Soaps Dish: James Scott Exits Days of Our Lives

"Days Of Our Lives: Better Living" Book Tour In New York CityJames Scott is exiting NBC’s Days of Our Lives, wrapping an eight-year run as EJ DiMera.

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Soap Opera Digest, which first reported the news, says that Scott taped his final scenes on Friday, to air throughout the fall (due to Days‘ rather remarkable lead time). Scott’s frequent scene partner, Alison Sweeney, announced her own upcoming Days departure in January.

In a statement to SOD, NBC/Corday Productions said, “We are saddened but supportive of James Scott’s decision to leave … to take some personal time and pursue new projects. His contribution to the show has been tremendous and we wish him the best always.”

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Scott, in his own statement, extended “a heartfelt thank you to NBC, Sony and Corday [Productions], particularly Ken Corday… for graciously supporting me in my decision…. To the unbelievably loving fans, I can’t begin to express my gratitude for your love and support.”

Prior to joining Days as aged-up EJ in May 2006, Scott portrayed All My Children‘s Ethan Cambias.

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  1. thatdude says:

    So will he be written off with Sami?

  2. Wow! Huge changes for Days with Sami and EJ both leaving. Am going to miss them both.

  3. Sue says:

    NOOOOOOOO!!! OMG. I don’t want him to leave DAYS. He’s leaving. Alison Sweeney is leaving. That’s it. I’m done. It won’t be Salem without Sami and EJ.

    • maggie says:

      So true. For me, Sami and EJ are the hottest couple in Salem. EJ’s affair with Abby has been repulsive and unconvincing. I used to love Sonny & Will, until they re-cast Will. New Will doesn’t have the chemistry with Sonny that old Will had. The other couples are dull, especially Daniel and Jennifer.

      • pauline says:

        Totally agree. It is really too bad this show wasted Ej and Sami’s last time with this gross affair thing with a character as insipid as this Abigail. I am actually quite glad these actors leave because they deserve so much than the material this soap gave them.

  4. Hipper says:

    i’ll only accept this if EJ bones Will, relieving their amped up sexual chemistry and then runs out of town.

  5. sara says:

    Hopefully this means he and Sami will be given a happy ending, they get married and leave town together!

    • pamela says:

      same here! i hope he leaves with sami.

    • Curly Girly says:

      Well, seeing as Alison (Sami) isn’t leaving until next year, I doubt that.

      • sara says:

        Her scenes end at the end of this year, so he could leave early for Europe or whatever and then she follows with the kids, not that farfetched

      • Rob R says:

        Actually Alison Sweeney tapes her last show in two weeks, only a few episodes after James Scott’s last episode. It would seem logical that they leave town together, giving “EJami” a happy ending and leaving the door open for a hopeful return someday.

  6. Sparky says:

    You know I wasn’t exactly a soap fan until I recently discovered DOOL. Two of reasons are Sami and EJ. That episode a couple of weeks ago when EJ imagined Sami found out about him and Abigail was really really good like not soap good better than that. I will be sad to see them both go. Fingers crossed they take Nick out too preferably in a body bag.

    • TiaJuanita says:

      I’m in my 60’s and never got attached to a soap until I started turning Days after my mom died, the music made me think of when she was here. Well, little Jonny had a tumor in his eye then and I began watching and of course there was James Scott, I adore him now! I’m not sure I’ll even bother to make a point of watching Days after he leaves, the episodes he isn’t in are boring to me. I was thrilled with the storyline of EJ and Abigail, thought she would get pregnant and the show would be about them and the problems that evolved with all that for years. They could have done a lot with that storyline. Now Allison Sweeney is leaving, I could live with that although I like the drama Sami creates, but James Scott leaving is too much. They need EJ to be the son, I think they will replace him, not kill him off. I hope he comes back some day, I might have to watch for years just in case. This is depressing, he is a great actor, just love watching him, the scenes he does are really good. He will be missed!

      • truthteller says:

        I don’t see what was the potential of any pairing with a character like Ej and a character like Abigail, she is too weak for him and i did not see any chemistry between them except extreme awkward sex scenes..ew.

  7. thatdude says:

    Nick is beyond tiring Ej make him vanish as a goodbye gift

  8. S says:

    Maybe I’ll start watching again. Not a fan of his acting. I am sad that Alison is leaving as well as she is one of the most important Days characters ever but I will never forgive the writers for an endgame pairing where one person once raped the other.

