Castle Recap: The Truth Will Set You Free

Castle Recap Beckett Wanted for MurderThe following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains major spoilers from this Monday’s episode of ABC’s Castle.

Castle may be the writer, but it was Beckett who in this week’s episode closed a major chapter in her life.

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Finally picking up on the thread last visited in the March episode “In the Belly of the Beast,” we see that Kate has been putting in some personal time following up on leads, laboring to connect Vulcan Simmons’ drug money to Senator Bracken’s presidential campaign. Most recently, Beckett’s had her eye on a D.C. consultant named Jason Marks, and when he turns up dead, she’s determined to find the evidence linking him to Vulcan.

Alas in that effort, Beckett winds up as a murder suspect, after Vulcan himself is found dead, with a bullet from Beckett’s gun in him. That sics both Internal Affairs and Bracken’s people on Beckett, who promptly vanishes. Then, one night at a sketchy hotel, Beckett finds Bracken in her room, accompanied by a pair of goons. The two adversaries have some loaded exchanges about Johanna’s murder and how it made Beckett the woman she is today. Sensing her time is about up, Kate goads Bracken into offing her himself (“Or don’t you have the balls?”), but he doesn’t take the bait. Instead, he leaves her to the goons, who slip her a pill and ply her with booze, in prep to fake a suicide. But just as they raise the gun to Beckett’s’ temple and wrap her finger on the trigger… she quickly turns it on one guy, puts a couple more into the other guy, and then puts back down the first guy with a pop to the chest and then two in the floor (for good, and badass, measure).

Beckett has had enough.

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When morning comes, Rick is driving his fiancée far away from all of that, bound for Canada, when Beckett flashes back to a conversation she had with Captain Montgomery when she first came to the precinct. Seeing that Kate was checking up on her mom’s murder, Montgomery inquires if she’s perused all of Johanna’s belongings, including any “cassette recordings.” (Lore has it, Bracken fears a mythical audio tape of him confessing to murder.) Caskett turn the car around and, with RySpo’s help, slip into Kate’s apartment to rifle through her mom’s things. They basically come up empty, though Rick finds in Johanna’s appointment book some coded reference to “Montgomery,” “evidence” and “family,” just before IA comes barging in.

Yet just as Beckett, Castle, Ryan and Espo are being led through the 12th, handcuffed, Beckett spies the elephant knickknack on her desk. She recalls how it used to be on her mother’s desk, and how Johanna referred to the figurines as “a family.” And sure ’nuff, when Beckett wrests open the display, a microcassette tumbles out, loaded with damning evidence against Bracken.

As the hour closes, the White House hopeful is giving a TV interview when Kate shows up, strides toward the gobsmacked politico and declares, “I found the tape. It’s over.” With a sigh of satisfaction-slash-emotional exhaustion, Beckett formally arrests Bracken for conspiracy, fraud and the murder of Johanna Beckett, handcuffs him and leads him out to a car as the press swarms. Bracken shoots Beckett a menacing look from within the vehicle, but she’s undeterred. In fact, she’s veritably beaming, now that a weight she carried for so many years has finally been eased off her shoulders. Reflecting on the years-long, often death-defying odyssey, “I never could have done this without you,” she says to Rick, the man she is due to wed in two weeks — or, you know, “next Monday” here in the real world.

Unless, that is, she already is married…. Heh.

What did you think of “Veritas”? Though there was a bit of retconning, and the Montgomery flashback proved a bit convenient/Ghost Obi Wan-like, it’s inarguable that the episode nonetheless provided greatly satisfying closure to this seasons-long thread. The myriad guest stars/blasts from the past were a nice touch, making this coda feel fully realized,, plus there’s something quite poetic about Kate having this long-festering nastiness cleared from her mind as she approaches her Big Day.

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  1. Elle says:

    Such a good episode. Cant wait for next week. Looks like it will be a funny, much lighter finale then were used too!!

