24: Live Another Day Recap: Union Jack'd!

24 Live Another Day ReviewDrop it!!!

Drop what you’re doing right now and tell us what you thought of the two-hour premiere of Fox’s 24: Live Another Day.

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Fronted of course by Kiefer Sutherland, 24: LAD finds onetime CTU boss/mutli-time world-saver Jack Bauer still a fugitive and with a CIA team closing in on him in London, just as U.S. president James Heller (William Devane) arrives in town for some delicate treaty negotiations regarding a drone base. Jack gets “caught,” but disgraced-and-departing CIA agent Kate Morgan (Chuck‘s Yvonne Strahovski) suspects it was on purpose — but to what end?

While Kate’s colleagues ignore her (spot-on) suspicions, Jack gets himself sent to a lower-level torture chamber operated by the inconspicuously named “special activities” division. 24LAD_EP2-SC205_DS-001_015On the way there, in concert with his buddy Belcheck operating outside the facility’s walls, Jack overpowers his escort, infiltrates the chamber and retrieves… a doped-out Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub)!

Jack sets Chloe free, but only so that he can track her to the location of the super-secret Wikileaks-type hacker hive where she works. He then drops in on his old friend, for the purpose of getting help in stopping an assassination attempt on Heller, whom he feels he “owes,” because of Audrey’s breakdown. Chloe offers her own services — if only to get Jack out of her and associate Adrian Cross’ (Michael Wincott) hair — and the two suss out a hacker named Yates, unbeknownst to anyone just yet, has found a way to access and override the U.S. Military’s drone command.

As a first demo for his employer Margot (Game of Thrones‘ Michelle Fairley), Yates commanders Air Force Lt. Chris Tanner’s (Star Wars VII‘s John Boyega) controls and uses a drone to kill a couple of U.S. and British soldiers. Later, just as Yates is about to trade his tech in for a payday, Margot’s (sooooo obviously) embedded henchwoman (and daughter!) kills her mark and makes off with his highly valuable package. Jack and Chloe meanwhile are only able to glimpse at a thumb drive full of damning evidence before it self-destructs, leaving only a fragment of a schematic behind.

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Elsewhere on 24: LAD:24LAD_EP2-SC241_DS-6155
* Heller’s chief of staff, Mark Boudreau (Damages‘ Tate Donovan) gets word that Jack has resurfaced, but keeps a lid on the news — in part because he is now wed to Jack’s old flame/the boss’ daughter, Audrey. What’s more, Boudreau is hot to cast Jack as the prime suspect in the rumored assassination plot. It’s also revealed that Heller is suffering from a mentally incapacitating disease, one that is slowly showing signs of itself in public. How very Jed Bartlet.

* Before Heller can break-slash-spin the wayward drone news himself, British Prime Minister Alastair Davies (Stephen Fry) gets word of the tragedy, effectively compromising his support in the talks. As the premiere ends, Heller is prepping (with some success) to address Parliament about the matter.

* Because her every instinct about Jack proved right, Kate “gets her badge” back from her CIA boss Steve Navarro (Private Practice‘s Benjamin Bratt) — at least long enough to follow up on Bauer’s escape. Among her colleagues, Kate has a (seeming) ally in Jordan Reed (True Blood‘s Giles Matthey), while Erik Ritter (The Wire‘s Gbenga Akinnagbe) is none too happy to be partnered with her on the Jackhunt.

24: Live Another Day makes its regular time slot premiere next Monday at 9/8c.

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  1. Kris says:

    That was epic!!! Cannot wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds! Wow!!

    • Mike Hammer says:

      NOW know what “24” stands for: 24 minutes of commercials per episode!

    • Miriam santos says:

      I’m wondering if the ratings dropped by 9% because in the Last four years, hulu has been around. I’m not sure if Neilson ratings keep track of those viewers, but I’m watching it on hulu since I don’t have cable, or tv.
      Now, since 24 went away, Person of interest, has a big following, I’ve become a fan and watching the Netflix dvds, on season one, I’ve heard people say this is jack Bauers replacement. It definitely has my attention.
      But Jack Bauer still has my heart.

  2. Mike says:

    Wuhooooooo! Welcome back 24!

  3. willip says:

    Like it never went off the air!!!!

  4. Chlojack says:

    Kate Morgan >>>> Hannah McKay.

  5. Anna says:

    I really loved this comeback of the show! I was only a slight fan of it before, but am a huge advocate for Yvonne Strahovski so I gave this reboot a try. She blew it out of the freaking water, and am so glad they cast her as Kate. Way to go casting agents!! Great reboot, will be watching every week.

  6. irene says:

    Jack is back!

  7. sladewilson says:

    Jack is back!!! Nuff said, baby!!! Get ready for the thrillride!!!!

  8. Loved it! So glad Jack is back along with Chloe. I’m really looking forward to the ride this time around. I think it’s going to be amazing! Why not? It’s 24!

    Also want to mention that Keifer, Mary Lynn and all the other cast members, directors, writers, producers and of course the great crew did an amazing job on tonight’s episodes. Plus THANK YOU FOX for bringing the show back! I’m loving the “tour” of London that they’re giving and hope to someday make it there myself for a family trip.

