Hawaii Five-0 Recap: Aloha Means Goodbye -- What Did You Think of [Spoiler]'s Exit?

Hawaii Five-0 Catherine LeavesHawaii Five-0 86’d a long-running character this Friday night, though not necessarily in a fatal, forever kind of way.

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As previously reported by TVLine more than a month ago, Michelle Borth — who made her debut during Season 1 and got promoted to series regular for Season 3 — has parted ways with the CBS drama.

To facilitate that exit, Five-0 revisited a bit of Catherine Rollins’ past, when in the midst of a (very fun) charity poker night, she received an unexpected, staticky phone call from Amir, an Afghani father she had met during her tour of duty eight years ago. In flashback, we saw how Rollins saved Amir’s son Najib from dashing out into a possibly land mine-filled field to fetch a soccer ball. (Instead, she summoned a military mine-sweeper to clear the way, so that the toy could be retrieved.)

Amir remembered that kindness of a foreign stranger a year later, when he found a gravely wounded Catherine in a field. He sneaked the American soldier into his and his wife’s humble home, tended to her injuries and even hid her in a secret tunnel when Taliban grunts came snooping.

As such, when Amir reaches out to her in the present day, to report that Najib has been taken by the Taliban — likely to be used as a human bomb (as many children are) — she has no choice but to do what she can to help. McGarrett at first bristles at the “crazy” idea, but ultimately calls in a favor from Joe White and gets both of them dropped into Afghanistan, where they soon find a wounded Amir, but no Najib.

Ultimately, McRollins get a bead on and intercept a Taliban convoy that’s toting many children, and while they’re successful in spiriting away the young ones (though no Najib), Steve is KO’d by a grenade blast, then taken away by the baddies. But before the Taliban can torture out of him the name/location of the woman who was assisting him, the U.S. Army storms in and saves the day.

Forced back home by angry military/CIA brass — yet after a really nice hospital scene with a very J. Crew-looking Danny, who traveled all the way to Afghanistan to make sure his best friend got out alive — McGarrett gets a call from Catherine, who stayed behind in Amir’s village and is resolved to finding Najbi, who has since been taken across the border, inching closer to a dire fate. Steve offers to lend another assist, but Catherine knows he can’t, and before she saddles up and rides off into the Afghani sunset, the lovers exchange “I love yous” and then an “Aloha,” which in this sad case means goodbye. At least for now.

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  1. dman6015 says:

    I think they did it because they really weren’t counting on being renewed another season.

  2. George says:

    Note to producers of Hawaii Five-o: people watch this show to see Hawaii, not Afganistan. Infact, I think the American public could stand getting a break for Afganistan related fiction. Few shows on TV require such extremes in suspension of reality. Find some decent writers soon before reruns of Laverne and Shirley get better ratings that H5O.

    • Sharon Jensen says:

      Agree with that one! Wonder if the writers of “Homeland” were phoning the “Five-0” writers asking them to lay off their story-lines (and everyone else’s!), and come
      up with their own. Leave Afghanistan and North Korea where they belong- on something else. If I wanted “Homeland” I’d watch that. But I for one would prefer
      to see Hawaii (and a certain shirtless hunk, so I can admire the view!).

  3. SherryB says:

    Why do actresses/actors leave a good paying job with a top rated show? I mean isn’t this what they dream of, their goal to have a career? The money can’t be that bad…Now unless she was asked to leave, then thats a different story…

  4. Sharon says:

    first Lori, now Catherine. Why can’t Steve have a lady? This is dumb….again!

    • Sharon Jensen says:

      Because he needs to resolve his “issues” with Mommy Dearest before he can even consider pursuing a healthy, normal relationship with a woman. No one can
      do that if their relationship with their parents is pretty much screwed-up. (Oh, by the way, nice name. You weren’t named after the actress Sharon Tate as well, were you? That’s why I got the name, my dad liked it). What kind of woman fakes her own death, leaves her two children to basically fend for themselves, then twenty years later, reappears, but won’t reaveal the truth about her past?
      If any man’s mother was like this, wouldn’t he- oh, I don’t know- find it a reason
      to be suspicious of every woman out there, believing she has a hidden agenda of
      some kind, and that he needs to be on his guard at all times? So does that seem dumb to you, hmmm? I’m attracted to these kinds of people, the ones who
      have issues like this to deal with, because I completely understand them, since I’ve had the same sort of thing happen in my own life (apart from the parent faking his/her death and leading a double life, that is!).

  5. Tracey Maloney says:

    Msybe they directors and producers have a problem with women or maybe steves love for cat was more real

  6. Candi says:

    I have loved the character of Catherine since the first season and was delighted when Michelle Borth became a regular. Steve needs someone in his life other than his team.

    Chin and Kono have each other and Danny has his daughter.

    I like that Catherine was an equal for Steve and they have great chemistry.

    BTW it was not a choice Michelle made but one that was made for her.

    Hope to see her back since she was not killed off.

