Exclusive Grimm Sneak Peek: Newbie Trubel Lives Up to Her Name at a Puzzling Crime Scene

Grimm‘s newest addition has a talent for killing fairy-tale bad guys and a serious problem following directions, as evidenced by this exclusive clip from Friday’s episode (NBC, 9/8c).

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Watch as rookie Grimm Trubel gets an A in curiosity and an F in discretion as she accompanies Nick and Hank to a crime scene. Two observations: Hank’s frustration with the messed-up world of Wesen is palpable (and kinda funny), and do the wounds on the victim look familiar to any of you X-Philes out there? Could Flukeman have been a Wesen?!

Press PLAY on the clip below to see what happens.

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  1. John NYC says:

    I missed the preview of her addition: is this a permanent addition to the cast or simply for an arc? (Not that the latter wouldn preclude the former if things worked out…)

    • Recurring guest star for now. — KR

    • Barb Prim says:

      I think they’re gonna find out that she’s either Nick’s sister or cousin………I think she’s gonna be permanent

      • Katie1227 says:

        No way she’s his sister, the math don’t adds up. Don’t get why people think she’s his sister. Nick was 12 when his mom send him with aunt Mary and in season 2 he’s 30YO (he told his mom ”where have you been for the last 18 years”), so he’s probably about 31 now. Trubel is 21.

        So Nick was around 10 years old when Trubel was born, he was still with his mom and would’ve notice his mom getting pregnant and having a kid.

        • mya says:

          On the plane with Addie, nicks mom said her sister had a child/children. Not totally sure she meant Nick or her own children but nick would have known her, so I also don’t think this could be his cousin. Do all grims have to be that closely related?

      • D says:

        I hope so. I like her character

  2. Michael says:

    I like her! I hope she sticks around for awhile.

  3. MLO says:

    Don’t like her – hope she goes. Would have loved to see Allison Scagliotti in this role.

  4. kirads09 says:

    Just curious as to WHY they felt the need to introduce another Grimm at this point? I thought they were supposed to be pretty “rare”. My guess is simply to attract more of that precious YA audience/demographic – which sort of cheapens it for me. If you can’t guess, not crazy about this addition. Want more screen time for Wu and Monroe (not to mention Renard!)
    The only part of Grimm that even interests me any more are the Royals, Renard, Adalind and her baby. Love Monroe, but weary of the sidelined “cute couple” syndrome with Rosalee (I still have bad vibes about her actually). The show never really resolved Nick’s “zombiefied” issue, have they? Kinda sad they departed from the original “fairy tale” Wesen of the week format.

    • John NYC says:

      That was my sense when they introduced Allison Scagliotti to Warehouse 13 (sniff) but then she became simply an integral part of the ensemble and the underlying motivation drifted away in importance for me.

    • Katie1227 says:

      They seem pretty rare to me, rare doesn’t me none-existant or one remaining. Bedside Nick’s family and the other one who got killed in season 1 (mention in the ”dragon” episode) and now her, we don’t know any others. While we saw a TONE of wesens .

      I do agree with you on the zombie thing that got dropped about the Christmas episode, still hoping they’ll bring more, maybe in the finale or some big moment. And sorry you prefer stand alones shows, the show just can’t please anyone sadly. personally, season 1 was my least favorite because there was no real storyline, same thing with most of my friends. I guess in series there’s 2 type of people; the ones loving stories/arc and the ones prefering stand-alone. There’s always most of the cop shows for you.

    • Jeanne Walz says:

      My thoughts: I believe with an approaching Royals battle Grimm involvement is crucial. With an extra Grimm or two (mother), the more believable it will be to overthrow the ‘bad’ royals. They will need all the help they can get.

    • Ellen says:

      I agree with all of that. I am curious, too, as to why they didn’t resolve the zombie issue with Nick. I was ok with the fact they brought another grimm until i realized she was going to be sticking around for a minute or who knows how long.

    • Michael says:

      I don’t see what there is to resolve. Nick has enhanced abilities… the last of which we saw in the hallway outside Captain Renards apartment when the Verat were coming up the stairwell.

  5. Pat says:

    I said it before, but she reminds me so much of a young Demi Moore. Most definitely, Nick and Hank will have their hands full reigning her in, especially when she blurts things out like she did in front of Wu. She meant well, but lots of learning ahead for her.

  6. missmiggles says:

    I like her. she has spunk, although she’s definitely going to need some reining in. Fresh faces are always good to see on the show. I hope she sticks around for awhile. Plus I really like her hair!!

  7. Mikael says:

    Yeah what about Nick’s issues after being a zombie? What about that key?

  8. jm says:

    we dont need an useless character. Hope she bit the dust soon. She is annoying and we have enough characters… Team Juliette!

  9. Linda Littrell says:

    My timing has been off this season, I have only been able to catch one episode which is killing me. Lol so, I don’t know when this girl entered the picture or how but I wud love to know. I really like Monroe and girlfriend with her spice shop. With all the trouble Nick gets into he needs Rosalie (sp?) and her spice shop. I too wud like to see WU and Nicks wife, Adeline, her baby, and Renard have a deeper role to play. Keep Monroe, Rosalie, Hank nicely involved and up front. I wud like to know more abt Nicks mom and the Resistance and the guy in the cabin that helped Adeline and her baby escape.I wud like to know why everyone is afraid of the Royals. What are they physically. . Wesson , humans, I know Renard has part hexinbeast. But the others ? If they are human and just rich then why is any Wesson scared of them. See im lost. I’ve missed something somewhere so if anyone can catch me up to speed I’d appreciate it.

    I love this show !

  10. Jeff says:

    I’m not crazy about the character so far, I’d hate it if all she did was cause “trouble” (the name thing (Truble) is just lame BTW). If she learns and grows, fine.

  11. RM (@kanzaz) says:

    ‘Truble’ is just probably a nickname she uses and her ‘real’ name will come up eventually. I like her, although I didn’t at first. Whatever the reasons for bringing her on, I don’t really care. Just hope they keep her and see where her storyline goes. Still love Grimm and hate there are only two more episodes!

  12. RM (@kanzaz) says:

    Checked further and her ‘real’ name on the show is ‘Theresa Rubel’ aka ‘Trubel’ I’m sure somewhere down the line they will start using her real name…. Hank called her Theresa tonight once. Don’t recall it mentioned anywhere else but things happen so fast sometimes I miss things. :) http://grimm.wikia.com/wiki/Theresa_Rubel

  13. Jada says:

    She could very well be his cousin. Kelly mentioned something about she and Marie having a brother who wasn’t a Grimm, but he could still carry the trait. So yeah, the possibility of her being his cousin still stands.

  14. RM (@kanzaz) says:

    I’m slow sometimes… if Trubel just turned 21 (according to Grimm wiki) in April and Nick will be 33 next month. His Mom could’ve already been pregnant when she sent him away, so I definitely get where she could potentially be his half-sister. Think she’s going to be a regular and will be related one way or another to Nick for sure. Nick’s family seems to be evolving. I’m getting used to her and actually started liking her tonight. Lots to learn though. There is a story with her, the scars all over her, what she’s endured, the wesen that killed her foster parents, where are her real parents? Nicks Mom is so secretive. Lots of questions all over the place. Keep’s us guessing! Love it! :)