  9. David4 says:

    I never really watched it but those two hours were a load of fun.

    • Julie says:

      Go back to the beginning. You won’t be disappointed.

      • just saying says:

        yeah, he will. i tried to binge watch from the first season in preparation for this and didn’t make it halfway through season 1. I love Jack, of course. But the amount of eye rolling i had to do regarding his idiotic daughter caused me to give up. I went and checked online to see if I was the only one and apparently EVERYone hated Kim, yet she stuck around. The only people who didn’t hate her character were fanboys/girls who thought Elisha Cuthbert was hot and wanted to get in her pants. I heard the series got better but without knowing where to start i just never bothered. (i have to admit that I’d seen a few later episodes stand alone before watching the first season, so i knew that it was good. but i just couldn’t get past all the stupid things his daughter did season 1. i don’t know that I’ve ever rooted so hard for a character to die who i think I was meant to be sympathetic to!!) TONIGHT, however, was pretty good, however. Some of the usual “the govt is stupid and won’t listen” tropes, but overall quite enjoyable.

        • Kayla says:

          Kim was awful.

          Seasons 4 and 5 were amazing.

        • MLO says:

          Kim was such a small part of the series it would be a damn shame to overlook it because of her. That’s what fast forward is for, people. After season 1, while never a threat to win an Emmy, she was at least more watchable.

  10. spartan says:

    Considering the blah reviews, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s true that it was dated in a lot of ways, from Chloe’s goth look to the not-in-the-news-now drones to the Assange figure rather than a Snowden figure. Still, the action sequences were great and it was just good to have Jack back!

  11. JeffDJ says:

    Loved it!! It was great seeing those classic “24” split screens and I love Yvonne Strahovski in the cast too! Can’t wait for next week!

  12. Tran says:

    I give it an A+. I’m always a 24 fan for life and I cannot wait how the remaining 10 “hours” is going to fare. Imagine if the ending of the 24: LAD finale should end up as a Breaking Bad-like series finale ending (Walter White dying on the floor, playing Baby Blue in the background).

    • just saying says:

      i don’t know what was the point of that last comment. Anyone who’d seen the breaking bad finale would know exactly what you were talking about with the ending without you saying it. So saying it, just seems like it was a douchey “know-it-all” kind of move that will spoil it for those who have managed to not see the ending yet. i mean, why? people like you annoy the heck out of me. This isn’t even a breaking bad board! And again, anyone who was a BB fan didn’t need it spelled out? Douche.

  13. Emgee says:

    “DAMNIT!” That was AWESOME! 24 came back in epic style! So good to have Jack Bauer back on my TV!

  14. Jenna says:

    Of course it was awesome. Jack is back! …and so is Audrey and Chloe…yay!

  15. Don says:

    I hate to say it, but the most original thing I noticed was that the clock was started at 11:06 (after the opening scene). Still, I love having 24 back…

  16. kate says:

    I think the biggest compliment I can give this revival is that I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed 24 until I was watching this. it’s how I expected to feel watching shows like ‘The Following’ and never did. Jack Bauer is still one of my all time favorite TV characters.

    • Freddie says:

      I’ve been living off Banshee and True Detective over the past year or 2. Both excellent series.
      But 24 is in a league of it’s own. GO, JACK, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Diz says:

    Please kill Kate now. I can’t suffer the whole season with her droning on.

  18. Derek Johnson says:

    Overall, it was a strong episode that was consistent with what 24 had always been, but I just wish there was at least one “Wow!”, other than maybe Chloe getting tortured. Yvonne is at the top of her game, and if there are any lulls this season, she can carry the show through them. Tate Donovan is going to be a strong love-hate, and I hope he and Bauer face off at some point this year.
    I do wish there was something more of twist about why Chloe turned on the government, what Jack has been doing in hiding, and if there is a connection between Jack and Kate’s husband who committed suicide. (BTW, I hope there’s a good twist with that story.) Also, I thought it was a bit easy that Chloe just left the “hacker hive” to be Jack’s ops runner, and that Jack would just say, okay sure. I felt like there had to be a dynamic that go set there. Could be promising, but the show does have to bust out some real twists and reversals. I’m guessing Mark is the mole this time around.


    • Julie says:

      I’m thinking her turning on her own government has to do with her husband and kid. No mention of them in the first two hours and the writers are too good to forget about them.

      • katedfw says:

        She did say something about “everything she has been through”. Probably to lead up to the reason why she has gone off the grid. I am assuming something tragic happened to her husband and child.

  19. rebecca says:

    !!!!!! I am watchimg it now and honestly the comentating is totally ruinimg it for me. Terrible make it srop


  20. Ryan says:

    Great, but I would like it better if there wasn’t a side story line involving the mental capacity of the President. What’s wrong with just having a healthy President?