  7. Tracey says:

    I live in melbourne Australia and channel 10 has not had all the new season 4 episodes on so I have not seen the final one but I hope the Michelle Borth does come back in season 6 if it last that long I just hope Michelle didn’t get the sack to dring the troll malia jones in

    • Sharon Jensen says:

      Troll Malia Jones??? Jealous much??? Hopefully she’s more honest than the on-screen “love-interest” was (and not quite so smug!). At least he didn’t marry Lara
      “I’ve got the paparazzi on speed-dial” Bingle. Keep that in mind. Oh, are you calling Ms. Jones “a troll” because she’s been married twice before and has two
      children with two different men? Bet Scott Caan’s dad James isn’t seen in the same light, and he has five children with four different women. Double standard,

      • Tracey says:

        Well for 1 I dont have to keep anything in mind dickhead its troll loves like you who screw real people around still married to luke stedman as her Wikipedia page states they are only separated and shes the only one who can have it changed nobody else can and adding james caan into the picture thats an insult to all other’s I guess you’re not a scott caan fan

        • Sharon Jensen says:

          FYI I like Scott Caan just fine, but I see him more as a brother-type, not as an
          object of desire. If you need to sling off at someone, what about Holly Valance?
          She needs her head read for breaking A O’L’s heart and finding someone else
          not long afterwards. No wonder he won’t talk about her in interviews. It’s obviously
          still painful. Also, I am not a so-called “troll” lover. I just believe that what Alex
          gets up to off-screen is his business, and as long as he’s happy, we should accept that.

        • miracle says:

          Well, it’s not “her” Wikipedia page, it’s “about her”. Everyone else can create or edit entries in the Wikipedia encyclopedia. The only thing she could “change” is to announce that she is officially divorced. But why should she do that? Just to make some “fans” happy or to stop them from speaking badly of her? In all seriousness, do you really think Alex would’ve (and could’ve) married her if she wasn’t divorced?

      • Tracey says:

        Scott caan isnt banger jones is he so whats his father got to do with it

  8. Tracey says:

    Like I have said already we got here in Melbourne Australia 2 repeats from season 3 & 4 from season 4 so we have not seen all 17 episodes that I have been told seadon 4 is made up from michelles been sacked which is the word going round do you think you will get to season 7 or will 5-0 die before o’loughlin finishes for good

  9. Ntinos says:

    Is there any possibility for Michelle to return to Hawaii Five-0? I will really miss her. During her appearance in Hawaii Five-0, we saw a very different Steve. We saw a man full of emotions. Now, everything crashed down for Steve.

  10. nancy says:

    She should go back to being on as a support person for various crimes. She wasn’t strong enough to be a regular and even this Afghan thing is a bit much. But she was ok finding out info for the team.

  11. Jane says:

    Stopped watching H50 early this season because of all the utterly ridiculous plots done to fit Catherine in, and then to stick her on the team! *ugh* I used to love Catherine, thought she was a great fit for Steve, but that was back when we weren’t seeing the relationship taking up huge chunks of the episodes, shoving the other characters aside to make it all about Steve/Catherine.

    They SHOVED Catherine into the show this season and honestly, I just want to slap the PTBs of this show upside the head and say BLOODY HELL! Just because you like an actor/actress and want them in the series it DOES NOT mean that you need to make them a freaking MAIN CAST member! They did the same damn thing when they brought in the character of Lori and that was just as much of a disaster as Catherine.

    Now that she’s gone, I might actually start watching the series again.

  12. Charm says:

    I liked steve and Catherine relationship. Season 3 she kinda became a dead weight. I guess the writers are to be blamed for that, but she balance out steve on the emotional level. Its so funny how people are complaining that she came between Danny and Steve; people its just a TV show, nothing real about it and their characters aint gay either. Get over it and just accept that there wont be a sexual relationship between the two guys. I think the writers could have been more creative with Catherine’s character, sorry to see her go.

  13. KaseyT says:

    It amazes me that whenever someone leaves a show people assume the writers decided to let them go when in actuality the actor wanted to leave and do other things.

  14. Good says:

    Never liked her character, she better not come back.

  15. kb says:

    never liked her character, glad she is gone

  16. Just Me says:

    It was obvious early this season that something had changed with the character. It’s too bad as prior to this past season, her character was good, but once she “retired” from the forces, the character struggled. I would rather have said aloha to Kona.

  17. MannyK says:

    I hated to see Michelle Borth character leave Hawaii 5-0. She was a great addition to the show. She gave Steve McGarrett balance to his character. I don’t like replacing her with another male character. She was smart and attractive.

  18. Jane says:

    I liked her was much better than the other ladies introduced to the show and as a female I love to see a kick ass lady who can hold her own with the boys but I feel this was her decision not the writers

  19. Teresa says:

    maybe she taking a break or she have other movie coming up.