  2. K says:

    I loved the episode. As one chapter closes another chapter is about to begin. That chapter is marriage. Beckett finally got Justice for herself, her father and most of all her mother. Beckett’s face when she arrested bracken after 15 years was insane. All awards go to miss Katic.

  3. Jan says:

    I agree with the analysis. Very satisfying finale. Even my husband who was walking in and out of the room, not really watching was interested enough to keep asking me about what was happening.

  4. I kept waiting for someone to be shot! Oh wait, they did that already ;)

  5. Kate says:

    I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it was one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. Well done Castle team!

  6. Laura says:

    So horribly frustrating (in a good way) to find out that the proof Beckett needed had been sitting on her desk basically since she started the job. And so ridiculously satisfying that she got to arrest Bracken on national television. Best ep of the season (and possibly the series) IMO. Perfect acting by NF and SK.

    • sigh says:

      Yeah, it was literally the elephant in the room…

    • Angel says:

      It reminded me of the USA show Monk. Monk had a cassette tape in his possession for years that was the proof he needed to catch his wife’s killer, but he didn’t know it. It was wrapped as a Christmas gift that he never opened because it was the last gift his wife had ever given him.

      • Castle Lover says:

        Exactly what I thought! It was just like Monk! The evidence they needed was there all along.

  7. Alyssa says:

    This was hands down one of the best episodes of the season. Possibly even the show. And it’s nice to finally get closure. Although I kind of wish that they’ll address how Beckett shot two men multiple times to death.

    • Apples says:

      What’s there to address? She killed them in self-defence (and she’s killed before- Sucker Punch, Knockdown etc)

    • Audrey says:

      Plus the fact that she just downed a lot of alcohol.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Jump back to Season 2×24 A Deadly Game. Lanie tells Castle not to get into a drinking contest with Beckett or he’ll lose. I was only ever worried about the pill.. If the forced it down her throat.

  8. Apples says:

    Great ep, though the tape felt too convenient. Loved the Beckett-Bracken confrontation scenes. Thought both Katic and Fillion were amazing in this ep (Beckett with her need for justice and truth, Castle with his unwavering love and faith in his fiancee).
    Doubt we’ve seen the last of Bracken tbh. He’s rich and powerful, and that whole little segue about Johanna’s “code” felt important for future episodes.
    Love it and looking forward to the finale!

  9. Jenni says:

    Veritas was absolutely amazing. Everyone was on their A-Game and the writing was truly stellar. Best of Season 6 by a very long way. Stana was just amazing, I was blown away by her and I have to say Nathan was understated but powerful all through episode.
    As for the preview of next week I can only wonder what they are smoking in the writer’s room when this idea was pitched. That has to be the most ridiculous plot they’ve ever done. Not a fan. I just hope what we see of the wedding means I won’t care about the stupid “plot”.

    • Maria says:

      Things aren’t always as they seem in previews. Especially in Marlowe-land.

    • Stormy says:

      Way to borrow from Bones. Angela already married so her wedding with Hodgins can’t proceed? Lame. Other than that good episode. I don’t really buy that the gelatin capsule didn’t dissolve with all that booze. Glad Vulcan is dead, so they won’t drag him out again.

  10. Apples says:

    Oh and I bet Beckett’s previous “marriage” next week is all a big prank by Castle (payback for The Lives of Others). I doubt she could’ve gotten a job requiring high level security clearance like she had at the start of the season without knowing about something like this…

    • DarkDefender says:

      Ok.. If this is payback for The Lives of Others.. It would be genius. Especially if he hires an actor, who knew KBecks, and gets him to convince her it’s true.