    • Morgan says:


    • Sasha says:


      Its disgusting

    • Carolyn says:

      I HAD been watching Days for almost 40 years and stopped watching about a year ago when I could no longer stomach the pairing of Sami with EJ, the man who raped her, and psychologically tortured her by allowing her to think that her daughter was dead, to name only two of the disgusting things he did. Yes, the actor is gorgeous to look at and listen to, but I could no longer support the show. Now that I read that the actor who portrays him is leaving, perhaps I will make plans to start watching again – the day after his last appearance on the show.

      • Pamella says:

        It’snot the actor’s fault. He was merely following the writers’ scripts.

      • Helen Thompson says:

        Now just get a hold of yourself! It’s a SOAP! That’s what soaps do, give us all the twist and turns. That’s why real soap fans continue to watch them! EJ was the SH–T! Yeah he did some ruthless things, but that was his character, a DIMERA, the seed of Stefano! I absolutely love their characters!!! Those two actors really play their parts. I just love them both!!! Now come on back to DOOL! We need the fan base!

    • truthteller says:

      Please on these soaps there is and was far more outrageous things than that..just think about the also very controversial history between the characters Sami and Lucas and it is just an least Sami and Ej gave as much as they got. What i like/liked about them if that they were equals in war as in love. That made them fascinating to watch.

  9. Mary says:

    Ohhh…this will be the perfect time for me to stop watching as I only really watch for Allison and James (not so much for EJ and Sami). I hope they both find success in their future projects.

  10. alistaircrane says:

    I’m glad to see him go, but I hope Eileen Davidson puts in an appearance as EJ’s mom Susan Banks before he goes.

    • Pamella says:

      That was absolutely ridiculous. As though such an ugly woman could spawn EJ and furthermore, Stephano would not have gone near her. He had beautiful women all his life. So when that aired in September/October it was laughable. With her fake teeth and even faker accent,thought she was supposed to be English.. That was NOT an English accent – in fact it was a nothing accent. Glad they wised up and got rid of her fast.

    • Annabelle says:

      That was the final touch for me…it was sooo very stupid. How in the world would Stephano Dimera find that ugly woman attractive enough to produce EJ? Really? Then again, how would such an ugly woman produce a man of the stature of EJ. Really?
      Ask yourselves those questions. Utterly ridiculous…I turned out after that episode.

  11. theresa says:

    I’m so bummed by his departure. Love EJ and I’m going to miss him. Good luck to James and his future projects. I’ll enjoy him until his gone.

  12. lululime says:

    I wish the writing crew under Dena Higley didn’t ruin the returns of Crystal Chappell and Louise Sorel or else I’d love for them to return, but I doubt they’d want to. I could see a Nicholas Alamain replacing EJ Dimera in that type of character. Or even a recast Peter Blake … they need that menacing male figure. Maybe it’s time to bring back Bo, Shawn and Belle.

  13. Floyd Smith says:

    Y&R should hire James Scott as the new Adam.

  14. auntiemm says:

    Is it just me but something seems odd? Makes me wonder if he didn’t care for the direction of the character post Sami perhaps. The whole E.J/.Abigail storyline gave me the creeps. Whatever the reason good luck to him.

  15. april-ann says:

    I loved sweet Ethan Cambias on All My Children. I miss AMC and OLTL. If James Scott goes to GH, I just might have to get into GH again. I think he’d be a great Jason.

  16. Chaya says:

    Maybe Chad (recast?) will become the new evil DiMera, but he’ll never be EJ unless it’s a really good recast. It’s too bad – I’m really enjoying the good/bad EJ. I do hope they don’t kill him off – I’m really tired of watching Sami cry.

  17. Karen Hillier says:

    I am going to miss the character of EJ, i love his accent and how he blinks his eyes when he talks. It also helps he is very handsiome. Days will not be the same with out him. I wish he would change his mind but wish him all the best.

  18. maggie says:

    James Scott is a very talented actor. With his talent, good looks and adorable accent, he should have no trouble finding his own prime time show.

  19. whatever says:

    he should be the next 007 – he’s so fukin hot!

    • Pamella says:

      There you go…absolutely as I have been banging on about for years now. He would be the best James Bond after Roger Moore. Never liked Sean Connery but was probably flavoured by his treatment of his wife, Diane Cilento, who was from an aristocratic family and he spent his entire marriage to her trying to bring her down to his level. Typical of those liaisons. Diane ended up trying to commit suicide. I never forgave Connery for that at all.

  20. NYCER says:

    Good riddance.