  20. Jane says:

    Have to admit I have gone of the show over the last season its the plots they have got a bit silly and Scott is very annoying with the hands and lap dog look would like to see more of Grace nice little character rest of the cast is great though .I wonder if the move to L A will improve it .Will it mean more fancy American big names who don’t always add to the series or will thy fly the good Hawaiian character’s to US for their parts .At the end of the day any thing with Alex in it will be watched by me. And to those unfortunate Aussies like myself who are cheated by our TV channels and have to wait at their leisure to show episodes you can get them on the net within a day of release if you look

    • miracle says:

      Hm, maybe I’m not allowed to post links? Any way, the “move to LA” has been the April Fool’s joke of a fan page called Alex O’Loughlin An Intense Study.

  21. Pat says:

    Wish they would keep the filming in Hawaii. Will miss the great characters that were brought in. Not so bad for Steve to be “single” again. Tying him down too much limited some of the story lines from developing further. Still one of my favoutire shows.

  22. Ron says:

    It’s ok I won’t miss her

  23. W. Goin says:

    Sorry – she’s not a favorite of mine. There was never a spark between she and Steve. There has to be a better match for McGarrett.

  24. Tofi says:

    The original Hawaii 5-O still better ( 70’s ), maybe some of you were not yet born. There’s too much twist in this new 5-O, CIA-yakuza-Afghanistan and there’s this never ending blah-blah between Steve and Dano.

  25. Christina Clrk says:

    Very upset about this. Catherine only made Steve better. So disappointed in this decision that I may not watch the show any longer. Sad because I enjoy it so much.

  26. Blake says:

    What i got from that is there still together so unless she dies over there steve will no move on and what do you think of the idea of replacing michelle with a diffrent actor?

  27. Jane says:

    You people here in Australia why do you wait for pathetic channel 10 to show the episodes go to project free TV and watch them as they are released so much stuff on there that our rubbish stations wont show. And I don’t think its the actors to blame just look at how many shows these writers are doing right now as well as the odd film its no wonder the stories are either school kid stuff or just plain stupid

  28. Liisa says:

    I’m really disappointed I hope she changes her mind and stay. I’m glad they didn’t kill her off so it is still a possibility she will come back. I really like the role she played and I liked the chemistry between her and Steve hope they don’t rush to match him up with someone else.

  29. Miss Jill says:

    Hope they bring Catherine back. She is much better than Chi MacBride

  30. Miss Jill says:

    I like and miss Catherine. She is much better than Chi McBrida

  31. Patricia Mcgraw says:

    I want Michelle Borth Back on The show it’s not fair to the east coast they mad a good team what happened I want her back on the show!

    • Arlene says:

      I want Michelle Borth
      back. It’s turned into a boys club. Think I will
      have to watch something else. If it isn’t broke,
      don’t fix it.

  32. Patricia Mcgraw says:

    Bring her back please

  33. James Wilson says:

    I hope she returns. She is a good character & McGarret deserves a girl friend like her.

  34. mwklaw1 says:


  35. Tracey says:

    This story is old michelle borth goes but steve gets a new love interest which they make up there mind just hope its not oloughlins wife

  36. Ntinos says:

    I want to see Steve and Catherine getting married. I hope that she will come back. Steve won’t be the same without Catherine

  37. Sharon Jensen says:

    I have only two words to say about this so-called “love” match- over it!

  38. Hannah says:

    I really loved Michelle’s character and I would LOVE to see her in the next season.

  39. Kandas says:

    Bring Catherine back please. We need partners for these guys!

  40. whydoucare says:

    Love her will miss her but, not really a necessary character to the main story line. Wait, this show does have a main story line or it that out these days? Seriously, I like the show and watch it but do we really need all the touchy feelie BS? Ok a little here and there but not a full serious running character. Unless the relationship is an integral part of the story line than not needed get rid of it. I am sure she will find work she is good at what she does. Cheers!

  41. venia says:

    nothing personal aganist the actress ,but I am glad she is gone. I never like her character. I did not think she had no chemistry with Alex. I felt their romance was not real, it felt fake and forced. I don’t mind Steve haveing somone to love, but it has to be honest and real , and theirs was not. I will not miss here. Sorry but that is my opinion .

    • lsperling says:

      Funny, I felt the same way. Their relationship always seemed to be contrived. They never really looked like they felt comfortable with each other. She was OK when she was there, but it’s OK that she’s gone.

  42. MannyK says:

    I really liked Catherine. I didn’t like the way the writers sent her back into the sunset. If it was Michelle Borth choice to leave the show. I will miss her, she gave balance to Steve.

  43. mrsfoxxe says:

    Good she didn’t add anything to show anyway.

  44. Kirty says:

    Why is this article from May the top story on TVLine in September? Weird.

  45. Crist says:

    Sad sad sad sad sad sad….the character added quality to the show, besides her looks

  46. Sean says:

    I really liked those two interracting. It made him more human and just not a machine. I hope she comes back.

  47. Shirley says:

    Very sad news that Michelle Borth will no longer be in the series she added that bit of spunk

  48. Mary Ann Stanton says:

    Watching Season 5 now. Want character of Catherine back!!

  49. Premiere was great but please bring her back! She was awesome. The show is lacking without her

  50. S. Mason says:

    BRING HER BACK!!!!!!!!!