      P.S. Props to the show for the wedding dress upgrade. I’m okay if we all just pretend it was that gorgeous dress all along and we don’t waste any dialogue on why its not the one she got in Dressed to Kill. :D

    • sigh says:

      Yes! That’s what I’ve been thinking all week! Whatever happens is some big set up by Castle to pay back Beckett for her birthday gift :D

  11. Jackie says:

    Awesome episode and wrap-up to the series-long mythology. Looking forward to a lighter season finale for once! And Matt, what do you mean by “Unless, that is, she already is married…. Heh.”? And one more question….when Kate stumbled out of the hotel room and had blood on her head (that ended up on the wall) was that just from shooting the goons? I was scared for a minute that she got shot.

  12. Jerri says:

    Awesome! Glad the Johanna Beckett storyline is finally laid to rest and Bracken is history and that this wasn’t a season finale episode. Bring on next week!

  13. lauri5567 says:

    I was chatting with people on Facebook during the episode about not being able to breathe. I was impressed that they wrapped it up in the hour, but then didn’t have to figure out who the responsible party was.
    I loved the scene between Gates and RySpo, though I would have thought she suspected more. I was wondering if the IA guy worked for Bracken, but I guess he didn’t.
    I’m curious to know who Beckett married. Maybe she and Esposito have a secret.

  14. skrable2 says:

    A great episode … POTENTIALLY spoiled by the info in the teaser for next week

  15. CMG says:

    Good episode. Still, I don’t get the impression that the Bracken storyline is as neatly tied up as it may appear. Had this been a season finale, I wouldn’t have been surprised at all to have the squad car that rolled off with Bracken inside blown up by a bomb strapped underneath. Still, it is nice to be at a bit of a pause for a while.

    It was nice to see Montgomery again. I hadn’t realized how much I missed him on this show. I also enjoyed seeing Gates willing to stick her neck out to at least see what she could do to help Beckett, even if the answer she came to was that she really couldn’t do anything.

    • leigh says:

      Agree. Captain Gates has grown on me but I miss Captain Montgomery, too. It was nice to see his part come full circle in all of this.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Totally, Capt was awesome and full of heart from the pilot…you just cared about him and his opinion…though Gates is FINALLY warming up, she has been a 1 dimensional character for just about every episode until this one…just the “angry icy dislikes Castle Capt”, same note every episode, until this one.

  16. Jackie says:

    I’m also still waiting for the other shoe to drop with 3XK/Kelly whatever with Castle and Kate. Unless something goes seriously dark next week, I guess next season will be the time they revisit it.

  17. Audrey says:

    And in that moment I felt the weight lifted off from Beckett’s shoulders. That was really satisfying to watch and feel. That was a hellyeah! moment.

    What a heck of a ride in an hour. Bit rushed and some quibbles on plotholes, but what a ride. I think this is possibly one of my top 3 of the whole series.

  18. leigh says:

    This was Castle at its best. It was a great ending to the Johanna Beckett story. The writing and acting was terrific. My only question…where was Kate’s father. I know, I know…time issues but that was the only thing missing. Bring on the wedding! Yay :)

  19. gaby6034 says:

    it was just so good, perfect closure!

  20. James D says:

    very mixed about this. on the one hand I’m glad it’s finally resolved so they can move on to other story arcs (perhaps one about it’s main character would be nice, I’m just saying :) my problem is how they went about doing it. after all the years it’s taken to investigate i was hoping for a tighter story, the Deus Ex Machina of Montgomery flashback was laughable, and the appointment book sitting there and we’re supposed to believe Castle has never seen it. and of course the elephants, which i can sort of understand not being discovered sooner. And the scene with her in the motel room was just ridiculous IMO those guys were supposed to be professionals and they don’t make sure she’s swallowed the pill. Sorry for the mini rant but that kind of stuff irks me, it’s lazy writing. Anyway I’m excited to see the next chapter of the show play out and i hope this doesn’t mean they’re gearing up to end the show. I still get a lot of joy when watching it and really hope it has some longevity still.

    • sigh says:

      You’re not alone, it irks me, too! Such a good episode overall, but geez they really know how to jump the shark (or elephants) sometimes.

