Who's Ruining Grimm Shocks? Where's Nashville Cash? Is Arrow Channeling Buffy? And More Qs

GrimmWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Grimm, The Following, Supernatural and Nashville!

1 | Gee, could a few more Grimm characters have had loud chats  — within Adalind’s earshot — about what really happened to her kidnapped daughter? And did promos have to spoil the fact that newcomer Trubel is a Grimm? (NBC, we seriously need to have a talk about your promos.)

2 | Did Game of Thrones‘ Aidan Gillen crank up the volume on Littlefinger’s Irish accent from “7.5” to “Leprechaun” between Seasons 3 and 4?

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3 | Did Last Week Tonight With John Oliver have the least fussy first episode in the history of TV? If you didn’t know it was a series premiere… would you have known it was a series premiere?

4 | Could The Following‘s FBI AgentIMG_00000546 Jeffrey Clarke have looked any more disinterested while laying witness to the parting words between a notorious serial killer and the lawman who had hunted him for years?

5 | Judging by the final scene of this week’s The Blacklist, how long do you think it’ll be before the writers go there with Liz and Ressler?

The Tomorrow People6 | Does the cuteness of The Tomorrow People‘s John and Astrid outweigh the age-difference problems that plague Cara and Stephen? (And man, John sure moved on quickly, didn’t he?)

7 | Is there any chance Adam Levine can make good on his promise to help Kat Perkins buck The Voice‘s trend of ‘Twitter Saved’ contestants getting immediately ousted the next week?

8 | Why did Maria Hill lie to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Melinda May about Nick Fury’s fate, knowing that May had been inside the director’s innermost circle?

9 | Did any other Glee fans experience major secondhand embarrassment during Rachel’s TV audition?

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10 | Doesn’t everyone want a relationship like The Mindy Project‘s Mindy and Danny’s, where you can eat pizza on the couch and watch Death Honeymoon? (Le sigh.)

11 | How much do you love that The Vampire Diaries‘ Other Side dilemma is also affecting the drama on The Originals? Spin-off continuity FTW!

12 | Did Supernatural’s lackluster Bloodlines episode serve to reenforce that the magic behind the original show’s success is the chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki?

13 | Is it wrong that we laughed harder over Inside Amy Schumer‘s verrrry anatomically correct animated meerkat than we did at anything else on TV in 2014?Person of Interest

14 | Person of Interest fans — did you just die?

15 | Did Modern Family make anyone else a bit uncomfortable with Luke’s assertion that he’d be able to “get with” Haley, his sister? Um, what?

16 | Did the way Arrow expertly planted the seeds for its Big Bad this year remind you of Buffy‘s season-long arcs? But if Laurel’s gonna hang with rough-and-tumble Team Arrow, can she at least dial down the delicate Ann Taylor threads?

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17 | Who untied Nashville‘s Scarlett? And, as TVLine reader Karon points out, “Why does Rayna’s label continue to financially struggle? Didn’t she and Tandy inherit Lamar’s fortune after he passed?”

18 | Snap poll: Do you have more or less respect for the two American Idol contestants who voted to proceed with the weekly elimination — rather than to keep the Top 5 intact — resulting in Sam Woolf’s ouster? And on a related note, did the “shocking twist” feel like an unnecessary bit of psychological torture for the contestants, or did it make the results show a little more exciting?

19 | As sucktacular as it’s going to be to see Grey’s Anatomy lose Sandra Oh, can anyone blame Cristina for wanting to take over Burke’s hospital equivalent of Hogwarts? And any guesses as to how much Cristina’s spur-of-the-moment plane ticket to Zurich cost Burke’s hospital? (One quick online price check tells us it could’ve run north of $5,000 — plus the nearly 24 hours in travel time.)

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Vikings20 | Vikings played Penny Can…? But on a more serious note, didn’t the “shocking” season finale play out rather predictably, especially for those who reckoned Floki was faking his tiff with Ragnar?

21 | After seven years of living next to Leonard & Co. on The Big Bang Theory, is Penny really still only capable of a blank stare and witty retort when the guys start talking about something nerdy? And can “Jedi Ghost Bob Newhart” please get a cameo in Star Wars VII?

22 | Today has a segment called “Steals and Deals.” Good Morning America has a segment called “Deals and Steals.” Need a thesaurus, morning television? And, ending on a superficial note: Is GMA‘s Amy Robach morning TV’s most beautiful anchor?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lisa says:

    # 18. I have enumerated my objections to the “twist” in the comments section of your recap. I honestly have more respect for them. Jena and Alex were the only ones that stood up for what is right.

