Resurrection Finale Recap: Grateful (Un)dead

resurrection-s1-finaleWell, Resurrection fans, Sunday night’s season finale may not have answered as many questions as you hoped. But it did solve a mystery or two, and reassured us of one thing: Sheriff Fred Langston is not one of the good guys.

Let’s recap the latest events in Arcadia (which is continuing to have its most interesting few weeks ever, no?)

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MOMMY ISSUES | Now that Maggie’s been reunited with her mom, it’s time for the two to have a talk. Y’know, just the usual chit-chat: How have you been? What’s new? How could you come back from the dead and not tell me? Barbara confesses that if she went to see Maggie, she’d have to see Sheriff Langston, too, and she just couldn’t bring herself to do that. Why? There’s a side of her dad that Maggie doesn’t know, in the “cruel and dark” sense. But Maggie can’t quite forgive her mom’s infidelity, and it’s not until later in the episode that Maggie — and the rest of us — come around to believing that the sheriff is up to something.

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO | Later, Sheriff Langston is finally reunited with Maggie’s mother, and immediately apologizes for his mistakes in the past. But it’s too little, too late for Barbara: She tells Fred that their marriage is over — am I the only one who thought, Duh? — and that she’s been staying with Sam ever since she returned. And although Fred says he respects his wife’s decision to part ways, his choice to put that ol’ wedding band back on his finger sends another message.

SEVEN NATION ARMY | As the number of Returned hits more than 250, Agent Bellamy calls his boss for a little help… and she delivers the U.S. Army, who come to Arcadia bearing plenty of food and supplies for the formerly deceased. But this doesn’t exactly fly with Sheriff Langston, who moves the efforts to Arcadia’s high school gym and plans to keep all the Returned locked in there like caged animals — after all, he does believe they’re not human. “We need to protect the living,” the sheriff tells Col. Stone. “Not the dead.” Suspecting something’s up, Bellamy pulls the fire alarm and allows a few dozen of the Returned to escape, which prompts Sheriff Langston to free Gary — remember him? The dude that killed Rachael last week? — from jail, asking him to round up those who got away. Later at the gym, Maggie refuses to comply with the Army’s questioning, and she walks away in zip ties. (My personal, meaningless award for Zinger of the Night goes to Maggie, who responded to her father’s offer to help with, “Haven’t you done enough?” You go, Maggie.)

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THE LOST BOY | At Henry and Lucille’s house, the newly returned Thompsons are recounting the vicious flood that took their lives many years ago. And, as it turns out, they lost something else on that fateful day: their son, Robert, who they hope is still alive. His most distinguishing feature is a crescent-shaped birthmark on the back of his neck. As the situation at the school gym intensifies, Bellamy tells the Langstons that Jacob is not safe. While Jenny and her parents go to stay with Pastor Tom’s ex-wife and her sister, Bellamy takes Jacob and the two speed off, out of Arcadia. Well… sort of. They make it to the edge of town before they’re stopped by an enormous valley of dead bugs, then cornered by helicopters and SUVs. And what’s that we see on Bellamy’s neck before the credits roll? A crescent-shaped birthmark! (Ten points to you if you totally called that in the middle of the episode!)

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the Resurrection finale? What questions would you have liked to see answered? Grade the season ender via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Sara says:

    Not finished watching yet but I’m not surprised at the revelations surrounding Sheriff Langston. I’ve disliked him from the first episode.

    • Jared Voulo says:

      Sheriff isn’t bad. His wife is a whore. And he is very possibly right about the entire thing. Most people also were too concentrated on birth mark and missed the locust significance. Seems to suggest the apocalypse (end of the world). “The dead will rise” “locusts” “floods” “earthquakes” which was actually my first impression of the show in episode 1.

      What led me off is that if it is the end of days prediction, these people should not be “clones”. That led me to an alien invasion theory. I am not even sure if the writers fully know where this is headed if anywhere.

