you to imply anyone can join just because you don’t know 1 person on the show, It would be like me looking at Amy and saying, just get a prostetic and email dwts and you can be on the show, it’s supremely rude to the star and just shows poor manners as a whole.

        • Just commenting says:

          Meant Drew Carey, not Jim Carrey, was just thinking Carey and the wrong Carrey came to mind

  36. Ann VerWiebe says:

    I could not watch Abby Lee Miller and I kept switching back to The Voice. I’ll just have to watch the dances online today. I did catch Maks making a strong declaration of “whatever we have” about Meryl.

  37. The public should not be allowed to vote at all. Danica and Val were awesome.

  38. patricia lynn wright says:

    If there ever is another disgusting visiting judge again I am totally finished with dancing
    with stars I can not believe she was brought in to begin with totally low class!!!!!

  39. sanchopanza says:

    The thing is, after last week there is no good choice for elimination. All of the remaining group are very, very good, miles better than any ofhter season at this point. (MILES, yes, I’m stunned.) So whoever left this week is a contender. James has turned in some spectacular performances right from the start, so has Danica, so has Candace. But they all have to run behind Meryl and Charlie, and Amy is on their heels.

    • May O'Dwyer says:

      I kind of agree with most of the comments, but you know I watch DWTS because I love the
      dancing, but I feel sometimes the show is too long. As far as the judges, the one last night,
      frankly I never heard of her, she was awful, and this is the first time Max has had a dancer
      that can really dance, so I am routing for him. and I know it is not fair, she is a profesional.

  40. Rebecca says:

    DWTS gives new meaning to the phrase, It’s not what you know, but who you know.
    Weak, low/no content, repeat/rehashed dances score high (Candace); strong, high content, new dances score low.
    The dance duel was not fair; all should have been given same dance style to perform. Candace didn’t do anything, but repeat her contemporary dance and yet she reaps high scores.
    So frustrating to watch. Apparently mistake laden, low content, wobbly performances are required to win this competition.
    So sad. So unfair.
    Danica and Val you are beautiful, talented people inside and out.

  41. Dani says:

    My favorite dancer went home this week. That’s really sad for me. :( With that said, Amy is a huge inspiration. She dances just as well as anyone else on the show. Def better than Candice. I like Candice, love watching her dance.,. But her & James’ posture are killing me.

    Also, I’m a ballroom dance instructor & competitor… Unfortunately, Derek is an AMAZING choreographer… If they are tired of him winning, they should probably take him off of the show… Bc he’s the best. Simple as that. Can’t hate the man for being talented! Although people will… I know the feeling.

    Anyway, with Danica gone it’s going to be much less engaging for me. :*( But the dancing is awesome and I’ll continue to watch it… Especially since I’m on bed rest and can’t teach my own students for a while. This show has been a bright light for me the past several weeks. Thank goodness for that!! <3

    • Best wishes to you - enjoy the show! says:

      Nice comments – good to see that you have a wonderful background in dancing and are enjoying the show, particularly while you are out of commission in bed. I’m just a very, very casual viewer to DWTS who got lured back in (after years away) because of Danica. It has been fun watching the show again, and I agree, Derek is a special talent.

      In this particular season, it would have been great to see the final two contestants come down to the two brothers – Maks and Val – that would have been great television, and their two partners (Meryl and Danica) resembled each other quite well during their four-some dance sequence. A missed opportunity that won’t happen now with Danica and Val leaving last night. Oh well, that’s show biz.

  42. Steve says:

    Just a note on the relevance of viewers’ votes: How do we as an audience know that said votes are tabulated accurately? As Stalin is reputed to have said: “It does not matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes…”

    • Jackie says:

      I have wondered the same thing myself many times. It’s probably more true than anyone could know.

  43. Jan says:

    Actually surprised Danica voted off. She has been consistently good throughout her performances. Could she have earned the globe? Don’t know & now we’ll never know. Thought the elimination would be between Candace & James. The skaters do NOT have a leg up on the other celebrities as far as footwork goes. Figure skating is very different from professional dancing. Didn’t anyone pay attention when Evan Lysicek (sp) was on? He spoke of his difficulty with the dances. He had to train his mind & body to let go of his skating skills in order to dance well. They are different moves, so dancing for Meryl & Charlie does not come naturally. They may be better at arm & hand poise but that’s about it. (I’m enjoying watching Maks & Meryl. Glad to see Maks’s enjoyment!). Now – as for Abby Lee Miller – that was a waste of a judge’s chair. She was rude & obnoxious. No skills at judging fairly. (I saw Bruno give her a look of incredulity when she voted an 8 for Meryl & Maks) Let’s see if she can really dance! I have flipped past the commercials for her show (the key words being flipped past) because she comes off as a nasty, brow-beating bully over a bunch of children. She looks to be a horror as a dance instructor. Her credentials as a dancer, dance instructor & judge leave MUCH to be desired. It’s a shame any dancers lost points because of her. DWTS – please don’t ask Abby Miller back.