    • LL624 says:

      The appointment book just sitting there? Um, no. The appointment book was in a box in Kate’s apartment. How would Castle have seen that?

  21. Jodi says:

    Performer of the Week needs to go to Stana Katic. No, really. Her expression as she walked toward him and cuffed him felt extremely raw.

    Fantastic episode, though if Bracken was responsible, then how does this affect the issue with 3x, the plastic surgeon girlfriend and the missing files? Wasn’t he tied to her mother’s case as well?

  22. Demi says:

    This episode was good and it met all standard. Really convenient that Castle didn’t throw away the elephant some episodes ago.

  23. Mike Q says:

    I might be the only one (I haven’t read all the other comments) but an elephant-sized hole in the logic is bothering me. They still had no evidence that Bracken had killed Evil Dr. Goodman, so Beckett would not have been set free for that crime.

  24. Okay revealing there was a secret inside the elephants? Both contrived and kind of brilliant, since the elephants have been sitting on that desk since near the beginning if not the beginning. Talk about one hell of a Chekhov’s gun…

    This episode had a lot of good going for it, and a couple of things that had always bugged me (smith being dead and Simmons being alive since he felt like a poor man’s Keith David) were resolved. One thing bugging me though… How did they prove Beckett didn’t kill Simmons? Yeah they got Bracken arrested after having proof that he was a killer, but, ah, how does that exonerate Beckett from killing Simmons? Kind of an important plot point…

    The lack of follow-up on the whole possible concussion after the bottle hit could have been nice too. Really this thing needed to be a 2-parter. I liked what we got, don’t get me wrong, but it feels like they needed some more space to address a few elements within it. The fact that the season finale looks to be a potentially lame rehash of the, “You need to annul a marriage you probably forget existed,” plot that shows up in waaaaaaay too many TV shows isn’t helping.

    • kwapple says:

      Agree on whole “Beckett being married” thing, but I’ll be sold if he named a boat after her (because of reasons)

    • Once again all that will be taken care of off screen. They have enough evidence to arrest Bracken, now it would be time for the FBI to take over to investigate. For now they will go on the assumption that Bracken had a hand in framing her for V.S. murder.

    • KC says:

      I enjoyed the episode, it’s always good to see the bad guy get what’s coming, but I agree that it needed more time to be fleshed out and plot holes filled. There was not any evidence that Bracken and Simmons were connected. The audio tape is 15 years old and had nothing to do with the current crimes Beckett appears to be guilty of, so they should still be hanging over her head. If the tape is the only evidence against Bracken a good team of lawyers could get him off. Of course now the FBI, DEA, US Senate, plus all kinds of investigative reporters will be looking into him so we can assume more evidence will be found.
      Next week’s episode should be fun. The “you can’t get married because you already are” plot has been done to death, but I’m optimistic they’ll put an entertaining spin on it.
      I see next season as being the last for the series. The governor appoints Beckett to Bracken’s senate seat to complete his term and she finds out she’s pregnant with triplets.

      • Stormy says:

        I’ll be very much surprised if the marriage glitch isn’t Castle’s payback to Kate to get even for the birthday “Rear Window” prank she pulled on him. Otherwise it’s too cliche’.

      • SD says:

        I’m thinking, especially due to the look Bracken gives Beckett from the cop car that its not over. I think we’ll see more to this but on the Court side. His lawyers pointing out that all the tape does is prove him guilty of blackmail and fraud, but it certainly doesn’t prove he murdered Becketts mother. Saying he will have her offed and actually killing her are separate things. Yes, he says he’s had people killed before but the lawyers will likely point out he could just be saying that to make Montgomery and Raglan believe he’s got the situation handled. While its great circumstantial evidence of his involvement in the murder of Johana Beckett it isn’t proof. I think they’ll have to find more evidence by cracking the code in Johana’s appointment book before this is truly laid to bed.