      • Jared Voulo says:

        crescent birthmark also an Apocalyptic reference.

      • tp says:

        The sheriff is most definitely bad. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be trying to punish all of the returned just because his wife left him. He was fine with them until she said she wasn’t coming back to him. He even apologized for everything he had done. Unless his wife was selling herself on the corner she isn’t a whore, she’s a cheater. BIG difference. The sheriff must have been pretty bad to make his wife not see their daughter from fear of running into him and for his brother to say their father “was right about you”.

      • RUCookie says:

        WOW -= what an incredibly wicked thing to say. The wife is not a whore. How in the world did you come to that conclusion? They established that her husband was abusive. They have been setting that backstory up for a few episodes now. She leaving him for another, and even seeking solace and comfort in a better person, does not make her a whore. Let’s try to choose better words please!

      • Juan says:

        If those were meant to be locusts, they’re the wrong shape. Locusts are shaped more like grasshoppers. Those last night were shaped like like a fat oval.

      • sandyjeanie says:

        I know that Resurrection is long cancelled (sadly, because I loved it), but I just saw this post & your comment on a possible alien invasion and I really felt the need to comment on something I saw during Resurrection. And, I’m wondering if anyone else saw it too? In about the third or fourth episode, they showed some of the upcoming scenes and I, briefly but most definitely, saw a scene that showed a group of alien. It was just a quick flash but…I know what I saw. Did you or anyone else see this too? I watched every single episode of Resurrection, hoping to finally see that scene but it never they never showed it and…it bothers me to this day. Anyone?

    • Michael says:

      I totally agree!

  2. Emgee says:

    Here’s hoping renewal news comes in soon!

  3. Robert says:

    I knew exactly where it was headed when the Thompsons talked about their son. I enjoy the show and I hope in a couple of weeks we will hear it has been given a second season.

    • Scott says:

      I thought the Thompsons may have died in like the 40s or 50s by the way they were dressed

      • Gabby says:

        I thought the same thing. So then I kinda thought if he resurrected somehow when he was little. I kinda threw that idea out though because he didn’t really act like the returned, but I can’t wait for next season. Really REALLY hope Season 2 is a go. I read that it is, so I hope it’s true.

      • steve says:

        I thought the same thing, I wonder if belamy is one of the returned and doesn’t know, cause how could he be say in his 30s and his parents have died in say the 50s or 60s???

        • Bee Are says:

          He could have been adopted and died when he was an adult and then returned. I’m going back to the beginning to figure out why he quit being a cop.

        • herman1959 says:

          Yes, it makes the most sense that he doesn’t know he is one of the returned because he came back as a child in a different town – remember the mother said he had been swept from her arms. Whoever found and raised him wouldn’t have known either. Any way, it’ll be interesting to see how the writers deal with the age issue.

      • JLK says:

        Me too. I thought he would be their grandson maybe, but not son. Maybe there’s something special about him and he’s been aging REALLY slowly? :)

    • Margaret says:

      Remember Mr. Johnson referred to when Langston’s grandfather ran the factory. That would put their deaths during the 50’s. SO, Bellamy died as a baby in the 50’s and was returned in the late 70’s as a baby and has grown up adopted with no one (including himself) having any idea that he was one of the returned.

      • Margaret says:

        OOPS, I meant Thompson referred to Langston’s grandfather.

      • Resurrection Fan says:

        Bellamy’s actions and incredible interest in the returned from the very beginning seems to suggest that he is heavily invested in the returned. He has never wanted to inform any authorities and to keep the returned protected, possibly because he too hopes to be reconnected with his own family one day. I think it may be revealed that he knows he’s one of the first returned or has always suspected something different about himself. This would explain his connection to Jacob and the helicopters descending on him in the end. If he is one of the returned and knows it, one thing not clear is why he doesn’t recognize his family (or reveal that he may recognize them). Maybe he was too young to remember what they look like. It’s also never been clear what’s truly been haunting him throughout the season.

