Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Promo: Will Ezra Finally Reveal A's True Identity?

Ezra may have survived being shot in the Pretty Little Liars summer finale, but he’s not out of the woods — or even the hospital — just yet. A new promo for Season 5, premiering June 10 at 8/7c on ABC Family, finds Aria nursing her wounded ex-boyfriend back to health. Is he ready to start talking?

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In addition to the Aria/Ezra drama, the new promo also features shots of Mona and Alison laying a flower on a grave (ominous much?), as well as a swarm of masked assailants surrounding the girls.

Just another season in Rosewood!

Hit PLAY on the Season 5 promo below, then drop a comment with your theories: Who shot Ezra?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. K says:

    This promo looks amazing! I’m disappointing Ezra hasn’t died though. He’s done way too much to Aria and the girls to just him sticking around and being her love interest.

    Let her move on, Ezria is done.

  2. Elyse says:

    We all know he won’t reveal who A is! still can’t wait to see the premiere!!

  3. A says:

    I hate that just when I’m ready to give up, they pull me back in

    • Sarah says:

      So true. I was ready to give up when I heard Ezra was still alive, but this promo looks hella good. It will be interesting to see Alison back in town!

  4. KM says:

    I’ll be dead and gone long before they ever reveal who A is. But as annoyed as I am with the writers, I can’t just STOP watching…

  5. Aisha says:

    I’m so fed up of this show, I didn’t even watch the last season finale (which i tend to do even with shows that’s i’m going to catch up on later) and it’s sad because I love all the actresses but I feel like they keep repeating the same three storylines over and over.

  6. omar says:

    Amazing promo! Just WOW.

  7. Diz says:

    That’s too bad. I wish he was dead.

  8. dude says:

    This looks like a final season promo.

  9. Dennis says:

    Aria is pregnant and that is why she is worried about Ezra.

  10. Fernanda says:

    Ezra would survive but he will lost his memory. Aria could date with the dude from the university but she still care about her former lover. Please, no more of that!!
    We need more deaths and more Alison and her twisted family to keep interesting the show

  11. A says:

    ezra doesnt die, but who will? -A

  12. Anna says:

    A had proper grammar. ^^^^

  13. Jenna says:

    The promo was amazing! But once again I feel like I have no idea who A is anymore. It’s like when you are so sure they are A they have an explanation that proves you wrong. At this point the only people I haven’t suspected are the liars.

  14. georgia says:

    I think it is jason who shot ezra.

  15. stephanie says:

    i think a guy shot ezra

  16. nataliaw12 says:

    i think that A is Jason …

  17. Emilia says:

    I love that Ezra is still alive. The show is still a good show and I don’t think they keep repeating the same story lines. This promo is really good! I’m counting down the days! :D

  18. Megan Stotz says:

    I think that it’s wren or Lucas I’m even suspecting spencer. But I think Ezra had something with Alis mom. Mrs. Dilerentes( spelt that so wrong lol)

  19. María says:

    A is Alison and she is playing with everyone

    • Jordyn Hudson says:

      Then if she playing with them don’t you think she would of never came back to rosewood. She would of never had connection with them. Alison is not A.

  20. Jordyn Hudson says:

    I think personally who shot Ezra had it out for him a long time ago and has decided that he would deal with him now. I don’t know who A is. But I do know it has to be somebody close to them. I would take and look at all the characters and see if they act suspicious, weird, you have an uncomfortable feeling. Then you will know if that person is A. All the facts are there but you have to put them together. I don’t think they will tell us who because they didn’t tell us who A was on the last episode which was the season 4 finale.

    • noreonna says:

      true i have a felling A is Noel because Noel has always had it out for Ezra and on sesaon 4 last episode Noel took the girls phone and never came back

  21. Ava says:

    Everybodys saying “I’m so glad Ezra is alive” or “Man , I wanted him to die” Did you guys hear the “beeeep” His heart stopped. Maybe a doctor will save him AGAIN . But chances are he’s dying. If not I beleive he will end up being black mailed out of town by A.
    I am very annoyed with all the shipping. Like can’t Aria be single.? She doesn’t need to be with anyone.

  22. Hanna says:

    Ezra did not die. If you pay close attention to the promo you will see the A came to the hospital, so maybe Aria and Ezra did something to the monitor machine to make A think that Ezra died. But, my opinion, I think that A is someone you rarely see. There’s been plenty of characters, since season 1, who’s only been on the show for a couple of episodes that were involved with Ali. The person who shot Ezra could be Noel Kahn, Jason DiLaurentis; most definitely not Wren because that guy was sort of muscular, and Wren is slim. The clues are in every episode. We just have to put everything together. But it could be Mr. Hastings. He’s pretty suspicious.

  23. Hanan says:

    I think ali has a twin and ali’s twin hit ali with a rock and her mom burried ali alive because she wanted to protect ali twin. And i think A is noel or that docter guy