  25. N says:

    Loved it! (Minus the elephants)

  26. LCA says:

    Anyone else notice the dress that they flash on the screen during the promo for next week? Definitely not the one we saw earlier this season (i.e., the “model-esque” one that was given to her). Are we thinkin’ that Johanna left her daughter another gift (beside the cassette tape)???

  27. flemdog36 says:

    i feel this will lead to a episode about the trial in the future

  28. Dani says:

    i wasn’t expecting this huge major storyline to be closed tonight, but i have to say i was pleasantly surprised! i hadn’t seen any promos for the eps and tbh i was a little lost as to how many episodes this season would have, but i’m very happy beckett got to close this chapter of her life just as a new one is about to begin.
    once again stana’s work is impeccable, she’s one of those actresses who basically becomes her character and you forget you’re watching an actress just doing her job. every emotion felt real. you could see how as she was cuffing bracken, she couldn’t actually believe she was doing it, like the weight was being lifted off her shoulders right in that moment. and in the final scene with castle, she was just at peace, finally. it was very moving to watch.
    great job by the supporting characters as well. kinda sad we didn’t get to see more of lanie though, tamala was great in her scene on the phone with beckett.

  29. DarkDefender says:

    This was everything that makes Castle a great show. Compelling story (Bracken’s going down!) continuity with past episodes (she can win a drinking contest), throw back to the past (Montgomery!) and hope for the future (they did it together) and cohesiveness with the stellar ensemble cast (Lanie shaking!)(Espo giving Ryan the nod to tell Gates)(Mr.Smith!) and of course, badass Beckett. This week I don’t care about any possible plot holes or imperfections.. Because when the tape fell out of those elephants, that they have touched and played with for years, I started to cry. It was finally over… and the see the palpable relief on both Rick and Kate’s faces as the hugged at the end, that was simply perfection.

    This was one of the most satisfying endings to a major story arc that I have ever had the pleasure of watching (several showrunners working on series finales should take notes!). …

    It’s why I fell in love this show and why I hope it builds to even bigger and better things in the coming seasons.

  30. M3rc Nate says:

    This episode was perfection. The writers get a lot of credit from me in regards to tying this part of her life up right before their wedding, considering like she said when they were on the swings the first time, talking around the idea of being together….she had shut down that part of herself, sabotaging relationships because she was solely focused on finding her mothers murderer….obviously at a certain point she just couldnt pass on being with Castle, they got together…and now that entire chapter of her life is over, she has solved the thing that has held her back and made her the way she is…i would love it if from now on we see a Beckett thats even lighter and loving (gradually), letting that weight and burden and mystery dissipate from her shoulders/mind.

    I hope the whole “your already married” thing isnt too corny…idk how i feel about the idea that all this time she has legally been married….and i REALLY hope whatever the marriage thing is, it doesnt prevent her marriage with Castle in the finale.

    • lauri5567 says:

      I’ve wondered if we were going to see the wedding, but I’ve come around. Lois & Clark’s ratings fell dramatically after they hyped a wedding that turned out to be fake. I see the situation as very similar here & hope ABC has the sense to not repeat the mistake.

  31. lupe says:

    I love the looks on Castle face when Kate came out with Bracken. Castle looked happy,proud and in love, and how he didn’t go with her to make the arrest because he knew that was her moment. The whole episode was great, but that moment was priceless

    • DarkDefender says:

      My fav moments:
      Castle carrying Kate away after she got hit with the bottle… Because it was equal parts, KNOCKOUT (Carrying her away from Montgomery), TICK, TICK, TICK & BOOM (Castle coming to her rescue and SET UP & COUNTDOWN (them being saved from the freezer truck).

      These are the moments I loved. I also knew it was serious and another turning point for Caskett.. Cause they met at the swings. Where she confided about her mother, told him she needed to get closure on it, he agreed to help her and he ultimately proposed to her. Full Circle .. THAT is how it is done.