      • Amely says:

        Everything you said totally makes sense. But there’s just one tiny detail that bothers me. He is a returned, that is a fact, but why didn’t Jacob or any of the other returned say anything. From what i can tell, they can sense when there are others just like them. Just like when Jacob sensed Caleb in that cabin, why doesn’t he or anyone else say anything? That part has me confused.

    • Amy Bray says:

      I definately enjoyed the show but what a letdown with this last episode. If there is a second season, I won’t be watching…however, I am looking forward to The Dome returning.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    With an ending like that it better get a renewal, lol. Cancellation would be down right cruel. But I knew Bellamy was their son, kinda obvious :-)

  5. Katy says:

    Sheriff Langston is pissed as hell LOL what did his ex expect? Good episode all around, I especially liked when Lucille slapped the taste out of Freds mouth.

    • Gabby says:

      YES! When she did that I was so happy. Everything he was doing was because of his anger toward his wife, he had no problem with the returned until she told him she was done. He deserved WAYY more then a slap in the face.

      • Jared Voulo says:

        Wrong ! He wasn’t buying it from the beginning but was remaining neutral. The fact of the matter is if these were TRULY the real people it would be impossible to produce 2 to 3 distinct bodies..

        So they ARE NOT these peoples loved ones. Doesn’t necessarily make them not human or bad but the fact remains the sheriff could be the only right party here.

        • Daisy says:

          Anyway you look at it, the sheriff is being a spiteful bastard. He would have accepted his wife back in his life with no problem had she not ended it with him. Now he won’t get to enjoy his revenge because now it’s out of his hands and the whole town is going pay for his pettiness.

  6. Tran says:

    Fingers crossed for Season Two. Omar Epps was so great when he was on House.

  7. Scott says:

    good season finale, just hope they bring it back

  8. jen says:

    Finally a show that is unpredictable, and the season is over with possible nonrenewal. Looking forward to the reason they are returning and reuniting the families. Please don’t end.

  9. Ann Weaver says:

    I thought that the episode was okay. I also find it troubling that the sherrif and those who are dubious of the “Returned” are portrayed as bad people. If my dead friends and relatives came back to life, like they did on this show, I would not embrace them with open arms – I would want them destroyed.

    • Travis says:

      Sheriff Fred isn’t portrayed as bad for not embracing the returned. He was always skeptical of the returned, but what he did in this episode was because of Barbara going to the other guy and not him. Of course as Barbara told her daughter she didn’t know how cruel Sheriff Fred could be and Henry telling Fred that “everything the old man said about you was right”, so presumably, Fred was never a good person.

      • MrWriteSF says:

        If Sherriff Fred doesn’t consider the returned to be real, then why was he so,glad to see her? And then…why did he get so pissed off that someone who isn’t REALLY his wife has left him?

        He’s not just a bad person, he’s a schizoid mess.

        • Travis says:

          When its someone you love who returns its certainly can change what you feel (The lady who led fight against Pastor Tom earlier rushed past him when she saw her sister returned in the church.)

          Sheriff Fred may have remained skeptical, or may have changed his view, who knows. His anger towards the returned stemmed from the rejection of his returned wife.

    • J. Norman says:

      Very doubtful. The over zealous, righteous church director thought that too. . .up until the point that one of HER relatives returned.

      • tp says:

        I always thought that was crazy that the people from church, who were supposed to have faith, wouldn’t believe in a miracle. TV logic I guess.

    • Linda says:

      If my family was to come back to life I would be the happiest person in the world!!!!!!

  10. Elaine says:

    Good little series! Usually, if I like them…they take it off. I hope that’s not the case with this one. I really want to know WHY they are coming back and all that. Yeah…I had my doubts about the “goodness” of the sheriff. Now I guess we know.