  21. Chantall says:

    I never really liked ej that much i preferred him on amc..and allison has been with days since her teenage years she is one of my favourites and all her kids lol

  22. lulu says:

    I will really miss Sami and Ej together and by themselves on my screen but after this last awful story with the total dull and unsexy Abigail character (why wasting Ej and Sami on her ? Ridiculous and doesn’t me make want to watch..puke) i am happy for them to move on. This show TPTB for years tried to tarnish and destroy this pairing whereas it was their most popular pairing..they made their bed. I will stop watching this pedestrian soap opera and i can’t wait to watch James and Ali’s new projects. I hope to see James shine in prime time or movies where his charisma and talent belongs.

  23. lulu says:

    I will really miss Ej and Sami together or by themselves on my screen but after this last awful storyline with the dull and unsexy Abigail character, i am quite happy they leave and move on. They really deserve better (why wasting Ej and Sami on a nobody character like this Abigail ? Seriously, it was dreadful and such an insult to interesting and complex Ej and Sami..puke..this show with this move made his bed). I will stop watching this pedestrian soap opera but i can’t wait to watch James and Ali’s new projects. I hope to see James pretty soon in prime time or/and movies where his charisma and talent really belongs.

  24. lori bedford says:

    James Scott is like pearls before swine, he is too good an actor for the likes of some of the veiwers, who fail to appreciate the brilliance of his acting ability. I will miss him and what he brought, but I will be a fan for life, for he is on to bigger and better things. How could he not.

    • Chantall says:

      Oh! Please you guys just like him because of his looks and accent he annoyed the hell outta me im glad to see him go..

  25. Lisa Smith says:

    Ive been watching days since 1973. Ive seen many comings and goings, but James and Ali are the saddest by far. They do make the show. Im wondering if days will go on without them. Its going to take another dynamic couple to keep the show alive and with the present cast I dont see it happening. So sad. Ive loved this show my entire life. I couldn’t imagine my days without days!

  26. Pamella says:

    Who is his agent? He would make a great James Bond someone???? Wake up there?
    I loved Roger Moore’s James Bond and I think James would be fantastic in the role. I’m from London and I was not a Sean Connery fan (mostly due to his horrible treatment of Diane Cilento which somehow flavoured my thoughts). Go for it James….you’ve got what it takes!

  27. Trish Newsom says:

    now that James Scott and Alison Sweeney’s leaving what’s going to happen to Days?

    • Rachel K. villegas says:

      I have been watching days since I was 16. I’m now 68. When I come home I look forward to watching days because of Sammy and Ej. I was very sad that Sammy and EJ are leaving the show. Without them there is no show! The writer will need to come up with a good story line that will make up for the loss Of these two excellent actors. I will miss them. I wish them both the best!!!!! I don’t know what I will do now .

  28. marylou says:

    What is going on? Why are so many good actors leaving the show? Sami, EJ, Nick, Gabi Wow who next. It doesn’t seem like there is going to be very many actors left on the show. I have watched Days since I was in elementary, started recording it in high school cause of the hour change and about 2 years ago started seeing it on the internet at my time. I feel like Sami is one of my sisters and I can’t imagine Days without her and EJ are you kidding. Wow I am sad :(. It was hard enough to get over Bo leaving the show. this is to much. Will Sami , EJ and the rest if you read this love you guys God Bless.

  29. none of your business. says:

    These soaps are getting so over rated, no wonder there are only 4 left. Only people who have no lives watch them. Pathetic.

  30. rdf1645 says:

    Ali< i feel like im ur mom its an "oobe"*LOL,But, explore away girl, can't wait 2 c u return.I must say however, James is "Smashingly Handsome"The type u want 2 smash ur body in2 his.I'ld miss that accent way 2 much .OMG u 2 r so great i'll miss u both♥♥Best of wishes in life,u r great Actors & the best will come. r wonderful Ali, love blonde hair. My husband(of 51yrs) loves ur hair

  31. Kris says:

    EJ and Sami were the only reason to watch. This whole slutty Abigail storyline is just awful. Who writes this crap? EJ and Sami had great chemistry whether they were fighting or loving, they were always fun to watch. It would have been nice to see them get their HEA but I guess that’s not possible now. Sami is my favorite character on the show and I really have no intention of watching DOOL when she’s gone. Sami on a rampage is the greatest; loved the scene where she let Abigail have it. I loved the scene where she visited EJ in jail; letting him know she knew all about his affair.

  32. I have been watching days for a long time and I love James Scott and I will miss seeing him on the show. I wish him the best and hope he comes back as EJ in the future.

