Grey's Anatomy Recap: Unfinished Business

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Burke ReturnsAll week, Grey’s Anatomy has been teasing us with promos in which Burke tells Cristina, “I want you.” But what does he want her for? A rekindled romance? A new working relationship? A spirited squash match? Since the title of this episode is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that option A is off the table. But am I right? Read on, and we’ll find out together.

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FOREIGN INTRIGUE | As the hour begins, Richard calls a board meeting – minus Jackson – at which he encourages Cristina to appeal her Harper Avery loss, lest Grey Sloan continue to lose top talent and research money. Concerned about being further publicly humiliated, she instead accepts an offer to speak about her conduit trials in Zurich. And who should appear during her presentation but… Burke, who, unbeknownst to her until just then, was behind the invitation. But that’s far from the biggest shock that’s in store for Cristina. Burke doesn’t merely work at the hospital they’re in – thanks to a private donor, it’s freakin’ his! He doesn’t even need government funding! And, to put it mildly, the place is amazing. Like, so amazing that it makes Grey Sloan look like Briarcliff. It has 49 printers and a hologram-maker, for Pete’s sake. In other words, it’s the perfect place for Cristina to take her research to the next level and print a beating heart. Still, she’s reluctant to accept Burke’s offer to jump ship and make her dream a reality. It’s a ploy, she suspects, to get her back in his life. But she’s wrong. Burke’s now married with children, and so devotedly so that he never says the “I want you” line that we hear in the promo. (In fact, unless my ears deceive me – and correct me if I’m wrong – all he ever says is, “I don’t want you.” Neat trick, ABC Editing Department!) After trying desperately to reach Mer – and failing to do so – Cristina decides on her own to turn down the job. “I never wanted to work for you,” she says. “I wanted to be you.” And that’s when we get the biggest twist of all. Burke doesn’t want to work with Cristina, either. If he did, he says, the way he loved her, it would ruin his marriage. “I want you to take over for me,” he explains. “I’m leaving.” Cristina’s priceless response: “You’re offering me your hospital like you’re Willy Wonka and you’re handing me a chocolate factory?” It’s too good to be true. And yet… it is true. So, when Mer picks her up at the airport, she doesn’t have to say anything. Her person just looks at her and knows: “You’re leaving.”

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH… | While all of this is going on, back in Seattle, Callie reveals to Derek that she’s taken their research in a new direction that eliminates the need for his sensors. She also notes that, as he and Amy prepare to separate conjoined twins who share gray matter, he treats his sister “like the village idiot.” Which, along the way, he realizes she is not. So, newly enlightened, he recommends that she take his place working with Callie. “But I don’t live here,” Amy points out (I’m paraphrasing). “Maybe you should,” he suggests (again paraphrasing).

IN A NUTSHELL | When the residents aren’t worrying about which of them is going to get the ax – or would that be the scalpel? – Stephanie deduces what Bubble Boy’s parents still don’t: that he’s recovering (and quickly!) because Bailey defied their orders and administered her experimental treatment. Without Alex around to bail her out, Jo makes a big mistake that lands her in hot water with Owen. Leah is – why, God? Why?! – put in charge of the drill during the delicate conjoined-twin separation and somehow doesn’t screw it up. During a dust-up with Jackson over the award debacle, Richard calls the hospital’s affiliation with the Harper Avery Foundation “a doomed marriage” – a term that hits a little too close to home for April, who overhears. But later, after she defends her husband to Richard, Jackson tracks her down in the chapel and sweetly reveals that he’ll be going to church with her and Baby Avery every Sunday – provided, of course, that they can get waffles afterwards.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Was Burke’s return all you hoped it would be? Are you satisfied with the way Cristina will be leaving? Hit the comments!

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  1. too little too late says:

    I have not really watched Grey’s since Isaiah Washington “left” the show. The irony is that the two actors he had issues with ended up leaving soon after on their own. Well that was a nice story line, I may watch it on demand.

  2. Anna says:

    I loved it! Even though I’ll still be sad about Christina leaving, this ending is literally perfect for her. I’m so excited for the finale!

    • Emma says:

      I love it too. Cristina gets to be a rock star at her own chocolate factory. Also leaves the door open for future guest appearances.