    • Travis says:

      I never really liked Sheriff Fred, I felt a little bad for him early in the episode after his meeting with Barbara, that lasted maybe 10 minutes.

  11. Coal says:

    Between episode 2 and 6 virtually nothing happened and I think that’s why the number of viewers dropped. I hope if it does get renewed the story telling gets a little more progressive in Season 2. In terms of episodes I think no more than 10 would be ideal.

  12. Jessica Davis says:

    What were the markings on bellamys neck. Didn’t they talk about some sort of marking in the begin with of the show

    • Travis says:

      The family from the woods had a baby son when they died with that marking on his neck. They were staying in the woods when they returned hoping to find him but never did.

      Assuming Agent Bellamy is Robert Thompson its likely he returned several decades ago as a baby and aged from then to where he is now.

      • joey says:

        Bellamy is their son but, he’s not a returned. Evidently he didn’t drown like his family and was adopted by a family that raised him. His family isn’t from the 50s, they are poor and that’s why they’re dresses as such.

  13. greysfan says:

    The moment i heard them say they are missing a son with a crescent and the way the clothes are i almost immediately realised Bellamy was their son. I was happy with the finale and where its come but now i am hoping ABC renew it for season 2. The question i have is did he survive or was he brought back years and years and years ago.

  14. syd says:

    all I want to know is why all those people came back

  15. J. Norman says:

    It would be near impossible for the Sheriff to think rationally at the moment, but he has to realize eventually that he is now at least 32 years older than his ex wife, and that she was set leave him in the first place.

    • tp says:

      I thought that too but, the lover is 32 years older too. However that doesn’t mean that they resumed their affair. She could have went to Sam (is that his name?) because she trusted him.

  16. Kris says:

    Given that the Thompsons worked for Henrys grandfather at his sawmill, I’m guessing they died more around the Depression (20’s), so this means to me that Agent Bellamy is their infant son, he was possibly the first Resurrected, but he was an infant with no memory of his former life to draw him back to Arcadia… until he meets Jacob and that’s why his interest, that’s why his strong connection to Jacob and Arcadia.

    • Bee Are says:

      If he died, wouldn’t he still be an infant?

      • Countrymouse says:

        He would have returned several decades ago. Given his age I wonder if he “returned” about 30 years ago at the time Jacob drowned in the river. I’m guessing there is some kind of connection between the two.

        • Jared Voulo says:

          dont think he died… you remember they said they all went in the water and they got seperated… i think he survived.

          • Jared Voulo says:

            actually now that i think about the families clothing and apparent timeline it may be a conclusion that he did die and returned 25-30 yrs ago as a 10 year old child ?

          • tp says:

            Makes me wonder how many other people returned before this bigger group.

  17. WW says:

    I have to say I was not happy with the season finale – because not 1 big question was answered – a lot of little one that ultimately dont matter about the Sheriff and his wife and duaghter but not any big ones – like WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING? I dont need to know everything but I do need to know something – how about this? the show is cancelled can anyone on here say three years from now – Remember Resurrection that show where the people came back from the dead – no not the Zombie show but the one people came back from the dead and they visited love ones – well no we never did find out why or how they came back but its season finale was so good.

    Shaking my head

    • syd says:

      ww- that was what I wanted to know, I didn’t care about the sheriff or anyone else, all I wanted was to know why those dearly departed people came back.

    • Amy Bray says:

      Oh I SO agree. Your comment was stated much better then mine. :)

  18. Bee Are says:

    Gah! Well maybe Bellamy was killed in the line of duty, maybe after his child informant was murdered, then resurrected and became an “errand boy for immigration”. Would explain how Caleb has insight on his past. *shrugs*

  19. Margie says:

    Bellamy is the Thompson’s son–he is not a returned, he was swept away and didn’t die in the flood.

    • Bee Are says:

      Right but he’d be older than Jacob’s dad. He had to have been killed as an adult.