    That said, there is a cloud that now hangs over the remainder of the competition. Not one of the contestants will have a clean win.

    If Caleb wins, is it because he deserved it or because he “showed a family spirit” by saying yes? If he loses, is it because he deserved it or because he “seemed to try to push the others into saying yes”?

    If Jena wins, is it because she deserved it or because she took a stand? If she loses, is it because she deserves it or because she “was being selfish” (in other people’s opinions)?

    If Jessica wins, is it because she deserves it or because she said yes?. If she loses, is it because she deserves it or because she “looked pissed that some of them said no”?

    If Alex wins, is it because he deserves it, or because he stood up for what he believed was right and said no? If he loses, is it because he deserves it or because people just can’t believe he said no and they view him as selfish?

    Unfortunately, we will never know the reasons behind the votes they receive now, but we will never truly know if the winner actually won for the right reasons. There are no winners in this “twist”.

    • S. says:

      We don’t know that it was Jena and Alex. Sam supposedly said no pre-break. Now he might’ve changed to a yes, but if he didn’t and Caleb said yes as was heard, then that means it’s down to Jena, Alex, and Jess. Jess would not likely vote no as she’d be afraid she’s the one doomed to go. It’d be too easy for it to be her, plus she was obviously angry when Ryan read the first no. If she was a yes, then that means it’s down to Jena OR Alex, but not both. Rumor is Alex was the other no based on something he said or did before the vote, but I didn’t see it. I can see Sam wanting to be fair and leave it up to America. He seems willing to think of it as doing the right thing and getting it over with too, even if it puts him in danger. Classy kid. I don’t think a no vote is a backstab at all. It’s fair to America to let their votes stand despite the attempt at a producer manipulation.

      • Lisa says:

        I’m glad you see it for what it is. Unfortunately, there are a lot who have been swayed by it. It has been confirmed that it was Jena and Alex, otherwise I wouldn’t have put it. It’s sad that the kids were put in a position that they ended up saying how they voted in a supposedly anonymous vote. I’d just like to see the fingers point at the right people, AI, instead of people directing their anger at contestants based on how they voted.

  2. Isobel says:

    I think Aiden Gillen’s been doing an Irish tv show between GoT seasons 3 and 4 so he may have trouble dropping the accent again, I don’t mind it, it does make him more creepy, which works for events to come.

  3. S. says:

    #10. Absolutely. Mindy and Danny’s relationship is everything. Danny’s dance for her put me in a permanent state of *thud*. Can’t wait for the season finale. I heard it’s perfection.

  4. jerrired says:

    #6. I’ve liked the idea of John and Astrid ever since they had chemistry without really trying when they first met. However, the age difference thing has and always will bug me. I assumed based on the Tomorrow People timeline, John is 28 (26 at the youngest possible age), Astrid was 16, probably 17 now. I think the show will try to either age Astrid a little and downgrade John’s age, but it’s still a huge age difference that bothers me. The show barely shows them in high school now, so originally, they should have just made Astrid and Stephen at least 21. Lots of 20-somethings stay close to home when they’re in college. They could have made it work where they could have included Marla and Luca without making Stephen a teen.

    #11. Yeah I’ve been waiting for them to at least mention the Other Side on The Originals. I’m hoping this will result in some of the originals returning like Kol, because….

    #12. I wanted to watch the pilot and like it because I haven’t watched Supernatural in a long time, but I did enjoy it when I did. I was hoping I could watch the spin-off instead. However, I couldn’t even finish it, it was just so meh I turned to The Mindy Project at the 8:30 mark. However, pilots are rarely that great. I hated The Originals one, but it proved itself as a series. I do think this one will get picked up based on the ratings, but I don’t think it’ll last that long. It just wasn’t that interesting of a story as a whole to me, despite all the elements that drew me to check it out.

  5. skrable2 says:

    Could it be possible that Bria Kelly can sing only one song (“Steamroller Blues”) that doesn’t make our ears bleed?

  6. jbj says:

    Oh great, now I have

    • jbj says:

      Oh, great now I have to tune into this week’s Tomorrow People! That is the worst side effect of TwoP going under😭.

  7. Leah says:

    #2 lol, funny comment. Yes he does sound more Irish recently (‘leprechaun’), but he’s not cranking the accent up, he’s actually letting it slip, considering he’s Irish and was putting on an English accent to begin with. (Though you could tell every now and again that his original accent was Irish). I had to go back to and re-watch some clips as I realised until that last episode I’d never noticed that he had an Irish accent like everyone was saying and thought my ears had been letting me down, then I searched and some of the papers here in England had been commenting on the accent slipping so I’m okay:)

    #12 yes, but I think a lot of it developed over time. They’re both charismatic actors in their own right, which showed, but I can’t say their chemistry with each other hit me in the first couple of episodes or so as much as it does now.