      • Stormy says:

        Just before she left the bathroom, she took off her neck chain with her mother’s ring on it. She heard the noise and went to see. After she dealt with the guys, she staggered outside. it’s bugging me that she left the ring in the bathroom. OCD?

  32. Flick says:

    Perfection. Exactly how I pictured this methodology being closed out. And seeing Montgomery was just surprising and awesome!!! Loved how that was kept under wraps too! Everything worked for me. It was such a thrilling ride!!

    I can’t wait till the finale!! Though I hope it lives up to all our expectations! Congrats Castle cast and crew, you’ve just made us all love you more!

  33. Jlue says:

    What a glorious episode. I’m pretty much satisfied about how they conclude the series long story arc (or have they?). I felt it was a bit rushed and could have been better if it was in a 2 parter instead. But how great to have this burden lifted off her shoulders before her wedding day?

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  35. Just one thing says:

    Really entertaining episode that, though Beckett-heavy, still included a solid amount of Castle, Gates and the guys helping out. It truly felt like a conclusion to that series-long arc, and though I worried they’d strung it along too far, it was a satisfying ending.
    As for next week…WTAF?

  36. terri says:

    Awesome! Very intense! this should be a 2 parter! Very entertaining! Stana is amazing! well done!

  37. Babar says:

    This is not over.

  38. Reacher says:

    It’s incredibly disappointing they rushed over Beckett going behind Castles back again like it was nothing.

    Seriously a quick ‘You wouldn’t have let me, so I broke your trust and did it anyway’ and then no response from Castle? this should have been a huge issue given her previous indiscretions in this area.

    • LL624 says:

      It WAS nothing. She didn’t break his trust. She took the “easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” route and told him about it later. Relax.

    • Just one thing says:

      It’s interesting that people are harping on this, when it’s clear Castle was in on the investigation all along. He just didn’t want her going alone. And, as a grown-ass woman who has proven her love for him countless times, I think she’s entitled to do what she wants sometimes. She clearly had no intentions of hiding it from him. In fact, she came right out with it.

  39. Liz says:

    Amazing episode, Stana for all the awards.

  40. Rich Abey says:

    Wow! This was an immensely satisfying & badass end to Kate’s mother’s murder case..the case which has been key to Kate’s successes & failures in equal measures. Kate arresting Bracken and walking him down the steps in handcuffs was as satisfying a closure as Jane killing Red John with his bare hands in The Mentalist, not to mention Castle standing by the side beaming with pride and Espo & Ryan escorting Bracken looking all sorts of official & badass.
    – Kate was possibly even more badass here than when she went undercover and got caught by Vulcan Simmons. Faking being drugged and taking out Bracken’s two thugs while being clubbed on the head with a bottle was just epic!
    – The flashback to Montgomery catching Kate going through her mother’s case files during her early years in the force was awesome. I thought it was just to add more gravity to the dire/hopeless situation Kate & Rick were in, but it turned out to be crucial to taking down Bracken.
    – It was kind of poetic that the damning evidence was in those ‘Elephants’…after all the years it was sitting on Kate’s desk and the ample amount of screen time it got (since the very start of the show in fact!)
    – Mr. Smith is alive, though the pleasure at seeing him alive was tempered down when he told Kate & Rick to just run.
    – Finally…a sigh of relief and pride at Kate for finally taking down the person responsible for her mother’s death. Immense gratitude to Rick too for standing by and supporting her despite the many dangers he was facing and Kate’s stubbornness.
    – Now the duo can finally approach their wedding in peace…oops there is one more item on the list: 3XK! Hope he thinks this summer is too warm for complicated plans to terrorize the duo!

  41. Linda says:

    I found this episode probably the best crafted for plotline – – everything made sense as each “discovery” unfolded throughout the hour. And the “surprise” cameos by the Smith and Montgomery characters after all this time. (I never fully believed the Smith death in the hospital. It was too convenient right after he said he needed to disappear) I thought the show’s ability to keep their appearances under wraps during production was well done.