    • at first i was gonna say who wants to be crazy enough to bet that mark ISN’T in on the plot (you know there’s gonna be a traitor) then i came up with a truly bat sh** crazy theory

      it’s heller himself he said he agrees with the protesters about the drones. & he knows his (i assume Alzheimer’s) is getting worse so, he has the drones kill him
      1: the program gets shut down
      2: he dies a hero/martyr instead of a sick old man who killed himself or dies as a shell
      & will always be remembered well

      whether or not he knew/intended on the dry run or the ten drones being used is up in the air though. he may have planned for him & only him to be killed & his partners are taking it even further

  21. J says:

    So happy my favorite show came back! 24 is as good as it was, with Jack and Chloe back on my TV screen!

    There was great action sequences and and the plot got me hooked! Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  22. Katie says:

    Isn’t anyone else wondering where Nigel, Chloe’s husband, & their child could be? I really don’t want them to be dead, because I loved Nigel. Plus he’s British, so that gives Chloe a reason to be in London. Anyone hear anything on the status of them?

  23. maggie says:

    Great to have 24 back! It’s always been a fantastic thrill ride, and this season got the ride off to an exciting start. I almost wish it was a Netflix or Amazon show so I could binge watch the whole season.

    • Freddie says:

      I have not checked recently. But, Netflix had the first 8 seasons. I watched them all again last year.

  24. Betsy says:

    I didn’t realize how much I missed that ticking clock till it was back on my screen! And how much I missed the velvet. Jack, you can yell Dammit and Son of a Bitch at me any day.

  25. johnhelvete says:

    Thought it was completely badass that Jack did not say his first line until the 40 minute mark.

  26. c. Thorn says:

    So glad Jack is Back!! And all the other players as well. Just happy 24 is back and hope it stays. Jack is still relevant and the show itself still has a place in the world. Awesome.

  27. tstephen51 says:

    All that’s left is to bring back Tony

  28. JackBauer24 says:

    Totally freaking AMAZING! Jack is back and kicking major ass. FU bad guys!

  29. Sharon A. says:

    I feel like I’ve just spent 2 hours with a very old, very much missed friend…welcome back Jack Bauer!

  30. Erickson says:

    Anyone think they might bring back Renee Walker?

  31. Fido says:

    Maybe it’s just me but when I receive a call saying “missile is heading your way” I scarper quicksharpish. What I don’t do is have a 5min back and forth conversation. What a dink.

  32. deborah says:

    I too am very happy the show is back. I have waited a very long 4 years. Just hoping and dreaming they would bring the show back. Lo and Behold it is finally here. I hope the ratings are well enough to keep 24 going for many years once again. Truly is great to see Jack and Cloe. Let’s keep the ratings going.

  33. I’m so glad 24 is back. When it first aired I managed to watch the whole 1st season and a few episodes of season 2. Then I just stopped watching because I felt I missed too many episodes and gave up.

    Last December I binged watched all 8 seasons of 24 in a two week (maybe 3) period and was just blown away. I never wanted it to end…lol. By the time I watched the last episode of season 8 I went through MAJOR withdrawal systems. Like, “what the hell do I watch now”?

    I was so excited when I heard that Fox was bringing it back and I was excited just to sit there and watch Jack back in action again and after reading everyone’s comments here, seems I’m not alone.

    It’s great to know that I’m not alone in my excitement and reading all of you guys’ comments just fuels the fire even more.

    It should be a great ride.

  34. katedfw says:

    I literally did my “Happy Dance” as soon as I heard the clocks tick and saw Jacks’ face! It’s like it never left the air and I am so happy it’s back, even for only 12 episodes! And I screamed “Dammit” right when Jack did! We are back in sync!!!

  35. Jackfan says:

    Jack Bauer us who Chuck Norris aspires to be.

  36. moses says:


  37. alistaircrane says:

    Since Jack is in England, his new catchphrase should be, “Bloody hell!”.

  38. Freddie says:

    OMG!!! Jack is back!! 24’s first 2014 episode was incredible. It’s like it never went away. Also love the Chloe and the new cast. For those complaining about too many commercials, just DVR it and blow past the commercials. I’m going to replay it tonight.

    Please FOX – never cancel this show again. I need 24!!!!!!!!!

  39. Alex says:

    I stopped watching the show after about the third season. I decided to check in again, though, and the first fifteen minutes moved so dully and confusingly that I turned to another channel. For a show that’s supposed to be exciting and fast-paced, major FAIL. I won’t be back.

  40. Lisa says:

    I loved it. Couldn’t be happier that its back. I really hope this isn’t just a one-time thing

  41. Raiden says:

    If you saw that blonde/redhead woman being a traitor, you beat me for quickness.

    I only realised when they were sitting in the pub, for some reason there was a flash.

  42. Raiden says:

    The night is dark and full of terrors, dammit.

    We are running out of time. WHERE ARE THE DRAGONS!?!

  43. maria says:

    I loved when jack told the drug lord, “You may think I’m at a disadvantage here; trust me, I’m not….” and then you all know what ensued. Classic Jack!

  44. Murray says:

    Jack Bauer is the man! ’24 was the best show ever. Now if only Homeland can figure a way to have Brody alive, all will be well with the world.