      • Countrymouse says:

        Not necessarily. It is much more likely that he did die in the flood that killed his family. From the clothes they’re wearing and talking about Langston’s grandfather, they died maybe in the 1940s? Since all the returned remember who they are if Bellamy had been killed as an adult and came back 30 years later, he should know he was one of the “returned”. I’m guessing that he drowned in the flood and came back 30 years ago about the time Jacob drowned in the river. He would have been too young to know who he was or what happened to him.

        • Jared Voulo says:

          yes i concur with that.. like i said, when i rexamined the timeline that occurred to me as well.

        • J. Norman says:

          If that is so, then it would seem to be a stunningly remarkable coincidence that he is also the one who was magically assigned to Jacob. Out of all of the thousands of careers and thousands of locations, he is the one who was available for Jacob’s return to Arcadia.

    • tyson says:

      If he didn’t die then he would be in his 70s

  20. LEP says:

    If/when renewed, when would the new season air?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Wayyyyyyyy too soon to ask. –Mgmt.

      • LEP says:

        Hmmm…ok. Impatient, I suppose. If renewed had wondered if it would be something in the fall line up if it would be more like next spring, as it was this year. It’s been an engaging program to watch. Hate the thought of having to wait at least a year.

  21. herman1959 says:

    I loved the finale! I’m usually good at catching clues, but this time I swear It did not occur to me that Marty was the Thompson’s baby. I also like the fact that the show took it’s time to get to this point and that it doesn’t hit you over the head with everything (hard to believe this is an ABC show). Renewal should be a no brainer for ABC – the show has found a base, has something to build on, and is scheduled perfectly. Please ABC, don’t mess it up!

    Per the timeframe/wardrobe question: I know from experience that the clothing and hairstyles worn by the Thompsons jibe with what would have been worn by a working-class family through the late 1950s to early 1960s. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for renewal.

    • debs says:

      hiya ‘herman’, i wrote to you on last week’s article about the show…i’m bummed that the season was short, but hopefully i’ll have other shows to watch over the summer

      …i had NO clue that marty would be the thompsons’ baby…and i do think he’s their Son, not grandson, because he has the birthmark their son had and i don’t think that would be inherited, at least not in the same location,

      and i also think that the thompsons are from the 1960’s and marty’s maybe just a little older than it had been thought he was,
      and i don’t think he is “returned” at all, i think he just was somehow spared from the flood…

      one thing i hope will be explained is, the connection to the bugs found by marty & jacob at the end of the episode! …oh well, take care :) debs

  22. tyson says:

    even if they kill the returned they will come back.

  23. Lily says:

    My theory: this is all a prequel to the Walking Dead.

  24. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    This show IS going to come back with that ending please. The moment they showed Jacob pulling Bellamy’s collar and the scar I was shocked as hell that he’s the missing baby that Jenny’s mom was talking about. As for Fred he’s an A-hole trying to get rid of everybody including his OWN nephew and ex wife. Ready for a season 2!

    • Pat says:

      ABC had better renew this show and not leave us all hanging with this finale. I want to know how this is going to end.

    • Fred may have been trying to drown his wife, long ago, when Jacob came to the rescue. Fred probably hastened Jacob’s death, too.
      Everyone who came back, came back for a reason: to haunt a living person who left the door open for the dead, through a front door marked Survivor’s Guilt. Pastor Tom haunted by Rachael and her suicide. Fred haunted by a wife and nephew drowned by his actions or non-actions. That girl who worked in the bank? Her dad came back because she hated him so much: remember the earful she gave him in the jail cell? The survivors all brought it on themselves by not letting the dead go.
      That’s gonna be the lesson of this show.

      And Henry’s going to Make It Right by getting the factory going again so the returned have something to do.
      Then the factory’s going to burn down or disappear, along with all of the returned, bloodlessly.
      Those bugs were cicadas shedding their exoskeletal dead shells. Renewal, rebirth. The body’s but a shell, they’re saying.