  8. Jack says:

    Lara Spencer > Amy Robach

  9. Mike C. says:

    My problem with Arrow is that is has become impossibly grim. I know that sounds silly (it’s a comic book show), but sometimes the good guys have to win and win big, and then not, two minutes later, be on their backs again. No one on this show is ever happy, even for five minutes. It’s too bleak. They’re trying to be The Dark Knight and it’s not working. I mean, WHO in their right mind would live in Starling City, where every week half the city is under attack? I would love just one scene where it’s daytime and sunny out and someone is laughing. Balance, people, balance!

  10. leo21 says:

    #17 Lamar’s death is pretty recent. An estate that large wouldn’t clear probate that quickly. And I would hate to think that they would miss the opportunity to use the situation to lob a storyline grenade. He had reasons to disinherit both his daughters.

  11. sarahliz1624 says:

    12. I won’t watch Supernatural, but I loved Bloodlines. I thought it was very original, the characters were unique, and had it been an ACTUAL pilot as opposed to a spinoff backdoor it would have performed very well. I think everyone is so damn offended that Sam and Dean weren’t in the forefront, well that’s not the point of a backdoor pilot. The point is to introduce the new characters into the universe and see if they could survive in a show on their own WITHOUT all the angels and demons BS. And I think it can. If the Supernatural fans would back off a little bit and realize that this episode wasn’t about Sam and Dean and that the spinoff won’t threaten the parent show, and that the spinoff is intentionally supposed to be different from the original show so it can stand on it’s own. It isn’t SUPPOSED to be a copy cat. That’s the whole point of a new series as opposed to just adding characters to the existing one.

    • Adam says:

      I think some people are excusing the horrible storyline accusing fans for not liking it because it didn’t have enough of Sam and Dean, like you.

      I watched it knowing that it wouldn’t get much Sam and Dean on it because it was backdoor Pilot. So their absence it had nothing to do with how much I disliked the episode/pilot. It was horrible in my opinion. The writing, the acting, the… Everything.

      • rowan77 says:

        Agreed. As a backdoor pilot the boys were supposed to take a backseat – but yeah, the show just didn’t work. It was boring, obvious and cliched. I expected better coming from this bunch, and it fell far short.

    • CountryQueen says:

      I realized going in we would have less of the boys, but this was not good. I dislike judging shows by pilots and always give a show at least a couple of episodes, but if they pick this up, and conflicts with other shows I watch, I’ll skip it.

  12. Dan says:

    12 | Did Supernatural’s lackluster Bloodlines episode serve to reenforce that the magic behind the original show’s success is the chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki?

    Definitely, but the majority already knew that. Hopefully Carver and the writers will notice it better now.

    Thank you for pointing it out!

  13. Jake says:

    I unfollowed the official twitter account for Revolution because they TWEETED SPOILERS ON A MAJOR DEATH OVER AND OVER,

  14. Emma says:

    Yes to No 12. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are the reason Supernatural is going so long. Their chemistry really is magic behing the show’s success.

  15. rowan77 says:

    10. Le Sigh indeed.

    12 I think the chesty between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki (and their talent) definitely helped Supernatural get over rough spots, but Kripke wrote characters that we immediately found interesting. Their dilemma of a missing father, while not unique, was not a cliche. Bloodlines is all cliche in their plotting and there was only one interesting character – the college-age shapeshifter. I didn’t care about Ennis, his story was so obvious I was bored with him right away.

    17. When she woke up with the restraints and freaked out, the doctor tells her that they are voluntary. Obviously, they took them off of her at her request.

  16. Ginny Johnson says:

    #12 – Absolutely freakin’ YES!

    J&J have taken a fairly straightforward Campbell arc show, with some cool supernatural beasties thrown in, and turned it into a show that grabs and holds your attention even when the writing is terrible. J&J are magnetic, even when we’re watching a woman in an animal collar being called to heel by her “owner”. Without them and their chemistry, SPN would have been off the air years ago.

    Bloodlines needed some kick-ass writing and plot to overcome no J2 in their leads, and it didn’t deliver. Wish Carver, et al., would recognize the boys’ chemistry and use it instead of tearing them apart with “growth” and “maturity”.

  17. William Belo says:

    I don’t like the new girl on Grimm I don’t think she is a very good actor and to me it makes it too busy