    Kate’s dogged determination throughout the years over her mother’s case and her quest to solve the murder was well documented in this episode and I felt that the discovery of the proof that finally brings about Bracken’s downfall a superb twist. It was there all the time, much like Castle has been there all the time for her.

    I commend the entire staff of Castle writers for the mostly steady approach to this series’ stories. While the limits of time within a week’s episode often make the solutions seem a bit contrived, every one in this episode made sense. I believed it and that is what good writing does.

    I disagree with one poster’s criticism that Kate continues to “keep” secrets from Rick by going out on her own to follow Vulcan Simmons while Rick is out of town. His concerns were for her safety and her actions were simply “heat of the moment”. She was not shutting him out as she did in the past, but rather pursuing a lead vital to solving her mother’s case. And he was fully on board with the overall surveillance, just not doing it alone.

    I agree we will see more of Bracken in Season 7. There is the trial that will uncover more about this man’s nefarious ambition and deluded concept of his own worth.

    For now, Kudos to both Stana and Nathan for their exceptional work in this episode, The entire presentation had the feel of a movie.

  42. mary says:

    Well done! This was an amazing episode and I didn’t think they would find a good way to close this storyline but somehow they did it. Another great episode for Stana, that finally scene brought tears to my eyes, she wanted this for so long and finally the man who killed her mom is arrested.

    Rob Bowman once again proved why he’s the best director. After this episode, I have no doubt that next season will be the last one.

  43. Nikki says:

    Such a moving episode. Hanning and Winter knocked it outta the park. Really felt like a closing of a huge chapter. Perfect way for Caskett to begin their new life together. Stana Katic was flawless and having Capt Montgomery back on my screen moved me to tears.

  44. It was okay. Maybe could have used a double episode… I would have liked to see more of Beckett and Castle on the run. And yes, there was a ridiculous amount of convenient retconning going on. It came off as rushed. Hope the 3XK gets better resolution.

    I kept waiting for Bracken’s car to explode as he drove off in police custody. That would have been a good twist.

  45. andrea says:

    Such a fabulous episode. I was holding my breath throughout the entire hour. Fillion and Katic were just amazing. I love the way Nathan plays concerned, it’s so believable. I’m really looking forward to the season finale, I hope the “you’re already married” bit has some good reason for occuring. In any case, Beckett has never really been anyones wife. I really hope they do get married next before whatever cliffhanger occurs. If they don’t get married I’ll be so dissapointed, I want to see a season of them married!

  46. GhostWolf says:

    Totally forgot they were on (prefer Blacklist these days) but it got DVR’d and will get watched some time this week even though I’m bored with the Bracken saga and would prefer more with 3XK.

  47. May says:

    It wasn’t a bad episode but Stana Katic so over-acted most of her scenes it completely took me out of the story. I’m glad the entire storyline is over – it had played itself out.

    • Phoebe says:

      I’m happy it’s “over” too, but I think we may see more of Bracken yet! I don’t think it’s played out. It’s always been one of the big themes of the show. I do agree Stana over-acted, but she tends to do that. I still love her though. Just wish she would tone it down sometimes!

  48. Doug says:

    With all the comments about the writing and acting in this episode, what about the production values? Rob Bowman really gave this episode the big screen treatment. It had a very different and tricking look to it. Different lenses, dramatic lighting, stylish camera angles all gave it a very cinematic feel. It made me wish I had a larger TV.

  49. Phoebe says:

    Loved the episode! The Johanna Beckett-centered episodes have always been my favorite. I’m so happy she got rid of Bracken before her wedding. I do have a feeling it’s not completely over though. This episode had me completely glued to the TV!

  50. Lena says:

    Ok it was amazing, my fav episode since 4×23. Stana was great, Nathan was great, Caskett was great :)