  25. Kate says:

    what was with the bugs?!?

  26. Christine says:

    Knew when they said about the missing son it was the agent. Hated the sheriff since the beginning, just something dark about him. Still wondering why his wife died in the first place? Did she kill herself and why was her lover there? The bugs were locust which defiantly foreshadows an end of days situation. The dead returning, tons of locust bodies, etc. Hoping it gets a second season but also sorta sad the show is taking a darker path instead of being a more second chance at life, second chance for loved ones to appreciate those they lost. Hoping there will be some happy in all this, some hope for the human race, redemption of sorts for people like the sheriff.

  27. Sheldon W. says:

    I broke my own Three-Ep Rule and kept watching Resurrection despite not really feelin’ it over the show’s eight eps. Every time I thought they’d done something interesting enough to make it worth continuing, they immediately did something to totally lose me.

    After watching the season (series?) finale, I have given up all hope. I much prefer Believe, which has even less chance of renewal but at least doesn’t continually ricochet from intriguing to incredibly off-putting…

    Even if the show turns out to not be done, I am.

  28. Emma says:

    Thank goodness someone is finally talking about this show! I’m hooked.

  29. I don’t think Bellamy is a ‘Returned’ – he doesn’t have that connection others like Jacob show, he can’t sense any other ‘Returnees’ nor does he have the voracious appetite. I think he is a grandson of the child who survived from the floods in the 1940’s-50’s. I think the 1920’s is too early and the dress not kind of right. Plus mum knew vaguely of the local area they were talking about which obviously doesn’t exist now. Whilst birthmarks aren’t actually hereditary they are usually used like that in a lot of fiction, I think thats the way they will go with that.

    I have a different take on the Locusts – when he picked it up to take a look at it – it was a husk or shell of the locust. I draw from that that the ‘Returned’ are the same – a husk or shell with something inside ….

  30. Diane S says:

    would like 2 hours of the series and less commercials.At least its not the same old thing.hope it comes back. Diane S.

  31. dvikib says:

    How come department?
    The polls show 74% thought the finale was awesome or above average but only 43% want the show renewed?
    Personally I really like it.
    Its different and a bit creepy in a good way.

  32. Angelia says:

    Great show, it deserves a 2nd season!!!! Now what am I going to watch on Sunday evenings???? Hope it comes back soon.

  33. Alfredo says:

    I saw the agent Bellamy thing coming. I wish he got to tell Maggie his story. Now we have to wait to see if ABC is going to bring it back.

  34. The Mangina Monolgues says:

    Wow…I just finished binge watching episodes 3-8 and I am in love with this show. It is so well cast! Omar Epps is the perfect lead. Kurtwood Smith and Frances Fisher gave such good performances….heartbreaking even. I hope this is renewed.

  35. kaymarth says:

    There are now so many questions since the finale, that there must be a second season! As was mentioned several times before, Omar Eps is the perfect actor for his part. I was blind-sided by the crescent shape, but it makes sense. It’s a great show!!

  36. Shannon W says:

    Agent Bellamy returned as an infant. Dead insects are perhaps where the mass to create all the bodies came from.
    Why doesn’t Bellamy have the voracious appetite? Why doesn’t he sense the others? Why don’t the others (esp. Jacob) sense that he is one of the returned?

    Perhaps he was the first returned and has some power (unknown to himself) to return others? He grew up not knowing anything was unusual about himself but when his young informant died, his subconscious brought Jacob back to ‘make up for it’ – Jacob because he died at the time Bellamy returned so there was some supernatural connection. Then upon making it back to Arcadia, his subconscious (or his ‘power’) started bringing more and more back uncontrollably.