  44. Jan says:

    I was really sorry to see Danica go. She’s been my favorite because of her enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Agree that they need to stop with the guest judges. And, let’s face it, Tom Bergeron does NOT need any help from anyone. Why do the women they hire as “co-host” immediately turn into idiots?

  45. mackmommy says:

    The judging last night confirmed my opinion that the DWTS judging panel votes on biases, not on real merit, as no couple was perfect and showed mistakes which did not get addressed by the judges and/or were addressed but disregarded in the high scoring. I like Amy and Derek, but a perfect 10 they were not; likewise, for Charlie and Sharna. The comments for Peta and James were spot on, but was given a “10″ from that guest “judge” because she personally thought he was “hot”!? Then her “8″ vote in juvenile reaction to Maks’ comment? (It looked like her student wanted to say something in that vein when she was interviewed by Tom but refrained herself, as she had better manners! Lol) I am steamed that Maks and Meryl were additionally downgraded just because they were ahead of the game and I felt the “show” had to make it more interesting by deliberately giving them lower scores. Although I would have liked to have seen more rumba moves as well, they should have scored anywhere from a 38 to 39 for their performance based on all the “10s” that were thrown around so easily tonight. Talk about engaging the audience! As for Danica and Val, the scoring was somewhat within range, maybe a point higher. The only appropriate scoring tonight, I felt, was given to Candace and Mark; well deserved “9s” across the board. Notwithstanding the dancers’ performances which I sincerely appreciate, tonight’s performances by the judges have really given me a distaste for the show.

  46. Rebecca says:

    Candace should have gone home 3 weeks ago.

  47. Jacquie Fisher says:

    I’ve been thinking about Monday’s show for a few days. I think DWTS is self-destructing. The voting public makes this a popularity contest with little regard for dancing talent. The powers that be MUST do something about this. The show has no integrity. The music this season is awful Bring back Harold Wheeler, his wonderful band & awesome singers! The guest judges are a joke. I enjoy Julianne Hough, Donny Osmond, etc…but that Abby Lee Miller was just nasty! Carrie Ann, Len & Bruno don’t need any help. They also should have much more input into who stays & who goes. This season really may be my last. I find it too upsetting to continue watching.

  48. mdb749 says:

    Derek Hough is by far the best choreographer with Mark Ballas coming in a close second. This year they gave Derek a partner with physical challenges and he has proven why he wins so much. He’s talented! So, whine all you want about him winning – he’s the best. That being said – I wish the public vote would be eliminated. It’s too much about favoritism and not great dancing. Let the professional judges pick the winners and leave the popularity contest out of it. It’s about dancing!

    • Jake says:

      You’re right, of course. Who else but DH would have been able to dumb down the choreography to include the use of a stool? And you’re right: Derek has talent! You’re implying, of course, that the other pros don’t have talent. Heck, why not just call Derek Hough’s DWTS and fire all the those untalented pros….

      • monica says:

        Yeah I didn’t agree with ALM calling him a legend and I actually like Derek, but that was a bit much. I also don’t think he’s the best choreographer ever, especially for ballroom dance. Is he an amazing choreographer yes, but I don’t believe in discredited the other pros on the show. Both Derek and Mark are good at doing basically fusion dances in terms of ballroom and can get really creative, but when in comes to teaching a true ballroom/latin dance besides the jive (he has choreographed some pretty nice jives some a bit repetitive but still fun). He I feel is kinda on the same level as some of the other pros and they all have an equal shot at choreographing amazing routines. What Derek is good at and people need to realize is he’s good at doing a whole production like a show. He knows how to give the proper choreography to a partner whether simple or not and tweak it to make them look good and knows how to create an atmosphere, costume all that. And the biggest one is he knows how to cover up peoples flaws. Great example his jazz with NeNe which I found amusing. The sad part about that was I kept seeing online people bashing Tony and his type of choreography but no one acknowledges the fact that some of the pros like Tony are actually trying to teach technical and true latin/ballroom dances vs. trying to focus on covering up their flaws. And yes a good choreographer makes the dancer look good but personally if I was on the show I would want a Tony, Val, Tristan or Louie I miss him who I know is gonna teach me the actual dance. But everyone looks for something different thats just me sorry I’m ranting a bit.

    • monica says:

      I don’t know if you’re gonna see this or if anyone else is, but as far as them giving Derek Amy, he actually requested Amy and wanted to be partnered with her. which was the reason why he made time to do this season despite all his other obligations. He also was the one who pushed for the macy’s stars of dance to be brought back which is why they made him the creative director. I’m not trying to bash him just wanting to put out that he’s wanting to take this on the producers aren’t throwing it at him to challenge him or anything. I do agree about the voting being a popularity contest but I’ve also noticed that a lot of people vote for their favorite pro and not the star or dancing, which is sad because its dancing with the stars not dancing with Derek, Maks, or Tristan or whoever. I’m conflicted because I enjoy the show but at the same time its hard to watch the judges constantly contradict themselves week after week.

  49. John says:

    I would not allow my children to be instructed by “Dance Mom”! I think she is a nasty hateful woman, and should not have been a guest judge. Put lipstick on a pig and you still have a pig!