  3. BriDeSi says:

    I absolutely loved this episode and the closure that it brings Cristina. She needed something to believe in again and it just so happened to be herself! As someone else on here previously posted, Cristina had finally become Burkes equal and he showed that by asking her to take over the hospital. The two of them together as a couple would not have worked out. Burke leaving and winning all of those awards fulfilled him in a way that Cristina has yet to experience which is why she’s always so restless. While I liked Burke and Cristina together, I always felt that she wasn’t being her true self. That she changed too much to please him and he said as much when he walked away from her at the altar.
    Despite all of the back and forth between Cristina and Owen I have always loved the two of them together. They get each other and the only thing they cant agree on is the kids issue. (which I think one day way wayyyy down the line after Cristina has accomplished everything she wanted, she will settle down and grow old with Owen). Owen loves Cristina for who she is and that’s why they belong together.
    Great episode and I know I will cry when she leaves. Wont be the same without her. I do think hat at the end Meredith will be the only one left standing at the hospital. Everybody else having moved on to other places but to her Seattle Grace/Mercy West/ Grey Sloan Memorial hospital was always meant to be her home

  4. Juliemarie says:

    I din’t like the Burke Cris scenes. It’s a bit like a fairy tale with the endless resources available and they could be Cris’s. It doesn’t seem very realisitic. I won’t be impressed with Cris if she walks away from a hospital she part owns that is in crisis.

    It’s true that the Harper Avery has been devalued if Cris’s project is clearly causing world wide interest.

    Kepner and Avery, not sure they are going to make it. Too many issues they don’t agree on fast approaching with the baby

  5. Trina says:


  6. bethvasil says:

    I’m pretty sure Amelia and Derek shouldn’t be enjoying beers on the deck considering her status as a recovering addict.

  7. ggny says:

    Prediction for Grey’s: Cristina takes over Burke hospital and has her backers buy out Avery Foundation from Grey Sloan

  8. acurat says:

    Love that she says that she would be happy to come back for the final episode of the series. The show at best has only two more years to go (all regulars are now signed for two more seasons). So in 2016 we can see her reprise her role briefly to end the series. Maybe winning the award finally?

  9. daneilla says:

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  10. Celesta says:

    I think the resident who’s going to get fired is probably going to be one of those ones that’s already leaving (Gaius Charles or Tessa Ferer) or it might bailey’s husband.

  11. Rosie says:

    I genuinely think this whole build up to Cristina leaving is a red herring and Shondra is going to kill her off in the last episode. It would be so like her!

  12. Wilma says:

    I am glad Burke came back although I didn’t watch this episode and the last few. Of course he is a billionaire…of course he built his own hospital…of course he asked her to run it for him…of course he is married with children and won’t be there with her. It’s as if Shonda and company sit in the writers room and say…what would be your biggest fantasy if you were Cristina and someone said…if she had her own hospital. Then someone asks…but she would have to meet someone rich so that could happen but we don’t have time for a long relationship, which in Shondaland happens retroactively as in Boom…we’ve had sex 48 times (Leah and Arizona) and I just declared my love for you in last weeks show. Then someone else says…What about….if Burke came back and gave her a hospital but he has a wife. Then someone says…but that wouldn’t work because you know they have chemistry and she would never work for him. Well…what if his wife moved out of the country and he wanted to go live with her and Cristina could run the hospital by herself??? Bingo. Write it down before we forget the ludicrous story line.

  13. Kimm says:

    Andy, Burke does say, “I want you to take over for me.” That’s not the same as the promo.

  14. JB says:

    Not as exciting as Christina deserves for her part all these years with Grey’s…So far, lame…

  15. Rose says:

    When he handed her that coffee, I squealed.

    The best part was when he said that working with Cristina would destroy his marriage. He loved her but knew that he would eventually want her to have babies and stay at home with them and that that conflict would destroy them. So he left her. He loved her more than Owen ever did.

  16. wilma says:

    I found the Burke-Zurich plot unrealistic and contrived. No hi-powered professional pops off to speak in another country without knowing who invited her. Burke says (to the effect) “I followed your research, of course you were following mine” and she doesn’t deny it. So how could she not know he was in Zurich? The whole “surprise! I want you to take over this hospital for me!” — that could never happen. Even with private funding, there are boards of directors, etc. That anonymous rich donor might not want to support anyone but Burke.

    So mostly, it’s a lazy, un-researched plot line, and could have been way better. It would have been better to have them meet at a conference and reconnect as colleagues, like real adults do all the time. ABC could have done that in one episode instead of airing the old wedding-rerun the week before — just throw in a few flashbacks to catch people up.

    She doesn’t need Burke to set up a career for her anyway. she’s a cardio-god all on her own.

    However, I did like the surprise-holographic-heart.

  17. Julietta says:

    I also like to Episode and love how it make totally sense for cristina.
    I also feel crowen way more than bruketina (?) <3
    what was really weird was his voice, he sounded a lot like mads mikkelsen in hannibal

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