  37. nobreak1269 says:

    Just doesnt make sense.Locusts?? Why would Jacob start in China? Why were there NO locusts when Bellamy was driving Jacob INTO Arcadia? And please-why must we waste our time with the PLAYED OUT army taking over routine.The only thing worse would be spaceships and aliens.I honestly believe the writers are making this stuff up as they go along.If its renewed-yes-I will watch.If its not-I wont lose any sleep over it.Most of the acting is horrible (Maggie-Rachael-Jacob all bore me) but the idea and concept of the dead returning is very intriguing.

    • Shannon W says:

      When there were only one or two returnees at a time, the locust bodies wouldn’t be that noticeable. A little wind could’ve blown them all up against the treeline. China? No idea. Making it up as they go along? Quite likely. Just like ‘Lost’, ‘Hereos’, ‘Smallville’, etc. They probably have a very broad plot outline and may even know what causes these returns but that’s about it.

  38. C francis says:

    I think sheriff Langston drowned his wife…. That is why she said he is not a nice man

  39. Vaughn says:

    I hope they renew . The season was worth it with that finale . Kinda upset about the 8 episodes . It didn’t have horrible ratings so I’m sure abc will bring it back . I’m anxious to know how the writers will deal with the age issue with Bellamy & that damn Langston punishing the returned because he wife didn’t want him . His daughter being arrested I love the show

  40. Mimsky says:

    Theory that Bellamy is one of the returned doesn’t make sense as we don’t know the Returned age as so far all have returned unchanged. With the possible healing qualities in their blood they may not. I think he was adopted & doesn’t know

    • JJ says:

      As you said we don’t know if they age, which means they might plus adoption does’t make since because Mrs. Thompson states that he(Bellamy) was a baby and that they worked with henry’s grandfather which would mean he(Bellamy) would have to be older then Henry(Jacob’s dad) to be a living non returned son.

      He most likely was the very first returned, having died as a baby in the flood(if he survived he’d be older then Henry which he clearly is not) and returned around 30 years ago as a baby which is why he has no clue that he is a returned. He from that point was most likely found and thought to be an abandoned baby and put up by the state for adoption.

  41. keith says:

    I am so happy to see that ABC decided to renew Resurrection, for season, two when I first started to watch it I had my doubts about the show but as the season went on it got better and better, so kudos to ABC for renewing resurrection I feel it is only going to get better.

  42. B.JEAN says:


    • keith says:

      B.Jean, I agree with you 100 percent Resurrection is a great show as far as I am concern it’s better then twin peaks, ABC would be crazy to cancel this show, and leave some of the other crap they broadcast.

  43. Jay says:

    At the risk of sounding racist (I assure you I am not), the moment that Bellamy noticed the Thompsons in the high school gym, I thought to myself “I wonder if they’re going to discover that they are related?” I thought, perhaps, that’s why he is such a central character in the series. I also thought, “Maybe he’s really the first returned, and he just hasn’t revealed that fact to anyone, because he’s trying to figure it out himself.

    • Tigu says:

      Actually,you don’t.The fact that he is the only black character in there who has a big role.So it gave it away when the focus was on the black family.

      As much as I love this show,I do hope they conclude it soon because it might get cancelled if it continues for more seasons.It reminds me of The 4400 which I loved so much but they just too far and as a result it got cancelled without the story concluding.

  44. WORLD COM says:

    This is Invasion of the body snatchers re-hash cloaked in Christian clothing and theme. The last episode tipped us off with the poisoned bugs that an infestation of both military and aliens are on the horizon.

  45. Anderson says:

    Bellamy is also a returner, just like Jacob. SInce he was witnessed dead by his father and mother(returned Thompsons) many many years ago, but is alive now.

  46. Tito says:

    Pliz pliz we really need season 2! Can’t wait

  47. zeph says:

    Im js not happy with the suspence of not knowing weather Jacob dies or he lives after they were stopped by the SUVs and helicopters

  48. T J Parsons says:

    Who writes this rubbish ? Life is to short to waste watching this drivel,could have been condensed into about 2 hours.