  33. I liked E.J.
    Wish him well

  34. Anna says:

    I’m glad he’s leaving, Sami too I’ve never liked either of them still I’d like to know the real reason why James is leaving. His explanation seems complete B.S I’d hate to think this guy is so unprofessional he left because Sami is leaving too. There is no way this is a coincidence it had to have been planned and thought out around the same time Alison chose to leave. He probably can’t stand not being a part of the ejami duo so he quit when he found out Alison was leaving what a joke. I would never hire to this if I was a casting agent he’ll leave when his love interest goes he is a quitter. I hope the writers kill him off he’s back to being shady drug dealer hope one of his thugs turn on him and he gets it right between the eyes. I hope no soap hires him because he is unprofessional he will likely come crawling back to DOOL when he starts missing that check and grows tired of being a nobody. I hope that photo with Sami and Theo really is his ashes in the urns. Good riddance

    • I don’t know why most are people seem to have something bad to say about James Scott, I love him and EJ hope he comes back to days. Hope the show last with out him on all the good ones seems to be leaving days.

    • Pamella says:

      All your post is your own supposition….have you considered that you could be completely wrong? James is a great actor along the lines of Colin Firth, actually come to think of it they are the only two worth watching in Hollywood. All the other ‘leading men’ in Hollywood are little runts well under 6′ tall – even George Clooney can’t make it to 6′. I prefer to look up to a man not down.

  35. Patricia Holman says:

    EJ is a good man

  36. Eve Brock says:

    When E J leaves so will I. He was the best thing on Days and can’t be replaced. Show won’t be good without him. Everyone else is boring and I do not like Will at all. He is a whiny jerk.

  37. Pamella says:

    I just wish they would cut the background music. It makes it really difficult to hear what the actors are saying. I wish James all the best from one Brit to another and hope to see him as James Bond as he would be perfect in that role.

  38. Chyrel Earheart says:

    You were the real Christian Grey !!!!!! You should have that role

  39. ettie Dubois says:

    EJ and sami was real and I thank them for entertaining me. I luved Ejami, good luck where Good bye from days but good luck what ever you two go.

  40. Brenda Chace says:

    With Sami and EJ leaving then so will I and my husband. It will never be the same in Salem. I am sick of Jennifer and Daniel and new Will is ugh!!! Don’t care for him at all. Well, good luck Days. You are going to lose a lot of your fans!!

    • Pamella says:

      James Scott is absolutely, perfectly spiffing for a James Bond. He has ALL the attributes needed. I think he is a great actor.
      I’ve been banging on about this for several years now so James get it on from a fan from Cheshire, U.K. now living in La Jolla.

    • Annabelle says:

      I’m out too! I’m done with this show. The background music drowns out what anyone is saying especially the female actors so what is the point! Kate, Kristin etc. speak so softly many times the punch line is lost. Just yesterday Kristin had her back to the camera and with the background music what is the point? I used to take a break at lunchtime to watch but forget it.

  41. Mia lefebvre says:

    So does anyone know where James Scott is headed

    • rho says:

      when u have an Actor with the talent he has ,he can most certainly play “James Bond” I said that 2 my husband James’ 1st. day on set. He needs the world 2 see his tall handsome great looks and that special charm about him.He IS a STAR.We will all hear about where he will be next, don’t worry. :~)♥

  42. violet grantz says:

    I agree with Sue, first Bo and Hope and now Sami and EJ, it will not be the same, do you people have something against couples being happy. I have watched Days almost from the start now, I do not care if I watch it. It saddens me.

  43. You will be missed .I have wanted to jump through the TV and strangle you, then you have me in tears because you showed you were loving and caring and loyal. Thank you for the time you have dedicated to the program. You are amazing. Good luck with your new endeavors.

  44. E.J. will be greatly missed. Wish he would re-think leaving the show. Somehow you guys can make him come back. Been crying since Friday. He was the on Days. Please tell us where he is and what he is doing. :-(

  45. Jacqueline says:

    Will definitely miss EJ on Days. It will never be the same without him. Sami better stay . I will miss her too!

  46. Edith Bailey says:

    I can’t believe that Days is going to be very interesting without Sami and EJ. They will both be missed on this show if it survives.

    • Annabelle says:

      Days is finished. They had Sami deciding to go to Hollywood and in 24 hrs. she was packed, children ready and had time to chat. Really? Anyone with children cannot, I repeat cannot, just take off in a day. There are bills to be dealt with, the children’s schools to be dealt with both leaving behind and future ischools n Hollywood, there are dozens of things a mother with young children has to do before she can just up and take off. Then we had Daniel getting it on with Kristin. That was the last straw. Stupid! stupid! stupid! As stupid as EJ being interested in that college kid. DOOL is done, over, finito.

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